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House Tips & Tricks

Tags: House Game Guides, House Hints, House Walkthrough


1. Go left until you see the clearing in the forest.
2. Go up and enter the house.
3. Enter the room by the red shielded statue.
4. Turn and face the round table, it has a bunch of coloured boxes 
   on top of it. 
   Click the statue standing alone on the table. Leave this room.
5. Enter the room by the blue shielded statue
6. Click on the dinner table, and click the bowl on the right. 
   Get the key.
7. Go upstairs and use the key on the door directly in front of you. 
   *Note: to use inventory items, click on your brief case, then click 
   and drag the item you wish to use towards the bottom of the window, 
   then drag it to where you want to use it.*
8. Enter the bedroom.
9. Turn around until you see the fireplace. Zoom in on the table.
10. Use your little sphynx-like statue that you picked up before on the 
    red box and open it. Take the key.

11. Turn around and face the dresser. Open the top drawer and take note of 
    the piece of paper. The codes never seem to change, so that'll make this
    walkthrough easier for me. haha. This is the middle piece. O # #
12. Look under the bed, click the whitt thing sticking out from the shadows 
    to get the knife.
13. Leave that room and go back to the main hallway upstairs. Turn around and 
    find the door with the bloody hand print on it. Use the key you found in 
    the red box in this door. Enter the room.

14. Look around and find the butterfly display on the wall. Click the silver 
    coint in the middle of it to put it in your inventory.
15. Turn around and find the fireplace, zoom in on it, a face will show up and 
    try to scare you (no audio, just a face... it's from the Exorcist :D). #
    Grab the key in the fireplace.
16. While you're in this room, look around for a blue box. Open it up, it'll be 
    full of jewelry. On the left side is a note, it mentions the code for the 
    butterfly safe is in the kitchen.
17. Leave this room for now and go downstairs. Enter the dining room area again 
    (by the blue shield) and face the door that ISN'T by the phone and the suit 
    of armour.
18. Use your newly found key in this door.

--Side note: Things start getting tricky here, so I'll try to leave some 
  headings for hints.--

[Code for butterfly safe]

19. Look around down here for the table with the chairs around it. Read the book, 
    and write down the first letter of each sentence. It should spell...

[Butterfly Safe ]

20. ...APOCALYPSE...
21. Go around and look for the kitchen area, with the stove and such. Click the
    vertical cupboard doors by the Cheese, then click on the one on the left and 
    get the "Best Quality Vinegar"
22. Return to the room with the bloody handprint on the door and enter the code  
    "Apocalypse" on the butterfly safe (it's on a chair). If this code doesn't work, 
    back away from the safe, click on it, and try it again. When you get the code 
    right, the panel with the buttons should slide up and reveal a golden key.
23. Return to the room by the red shield, and look at the table with the bowl of 
    fruit on it. Click on the box on the table and it should slide to the side and 
    reveal a keyhole.

[Box by the fruit bowl]
24. Use the key you got from the butterfly safe to open this box. Take the item inside.
25. Turn around until you're facing the desk. Click the desk then click the note on the 

[Paper with the black scribbles on it]
26. Use the vinegar you got from the kitchen on this note to reveal a poem. Take note 
    of the colours, and the orders they're in. Now, go around the house and look for 
    the shields. Each shield has a unique design on it. Match the designs with the 
    colours. Once you have it all written down (Don't worry, I'll include it in a 
    couple of steps). go back up to the bedroom.
27. Face the bed, and put the yellow and black thing you got from the box in the living
    room in the slot in the headboard. It should slide up and reveal a new puzzle. 
    Here's where that rhyme comes in handy...

[Bedboard Puzzle Solution]
28. Here's the colours and their shapes in the proper order:
Red: The diamond made out of squares
Blue: The 2 X's
Green: Circle
Violet: Loopy Square
Yellow: Solid Diamond
White: the ^
Touch the shapes in that order to reveal the next key.
Like the butterfly safe, if you mess up, just zoom out from the shapes, and zoom back 
in on them and try it again.

29. Leave this room and look around for the room beside the Bathroom (to the right of 
    the statue with the green shield). Use your key here. **The painting on the left 
    will briefly display a creepy face.**

30. Look around for the Piano. Zoom in on it.

31. When done correctly, a loud gunshot sound will be heard.
You should notice 3 keys with blood on them. Start with the one on the furthest right,
then move left only playing the 3 bloody keys.
32. Click on the safe on the wall. This is where those torn up pieces of paper come 
in handy.

33. Turn around until you find a table with an oval-ish basket kinda thing on top of it. 
    Open the desk to find to top piece. # O #
34. Also, while in this room, turn to the fireplace, zoom in on the table, and click the 
    knitting needle on the bottom to add it to your inventory.

35. Head back out to the main upstairs hallway, and look at the desk between the boy's 
    room and the door with the blood on it, there's a table. Open it up and you'll find 
    the bottom piece. # # O

36. Return to the music room and look at the wall panel that was covered up by the painting.
Putting together the 3 pieces of torn paper you found, you should end up with this:
# O #
O # #
# # O
where O's are buttons you want to push. Start from the top, and go down. Grab the key.
37. Leave the music room and make your way to the kid's room. It's the one with the poster 
    on the door. **Opening this door will cue a shadowy figure to move toward the screen 
    in an attempt to frighten you**
38. Not sure if this is necessary, but look around until you see the bed, click the dresser, 
    open the top drawer, click the skull.
39. Look around again until you find the corner with the rocking horse and teddy bear.


40. Zoom in on the rocking horse. Click the skull coin in its eye to add it to your inventory.
41. Zoom back out and click the bear in the chair. Click the bear again to turn it around...

42. ...Use your knife on the bear to behead it and get the key to the attic.
43. Return once again to the kitchen area downstairs. Zoom in on the radio on the counter.


44. Use your knitting needle on the radio's antenna to boost its signal. Press either 
    button on the radio to hear a message about "The Attic". It contains a crucial code.
45. Head back upstairs and use your attic key in the only door up there that doesn't 
    have a key. Enter the room and you'll see a shadowy figure at the top of the stairs
    that will fade away shortly after appearing. Go up the stairs and enter the attic.
45-1. For some good spooks, check out all the paintings (and click them).
46. Look around for a table by a window. There are two. You want the one with the drawer 
    under it. Open the drawer and take the white cloth.
47. Look around again for a painting of the Mona Lisa. Click the tab in the cat's mouth and 
    the painting should slide down revealing yet another safe. This is where the "Attic code" 
    comes in handy.

48. Enter in the code you heard from the radio into this number pad: 8466. Grab the 
    key in there.
49. Look around in the attic for a door with blood under it. Use the key you got with 
    this door. (It's the only door up there).
50. Look around for the brown chest. There's a path of blood leading to it. Zoom in on 
    the chest and put your skull coin in the hole under the skull. Open the chest and 
    take the Blue Essence.
51. Zoom out again and look around for a pile of furnature. Click the large desk. 
    It's time to clean up this mess...

[The attic mess]
52. Start off by moving the table on the right, on top of hte desk with the drawers.
Then move the trophy thing
then the chair
the silver light thing
the chair/silver light (click it and it should disappear)
the table/trophy (again, clicking should make it disappear)
the lamp
the large red desk
the large desk that the lamp moved to.
and finally, the large round table in the background.


53. Click the chest in the back. Put your butterfly coin in the hole. Open the box, get 
    the basement key.
54. Make your way down to the basement... (the darkness by the mona lisa painting gets 
    you to the bedroom level, then go down the stairs into the kitchen, then into that 
    dark flight of stairs.) Use your key with that door.
55. You'll find yourself in a room with all sorts of blood on the walls. Turning around 
    will reveal a freaky shadow in a hole in the wall. It won't hurt you, just sit there
    and watch it cower into the hole.
55. Click on the hole, then click on it again to enter that part of the house.
56. Turn around until you see the large design on the wall, and the bowl. 
    Click the altar to zoom in on it.
57. Use your cloth to remove the line from the bottom of the triangle
58. Pour your blue essence into the bowl. There'll be a loud scream and a head will float
    out of the bowl. You can now enter the room that had the spinning thing in it no problem.
59. You're almost there. Go through the dark hole in the wall, there's a really weak attempt
    at a sewer maze... you can't get lost, though. There'll be an enterance with bars, and 
    2 without. One will take you to the next screen, the other will just say that you don't 
    want to go back the way you came.
60. You'll eventually find yourself in a nicer lookign sewer. Keep doing the same thing as 
    before. Click the skeleton hand in cieling for added lulz.
61. Go up the ladder when you find it, then out the manhole.
62. Go to the railroad station, and it doesn't matter which options you pick, you'll always 
    get the same ending. Click the ticket, annnnd
63. You're done!
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