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Kagi Nochi Tobira Tips & Tricks

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Kagi Nochi Tobira


level 1:
Take the key and click on the door.

level 2:
Move the cursor in the lower part of the game screen, you’ll notice
a yellow line. Actually, you have a lamp and you are now searching 
for the key. Now go to the upper right part, a little under the “No.
2 QUIT” sign, there’s the key. Take it and click on the door. 

level 3:.
Keys and doors will star falling. Focus on getting them. Take the 
key and click on the door. 

level 4:
This level is fun. You can’t see your cursor, but the numbers tell you
when you are close (you don’t have to wait to be 1, a 9 worked just 
fine for me). Or you can forget about the numbers and take your cursor
out of the game screen and put it inside again trying to follow the 
line towards the key/door. Take the key and click on the door.

level 5:
This level is all about concentration and speed. Take the red circle, 
pull it up and try to get the key before it comes down again. Good luck!

level 6:
Well? What are you waiting for, press the up and down arrows! 
Not simultaneously, of course. Take the key and click on the door.

level 7:
Use the tank to get the key and to shoot the door. The aiming is not as
it seems. For the key aim a little higher than the key. For the door 
aim in the upper part of the screen, somewhere close to the imaginary 
vertical line that would divide the screen in half. In other words, 
in the beginning of the right half of the screen.

level 8:
Click on the switch, think of everything you hate and start banging on 
the door. Take the key, click on the switch and click on the door. Hope
you feel better… somehow… relieved…

level 9:
Click and hold left click and follow the arrows. Take the key, continue 
to follow the arrows. Click on the door. 

level 10:
Keep clicking the switch, but not too fast – you need to click the spot 
where all of the lines meet in one dot (it sound scarier than it really 
is). You have to do it twice, obviously.

level 11:
Right click, select “I want a key” from menu. Take it. Right click, 
“I want the door”. Click it.

level 12:
Well, this level might take quite a lot of your time if you don’t focus. 
You can only progress step by step (that is: square by square) and you 
don’t know where is the key nor where is the door. The good thing is that
you don’t die, it’s not “game over” or any of that crap. You just have to
remember where you found the key. Then find the door. Their positions will
remain the same. Then try to click both of them in the time you’re given. 
Of course, needless to say that you would have to click the key and then 
the door… right?

level 13:
This can be tricky. For the key, aim in the upper corner on the right side
of the first quartern of the screen. You must click when the circle comes 
over the key (I would start clicking like crazy before it comes there). 
For the door, aim exactly in the position between the beginning of the 
vertical line (top part, that beginning) and the upper side of the screen.
You can hit the door from other positions too, but this is the easiest one
to explain. You agree without a doubt.

level 14:
Ah, the great old level 14! You can see that the numbers are piled up. Treat 
them as if they are written on tiles. When you move the circles, you can see 
that one tile appears on top and the rest of them follow. You have to figure 
out which one is first, second, third, and so on… and in the end, which one 
is on the bottom. As you discover, put the respective number in the squares 
in the column on the right. Apparently the combination changes, so I can’t 
help you with that. In my case, the number was (from top to bottom) 6521034.
That was the order of the numbers not by first appearance, but I started by 
which number appeared last, i.e. which number is on the bottom of the pile.

level 15:
Drag the horizontal yellow line to the left. The door will collapse. Take 
the key. Grab the door, hold the left click and move the cursor over the 
game screen line. You will hear a click and the door will stay up. Click on
the spot that you noticed by now (it looks like a handle).

level 16:
Well, get ready. This level can be annoying for the impatient people. You 
have to keep up with the number on the left. Click the first domino, they 
will start falling making a distinctive noise. The number on the left changes
from 0 to 1 and vice-versa. When you click the circle in between, the number 
on the left starts counting the dominoes. And I suggest that you do to if you
want to finish this level. If the numbers you got don’t match with the ones 
on the left, the counting starts over.

level 17:
Take the small vertical yellow thing on the right, put it on top of the long 
vertical yellow thing. Hit the big yellow square right in the middle. Take 
the key and click on the door. 

level 18.
Type as fast as you can! Take the key. Type as fast as you can! Click on the 

level 19:
Click and hold left click in the middle of the yellow shape (that will turn 
out to be that thing with drawers) and move quickly left and right few times
until it turns around. Like every good and proud escaper, you will probably 
check the drawers (and find nothing) and check under- there is the key, take
it. Click top right corner of the front side, you will get another view. 
Actually, this is a view to the door. Click the small orange dot. 

level 20:
Click the yellow board. Check the time on your computer and set the numbers. 
Take the key. Click the yellow board again. You know what to do.
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