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Hotcorn Tips & Tricks

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1 - 9. pretty straightforward. 
10. get corn inside. Push on rock for rest. 
11. just get corn. 
12. get big first. hit gas cans. get rest. 
13. hit ball. carefully get rest. 
14. get all corn outside. hit clock then cross yellow for rest. 
15. blue (careful), yellow, gray. 
16. bust thru rock, gas can, rock then get corn. 
17. follow seeds starting at top left, then from bottom right back left.
    (you will turn green but should still have time for all seeds)
18. bust thru yellow and carefully get seeds. 
19. carefully get seeds. 
20. get big. get seeds in middle, then bottom. 
21. QUICKLY zig zag to clock, then to seeds. 
22. bottom left is only one with exactly 30 seeds. 
23. just clear them. 
24. get four seeds. hit ball. will turn to ice. quickly cross where gas can
    is. turn back and get seeds. 
25. get seeds. do not get fire ball. carefully hit clock, go down to ice, cross
    for rest. 
26. go up and right hitting green, fire ball, 2 cans (sometimes you stay green, 
    but can still make it). get all up top, then bottom. 
27. hit clock. thru yellow for fire ball. then 3 bottom gas cans. 
28. across top left. cross yellow hitting clock and fire ball. head back right 
    and go thru maze clockwise getting rest. 
29. get top ice. zig zag thru water going around the ones at bottom. cross yellow 
    and get seeds. 
30. hit one clock. clear top row of seeds. go back and hit one clock, next row. 
    same for next three rows, then get top right seeds. 
31. down as far as possible. hit can but not ice. carefully go up between left 
    blue and yellow. get fire ball. get seeds in yellow. go thru bottom of 
    yellow. go into right side. do not hit ice. get alls seeds possible thru 
    wall. get bottom right ice and cross all the way left hitting green seed. 
    bust up thru rocks and get rest. 
32. get seed. go to upper right hitting fire, green seed, ice. thru blue in top 
    right corner. wait at bottom right end of seed chain. change back and follow
33. just quickly get seeds. whatever pattern works for ya. 
34. go in middle and try to get to clock. get seeds. 
35. go directly left thru yellow. get seeds and head right. up thru yellow. hit 
    clock. get rest 
36. push on rock. back off when you hear explosion. continue pattern all the way 
37. get seeds. thru yellow at top right point without hitting ice. get seeds. go 
    back out same way without hitting ice. bust thru rock. go up. thru top rock.
    get 2 seeds. get one ice and cross blue (without hitting ice inside) in bottom
    right. change back, get all seeds, hit ice and go straight up inside top right
    blue. change, get seeds, get ice. go back down to right above bottom right 
    blue. change back and clear seeds thru maze to left. once again, cross yellow
    at bottom right corner without hitting ice. get seeds. cross back then hit 
    ice. if done quick enough, it is posible to get last two in upper right. 
38. best pattern iíve found is top left, bottom left, top right, bottom right. 
    wait til ball is almost done with itís own row before hitting next one. 
39. quickly hit all 4 cans, get ice, cross blue, keep pushing up, get seeds. 
40. get seeds on your side without hitting anything. get ice. cross blue at 
    bottom. wait at end of seeds to change and get rest. 
41. push on top right rock. will break thru and get most seeds. same on bottom 
    left set. will turn to ice. cross blue. hit just fire ball and get rest. 
42. get ice. go up thru blue. change back. push up on rock. will set off ball. go 
    back down and get ice. cross blue towards gas can. wait near upper right seeds
    and get rest. 
43. go up and get ice. quickly get to water and cross down. get fire ball. head 
    back right. will blow up water. clear rest of maze. 
44. squeeze between ball and wall (insert own joke). cross yellow right at gas 
    can. keep pushing right thru rocks. cross yellow to right. get seeds THEN 
    clock. go back left and hit ball for rest. 
45. hit can and follow explosion (back off very little near water) keeping your 
    target thing in sight trying to line it up with ice on bottom row. cross and
    get seeds. 
46. QUICKLY get ice, zig zag down, cross water. change and get seeds. 
47. best route iíve found is across the bottom ice aiming for very tops of bottom
    3. aim for bottom of fifth and then straight towards seed. 
48. get seeds in bottom and top. carefully bust thru rocks at top. after second 
    one will turn to ice. cross and wait at gas can. go in top right section, 
    get seeds, exit thru top left. go in left side (turning green), get seeds,
    exit at bottom left. get ice. cross into bottom right section, change, get
49. clear maze all the way to ice (including bottom left part). quickly get to 
    water, cross and get rest. 
50. go down first 3 rows getting all seeds. cross yellow, get all in next 3 rows. 
    cross yellow and go down second row hitting ball. go down row with can but 
    wait til ball is clear before hitting it. ball should take out rest.

For level 25 there is a glich. If you hit one of the balls it will start to pop 
the corn, then go down and hit restart level, and the ball should still be popping
the corn. If you time it right, the ball that is popping the corn will hit the next
ball which will pop more, and then hit the next ball and so on and so forth. Once 
all the corn is popped hit start and the level is done.   

37 Leaky roof - pick up ice ball go RIGHT and inside to the end of the maze when 
hot leave maze popping corn. Pick up ice ball and quickly go LEFT and down to the
red ball (cut the corner to get to the red ball) and hit the red ball...speed is 

41 overtake - tricky - the moment you hit the fuel bombs go far right, straight 
down (if you fizz you may need to pause a bit), hopefully you will see the hot 
ball as you hit the bottom and whiz left about a centimetre up and to the ice 
ball FAST.
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