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Kingdom The Far Reaches Tips & Tricks

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Kingdom - The Far Reaches

Apprentice mode solution
Get the Spell of Release from Daelon. Your character may 
need to wander until they are available. 

Go to the Barren Rocks and take the left pathway. Use the 
Spell of Release to get the Crystal of Kaldar. 

Get the Spell of Seeing from Daelon. Go to the Treefolk 
Forest and get the Wood Elf Staff. Go to the Fairy Circle. 
Cast a Spell of Seeing, and give the Fairies the Wood Elf Staff. 

Go to the Crystal Castle and use the Crystal of Kaldar on 
the tigers. Enter the Crystal Castle and go to the back room. 
Take the Black Mace. 

Exit and go to the Marsh Wastes. Cast a Spell of Seeing and 
follow the sign to Illes. 

Go to the Shimmering Oasis and then to the Temple of Cindra. 
Then go to the West Sea Coast and use the Black Mace on the 
Devil Fish. Go to the East Sea Coast and head toward the 
Black Keep. 

Use the Crystal of Kaldar to get past the Plague Magician. 
Enter the main door to the Keep and take the Bloodsword. 

Go to the Valley of the Argent Kings and then to Drakesblood's Palace. 
Follow the crowns above the door until your character enters the throne 
room. Use the Blood Sword to slay Drakesblood to complete the quest. 

Wizard mode solution
Note: This solution is listed by major location, then by sub-location 
in partial chronological order. 

Center of Glendoe
Listen to the two women. If the blind beggar in the Outskirts of Glendoe 
has not been healed, do not go to The Guildhall. 

Outskirts of Glendoe
Use the Spell of Seeing to heal the blind beggar. This will allow access 
to the Haunted Waterfalls from The Guildhall. 

The Guildhall
Do not enter until the blind beggar has been healed. 

Haunted Waterfalls
If your character arrived from Daelon's Mansion, then nothing happens. 
If your character arrived from The Guildhall, all lives will be restored. 
If your character arrived from Skylar's Temple, the power of Tide Control 
will be granted to allow access to the Sea Dwellers' Pavilion. 

Upper Pools
The Troglitots will give hints on Tide Control and the Crystal of Kaldar. 

Lower Pools
Do not travel here. 

Treefolk Forest
Take the Wood Elf Staff from the Wood Elves when they offer it. 

Fairy Circle
Use a Spell of Seeing to make the Fairies appear. Give them the Wood Elf 
Staff (see Treefolk Forest). Do not go to the Crystal Castle without the 
Crystal of Kaldar. 

Crystal Castle
Use the Crystal of Kaldar (see Barren Rocks) to defeat the Crystal Tigers. 

Interior of Crystal Castle
Selecting the book will display the game credits. Use the Onyx Seal (see 
Dunespeople Camp Site) to get into the room containing the Black Mace. 
Once in the room, take the Black Mace. 

Forester's Camp
Listen to the woman for clues. 

Huntsman's Crossroads
Nordon the Huntsman will greet your character with various clues. 

Barren Rocks
Use the Cold Fire (see Marsh Wastes) to defeat the Mist Monsters. 
Use a Spell of Understanding to read the ancient runes on the rock. 
The path straight ahead leads back to the Outskirts of Glendoe while 
the path that veers to the left will take your character to the Crystal 
of Kaldar. 

Crystal of Kaldar
Use a Spell of Release on the Crystal and it will come to your character. 
Use the Crystal of Kaldar to defeat the Crystal Tigers at the Crystal 
Castle and to dispel the Plague Magician. 

Do not travel here. Your character will be wounded. 

Marsh Wastes
Use a Spell of Seeing to gain access to the Open Desert and Illes. Until 
then, your character cannot get into Illes without dying. Pick up the 
Cold Fire on the ground. It is needed to defeat the Mist Monsters at 
the Barren Rocks. 

Bogs on the Moors
Do not travel here. 

Daelon's Mansion
Daelon will give your character spells after a sufficient amount of 
time has passed. A good order to take the spells is: Seeing, Release, 
Understanding, and Travel. The Spell Of Release is used to get the 
Crystal of Kaldar, and the Spell of Understanding is used to get the 
Onyx Seal. 

Plague Magician
Use the Crystal of Kaldar if the Plague Magician is encountered in the 
forest. If your character does not have the Crystal he will be wounded. 

Open Desert
Do not stay here too long or your character will die. If a Spell of 
Seeing has not yet been cast in the Marsh Wastes, the path will not 
be visible and your character will die immediately. 
Desert Oasis
Show the women here the Talisman Scepter (see Temple of Cindra). They 
will give your character the Enchanted Bow. Do not take the Enchanted 
Bow until it is offered. 

Shimmering Oasis
Do not touch the water here. Your character will be killed. 

Temple of Cindra
Do not travel here until your character has the Black Mace (see Crystal 

Temple of Cindra: Left Door
This leads to Torlock's secret hiding place. If your character does not 
have the Black Mace, he will die. If your character has the Black Mace, 
use it to send Torlok out of the Temple. 

Temple of Cindra: Front Door
If Torlok has not been sent away from his hiding place behind the Left 
Door of the Temple of Cindra, there will be nothing of value inside the 
temple. The door on the right will lead to your sacrifice. The priests 
will give your character the Talisman Scepter when he leaves the Temple 
after it has been freed of Torlok's evil influence. 

Dunespeople Campsite
The Dunespeople want to see the Talisman Scepter (see Temple Of Cindra). 
Since your character will not have it initially, use a Spell of 
Understanding. This will lead to the Onyx Seal that is used to get the 
Black Mace in the Crystal Castle. Do not return to the Dunespeople 
Campsite until your character has the Talisman Scepter. 

Lost Mines
Your character will meet Maluki here. 

Maluki's Hut
Maluki will offer hints as well as restore full health. 

High Ground
Daelon will transmit an image of himself to offer some hints. 

Hills Above Desert
The Bridgekeeper wants the Silver Wheat (see Burial Ground of the 
Argent Kings), the harvest of the Argent Kings. 

Skylar's Temple
This is the most involved quest of the game, and is timed. First, 
go to the Haunted Waterfalls to get Tide Control. Then go to the 
Sea Dwellers' Pavilion to get the Golden Chalice. Go back to 
Drakesblood's Palace to get the Silver Wheat again for the bridgekeeper. 
Be wary of the Devil Fish on the West Sea Coast unless your character 
has the Enchanted Bow. The Clock Room teleporter in Drakesblood's 
Palace may be used to travel quickly if necessary. Once the Golden 
Chalice is returned to Skylar, he will give your character the Hunting 

West Sea Coast
Watch out for the Devil Fish. Use the Enchanted Bow to pass without 
harm. Use the Black Mace to pass after being wounded. Without either 
weapon, the Devil Fish will kill your character 

Sea Dwellers' Pavilion
Your character can only travel here by using Tide Control (see Haunted 
Waterfalls, Skylar's Temple). Tide Control is activated by clicking on 
the Tide Control Rock in the bottom right corner of the screen. The Sea 
Dwellers will give your character the Golden Chalice to return to Skylar. 

If thieves steal your character's pouch, remember the current location. 
Then go to the Dunespeople Campsite where your character will be told to 
return to the location where the pouch was stolen. Return there to sneak 
up on the thieves. Use the small rock on them. 

Sand Devils
If the Sand Devils appear, quickly use a Spell of Release. 

Plague Magician
If the Plague Magician is encountered again in Illes, use the Crystal 
of Kaldar. Without it, he will kill your character. 

East Sea Coast
Daelon transmits his image and gives hints. 
Black Keep
The Crystal of Kaldar is needed to escape from the traps around this 

Black Keep: Entrance Path
Use the Crystal of Kaldar to defeat the Plague Magician. Otherwise, he 
will kill your character. When the top of the path is reached, use the 
Hunting Horn or Crystal of Kaldar to defeat the Lizard Men. Note that 
the Crystal will be lost if used here and will not be accessible again 
in the game. 

Black Keep: Left Door
Use the Hunting Horn (See Skylar's Temple) to enter this door Once inside, 
cast a Spell of Understanding to get the Runes of Iscar. This is the last 
item needed to defeat Drakesblood. 

Black Keep: Main Door
This leads to the Blood Sword that is needed to harvest the Silver Wheat 
and kill Drakesblood. 

Valley of the Argent Kings
Use the Orb of Mobus (see Hedge Maze) to get the Pentacle Coins. When 
given to Drakesblood, they will allow access to the Burial Grounds. 

Temple Ruins
The dead sometimes appear to aid the weary traveler. This is also the 
exit to the Hedge Maze. 

Hedge Maze
Use the Enchanted Bow to find the Orb of Mobus. The Bow 
will disappear used here. Another one may be obtained by 
returning to the Desert Oasis. The Orb can be obtained by 
walking through the maze without the using Bow, but it is 
very difficult and not recommended. 

Drakesblood's Palace
The wizards and inhabitants of the palace do not consider 
your character a threat and will allow him free movement. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Harp Room
There are several exits here. Going upstairs will lead to 
the Princess' Room. The corner doorway will lead to the 
Clock Room, and the doorway with the crown above it will 
lead to the Banquet Hall. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Princess' Room
The Princess will give advice. The right door leads back 
to the Harp Room. The middle door leads to the Tapestry 
Room, and the left door with the crown above it leads to 
the Banquet Hall. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Banquet Hall
Corrupt wizards will offer their snide remarks. The high 
door leads to the Princess's Room, the smaller lower right 
door leads back to the Harp Room and the door with the 
crown above it leads to the Throne Room. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Clock Room
This room serves as a teleporter to either the East Sea 
Coast (right archway) or to Daelon's Mansion (left archway). 
Note that this is the only way to leave Iscar without passing 
by the Devil Fish or using a Spell of Travel. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Tapestry Room
Use the Orb on the tapestry to get a preview of Kingdom: 
Shadoan. The door to the left of the tapestry returns to 
the Harp Room or to the Wizards' Chambers if your 
character's pouch has been stolen. The other door always 
leads back to the Harp Room. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Throne Room
Your character can leave alive by only two methods. Give 
the Pentacle Coins to Drakesblood for access to the Burial 
Ground Of The Argent Kings. The other option is to complete 
the quest by using the Runes of Iscar, and then the Blood 
Sword to slay Drakesblood. 

Drakesblood's Palace: Wizards
If your character's items were stolen in the palace by the 
wizards, they can be found by returning to the tapestry 
room and exiting through the door on the left. Pull the 
rope when the wizards are sleeping. 

Burial Ground Of The Argent Kings
Use the Blood Sword to harvest the Silver Wheat. The only 
way to reach this location is to bribe Drakesblood in his 
palace with the Pentacle Coins.

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