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Keef the Thief Tips & Tricks

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Keef the Thief

 1 Introduction, General Tips
 2 Homes, Palace, Treasury
 3 Jungle, Caves, Landīs End,
   Eggs, Hut, Hall of Wisdom
 4 Mem Santi, Maze
 5 Tel Hande, Contest, Skull
 6 Tel Empor, Abyss, Endgame
 7 Information, Items, Artifacts
    Armor, Weapons, Traps
 8 Reagents, Spells

     Part 1


 When you first boot KEEF THE THIEF, you are treated to two neat graphic
screens, each with its own music; cute, but time consuming.

 When you finally get going (by pressing the spacebar) you are presented with
your first adventure: a rather sadistic card game. Your hand consists of three
face cards, and you must select the proper fourth card to complete the hand.
Your list of possible choices is at the bottom of the screen, and the correct
choice is listed in the black on burgundy pages bound in the center of the
manual. Yes, dear adventurer, this is the copy protection.

 With the theme music from KEEF playing in the background, you are dealt the
following sample hand:

 You draw a primary card of Mem, a secondary card of Mem, and a tertiary card of
The Prophet.

 At this point you shuffle through the burgundy rule book and find that a hand
of Mem, Mem, The Prophet equals The Lord of Mercon, which you quickly select
from the menu at the bottom of the screen (the music is making you crazy and
your eyes are beginning to fail you already).

 You find you are correct; however, you have been dealt another hand. This time
the cards are a primary of Mem, secondary of The Prophet, and tertiary of The
Magician King.

 Shuffling through the rule book once more, you find that Mem, The Prophet, The
Magician King equals The Prophet, which you select.

 Ah, finally! You can just see the edge of the Same Mercon Bridge, and the gate
to the city. It is said that this is a swinging city for bold, brash, hungry
adventurers. Search your initial location and you will find that you are no
longer weaponless!

 Before dashing off to see the town, check out the information available on your
screen. The three bright green and one gray squares indicate the state of your
health and of your fortune, respectively. The letters over the squares indicate
Sleep, Food, Health, and Gold. Click on any of the four squares to see your
current status.

 The squares will change from bright green to bright red (with lots of colors in
between) as you go from alive and kicking to kicking the bucket. Your fortune
square should progress towards bright yellow as you gain in gold.

 You have just been ostracized from an unnamed town by the Council Elder. You
have an attitude, boy, and a little self-examination wouldnīt hurt! You click on
yourself and find a list of things you will frequently need to know about
yourself (Status, Abilities, Inventory, Score), and you also find a way to rest.
Do so now, and watch your status change.

 Now that you have rested, you can shuffle off to Same Mercon, to the sounds of
the "Same Mercon Shuffle." Or you can shuffle off in silence if you click on the
FILE and click off the MUSIC. Each time you select the NEW GAME option, your
statistics will change. Keep selecting until you have as much gold, hit points,
and magic points as you can get. You may also want to click on FEWER MONSTERS
and EASIER MONSTERS. You are, after all, a thief and a bounder, and youīre ready
to take advantage of every edge!

 Click on ENTR and you will find yourself outside the gate at Same Mercon.
Ignore the tourists and the soldier, and ENTR the city. Directly to the South is
the palace -- a good place for conversation and meeting girls. Later in the game
your powers of seduction will allow you to find and loot the Treasury, but
thatīs for the big boys.

 HINT: Before you ask anybody anything, save the game, then reboot. Take notes,
then load the game you just saved. Talk is not cheap in Same Mercon!

 Excuse yourself from the Palace (or just leave), and wander off to the east
where you will find the Nasty Dude, the local outlet for "Weapons R Us," and the
neighborhood pub. The Drunkīn Dragon Pub is the only place where you can eat and
get the all-important room for the night which has, as part of the
accommodations, the ability to restore both health and spell points. Directly
south of the pub are the Herb Shop and the Book Store.

 Moving north to the north end of the Bazaar, then south to the shops several
times, will restore your health and spell points.

 If you are able to defeat an opponent in combat, save the game, pace back and
forth in the bazaar until you are well, then save the game again. Occasionally
you will acquire new weapons or armor during battle: always check your inventory
afterward and switch to the most potent item. Every time you succeed in stealing
something, save the game. Each successful theft will enhance your abilities.

 Eventually, you need at least one of every item from all the shops and stores,
but your first item should be the Scroll in the book store. Steal the Scroll (if
at first you donīt succeed, try, try, again). Use the Scroll of Unity. When you
have read the scroll, go into the herb shop and buy some peppermint and
narcissus to use in your first spell mix, Bandus Aidus, which costs three spell
points to use, and which must be mixed in the Circle.

 After you have acquired the scroll and the suggested herbs, the next object of
your larceny should be the Jungle Map. If you have the patience, steal
everything in the shop now, or explore between thefts.

 Use the Scroll of Unity to discover the powers of the Circle, then go buy or
steal the items required to mix the spells.

 HINT: For most of the game, it is best to use your gold to buy reagents for
spells. You can steal your food and steal the room for the night, but stealing
all the reagents you will need is time consuming and boring!

 Mix as many Bandus Aidus spells as you can afford. Steal some Dragon Drool and
Glow Grass so you can mix some Flickus Bickus spells for indoor use a little
later. Remember to keep an eye on your health points during battles and cast "Ba
Ai" when you need to keep fighting.

 Steal all the books in the book store, and pay very close attention to the text
of both the "Book of Swords" and the "Antique Book." Charles can be found in
Same Mercon, and all the treasures described in the Antique Book can be stolen
from the homes in Same Mercon. The sling is available for sale by one of the
barflies in the Drunkīn Dragon.

 Eventually, you _must_ have one of everything sold by the Nasty Dude outside
the pub. So, go out into the Jungle and get some money by fighting, or start to
steal from the homes of Same Mercon. Neither way is easy, but both offer nice

 The items that will net you a fortune are described in the Antique Book, and
the person interested in these items hangs out in a different pub across town.

 Most of the people in both pubs can sell you information. Your best bet is to
cheat. (Save the game, ask for the information, and take notes. Then, load the
saved game which will reset the money.)

     Part 2


 Go south from the herb shop to reach Tel Road, and wait for the guard to pass.
You will notice that the screen will flash in unison with his footsteps and
light up solid (the color will vary depending on the computer version youīre
playing) when he is on the scene. You have the amount of time between the
guardīs strolls to break into a home, remove any traps before you exit, and
reenter to steal something.

 The first house on the right is an empty building. The Cheaps live in the
middle home. The Neopsaws have a dog, but not for long if you are good at what
you do! North of the Neopsaws dwell the Telopars, after whom the street is
named, but who have little to offer the thief. The Lekihams have a goblet worth
stealing, and do remember to pick up the toothbrush in the Tikitan household.

 When you have a few of the items listed above, visit the Pink Dragon Pub in the
West Town Square. Feel free to steal a horse or two. Also, no thief is worth
much without an art collection!

 Show the dog to the merchant for 700 gold. Show the goblet to the collector for
300 gold. Show the plate to the collector for 100 gold.

 Save your game, ask everyone about everything, take notes, and load the game
you saved. Your funds will be restored and you will be a much more knowledgeable

 Take your gold back to the Bazaar and purchase some goodies from the Nasty
Dude. In fact, now is the time to stock up on one of everything in his
inventory. Also, purchase as many lock pick sets as you can afford.

 Return to the street of Same Mercon and do some more housebreaking: Much
treasure awaits the cautious thief!

 Taking the Tikitan toothbrush is difficult, but keep trying. You can make three
quick steal attempts, then exit, walk around to heal, then reenter as soon as
the guard passes to give it three more tries. You are hurt each time you fail to
steal something, so pay close attention to your hit points.

 Stealing the painting from the Samsongsī wall is not a song, but it will rev
your motor. The Porsche sketch will net you 150 gold, and the toothbrush is
worth 400 to the collector. Spend the money on reagents, food, and lodging.

 Return to Mem Drive and steal CHARLES from Telfanīs house and be sure to USE
CHARLES: You will raise your weapon effectiveness to 65/40. Pass up Kellīs
residence until you are more practiced in the art of removing traps.

 Go all the way to the beginning (north end) of Marble Street and enter the
Smythesī residence. Steal the necklace and sell it to the collector for 500
gold. Then, head for the Nodelsī where a nasty trap awaits your removal before
you can steal anything.

 HINT: Whenever you get the message "Forgive this trap for killing you," you
have selected the correct trap disarming method, but the effectiveness of the
method depends on your skill and random selection by the computer for success.
This is perhaps the most frustrating aspect in KEEF.

 In the Nodelsī home you can remove the trap from the teapot by keeping the
teapot from spilling. Exit the house, save the game, wait until the guard
passes, be sure you are healed, then return to the house and steal the teapot.
Show the teapot to the collector who will part with 50 gold to obtain it.

 Go next door to the Megtans and steal the ruby necklace. Take the ruby necklace
to the collector, who will reward you with 600 gold.

 Skip the Olfers and the Ten Tuks.

 Continue down Marble Street and enter Benreyīs ivy-covered door. You can remove
the trap from the candle by removing the candle from the wall. (The music you
hear as you attempt to disarm traps is "Flip the Wrist," a variation on "Flop
the Klutz.")

 This is the first time in the game that you are sure to be entertained by the
"Reaperīs Dirge" as presented by the cross-eyed demon of death. Enjoy the show!
Once you have succeeded in removing the trap, exit immediately, and save the
game. You can reenter and steal the glove without having to remove the trap
again. Steal the glove -- a legendary piece of armor called "The Tortoise"
which, like its name, is useless unless coupled with "The Hare" which you will
find later in the game.

 You may be skilled enough by now to remove the trap in Kellīs, but donīt waste
too much time there. Remove the fireplace trap by brushing the embers back into
the fire. This option is on page two of the Choices Menu: You must click on the
folded corner of the scroll at the bottom of the screen to see this choice.

 The well-rested thief will have better luck at removing traps everywhere in the
game. Select REMOVE then SLEEP before you click on your selected option. Exit
Kellīs, save the game, wait until the guard passes, then reenter and steal the
gems. Several attempts may be needed. The successful theft of the gems will add
500 to your gold without further action on your part.

 Return to the Drunkīn Dragon and steal a meal and whatever accommodations you
need to get your stats up to 100%. You should be wielding CHARLES, wearing
Dragon Hide (or better armor if you have stolen some), carrying as many sets of
the 11 herbs (reagents) as you have been able to steal or buy, and able to use
the Circle of Perfect Unity to mix the four basic spells: Bandus Aidus (Self and
Healing); Flickus Bickus (Light and Fire); Emmus Exesus (Hatred); and Nudus
Bunsus (Focus, Self, and Opening). There are three other scrolls that you will
find, each leading to a higher level of magic.

 At this point you should be sneaky enough to have stolen the entire inventory
of both the book store and the herb shop. If you havenīt, do so before you leave
town. Be sure you have a long bow or a crossbow in your inventory.


 If you are in the mood for a little dalliance, visit the princess, and impress
her with the most expensive flower you can find. This little gesture will garner
you some cutesy gestures from her highness, and give you access to the treasury
area of the palace, just behind the throne. You are not yet strong nor wise
enough to attempt to sack the treasury, but it is nice to know you can do so
when youīre ready to.

 You can test your readiness by proceeding south. You are now in the hallways of
the Palace. You will be met immediately by foes; run or vanquish them. Use Flint
and Steel or flick your BIC and look around. (NOTE: Four magic points are
required for Flickus Bickus.)

 Proceed east, south twice, and west. (You will have to fight or run every step
of the way.) Turn north and search the wall. A hidden door will appear and a
scissors cursor will replace the arrow cursor. Click the scissors on the door or
click on the lock until you successfully slip the lock pick into the lock and
release it. Step north into the palace treasury. The wise thief will back out to
the palace reception area and save his current position.


 Click on RMV to see what traps await you. There are seven traps; five of these
must be removed, and two must be left undisturbed before you can attempt to
steal the goodies (see the chart in Part 7 of this walkthru).

 Once you have removed the five traps, exit the treasury, return to the palace
reception area, and save. Take a walk back to the Pub for dinner and a few good
nightsī rest. Then, return to the Palace and the treasury so you can loot the

 Take these treasures first: Scroll of Force (Cube of Irresistible Force
Spells), Shard of Mem (critical item), Yang (half of a Sword Set), Arm of Wealth
(critical artifact which raises your luck stat to 100%). Leave the gold and go
save yourself; return after youīve healed to steal the gold.

 When you have honed your thievery skills and progressed to level 5, go to
Weapons R Us and steal a long bow or a crossbow. The price of an item is a good
indication of its power. Go to the Drunkīn Dragon and practice stealing rooms
and meals. Go to the Herb Shop and practice stealing reagents. When you are
proficient, go to the West Town Square and steal a BIG FOOTED HORSE (the
Clydesdale) and a HOMIN HORSE if you get the chance. While you are in the
square, be cool, and rip off the artist, too.

     Part 3


 You can practice your trap removal tactics and increase your skills by climbing
the tree at the End of the World, which is in the far southwest corner of the
Jungle. Ah, yes, the Jungle....

 Just the place to earn your keep, Keef! Get out among the natives and swish,
slash, smash, bash, leer, sneer, and grab the loot. The most productive
moneymaker in this country is the successful highwayman. Prowling the Jungle to
the tune of "Lost in the Jungle," the master thief can earn his keep in battle
-- smashing and bashing to the tune of "Blood Haze."


 Leave Same Mercon by heading north from the open gate. Go north from the Same
Mercon Bridge. Your musical accompaniment will change from the "Same Mercon
Shuffle" to "Lost in the Jungle." Go west, then north twice. You are now looking
at the only bridge in the country that does plastic surgery. Save your game and
attempt to cross the bridge to get a real nose job. Too bad, booby! Oh, well.
Load the game again, and this time, try using the "Other" option when you meet
the Tel Hande Guard on the bridge. Search the body and find a scroll. GET THE
PAPERS. You now have in your possession the one thing that will get you into Tel
Hande: a passport!

 When you can see the body of the Tel Hande Guard you are in the middle of the
Tel Roca Bridge. Face north, then go north, and save your game so you wonīt lose
the passport.


 Turn west, then go west five times. This brings you to the western limits of
the country, overlooking the Abyss. Click on the MAP option (this will only be
available if you were a good thief and have the Jungle Map in your inventory).
Turn north, go north, turn east, and go east. You are now at the foot of a tree
lift that will take you to Mem Santi. Check the map again so youīll know where
this place is located. The west/north/east approach is the only way to get to
this location.

 To get from the tree lift to Mem Santi, go up and north. To get from the tree
lift to the Jungle area near the falls, go north twice. Then, turn and go east
to the waterfall where you meet the Mermaid. Ask her about everything she can
tell you (the Falls, her Tale, and the Waterfall) since this conversation is
cheap and essential.

 The Waterfall is the only accessible body of water in the game and is the
hiding place of Neptuneīs Trident. You must cast the Huvius Vacuumus spell to
find the hidden weapon. Click on the Waterfall, and you will enter the caves.


 Go north from the cave entrance to the end of the hall. Turn east and go east
to the end of the hall. Then, turn south and search for the hidden door in the
south wall. Pick the lock. Enter to find three Sorceresses and a Witch guarding
MOE, the ultimate helmet. Vanquish the girls, search the room, and get the
helmet. Remove all other armor except ACHILLES, and your stats will be 100/100
for armor.

 Exit the room of the helmet and go west twice, north twice, then east. Search
the east wall for the hidden door. A battle with three Witches and a Sorceress
yields nothing except experience. Exit the room, go west, and you will find a
locked door on the north wall of this corridor. Pick the lock, enter the room,
and fight four more rotten ladies. When you have vanquished them, search the
room and get the ring. This is it: the Mermaidīs Ring! Exit the caves and show
the Mermaidīs Ring to the Mermaid. Return it to her, and she will open the doors
of love for you.

 Return to the cave. Go north, east, north, then east (you see the door of the
useless fight room). Turn and go north, then west into the alcove where you find
a locked door. Pick the lock, and enter the Chamber of Love. Remove the Pedestal
by sliding your knife under the pedestal. Any of the three options for disarming
the torch results in OWIES, but any of them will disarm the trap enough to allow
you to steal the arm. This is the fabled Arm of Love, which raises your
Constitution stat to 100%.


 Turn south. Go south five times, west twice, south twice, west, south twice,
west, south twice, then turn west, and you are facing the real edge of the
world! Go west again, young man, and discover Landīs End. Go east and save the
game. Get some rest, get your hit points up to maximum, and go back west.

 Go up the tree and remove the egg trap. Get some sleep. Select CAREFULLY TAKING
THE EGG. This is a very chancy activity. It will be a long time and take you
many tries before you succeed. But every time you do succeed in disarming this
particular trap, you increase your disarming skills by 3%, which is just what
you need to defeat the rest of the traps in the game. It takes a long time, but
you can get your skills up to 100% by just practicing on the egg trap. Stealing
the eggs will help you gain in thief points and will provide you with a supply
of Phoenix Eggs: the Infinite component for spells. You get five eggs every time
you succeed in a theft.


 Exit the base of the tree to the east, and click on the map to see the
location. Go east, north, then east, and you will be in the Jungle near the Hut.
This is the hut of Al Handratta, mentor of used car salesmen and dispenser of
food for a price. Face north, and save the game. Go north, and talk to the man.
Buy some dinner, ask him some questions, and show him the Clydesdale. Al will
hand you his Hermitīs Key in return for your gift of the horse. If you continue
north, you will enter the hut, a place that is bigger than its outside
dimensions. Retrace your steps to exit the hut, and return to the tree to
practice your skills. Check the map so youīll know how to return to the hut
which houses many secrets.

 After you have saved the game, enter the Al Handrattaīs Hut by clicking on its


 With the door of the hut to the south, go north, turn west, and go west through
the hall door. Go south through the other door, and youīll enter Al Handrattaīs
Library. Search and you will find a scroll. Get the Scroll of Power. Use this
scroll to mix the spells of the Pyramid of Directed Power.

 Exit the hut and save the game so that you donīt lose the scroll. At this
point, you may wish to build up your skills and stats before returning to the
hut to find Wisdom and the route to Tellocīs Library through the hidden Half


 Talk to Al, and buy a good meal. To win the battle against the Hydra and enter
the Hall of Wisdom, you must have traded the Clydesdale for the Hermitīs Key.
Enter the hut and go to the end of the hall. Turn east and unlock the door by
picking the lock. Go through the door and continue east, then south to the end
of the corridor. There is a locked door on the west wall that leads to a ladder
going down. Do not use it yet. Turn around and look east; you can see the door
to the Hall of Wisdom. What you canīt see is the bunch of hoodlums that await
you behind it. Go east and first kill the body, then the three heads of the
Hydra. Now, pick the lock and enter the Hall of Wisdom. Steal the Gem of Wisdom
and the Glove. The Gem is one of the quest items and gives you 100% in your
Wisdom stat. The Glove is "The Hare," the weapon that complements "The
Tortoise." (Yin Yang is much more powerful.)

 You may wish to return to Same Mercon to build up your magic points again
before attempting to locate the entrance to Tellocīs Library.

 From the entrance, go north, then through the door on the east wall. Continue
east, turn south, go to the door on the west wall and enter. Go down, and you
find yourself in a vast, leaky stone hallway. Head east, south, and east until
you come to a locked door. Pick the lock and enter. You have arrived at the West
Double Door. The East Double Door can be reached from the Tel Empor dungeon on
level 4. Use the Key of Koran. You have opened half the door. You must now go to
Tel Empor and open the other half before you can gain entrance to Tellocīs
Library. Return to the entrance the way you came in.


 Return to the Jungle to earn more money and to locate Tel Hande. Go north from
the gate, and cross the Tel Roca Bridge. From the north end of the bridge, go
north, west three times, and north. You are now in the Jungle near the falls.
Check the map to note this location since it is a very important spot. Go west,
north twice, east, north three times, and east three times. Turn north and you
are facing the dread black gate of Tel Hande.


 Go south from the gate to the Jungle near the River. Check the map, and you are
just able to see the tree lift location on the west, Tel Hande on the north, and
the north end of the Tel Roca Bridgeīs pylons. The fastest way back to Same
Mercon is to go west, south, east, and south over the bridge.


 Go west twice, north twice, east, north three times, east, north twice, east
twice, north twice, and east twice. You are now at the north end of the Tel Roca
Bridge. Going south three times, east, then south again brings you to the Jungle
by Same Mercon. Go into town, "steal" yourself well, then come back here and
continue the journey to Tel Empor.


 Leave Same Mercon and enter the Jungle. From the Jungle by Same Mercon
location, turn east. Go east four times, south twice, east, south twice, east,
south three times, west twice, south, and west. You are now at the gates of the
ruins of Tel Empor. Sleep and heal yourself and get ready to seek glory,
weapons, and strength! Save the game before you enter because you cannot save
again until you return to the Jungle.


 At the entrance to Tel Empor, turn around, face east, go three steps east, then
search, and you will find a really gross pit of slimy ghouls. A sword is hidden
at the far end of the pit...just follow your nose. You must fight
extraordinarily nasty monsters at every step.

     Part 4


 Follow the directions to get to the tree lift in Part 3. Save your game, then
go up the tree lift to arrive in a fairy tale city suspended in the treetops.
Uh, donīt let the swaying bother you: Youīll get used to it!

 From the top of the lift, go north, and enter the Temple Foyer. Speak with the
Curator (you need at least 350 gold to ask the Curator anything). As soon as you
have the information, load the save you made at the base of the tree lift and
return to the foyer. There is a very visible door on the north wall which leads
to the halls of Mem Santi.

 Memīs Second through Seventh have rooms in that area of the building, and the
halls also lead to the Mem Santi Treasury. Behind the tapestry on the wall is a
hidden door which leads to the Mem Santi Maze. Memīs First has a room down in
the Maze, and you must fight him to get the Artifact of Mem.

 If you go west from the foyer, you will find yourself on another tree bridge
that leads to the Naughty Dog -- a nice place to visit, but not essential to the

 Talk with the Curator and show him the Shard of Mem (acquired in the Palace
Treasury). He will thank you for the return of the relic, and tell you that the
guards at the stairs hold "robes blessed by Mem himself." (The stairs are behind
the tapestry at the entrance to the Maze.)

 You must fight to get the robes, but they are worth the trouble. Search the
foyer, and you will find the hidden door behind the tapestry. Go through the
door and you are on a tree bridge that leads to the stairs to the Maze. Go east
and you will be attacked by the guards. They are vulnerable to crossbow tactics.

 When you have vanquished the guards, heal yourself, then search. You will find
some armor. Click on GET, and you are the proud possessor of ACHILLES. Go into
your Inventory and double-click on ACHILLES; your armor stats will rise to 90/85
if you are also wearing the OGRE SKULL. Continue to use CHARLES as a weapon, and
wear the SPIKED GLOVES to raise your weapon stats to 75/25.


 Go north from the foyer, and you will find yourself on the first floor of Mem
Santi. Cast a big light spell and proceed north to the door on the east wall of
the corridor. Go east through the door which leads to a corridor. Follow the
corridor to the end of the hall and turn south. Go south through the door, and
you are in the Guard Room. There is a tough battle to get through, but nothing
of interest is in the room at this time.

 Exit the Guard Room, return to the short corridor, and from there, go back to
the main corridor. Go north through the door in the end of the entry corridor.
There is a ladder leading up to Floor 2.


 From the top of the ladder, go north all the way to the wall and search the
north wall. There is a hidden, locked door here. Leave it. If you turn west, you
will be able to see three doors in addition to the one you have just located.
Ignore them for the moment. Turn all the way around and go east to the end of
this corridor. At the east end of the corridor, turn south and search. The
hidden locked door leads to a short corridor and a ladder going up.

 At the top of the ladder is a narrow room. The door at the far end leads to the
Mem Santi Treasury. The guards here must be vanquished, and they are very fast
on their feet! A crossbow is better than CHARLES if your aim is good. Before you
enter the Treasury, it may be a good idea to go back outside to the Jungle, and
save the game. Chances are high you will die more than a few times before you
succeed in sacking the joint.

 If you want some variety, get your remove skills up over 50% and remove the
traps in the first part of the treasury. Then, go back to Landīs End, and get
your skills up to 100% before you return to tackle the real treasure part of the


 When you come down the corridor leading from the ladder you climbed to get up
to Floor 2, turn west and go to the far end of the hall where you will find the
room of Memīs Second. Enter the room and fight the foes you find there. When the
battle is through, search Memīs Secondīs room, and you will find YIN, the blade
to complete YIN YANG. This weapon will raise your stats to 90/90 for weapon, and
your armor stats can be raised to 95/80 if you are wearing GAUNTLETS, ACHILLES,
and the OGRE SKULL.

 The other rooms have difficult opponents too. You can fight the clergy with YIN
YANG, but the crossbow is needed to catch Memīs men if they get away from you in
hand-to-hand combat.


 Exit the foyer to the east (through the door that was hidden in back of the
tapestry). Cross the tree bridge and you are at the top of a ladder that leads
down to the Maze. Go down, cast a big light spell, then down again.

 Go east, south, and east at the first corridor. There is a hidden door on the
east wall of the alcove at the end of the corridor. Pick the lock, go through
the door, and you will find yourself in another part of the maze.

 There is another door on the north wall of an alcove that takes you to Memīs
Firstīs Room. When you attempt to go down the ladder, you find that you can only
get the Artifact of Mem over Firstīs dead body, so fight. When you win the
battle, you can go down. This automatically gets you the Artifact and brings you
back up to Memīs Firstīs Room.

 Exit north, then go north, east, south, and east, which brings you back to the
door on the east wall of the alcove. Retrace your steps to get to the hole in
the ceiling and go up twice. The Maze is tricky and practically impossible to
map. Left and north will get you out sooner or later.

 When you return to the foyer, you will notice that the "pants" are missing from
the pedestal. You are now the proud owner of Memīs Artifact, and your speed stat
has increased to 100%.

 Now that you have YIN YANG, ACHILLES, and a 100% speed stat, you are ready to
compete in the contest in Tel Hande, and fight for BRUCE.

     Part 5


 Follow the directions from Part 3 to get to Tel Hande from the Jungle. Use the
passport, go north to enter, and cast Biggus Litus to illuminate the entire


 Go west to the end of the hall, then north to the ladder. Climb down to the
Basement. In the Basement, go south to the end of the hall, then go east and
turn north through the door. Continue north to the end of the hall, then go west
to the ladder, and climb up to Floor 1. Face the north wall of the tunnel and
search. Go north through the hidden door.

 Turn and go east to the end of the hall, go south and east to the ladder, then
climb up to Floor 2. Go east to the end of the corridor, south, east, and south
to the ladder, then climb down to Floor 1. Exit south through the door, go
south, face east, and search. Go east through the hidden door, then down the
ladder to the basement. Turn and go north to the end of the corridor, and west
to the ladder.

 You have reached the entrance to two very important locations: the Tel Hande
Library on Floor 3, and the home of the evil Mage on the roof of this tower.
This trip is for scroll collection only, but you can explore the roof if you
like. You are not yet strong enough to deep-six the Mage and his pet dragons!

 Go up twice, use the flint, and go up again. Cast the Flickus Bickus spell,
search the north wall on Floor 3, then go north. You have discovered the library
of the Magician King. Cast Huvius Vacuumus and you find a scroll. Get the Scroll
of Infinity. You now possess all of the powers of the kingdom. You need only the
wisdom to use them. Your next big adventure is to find your way out to the
jungle. Retrace your path to the entrance on Floor 1. Good luck!

 When you reach the exit, exit to the Jungle. Sleep and then cast Makus Foodus,
save the game (so you donīt lose the scroll), and return to Same Mercon for rest
and practice.


 One at a time, youīve had the chance to battle and defeat many types of
warriors that have appeared elsewhere in the game; I hope you have been studying
your winning tactics! Your last opponent is the Gruk you met in the Pink Dragon
Pub. Hit him a few times or so with mega-magic, and he will be putty on your

 From the entrance, go one step west and one step north. Enter the contest
waiting room. Proceed north to the contest...if you dare!

 Your opponents -- in order of appearance and difficulty -- are Fluffy,
Sugarpie, Sweetheart, Babycakes, Honeybunch, Drufus, The Captain, and a wily
Cleric. Your final contest opponent is the Gruk.

 Two Killus Deadus should do in the Gruk. Search and get the sword, BRUCE. BRUCE
will raise your weapon stats to 100/100. Exit Tel Hande so that you can save
your game (and BRUCE!) in the Jungle. Now, go back to Tel Hande and search for
Tellocīs Skull (which must be tossed into the Abyss), and the Orb of Power,
currently in the possession of the Magician on the fifth floor of the tower you
climbed earlier to get the Pentagram Scroll.


 Enter from the Jungle, turn and go west to the end of the hall, north to
ladder, and down to the Basement. Go south to the end of the hall, east, turn
south, and go through the door into a room. Step forward and search. Get the
Skull. The Skull is the one that was carried to the north on a pole: Tellocīs
Skull. It must be thrown into the Abyss in Tel Empor.


 Take exactly the same path that you followed to get to the Magicianīs Library
on Floor 3 of the tower. Continue up two more floors and search the north wall
for the door to the roof. Go through the door and to the roof, where you are met
by two blue dragons and the Magician King. Search, and you will find a globe in
one of the Magicianīs pockets. You must fight and defeat the Magician and the
two dragons. Before you kill them, ask the Magician all you can. Battle tactics
consist of killing the dragons with Wastus Em spells, and killing the Magician
with your sword. When these villains have finally bitten the dust, search and
get the Globe. You now possess the Globe of Power which has raised your charisma
to 100%. Retrace your steps to get out of Tel Hande and go back to Tel Empor.

     Part 6


 From the Jungle, go west, and search. You find that there is a dank and
gruesome hole in the ground. Yippee! Go down and cast Biggus Litus to illuminate
the entire dungeon, or Generus Elektus to light the entire level of the dungeon.


 From the entrance go down, east, south, and west. Turn north and search to find
the hidden door. Pick the lock, go through the door to the north, and you find a
ladder leading down.

 To get to the East Double Door (Tellocīs Library) from Ladder Room 2 (via the
north wall on level 1), enter level 2 into a long narrow room with another
ladder (leading down) in the south end. Go to the south ladder and go down to
level 3 where you find another narrow room.

 Go east, pick the lock on the east wall, turn south, and search the south wall.
Pick the lock in the hidden door on the south wall, then enter the south door to
the next room. Turn north to see a blank wall, search the north wall, and pick
the lock so that you can see the door through which you entered the room. Turn
south once again, and pick the lock on the door.

 Go south into another room with a ladder leading down, and go down to LEVEL 4.
Cast a light spell if you canīt see. Go north to the door and through it. As
soon as you do, it will disappear. Continue north, turn and face east, and you
will see a door that will take you directly to level 1. Do not use it just yet
or you will have to retrace your path to this location.

 Turn and go west as far as you can, turn north, then follow the corridor all
the way to the end (several turns). When you reach the northwest corner of the
corridor, search the west wall. Enter the room and you will find the East Half
of the Double Door. This door may be opened with the Key of Koran which you
found in the Mem Santi Treasury. The other half of the door can be reached
through the Hut.

 When both halves of the door have been unlocked using the Key of Koran, you
will be free to enter Tellocīs Library. Cast the Huvius Vacuumus spell and you
will find a scroll. Get the scroll and you will have Tellocīs Log which contains
the magic word "TUNA," and the combination of Artifacts and Reagents required to
win the game.

 You can exit Tellocīs Library from either the east (which takes you back
through Tel Empor), or the west (which takes you out via the Hut). Once the door
has been opened, you are free to travel between the Hut and the Tel Empor


 Exit the Library to the east, then go east again. You are in the long stone
halls of Tel Empor on level 4. Follow the hall all the way back to the door on
the east wall (just past the alcove where you entered level 4). Going through
this door will return you to an L-shaped room on level 1. Exit the room, turn
north, and follow the corridor to the exit which is two steps away (north and
west). Exit up, then east to the jungle, and save the game.

 Reenter Tel Emporīs ruins and click on OTHER. Click on SPEAK THE WORD "TUNA,"
and a staircase will materialize. Go on up and look around! You need all six
artifacts to complete the image, and to cast a spell to end the game. The parts
are listed in Tellocīs Log, as are the spell ingredients. You can mix the spell
at any time, but casting it will only work at this location, and only if all six
artifacts are present in your inventory.


 Go east, south to the wall, turn east, and go east to the door on the south
wall. Pick the lock, then enter the room to find a ladder leading down.

 To get to the Hall of Strength from Ladder Room 1 (south wall on level 1),
enter level 2 from the ladder. Look north, and youīll see three doors.

 The east door leads into a long corridor. Follow the corridor in a spiral path
until you reach a ladder leading down. Go down to level 3 where you find a very
long narrow room. At the far end of the room is a door hidden in the south wall.
The door leads to a room that contains a ladder leading up.

 Halfway to the far wall is a ladder leading down. Go down to the Pit. Search
and you will find a door in the south wall of the Pit. Go through the door into
another room with another ladder leading down. Go down to level 5, and south to
the door. You can enter each door on the south wall and fight it out. At the far
end of the corridor on the east wall is a hidden door. Pick the lock, enter,
search, and youīll find the sword, ST. GEORGE. All the doors on the north wall
lead back to level 4, into the corridor outside the Half Door entrance to
Tellocīs Library.

 From the room where you found ST. GEORGE, walk down the hall to the second door
on the south, turn south, and pick the lock on the door. Go south, then turn
west, go through the door to the west into a room with doors on the west, north,
and east walls. Unlock the door on the west wall, go west, turn south, and
search to find a hidden door.

 Pick the lock and enter a room with a ladder going down. Go down to level 6,
then go east and north. Turn east and search the east wall for a hidden door.
Enter the door, go three steps east to the end of the room, turn south, and
search for the hidden door. Go south through the door and search for another
hidden door on the south wall. Pick the lock and go south. Search south again,
pick the lock, go south, turn east, and search. Pick the lock and go east.

 After a vicious battle you can search the east wall again and find a hidden
door. You can cast Dranus Liqus to open this one! Ta-da! You have found The Hall
of Strength! A good move would be to return to Same Mercon, restore yourself to
max points, return to this location, then attempt to remove the traps and steal
the Plate of Strength.

 Take the path of least resistance first: Go straight north through the end
door, then search the walls for a hidden door. There is a hidden door in the
east wall. Go east into a corridor, and continue east to the door at the end of
the corridor. Pass through the door, continue east, and turn north. You will see
that this is a long, narrow room with three doors on the east wall. Use them


 You enter level 2 from a ladder. Look north and youīll see three doors.

 The east door leads into a long corridor. Follow the corridor in a spiral path
until you reach a ladder leading down. Go down to level 3 where you find a very
long, narrow room. At the far end of the room is a door hidden in the south
wall. The door leads to a room which contains a ladder leading up.

 Go up and north through the door. Turn, go east, and you are at the Abyss.
Click on OTHER, and select the THROW SKULL INTO ABYSS option. The response you
get is not worthy of a family walkthru! Face north and go through the door on
the north wall. You are in an L-shaped room on level 2. Exit the door into a
small room and continue west. You are in a short corridor with three doors on
the east wall, and one door on the west wall. Continue west through the next
door too, then turn south, and go through the south door. Go south one more
step, then up the ladder to level 1.

 Exit the room to the north, go west twice, north twice, west, then up, and you
are back at the entrance, at the foot of the stairs to Tellocīs Lab.


 Go up to Tellocīs Lab and cast Elmus Pastus to enter the Winnerīs Circle. Read
of your rewards, then weep, Keef, weep!

     Part 7



 Old Man: Tellocīs head was taken to the NORTH on a pole.

 Soldier: There is a MIGHTY WEAPON in a PIT to the SOUTHEAST.

 Guard: Same Mercon is NEARLY thief-proof, there is a PATROL.

 Vijay: Uses a 386 to do IBM versions of KEEF. Suggests an ADVENTURE in TEL

 Barmaid: Gives STRAIGHT AHEAD directions to LOVE.


 Nasty Dude: This is a juicy town for thieves, houses to the WEST are loaded;
watch out for the guards.

 Nick the Nose: Buy a map for the Jungle. Magical Bird Eggs can be found if you
"go climb a tree." The guy from far away is from LANDīS END.


 Artist: Porsche greatest artist; some would kill to own Porsche art.


 Barkeeper: Evil.

 Collector: Pick up a copy of her book (ANTIQUES). Interested in all sorts of
stuff; show and will pay.

 Barmaid: Tellocīs main squeeze is broad whose tears form a river; no man, even
a semi-immortal wizard king, is worth that.

 Historian: Wrote book, available at bookstore, tells of Telloc.

 Merchant: Deals in unusual pets.

 Gruk: BRUCE is the prize in the CONTEST at TEL HANDE. Recites poem: "If perlee
eyed venturerer be schly, Anī wannabe helluvaguy, Schrop back to da easchy,
Wroot uv sussess iz actinī unschleazy, Horn floweth wisch spansch fly!"


 Merchant King: Watch where you put your hands, "Stumpy."

 Princess: Her men must bring her EXPENSIVE gifts, her size.


 Curator: GIFT OF MEM on the pedestal, spirit of Mem himself within. Shard of
Mem was part of pedestal, return for reward.

 Memīs First: Can get ARTIFACT over his dead body. Tells of origin of Memīs
Gift. Tells about the ARTIFACT.


 Mermaid: Tells of her love, Telloc. Gives quest to find her ring. Gives access
to LOVE when ring is returned.


 Al Handratta: (Ask what to fear) "BEWARE" key user must face 3-headed hydra.
(Ask about the Key) Wishes for Horse with big feet. Key guards treasures. Is in
his pocket. (Ask about Wisdom) WISDOM offers HERMITīS KEY (show Clydesdale to
get KEY).


 Magician King: Gimmie gimmie pieces of idol; killed Telloc for them. (Ask about
his plan) Use power of the globe to bring rest of idol.


 The following items are critical to solving the game successfully. Their
locations are in parentheses:

 Jungle Map: Needed to use the map option (Book Store)

 Scroll of Unity: Needed to use Circle of Unity Spells (Book Store)

 Scroll of Force: Needed to use Cube of Irresistible Force (Same Mercon

 Scroll of Power: Needed to use Pyramid of Directed Power (Library in Al
Handrattaīs Hut)

 Scroll of Infinity: Needed to use Pentagram of Infinite Conveyance (Magicianīs
Library, on Floor 3 in Tel Hande)

 Hermitīs Key: Allows you to fight HYDRA to enter WISDOM (Al Handratta himself)

 Flower of Mem: Needed impress the Princess and access Treasury (Reagent Shop)

 Gift of Mem: Holds the spirit of Mem himself (on pedestal in foyer, Mem Santi.
Must find and fight Memīs First).

 Shard of Mem: Used to impress the guardian at Mem Santi (Same Mercon Treasury)

 Clydesdale: Trade for the Hermitīs Key (West End BMW Dealer)

 Crossbow or Long Bow: Used to kill Tel Hande guard on bridge (Weapons R Us)

 Passport: Required to enter Tel Hande (body of Tel Hande guard on bridge)

 Tellocīs Skull: Must be thrown into the Abyss in the ruins (search in the
corridors of Tel Hande)

 Mermaidīs Ring: When delivered to the Mermaid, will get you into LOVE (cave
behind the waterfalls)

 Used Scrolls: Read these for Library locations (Mem Santi Treasury)

 Key of Koran: Unlocks both EAST and WEST half-doors to Tellocīs Library (found
in Mem Santi Treasury)

 Tellocīs Log: Defines the endgame magic and secret word (found in Tellocīs
Library in Tel Empor)


 The following Artifacts will increase your stats to maximum. Their locations
are in parentheses:

 Arm of Wealth: Increases Luck to 100 (Same Mercon Treasury)
 Gem of Wisdom: Increases Wisdom to 100 (Hermitīs Hut Hall of Wisdom)
 Arm of Love: Increases Constitution to 100 (Mermaidīs Cave)
 Plate of Strength: Increases Strength to 100 (Ruins of Tel Empor)
 Artifact of Mem: Increases Speed to 100 (Maze at Mem Santi)
 Orb of Power: Increases Charisma to 100 (Tower at Tel Hande)


 Locate and get the following armor and weapons as soon as possible:

 Tortoise: "Glove" in Benreyīs House, Same Mercon
 Achilles: Mem Santi Maze entrance
 Moe: Cave behind the Waterfall
 Neptuneīs Trident: In the Waterfall
 Sling: Soldier in Drunkīn Dragon Pub
 Blood Blade: Weapons R Us
 Charles: Telfanīs House, Same Mercon
 Nischtarr: Pit of Fiends outside Tel Empor
 St. George: Level 5, Tel Empor
 Hare: Hall of Wisdom (Hut)
 Yang: Same Mercon Treasury
 Yin: Memīs Secondīs Room, Floor 2, Mem Santi
 Bahb el Buhd: Mem Santi Treasury 80/90
 Yin Yang: Will be automatic when you have both YIN and YANG 90/90
 Bruce: Contest in Tel Hande 100/100, 12 feet


 Tripping traps is no way to win! The following chart should help you remove the

 ----------------- ----------------------------------------------
 LOCATION: The Homes in Same Mercon
 Teapot            Keeping the teapot from spilling

 Candle            Removing the candle from the wall

 Fireplace         Brushing embers back into the fire

 LOCATION: Same Mercon Treasury
 Walls             Waving your weapon ahead of you (Option, pg. 4)
 Ceiling           None: do not remove
 Floor             Tapping the floor carefully (Option, pg. 2)
 Gold Pile         None: do not remove
 Right of Pedestal Sticking your knife in the hole (Option, pg. 5)
 Back Wall         Twisting the upright sword (Option, pg. 3)
 Front of Pedestal Pushing in the front panel (Option, pg. 1)

 LOCATION: Tree at Landīs End
 Egg               Carefully removing the egg

 LOCATION: Mem Santi Treasury at the entrance
 Floor             Using knife to jam spikes (Option, pg. 4)
 Right Wall        Using knife to jam panel (Option, pg. 5)
 Ceiling           Squirting oil in cracks in ceiling (Option, pg. 5)
 Left Wall         None: do not remove

 LOCATION: Mem Santi Treasury one step into the room
 Floor             None: do not remove
 Right Bench       Squirting oil in hole
 Scepter           Crushing top of scepter (Option, pg. 2)
 Gem               Removing Gem from stand

 LOCATION: Chamber of Love
 Pedestal          Sliding knife under pedestal
 Torch             All available methods cause OWIES

 LOCATION: Ruins of Tel Empor in the Hall of Strength
 Leaking Brick     Slipping knife under brick (Option, pg. 5)
 Ceiling           Using rope to secure loose rock (Option, pg. 2)
 Pedestal          Pushing buttons 1 and 3
 Torch             Pulling torches forward
 Floor             None: do not remove
 Left Wall         None: do not remove

     Part 8


 Collect the following reagents to cast your spells:

 Dragon Drool: Fire
 Black Pearl: Focus
 Scorpion Tail: Hatred
 Peppermint Leaf: Healing
 Phoenix Egg: Infinity
 Glow Grass: Light
 Kiki Root: Magnification
 Rhino Horn: Opening
 Wart Weed: Power
 Skunk Juice: Protection
 Narcissus Root: Self
 Owl Eye: Sight


 -- ----------------- --------- --------- --------- --------------------------
  3 BANDUS AIDUS      Self      Healing             Restores hit points
  4 FLICKUS BICKUS    Light     Fire                Light local area
  3 EMMUS EXESUS      Hatred                        Attack 1 enemy
  1 NUDUS BUNSUS      Focus     Self      Opening   See for yourself!


 -- ----------------- --------- --------- --------- --------------------------
  7 GENERUS ELEKTUS   Light     Fire      Sight     Lights entire floor/level
 25 HUVIUS VACUUMUS   Sight     Focus               See hidden things/doors
  6 CYNUS ARCENUS     Hatred    Focus               Attack 1 enemy
 10 AGENUS ORANUS     Hatred    Magnify             Attack many enemies
  6 RITEUS GARDUS     Self      Protect             Shields Keef
 20 MAKUS FOODUS      Heal      Self      Power     Feeds Keef


 -- ----------------  --------- --------- --------- --------------------------
 15 TAKUS TYLENUS     Self      Healing   Power     Restores hit points
 20 DRANUS LIQUUS     Focus     Opening             Unlocks doors, secrets
 15 QNUS ARUDES       Focus     Power     Hatred    Attack 1 enemy
 20 NAPUS ALMUS       Magnify   Power     Hatred    Attack many enemies
 15 MUTUS OMAHAUS     Power     Protect   Self      Shield Keef better
 12 BIGGUS LITUS      Power     Light     Sight     Light whole dungeon
 20 GOODAS NEWUS      Heal      Self      Infinite  Restores all hit points


 -- ----------------  --------- --------- --------- --------------------------
 15 USUS CARUS        Light     Sight     Infinite  Increase charisma (temp)
 20 PIZAUS COLDUS     Focus     Hatred    Infinite  Attack 1 enemy
 18 KILLUS DEADUS     Focus     Hatred    Fire      Attack 1 enemy
 25 OLUS GAYUS        Magnify   Hatred    Infinite  Attack many enemies
 20 WASTUS EM!        Magnify   Hatred    Fire      Attack many enemies
 20 LYODUS LONDUS     Self      Protect   Infinite  Shield Keef best
 30 BARBUS RUBINUS    Self      Hatred    Infinite  Increase weapon percent
 35 PHONUS HOMUS      Self      Sight     Infinite  Teleport to Same Mercon
 99 ELMUS PASTUS      Power     Focus     Infinite  Put Artifacts together

 KEEF THE THIEF is published and distributed by Electronic Arts.

 This walkthru copyright (c) 1990 by Joan A. McKeown. All rights reserved.

 Spell Chart information was compiled by David Walker.
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