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Kings Quest I Quest For The Crown Tips & Tricks

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King's Quest I - Quest For The Crown 

(VGA Remake) FAQ V. 1.0
For PC
Copyright 2004, Maxx


I.   Version History
II.  Introduction
III. Game Basics
IV.  Walkthrough
V.   Credits


-Version 0.1:
   FAQ started
   Finished the Introduction and Game Basics sections
   Finished the Finding the Magic Mirror branch of the Walkthrough
-Version 0.5:
   Finished the Finding the Magic Chest branch
   Finished the Walkthrough section
   Finished the items and Enemies lists
-Version 1.0:
   Finished the Easter Eggs list
   Finished the Credits section


The original King's Quest was designed by Roberta Williams and released 
in 1984. Many feel that this is the game that truly pioneered graphics-
based adventure gaming on the PC. Its popularity has earned it at least 
seven sequels, as well as a few remakes. The first of which was done 
buy Sierra sometime in 1990. Unfortunately nobody cared about the game 
anymore, and it didn't sell well at all.

This is where Anonymous Game Developer Interactive comes in. This group 
of talented developers took it upon themselves to recreate the classic 
King's Quest to give the adventure genre fans something worthwhile. It 
was released on August 7th, 2001. An additional voice pack add-on was 
released on September 1st, 2001, and later on, a music pack, adding 
even more professionalism to the remake. They have done this completely 
nonprofit, and with a very small development team. That being said, 
they have done an excellent job. So good, in fact, that I decided to 
write my third FAQ on it. Even though there maybe already two guides, I 
figured a third one can't hurt. Besides, maybe people while like the 
format of this one better.

Visit their website at to download their 
remake of Kings Quest (for free) as well as their other projects.



The game relies on a point-and-click system for controls. There are 
also a number of icons at the top of the screen for your use. Figuring 
out what each does isn't difficult at all, but I'll make a short list 

-Walk Icon: Point this icon in the spot that you wish to walk to and 
click. Graham will walk to whichever point you clicked on.

-Eye icon: Use this to study objects and get a view on your 
surroundings. Clicking on objects or areas will give you a short 
description of whatever you clicked on.

-Hand Icon: Use this icon if you want to interact with an 
object/surrounding. This allows you to pick up items or knock on doors.

-Talk Icon: Using this icon starts dialogue with Graham and other 

-Inventory: Click on the satchel to view all of the items you are 
currently carrying.

-Options: Within this are menus to tweak the game settings

-Question Mark: This gives you a brief tutorial of the controls and 
keyboard shortcuts.


Once you start playing you'll notice the point number in the top right 
corner of the screen. Almost every action in the game has a positive or 
negative point factor tacked onto it. The maximum number of points is 
158, so ideally you should be able to play through the game the correct 
way and get a perfect score. Using this guide will show you how to do 


The Story

You are Sir Graham, one of the noblest knights in all of Daventry. King 
Edward the Benevolent is very sick and fears that he has not much time 
left to live. But he still longs to see Daventry return to its former 
glorious state. He calls in Graham to retrieve three lost treasures: a 
future-telling Magic Mirror, a Magic Chest that is forever full of 
gold, and a Magic Shield that can protect it's user from all attacks. 
King Edward tells Graham that once he has collected all of these 
treasures, he will become the new King of Daventry.

For your reference, here is a link to a map of Daventry made by the 
creators of the game. This will make finding areas easier.

Finding the Magic Mirror

Unlike the original version, you must find the treasures in a set order 
in this remake. The first one is the Magic Mirror. As soon as you are 
outside the castle and gain control of Graham head west twice. Make 
sure you don't wander down into the moat, or else the moat monsters ill 
eat you. Walk behind the small rock in this area and push it out of the 
way (+2 points). Make sure you're behind it when you do this, otherwise 
it will roll right on top of you and kill you. Under it will be a 
dagger, take it (+5 points). Be careful not to click on any spot while 
you have the dagger equipped. This will make Graham throw it away and 
lose 5 points.

Go one screen to the north to find the large Oak Tree. Use the Hand 
Icon to climb up the large oak tree (+2 points). Once you've reached 
the next screen carefully walk to the end of the branch and grab the 
Golden Egg (+6 points). I say carefully walk because the slightest 
misstep will cause Graham to fall out of the tree. Luckily this won't 
kill you.

When you have gotten the egg and are back at the base of the tree, head 
south and west. This will take you to the edge of the Serene Lake. Pick 
up the stones on the ground (+1 point). Then go north but watch out in 
this screen because sometimes the Wolf will appear. If he catches you 
you're dead, so if you see him run out of the area. When the coast is 
clear go east twice. You'll be in one half of the Carrot Gardens, go 
north. Here you'll meet a small elf. Talk to him to receive the Magic 
Ring (+3 points). This ring can make you invisible for a short period 
of time.

Now it's time to find the Old Well. Go south once and west twice to 
come across it. You can climb down the well two ways: by sitting in the 
bucket and lowering yourself down, or by turning the crank and climbing 
down the lowered rope afterwards. Either way gives you +2 points. 
You'll also need the bucket attached to the rope. You can get it by 
cutting the rope with the dagger while you're standing beside the well, 
or cutting the rope when you've lowered yourself down into the well. 
Again, either way gets you +2 points.

When you have the bucket, click the water at the bottom of the well to 
dive underneath the surface (+4 points). Swim over to the top-left 
corner to reach the other side and dry land. While you're here, use 
your bucket on the water to fill it (+2 points). You can drink this 
water, but it will cost you those 2 points. Now head west into the 
dragon's chamber (+1 point). You can either throw your dagger at him to 
kill him (+3 points) or splash your bucket of water on him to douse his 
fire-breath and to fill the chamber with smoke (+5 points). When the 
dragon is gone, swipe the Magic Mirror (+8 points). Now use the western 
exit to leave the cave (+2 points).

Finding the Magic Chest

You'll probably have noticed that you didn't even use the pebbles, egg 
or Magic Ring I told you to get. You'll use those later on, I just told 
you to get them now because you were close to the area. You'll also 
notice that if you're following the route in this guide, this game goes 
by pretty fast. But that's because I'm here telling you what to do. If 
you didn't have this guide and were just going at it with no 
instruction, it would have taken you hours to get that Magic Mirror. 
Because there is no inclination of what you're supposed to do next in 
the game. Who would have thought to look under that rock for the 
dagger, or to cut the bucket from the well? Not me. But maybe those who 
played the original version already know all of this

Anyway, back to the game. Now you'll need to get the Magic Chest. From 
the cave you just exited, go east and then north to find the 
Gingerbread House. Use your Hand Icon on the house to eat some of it 
(+2 points). Open the door by using the Hand Icon on it twice and go 
inside. Walk into the bedroom and take the note off the table (+1 
point). Then wait there for the witch to enter. Make sure she does not 
see you, or else she will capture you. Wait for her to step onto the 
stool near the cauldron and walk behind her. Then use your Hand icon on 
her to push her into the cauldron (+7 points). Open the nearby cabinets 
(+2 points) and grab the cheese (+2 points).

Read the note you took from her table (+2 points). Leave the house and 
go west once and south twice. Make note of this Goat Pen. Head west 
once, and with any luck a Fairy Godmother will appear and give you a 
spell that will protect you. This may not happen all the time, though. 
Whether she does or doesn't head west into the Carrot Garden and pick a 
carrot (+2 points). Eat it and lose two points (but you can always pick 
another one). Now go back to the pen and open it. Give your carrot to 
the goat (+5 points) to make him follow you. Make sure the goat is 
behind you, and after you've left the open don't walk back into it or 
you'll lose 5 points. With the goat following you, go south, west, and 
south twice. Try to cross the land bridge here and by stopped by a 
troll. Let the goat take care of the troll by knocking him off the 
bridge (+4 points). Now there are a few alternative ways to get past 
this part. I described the only way that will actually gain you points; 
the others will make you lose them. But for the guide's sake, here's 
the other ways you could have gotten past the troll. You could have 
given him the golden egg (-6 points), the closed pouch (-3 points), the 
opened pouch (-6 points), the walnut (-3 points), the Magic Mirror (-8 
points), the Magic Ring (-3 points), the Magic Chest (-8 points), the 
scepter (-6 points), or the Magic Shield (-8 points). Giving him any 
item that deducts 8 points from you score also means you can never beat 
the game. You'll notice that a few of those items you don't even have 
yet. That's because there are some parts that you can do in any order, 
so you could differ your path through the game from what I describe and 
come up with a few extra items before you need them. But you could have 
only given him items if you didn't have the goat with you.

Walk west across the bridge and talk to the gnome. He'll ask you to 
guess his name. If you don't guess his name right three times, he will 
give you a key (+3 points). If you do want to guess his name correctly, 
type Ifnkovhgroghprm into the prompt (+9 points). He'll give you some 
beans as a prize, but don't eat them (-4 points). The difference 
between getting the beans or keys is the number of points and the path 
needed to be taken to reach the clouds.

If you got the beans head east twice, and plant the beans in the 
fertile soil to make a beanstalk grow (+2 points). Climb all the way up 
to the top to reach cloudland (+2 points). Climbing is pretty tough 
since you can fall off so easily, but after a few tries you'll get the 
hang of it. Once you've reached the clouds, go east.

Head east, south, and east twice to find a screen with two trees; the 
tree on the right has a hole at the base. Walk up to it and use your 
Hand Icon to retrieve the slingshot from the hole (+2 points). Now go 
north and west to encounter the giant, who will chase you. You can use 
your slingshot to kill him (+3 points), or tire him out be either using 
the Magic Ring on yourself (to make yourself invisible) or by 
outrunning him around the screen. Putting him to sleep by either way 
gets you 7 points. Grab the Magic Chest he drops (+8 points). Walk back 
east and enter the cave cut into the rock. Follow the treacherous paths 
inside to reach a door that will bring you back down to Daventry.

Now if you got the key from the gnome instead of the beans, from the 
gnome's house head east five times and south twice to reach the 
Mountain Door. Use your key on this door to unlock an alternate path to 
the clouds (+2 points). Traverse the winding trails and exit through a 
cave. From there go south once to find the screen with two trees; the 
tree on the right has a hole at the base. Walk up to it and use your 
Hand Icon to retrieve the slingshot from the hole (+2 points). Now go 
north and west to encounter the giant, who will chase you. You can use 
your slingshot to kill him (+3 points), or tire him out be either using 
the Magic Ring on yourself (to make yourself invisible) or by 
outrunning him around the screen. Putting him to sleep by either way 
gets you 7 points. Grab the Magic Chest he drops (+8 points). Then head 
back down to solid ground via the cave that you explored before.

So, basically, after you get to the clouds you can follow the same 
process you would have had you had gotten the beans from the gnome. 
Both paths to the clouds have their dangers, be it falling off the 
beanstalk or falling off the paths in the cave. This makes it so each 
way is difficult in its own right.

Finding the Magic Shield

Okay, last stretch of the game. From the Mountain Door, go south, west 
three times, and south again. Inspect the stump in this area with the 
Eye Icon to find a leather pouch inside (+ 1 point). Pick it up (+3 
points) and open it to find that it is filled with diamonds (+3 

No go east three times and then south three times to find the Walnut 
Tree. Pick up one of the walnuts around the base of the tree here (+3 
points). Then go to your inventory and open it with the Hand Icon to 
discover that the nut inside is pure gold (+3 points)!

Now go east once and pick up the bowl near the tree (+3 points). Read 
the inscription on the bottom (+1 point). Then head west to the Walnut 
Tree again and then north twice. Going west from here will bring you to 
the back end of the Woodcutter's Cottage. Go one screen to the west to 
find the front side. Go through the door. The family who lives here has 
no food. Use your Hand Icon on your bowl to fill it with stew (+2 
points). Don't eat the stew yourself, or else you'll lose 2 points. 
Give that full bowl to the woodcutter so he can feed his wife with it 
(+3 points). Before you leave, take the fiddle from the table (+3 
points). There are a few other things you can do here, but that way is 
the best. Here's what else you could have done. You could have given 
him the carrot (-2 points), the golden egg (-6 points), the pouch (-3 
points), the walnut (-6 points), or the scepter (-6 points).

Go outside of the cottage and head north three times. Then go west 
three times to find the Clover Patch. Use the Hand Icon to pick a four-
leaf clover (+2 points). Now head east twice, you're now back at the 
cave entrance. Wait behind the small rock a little to the left of the 
center of the screen for a large condor to fly by. When it gets low, 
use your Hand Icon to jump up and grab onto its talons (+3 points).

When it drops you, go west and pick the mushroom you see there (+1 
point). Go back to the screen with the large hole and jump down. Head 
south and west to meet a large rat, but don't get too close to him or 
he'll kill you. Give him your piece of cheese (+2 points). Giving him 
the chess is the only option that would have gained you points. The 
other items you could have given him were the golden egg (-6 points), 
leather pouch (-3 points), walnut (-3 points), Magic Mirror (-8 
points), Magic Ring (-3 points), or the Magic Chest (-8 points).

Go through the door he was standing in front of to see two leprechaun 
guards. Play your fiddle for them to make them dance themselves into 
oblivion (+3 points). But you won't have to even do this if you have 
the four-leaf clover in your possession. If you have that, they'll 
disappear as soon as they get close to you. Head west into the main 
chamber and if you haven't played the fiddle yet, do so here to get rid 
of the leprechauns. After they are gone, pick up the scepter (+6 
points) and the Magic Shield (+8 points).

Now go west and eat the mushroom while standing near the small hole (+3 
points). This will shrink you down and allow you to scurry through. 
When you're back outside go north twice and then west five times, this 
will bring you back to the castle. Open the gates to get 3 points and 
to complete the game!

Watch the little cut scene that follows and you'll have completed 
King's Quest I. Hopefully Graham is happy with ruling over Daventry 
with its population of, what, ten people? You can check your score, 
too, but you really don't get anything even if you got the perfect 

Item List

Below is a list, in alphabetical order, of all the items that Graham 
will interact with in the game.

These are magic beans and are giving to you if you correctly guess the 
name of the gnome. You can eat these beans, but doing so costs you 4 
points and you won't be able to ever beat the game. What these beans 
are meant for is to be planted to grow into a beanstalk.

This is an important item that can be found lying in the woods two 
screens north from the western part of the carrot garden. Inscribed on 
the bottom of the bowl is a magical saying that, when repeated, 
automatically fills the bowl with stew.

This bucket can be filled with water at any lake or stream. Head three 
screens east and one screen north from the castle to reach the well. 
Using the dagger, Graham will cut the rope and add the bucket to his 
inventory. You can fill it with water and splash some of the other 
characters, an ability that will come in useful during the game.

Picking one of these will give you to points, and eating them will take 
away the same number. You can only carry one at a time, but you can 
always pick them from the carrot garden which is north of the castle 
and east of the oak tree. Since it's not required for you to eat this 
yourself, other characters in the game will need to.

If you've stumbled upon the witch's house, you can find this in her 
cupboard. Like the carrot, these are not included in the game for 
Graham's consumption, but for other characters instead.

This is found under the rock two screens left of the castle. Roll the 
rock the wrong way and you will be crushed. The dagger cannot be used 
to kill most enemies, but it can cut ropes and be thrown. Be careful 
about throwing it, though, since you can throw it carelessly by 
clicking any spot of the screen while you have it out. If you throw it, 
not only will you lose the dagger itself, but 5 points as well.

Get this from the Woodcutter's Cottage after giving his wife something 
to help her. Using this item will make Graham play a little music, but 
this is only useful later on when you find some people who are very 
moved by the sound of music.

-Four-Leaf Clover
The legend says that these bring luck, and in the game this holds true. 
Even the leprechauns respect the holder of this item. You can pick one 
of these from the Clover Patch.

-Golden Egg
Scale the large Oak Tree and walk across the highest branch to find 
this treasure. Luckily falling out of the tree won't kill you since the 
drop isn't so far. This I very good news since you'll fall out so 

-Golden Walnut
Check the base of the Walnut Tree to find this ordinary looking nut. 
Open up to discover the gold inside. Like the Golden Egg, this isn't an 
important quest item, but it can be used to appease other characters.

Get this from the gnome if you fail to correctly guess his name. Use it 
to unlock the Mountain Door and gain access to an alternative, but 
still dangerous, path to cloudland.

-Leather Pouch
Find this item inside the stump north of the Clear Lake. Make sure you 
look inside the stump before you get this. You can open to it find that 
is filled with diamonds. It can be used to bride certain characters.

-Magic Chest
This chest is filled with gold, and always will be. To get it, you need 
to travel to cloudland and get it from the lumbering giant there.

-Magic Mirror
This treasure of Daventry can look into the future. It is protected by 
a large dragon in the caves underneath the old well.

-Magic Ring
This is an optional item given to you by an elf at the lake north of 
the western part of the Carrot Gardens. Using the ring will turn you 
invisible. This can help you sneak past enemies. The invisibility lasts 
until you touch water, or fall, or until the magic power runs out, 
which is roughly one minute of usage. If you lose up all of the magic 
power, the ring will disappear but since it was optional in the first 
place you will not lose any points over its disappearance.

-Magic Shield
This shield protects the user from all harm. The only problem is, once 
you get this item from the leprechaun king's throne room, the game is 
basically over so there is no harm to be protected from.

This is an important item that will only become available later in the 
game. After the condor drops you off near the large hole, head west to 
find this mushroom. Using it will shrink you down and allow you to 
escape the leprechaun throne room. 

This scrap of paper is found on the small table next to the witch's 
bed. It is a clue regarding the gnome's name.

Throw these if you like, but you won't be able to do any damage with 
them. To do that you'll need the slingshot. Graham can carry five 
pebbles at a time and won't lose any points for tossing them about. He 
can get more at the Serene Lake.

-Protection Spell
This spell is given to players by the Fairy Godmother, but only 
sometimes. When it is given to you, you have about one minute to ward 
off any enemies. This means any enemy in the game (except the rat and 
moat monsters) that could do harm to you will be unable to kill you 
while the spell is in use. The downside to this is that you do not get 
to choose when it is activated. As soon as the Godmother speaks to you, 
it is in effect.

Using your fiddle in the leprechaun throne room will make the king drop 
this before heading out. You can use it to bribe someone, but there may 
not be anybody left to bribe by the time you have it.

Find this in one of the trees in cloudland. You can use it to kill the 
giant; one of the ways to get him to drop the Magic Chest. You need 
pebbles to be able to fire it.


Throughout Daventry there a re a umber of enemies who will pop up, some 
unexpected and some note. Usually all you can do in these situations is 
run away.

He can't hurt you, but he'll chase right after you and steal some of 
your items. If you're lucky he won't nab anything important. There are 
a few locations that he will show up: the dark forest east of the 
Witch's Gingerbread House, the clearing north of the Walnut Tree, the 
area south of where you found the dagger, and in the paths through the 
mountain that lead you to cloudland. If you use the magic Ring while he 
is coming at you, he will not be able to steal anything. He also tends 
to not show up if you have the goat with you.

This slow moving monster will crush your head. He shows up in the same 
areas as the dwarf, just minus the paths through the mountain. Using 
the Magic Ring can fool him, but he'll still linger on the screen until 
you leave or the power fades. He'll also not show himself if you have 
the goat with you.

This is another slow moving enemy who also happens to show up in the 
same areas as the ogre. Like the dwarf, he can't directly kill you. All 
he can do is shuffle towards you and cast a spell that freezes you for 
about twenty seconds. In this time you are vulnerable to other 
creatures that might how up, but the chances of encountering two at the 
same time is slim. Using the Magic Ring has no effect, since he's a 
sorcerer and can see through your magic, but the goat will repel him.

Be wary of the screen east of the Old Well. Sometimes the wolf might 
appear here, and he is probably the monster you least want to 
encounter. He is very fast, and will kill you even if you have the 
Magic Ring and/or the goat.

Easter Eggs

The designers added in a number of Easter Eggs, although I haven't seen 
all of them.

-Use your Eye Icon to look at the smoke coming out of the cauldron in 
the Gingerbread House. A monster's face will appear.

-Use the talk Icon to click on yourself repeatedly. There is a 1:15 
chance that Graham will make a reference to King's Quest 5 with the "I 
wish I had an owl to keep me company" line.

-Put on the Magic Ring and talk to one of the guards posted outside the 
castle. The dialogue that follows depends on which guard you talked to.

-Repeatedly read the note you took from the Gingerbread House. There is 
a 1:15 chance that a different message will appear on it.

-After you get the Magic Mirror, put on the Magic Ring and use the 
Mirror on Graham.

-Go to the screen where you found the pouch in the stump and use the 
Eye Icon on the nearby bush.

-Use the Hand Icon to knock on the Mountain Door. This is probably the 
rarest Easter Egg in the game and will probably never happen for most. 
You can repeatedly try for it by leaving the screen and coming back to 
knock again.

-If you have the voice pack installed, go underneath the water inside 
the well and listen to Graham's voice when you try to quit the game.

-Go two screens east of the castle to find the Beautiful Lake. Click 
the Eye icon on the rock at the base of the tree there.

-The sound effect accompanying Graham eating the mushroom is the one 
from Super Mario Brothers.

-Get the goat to follow you and lead him to the screen west of the 
Clover Patch. Use the carrot on Graham here, but save your game before 
you do it and make sure you're standing pretty much in the center of 
the screen.

-Use a food item on the troll when he confronts you at one of the 
bridges. There is a 1:4 chance that a hidden message will appear.


Of course the characters and the original game are copyrighted to 
Roberta Williams and Sierra Entertainment. But credit for the remake 
used as the subject for this guide goes to the great people of 
Anonymous Game Developer Interactive. Thanks go out to them for 
excellently recreating the game and for having helpful guidelines on 
their website.

And the actual writing of this FAQ and the manner in which the 
information is presented is copyrighted to me. Do whatever you want 
with it; just make sure you ask before you try to use it for public 
showing or whatever else you're not supposed to do with it.

This guide can be found on

And make sure to visit AGDI's site at

To find downloads of their games, information, and FAQs of their own!
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