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Gabriel Knight 2 The Beast Within Tips & Tricks

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Gabriel Knight 2 - The Beast Within

Chapter 1

If you just woke up in a strange house and don't know what to do.
There are a number of things to do inside the Huber farmhouse.
Open the duffel bag and take out the letters, wallet, and dagger.
Read Frau Huber's note tacked on the wall, then take the car keys
off  the hook by the door.  Read Grace's letter and write a  reply
the blank stationary.  Read Lawyer Ubergrau's letter to learn that
you have a clear title to the Ritter Castle.  Finally, study the
newspaper to see what the media makes of the Huber killing.

If you're wandering around outside the Huber Farm.
1-2-1    If you want general hints for this location.
Go over to the woods. Hunt around until you find the depression in
grass.  A closer look reveals a clump of reddish-brown hair.  Take
Go  over to the muddy area by the water trough.  Study the imprint
in the
damp  soil.  Make a cast of the paw print in case you want to show
it to
someone  later.   Now you're ready to expand your  investigational
Use the key on the VW to access the U-Bahn map.

For a detailed hint about making a cast of the paw print.
Go  into  the  barn and look at the cement.  You'll  automatically
pour some
into  the  bucket and mix it with water.  Take the bucket  outside
and pour
the  cement onto the print.  By the time you've cleaned  up  after
the quick-drying cement will have hardened.  Take the cast.

1-3 If you want hints about the Hellabrunn zoo.
    1-3-1    If you want to know how to get to the zoo.
If  you looked at the newspaper in the farmhouse, you learned that
the  wolves suspected of killing the Huber girl escaped  from  the
Hellabrunn  Zoo.  To check out the story, get the VW's  keys  from
the  hook by the door and drive to Thalkirchen.  At the zoo,  read
the wolf sign, talk to the wolves, and thoroughly question Thomas,
the zoo keeper.

     1-3-2     If  you  want  to  see  the  wolves  up  close  and
Have  you already talked to the zoo keeper, Thomas?  If so, go  to
Klingmann's  office.   Ask  him lots of  questions  and  tape  his
answers.   Then  return to the Huber farm where you  can  work  in
private.   Using  Klingmann's  recording,  make  a  spliced   tape
instructing  Thomas to show you the wolves.  Go back  to  the  zoo
office,  search Klingmann's coat, and then play the  spliced  tape
over  the walkie-talkie sitting on the corner of the desk.  Thomas
will  now take you into the wolf enclosure.  When Margarite  comes
up  for her treat, look at her zoo tag, then pet her to get a hair

     1-3-3     For  a  detailed  discourse  on  the  art  of  tape
Look  at  all your tapes.  Load the tape labeled Klingmann  in  A.
Load  a  blank  tape  in B.  Go to the splicing  interface.   From
Klingmann's  message,  select  the  words  "Thomas?   Herr  Doktor
Klingmann  here.  Show our wolves to Mr. Knight."   Then  transfer
this  message to the blank tape.  You now have a spliced tape that
you can play over the walkie-talkie in Klingmann's office.

1-4 If you'd like to know what was in Klingmann's pocket.
When you returned to Klingmann's office with the spliced tape, you
had  the  chance to search his coat, removing a receipt  from  the
pocket.   Look at it carefully, turning it over to see the reverse
carbon  markings on the back.  After you've been inside  the  wolf
enclosure, return to the Huber farm.  Go inside the house and hold
the  receipt up to the mirror.  This reverses the writing so  that
you can read an address: 54 Dienerstrasse.

1-5 If you want to analyze the wolf hair samples.
First  you  need  to  see your lawyer.  Ubergrau's  office  is  at
Marienplatz  21, to your left as you come up from the  underground
station.   Among other things, Ubergrau tells you that  he  has  a
client  who  is a professor at the University.  He makes  a  phone
call,  preparing  the  professor  for  your  visit.   Go  to   the
University.  You should have two hair samples, one from the  Huber
farm and one from the zoo wolf.  Give the samples to Michael,  the
biology  lab  technician.  While you're at it, you might  as  well
have Michael take a look at the paw print cast as well.

1-6 If you want to mail your letter to Grace.
Walk  all the way down Marienplatz.  Turn left at the fountain  in
the plaza.  Now you're on Dienerstrasse.  The post office is about
halfway down the street on your right.  To mail the letter, simply
click  it on the Hauptpost doors.  You'll go in, mail the  letter,
and come right back out again.

1-7 For hints on getting into the Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge.
By  talking to Ubergrau, you learn that Dr. Klingmann's receipt is
for  a hunting license. Printed on the back of the receipt is  the
address  of  an  exclusive  hunt  club  conveniently  located   on
Dienerstrasse.  Walk all the way down Marienplatz and turn left at
the fountain in the plaza.  The Royal Bavarian Hunting Lodge is at
54  Dienerstrasse, past the post office and several  blocks  down.
Go  in  and talk to Xaver, the concierge.  He will kick  you  out.
Return  to  Ubergrau's office and ask him for your family  papers.
Take  them  back to that snooty concierge and shove  them  in  his

Chapter 2

2-1  It's  your  first  morning in Schloss Ritter  and  there's  a
strange man in your bedroom.  If you want to know what to do next.
You  can't  do  much in the bedroom while the handyman  is  there.
Check  out the wardrobe and both doors in the room.  One  door  is
locked;  the  other  one  leads to the  hallway  and  stairs.   Go
downstairs  and talk to Gerde.  You don't like her very  much,  do
you?  Go outside, look at the car, then come back in and ask Gerde
about it.  Oh well, looks like you'll be walking to town.

2-2  If you've just hit town for the first time and you want hints
about the local hot spots.
On  the  far  right end of town, you'll find the Gasthof  Goldener
Lowe,  otherwise  known as the town pub.  Go in and  talk  to  the
proprietor, Werner Huber.  When you've finished your conversation,
feel  free to explore the rest of the village.  The big blue doors
are the entrance to the Rittersberg Rathaus (or town hall).  Knock
to  meet  the mayor, Herr Habermas.  He'll be more than  happy  to
talk to you.

2-3  If you've returned to Schloss Ritter from town and want  some
hints about getting into the library.
    2-3-1    If you're not sure what to do first.
First, look in the bedroom to see if the handyman has left for the
night.  If he's still there, kill some time by talking to Gerde or
going into Rittersberg again.  If he's gone, examine the fireplace
and  the  toolbox.  Take the screwdriver.  Look carefully  at  the
place where the handyman removed the stone.  There's some kind  of
hole  or  sprocket there.  Insert the screwdriver into  the  hole.
Did you hear a click?
2-3-2     If  you  used  the  screwdriver  on  the  hole  in   the
fireplace, but can't figure out what happened.
Check out the wardrobe.  You triggered the hidden catch that opens
a secret passageway.  Follow the passage to the landing.  Continue
to  the  right  and  you'll come out through a closet  in  Gerde's

2-3-3    If you're in Gerde's bedroom, but can't find anything  of
Look  at the photo.  You suppose it's of Gabriel's Uncle Wolfgang,
but  why would Gerde keep his picture in her room?  Search Gerde's
closet.  You'll find a key.  Take it and return through the secret
passage to your room. Try the key on the locked library door.

2-3-4     If you're in the Schloss Ritter library, but don't  know
what to read.
You'll  find  several interesting, relevant books in the  library.
First  locate  and read the book on werewolf lore and  the  letter
that's  hidden  within its pages.  Gerde interrupts your  studies,
but  don't  worry.  After you're through with her,  she  won't  be
bothering  you anymore.  Find and read the journals of Victor  and
Christian  Ritter, either out loud or to yourself.  By now  you'll
be  an  expert  not  only  on  werewolves,  but  on  the  previous
Schattenjagers' experiences with werewolves as well.

2-3-5     If  you've done all your research, but would  like  more
information on King Ludwig.
Go  to  the  desk  in  the  library.  You can  look  at  Gabriel's
manuscript  if you like, but he hasn't done much work on  it,  has
he?   In your purse you'll find a card for Professor Barclay  from
Yale  University.  Use it on the phone to call him.   Even  though
it's  the  middle of the night in the United States, the professor
promises  to  get  in touch with his friend, an expert  in  German
history at the Berlin University.  He says he'll call you back  in
the morning.

2-4  If  you've  checked  out the books  in  the  library,  called
Professor Barclay, and gone back into Rittersberg.
2-4-1    To start on your research in town.
When  in  doubt, go talk to the Mayor.  Not only is he  fluent  in
English,  but he's friendly and his curiosity has been aroused  by
your interest in the town's colorful history.  If you ask him  the
right questions, eventually he'll show you the town hall's dungeon
where the werewolf was held.
2-4-2    If you want some hints about the dungeon.
Examine  the dungeon window.  You'll see claw marks in the bricks.
Look  at  the church through the window.  That gives you an  idea.
You  know that the werewolf made his final confession to a priest.
Maybe  the church has a record of it.  Leave the dungeon  and  try
out your idea on Mayor Habermas.  He is most encouraging, and even
provides you with a note for the priest.
2-4-3     If  you  can't  figure out how to communicate  with  the
Father Getz doesn't speak English and your German isn't quite what
it   might  be.   Talking  to  him  proves  frustrating  and  non-
productive.   Fortunately, Mayor Habermas gave you a note,  didn't
he?   (If he didn't, you can easily get it by talking to him again
and  letting  him  show you his dungeon.)  Give the  note  to  the
priest  and he'll provide you with the church records.   Give  the
records to the mayor and he'll translate them for you.
2-4-4     If you've given the church records to the mayor and  now
he's all talked out.
Now that you're armed with more information, return to the Gasthof
Goldener Lowe and talk to Werner again.  He'll tell you more about
King Ludwig and show you his portrait and a newspaper clipping  as
well.   Once you've finished the conversation, you're free  to  go
back to Schloss Ritter.
2-5  You've read the books, talked to everyone in town,  and  seen
the  official church records.  If you're ready to make your report
to Gabriel.
Go  back into the library (it's unlocked now).  Write a letter  to
Gabriel  on  the  clunky manual typewriter  and  put  it  into  an
envelope  along with the book and two journals.  Gerde  will  give
you  Ubergrau's address if you show her the envelope.  Gabriel  is
in  contact  with his lawyer who will forward his mail.   Go  into
town to mail the package.
2-6 If you'd like a hint about mailing the package to Gabriel.
The  post office is to the left of the Gasthof.  Ring the bell and
the  postmistress will come to the window.  Hand over the  package
and pay for the postage with money from your wallet.

Chapter 3

3-1 If you'd like help getting this chapter rolling.
It's morning.  You just woke up.  Even though you're missing a cup
of  coffee  to go with it, why not start by reading the newspaper?
Looks like there's been another mutilation killing, this one right
in downtown Munich.  Head into the city to check it out, but first
stop  off  at  Ubergrau's office to collect  your  mail.   Reading
Grace's  letter provides you with a few additional  questions  for
your lawyer.

3-2  If  you'd like a hint about getting Kriminalkommissar Leber's
Go  to  the  crime  scene on Dienerstrasse.  Try  getting  Leber's
attention by clicking on him.  He is singularly unimpressed.   The
only  way  to  get him to notice you is to become  the  center  of
attention.  Show the evidence analysis report to the TV newswoman.
She'll  latch  onto  the scoop and start videotaping  your  story.
This gets Leber's attention in a big way!

3-3 If you're having trouble getting into the hunt club basement.
3-3-1    For general hints.
Buy  the woodpecker clock at the store on Marienplatz.  Go to  the
hunt  club  and chat up Xaver.  Explore the parts of the  club  to
which  you  have  access.  In the rear hall you  notice  the  back
entrance  and a mysterious locked door.  Xaver probably keeps  the
keys  in his desk in the front hall.  Of course, you'd have to  be
cuckoo  to  search the desk while Xaver's there, but if you  could
get  him away for a few seconds... Just be sure to return his keys
so Xaver doesn't suspect anything.

3-3-2    For more detailed hints.
You  want  to get Xaver's key to the basement door, and  a  cuckoo
clock  is just the thing to distract him.  The cuckoo clock  store
is  on  Marienplatz.   Talk to the clock-maker  and  look  at  the
clocks.   The clock you like is lying on the counter, not  hanging
on  the  wall.  To purchase the woodpecker clock, give the  clock-
maker  money from your wallet.  Go to the hunt club.  Go into  the
rear  hall  and  hide the woodpecker clock in the plant.   Quickly
return to the front hall and wait until the clock goes off.  Since
it  sounds just like someone knocking, it fools Xaver into leaving
to  answer the back door.  Open the desk drawer and take  out  the
keys.  When Xaver comes back, return to the rear hall.  Unlock the
door  to  the basement. Retrieve the clock, reset it, and  put  it
back behind the plant.  Go to the front hall and wait for Xaver to
fall  for  the same trick again.  Return the keys.   Now  you  can
explore the basement.

3-4  If you're investigating the hunt club basement, but von  Zell
keeps catching you.
Guess  what?  Von Zell is supposed to catch you.  Before he  does,
however, make sure you've checked out the photographs and  weapons
on  the right wall, and the animal heads hanging in front of  you.
Also   look  at  the  ritual  items  and  carefully  examine   the
appointment book on the table.  After von Zell has brought you  up
to  the main room, question him.  True, he has a definite attitude
problem but what he has to say is very interesting nonetheless.

3-5 If you want to know how to get to von Glower's house.
Look at von Glower's business card.  It shows that he lives in  Am
Perlacher Forst.  Take the subway to Perlach and visit von Glower.
He  welcomes you to his home and is only too happy to  talk  about
the club's philosophy.  You have a hard time tearing yourself away
from  his  charming company.  Just make sure to look at  the  mask
before you go.

3-6   For   hints   regarding   the   information   gathered    in
Kriminalkommissar Leber's office.
3-6-1    If you don't know how to get Grossberg's phone number.
The   police  station  is  on  Prinzregentenplatz.   After  you've
questioned  the Kriminalkommissar thoroughly, look  at  the  crime
scene  map on the wall.  The phone number for Grossberg, the  most
recent  victim, is written on a note tacked to the map.  You  know
you  have no memory for numbers, Gabriel.  Better copy it down  in
your  notebook.  Go back to the Huber farm where you'll have  some
privacy.   To  call  Grossberg's office, use the  page  from  your
notebook on the telephone.

3-6-2     Leber's information on missing persons made you curious.
To find out more.
Go  to Ubergrau's office on Marienplatz.  If you talk to him about
recent developments, he'll agree to let you borrow his secretary's
services for a newspaper search on missing persons.  He says he'll
have the information for you tomorrow.

3-7  Ubergrau's  talk of Ludwig's castles gave you  an  idea.   To
find out how to keep Grace out of trouble.
At  the  Huber farm, write to Grace on the stationary.   When  you
return to town, post the letter at the Hauptpost on Dienerstrasse.

3-8  You  have  returned to the hunt club for  the  evening.   For
hints regarding this cozy little soiree.
3-8-1    If you don't know who to talk to.
When  you first arrive at the club, Herr Preiss is the only member
present.  Talk to him.  Soon the other members arrive.  Von Aigner
and  Hennemann  seem glad to see you so you should question  them.
You  notice  that  Von  Aigner lies about knowing  Grossberg,  the
latest victim.  How very interesting.

3-8-2     Von  Zell and Klingmann shut up whenever  you  approach.
To find out what they're talking about.
Von Zell and Klingmann refuse to let you in on their conversation.
But  if  you're sneaky enough, you can eavesdrop using  your  tape
recorder.  Borrow a magazine from the table between the  two  men.
Slip  the  tape recorder into the magazine, then put the  magazine
back on the table.  The party breaks up shortly thereafter and the
chapter ends, but don't worry.  You'll have a chance later  on  to
go back to the club and retrieve your tape recorder.

Chapter 4

4-1 If you're at Schloss Ritter or Rittersberg.
4-1-1    For hints about communicating with Gabriel.
At  the beginning of chapter 4, Gabriel owes you a letter.  Go  to
the  post office and ring the bell to collect it.  Gabriel  writes
that  he  wants you to visit castles and museums to  further  your
research on Ludwig II.  Since Gabriel stubbornly refuses  to  tell
you  where  he  is,  you  have little choice  but  to  follow  his
instructions.    When  you  feel  you  have  gained   enough   new
information, write a reply on the typewriter in the  library.   As
before, the postmistress will be happy to mail it for you.

4-1-2    For hints about the Smiths.
The  Smiths are staying at the Gasthof Goldener Lowe.  After  Mrs.
Smith's strange behavior of the previous night, you're anxious  to
talk  to her again.  Questioning her provides few answers at  this
time,  but she does tarot card readings for both you and  Gabriel.
Return to the gasthof after you've visited the museums and castle.
Ask  Werner Huber to bring the Smiths downstairs so that  you  can
question  them  further regarding your dream and the  Black  Wolf.
Mrs.  Smith  suggests  that  you should  ask  Ludwig  himself  for

4-1-3     If  you  can't figure out how to get to the  castle  and
museums without a car.
4-1-3-1  For a general hint.
You need wheels to travel further than Rittersberg.  Gerde has the
keys  to  Gabriel's car but what with the way you've treated  her,
she's  not  in the mood to do you any favors.  First you  have  to
find  her, then you have to apologize, perhaps with an appropriate
peace-offering.  If Gerde knows you're sincere, she may relent and
give you the keys.

4-1-3-2  For a detailed hint.
You  need  Gabriel's car.  How to convince Gerde to give  you  the
keys?   You'll  find  her in the crypt at the back  of  St.  Georg
Church.   Gerde is standing by Wolfgang's coffin, lost in her  own
sad  thoughts.   You realize that she was in love  with  Gabriel's
uncle and your jealousy vanishes.  How can you let Gerde know  how
sorry  you are for your harsh words?  Some flowers for the  coffin
would be nice.  Now where did you just see some roses?  Return  to
Schloss  Ritter  and go into the secret passage in  your  bedroom.
Turn  left  at the landing and head down the stairs to  the  outer
door.   Pick the roses and go back to the church.  When you  offer
the  roses  to Gerde, she accepts your apology and gives  you  the
keys to Gabriel's car.

4-1-4     For  hints  about  Professor  Barclay  and  your  Ludwig
4-1-4-1  If you want to know how to return Barclay's phone call.
When  you  return to Schloss Ritter after going to the castle  and
the  museums, Gerde tells you that Professor Barclay returned your
call.  Go up to the library and return his call by using his  card
on the phone.  He gives you the number of a German historian: Herr
Joseph  Dallmeier. Jot down the number and then call Dallmeier  by
clicking  the scrap of paper on the phone.  Dallmeier arranges  to
meet  you at the Ludwig memorial in Seeshaupt, now located on your
road map.  Dallmeier will be waiting for you outside on the shores
of the Starnberger See.  Among other things, he tells you about  a
special  research permit.  When you return to Schloss Ritter,  ask
Gerde about this permit.  She suggests that Herr Ubergrau might be
able  obtain  it  so you include a note to him in with  your  next
letter to Gabriel.

4-1-4-2  For hints about the Ludwig biography.
Look  in  the  library  for a biography of Ludwig.   You're  lucky
enough to find one in English, written by Sir Richard Chaphill and
published  by Bertil.  Read the biography by clicking on  all  the
pages.  Gabriel would probably like to know what you've found  out
thus far.  Write to him, and plan to mail the letter the next time
you're  in  Rittersberg.  You'd also like to contact Sir  Chaphill
about  Ludwig's  diary,  but  the  biography  contains  only   the
publisher's  phone  number.  Use the book on  the  phone  to  call
Bertil Publishing.  The receptionist gives you the Chaphill number
which you jot down.  Use that piece of paper on the phone to get a
hold of Thomas Chaphill, Sir Richard's son.

4-1-5    If you'd like a hint about contacting Ludwig II.
Mrs. Smith told you to attempt contact with King Ludwig's essence.
Perhaps  an offering at the site of his death will bridge the  gap
between  the  living and the dead.  Outside St. Georg Church,  you
see  some  white lilies blooming.  You hesitate to pick them,  but
Father  Getz picks one for you.  Return to the Ludwig memorial  at
Seeshaupt and walk down to the water's edge.  Lay the lily on  the

4-1-6    If you need a hint to obtain Ludwig's diary.
The  biography you find in the library makes mention  of  Ludwig's
diary.  There are two people you must contact in order to get this
diary.   Unfortunately,  they  are both  dead.   Even  though  the
biographer, Sir Richard Chaphill, has passed on, you can  talk  to
his  son Thomas.  Call Bertil Publishing for the number.  You must
also  contact  Ludwig's essence by laying  a  white  lily  on  the
Starnberger See.  Somehow, Ludwig's spirit compels Chaphill to fax
you  the diary.  At Schloss Ritter, Gerde tells you there's a  fax
waiting at the post office.  Go into town to collect it.  Show the
diary to Georg Immerding at the Wagner museum.

4-2 If you're at Ludwig's castle in Neuschwanstein.
Explore the museum thoroughly and at your leisure.  Listen to  the
tape  tour  for  each room and click on all the  paintings  for  a
closer  look.  Make sure you visit every room in the  museum:  the
entry  hall,  Ludwig's bedroom, the chapel, the living  room,  the
study,  the grotto, and the impressive singer's hall.   Note  that
the  paintings  in the singer's hall feature wolves  and  are  not
based on any of Wagner's known operas.

4-3 If you're at the Herrencheimsee museum.
Buy  a  ticket from Frau Miller, the woman at the counter.   Check
out  the  letters in the entry hall before moving on  to  the  two
display  rooms.  To the right, you'll find Ludwig's notes  to  his
servants, information on Ludwig's last days, and a painting  of  a
midnight sleigh ride that reminds you of your dream.  To the left,
you'll  see a display on the Knights of St. George.  Read all  the
signs  and letters in the cases, including the display on Ludwig's
diary.   You'll  find it in a case under Wagner's portrait.   When
you've  explored the museum thoroughly, return to the  entry  hall
and ask Frau Miller about the diary and Wagner.  This conversation
will put the Wagner museum at Bayreuth on your road map.

4-4 If you're at the Wagner Museum in Bayreuth.
The  Wagner  museum  is  closed;  however,  if  you  talk  to  the
caretaker, Georg Immerding, he will allow you access to several of
the rooms.  The first room contains displays on Wagner's death and
his final, incomplete project.  A case in the second room contains
correspondence  between Ludwig and Wagner.  When  you've  examined
the  displays,  return to the front desk and ask Georg  about  the
lost opera hinted at in the letters.

Chapter 5

5-1 If you're not at the hunting lodge yet.
5-1-1     For  a  hint  about  the tape you  made  of  von  Zell's
The  first  thing  you have to do is retrieve that  tape  recorder
before  someone discovers you've been eavesdropping.   Go  to  the
hunt club and take the recorder out of the magazine.  Now you need
someone to translate the conversation for you.  Your lawyer  seems
trustworthy (for a lawyer).  Go to Ubergrau's office.  He'll  give
you  a letter from Grace.  Read it, ask Ubergrau about the missing
persons information, then give him the von Zell tape to translate.

5-1-2    If you're in Kriminalkommissar Leber's office.
After hearing what's on that tape, you realize this case might  be
more   than   you   can   handle.   Go  to   Leber's   office   in
Prinzregentenplatz.  Your questions don't get you  too  far  until
you  provide proof that you have information to trade.   Give  the
von  Zell tape to Leber and watch his reaction as it plays.  Leber
agrees  to  show you Grossberg's account books.  Look through  the
papers and tear out the sheet with Dorn's address on it.

5-1-3    Dorn wants money.  For a hint on how to get it for him.
Dorn  runs a black market exotic animal kennel in Buchenau.   Your
initial meeting with him is brief and unpleasant.  Dorn won't talk
unless you fork over the money Grossberg owes him.  Simply go back
to Ubergrau and ask him for the cash.  If only it was that easy in
real  life...  By the way, before you go back to Dorn's,  stop  by
the  sausage  stall  outside Ubergrau's office.   Buy  a  sausage.
You'll be glad you did.

5-1-4    If you're inside Dorn's skanky kennel.
You  return  to Dorn's kennel, give him the money,  and  now  he's
willing  to  talk.  After questioning him thoroughly, examine  the
cages.   The  wolves were kept in a cage on the far  right.   Look
closely  at  the  straw in the cage.  You see something  metallic.
Suddenly  you realize there's a tiger in this cage!  Distract  him
momentarily  by giving him a sausage, then quickly  snag  the  zoo
tags.   If you haven't bought a sausage yet, you'll have to  leave
the  kennels,  go to the sausage stall outside Ubergrau's  office,
buy a sausage, come back and try it again.

5-1-5     If you don't know how to get to the club's hunting lodge
in the Bavarian forest.
Simply  go  to  the  hunt  club at 54  Dienerstrasse.   If  you've
completed  all the tasks you have to do in town, you'll get  there
just as the club members are leaving for the lodge.

5-2 If you are inside the hunting lodge or the stables.
5-2-1    For hints about getting into von Zell's locked room.
Go  into  Preiss's  bedroom directly across the hall  from  yours.
Open  the  wardrobe and take out the rope.  Go over to the  window
and  look down.  You see a ledge running along the outside of  the
building beneath the windows.  Click the rope on the ledge.   Once
you're  out on the ledge, click the left arrow to move  across  to
von Zell's room.  Go in through the window.

5-2-2    If you're in von Zell's room.
Walk  over  to  the night table by the bed.  Look  in  von  Zell's
appointment book.  There's a bit of paper sticking out between the
pages.   Read  the letter.  Go into the bathroom and look  around.
Notice  the  footprint under the rug.  Examine it closely.   Leave
von  Zell's  room  the  way you came in  and  return  to  Preiss's

5-2-3    If you want to know how to get Klingmann to talk.
When  you  go  into  von Aigner's room, you  interrupt  his  bath.
However, he is still more than happy to chat.  Klingmann,  on  the
other  hand, seems to resent your intrusion on his nap time.   You
think about showing him the zoo tags to shake his complacency, but
that will only work if you've been down to the lodge's living room
and  questioned  Hennemann first.  Give Klingmann the  tags  after
that and the man will crack wide open.

5-3 If you are in the woods surrounding the hunting lodge.
5-3-1    If you've found a paw print.
There  are two paw prints to find in the woods.  The first one  is
imprinted on a patch of bare dirt found in a clearing.  A  careful
examination of this print shows some orange mud in the track.  The
second  print is by a thick bank of hedges, and reveals the source
of the orange dirt.

5-3-2    If you need a hint to get through the bushes.
You  can't push through the bushes with your bare hands.  You need
to  cut them away with hedge shears.  You'll find a pair of shears
in the stable next to the hunting lodge.

5-3-3    If you're in the cave.
Cut through the bushes to enter the cave.  There is smaller cavern
leading off the main room.  Enter the second cave.  It's too  dark
to  see.   You  will  need a lantern and matches  to  explore  any
further.   If  you don't have them already, return to  the  lodge.
Get  the  lantern out of the living room closet.  Take the matches
off  the  fireplace mantelpiece.  In the inventory panel, use  the
matches  on  the  lantern.  That should throw some  light  on  the

5-3-4    If you've seen von Zell, but don't know what to do now.
There  is  only  one person who will believe you.  Immediately  go
back to the lodge and find von Glower.  He is in his bedroom,  the
first door to your right as you enter the hallway.

5-3-5    If the werewolf keeps killing you.
5-3-5-1  For a general hint.
The  woods are like a maze at night, complete with dead  ends  and
cut-offs.  You need to drive the werewolf into the ravine to  trap
him.   Your  talisman provides protection as  long  as  you  don't
wander  into  a dead end or attempt to confront the werewolf  head
on.   You can go from scene to scene and the werewolf will  follow
you.   However, he won't go into the ravine unless  you  herd  him
into it.  To do so, use your talisman on the werewolf to push  him

5-3-5-2  For a detailed hint.
If  the  werewolf  keeps killing you, select Try  Again  from  the
control screen.  You take the talisman from beneath your shirt and
wrap  it  around  your  hand.  Move one screen  to  the  right  to
confront the werewolf.  Select the talisman from the inventory and
use it on the werewolf to drive him back one screen.  Click it  on
the  werewolf again and move one screen to the right.  Succeed  in
herding the werewolf down two more screens and he will get trapped
in  the ravine.  Von Glower rides up and throws you his gun.   You
have no other choice than to shoot the werewolf.

Chapter 6

6-1 If you are anywhere other than the Residence Theater.
6-1-1    If you'd like some help getting this chapter started.
Gabriel is very sick, but he's conscious and able to talk.   After
a  rather  unsatisfactory conversation, go to the post office  and
collect  the  letter from von Glower.  Read it,  then  go  to  the
gasthof  and  show  it to Mrs. Smith.  Your main  goals  for  this
chapter  are  to  collect  the  three  lost  opera  scrolls   from
Neuschwanstein  castle  and  the  crystal  diagram  from  the  urn
containing Ludwig's heart at Altotting.
6-1-2    For general hints about retrieving the lost opera.
Ludwig  hid the three acts of Wagner's opera in the Neuschwanstein
castle.  Gabriel's dream revealed the hiding places.  You'll  have
to  devise  some  sneaky schemes to divert the  guards  while  you
retrieve the scrolls.  Hint: You'll need a dove and some water  to
carry out your diversionary tactics.

6-1-3    For detailed hints about retrieving the lost opera.
6-1-3-1   You need a dove and some water to divert the  guards  at
Neuschwanstein.  To learn how to get these items.
There's a dove on the window ledge in the Rittersberg dungeon, but
you'll have to lure it inside to catch it.  Go to the gasthof  and
get  a hard roll from the bread basket on Mrs. Smith's table.   Go
to your bedroom in Schloss Ritter and borrow a pillowcase from the
pile  of  clean linen on the bed.  Return to the dungeon.  Scatter
crumbs  for  the  bird,  then pick  it  up  and  wrap  it  in  the
To  get  some  water,  go to the shrine at Altotting.   Enter  the
priest's office.  He has taken a vow of silence so you can't  have
much  of  a conversation with him.  However, he gives you  a  card
stating  that he'll take you into the shrine once the  service  is
over.   Make  a donation from your wallet to obtain  a  bottle  of
Madonna water.

6-1-3-2   If you have the dove and the bottle of water, but  don't
quite know what to do with them.
Go  to  Neuschwanstein castle.  In the living room, you'll  see  a
bratty  kid  climb  on a chair.  Wait until his mother  drags  him
away,  then pour the Madonna water on the chair.  The guard  comes
in  and you tell her what that nasty little rugrat has done.   She
runs  for  towels.  Quickly go into the bedroom.  Retrieve  scroll
number  one from the secret panel between the doors to the  living
room and the chapel.
Now  go to the grotto.  Simply wait until the guard goes into  the
study, then open the secret panel that's to the left of the altar,
hidden in shadows.  Remove scroll number two.
Scroll  number three is in the singer's hall, but the  guard  will
not  leave  his  post unless distracted.  Free  the  dove  at  the
doorway between the singer's hall and the back hallway.  While the
guard  is  busy  chasing the bird, retrieve the  scroll  from  the
secret panel that's under the painting of the lovers, to the  left
of the door.

6-1-4     For  general  hints  about retrieving  Wagner's  crystal
The crystal diagram is at Altotting in the urn containing Ludwig's
heart.   First,  you'll need to obtain a silver penitent  gift  to
gain  access  to  the inner shrine.  Think of  someone  who  might
recently have made an offering for a lost loved one.  After you've
given  the Madonna your gift, you'll have to get the diagram  from
the  urn without being detected.  Try the old trick of turning out
the lights.

6-1-5     For  detailed  hints about retrieving  Wagner's  crystal
When  you were first at Altotting, you noticed the silver penitent
gifts in the case.  Go to St. Georg's Church in Rittersberg.  Look
carefully at Wolfgang's coffin and you'll see a silver heart  that
Gerde  placed  there as an offering.  You don't want  to  take  it
without  asking  first so go to Schloss Ritter.  Gerde  gives  you
permission to take the heart.  Return to the church and do so.
Go to Altotting.  Talk to the priest and show him the card he gave
you  on your previous visit.  He will take you into the shrine and
start  to pray for you.  Offer the silver heart to the Madonna  by
placing it in the basket to the right side of the altar.  When the
wind  begins blowing, open the door to your right.  The wind blows
out  all  the candles in the shrine.  Now's your chance.   Quickly
move  the chair under the urns.  Climb up, open Ludwig's urn,  and
remove the diagram.

6-2 If you are at the Residence Theater.
6-2-1    If you are playing Grace.
6-2-1-1  If you'd like help getting started on this section.
Look at the poster, then pick up a programme from the table in the
foyer.   Read the plot of the lost Wagnerian opera.  Go  down  the
hallway  to the right of the auditorium.  The rear door  leads  to
the  office.  Gabriel is in there, sleeping on the sofa.  Take the
seating  chart off the bulletin board.  Pick up the opera  glasses
and  your to-do list.  Reading the list gives you a good  idea  of
what  you'll need to accomplish before the opera begins.  Finally,
check on Gabriel and see how he's doing.

6-2-1-2  For a hint about testing the chandeliers.
Go  through the auditorium's main doors.  When you get  a  chance,
warn  Georg Immerding to continue the performance, no matter  what
happens.  Then talk to the foreman.  You'll find him installing  a
chandelier above the balcony to the left of the stage.

6-2-1-3  For hints to help you prepare for von Glower's arrival.
Look  at Wagner's crystal diagram.  The 'X' indicates von Glower's
designated  seat.   Compare the diagram to the  seating  chart  to
determine that the usher should seat von Glower in the mittelloge.
Go  upstairs and through the double doors to confirm the location.
Next,  go to the spotlight room.  It's upstairs, all the way  down
the right-hand hallway.  Slide open the window to the right of the
spotlight  to look down into the theater.  Turn the spotlight  on.
Click  on  the  handle and then align the spotlight so  that  it's
shining directly where von Glower will be sitting.
Now return to the foyer and use the seating chart on the usher  to
give  him your instructions.  Finally, you need to find a  way  to
lock von Glower in the mittelloge.  Go down the left-hand hall  on
the  ground floor.  The backstage entrance is the last door in the
hallway.  Examine the ropes and pulleys.  You'll see one  rope  on
the  right that looks like it could be removed without causing too
much destruction.  Take the rope.

6-2-1-4  If you're in the basement.
There are two entrances to the basement.  One is through the  arch
on  the  ground  floor, the other is down the backstage  stairway.
Wander around to get a feel for the basement layout.  Look  for  a
room  with  a  panel box on the wall.  Take the  key  you'll  find
inside.  Locate the main prop room.  Go into the adjoining storage
room and take the sign reading "privat."  Use the keys on the prop
room door to make certain it locks.
The  furnace  room  is next to the stairs leading  down  from  the
foyer.   If  you're going to lock Gabriel in the  prop  room,  you
should  make  sure  he'll be warm enough.  Start  the  furnace  by
opening  the door, shoveling in some coal, and lighting the  pilot
light.  Click and drag to turn the control dial up to "Hoch,"  the
highest setting.  The coals ignite.

6-2-1-5  If the usher is about to open the theater doors.
Move  Gabriel  from the office to the prop room.   Return  to  the
office  to  change  into your evening gown.  After  speaking  with
Leber, go to the spotlight room and use the opera glasses to  make
sure  von Glower is sitting in the mittelloge.  Tie the mittelloge
doors  shut with the rope you picked up backstage, then  hang  the
"privat" sign over the rope.

6-2-2    If you are playing the human Gabriel.
6-2-2-1  If you are trapped in the prop room.
Go  to  the  adjoining  storage room.  Move the  packing  case  to
uncover  the  vent.  Use your dagger to pry off the  vent  screen.
Climb into the ventilation shaft.

6-2-2-2   If  you've escaped from the prop room,  but  don't  know
where to go.
Use the back stairway to go up to the backstage area.  Look at the
ropes and pulleys.  There's a roll of electrical tape to the right
of  the  main pulley.  Take it.  Go through the right-hand doorway
to get to the dressing rooms.

6-2-2-3  If Englehart keeps catching you in his dressing room.
You don't have much time before Englehart comes in.  First get the
costume off the rack.  Go into your inventory, select the costume,
and  put  it on.  Take the powder off the dressing table.   Before
you  can  put it on your face, you hear someone at the door.   Use
the powder on the mirror to block the view of the changing screen.
Then  hide  behind  the screen.  If you can  do  all  that  before
Englehart  comes  in, he will sit down at the dressing  table  and
start to remove his make-up.  Cover his mouth with electrical tape
to keep him from screaming.

6-2-3    If you are playing the werewolf Gabriel.
6-2-3-1  If you are stalking von Glower in the basement.
Use  the  smell  button  to locate von Glower.   His  position  is
indicated  by  a  red  square.  Yours is  represented  by  a  blue
triangle pointing in the direction you are facing.  Your  goal  is
to  trap  von Glower in the furnace room.  You can close doors  by
unlatching them with your mouth, thereby forcing von Glower to  go
in  the  desired direction.  The first thing to do  is  block  his
access  to  the  ventilation  shaft leading  to  the  outside  and
freedom.   Note that you can only close a door from the room  that
it  opens into.  Be careful not to shut yourself into a dead  end.
Also  avoid  confronting von Glower face-to-face because  he  will
attack you.

6-2-3-2  If you have trapped von Glower in the furnace room.
Enter  the  furnace room.  Grace and Leber come in at your  heels.
Click  on  Grace to give control over to her.  As Grace, open  the
furnace door.  Now click on the gray wolf to give control back  to
Gabriel.  When von Glower leaps to attack Leber, hit him  in  mid-
air to knock him sideways into the furnace.  Congratulations.  You
have successfully completed the game.

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