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Grim Fandango solve Tips & Tricks

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Grim Fandango [solve]


Part One


Grim Fandango is a puzzle. In fact it's loads of puzzles stuck together with
LucasArts' special
adventure glue. Due to the non-linear nature of the game, they can be
completed in various orders,
and many can also be worked on simultaneously. Here are the bare facts. You


No big shakes. Simply go down to the garage and talk to Glottis. Convince
him that he's not too big,
it's just that the cars are too small.

Leave the building and investigate the nearby alley. Climb up the rope and
into Don Copal's office.
Change his answer machine to "Just sign it yourself!" then present Eva with
the work order. She signs
it, Bob's your uncle, and Glottis is your driver.

Don't fear the reaper. Simply get out your scythe, open that cocoon, and
reap that soul.

Stroll down to the festival and ask the clown for two dead worms. Take the
uninflated balloons to the
packing room and fill one with light material and one with dark; it's a bit
like Araldite. Go up to your
office and send them both down the tube. This gunks up the switcher, and the
repairman appears.

Simply flip the deadlock while the door is open. It won't close properly and
you can get in.

Pick up the deck of cards from your office. Use Eva's hole punch on one of
the cards then insert it into
the red tube to read the message.

Bang on the door until someone appears. Explain to the guard - who is
actually Salvador Limones -
that you hate your job and that you plan to take down the company.

Go to Domino's office and get his gum shield by using his punchball. Go back
to the shed and fill it
with Fil-A-Dent from the machine. Now put it in your mouth and take the cast
to the LSA

Steal a hunk of coral from Domino's drawer. Tie it to the loose end of the
rope of ties and then toss
the impromptu grappling hook onto the ladder. Climb on up.

Get any inflated balloon from the clown and while you're there steal a loaf
of bread. On the roof, bury
the balloon in the bread at the birds' feeding hole. Wait for them to fall
for your cunning plan then
steal their eggs. Take them to the LSA.

Pick up a bone from the pile and throw it into the web. Hook your scythe
onto it and let it snap back.
Put the heart back in Glottis' chest. Please note, this is not a

When revived, Glottis will accidentally drive into the signpost, thus
dislodging it. Pick it up and
stagger around aimlessly for a bit.

Experiment with planting the signpost in the clearing. Follow its directions
until it points directly into
the ground. Walk or drive through the trapdoor and take the key to the dam.

Change the pattern of the pumps by moving the wheelbarrow onto specific
tubes. Get the pumps on
each side to pump together. Wait for Glottis to climb up then flip the

Shank a left to the rocky outcrop. Throw a bone onto the river. As a beaver
jumps to retrieve it, spray
the mutha with the fire extinguisher. Repeat as necessary. If you need more
bones, they're back at the
spider's web.

After chatting with Celso, you need to talk to Velasco, who you meet after
wandering off the ledge
and falling into the water. Discuss Celso's wife, take the logbook, show it
to Celso and then take his
job. It's the least you can do.


Things have moved on slightly, but there's still no sign of Meche. Walk out
of the caf‚ and down the
stairs, triggering a cut-scene. Exhaust all conversational options with
Velasco, and you should have
some idea of exactly what you need. Here's how you do it.

At the casino, talk to Chowchilla Charlie about counterfeiting a union card.
Take his VIP pass, go to
the High Rollers Club and take a turkey baster from the kitchen. Go to the
kitchen of The Blue Casket
and use the baster to suck up some hookah water from the sink.

Go to the scrimshaw parlour. Open the fridge door and jam it with the
lettuce crisper; this will create
a distraction, enabling you to poison Naranja's bottle of liquor.

Remove Naranja's dogtag. Go to the morgue and place it on a corpse.

This being an adventure game, you can't simply point out the blatantly
obvious. You need a metal
detector, specifically the one Carla is wielding at the Land Of The Living
security gate. Get the gold
flake liqueur from your bar, drink it and attempt to walk through the
security gate. Keep pressing
Carla about the metal detector until she flings it out of the window and
into the giant kitty litter tray.
Find it by waving your scythe over the turds until you hear a beep. Back at
the morgue, give the metal
detector to Membrillo.

To get the Sea Bees to lay down their tools, you must help them to strike.
Pick up Salvador's letters
>from the desk near the mirror in the caf‚'s office. Go to The Blue Casket
and show them to the
beatniks. They'll be so impressed that they'll lend you their commie book,
which you can then give to
Terry at the dock, enabling him to motivate the proletariat into action.
Unfortunately he is arrested.

You need a lawyer for Terry, so talk to Nick Virago at the High Rollers
Lounge. Attempt to blackmail
him over his affair. When he nips off to talk to Maximillian, steal his
cigarette case. It contains a key,
which you need. Give the case to Carla and tell her it's a bomb.

The key opens the door to the lighthouse. Climb to the top and you'll find
Lola. She leaves you a tile,
which is used in Lupe's coat checking system. Swap the tile for Lola's coat.
Rummage through the
pockets to find a piece of paper that mentions a rusty anchor.

Take the slip of paper to Todo, the scrimshaw artist. He recognises it as
one of his designs. He looks
in his binder and gives you a photo that Lola has hidden there.

It's a photo finish shot from the kitty track. If you've been paying
attention, you'll realise that the
blimp signifies that it's week two of the season. Everyone is wearing kitty
hats, so it must be Tuesday,
and it clearly says week six on the photo. Enter these details into Charlie
Chowchilla's fake ticket-
printing machine and give the ticket to the 'good' Doug at the photo finish
booth. He'll give you the
photo of Nick and Olivia kissing. Show the incriminating photo to Nick and
he'll get Terry out of jail,
who will then get the Sea Bees to lay down their tools. Thank Christ for

As well as being a drunkard and a dullard, Glottis is a compulsive gambler.
While he's tinkling the
ivories, simply mention the VIP pass and he'll be at the track before you
can say "Monmore, hare's

You need to get into the cask, but it's full of wine. If you try and drain
it, Raoul will appear. When he
goes into the pantry, shut the doors and stick the scythe in the handles. He
throws a tantrum and is
rendered unconscious by a can falling on his head.

At the kitty litter tray, there's a giant electric can opener. Use it on the
wine cask and climb inside.
Glottis wants more wine, so he comes into the kitchen and frees Raoul, who
orders Aitor to take the
empty cask down to the wine cellar.

Get in the forklift and drive it into the elevator. Pressing the button
takes you to the High Rollers
kitchen, but on the way you should notice a secret floor. On the way up, if
you drive the forklift
forward the blades will catch on the roof of the secret floor, bringing the
elevator to a halt.

The elevator is stopped but there's no way through. A lever on the side of
the forklift operates the
blades. If you raise them, you can get to the secret floor. Walk down to the
end of the hallway where
you find a suitcase. Try and leave the High Rollers Club and you'll come
across Charlie Chowchilla,
who finally gives you a union card.

To board the ship, you need to stop Glottis gambling. At the High Rollers
Club, find Maximino's
office and talk to him about Glottis and his problem. It transpires that
Glottis is gambling using credit
secured on the Calavera caf‚, and that Maximino is prepared to let him do so
while his credit is good.
You therefore need to close down the caf‚. Go to the caf‚ office, and
operate the dodgy roulette
machine. The chief of police doesn't take too kindly to losing and orders
the club to be raided. It is
closed down, so Glottis has no credit and is thrown out of the High Rollers
Club. Everything is in
place and a life on the high seas beckons.

Tune in to discover what fate awaits Manny Calavera and his trusty sidekick
Glottis in the second and
final instalment of our Grim Fandango walkthrough, available in next month's
PC ZONE, on sale
Friday 12 February.

Hire Driver
Convince Glottis that he isn't an obese moron.

Fake Work Order
Change the answer machine to get the work order signed.

Reap Soul
Use the scythe to reap a soul.

Open Tube Room
Fill the two balloons with packing material.

Jam Door Open
Flip the deadlock to stop the door from closing properly.

Intercept Message
Use the perforated card to intercept a message.

Escape Shed
Escape from the shed by badmouthing the DOD.

Replicate Teeth
Twatting Domino's punchball causes his gum shield to fall to the floor.

Get On Roof
With the ties in place, you can get on the roof.

Get To Eggs
The balloon bursts, frightening the birds.

Get Glottis' Heart
Glottis will soon have his heart back. The tit.

Get Signpost
Once Glottis has dislodged it, you can pick up the magic signpost.

Find Way Out
When correctly positioned, the sign will point downwards.

Get Shocks
Flip the lever to get the shocks.

Douse the flaming beavers with the fire extinguisher.

Get Job
Show Celso the logbook, then take his job.


Get Sedative
Pick up this useful turkey baster.

Slip Sedative To Naranja
Pull out the lettuce crisper to jam the fridge door open.

Fake Naranja's Death
Toss the dogtag onto one of the corpses.

Get Metal Detector
Drink the gold flake liqueur to set off the alarm.

Start Strike
Show the beatniks Salvador's letters, then borrow their book.

Find Lola
Talk to Nick Virago in the High Rollers Club.

Decode Lengua
Give the tile to Lupe, the cloakroom attendant.

Find Rusty Anchor
Show the slip of paper to Todo, the scrimshaw artist.

Identify Photo
It's race number six, week two, and a Tuesday. Obviously.

Bring Glottis To Track
Mention the VIP pass, and you won't see Glottis for betting slips.

Empty Cask
Shut Raoul in the pantry using the scythe.

Open Cask
Open the cask with the can opener, then hop in.

Stop Elevator
Get in the forklift and drive.

Get To Secret Floor
Use the lever to operate the forklift blades, gaining access to the secret

Get Glottis Out
Fix the roulette to upset the chief of police, who shuts down the casino.


Can you do the Fandango? You can now...

As we explained in Part One of our walkthrough last issue when we took you
through the first two
years, Grim Fandango is essentially comprised of puzzles. We've provided the
basic puzzle
solutions, and the order in which you attempt them is fairly arbitrary; some
can even be worked on
simultaneously. Good luck, and tell them we sent you.

Escape Port
Hit the button on the far left of the room to pull up the oceanside anchor,
and the red button on the
far right of the room to pull up the dockside anchor. Then:
1) Grab the levers near the middle of the room and turn to the right - you
should get a shot of the
ship away from the dock.
2) Put down the levers and hit the dockside anchor button to drop it.
3) Grab the levers again and turn to the left - you should now get a shot of
the ship next to the
dock with the dockside anchor down.
4) Put down the levers and hit the oceanside anchor button to drop it.
5) Grab the levers again and turn to the right - you should get a shot of
the ship away from the
dock with the oceanside anchor hooked onto the dockside anchor on the ocean
6) Put down the levers and hit the dockside anchor to pull it up; you'll see
the two anchors hooked
together come up on the dockside.
7) Use the scythe on the anchors: this will hook them onto the porthole.
8) Hit the oceanside anchor to pull both anchors along the bottom of the
ship, which tears it in half.
9) Grab the levers again and pull back to put the engines into reverse.

Get to Light
Talk to Chepito, the gimp with the lantern. As soon as he tries to leave,
look at his lantern and
grab it. Turn towards Glottis, who will take Chepito and his lantern.

Sneak on Sub
Walk along the crater to the far side, where there's a barnacle-infested
rock. Walk around the rock
until Chepito gets stuck in the barnacles. You'll end up at the front of a
large underwater building.
Walk inside the elevator airlock. Walk straight out of the elevator, then
turn right along the
walkway, past the big vault door, and into the Ashtray Room. Walk through
the other door, into
Domino's Room.

Find Gun
Meche is smoking a cigarette and using a stand-up ashtray next to her desk.
If you move the
ashtray slightly, she flicks ash onto her stockings, which she then removes
and flings into the bin.
Take these to Chepito, who will trade them for a gun. Give the gun to Meche.

Get Power Chisel
To get Meche out of the vault, you need Chepito's power chisel. Talk to the
angelitos; tell them
that you really want to help, and when they ask why you don't come into the
cage with them, tell
them you don't have the tools. One of them will throw a tiny hammer at you.
Give it to Chepito.

Open Vault
Use the power chisel on the door jam of the vault, which exposes the
tumblers. Spin the wheel
clockwise until the top tumbler's flat spot lines up with the door jamb,
then spin it anti-clockwise to
line up the second tumbler, then clockwise to line up the third tumbler,
then counter-clockwise to
line up the bottom tumbler. Then use the scythe on the tumblers to lock them
into place, and pull
the door handle to open the door.

Open Secret Vault
Close the big door to the outside, and you'll see a gold electric terminal
on the back of the door.
Touch this with the scythe and it completes an electric circuit, opening a
secret door into a secret
vault, where Meche is.

Escape Secret Vault
Poke your scythe at the sprinklers. Turn the sprinkler system valve. If you
turn it off, you can see
the water seep away into the floor. Take the broadaxe from the front vault,
drag into the back
vault, and drop it onto the area where the water drains away.

Get to Anchor
Climb up onto the huge crane and drive it over to the other side of the
island. Get off the crane, go
down the conveyor and then past the lever into the next room. Go past the
anchor, where Glottis
is working on the Lamancha, which is hanging on the Edge of the World. To
drag it up to the
beach, go back to the crane, drive it back to the beach, drop the crane onto
the beach, get off the
crane and use the power chisel on it to detach it from the chain; this lets
the chain and  boom fly
loose, wrecking the boom, leaving only the chain. Drive the crane back to
the other side of the
beach. Let the chain down, get off the crane and walk down the conveyor.
Make sure that the
conveyor is moving away from the surface of the water (flip the lever if
necessary) and the chain
will head towards the anchor. Go back to the lever and flip it so that the
conveyor is moving
towards the water surface; the chain will pull away from the anchor but will
start coiling up on the
conveyor. Flip the lever again so that the conveyor is moving away from the
water surface; the
coiled chain will move towards the anchor and hook onto it. Go back up to
the crane and pull the
chain up.

Get Past Coral
They've got a ship now, but they need to find a way to get past the big
coral reef that's out in the
deeper water. Glottis figures those huge crushers would work. Get back into
the crane and drop
the chain onto the crushers then pull it back out. It rips the crushers out
of their sockets and
Glottis rigs them to the front of the Lamancha.

Domino Kombat
Domino returns all of your attacks with force and you keep getting thrown
down. Use your scythe
on the eye of the octopus, which makes it swim away. Domino gets really mad
now, pushes
Manny down again, and starts yelling at him. Then the Lamancha comes
cruising up, with its big
set of crushers in front. Simply sit back and watch.


Find Fuel
Walk all the way to the bottom of the temple and open the coffin. Bruno
throws the coffee mug full
of packing material at you and stomps off. The packing material can be used
as fuel, since it's
explosive when mixed with the magnesium fire extinguishers, which the
mechanical demons have.

Prove Fuel
Put the coffee mug on the mug rack in the kitchen. Takes a clean rag out of
the drawer, dip it into
the barrel of oil outside the kitchen, then put the oily rag in the toaster.
The mechanics come in
and put it out with their magnesium fire extinguisher, which hits the coffee
mug full of packing
material and sends it flying around the kitchen at top speed. The mechanics
now know what they
have to do.

Diffuse Domibomb
Go to the Scrimshaw shop and get the liquid nitrogen from the cabinet. Go to
the docks where
Velasco is still hanging around. When he hears that the Lamancha has been
found, Velasco takes
off in search of it. Take the ship-in-a-bottle and go to the Blue Casket
kitchen, where there's a
huge barrel full of coffin-shooter mix. Fill up the bottle, and give it to
Glottis, telling him it's
"Lumbago Lemonade". Glottis loves it, so much that he goes to the Blue
Casket and drinks the
whole barrel of it, and throws his guts all over the floor of the garage.
Pour the liquid nitrogen on
the floor and it freezes over. Now you can diffuse the bomb.

Antagonise Florist
You need to get the florist out of Hector's tower so you can convince him to
work for the good
guys. You can use Hector's note (the one where Hector threatens to come
sprout Manny himself)
to scare the florist. You need a way to get the note to the florist. First
give the note to the carrier
pigeon hanging out at the new LSA headquarters. Then take the photo of the
dead agent out of
the bin and show it to the pigeon, who immediately takes off in search of
the agent in the photo.
The agent's body is still in the florist's office, so the pigeon goes right
to the florist.

Find Florist
The florist, Bowlsley, runs off through the sewers, but he leaves a trail of
sproutella that leaked
>from one of the cans. Pick up the severed arm left behind from the agent
that Salvador chopped in
half, then go down into the sewers and up one of the ladders to a corridor,
where you can climb
another ladder and get to the backstage area of Johnny Thunder's musical
review. Climb up some
scaffolding and find a grinder. Stick the severed arm in the grinder, then
take the grinder with the
severed arm in it and go back to the sewers where the sproutella trail
starts. On the way there,
take the remote control for the Bone Wagon from Glottis. Grind some of the
arm onto the
sproutella, where it sprouts into a trail of baby tears that you can
actually follow. Glottis follows in
the Bone Wagon.

Get to Florist
Manny and Glottis follow the trail to a store front of a flower shop, where
the figure Bowlsley must
be. They're about to emerge out of the sewers, when the big sewer monster, a
huge white alligator
demon that they've been hearing suddenly appears out of nowhere, blocking
their path. Use the
remote control that you took from Glottis to jack up the Bone Wagon, then
drive forward towards
the alligator demon, which just pushes it back. Jump onto the ledge, walk
over to the ladder and
start climbing down towards the store front. At a certain point on the way
down the ladder you get
chased back up by the alligator demon. Go down the ladder just far enough to
get the alligator
demon's attention, then lower the Bone Wagon onto it with the remote
control, thus trapping the

Get Gun
Manny can get into the florist's shop now, but Bowlsley is still freaked out
and thinks that Manny
has been sent by Hector to kill him. Bowlsley has a mental problem, where
the contradictions
between his life as a florist and his afterlife as a corpse that hates
flowers have driven him mad.
Bowlsley used to have a flower shop in real life and is now trying to
replicate it. There's a little bell
on the inside of the shop door, but it's covered in tape. Use the scythe to
remove the tape. Leave
the shop and come back in. The bell will ring, turning on a switch in
Bowlsley's head so he thinks
he's a florist again. Manny asks for a can of sproutella and a gun, and the
florist gives it to him

Disguise Face
Now Manny needs to meet up with Meche in Hector's casino, but he won't go up
there without
some sort of disguise. Manny can get to the sewers underneath the theatre,
where Johnny
Thunder's Musical Review is playing. Climb up the ladder from the sewer,
where a couple of
Thunderboys are talking. If you ask them about joining up they say you
missed the audition.
There's a pot of coffee nearby, and some scaffolding that you can climb up
above the
Thunderboys. Take the pot of coffee, climb up the scaffolding, and pour the
coffee onto one of the
Thunderboys, ruining his make-up and his budding Thunderboy career. Go down
the stairs
backstage where they do the make-up, and they ask if you want to be a
Thunderboy. Manny re-
emerges with his brand new Thunderboy make-up.

Get Fancy Clothes
Manny can go into the casino now without fear of being recognised, so he
goes in and finds
Meche hanging with Chowchilla Charlie at the slot machines. Meche says that
Hector is having a
party upstairs in his tower and they'll need to get some party clothes to
sneak into it. The one-
armed agent is also there, and has chosen to disguise himself in a
trenchcoat while riding a
unicycle. The one-armed agent is wriggling his way into the slot machines
and grabbing all the
money inside. Manny needs to find a way to get Charlie away from his slot
machine so he can get
his clothes. Meche has a toga sheet that she's been trying to use on Charlie
to convince him to go
to an imaginary toga party, but she hasn't had any luck getting him away
>from the slot machine.
He says he'll leave when his slot machine pays off. Throw the sheet on top
of Charlie and then get
the one-armed agent to come to Charlie's slot machine and do his trick. The
money comes out,
Charlie thinks he's hit the jackpot and agrees to go to the party with
Meche. He goes into the
bathroom and changes out of his suit and into the toga sheet. Manny can now
go into the
bathroom and change into Charlie's suit, and he and Meche head towards the
elevator to go

Get Upstairs
The elevator demon won't let anyone upstairs unless they can answer a
personal question about
Hector LeMans. The answer to the question is actually the last keno number
that shows up on the
big keno board in the casino. Just tell him this number and the demon lets
you go upstairs to

Impress Hector
Celso and his wife are at Hector's. Hector has been trying to convince them
to buy a Number Nine
ticket, but they have decided to be frugal and not spend their money on
this. Convince them to
spend the money on the tickets by telling them about your danger-fraught
travels. They go to
Hector and tell him they've changed their minds; he asks them why, and they
point to Manny.
Hector then offers you a job.

Jump Buildings
Hector has jumped onto the kicking leg of the giant neon lady. He manages to
jump to the next
building, spilling the contents of his suitcase in the process; he hangs on
the ledge of the building
for a few seconds, then falls to the street below. The motor powering the
neon lady's kicking leg
burns out under Hector's weight; her leg is now stuck, pointing down. Manny
could slide down the
leg but it ends too low for him to get onto the next building. Her arm is
resting on a cracked
cement gargoyle. Use the arm-in-the-grinder on the crack in the gargoyle to
sprinkle some ground-
up bone into the crack, then dribble some sproutella out of the sproutella
can you got from the
florist. The flowers and shrubbery break open the gargoyle, dislodging the
giant neon lady's hand,
causing the entire structure to fall backwards. Now the end of her leg is
high enough for Manny to
slide down the leg and jump to the next building, grabbing the suitcase full
of tickets.

Counteract Sproutella
Manny's been shot with a sproutella dart; he can't do anything until he
finds a way to counter it.
Use the liquid nitrogen you're still carrying from Rubacava on the wound to
freeze it up.

Get Gun From Trunk
Now Manny needs to get the gun that's in the trunk of the car to shoot
Hector, but he doesn't have
the key. Talk to Sal, who explains that the key is on his sprouted body.
Open up the suitcase full
of tickets and one, apparently belonging to Sal, floats out and towards his
head. Pick it up and
take it to the meadow behind the greenhouse, where it will be drawn towards
Sal's body. Use the
scythe on the plot of ground below the hovering ticket, where you finds
Sal's body, and the key to
the trunk of the car.

Sprout Hector
Hector is holed up in the greenhouse and there's no apparent way to get at
him. There's a water
tank nearby that Hector uses to water the plants in the greenhouse. Take the
sproutella gun and
shoot the water tank with it. The sproutella from the gun mixes with the
water in the tank, and then
it all goes into the greenhouse where it sprays down onto the plants, and
onto Hector, killing him.
Serves him right, the dirty bastard.

Escape Port 1
The red button controls the oceanside anchor.

Escape Port 2
Use the scythe to hook the anchors to the boat.

Get To Light
Grab hold of Chepito's lantern and turn to Glottis.

Sneak On Sub
Walk past the rock and Chepito gets entangled in the barnacles. The tit.

Find Gun
Meche slips off a stocking. Easy, tiger.

Get Power Chisel
Talk to the angelitos about their tiny tools.

Open Vault
Lay into the vault door using the power chisel.

Open Secret Vault
Use your trusty scythe to create a short circuit.

Escape Secret Vault
Watch where the water drains away, then drop an axe on it. Obviously.

Get Past Coral
Use this crane to do loads of clever stuff.

Get To Anchor
Go at it with the power chisel.

Get To Anchor 2
Here's Glottis.

Domino Kombat
Stab the octopus in the eye, you daft twat.

Domino Kombat 2
This is the last you'll see of Domino.

Find Fuel
Open the coffin and Bruno throws a mug at you.

Prove Fuel
The mechanics put the fire out.

Diffuse Domibomb
The Bone Wagon has a bomb attached to it.

Diffuse Domibomb 2
Glottis throws his ring up violently.

Antagonise Florist
This is the note that must be sent to the florist.

Find Florist
Help yourself to a spare arm.

Find Florist 2
Use the bone grinder on the sproutella to follow Bowlsley.

Get To Florist
Trap the demon using the remote control.

Get Gun
Your trusty scythe comes in handy once more.

Disguise Face
Help yourself to coffee.

Disguise Face 2
A couple of ponces mincing about talking rubbish.

Get Fancy Clothes
Throw a sheet over Charlie Chowchilla.

Get Upstairs
The answer is behind you.

Impress Hector
Use your salesman technique to flog a ticket.

Jump Buildings
Fill that crack.

Counteract Sproutella
Liquid nitrogen saves the day.

Get Gun From Trunk
The Talking Heads reform.

Sprout Hector
Shoot the water tank and it's all over.

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CheatBook DataBase 2009 is a freeware "cheat-code tracker" that makes hints Tricks and cheats (for PC, Walkthroughs, PSP, Sega, Wii, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Nintendo 64, DVD, Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, N-Gage, Nintendo DS, XBox, XBox 360, Gamecube, Dreamcast, Super Nintendo) easily accessible from one central location.

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