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Gods Strategy Tips & Tricks

Tags: Gods Strategy Game Guides, Gods Strategy Hints, Gods Strategy Walkthrough

Gods - Strategy

(PC version)  
by Peter Baas 


      Levelcodes: SVL, REM, BIE


Changing the following file CWEAPON.001 will have as a effect that 
all your weapons have maximum power:

                      debug cweapon.001

                      e 10a ff




By entering the following command the shield id not (time)limited: 

ren game.exe game.ex 
debug game.ex 
e 76f0 
ren game.ex game.exe 

If you don't want it anymore just replace cc by 77!


It's "only" 99% complete! If you find out or know more, please tell me:


Learn the levels before going for the bonuses. It's not always a good idea to 
collect valuable items as it tends to make the monsters much more aggressive. 
Sometimes it pays to lose a life before entering a new level to fool the 
computer into thinking you're not that good a player, this means the next 
stage will be easier. 

It is important in this game to choose the right weapons at the shop.
here is a full listing of the weapons and their dis/advantages:

                        STOPS ON         STOPS ON
WEAPON        POWER     MONSTERS?         WALLS?
~~~~~~        ~~~~~     ~~~~~~~~~         ~~~~~~
Knife           1         Yes              Yes
Shuriken        2         No               Yes
Mace            3         Yes              Yes
Fireball        5         Yes              Yes
Hunter          5         Yes              No
Spear           6         No               No
Axe             12        No               No
Time Bomb       20        No               Yes
Lightning Bolt  25        No               No


All the monsters encountered in Gods have attributes that define their 
weaknesses, strengths and behaviour. The hit point "HP" attribute sets how 
many times a monster must be hit before it dies. A weak monster would have 
perhaps 10 hit points where a stronger creature could have 250 or more. As you 
progress thru the game you will notice that the monsters become more 
intelligent. This means that they will be more effective at carrying out their 
objectives to steal treasure, kill or avoid you. It's not wise to attack 
thieves as they're usuall helpful. 


Weapons also have attributes which define their behaviour and effective- ness. 
The weapons hit point score determines how powerful it is. For example, to 
kill a monster with 20 hit points would require 20 throws of a one hit point 
weapon (a knife for example) or 4 throws of a five hit point weapon (like a 
fireball). Weapons which go past walls are generally more effective. Overall, 
the value of the weapon reflects its usefulness. 


Correct use of potions can be helpful in completing many sections in Gods. You 
can normally only carry three items so don't buy to many potions in the shop, 
leave room for other objects necessary for solving puzzles. 


These are used to increase the effectiveness of weapons. Buying or picking up 
a power potion increases the damage done by all of your weapons. The same 
effect can be achieved by getting multiples of the same weapon. Considering 
power potions effect all the weapons, they are obviously a far more economical 
way of increasing weapon hit points than buying or picking up multiples of the 
same weapon. 


Additional lives are found in treasure rooms but they can also be awarded for 
clever play and scoring points. Extra lives can also be given to a player that 
is doing badly. 



The first world of the game is used to enable to get the player used to the 
control method and solve some puzzles which are really easy. 

The first key you'll need is the one to open the treasure room. 

The world key is found in the treasure room and opens the door at the end of 
the world. For a shortcut, reset levels one and two to move block one. This 
will reveal a water crystal and power-up and teleport you. 

How To Find The Second Puzzel: 

  1.Blow up the trap with lever four and then pull lever three to reveal an 
iron treasure chest. 2.Reset lever four and pull lever five to get a fire 
crystal. 3.Pull lever seven within two minutes from the game start to make 
platform two move. 4.Press hidden switch one to get fire crystal. 5.Finding 
these four puzzles will mean that you can find the final part of the puzzle in 
World Two. 


Get the key on the left of the screen to open the trap door on the right. First 
of all go over the top of the platforms until you reach the last platform which 
is too high. return to the far left, press the hidden lever and a jump potion 
will appear. Go back to the right and jump to the highest platform. Leave the 
platforms and go left (but be careful): the first killed monkey will reveal a 
trap, the second a shield (make sure it's left of the trap and the last monkey 
reveals a gem. No collect the shield and go down on you right.
Let yourself fall all the way down and kill the monkeys (=those close to the 
teleporter gem) with the shield as they are hard to kill. Then you can go back 
to the top and collect the stuff there. For the gem it's the best to pull the 
lever on the right and then on the left.

Collect the vase and take it to the stores at the bottom of the map, snatch 
the room key on the way. Get the world key from stores to exit on the right. 
Take the 2 different vases from the store and it will reveal a powerup at the end
of the level!
Buy Shurikens and Normal Arc at the shop. 

How To Enter The Treasure Room: 

  1.Kill the monsters on the ledge on the right of lever three to recieve a 
trap door key. this will let you close the trap door above lever nine by 
pulling lever four. You will then be able to jump down and open the treasure 
room door. 2.Push all four hidden switches to open the trap doors which form 
the base of the treasure room. All treasure will then fall thru onto the floor 
beneath the room. 


Pull switch two to close the trap doors and blow up the spike in the pit. Get 
the giant jump to go up the trap doors. 

Alternatively, you can wait for two minutes and a teleport crystal will appear 
to move you up, although you will not get the special bonus. Get the key on 
the top left platform to open the trap door to the right. 

Go up the ladder which leads to the towers. Go up the ladders to the bridge 
and jump across the platforms to the left (even though you can't see where you 
jump) to collect 2 keys a several gems!(you can get the key on the left alternatively
by the teleporter but you won't get the gems! =go right and collect the teleport 
key. Open the door by pulling lever eleven and this will teleport you to the platform
on the far left of the map). 
Go right and pull lever seven and drop down through the trap door. 
Pull lever eight to teleport you to the top door on the right. Pull lever nine 
to enter the treasure room and collect the lightening bolt. Pulling lever ten 
will open the door and take you back. (If you let yourself fall down -as long as you 
have the shield- you will get a speed bonus!) Collect the world key and go down the 
ladder and when you reach the bottom platform you will recieve a trap door 
Pull lever twelve and go down to defeat the centurion protecting the 

Go up the ladder to the temple and enter the door to exit the level. In the 
shop you should buy the Magic Axe and spend the rest of your money on Power 

How To Enter The Treasure Room: 

Kill the wave of monsters which appear to the left of lever three. They will 
give you a trap key. Reset lever three, which will then give you a shield when 
you pull lever four to protect you when you drop through the trap door to the 
treasure room. 

To Move Block One: 

You have to get to this point with more than two lives, more than 80,000 
points and within 140 seconds from the start of this world. 


The Centurion is the easiest of the bosses. Watch the Centurion as he throws 
fireballs and note the point where they bounce the highest. This is the place 
you should stand to kill the Boss without getting hit. Move backwards and 
forwards at the same time as the Centurion, keeping the same relative position 
in order to avoid being hit. 


Kill the Centurion without collecting the lightening bolt to recieve a gold 
treasure chest. 

You will get the room key if you bring your second treasure key to the
entrance of the room (you need the room key for). After pulling the
lever several times the key appears. Inside let the thief steal another
key for you, attract him with the potion (be careful he doesn't take the
gem instead of the key!) and you'll get some treasures plus x-life!

LEVEL 2 - WORLD 1 (The Temple)

Push secret lever on the right. Then go left and right (through trap door which is 
now open). Go to the right but only so far that you can see the second trap at the 
right edge of your screen and go a little bit back to the left. Let the Thief steal
the shield. Try to kill him on the left edge of the platform. You will be able to 
collect it and pass the trap. Then wait until the shield "turns off" and pull the lever.
A thief will appear: you must remain at the far right position! The thief will get the 
key on the left. Then wait until he's right in front of you and kill him (otherwise
the key will be lost in the trap!).
After collecting all the treasure you can continue to the left. Be careful when you return
from the top through the "chimney". Stop at the edn of the ladder, there are new monsters 
down there!
In the gem room you get the teleportergem by pulling the door lever several times!
When you go further down, try not to jump into the "caves" on the left. They are kind of traps
as new monsters appear but they don't reveal anything (gems or diamonds). So avoid this pain 
in the ass.


Don't change the angel of your weapon so don't take the "intensive weapon throw" at the 
beginning of this level.
Go down the first ladder on your right and enter the room on the left. If you are fast 
enough you'll get a speed bonus there.
Then go up to the right and collect the first chalice. Then continue your journey to the right.
You'll come to a pit. Let yourself fall down and open the right trapdoor (there's a trap underneath 
the left trap door! Collect the second chalice.
Continue to the right and go down platform by platform by pulling the levers each time before 
you go down to the next. Go right and up and collect the third chalice. This will reveal a key!
The go into the room and leave the chalices there. When you leave the room you'll get a treasure bonus
for leaving the chalices behind. Climb down the first ladder on your left and use the teleporter gem.
It will return you to the door in the pit. Enter the room and collect the treasure.
Now you can finish the level and buy a shield!!!
(You don't need to buy the shield if you know how to get the cross in the next level.)


Immediately go to the left or you'll be "trapped" in the corner.
There is nothing special in the first part of this level. The ideal order to the the 4 rooms in the
corridor on you right is Room 2 - 3 - 4 - 3 - 1
After finishing the mosaic you come to the second part of this level.

Use first key on the lever on the far right to release the hidden platform. Use the second key for
the hidden door in the middle (speed bonus waiting down there but hard to get!!!). Then jump over
the closed trapdoors. Get candle on the right (use moving platform), then get key on the left and let
yourself fall down through the trap door in the middle of the platform your now standing (this will
reveal the key for the room with the extra-live on the right!).
Then go down and use the shield to get the cross. IF YOU KNOW HOW THE GET THE CROSS WITHOUT THE SHIELD
Bring candle to the chapel and take both the stolen giant gem of the dragon and the two remaining 
candles. Bring the cross to the chapel and you'll receive the treasure key for the other two candles.
Enter the treasure room above you.

Defeat the end of level guardian
Put the giant gem in the middle of the final room. The dragon will concentrate on the gem and you can
kill him without getting hurt at all!!!!!!!!!!!

To get the cross in "level 2 - world 3" without a shield!

Return ALL levers to the 'up' position in this world, then a part of the
trap will disappear to let you through.

LEVEL 3 - WORLD 1 (The Labyrinth)

Pull the first lever and get the "kill-everything-skull". 
Go down the first ladder and after killing the thief hurry when you go down. And monster appears and
follows you. The best way to kill it is to go to the right end of the platform at the end of the ladder
(don't go left!). It might hurt you but reveals a power up after beeing killed!
Go down into every corner without pulling any levers! You'll have to return but the idea is to kill all the
monsters as long as you have the spear and not the mace (the spear has power 6, the mace only 3!).
Return to the beginning of the level to the far left and you'll get a trap door key.
Now go to the far right. A ladder going up appears. Don't climb up (a secret block moves above you
opened by the trap door key; if you don't move to the right 2 monsters will jump upon you).
Then you'll find a "double room" on the right: You enter by the left trap door, pull the lever and 
hurry --> you've got 5 seconds to destroy the hive by shooting through the door with your spears. 
But attention: when you already collected the time bomb you have to shoot from the left corner of the
room or you'll hurt yourself with the bomb! If you don't have keep right in order to max no. of
spears hitting the hive.
5secs should be sufficient! Then leave the room before a trap appears!
Go to the room where the hive was, pull lever once and then just go to the right, the block will move
a second time! Now you can enter the corridor and collect your first set of maces.
Then go down the ladder on your left.
Get the time bomb and kill the thieves by throwing bombs at them from the ladder. Destroy the block with 
the mace and get the diamonds. 
Now you can climb the ladder going up. Here you'll get your second set of mace and the treasure key
(don't use this key until you collected everything in this level --> the treasure room is the last
room in this level!). The teleporter gem takes you down to the left where you killed all monsters

Using the door key: pull right lever first then left!
Climb up the ladder on your left up to the top (This way the monsters can't shoot at you and you can 
safely kill the bat on the ceiling). Then go to the top (left) and 3 gems appear above you.
The gem in the middle beams you to a save room where you collect a gold bowl for which you get
a teleport key later on your way back.
The right gem  beams you to a room full of bats. The only thing you get here is bonus gem so you should
only enter with the bird or a shield.
The left gem beams you into a trap. In this room the inly thing you can find are 2 hives and no bonuses.
Going back you get the teleporter key and enter the room next to it. Here you get a weapon power up and
a second treasure key. This key is of no use as you already have one but you get a special bonus for
it before entering the treasure room.

Now you can enter the treasure room (but don't enter the treasure room unless you have finished this 
world ('cause world ends here!). This room is a bit tricky as it's full of monsters. But on one of the 
platforms above you there is a "kill-everything-skull" which will help you defeat the monsters. So shoot
with your mace at the stone and  get it. Then keep left in this room as the monsters appear from
the right hand side.

This was a big world, eh?!!!
At the end of this level buy a shield!


Go upwards and don't worry too much about all the monsters (there are 2 energy power ups!).
Before you jump to the platform with the first lever make sure you can partially see the thief 
on your screen. Then pull the lever and he'll be killed (and can't jump upon you later when you
enter the room coming from below.
When the hint tells you "Reach top with max energy", use your shield climb ladder, jump on first paltform
on your left, pull lever and continue climbing to the top. Perhaps you might do it without the shield.
I couldn't so far! Pick up trap door key.
Climb down the first ladder, pull lever until trap is destroyed and pick up fire gem. The doors beams you
to a doorway where you leave the gem. Don't pull any levers here: just go to your right. The trapdoor
opens, you recieve a shield to let you fall into the treasure room safely. Back at the doorway pull right
lever and pick up potion. Climb downwards: now there are several ways to get the second gem. Every
way you do it works, so don't worry. You can destroy the trap with the lever at the door, so you will get
the gem with the help of the thieves or without (without them it will cause you less damage!).
Don't forget to close the trap door before you cross it, you might fall down.
Go up and then right. If you have not been to the treasure room: pull the levers down from left to right.
Move right and the block will move. Follow the corridor into the treasure room.
If you have already been in the treasure room you just need the following 
constellation of the 3 levers 1st needs to be in up-position, 2nd and 3rd down (be careful that the
monster in the gem's chamber doesn't fall down on you). 
Now you can leave this world.


Don't pull any of the levers until you reach the platform and be careful: each time you 
move back to the left a trap appears. 
First of all go down to the pit and pick up energy power up and flask. Then go right, up to the platform
(don't care about monsters and pull last lever at the platform. Now you can kill the monsters and collect
the second vessel.
Pull the left lever at the platform twice. The top trap door opens and the bottom trap door closes.
Pull the hidden lever before you fall through the trap door. Move left and pull lever to get a bonus live!!!
Then move right and you'll get a speed bonus!
Go to the far right and pull lever. Now you get the trap door key for the 2 vessels. Go left and pull lever
but be quick because you only have 15 seconds to get the key! When you've reached the top quickly go
to the right (to prevent monsters fall on you) and pick up shield to kill them. But keep enough time for
the shield otherwise you won't survive the necessary fall from the platform.
No be careful: don't use the door on the right (teleport key) as this is the end of the world!
Go left and use the treasure key first. And don't hurry in the treasure: pull the hidden switch and
an enormous treasure chest appears!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now you can enter the teleporter door to...
defeat the end of level guardian:
This one is easy as well. Just watch the Bull when he jumps. It might be necessary you walk right and he
jumps above you to your left. This guardian is different as he can turn around and move back.
By the way:The fireball of the guardian only causes damage with the center core.
Looks nice when he's dead, eh?!!!!

Buy axes in the shop!

LEVEL 4 - WORLD 1 (The Underworld)

Here you should have axes now!!!
If you move quickly up to the top the energy power up will be released. If you don't need it it's
better to move clowly and keep an eye on the monsters.
Don't listen to the hint "I wouldn't go down there" and jump into the pit (gives you special bonus!).
But be careful: e.g. if you die and have to cross the pit a 2nd time the platform will be gone
and it's not save anymore!
Go down the ladder and destroy wall. After destroying the wall pull lever to use the full effect of the
"kill-everything-skull" gadget. Then return to your right and climb ladder to get the 2 keys. 
Continue with your journey further down but don't enter the small "cave" on the left. 2 Monsters will appear
too fast and they will run into you! But you can use the thief to get the diamond lying there.
Move left and jump from platform to platform to reach the top to pick up 2 power ups. Don't try to climb
down as this causes damage. You have to jump right and then climb down both ladders. At the end of the
2nd ladder you have to let yourself fall to the right to reach the platform below as your still too high
above the ground.
Enter the room with the door key and pull the levers only once to close those platforms you need to get
higher. There you'll find a time bomb with which you can destroy the trap which hinders you to
get the world key. Be careful on your way down you have to "Jump" down sidewards as a direct fall
will be too high. Reaching the top you get another trap door key for using your first one so wisely.
Now enter the secret chamber on the left, pick up the treaseres and the key and move to the top.
To reach the energy power up and the treasure you have to destroy the top of the 2 stones 
and the top 4 of the 5 stones. Only this allows a safe crossing and return.


Be careful with your weapon in this level. Several times you have the opportunity to pick up
a mace. Try to keep the axe. On the one it will take longer to destroy stones, on the other hand
you won't have problems with fighting monsters (and they are quite strong in this level!).

Move up first. Go to top platform. You can switch the lever standing far right but as you can over
the trap on your way back as well you don't need to care about that. Get the key and energy power up
and go down again. Enter the door and move quickly to the top. Try to get the first monster as fast as
possible as it reveals a "kill-everything-skull". You need to kill these monsters fast as they hinder you
to get all the treasure. You have to destroy the stones on your right as long as you are on the platform.
From below it's not possible and you won't get the key you need for the small chest one of the monsters
reveals. Pick up the golden oil lamp (and read what it says!). Leave the treasure room and now you can
follow the corridor to your right.
In the corridor kill the monsters coming from your left first as this will leave you more time for those
coming from the right (as they are harder to kill!). Then pull the lever and you'll release the bird
in exchange for the oil lamp. Now you have more fire power!
If you have the mace becareful when moving right and new monsters appear. Don't destroy more than one 
stone on your right hand side or you won't be able to get higher. Jump on top of the stones and climb the
ladder. Pick up the treasure key. Enter the door and go left and all the way down. First pull hidden
lever first to enter the treasure room! Kill thief as long as he's captured. He's strong and not easy
to kill. Released he'll follow you!
Then go back to the top and move over destroyable stones. Attention: when you reach the ladder 2 fast
and strong monsters will appear! At the bottom of the ladder you'll get the first of the alchemist's tools.
Move down and enter the chamber on your right. Move right until you can only see a part of the second tool.
If you can see both the tool and the golden mask it can happen that the thief takes the masks. But you need
all 3 tools to get the bonus. Jump to the platform where the first lever in this room is. Don't pull it and 
don't jump higher or you're not save from the gun shooting from the right. Go to the top, collect the potion,
destroy the trap and go down to the first lever in that room. Pull it and it will say "be careful that 
thief can help". Leave the potion there and move right. It will take a short while and the thief comes with 
the second tool. Kill him and take the tool. Leave the room.
If you have too many items (e.g. shield plus 2 tools plus chest key!) reaching the trap door just put it on 
top of it, pull the lever and it will fall down with you (you can't return back up!!!). 
Go all the way down, keep left, destroy stones and killed monster at far left reaveals door key.
Move back up, open door, move left without destroying any stone, climb to the top, collect the treasure. Now
you can destroy the stones and collect the third tool. Leave the room (all the stones to your right need to
be destroyed otherwise you can't leave the room.
Go down and right. When you reach the hint you need all 3 tools to get the trap door key. Open the secret
door and climb up. There you'll get the world key for the tools (without the tools I think you get
the world key at that point you get the trap door key).
Leave this world!


Here you have to pick up the spear. Climb to the end of the ladder but don't jump on the platform.
A thief will get the treasure key for you and is easily killed with one shot. Pull lever once to
cover the trap and a second time to open the door.
Press hidden switch. move to edge of platform and kill monsters coming from left. Go down and
left, then through door on your right. Move left until you see the thief and kill him. Then pull the 
lever in the middle to get the trap door key. Then open trap door on your left by pushing the levers
on the right up and the lever on the left down. Jump into the pit. Before you hit the floor you get a
shield. Now you can collect the treasure. Leave the room and take the next door on your right. You are
now teleported into a secret room. Don't take anything in this room now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Climb up to the start, push the secret lever again and get the axes (you might think it's annoying to jump
several times to get the axes and give up; but it's worth it as they are 2 times stronger than spears
and the final guardian is REALLY hard to kill). Now you can go down again (but don't fall right into the pit, 
keep right when you get down!!!) and collect the weapon power up (your axes are even stronger now for the 
final guardian) and the world key!
On your way to the end of this world close the trap door with the left lever (otherwise this fatal fall will kill you).

Here are no more tricks possible (like the gem with the dragon) and you will defenitely lose several lifes.
But I think you had the opportunity to collect more than 10 or 15 so far.
The best position to kill this guardian is to jump onto the first platform and keep and the far left edge.
At any other place the monster coming out of his head will get you and kills you at once. There you will be hurt
by the 2 small fireballs coming out of his head but they cause the smallest damage. You can try to experiment
to jump on the top platform when the snake-like monster is shot to avoid the fireballs and return to the other
platform when the new "snake" comes. But it's difficult and while jumping up and down you can't shoot.

Killing the guardian means immortality (i.e. you get something like 20 bonus lives!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Copyright (c) 2001 by Peter Baas, and  All rights reserved. 
This document may not be duplicated or modified without prior permission.
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