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Hugos House of Honnors 1 Tips & Tricks

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Hugo's House of Honnors 1

Submitted by: Dj Simo

Hugo's House of Honnors 1 - Walkthrough

Go to the pumpkin and smash it.
Get the key - unlock the door - open the door
go to the table and get the candle
look in the hole under the stairs - get the knife and whistle
go upstairs and enter the first room - open the closet - get the mask
go into the second room - look at the mirror - remember the number (333)
enter the third room - enter the cubicle - after becomming small go between
the glass and the table and get the bung - re-enter the cubicle and tell
Igor to push the buttons until he pushes the blue button.
get the mask on the way downstairs.
enter the door across from the door you entered from - it should be the kitchen
go straight across and you should be outside - enter the shed (use the number
you saw in the bathroom - 333 - as the combination) - go straight ahead and
get the oilcan
go back to the kitchen and put on the mask
enter the room to the right - walk around until the butler approaches you -
say yes to the chop
go back to the kitchen - type THROW CHOP but don't press enter
enter the room on the left and press enter when you get in - move rug - oil
bolt - undo bolt - open trap
go between the two rocks to the left of the door
try to avoid the bats (this may take a few tries - explaining the saved game)
as soon as you enter the next room SAVE AGAIN
go to the top of the screen and get the mummy to come at you - when he gets
close go down and to the right, he should be stuck behind the rock -
get the gold and enter the tomb in the upper corner
plug the hole in the boat with the bung (PLUG HOLE WITH BUNG) - ENTER BOAT -
CUT ROPE - PUSH BOAT - when you get to the other side talk to the man -
the answers are:
bilbo - narnia - bram stoker - c - man - bullet - yes
in the next room you have to give the gold to the guard - enter the room
and say "hey" to Penelope.

You have just won.  I only got 181 out of 190 but solved it.
See if you can find the other 9 points, I couldn't seem to find them.

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