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Giants Citizen Kabuto Tips & Tricks

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Giants - Citizen Kabuto

   _______     _________   ________   __      __   _________   _________
  |  _____|   |___   ___| |   __   | |   \   |  | |___   ___| |  _______|   _
  | |             | |     |  |__|  | |  | \  |  |     | |     | |_______   |_|
  | |    ___      | |     |   __   | |  |\ \ |  |     | |     |_______  |
  | |   |_  |     | |     |  |  |  | |  | \ \|  |     | |      _      | |   _
  | |_____| |  ___| |___  |  |  |  | |  |  \ |  |     | |     | |_____| |  |_|
  |_________| |_________| |__|  |__| |__|   \___|     |_|     |_________|

  ________   _______   _________   _______   ________      _______   __      _
 |  ______| |__   __| |___   ___| |__   __| |______  |    |  _____| |   \   | |
 | |           | |        | |        | |          / /     | |_____  |  | \  | |
 | |           | |        | |        | |         / /      |  _____| |  |\ \ | |
 | |           | |        | |        | |        / /       | |       |  | \ \| |
 | |______   __| |__      | |      __| |__     / /______  | |_____  |  |  \ | |
 |________| |_______|     |_|     |_______|   |_________| |_______| |__|   \__|

     ___    ___   ________   ________   ___   ___   __________   _________
    |   |  /   / |   __   | |  ___   | |   | |   | |___    ___| |  _____  |
    |   | /   /  |  |__|  | | |___|  | |   | |   |     |  |     | |     | |
    |   |/   /   |        | |       |  |   | |   |     |  |     | |     | |
    |       |    |   __   | |      |   |   | |   |     |  |     | |     | |
    |   |\   \   |  |  |  | |  ___  |  |   | |   |     |  |     | |     | |
    |   | \   \  |  |  |  | | |___|  | |   |_|   |     |  |     | |_____| |
    |___|  \___| |__|  |__| |________| |_________|     |__|     |_________|

                            Giants: Citizen Kabuto
                                  PC version
                         Walkthrough/FAQ Version 3.3
                              Written By Astaroth
                       Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Astaroth
             Licensed under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license

      *  Best viewed with a fixed width font at 79 characters per line.  *

 ______________________________TABLE OF CONTENTS_______________________________

  [A] COPYRIGHT INFORMATION ............................................[MAGI0]
    [A.1] Document Copyright Information ...............................[ADCI1]
    [A.2] Game Copyright information ...................................[AGCI2]

  [B] GUIDE INFORMATION ................................................[MBGI0]
    [B.1] Author's Note ................................................[BANT1]
    [B.2] Quick Navigation .............................................[BQNV2]

  [C] GAME BASICS ......................................................[CMGB0]
    [C.1] Characters ...................................................[CCHA1]
    [C.2] Controls .....................................................[CCTR2]
    [C.3] Equipment ....................................................[CEQT3]
        [C.3.a] Common Items ...........................................[CCIT4]
        [C.3.b] Mecc Equipment .........................................[CMEQ5]
        [C.3.c] Sea Reaper Equipment ...................................[CSRE6]
    [C.4] Kabuto Attacks ...............................................[CKBA7]

  [D] STRATEGIES .......................................................[MDST0]
    [D.1] Mecc Campaign Strategies .....................................[DMST1]
    [D.2] Sea Reaper Campaign strategies ...............................[DRST2]
    [D.3] Kabuto Campaign Strategies ...................................[DKST3]

  [E] WALKTHROUGH ......................................................[MWLK0]
    [E.1] Mecc Story 1: The Search for Tel .............................[EMST1]
        [E.1.a] A Boy Called Timmy .....................................[EBCT2]
        [E.1.b] The Wax Smarties .......................................[ETWS3]
        [E.1.c] Tel's Dilemma ..........................................[ETDL4]
        [E.1.d] The Ripper Nest ........................................[ETRN5]
        [E.1.e] The Way to Sorcha Island ...............................[EWSA6]

    [E.2] Mecc Story 2: Hunger in the Codpiece Hills ...................[EHCH0]
        [E.2.a] Starving! ..............................................[ESTA1]
        [E.2.b] The Wife ...............................................[ETWF2]
        [E.2.c] The Road Home (with someone's wife on your back) .......[ETRH3]
        [E.2.d] High Village ...........................................[EHVL4]
        [E.2.e] Grandpa Borjoyzee ......................................[EGRB5]

    [E.3] Mecc Story 3: Dick Whittington Prison ........................[EDWP0]
        [E.3.a] Reg's Dilemma ..........................................[ERGD1]
        [E.3.b] Borjoyzee Awaits .......................................[EBJA2]
        [E.3.c] The Reaper Guard Barracks ..............................[ERGB3]
        [E.3.d] The Sonac Patrols ......................................[ETSP4]
        [E.3.e] The Log Launchers ......................................[ETLL5]
        [E.3.f] Dick Whittington Lift ..................................[EDWL6]
        [E.3.g] Dick Whittington Prison ................................[EDWP7]

    [E.4] Mecc Story 4: The Search for Timmy ...........................[ETST0]
        [E.4.a] Torture Square .........................................[ETTS1]
        [E.4.b] The Offspring! .........................................[ETOF2]
        [E.4.c] Gordon & Bennett's Dilemma .............................[EGBD3]

    [E.5] Mecc Story 5: The Battle .....................................[ETBT0]
        [E.5.a] The Charger ............................................[ETCR1]
        [E.5.b] The Battle! ............................................[ETBE2]

    [E.6] Delphi's Story 1: Yan, the Samurai Smartie ...................[EYSS0]
        [E.6.a] Yan, the Samurai Smartie ...............................[EYAN1]
        [E.6.b] Smartie in a Bubble ....................................[ESIB2]
        [E.6.c] The Power of Turbo! ....................................[EPTU3]
        [E.6.d] Yan's Peace Mantra .....................................[EYPC4]

    [E.7] Delphi's Story 2: The Lost Reaperski .........................[ETLR0]
        [E.7.a] Army Barracks Onslaught ................................[EABO1]
        [E.7.b] The Reaperski ..........................................[ERPS2]
        [E.7.c] The Reaperski Escape! ..................................[ERPE3]

    [E.8] Delphi's Story 3: The Reaperski Races ........................[ERSR0]
        [E.8.a] Pre-Race Warm-up .......................................[EPRW1]
        [E.8.b] Reaperski Race 1 .......................................[ERRC2]
        [E.8.c] Reaperski Race 2 .......................................[ERRC3]
        [E.8.d] Reaperski Race 3 .......................................[ERRC4]

    [E.9] Delphi's Story 4: The Reaper Fleet ...........................[ETRF0]
        [E.9.a] Sappho's Fleet .........................................[ESFT1]

    [E.10] Delphi's Story 5: Queen Sappho ..............................[EQSP0]
        [E.10.a] The Great Reaperski Race! .............................[EGRR1]
        [E.10.b] Sappho's Palace .......................................[ESPL2]
        [E.10.c] The Hunt for Sappho ...................................[EHSP3]
        [E.10.d] Volcano Rendezvous ....................................[EVCR4]

    [E.11] Kabuto's Story 1: Birth of a Giant ..........................[EBOG0]
        [E.11.a] Attack of the Evil Smarties ...........................[EAES1]
        [E.11.b] The Way Out ...........................................[ETWO2]

    [E.12] Kabuto's Story 2: Coming of Age .............................[ECOA0]
        [E.12.a] A Monster Comes of Age ................................[EMCA1]
        [E.12.b] Monster Motherhood ....................................[EMMO2]

    [E.13] Kabuto's Story 3: Smash and Burn ............................[ESAB0]
        [E.13.a] The Kabuto Canyons ....................................[EKCA1]
        [E.13.b] Kabuto Volcano ........................................[EKVO2]
        [E.13.c] Magnifying Glass I ....................................[EMAG3]
        [E.13.d] Exit Portal I .........................................[EEPO4]

    [E.14] Kabuto's Story 4: The Last Reaper Fortress ..................[ELRF0]
        [E.14.a] Magnifying Glass II ...................................[EMGL1]
        [E.14.b] The Last Reaper Base ..................................[ELRB2]
        [E.14.c] Exit Portal II ........................................[EEXP3]

    [E.15] Kabuto's Story 5: Citizen Kabuto ............................[ECKA0]
        [E.15.a] Citizen Kabuto ........................................[ECIK1]
        [E.15.b] Kabuto's Sewers .......................................[EKSE2]
        [E.15.c] Climb to the Big Fight ................................[ETBF3]
        [E.15.d] Defeat Kabuto .........................................[EDEK4]
        [E.15.e] No ... Defeat Kabuto ..................................[ENDK5]

  [F] FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS .......................................[MFAQ0]

  [G] CHEATS ...........................................................[MCHT0]

  [H] VERSION HISTORY ..................................................[MVHR0]

  [I] ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS .................................................[MACK0]

  [J] CONTACT INFORMATION ..............................................[MCIN0]

 --[ A.COPYRIGHT INFORMATION ]-----------------------------------------[MAGI0]-

 - A.1. Document Copyright Information                                [ADCI1] -
 This guide is Copyright (c) 2004-2008 by Astaroth.

 This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No
 Derivative Works (by-nc-nd) License. To view a copy of this license, visit

            [ ]

 You are free:

   * to Share - to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work

 Under the following conditions:

  * Attribution. You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the
                 author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they
                 endorse you or your use of the work).
  * Noncommercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes.
  * No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work.

 - A.2. Game Copyright information                                    [AGCI2] -

 Giants Citizen Kabuto: Copyright 2000 by Planet Moon Studios.  All Rights
 Reserved. Planet Moon and the Planet Moon logo are trademarks of Planet Moon
 Studios. Giants, Giants: Citizen Kabuto, Interplay, the Interplay logo, "By
 Gamers For Gamers", Digital Mayhem and the Digital Mayhem logo are trademarks
 of Interplay Entertainment Corp. All other copyrights and trademarks are the
 property of their respective owners.

 --[ B.GUIDE INFORMATION ]---------------------------------------------[MBGI0]-

 - B.1. Author's Note                                                 [BANT1] -

 Welcome and thank you for reading my guide to Giants: Citizen Kabuto. Giants
 is a third person action game with some really innovative features and, above
 all, great humour. The game was extremely underrated, and has passed
 relatively unnoticed by the majority of the PC gamers. In Giants: Citizen
 Kabuto you initially assume the role of Baz, a cockney Mecc (a humanoid
 spaceman), who falls on a strange planet known as the Island along with his
 other Mecc friends. Together they discover the secrets of this world and of
 the mythical creature Kabuto.

 The game was originally published in 2000, but no guides other than this have
 been submitted on That is why I decided to write this guide to
 help those who have difficulty beating the game on their own. This guide is
 single-player oriented. This means that you will not find sections devoted to
 multiplayer games. I may concentrate on the missions available in the story
 mode, but some of the sections contain useful information for the Multiplayer
 games as well. I am aware of the fact that Giants can be beaten even without
 the help of a guide, but there will always be people who feel reassured when
 they have a guide, or people who want to check something up.

 This is the third major release of the guide (for more information on previous
 versions check the "VERSION HISTORY" section) and it is considered the 100%
 complete version. As you can see the version count still applies, because I am
 planning to release future minor updates.

 This guide includes a walkthrough as well as other sections, such as a CHEATS
 section, and a section devoted to the GAME's BASICS (items - equipment,
 controls etc), which is essentially a mini encyclopedia about the mechanics
 of the game. The subsection "CHARACTERS" analyses the available characters and
 provides useful information about the non-playable characters of the game.
 This guide also includes a "STRATEGIES" section where general gameplay
 information can be found. This section is intended to help those who do not
 want to use the step-by-step walkthrough, but only need to learn a couple more
 things to help them through the game.

 For questions about the game, read the "FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS" section of
 this guide, or try visiting the Giants message board. In case
 everything else fails, e-mail me at my address found in the "CONTACT
 INFORMATION" section.

 You can contribute to this guide by sending strategies, questions, reports
 about mistakes of all types (typos, obscurities etc) and tips or information
 of any kind concerning the game. Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.
 Credit will be given to the contributors.

 Please excuse any typos or mistakes and enjoy the guide. Thanks again. :)

 - B.2.Quick Navigation                                               [BQNV2] -

 Each section of this document can be easily accessed by using the "Find" 
 function of your text editor and searching for the keyword corresponding to 
 the section you want to go to.

 The keywords can be found in the TABLE OF CONTENTS after the name of each
 section and are located within brackets.

 If, for example, you want to go to the section named "A Boy Called Timmy", you
 must search for the keyword "[EBCT2]" that corresponds to the said section.

             |            HOW TO PERFORM A QUICK SEARCH:           |
             |                                                     |
             |           1.Press Ctrl+F on your keyboard.          |
             |  2.Write/paste the keyword you want to search for.  |
             |                    3.Press ENTER.                   |

 --[ C.GAME BASICS ]---------------------------------------------------[CMGB0]-

 This section provides detailed information about the playable races, their
 equipment and contains a full list of the game's controls. Information about
 special items, like jetpack upgrades, spells or vehicles can be found in the
 "Items" subsection. A "Kabuto Attacks" section is also included, to help you
 unleash the full destructive power of Kabuto. This section is especially
 important for beginners, as it contains useful information that should be
 known before you play the game. As you can see, this section is a small
 Giants: Citizen Kabuto encyclopedia and might prove useful as a reference tool
 while playing the game.

 ** NOTE ** : Some of the information contained in this section comes from the
              game's manual. Just in case you are wondering, the information
              contained here is original and very few things have been copied
              directly from the manual, so you are advised to read through this
              section before playing, especially if you are new to the game.

 - C.1.Characters                                                     [CCHA1] -

 This section contains information about the different characters that can be
 found in the game. They are divided into two large categories: playable and


 During the game you can play with three different races: the Meccs, the Sea
 Reapers and Kabuto. Each race has its own role in the story and is connected
 with the other playable and non-playable races. The Meccs, the Sea Reapers and
 Kabuto share some common characteristics as far as gameplay is concerned, but
 each race has its own special equipment, controls and story.


 Meccs are one of the three playable races of the game. They are the good guys
 who, on their way to planet Majorca, land on the Island. Their cockney accent
 is their most notable characteristic, apart from the space suits and the big
 guns, of course. They are a technologically oriented race and they rely on
 guns and paraphernalia (grenades, mines etc) to face the danger. One of their
 most useful pieces of equipment is the Jetpack, a device that allows them to
 fly for short distances. Various upgrades and backpacks that add functions to
 the Jetpack are available throughout the game. The Meccs can carry up to three
 weapons three different items and one backpack at a time.

 The main character and the one the player controls is Baz. His companions are
 Tel, Reg, Gordon and Bennett. Together they explore the Island and discover
 its secrets.


 The Sea Reapers are a race that relies not on technology, but on the mystical
 power of magic. The player controls Delphi, daughter of the evil Queen Sappho,
 who is an excellent user of magic and a great fighter. Delphi is not evil like
 her mother and resents what her people are doing to the Smarties and she
 decides to help the Meccs. She is proficient with the sword and the bow. Don't
 let her looks surprise you. Delphi can use her spells to build bases, destroy
 large buildings or even kill large groups of enemies within seconds. She can
 hover from one place to the other using her Turbo ability. Like any Sea
 Reaper, Delphi likes water. Swimming around will not cause the piranhas to
 attack her. Instead, she replenishes health. Delphi can carry up to three
 bows, apart from her sword and regular bow, and store up to five spells with
 three charges of each at a time.


 He's bad, he's mean and he's HUGE! Kabuto is the game's bruiser. He does not
 use hi-tech guns or spells, he can't fly or fire with a bow and he sure as
 hell isn't good-looking, but who cares? His fists will destroy buildings and
 pulverise anything that comes in its way. Rumour has it that he is a Sea
 Reaper experiment gone wrong. Well... bad for them! Kabuto is on the loose and
 he is angry! He grows in size as the game progresses and gives birth to
 offspring to aid him in his cause for ultimate destruction. Kabuto does not
 use any items. Kabuto feeds on his enemies: anyone unlucky enough to find
 himself close to the huge creature is grabbed, lifted up from the ground and
 eaten. This way, Kabuto replenishes his health. The only weak spot of Kabuto
 is in his stomach. Anyhow, better not cross this fella's path.


 During the game the player encounters many creatures that do not belong to one
 of the above races. These creatures, friendly or aggressive, are important to
 the story and add depth to the world the game is set in.


 Smarties are inhabitants of the island. These little creatures with the huge
 heads can be extremely helpful for all the playable races. As a Mecc or as
 Delphi, Smarties can be used to help you build your base. They will also
 develop new weapons, spells and items for you. As Kabuto, Smarties make great
 snacks and help to get bigger and closer to giving birth to the offspring!

 Smarties cam be grabbed by the Meccs and Delphi. A Mecc places the Smartie on
 his back, in order to move around with it, whereas Delphi keeps it "locked" in
 a magical bubble that follows her.

 Not all Smarties are good, though. During some missions, the player encounters
 the evil Smarties, that look a bit different and darker than their good
 brothers. Keep an eye out for them during the Kabuto missions, because they
 are an excellent source of protein for our big friend!


 These big and stupid creatures are the cattle of the Island. They can be found
 running around the plains happily. Vimps are hunted down for their meat, which
 is an essential part of Smartie diet. Kabuto also eats Vimps, but he prefers
 them raw. Vimps restore Kabuto's health just like the health syringe restores
 a Mecc's.

 Vimps also have a use for the Meccs and for Delphi. The beasts prove extremely
 useful during the Base-Building missions: the Meccs gather Vimp meat to keep
 the Smarties satisfied and working, whereas Delphi gathers Vimp souls to power
 the Persuader machine that keeps the Smarties calm.

 If a whole herd of Vimps is eliminated by the Meccs, Delphi or Kabuto, the
 Vimps will respawn after some time, but they will be considerably smaller than
 they used to be. Do not worry about this, because they will grow as time
 passes. Why wait for them to grow up? Because the bigger, the more food they
 produce. That simple.


 Every action game out there has its grunts. The Reaper Guards are the grunts
 in this game. They are also the soldiers and the bodyguards. You will be
 fighting against these halfwits for the biggest part of the Mecc and the Sea
 Reaper campaign. They are stupid, but their intelligence will suffice when it
 comes to carrying a gun. They can be found patrolling areas in large groups
 and they always carry heavy weaponry. Their equipment and ways of
 transportation varies: they can be seen carrying machine guns, grenade
 launchers, sniper guns or even missile launchers and they either move on foot
 or fly around with jetpacks. Keep an eye out at all times for the Kamikaze
 Ripper who comes charging at you!


 These monstrosities reside below the surface and can often be found in packs.
 They are extremely dangerous enemies, especially so during the Mecc campaign,
 who can attack with their huge claws or by spitting balls of fire at the
 player. When underground, a part of their bodies is visible, thus warning any
 trespassers of their nesting grounds about their presence. Rippers serve the
 Sea Reapers. They come in three sizes:

 Small:  This Reapers move slowly and they always remain on the surface. Their
         only means of attacking is their teeth. They spawn from small Ripper
         husks that can be destroyed to prevent more from appearing.

 Medium: These Rippers are much tougher that the smaller ones. They can move at
         medium speed above and below ground and launch flaming projectiles
         against their targets. When killed, they leave behind a glowing sphere
         that restores a moderate amount of health when picked up.

 Large:  These are by far the most fearsome of Rippers. Their speed both above
         and below ground is faster than that of any other Ripper and they can
         deal massive damage with their claws and teeth, as well as with the
         blue fireballs they launch at their enemies. The glowing orb they
         leave behind will restore a significant amount of health.


 These ponderous beasts are the closest thing to an elephant there is on the
 Island. They are used by the Reaper Guards as a means of transportation not
 only because of their hard skin that makes them difficult to kill, but also
 because they can mount gun turrets on their backs. As if these weren't enough,
 the Sonaks possess the ability to cause the ground around them to shake by
 stomping their feet, thus making their enemies lose their balance and a large
 portion of their health. And there's more: the Sonaks can use their bellowing
 to release sound waves that harm their enemies. If such waves hit a Mecc, he
 loses his jetpack ability for a short period of time.


 This territorial creature will rarely leave the area it has chosen to settle
 in. It will charge at any trespassers who violate his privacy. The Changer's
 huge body and great speed make sure that the target will be rent upon impact
 or, if unlucky enough to survive, will be sent flying in the air and will land
 metres away. As if the power and speed weren't enough, it is impossible to
 harm a charger with any kind of weapon (unless you're carrying a nuclear bomb
 with you) by shooting at any part of its body. The only part of its body that
 can be harmed is its mouth. Be extremely careful of its charge when facing the
 beast. It can rip you to pieces if it gets near you. Try aiming for its mouth
 with the strongest weapon you have and make sure you run away after you shoot,
 because you might still get hit by it.


 Raiks are the evil servants of Queen Sappho. They possess the torso of a woman
 and the lower body of a wasp. They have many magical powers, such as the
 ability to turbo and the ability to cast the spells cloak, teleport, as well
 as other spells. They will attack using their deadly arsenal of spells or
 their bow and sword. They can often be found close to squads of Reaper Guards
 or guarding open areas. The best way to say hello to these creatures is with
 half a dozen bullets/spells/arrows in the head (they won't die with less).


 The source of all evil! Sappho is the most powerful and evil of all the Sea
 Reapers. She managed to rule among her kin after they were forced to live at
 sea by Kabuto, who had got out of control. Kabuto had slain large numbers of
 Sea Reapers and was the dominant figure on the Island. Sappho wants to see her
 people thrive again and rule over all other races. She created her daughter,
 Delphi from the five elements and intended for her to become her ally. Alas,
 Delphi proved rebellious and refused to aid the Sea Reapers. She hates the
 Meccs and wants to eliminate them.


 These parasites live in vast numbers under the surface and emerge when a
 creature dies and falls to feast on it. The cleaners appear in large groups,
 their number depending on the size of the dead creature, and the devour
 everything, even clothing and bones. After the cleaners are done, they return
 to their waiting places beneath the soil and wait for another chance to feed.


 These are the famous carnivore fish. They can be found in every mass of water
 in the game, be it sea or a small pond. They will mercilessly attack a Mecc,
 but they will not harm Delphi or Kabuto.

 11. VERMS

 These flying creatures will attack you on sight by launching fire towards your
 location. They also tend to lay eggs, when possible, from which new Vimps will
 hatch. Just shoot the eggs before they hatch and you will be fine.


 Harmless birds that can often be seen flying lazily around the islands. Don't
 even bother shooting them down, unless you are extremely accurate and you have
 A LOT of ammo.

 - C.2.Controls                                                       [CCTR2] -

 Here are the controls for all the playable character races:

 |                              MECC CONTROLS                                 |
 | BUTTON               | ACTION                                              |
 | Mouse Movement       | Look up/down, turn left/right                       |
 | W                    | Move forward                                        |
 | S                    | Move backwards                                      |
 | A                    | Strafe left                                         |
 | D                    | Strafe right                                        |
 | E                    | Toggle zoom mode                                    |
 | Z                    | Increase zoom magnification                         |
 | T                    | Send text message to all other players (multiplayer |
 |                      | only)                                               |
 | Y                    | Send text message to teammates (multiplayer only)   |
 | C                    | Map mode toggle                                     |
 | F                    | Head-on camera view                                 |
 | Escape               | Pause game, bring up main menu, exit menu, skip     |
 |                      | cutscene                                            |
 | Left Mouse Button    | Fire Current Weapon                                 |
 | Right Mouse Button   | Jetpack Thrust                                      |
 | Shift                | Nitro thrust                                        |
 | Q                    | Next weapon                                         |
 | Left Shift           | Use current backpack                                |
 | J                    | Drop weapon                                         |
 | H                    | Use health syringe                                  |
 | G                    | Throw grenade                                       |
 | B                    | Drop mine                                           |
 | V                    | Drop flare                                          |
 | X                    | Drop party house Smartie (where he'll build         |
 |                      | structure)                                          |
 | Ctrl+ Left Mouse B.  | Command disciple Meccs to attack                    |
 | Ctrl+ Right Mouse B. | Command disciple Meccs to go to a designated place  |
 | 2                    | Recall disciple Meccs to your position              |
 | R                    | Toggle camera mode (1st person or 3rd person)       |
 | P                    | Additional camera views                             |
 |                             GYROCOPTER MODE                                |
 | Backspace            | Get off Gyrocopter (walk up to get on)              |
 | Left Mouse Button    | Fire gyrocopter machine gun                         |
 | Right Mouse Button   | Gyrocopter thrust                                   |
 | G                    | Drop millennium bomb                                |

 |                       DELPHI (SEA REAPER) CONTROLS                         |
 | BUTTON               | ACTION                                              |
 | Mouse Movement       | Look up/down, turn left/right                       |
 | W                    | Move forward                                        |
 | S                    | Move backwards                                      |
 | A                    | Strafe left                                         |
 | D                    | Strafe right                                        |
 | E                    | Toggle zoom mode                                    |
 | Z                    | Increase zoom magnification                         |
 | T                    | Send text message to all other players (multiplayer |
 |                      | only)                                               |
 | Y                    | Send text message to teammates (multiplayer only)   |
 | C                    | Map mode toggle                                     |
 | F                    | Head-on camera view                                 |
 | Escape               | Pause game, bring up main menu, exit menu, skip     |
 |                      | cutscene                                            |
 | Left Mouse Button    | Swing sword or fire bow (hold to charge/lock on)    |
 |                      | Turbo swim (while in the water)                     |
 | Right Mouse Button   | Turbo movement (fly towards target)                 |
 | Q                    | Next weapon                                         |
 | Left Alt             | Jump                                                |
 | Shift                | Recharge spell mode (use mouse cursor to distribute |
 |                      | collected Vimp soul energy to selected spells)      |
 | End                  | Cycle forward trough spells                         |
 | Delete               | Cycle back trough spells                            |
 | Space                | Use current spell                                   |
 | 1                    | Select/cast spell in first slot                     |
 | 2                    | Select/cast spell in second slot                    |
 | 3                    | Select/cast spell in third slot                     |
 | 4                    | Select/cast spell in fourth slot                    |
 | 5                    | Select/cast spell in fifth slot                     |
 | H                    | Use health syringe                                  |
 | G                    | Throw grenade                                       |
 | B                    | Drop mine                                           |
 | V                    | Drop flare                                          |
 | X                    | Drop party house Smartie (where he'll build         |
 |                      | structure)                                          |
 | R                    | Toggle camera mode (1st person or 3rd person)       |
 | P                    | Additional camera views                             |
 |                             REAPER SKI MODE                                |
 | Backspace            | Get off Reaper Ski (walk up to get on)              |
 | Left Mouse Button    | Fire missile                                        |
 | Space                | Use turbo                                           |

 |                             KABUTO CONTROLS                                |
 | BUTTON               | ACTION                                              |
 | Mouse Movement       | Look up/down, turn left/right                       |
 | W                    | Move forward                                        |
 | S                    | Move backwards                                      |
 | A                    | Strafe left                                         |
 | D                    | Strafe right                                        |
 | E                    | Toggle zoom mode                                    |
 | Z                    | Increase zoom magnification                         |
 | T                    | Send text message to all other players (multiplayer |
 |                      | only)                                               |
 | Y                    | Send text message to teammates (multiplayer only)   |
 | C                    | Map mode toggle                                     |
 | F                    | Head-on camera view                                 |
 | Escape               | Pause game, bring up main menu, exit menu, skip     |
 |                      | cutscene                                            |
 | Left Mouse           | Attack                                              |
 |                      | Eat (when holding creature)                         |
 | Right Mouse          | Grab                                                |
 |                      | Throw (when holding creature)                       |
 | Space                | Run                                                 |
 | Space+Left Mouse B.  | Running Kick                                        |
 | Space+Right M.B.     | Running Grab                                        |
 | Shift                | Charge adrenaline attack                            |
 | Shift+Left Mouse B.  | Adrenaline hand attack                              |
 | Shift+Right Mouse B. | Adrenaline foot attack                              |
 | Left Alt             | Jump to target                                      |
 | X                    | Spike creature on horn (when holding creature)      |
 | Q                    | Get creature from horn (when creature is on spike)  |
 | L                    | Give birth to offspring (lay egg)                   |
 | 2                    | Recall offspring to your position                   |
 | Ctrl+ Left Mouse B.  | Command offspring to attack/eat (move offspring to  |
 |                      | target)                                             |
 | Ctrl+ Right Mouse B. | Command offspring to fetch (offspring grabs target  |
 |                      | and runs)                                           |
 | Insert               | Roar 1                                              |
 | Home                 | Roar 2                                              |
 | Page Up              | Roar 3                                              |
 | P                    | Additional camera views                             |

 - C.3.Equipment                                                      [CEQT3] -

 During the game, you will have the chance to use different pieces of equipment
 by playing the campaign missions. In the following section, all available
 equipment in the game, including vehicles and spells, is analysed. You will
 notice that there is no section concerning Kabuto. It is obvious that such a
 section is not included in the guide, because Kabuto does not use any

 - C.3.a.Common Items                                                 [CCIT4] -

 The following items can be found during the game either by entering a Gift
 Shop or by taking them from dead enemies. Each has its own keyboard shortcut.

 HEALTH SYRINGE (default key: "H")
 By far the handiest item, this syringe replenishes a portion of your health.

 MINE (default key: "B")
 Not extremely useful, apart from setting an ambush, this mine will be buried
 in the ground, with only its top showing, and will explode upon impact or
 within 5 seconds of activation. This is no ordinary mine, because it actually
 pursues the enemy, once it get close.

 GRENADE (default key: "G")
 A normal grenade, with futuristic looks. Nice to use while flying. Try
 dropping a few below you and watch those Rippers get blown up!

 FLARE (default key: "V")
 Last but not least, the Flare is an invaluable item. It is not, of course,
 used to produce light. Its main use is to confuse an approaching homing
 missile. Try using one of these while being chased by a homing missile,
 either in a single player mission, or in the multiplayer.

 - C.3.b.Mecc Equipment                                               [CMEQ5] -

 Here it is, folks! A complete and detailed list of all the Mecc equipment in
 the game. It's all here, from weapons to backpacks and vehicles!



 This is the generic Mecc pistol and the Mecc's default weapon. Not much
 firepower, though. It is weak and only effective against Rippers and Vimps.
 Its infinite ammo makes this gun a trusty friend even in the game's latest


 Think of this weapon as a sort of Shotgun. When fired, it propels a grenade in
 the air, in a straight mine. Nice in close range for battling Reaper Guards or
 Rippers and for destroying buildings in the early missions. Its small range is
 its biggest drawback.


 This is a normal machine gun. Not great accuracy, not really effective from a
 long distance, but when you get close, you can say goodbye to those Reaper


 A modification of the RPG, this weapon uses the same projectiles (more or
 less) as the RPG. The difference is that the projectile will explode when it
 is within 50 feet of the target. Nice weapon. Useful in the multiplayer mode.


 One of the game's best weapons, Sniper Gun combines unique firepower and long
 range of fire, its only drawback being its relatively limited amount of ammo.
 A must for the single player and a useful gun for the multiplayer games.


 This weapon is also similar to the RPG. It is actually the RPG's bigger
 brother. The projectiles will do greater damage over a wider area than the RPG
 projectile. Nice to take out groups of enemies in the single player.


 Again, this weapon is a modification of the RPG. It does what the name says:
 it fires a homing missile that will track your enemy. To lock on a target,
 simply keep the crosshair foe three seconds on your target and press the fire
 button. A great weapon and especially useful in the multiplayer games.


 This babe is the game's biggest, nastiest and most powerful weapon. It fires
 a projectile that will explode upon impact with any building or living
 creature. Its supreme firepower and range make it your best friend during the
 last missions in the single player game.


 Apart from the default Jetpack your Mecc will be carrying at all times (apart
 from the first mission), there are other backpacks for you to use. Some of
 these backpacks (all listed and analysed below) can be activated by using the
 Shift button while others do not need activation. If a jetpack draws power
 from your Jetpack in order to function, it will be stated in the description.


 This is the default backpack. Not especially good without the NITRO BOOST
 add-on. The nitro gives your jetpack an extra kick, and allows you to fly
 faster. The jetpack is one of Giant's most innovative features and a great
 fun factor. All Meccs carry jetpacks, in single player and multiplayer alike.


 This is an upgrade for the default Jetpack. It improves the Jetpack greatly,
 making it faster and more powerful. Very useful when crossing big areas of sea
 and you don't want to become food for the Piranhas.


 This upgrade drains energy from your Jetpack and allows you to repair (heal)
 buildings, your teammates and even yourself. To repair, simply target a
 building or Mecc and press the fire button. To repair yourself, press the fire
 button while targeting the air in front of you.


 This backpack draws power from your Jetpack and offers protection from
 incoming fire for a short amount of time. Not terribly useful, but it can save
 you from rather difficult situations. Nice for certain early missions, and
 while passing through an area full of enemies.


 This backpack offers camouflage. While activated it camouflages the Mecc as a
 bush and draws power from the Jetpack. It allows the wearer to walk, though
 slower than usually, but not to fire of fly using the Jetpack. Be careful,
 because you can still be seen when moving, even in disguise. Also be careful
 of low Jetpack energy. You do not want to suddenly lose your disguise in the
 middle of a group of Reaper Guards.


 This turret can be lifted by a single Mecc and be deployed in order to shoot
 at enemies. Not terribly useful, but nice during the early stages of building
 your base.


 This portable bomb is capable of dealing massive damage to large groups of
 enemies or buildings. Mostly used for the needs of a mission. You can also use
 it as a means of blowing stuff up. Enjoy!



 You can gain access to this baby by building a Gyrocopter pad (either during a
 base building mission or in a multiplayer game). Gyrocopters hold a Mecc, who
 is the pilot, and more who can latch on to the sides. A Gyrocopter has
 unlimited fuel capacity (you can fly forever!) and carries a machine gun with
 unlimited ammo, as well as three Millennium Bombs (exactly like the Millennium
 Gun projectiles). Be careful, though, because the Gyrocopter might be powerful
 but it is weak on the structural side. It can be destroyed really easily by
 the enemies (When piloting a Gyrocopter, the health indicator refers to the
 vehicle, not you), and you don't want to be falling from up there, do you?

 - C.3.c.Sea Reaper Equipment                                         [CSRE6] -



 Delphi's default weapon, this close-range weapon deals much damage and can
 slash an opponent in two. Try combining Delphi's turbo ability (to get closer
 to your enemies) and the power of this weapon and you will easily defeat
 anyone who stands in your way.


 The equivalent of a Mecc handgun, this bow can shoot fast, but is not that
 powerful. Just like the Handgun, this weapon has unlimited ammo and is a
 reliable piece of equipment.


 A more powerful version of the original Bow, the Lightning Bow has a faster
 shot speed and a big range of fire, apart from the fact that it has great
 firepower. It is the equivalent of the Sniper Gun.


 This Bow, another version of the regular Bow, is the Sea Reaper equivalent of
 the RPG. Really nice in close range, and useful for destroying buildings.


 The equivalent of the Homing Missile. Hold down the fire button to lock on a
 target, then release it to fire a screaming skull that will trace your enemy's
 steps and explode upon impact with the target. Really useful for flying


 This bow allows you to get rid of large groups of enemies with one shot.
 Simply hold down the fire button when the enemies are close, and release it
 after a few seconds. Multiple projectiles, each targeted on a different enemy,
 will explode upon impact and deal massive damage.



 Use this spell to magically ensnare a Smartie from a distance. When cast on a
 targeted Smartie, a bubble forms around it, carrying it back to you. Useful
 for "stealing" Smarties from other opponents in multiplayer games.


 Summons a fist-sized object that will fly towards the target and burst upon
 impact, throwing small pieces of explosives in a circle and dealing damage to
 anything in its radius.


 This spell allows Delphi to move faster in the form of a trail of green mist
 for a shot amount of time. While in this form Delphi is invincible and
 poisons any creature she touches.


 This spell teleports Delphi to a random location within a certain distance.
 The spell will also create some stationary Delphi clones to confuse the enemy.
 The clones will disappear over time, or when hit.


 Creates a wall of fire that moves forward, burning everything in its path.
 Creatures in the way of the wall will receive damage. If you are accidentally
 burned, you can put out the fire by taking a quick bath in the sea.


 Upon casting this spell, you get a panoramic view of the targeted spot. You
 then have a certain amount of time to target spots on the ground (using the
 left mouse button). When time runs out, giant pieces of hail will fall down
 to those spots, dealing massive damage to any creature in the area.


 This spell creates a dome of slow time, centered on the cursor. Creatures
 within this dome will be affected by the spell and slow down. Delphi will not
 be affected, however. Nice for hacking up enemies while they are unable to


 This spell will shrink any creature to half its size. It will also deal damage
 to that creature.


 This spells conjures three projectiles that fly towards the target. Two of the
 projectiles will home in and lift the creature in the air. Shortly afterwards,
 a third projectile will also home in and hit the target.


 This spell creates a cone of fire at the targeted point. Delphi must then walk
 to the cone. That will cause a circular wall of flame to expand outward from
 the cone and burn everything it touches. The effect of the spell will disperse
 after a few seconds. The cone can also be triggered prematurely, if an enemy
 fires at the cone.


 Something like the Repair Gun of the Meccs. Select the spell and target a
 building to perform repairs.


 Similar to the Cluster spell (described above), but leaves an object on the
 ground, instead of releasing a projectile. The object will explode when an
 enemy approaches and produce a similar effect as the Cluster cone.


 THE most powerful spell in the game, this spell summons a monstrous tornado
 at the targeted point. The tornado will hurl any creature within the area of
 the effect in the air while larger creatures will stay on the ground and take
 damage. As if that weren't enough, the tornado will disperse after a short
 period of time and those who until recently were in the air will fall down,
 taking damage from the fall. Nice for killing large groups of enemies or
 destroying buildings.



 This vehicle is used during three racing missions with Delphi and can also be
 acquired when in base building levels. A Reaper Ski travels on the water
 surface and is armed with missiles and homing missiles. It also possesses the
 ability to move faster, when using turbo. Ammunition and turbo boosts can be
 obtained in the form of power-ups that can be found on the water surface. 
 Again, when piloting a Reaper Ski, the health indicator refers to the vehicle,
 not Delphi.

 ** Also see section E.7.c "The Reaperski Escape!" of the walkthrough for more
    information on how to pilot your Reaperski.

 - C.4. Kabuto Attacks                                                [CKBA7] -

 Kabuto might lack items and cool equipment, but he has his hands and feet with
 which to smash things up. Kabuto normally attack when the left mouse button is
 pressed. This attack consists of light blows with the fists and punches. When
 things get serious, that is, after a certain mission in the Kabuto campaign,
 he can use his special attacks that are called ADRENALINE ATTACKS. There are
 also some other special attacks that can be executed even if the Adrenaline
 bar is not full.

 To execute an ADRENALINE ATTACK, Kabuto needs to draw power from the
 Adrenaline bar, located on the lower left side of the screen. This bar is
 normally white. When you press the SHIFT button, Kabuto starts gathering his
 strength and the bar changes colour. The longer you hold down the button, the
 more powerful the attack will be and the more adrenaline Kabuto will use. The
 colour of the bar changes according to the attack: GREEN colour is for the
 light attacks, YELLOW is for the medium attacks and RED for the strongest of
 attacks. When you are satisfied with the amount of adrenaline used, you can
 press the Left or the Right Mouse Button to launch the attack. Kabuto has
 one attack per button (the left mouse button executes hand attacks and the
 right foot attacks )for the first two adrenaline levels (GREEN, YELLOW) and
 two for the third level attack (RED).

 The available attacks (special and adrenaline) are:

 1. Adrenaline Attacks

 ADRENALINE PUNCH (Level 1 Hand Attack)

 This is Kabuto's first level adrenaline hand attack. Kabuto gathers his
 strength and releases it in the form of a REALLY strong punch. Quite Nice for
 destroying buildings or harming specific enemies, but not useful against large
 groups of enemies.

 TWO-HANDED SLAM (Level 2 Hand Attack)

 When Kabuto executes this second level adrenaline hand attack, he hits the
 target with both fists. Again, really useful for single targets, but not
 extremely useful for groups of enemies.

 ELBOW DROP (Level 3 Hand Attack)

 This is the same move you see in wrestling. Kabuto will crush anything he hits
 with his elbow. Destroying buildings and groups of enemies is a lot easier
 with this attack.

 BELLY FLOP (Level 3 Hand Attack)

 Kabuto's alternate third level adrenaline hand attack is much more showy than
 his other one. He jumps in the air and spreads his hands and feet above his
 target moments before he falls down on it (picture a clumsy dive in the pool
 and you'll know what this looks like). Great for destroying buildings in one
 move and pulverising large groups of enemies.

 FOOT STOMP (Level 1 Foot Attack)

 This is Kabuto's level 1 adrenaline foot attack. Kabuto stomps at the ground,
 pulverising the target. Extremely useful for enemies that can't fly, such as
 Rippers and Reaper Guards.

 JUMPING STOMP (Level 2 Foot Attack)

 This attack is much like the level 1 adrenaline foot attack. Kabuto jumps in
 the air and stomps with both feet. This is essentially a FOOT STOMP x2. A
 stronger, but slower attack.

 BUTT FLOP (Level 3 Foot Attack)

 The first level 3 adrenaline foot attack. Kabuto jumps REALLY high in the air
 and lands ass first on the ground. A devastating attack, that destroys
 buildings and large groups of enemies with a single blow.

 CANNONBALL (Level 3 Foot Attack)

 The alternative level 3 adrenaline foot attack. Kabuto folds into a great
 sphere and hurls himself at his foes. Really showy and really effective. Try
 it and have fun!

 2. Special Attacks


 To execute this special move, simply press the Left Mouse Button while running
 towards the target. Kabuto will kick the enemy as if it were a ball, and will
 launch it in the air, only to fall kilometres away. After you see this for the
 first time, you'll forget all you know about free kicks in football.


 Press the Right Mouse Button while running and when close to an enemy to
 execute this special move. Kabuto will slide by the enemy, creating an immense
 plume of dust behind him, and grab the target.


 Kabuto can throw enemies he has grabbed by pressing the Right Mouse Button.
 This way, he can turn them into a nasty missile weapon or simply get rid of
 them by sending them to land hundreds of metres away. When throwing creatures
 away, you can either throw them on other enemies, and cause much damage to
 both targets, against the ground (this will usually create a big splat),
 against hills, or even in the sea.

 Kabuto can also throw large boulders, that can be found next to cliff walls.
 Boulders can also be found in volcanic columns. In this case, Kabuto must
 smash the top of the column and boulders will continually replenish, as others
 will constantly be pushed out of the soil. These boulders are the most deadly
 throwing weapon Kabuto can use; they will crash at the ground and then break
 into small pieces that will also damage the enemies.


 In some missions, Kabuto will obtain a special gemstone that he can use to
 fire a wide laser on the ground. Kabuto can control the laser in first person
 mode (much like Delphi's Summon Hail spell) and target enemies using the left
 mouse button. The targets of the spell will burn slowly, once the effect takes

 --[ D.STRATEGIES ]----------------------------------------------------[MDST0]-

 This is a spoiler-free section intended for those who do not want a complete
 walkthrough, but only want a piece of advice. I would suggest you read through
 it anyway, either you want to read the walkthrough or not, as it provides the
 player with tips for a more enjoyable gaming experience.

 - D.1. Mecc Campaign Strategies                                      [DMST1] -

 Use the right weapons against the right enemies. Using your RPG against a tiny
 Ripper is a loss of ammo, whereas using the same weapon against a bigger and
 stronger Ripper is a smart move.

 Can't aim correctly, 'cause the enemy is too far? No problem. Try using the
 zoom button ("E" by default) to enter the zoom mode. In order to zoom in and
 get a better view of the enemy, press "Z" (default button) to increase zoom
 magnification. Zoom magnification can be increased up to two times.

 Use all the weapons you are given. For example, you get the RPG at the
 beginning of mission 2. You can utilize the RPG to deal with enemies more
 effectively since mission 2.

 Use the right weapons for the right missions. In the first missions, you will
 be using the Handgun, the RPG and the Machine Gun. In the last missions, you
 will be using Missile Launchers and the Millennium Gun.

 DO NOT SWIM. The seas of the Island are full of Piranhas, that do not like
 Meccs. Be extra careful when flying above the sea. You don't want to suddenly
 fall inside and get eaten by the fish.

 Can't get to an isolated place, high up in a hilltop? You can "exploit" one
 of the game's glitches (not really a glitch, just referring to it as one) to
 make your life easier. All you have to do is to hold the jetpack button pushed
 while running up a "crack" in a hillside. Note that not all hills can be
 climbed this way.

 Turrets too hard for you? Try using flares to draw the homing missiles and
 escape the deadly explosion. To use this, simply push the Drop Flare button
 ("K" by default) when the Missile has been locked on, in order to release the
 flare, that will be hit by the homing missile.

 Although destroying everything is a cool way to finish a mission, you should
 consider using another strategy to beat the various missions. You do not have
 to destroy everything in your path in all missions. Try running from enemies,
 or try to finish the missions without shooting anything.

 Want some EXTRA FUN? Try this if you are you an experienced Giants player:
 Beat all the Mecc missions in the game using only your Handgun. This could be
 a bit tough, but, hey, where would the challenge be if it weren't? You should
 thank Planet Moon for giving the Handgun unlimited ammo.

 - D.2.Sea Reaper Campaign strategies                                 [DRST2] -

 Are you low on health? Try swimming around a bit. Delphi is a Sea Reaper and
 the Piranhas of the Island will not harm her. Swimming slowly restores
 Delphi's health.

 Do you think that Delphi swims a bit slowly for a Sea Reaper? Try holding down
 the left mouse button while swimming to get an extra boost. You can swim at
 that pace for as long as you like.

 Are you low on ammo? Consider using your sword. Delphi's sword is her most
 reliable weapon. Both fast and really strong, the only drawback is that you
 have to get close to an enemy to deal damage.

 The sword combined with the Turbo ability makes killing anything much easier.
 Simply target an enemy, then turbo on him and once you're close enough, cut
 him down with the sword.

 The rule "Use the right weapon against the right enemy" is also valid on the
 Sea Reaper campaign. Use your sword a lot on Rippers and Reaper Guards and use
 the strongest bows on Raiks, turrets, flying Reapers or large groups of

 Confused after an enemy Raik has cast Teleport? If you don't know which Raik
 to hit, aim for the one that is moving. The projected images of the Raik are
 stationary. If you still can't figure out which one to hit, try the one who
 has a life gauge when you target it with the crosshair.

 In the base building missions don't bother killing only Vimps for souls. You
 can defend your base and kill any Reaper Guards that are coming your way. This
 way you will gain some extra souls. Rippers and buildings do not provide
 Delphi with extra souls, though.

 Delphi has more health than any Mecc. A LOT MORE. The health "dropped" by the
 Rippers and the health syringes will replenish a much smaller portion of
 Delphi's health. So, you should not always rely on health syringes for health.
 Swimming could prove more useful (see above).

 Delphi can also use the zoom button and the zoom in function is also available
 in the Sea Reaper Campaign, so go ahead and use it to take out enemies from a
 long distance or those damn turrets.

 Practice a bit with the Reaperski. Steering and shooting should be at a quite
 good level. You will need those skills in certain missions. And remember: the
 Reaperski can also move on land (that's right!). You can use it to move fast
 and in style across an island.

 - D.3.Kabuto Campaign Strategies                                     [DKST3] -

 Kabuto does not like to swim. He really doesn't. It isn't because he doesn't
 want to be seen in a bathing suit. And it isn't because the piranha will
 attack him, because they won't. He's so heavy that he sinks once he enters
 deep water, so keep away from the sea, just like you did in the Mecc campaign.

 Are you low on health? No problem, grab a snack! Seriously, if you want some
 extra health, don't look for health syringes and don't try to swim. Instead,
 grab an enemy using the Right Mouse Button (by default) and eat him by using
 the Left Mouse Button. The part of your health you will restore depends on the

 Remember how you could climb hills using your funky jetpack during the Mecc
 Campaign? Kabuto has a similar trick. You can run against the "cracks" of a
 hill (you can accomplish that by pressing the Space button) and Kabuto will
 climb the hill in no time. This will allow you to go to areas you could not
 visit otherwise and will enable you to finish some missions the easy way.

 Is the target too far away to reach? Is that annoying turret on an island
 where you can't go because you're afraid to swim? No problem, just use the
 adrenaline attacks. Your third level adrenaline attacks (particularly the foot
 attack is an excellent - but a bit slow - way to get from one place to the
 other, because Kabuto can jump far to reach a target. Just target the turret
 and attack it. So simple.

 Kabuto has A LOT of health. Even more than Delphi (of course he does, he's a
 skyscraper-tall creature after all). That doesn't mean he's invulnerable,
 though. You can probably withstand dozens of hits, but if you find yourself
 surrounded by Reaper Guards, snipers and turrets, better turn around and lure
 them to a safe place, where you can eat one or two to restore health. Then go
 back to the others and use some of Kabuto's legendary strength on them.

 Raiks can use their spells on Kabuto as well (I would expect a mythical
 creature like Kabuto to have some sort of resistance to magic, but he hasn't.)
 The way to counter these spells is the same as it was in the Sea Reaper
 campaign: If you're on fire wait for it to go off. Do not swim, because you'll
 end up drowned. Kabuto has so much health, that the spell does not affect him
 in the least. If you get shrunk or slowed down, though, you are will have to
 wait for the effect to wear off.

 Kabuto can be as playful as your three-year-old sister/brother when she/he
 throws her/his toys at you. Replace toys with creatures such as Reaper Guards
 and Rippers and your little sister/brother with Kabuto and you will find that
 much more amusing, I am sure. Try throwing things on buildings, on other
 enemies, in the sea or against the ground and hills. Really funny. Now you
 know how your little sister/brother feels.

 --[ E.WALKTHROUGH ]---------------------------------------------------[MWLK0]-

 ___________________________NOTES ON THE WALKTHROUGH___________________________

    During the game, you will be have the chance to play with three races: the
 Meccs (you play as Baz), the Sea Reapers (you play as Delphi) and Kabuto. Each
 race has its own controls as well as unique items, equipment and vehicles. For
 more information on this, check out the "Controls" and the "Items" in the GAME
 BASICS section.

    The ways to beat the missions that are presented in this walkthrough are,
 in my opinion, the optimal ones. There are, of course, different ways to
 complete a mission, other than those stated in this walkthrough. Feel free to
 explore the world of Giants: Citizen Kabuto and discover new ways of getting
 around certain situations.

    The layout for each mission consists of the HEADING (the name of the
 mission, it's TOC keyword and the number), the OBJECTIVES (taken directly from
 the in-game menus) and the walkthrough, which may contain NOTES.

 - E.1. Mecc Story 1: The Search for Tel                              [EMST1] -

 E.1.a. A Boy Called Timmy    [EBCT2]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Find the helpless little SMARTIE BOY. Hurry! He's in danger! Go!
             2.Kill all the RIPPERS guarding him.

    After watching the funny introduction you are presented with the mission
 objectives, which are to find a Smartie boy named Timmy and kill all the
 Rippers guarding him. The only piece of equipment you currently possess is
 your handgun which you can use to efficiently clear the place of Rippers.
 Timmy's location is northwest of where you begin the mission, right across the
 sea. You can't cross the sea, however, as you don't have your jetpack yet. You
 will have to walk, then. Move towards the mark on your map through the ripper-
 infested area (you can view the map by pressing the C button) and kill all the
 Rippers you come across on your way to where Timmy is. These Rippers you're up
 against are really small ones and can easily be killed with two or three shots
 from your handgun. To stop the little beasts from constantly coming at you,
 you need to destroy their nests (you can's miss them, they are cocoon-like
 hives on the ground that spit Rippers every once in a while). Anyway, once you
 are done with the hives-nests, you can move towards the village, which appears
 to be as ripper-infested as the area you just came from. Gun your way through
 the abandoned Smartie village. You will fight both tiny and huge Rippers here,
 so be careful, as the huge ones inflict much more damage than their little
 brothers. After you reach the other side of the village, cross the two bridges
 and kill all the Rippers you encounter. The Rippers guarding Timmy are normal-
 sized ones. They should not be much of a challenge.

 E.1.b. The Wax Smarties    [ETWS3]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Save 4 SMARTIES using your sexy new JETPACK.
             2. Drop them off on the conveniently located SMARTIE PAD nearby.

    Baz makes his way through a mineshaft along with his new friend, only to
 find Smarties hanging from a cliff, ready to fall to the sea below them. A
 bath wouldn't be much of a problem, but considering that the sea is full of
 hungry piranhas, it is. Using your jetpack, fly from one bit of earth to the
 other, until you reach the island the Smarties are on. Rescue the Smarties
 from the carnivorous fish by safely transferring them to the drop-off point.
 Use your jetpack to do this: fly below a Smartie that's ready to fall (you can
 tell whether a Smartie is ready to fall when you see rocks falling off from
 the point where it holds on to the rock) and the Smartie should sit on your
 back. Catching the Smarties before they fall can be a bit tricky, however, as
 you have to carefully choose the place and the moment to avoid casualties. The
 mission is over once you manage to rescue four Smarties from the teeth of the

 E.1.c. Tel's Dilemma    [ETDL4]

 OBJECTIVES: Rescue TEL from the crashed Lander!
             He...can't...hold on...much longer!

    Tel (the guy who was piloting the spacecraft in the first video) has
 apparently crashed on a nearby island. Serves him well for closing the hatch
 and letting you fall off the plane. Timmy gives you Tel's RPG, which can be
 really effective against Rippers, as it can blow normal-sized ones up with one
 shot and it can easily pulverise the huge Rippers. Just make your way through
 the Rippers, hovering across a cliff on the way, kill everything that moves,
 grab the extra ammo and reach the crashed spacecraft to find Tel and
 successfully finish the mission.

 E.1.d. The Ripper Nest    [ETRN5]

 OBJECTIVES: Find the HATCH that leads to the mineshaft.

    There is not much to say about this really small mission. Again you must
 make your way through the mountainrange killing all the Rippers as you go. As
 you leave the mountains behind, the mineshaft will be on an island right in
 front of you. Kill the Rippers guarding it and get in. This mission is the 
 first one that gives you the opportunity to control a mecc (Tel, that is).
 Controlling meccs isn't much of a problem, although they might not always
 follow your commands, or they might do so long after you give the command.
 Anyway, these are the buttons: 

   Ctrl + Left mouse click  ---> Meccs attack target
   Ctrl + Right mouse click ---> Meccs move to target area
   Button 2 (or Ctrl + 2)   ---> Meccs regroup

 These commands will not work, however if the Meccs are dead. Even if they do
 die, though, they will respawn after a few seconds or minutes.

 E.1.e. The Way to Sorcha Island    [EWSA6]

             2.Escape through the HATCH leading to Sorcha Island.

    The mission begins with you positioned right in front of the hatch. Move
 forward. In the area in front of you there are two Verms, flying creatures 
 that breathe fire on you if you let them get too close. Be careful to kill
 them, not just injure them, as they possess the ability to lay eggs are give
 birth to new Verms. If a Verm lays an egg, you can always shoot the egg before
 it hatches. Move through the big stone gate to the next are, where some small
 Rippers are resting underground. Do not enter the area. Instead, lure them to
 your position by shooting them once or twice. This way you avoid being in the
 middle of the Ripper-infested area, and you save ammo. This area has two stone
 gates leading out of it. Both gates eventually lead to the same area. The gate
 on the right, as seen when first entering the area, leads to an area with some
 Rippers and Reaper Guards, where a Gift Shop is located. Here you can find 
 health syringes and ammo and restore your health. The other gate, the one on
 the left, leads through two areas packed with Rippers to an area with two 
 sniper towers. Watch out for those snipers. They are dangerous, because they
 can kill you or any other Mecc with one shot from their sniper, not like their
 Reaper "brothers", who cannot even aim correctly. When you reach the area with
 the two sniper towers, no matter which road you followed, proceed through the
 next stone gate to the final area, where you can find, apart from two or three
 Rippers, the hatch leading to Sorcha Island.

 - E.2. Mecc Story 2: Hunger in the Codpiece Hills                    [EHCH0] -

 E.2.a. Starving!    [ESTA1]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Go hunt down some scrumptious but not-too-bright VIMPS.
             2.return 20 PIECES OF VIMP MEAT to TIMMY'S FATHER for his dinner.

    Quite an easy mission. Simply fly down the hills, straight from the
 entrance of the village. You should bump on some Vimps on the way, or fly
 above some. Three or four shots from your handgun are enough to kill each
 Vimp. Once you are done killing, simply walk above the Vimp's body to get
 three pieces of Vimp meat. Kill your seven Vimps to get 20 pieces, then take
 the way back. Kill any Rippers you may encounter, then, climbing the hilltops,
 reach Timmy's father and end this mission.

 E.2.b. The Wife    [ETWF2]

 OBJECTIVES: Rescue the Smartie's WIFE - the man's STARVING!!!

    OK, here we go. You have to save the Smartie's wife, who has been captured
 by the sea Reapers. You now have a new backpack, the Bush Pack! Nice for
 camouflage, but you can't fire or fly while using it. To use it, press the
 Shift button. Be careful, though, because you are not entirely invisible while
 wearing it. You can still be seen when moving or when you are targeted by a
 Reaper Sniper. Go out the front gate of the village and look down and to your
 left. A small settlement should be visible along the coastline. Head down
 towards the settlement, carefully killing any Rippers you may encounter. Once
 you reach the settlement, get rid of the Reaper guard walking around and also
 get rid of the sniper. With those out of the way, concentrate on the Ripper
 Barracks. You can easily destroy such a building using the Machine Gun that
 can be found in the Gist Shop nearby (the Gift Shop, located next to the
 Reaper Guard tower, also contains Grenades and Flares). After dealing with the
 foes in this area, go along the coastline (the only place accessible, since
 you can't climb the hills yet) and take out the turret. Three or four shots
 from your RPG should do just fine, although you can easily take it out using
 your handgun. Remember that a flare can save you from a homing missile, if
 released in the appropriate time. Anyway, keep following the coastline, until
 you can see another Barracks building in the distance. Watch put for the Guard
 tower on your left, on the top of that hill. There are two ways to finish this
 mission. You can either blast your way through the area, destroying the Reaper
 Barracks and killing the Guards on your way, or you can simply climb on top of
 the hill with the Guard tower, take out any Reapers you can find and then 
 clear out the next area from above. No matter which way you choose, you will
 eventually find a large building, in which the Smartie's wife can be found.
 Either way, remember to pick up the items you find, or those that the Reapers
 drop (health syringes, grenades, flares, mines). You might also want to watch
 out for the turret in the final area. Behind the building where the wife is
 located, you can find a health syringe. Just walk inside the building towards
 the wife to end the mission.

 E.2.c. The Road Home (with someone's wife on your back)    [ETRH3]

 OBJECTIVES: Return the lovely FEMALE SMARTIE to her home in the mountains.

    Not much to say about this small and easy mission. If you move fast enough,
 you should be back in the village in no time and with minimal damage. Simply
 go back the way you came. It is recommended that you climb the hill located
 close to the building where the wife was being kept (see walkthrough of
 previous mission), instead of moving through the area where the Reaper
 Barracks used to be. Also be extra careful of the Sonak, the huge beast that
 attack with sonic waves that shake the ground. You do not have to kill
 anything in this mission (including the Sonak), so simply fly above everything
 and return to Halfizzee (Timmy's dad) to complete the mission.

 E.2.d. High Village    [EHVL4]

 OBJECTIVES: Clear the infested HIGH VILLAGE by destroying all RIPPER HUSKS.

    After learning about Reg and being kicked out of the Smartie's house, you
 must clear the Ripper infestation in the High Village. You now possess the
 Nitro, made by Timmy, a most useful upgrade to your jetpack. You can use this
 to gain an extra boost of speed during your flight (just press Space). The
 High Village is located on top of the hill that was until lately unreachable.
 Using your Nitro, "walk" against the hillside to get to the High Village.
 There are many spots that can lead to the High Village. One of them is close
 to the Gift Shop, another is close to where the Reaper Barracks used to be in
 the previous mission. Once you are on top of the hill, make your way through
 the infested High Village, destroying Barracks and killing Rippers. Medium and
 large Rippers can be found here. Use the RPG, as well as the Machine Gun on
 the Barracks and the Rippers. Kill and destroy everything, and you are done.

 E.2.e. Grandpa Borjoyzee    [EGRB5]

 OBJECTIVES: Find old GRANDPA BORJOYZEE and see if he can help you get to the
             prison where they took Reg.

    This mission belongs to the short-and-easy ones. Simply move towards 
 'Joyzee's location (you can see that in the map, which is accessible by
 pushing "C"), shooting the Reaper Guard and the Rippers along the way. All you
 have to kill are one Reaper Guard and three or four Rippers. Simple as that!
 Move close to Borjoyzee to finish the mission.

 - E.3. Mecc Story 3: Dick Whittington Prison                         [EDWP0] -

 E.3.a. Reg's Dilemma    [ERGD1]

 OBJECTIVES: Kill the SONAK to rescue REG.
             (It's not like this is the first time you've had to detach
             Reg from some hairy beast.)
    This area is where the next three missions are taking place. It consists of
 a main area surrounded by hills and a circular "road" around it. Just over the
 hill next to your starting position, there is a Gift Shop guarded by two
 Reaper Guards. This shop contains all the usual items and a new backpack: the
 Shield. This upgrade draws power from your jetpack once it's activated, but
 protects you from incoming fire. Useful if you are in the middle of a dozen
 Reaper Guards. Kill the guards, grab the upgrade and move towards the location
 of the Sonak patrol (you can find that marked on your map). The Sonak is
 constantly circling around the central area, so there should be no problem
 finding it. You don't have to kill all the Reapers following the Sonak, you
 can simply kill the beast to end the mission.

 E.3.b. Borjoyzee Awaits    [EBJA2]

 OBJECTIVES: Return to BORJOYZEE and thank him for his help.
             Try to al least sound sincere - he's an old Smartie with
             testicular problems, after all.

    Nothing to say about this mission. Go back the way you came, getting rid of
 anything that stands in your way (mostly Rippers and the occasional Reaper
 Guard). "Touch" old 'Joyzee to complete the mission.

 E.3.c. The Reaper Guard Barracks    [ERGB3]


    The objectives are plain and simple: destroy everything that is not a Mecc.
 The Sniper plays a very important role in this mission. Fly to the Gift Shop,
 where the Sniper Gun can now be found. Kill the small Rippers that have
 appeared in the area and make your way towards the back of the Gift Shop. You
 should be able to see an opening. This opening leads to the central area,
 where the Guard Barracks and the Reaper Guards are located. The first building
 is located in front of you, as you enter the area from the "entrance" behind
 the Gift Shop, the second one can be seen up on the hill in the distance and
 the third one is located on your left, protected by a hill. As always, use the
 map to find the Barracks if you have problems doing so. Using the Sniper Gun
 on the Barracks (it takes five or six shots from your new toy to demolish the
 Barracks) and your trusted Machine Gun on the Reaper Guards, destroy
 everything, successfully completing the mission.

 E.3.d. The Sonac Patrols    [ETSP4]

             Sonaks...Reaper Guards...everything must go!!!

    You begin the mission positioned right above the three Sonak patrols. You
 can either use the Sniper Gun to kill the Sonaks from a distance and then
 utilize the Machine Gun, or you can get your hands dirty and use the Machine
 Gun on both the Sonaks (it takes about four shots from the Sniper Gun to kill
 each Sonak) and the Reaper Guards. Remember that the Sonaks do pose a threat,
 due to their attack with sonic waves, which temporarily disables your Jetpack.
 Keep the above in mind, and you should not have a hard time completing the

 E.3.e. The Log Launchers    [ETLL5]

 OBJECTIVES: Find and destroy all 3 GUARD LAUNCHERS!

    Say hello to your new friend, the Rocket Launcher! This is a most valuable
 weapon, as it allows you to kill small teams of enemies with one or two shots,
 or severely damage buildings. At this point in the game, I suggest that you
 swap the RPG for the Rocket Launcher. Back to our mission: Cross the bridge
 and go through the gate. You will find yourself in a big area. The place you
 will be wanting to go is right on the other side of the hills you can see in
 the distance, in front of you. Watch out, though, because the hills are full
 of Reaper Snipers, Reaper Guards and Verms. If you move to your left, you will
 only find some houses and a Reaper Guard with a horn. To the right you will
 find a patrol of Reaper Guards and beyond that a Gift Shop (nothing new in
 here, apart from the Rocker Launcher). As soon as you are done with those
 parts of the map, you should head over to the hills (towards the center of the
 area). Cross the narrow passage carefully (Snipers everywhere!) and make your
 way to the next part of land, where the Guard Launchers are located! You can
 ignore the Barracks, or any other buildings and Reapers in this area and
 concentrate on the Launchers. Destroy them using the Sniper Gun or the Rocket
 Launcher and kill any dangerous Reapers with your Machine Gun. Once all three
 Guard Launchers are destroyed the mission is over.

 E.3.f. Dick Whittington Lift    [EDWL6]

 OBJECTIVES: Get to the LIFT and ride it up to the GIFT SHOP.

    Get ready for one of the shortest mission in the game! To complete it,
 simply take out the three Reaper Guards (two with Rocket Launchers), then get
 on the lift and let it carry you to the top of the hill. Enough said. Let's
 find more interesting things to do, like destroying some prison gates.

 E.3.g. Dick Whittington Prison    [EDWP7]


    Time to do some sniping. If you look down from the hill you are on in the
 beginning of this mission, you should be able to spot a big metallic building.
 That is obviously the Dick Whittington prison. The Pop-Up Bomb Borjoyzee was
 talking about can be found in the Gift Shop nearby. Before you pick that bomb
 up, equip yourself with all your heavy weapons (I'd choose the Sniper Gun, the
 Rocket Launcher and the RPG) and kill everything you can see from above the
 hill. Do not mind about the Reapers going around. Take out the Reapers on the
 tower, the Verms, the Turrets and the Rippers close to the prison building.
 Once you are done, get a Pop-Up Bomb (it occupies the Jetpack Upgrade slot)
 and head down to the prison gates. Plant the bomb pushing the Shift button
 when you are right in front of the gates and GET OUTTA THERE! Watch the
 well made explosion effect and the video. (Alternatively, you can head down in
 the beginning of the mission and kill everything that moves, then return and
 get the Pop-Up Bomb. It's your choice.)

 - E.4. Mecc Story 4: The Search for Timmy                            [ETST0] -

 E.4.a. Torture Square    [ETTS1]


    It appears that your visit to the Dick Whittington prison wasn't fruitless
 after all. You have a new toy in your possession: the Millennium Gun a.k.a.
 the biggest gun in the game! Try using that against groups of enemies or
 buildings and watch them getting blasted! Use the Millennium Gun on the two
 Ripper Husks. They are positioned right in front of your starting position.
 Take your time to also destroy the turret so that it doesn't keep firing at
 you and your buddies. Move towards the Gift Shop that can be found close to
 the turret and remember to fly low, because there are Homing Missile Launchers
 on the hills. After stopping by at the Gift Shop carefully climb the hill
 behind it. There should be a turret there, which you can take out. Right on
 the opposite hill, there is another turret, which should also be blasted.
 After doing this, take a look down. You should be able to spot two more Ripper
 Husks and another positioned on the hill on the opposite site. Take everything
 out and fly to that hill. Notice the two Reaper Barracks and the guard towers
 ahead of you. Blast everything up and carefully snipe the Raiks located in
 front of the gate on the far side of the level. Be extremely careful, as the
 Raiks possess magical abilities and are really hard to kill. After dealing
 with them, take the Pop-Up Bomb from the Gift Shop ahead and use it on the
 Torture Square Gate to complete this mission.

 E.4.b. The Offspring!    [ETOF2]

 OBJECTIVES: Destroy Kabuto's OFFSPRING by shooting at the WEAK SPOT on their

    Seems like Gordon and Bennett have messed things up. (R.I.P. Timmy) Time
 for Baz to sort this mess out, then. The mission is simple: kill the
 offspring. Start by ordering the Meccs to attack the Offspring. This will keep
 the beasts busy and allow you to head to that conveniently positioned guard
 tower in front of your starting position and snipe at the Offspring. Three or
 four shots from the Sniper Gun should do the trick. If you prefer another
 approach to the matter, then head on to the pit where the Offspring are
 playing happily and Machine Gun them. Remember that they cannot be harmed
 unless shot at their weak spot in their stomachs. If you decide to kill them
 from a close range, then look out for their spinning attack, which deals
 damage equal to almost half your health. Also keep an eye out for their other
 attack, the one that launches a ball of green flame on you. It might be a good
 idea to keep the Offspring focused on the Meccs, by ordering the Meccs to
 attack every few seconds, while you snipe at the Offspring.

 E.4.c. Gordon & Bennett's Dilemma    [EGBD3]

 OBJECTIVES: Fight your way to the FORTRESS and find GORDON and BENNETT.

    If you check the map at the beginning of this mission, you will see that
 the place you are heading is on another island and that the sea that
 separates the two stripes of land is too big for you to cross using your
 Jetpack. That is why you will have to visit the Gift Shop next to Borjoyzzee
 and grab the Jetpack Upgrade. What you have to do next is to head over to the
 island closest to the one you are on (not the one with the Fortress on it).
 Once there, take out the sniper in the tower in front of you and then climb
 the hill and take out the four Ripper Husks. Once you are done with this hard
 works, fly to the farthest side of the island and take out the turret that
 launches homing missiles, as well as the sniper on the tower. Then carefully
 make your way to the next island (better snipe at those turrets and the sniper
 before setting foot on it) and visit the Gift Shop, if you need health. Then
 do the hard work of destroying the remaining turrets (which are not few) and
 the Reaper Guards (again, not few of them) and head towards the Fortress. You
 should check for any remaining turrets along the perimeter of the Fortress and
 head towards that platform that you can see jutting out of the main building.
 You can go there more easily by flying from the top of the hill right in front
 of the platform. Walk inside the Fortress and the mission is finished.

    A different way to end this mission without wasting a single bullet: At the
 beginning of the mission take the Jetpack Upgrade and head straight to the
 island with the Fortress on it (simply fly towards the Fortress). You will
 fall into the sea, but swim around until your Jetpack recharges and fly again.
 Once on the island, evade any homing missiles coming your way and head
 straight to the platform of the Fortress. You have just finished the mission
 without firing once!

 - E.5. Mecc Story 5: The Battle                                      [ETBT0] -

 E.5.a. The Charger    [ETCR1]

 OBJECTIVES: Kill the CHARGER to secure your Base Building Area.

    Quite a simple objective. You start just outside the area where the Charger
 is. Ignore it for the moment and concentrate on the Rippers. Kill the stupid
 creatures with some help from your buddies who are now four and then turn to
 the Charger itself. Set the Meccs on it and position yourself in the middle of
 the area. Wait until it stops running and starts charging (it'll stop running
 in circles and it'll move to the center of the area) and move so that you
 intercept its course. Move backwards (you don't want it close to you) waiting
 for it to open its mouth and, once open, shoot inside it. If you happen to
 have a Missile Launcher on you, it only takes two shots from it. It takes two
 or three shots from the Sniper Gun and many shots from the Handgun. Kill the
 beast and get ready for some base building.

 E.5.b. The Battle!    [ETBE2]

             2.BUILD A BASE.
             3.Use the POP-UP BOMB that your Smarties create for you to destroy
               the enemy ARMY BARRACKS.

    This is it! The last mission of the Mecc campaign. Not a hard one, though.
 Let's start by getting an overview of the area. You begin in the middle of the
 area where the Charger used to be. This will be the area where your base will
 be built. As you can see, it is open on four sides. The Pub, the house next to
 which stands Borjoyzzee, is where you'll be bringing your Smarties. Start by
 going to the direction opposite of the Pub. You should cross a gate and find
 'Joyzzee's robot next to his boat. Continue left and after a few seconds, you
 will find yourself in a Smartie village. Kill the Reaper sniper and the
 Rippers, move close to a Smartie (thus allowing him to latch on your back) and
 return to the base. Walk over the Smartie pad and you should see a video about
 Vimps. Go back to the Smartie village, grab another Smartie and kill the four
 Vimps roaming the area to get 12 pieces of Vimp meat.

    Go back to the base and "deposit" the meat and the Smartie. Now go to the
 Build pad (located further from the Pub) and start creating a building (you
 will eventually have to create everything to successfully complete the
 mission), preferably walls. Repeat the Smartie-Vimp gathering process until
 you see the video that shows the robot warning you for an upcoming Reaper
 attack. Place the Meccs in the front gate (or the opening opposite the one
 with the boat) and kill any Reapers you can see. Be warned that if you allow
 the Reapers to enter the base they will not only destroy the buildings, but
 they will also kidnap Borjoyzzee (you will hear a message telling you so). In
 case that happens, you must quickly find the Reaper who has Borjoyzzee, kill
 him and get the old Smartie back to the base. After successfully countering
 the Reaper attack, you should go for more Smarties and Vimp meat. You can have
 up to ten Smarties in your base, but I suggest that you only have four (they
 are more than enough, because no building requires more than four Smarties
 to build). Keep an eye out for those flying Reapers. They launch rockets at
 you and your buildings. Use the Proximity Missile Launcher against them and
 order an attack by the rest of the Meccs.

    Continue building (preferably the shield generator first and then wood and
 stone walls) until you run out of Vimp meat. Time to look for another place
 where Vimps can be found. Exit your base through the front gate and keep
 moving forward along the shoreline. After a few seconds, you will be able to
 see a Smartie village in the distance. Exactly to the right of the village,
 there is a place where Vimps are running happily. Snipe at the turrets on the
 nearby hills (you are getting closer to the enemy base now), kill any Rippers
 you may encounter, then grab a Smartie and kill seven Vimps to get the maximum
 of 20 pieces of Vimp meat you can carry. Return to the base and continue
 building. You should now have four Smarties, so keep supplying them with Vimp
 meat and keep countering enemy attacks until you can build the Party House (it
 appears as a building with a question mark in front of it in the Build pad).
 Just keep in mind that you need to have built the following buildings in order
 to gain access to the Party House:

                   +  A Workshop / Shield Generator
                   +  All Wood Walls (A, B, C and D)
                   +  All Stone Walls (A, B, C and D)
                   +  Gift Shop 1 / Gift Shop 2
                   +  Command Center

    Once the Party House is built, you will be able to build cool new
 structures such as (number indicates how many such structures are available):

    - Tower x3 (Nice sniping spots, can even be built while flying.)
    - Mini-Shop x 3 (Not as many weapons as a Gift Shop 2, but important
    - Gyrocopter Pad x1 (Grants access to a Gyrocopter! I would build this one
                        as high from the ground as possible.)
    - Mine Shaft x2 (Two connected mine shafts. Build them and you will be able
                    to enter through the one and exit through the other.)
    - Bulldog Turret x4 (Helps keep Reaper Guards and Rippers away. Build just
                        outside the gates for maximum efficiency.)
    - SAM Turret x5 (Really effective against flying Reapers. Build them on a
                    high spot, preferably on the hills surrounding your base.)

    To build these structures, enter the Party House the same way you would
 enter a Gift Shop and assign the job to a Smartie by left clicking on the
 structure you want to build, then left clicking on the Smartie. When you are
 outside the Party House, with the Smartie on your back, go to the location
 where you want the structure built and press the "Drop Party House Smartie"
 button ("X" by default). The structure will be built immediately and you will
 have to return the Smartie to the Party House.

    Once the Party House is ready, the Pop-Up Bomb will become available in the
 Gift Shop 2. Here's a nice way of beating the mission: First of all, arm
 yourself with the heaviest weapons you have (Millennium Gun, Proximity Missile
 Launcher - or Homing Missile Launcher - and Missile Launcher - or Sniper Gun -
 will do). Secondly, build a mine shaft somewhere safe, inside your base for
 example, and another as close to the enemy base as you can get. There is a
 hill on the right side of the enemy base ideal for this. Once the shafts are
 built, build a Mini-Shop next to the shaft located closer to the enemy base.
 After that, go to the enemy base and start destroying everything (turrets,
 Reaper Guards and Reaper Barracks). Once the area is clear, pass through the
 shaft, go to your base and pick up the Pop-Up Bomb. Go back through the shaft
 to the enemy base and head towards the huge building. (You guessed right! This
 is the Army Barracks!) Place the bomb in the middle of the building and make a
 run for it. Watch the building explode and take a break, because you have just
 completed the Mecc campaign!

 E.6.Delphi's Story 1: Yan, the Samurai Smartie                       [EYSS0] -

 E.6.a.Yan, the Samurai Smartie    [EYAN1]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Go through the gateway with the RED LIGHT and rescue a SMARTIE
             2.Return the SMARTIE to YAN.

    This is Delphi's first mission. Take your time and read through the GAME
 BASICS section to get more information on the CONTROLS and equipment, as well
 as the spell system.

    You begin the mission located in front of Yan. Look out for the gateway
 with the red light above it and move towards it. Before you can cross the gate
 you must kill the three Rippers coming towards you. Use the sword on them.
 Proceed through the gateway and continue forward. You should be able to see a
 small pond right in front of you. There are Rippers located on both sides of
 it. It doesn't matter which way you choose (right or left); both ways lead to
 the same place. Kill the Rippers and continue forward. Kill the Reaper Guard
 and cross the next pond. Kill the Reaper Guard on the hill to the left and
 keep following the water, until you get to an area with a small island in the
 center of it. On the island can be found yet another Reaper Guard, a gateway
 and (TA-DA!) the Smartie you're looking for. Move close to it in order to 
 "pick it up" and go back the way you came. Walk close to Yan to finish the

 E.6.b.Smartie in a Bubble    [ESIB2]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Go through the second gateway with the RED LIGHT and rescue a
              SMARTIE WORKER.
             2.Return the SMARTIE to YAN.

    This mission is a lot like the previous one (same objectives - different
 area). Again, go through the gateway with the red light. You will find
 yourself in an area with a pool in the middle of it. Take out the Reaper Guard
 on the tower to your right and kill the Rippers and the other Reaper Guard
 running about. You can swim in the pool to regain your health, if you need to.
 Follow the road up the hill and carefully destroy the Reaper Barracks
 (preferably using your Hellfire Bow - it takes around 10 shots from it to
 destroy the Barracks). Kill all the Reaper Guards in the area and have a quick
 bath in the pond if you are low on health. Can you see that enormous building
 on the top of the hill? The Smartie you're looking for is located right in
 front of it. Go there and either walk close to it or use the Bubble Spell on
 it to capture it. Return to Yan to proceed to the next mission.

 E.6.c.The Power of Turbo!    [EPTU3]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Go through the final gateway with the RED LIGHT and look for 
             2.Kill all RAIKS along the way.

    You now have the power to Turbo! Think of it as Delphi's equivalent of the
 Jetpack. Simply target the place you want to go and press the right mouse
 button to get there. Now, to find Yan. Remember the enormous building on the
 top of the hill of the previous mission? Turbo or walk your way there and
 continue along the path leading on the top of the hills. After a few seconds,
 you should be able to spot a gateway and a Gift Shop. Hover over there, kill
 the Ripper guarding the area and grab the Sniper Bow and the new spells from
 the shop (the available spells are Cluster, Teleport and Shrink - description
 of each spell can be found in the section devoted to Sea Reaper equipment).
 Once you are done, hover to the next small island, look carefully for the Raik
 located on the big island ahead and snipe at it. Raiks are generally really
 tough to kill, so don't be surprised if it takes 4-5 shots from your Sniper
 Bow. Remember: The sword is also effective at close range. After you have
 killed the Raik, hover to the next island and snipe/hack the two Raiks that
 can be found on it. Keep in mind that you MUST kill all the Raiks to complete
 the mission. Head to the top of the hill, where a Smartie village, as well as
 a Reaper Barracks building can be found. Destroy the Reaper Barracks for fun
 and kill all the Reaper Guards for the same reason, then talk to Yan. Mission

 E.6.d.Yan's Peace Mantra    [EYPC4]


    The objective is simple: Kill everything. Head back to the Gift Shop (it's
 two islands away from your position in the beginning of this mission). The
 island close to the Gift Shop provides an excellent sniping point. You can
 either finish the mission by hovering down to Yan's house and hacking everyone
 up, or by sniping at them from any of the surrounding hilltops. If you decide
 to snipe instead of hack (a wise choice, if you want my opinion), simply
 utilize your Sniper Bow and kill the nine Reaper Guards (one of them carries a
 missile launcher). It shouldn't take more than two shots to kill each Reaper
 (or one of you aim for the head) and you can always replenish your ammo by
 entering the Gift Shop nearby. The mission will automatically end once you
 kill the last Reaper Guard.

 - E.7.Delphi's Story 2: The Lost Reaperski                           [ETLR0] -

 E.7.a.Army Barraks Onslaught    [EABO1]

             2.BUILD A BASE.
             3.Destroy the ARMY BARRACKS with your TORNADO SPELL.

    This is the first of Delphi's base-building missions (Yeah, that's right,
 there's more, people!). The area is the typical base area: closed on the four
 corners, with some buildings ready at the beginning of the mission. These
 buildings are the Build Base Platform (exactly the same as that of the Mecc
 campaign) and the Persuader. Delphi also uses Smarties to build her base, but
 she does not kill Vimps for their meat. She kills them for souls. There is a
 limit of souls Delphi can "carry" and that is represented by a bar in the
 middle of the spell selection menu (the one on the lower left corner of the
 screen). When the bar reaches the top, Delphi will not be able to carry any
 more souls. That is when the Persuader comes in. The Persuader is where Delphi
 stores the collected souls. To deposit souls, simply stand on the pad in front
 of the Persuader. The Smarties will then sit on the Persuader and will be made
 to obey to any commands (you will be able to control them and order them to
 build). Note that souls can also be obtained from dead Reaper Guards, but
 obviously not from constructs. As you can see, gathering souls is not that
 difficult in Delphi's Base-Building missions. Simply kill a few Vimps at the
 beginning of the stage, and then keep killing enemies and, occasionally, some
 more Vimps.

     Your base is close to two small Smartie settlements. One is located almost
 next to the base. You can get there by exiting the base through the front gate
 (the one opposite to the "sea gate") and look to your left. The Smartie
 village is 2-3 seconds of flight away. This base can provide you with Smarties
 and Vimps, as you can spot a group of Vimps running around merrily close to
 the Smartie village. The second Smartie village is right ahead of you, when
 exiting through the front gate of your base.

    The same rules apply to this mission, as they do in the Mecc Base-building

 1. You MUST build ALL available structures in order to build a Party House.
 2. The Tornado spell only becomes available after building a Party House.
 3. You lose if the enemy kidnaps Yan and takes him to his base.
 4. You must follow the "gather souls - deposit souls - build - defend" circle.

 The buildings you MUST build in order to gain access to the Party House are:

             +  A Spell School / Shield Generator
             +  All Force Fields (Forcefield 1 A, B, C and D)
             +  All Upgraded Force Fields (Forcefield 2 A, B, C and D)
             +  Spell Shop 1 / Spell Shop 2
             +  Command Center

    Once the Party House is built, you will be able to build cool new buildings
 such as (number indicates how many such structures are available):

    - Cloaked Tower x3 (These towers provide great sniping spots.)
    - Mini-Spell Shop x 3 (Not as many weapons and spells as a Gift Shop 2,
                          but quite useful nonetheless.)
    - Pier x1 (Must be built in deep water, away from land. Once built, it
              grants access to a Reaperski and some power-ups such as Turbo
              packs and normal and homing missiles.)
    - Portal x2 (Two connected portals. Build them and you will be able
                to enter through the one and exit through the other.)
    - Hellfire Turret x5 (Helps keep Reaper Guards and Rippers away. Build just
                         outside the gates for maximum efficiency.)
    - Screamer SAM x5 (Really effective against flying Reapers. Build them on a
                     high spot, preferably on the hills surrounding your base.)
    - Sea Monster x1 (see below)

 ** NOTE ON THE SEA MONSTER ** : The Sea Monster is more of a spell rather than
         a building, although it can be accessed only through the Party House.
         To summon the Sea Monster, choose it from the Party House menu as you
         would any other building and then activate the power pressing the Drop
         Party House Smartie button. After that, you will watch a small
         cutscene showing the Sea Monster emerge from the sea and once that is
         finished a counter will begin to count down to zero. In this time, you
         must reach the spot you want the Monster to attack (should be close to
         some Sea Reapers) and when the counter reaches zero, the Monster will
         launch a fireball towards that location. You should probably head away
         from that direction, because getting caught in the fire will not be
         any fun. do not worry about your location on the island while trying
         to determine a spot, because the Sea Monster can reach any spot,
         however far from the sea.

    To build these structures, enter the Party House the same way you would
 enter a Gift Shop and assign the job to a Smartie by left clicking on the
 structure you want to build, then left clicking on the Smartie. When you are
 outside the Party House, with the Smartie on your back, go to the location
 where you want the structure built and press the "Drop Party House Smartie"
 button ("X" by default). The structure will be built immediately and you will
 have to return the Smartie to the Party House.

    Once the Party House is ready, the Tornado Spell will become available in
 the Spell Shop 2. You are now ready to destroy the Barracks. The location of
 the building is marked on your map. In case you don't want to check the map
 for some weird reason, the building is located beyond the Smartie village that
 is closest to your base. Simply keep heading towards the mountains and you
 should spot it sooner or later. Alternatively, go to the Smartie settlement
 that is located ahead of your base and move left, following the mountain range
 until you find the Barracks.

    For those of you who want a strategic approach on how to finish this
 mission, you can follow a similar course of action as the one suggested in
 section E.5.b (the last mission of the Mecc Campaign). First of all, equip
 Delphi with the heaviest bows (Sniper Bow, Power-Up Bow and Screamer Bow are
 fine) and a selection of spells including the TORNADO SPELL. After that, walk
 into the Party House and order a Smartie to build a Portal. Build that in a
 spot you have access to, preferably somewhere inside your base, and return to
 the Party House. Order yet another Smartie to build a Portal. Next move to the
 Reaper Barracks and find the hill with the Smartie House on top of it (it's
 right in front of the Barracks). Build the Portal there. You can now return to
 the Party House in case you need healing or spells, although you shouldn't
 need any. For the extra cautious players, I suggest building a Mini-Spell Shop
 on the hill, although it will probably prove unnecessary. Once you feel ready,
 move closer to the Reaper Barracks and cast the Tornado Spell. It might take
 you a couple of attempts before finding the right spot, but you will
 eventually destroy the building and move on to the next mission.

 E.7.b.The Reaperski!    [ERPS2]

 OBJECTIVES: Find the enemy REAPERSKI... and steal it!

    Walk through the gateway with the red light (it's right behind the Army
 Barracks you destroyed in the previous mission) and follow the path through
 the mountains. After a while, you should reach a clearing. Right in front of
 you is located a sort of trap: a large pit containing two large Rippers with a
 ceiling made of metal and spikes. Try not to fall inside, but don't worry if
 you do, because you can easily hover up again by targeting the ground close to
 the surface and hovering up there. Just left of the pit is yet another area.
 That is where the Reaperski is located. Enter the Gift Shop if you are in need
 of spells, health, weapons or other items and, once ready go down and kill all
 Reaper Guards, destroy the Reaper Barracks and the turrets and then head for
 the Reaperski. You can use the Reaperski by simply walking up to it, pretty
 much like you use a Gyrocopter. Alternatively, you could simply head for the
 Reaperski without killing anyone. A much easier, faster and stealthier method.

 E.7.c.The Reaperski Escape!    [ERPE3]

 OBJECTIVES: Break through ICE WALLS in order to escape the enemy base on your
             stolen REAPERSKI!

    Time to learn how to pilot your brand-new Reaperski: You can move around by
 using the "W", "S", "A" and "D" keys. "A" is the throttle, "S" is the breaks
 and "A" and "D" move the Reaperski left and right respectively (all using the
 default key configuration). You can also use the mouse to steer the Reaperski,
 but it is something I do not recommend. While roaming the seas of the Island,
 you will come across three different kinds of power-ups floating across the
 water surface. These power-ups are the Missile Pack, the Homing Missile Pack
 and the Turbo Pack. These power-ups appear in your weapon slots. You can
 change between the normal Missiles and the Homing Missiles by pressing the "Q"
 button and you can fire using the Left Mouse button (again using the default
 key configuration). The mouse is used for targeting and that is why I don't
 recommend using it for steering. As for the final power-up, the Turbo Pack, it
 is not directly accessible (that means you cannot select it using the "Q"
 button), but you can use it by pressing the Left Mouse button to get an extra
 boost of speed (something like the Nitro of the Jetpack). All three power-ups
 come in quantities of five. Also remember that while you are on the Reaperski
 the health bar indicates the health of the Reaperski and not Delphi's.

    After that quick lesson on Reaperskis, let's concentrate on the mission at
 hand. The path you have to follow is simple. There  is no way of getting lost
 or following a different path, so I will not describe the way you must go.
 Keep following the sea path through the mountains until you come across the
 first Ice Wall blocking your way. You should be able to spot a Turbo Pack
 lying right in front of it. Interesting, eh? To break through this Ice Wall,
 pick up the Turbo Pack as you go and immediately after taking it (you should
 be EXTREMELY close to the wall by now) push the Turbo button (Right Mouse
 button by default). Continue following the path and picking up power-ups along
 the way (one Missile Pack and some Turbo Packs) until you come across the next
 Ice Wall. At this point you should have some missiles and some turbo shots
 left, so either turbo through the wall or blast it. Again, continue following
 the path until you reach a big, open area. In this area you can find Reaper
 Barracks and lots of Guards, but don't bother destroying them unless you are
 THAT hungry for blood. Go round the central island and find the platform
 rising towards yet another Ice Wall. On this platform there is a Turbo Pack.
 To get through this wall, you will need coordination (and possibly more than
 one attempts). What you must do is to speed towards the platform, grab the
 Turbo Pack (not necessary if you already have Turbo) and IMMEDIATELY push the
 Right Mouse button. That way, you should be able to break through the wall and
 finish the mission. You could also try blasting the wall and then Turbo from
 the spot I described above, but it's unnecessary.

 - E.8.Delphi's Story 3: The Reaperski Races                          [ERSR0] -

 E.8.a.Pre-Race Warm-up    [EPRW1]

 OBJECTIVES: Clear the area of all REAPER GUARDS!

    Yet another "kill-em-all" mission. This is what the area looks like: Right
 in front of your starting position there are two small islands, one with a
 turret on top of it and one with a Gift Shop. Destroy the turret with your
 Sniper Bow and kill the Reaper Guard guarding the Gift Shop. As you can easily
 understand, this mission contains heavy sniping action. If you don't know why,
 look ahead. A large island with a guard tower near the water (and a Guard on
 top) plus a large unit of Reaper Guards and some buildings. As most other
 missions, this one can be cleared either by sniping at the enemies, or by
 hacking them with your sword. I prefer sniping to hacking (at least in this
 mission). Take out as many Reaper Guards as you can from a distance using the
 Sniper Bow and the Power-Up Bow and kill the remaining with your sword. Should
 be an easy task. Hope you are ready for some driving, because the Reaperski
 Races are about to start!

 E.8.b.Reaperski Race 1    [ERRC2]

 OBJECTIVES: WIN REAPERSKI RACE to advance to the next stage!

   First things first, if for some reason you don't know how to pilot
 Reaperski check out section E.7.c ("The Reaperski Escape!") of the walkthrough
 where the controls are explained. You don't need any serious skills in
 steering or shooting, not for the first race, at least. The three Reaperski
 races get progressively harder, but should not be a problem if you can steer
 and shoot accurately. Power-ups for the Reaperski are scattered all over the
 level and you must make good use of them in order to finish first (you must
 finish first in order to proceed to the next mission). You face a number of
 enemy Reapers whose Reaperskis are faster than yours. The only way to move
 faster is to use the Turbo packs you can find around the stage and to blast
 your enemies with normal and homing missiles. Also keep in mind that you must
 pass through all the gates located on the water surface. If you miss three,
 you lose and have to start all over again. The three icons on the top left
 corner of your screen show how many gateways you can still miss without losing
 and the health bar on the lower right corner of the screen indicates the
 health of the Reaperski. The icons next to the health bar show which pickups
 you have and how many available shots of each. Also note that you can still
 use the zoom mode (including the zoom in function) and the map mode while on
 the Reaperski. Keep the above in mind and you should not have a problem
 defeating the opponents.

 ** NOTE ** : I will not write the full description of the following Reaperski
              Race stages. I find that unnecessary. Instead, I will only point
              out possible shortcuts and important locations that are of
              significance to the player.


 - LAPS: 4

    The first race is quite easy and is a nice chance to get the feel of the
 Reaperski races. Four laps, three opponents, an easy course with many pickups
 and a few platforms for some showy short flights with your Reaperski. Nothing
 to worry about. If you time your Turbo shots well, you should be able to use
 Turbo one after another (you can't use it immediately after the previous shot,
 you must wait for a while) and pick up a new Turbo pack almost right after you
 run out of shots.

 E.8.c.Reaperski Race 2    [ERRC3]

 OBJECTIVES: WIN REAPERSKI RACE to advance to the next stage!

    Time for the second Reaperski race! Getting tired?


 - LAPS: 4

    Not much to say about this race. Expect a bit harder competition with five
 opponents instead of three. Systematic use of pickups and good steering will
 do the trick. Just aim those missiles correctly!

 E.8.d.Reaperski Race 3    [ERRC4]

 OBJECTIVES: WIN REAPERSKI RACE to get into the finals at the SECRET PALACE.

    Yahoo! Another Reaperski race! And it's not the last one! Help Delphi win
 and get to the Secret Palace and you will be almost over.


 - LAPS: 4

    The last race before the final. Better do well in this one. Your work is a
 bit harder this time, because of the seven (that's right) opponents you must
 defeat. You should have got used to racing by now, so get out there, use the
 pickups and kick some Reaper ass!

 - E.9.Delphi's Story 4: The Reaper Fleet                             [ETRF0] -

 E.9.a.Sappho's Fleet      [ESFT1]

             2.BUILD A BASE.
             3.Destroy SAPPHO'S FLEET and the nearby ARMY BARRACKS using your
               TORNADO SPELL.

    This is Delphi's second base-building mission. The same rules that applied
 to the first one (check section E.7.a "Army Barracks Onslaught") apply to this
 one as well. You must build all available buildings in order to gain access to
 the Party House and the Tornado spell, you must follow the "gather souls -
 deposit souls - build - defend" circle once again and, of course it goes
 without saying that if Yan is kidnapped and transferred to the enemy base, the
 game is over.

    As you did in all the previous base-building missions, you must defend your
 base from enemies who will keep attacking it in order to kidnap Yan and at the
 same time you will have to gather Smarties and souls (be it Vimp or Reaper
 souls) that you must deposit in your base before expanding it by building new

    This mission is a bit different from the previous one, because you have
 than one targets. You must destroy both the Army Barracks and the Fleet using
 the tornado spell in order to successfully complete the mission. You begin
 the mission in your base as always. The enemy Army Barracks are located in the
 exact opposite side of the stage and turrets and Sniper towers are planted
 along the way. Consider building a Pier and getting there through sea. It is
 safer this way. An important location for the beginning of the mission is the
 area straight from the front gate (the front gate being the one that faces
 towards the North). You can reach that area by traveling towards the North
 until you see some Smartie Houses. As always, there is a group of Vimps
 running around in this area and some Smarties for your base.

    Once you gain access to the Tornado spell you will finally be able to
 destroy the Army Barracks. Reach the area of the Barracks and the Fleet. It
 would be nice to build a Portal and a Mini-Spell Shop here, just in case. Once
 you are ready, use the Tornado spell on the Barracks and then go back to the
 base, "equip" yourself with another Tornado spell and return to destroy the
 first of the three ships. Repeat to destroy all three of them. Alternatively,
 you can destroy the ships with your bows or your sword instead of using a
 Tornado spell. That way you will not have to return to your base to reload.

 - E.10.Delphi's Story 5: Queen Sappho                                [EQSP0] -

 E.10.a.The Great Reaperski Race!    [EGRR1]   

 OBJECTIVES: You made it to the Secret Palace but, hell, why not just WIN THE
             FINAL RACE to add insult to injury ... lots and lots of injury!!

    The final race is about to begin. Get ready...


 - LAPS: 4

     You must be thinking "What's the catch?" after reading the number of
 opponents, right? Well, the catch is the Reaper Guards. I am not talking about
 the ones in the other Reaperskis. I am talking about the ones set in certain
 locations of the stage, ready to shoot at you. Nothing to worry about, though.
 Just pass through the area full of Reaper Guards quickly (with the help of a
 Turbo pack). The area is somewhere towards the middle of the area. You will
 find it easily, because it is the only part of the stage with Reaper Guards
 set on both sides of the water. The rest is the same as in any other race: use
 the pickups, don't miss too many checkpoints (three are enough to send you
 back to the beginning) and you should do fine.

 E.10.b.Sappho's Palace    [ESPL2]

             2.BUILD A BASE.
             3.Destroy SAPPHO'S ARMY BARRACKS with your TORNADO SPELL.

    Delphi's last base-building mission. Once again, gathering souls, building
 structures and defending the base and Yan until you can build a Party House
 and get the Tornado spell are the things you must do.

    The area is quite simple. The enemy Barracks are on the top of a hill and
 are visible from a long distance, so you will not have a hard time finding
 them. To make things even easier, the Barracks can be found if you hover in a
 straight line from your base towards the inland and Smartie settlements and
 Vimps can be found all along the way. The enemies are many as always and
 provide you with fresh souls.

    Once you get your hands on the Tornado spell, you should not waste your
 time building all the structures that are available through the Party House.
 Head over to the Army Barracks instead and pulverise the building using the
 Tornado spell. This mission should not be a problem.

    What to do next? Get ready to hunt down Sappho!

 E.10.c.The Hunt for Sappho    [EHSP3]


    You begin this mission right behind the destroyed Army Barracks. Go through
 the gateway with the red light and follow the path through the hills until you
 reach an opening. This is actually the crater of a volcano. To finish this
 mission, just jump down to the ledge on the left side of the crater, as seen
 when first entering the area. If you can't find it, try landing on both ledges
 until the next mission begins. Phew! That was a hard one! Now, for the fight!

 E.10.d.Volcano Rendezvous    [EVCR4]


    OK, folks! This is it. Delphi's last mission. It's finally time to get the
 mom out of your way. Sappho is a mean bitch. She can use spells on you and
 she can teleport from one location to the other. She is located right in front
 of you at the beginning of the mission, so you know what to do. Yeah, that's
 right. USE THE SWORD! Keep hacking at the evil mom until she teleports away.
 You should have dealt a lot of damage by that time (perhaps even killed her).
 When (and if) she teleports, either follow her by hovering to her location and
 continue hacking or stay put and snipe at her. If you decide to snipe, beware
 of her spells. Remember that if you are on fire or low on health, you can
 always swim a bit in the pond located in the middle of the crater. The battle
 should be REALLY easy. After you kill her lay back and watch the ending of
 the Sea Reaper Campaign.

 - E.11.Kabuto's Story 1: Birth of a Giant                            [EBOG0] -

 E.11.a.Attack of the Evil Smarties    [EAES1]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Hunt for the EVIL SMARTIES that have taken over the friendly
               Smartie villages. Eat enough of them and you'll GROW!
             2.Once you've grown, destroy the WOODEN GATE to get to the other
               side of the island.

    This is your first mission as the giant creature. Kabuto's controls are a
 bit like those of a fighting game. You might want to check out the CONTROLS
 section before reading through the walkthrough.

    The aim of these first missions is simple: help Kabuto grow in size and
 reach maturity by leading him to the evil Smarties and feeding them to him.
 Doesn't sound too hard? Well, it isn't. The map will be a most useful tool
 during these missions. Using it, you can accurately find the Smarties'
 location. Evil Smarties tend to hide in Smartie houses, once they see Kabuto
 coming their way. What you must do is to destroy the house and then grab the
 Smartie by pressing the Right Mouse Button (by default). Once you've grabbed
 the snack, you can eat it by pressing the Left Mouse Button. This "grab and
 eat" move also works for other enemies, but will not make Kabuto grow. Eating
 enemies will instead restore part of his health.

    With the theoretical part of the walkthrough out of the way, we are ready
 to proceed to more practical aspects of the game. When you take control of
 Kabuto, take your time and familiarise yourself with the controls. Once you're
 ready, run (pressing Space) towards the first evil Smartie location (should be
 right in front of your starting position). Kill or eat the Ripper and the
 Reaper Guard and eat the Smartie. If it has entered a house, smash it with
 your fists and then eat it (this is a bit like opening a can). Notice the
 Kabuto-like bar on the lower right part of your screen. That fills up as you
 eat Smarties and once full, Kabuto grows in size. It will take several bars to
 reach full size, though.

    With the first evil Smartie in your stomach, move to the right and keep
 going up the hill until you find another Smartie village. Kill the Reaper
 Guard and eat the Smartie. Now climb down the hill and keep moving straight
 through the path between two hills. After you reach the next settlement,
 destroy the houses and eat the Smartie. The next village is located next to
 the sea and is a bit tricky to reach. If you check your map, you will notice
 that there are four villages left, one of which is closest to your current
 position. That village is right behind the hill and to get there, you must
 move straight from the previous village, climb down the hill and immediately
 go right towards the sea. You should see a guard tower and a Reaper sniper on
 top of it, as well as a terrified evil Smartie running towards the house. You
 know what to do. Once you're done, check your map. Only three villages left.
 One of them is not actually a village. It's the location of the WOODEN GATE.
 Your first target is the village to the east. Right next to the houses, there
 is a Reaper Barracks. Destroy it and kill the Reaper Guards guarding it and
 eat the Smartie. Once you're done, move to the mark to your right. Destroy the
 Barracks, but don't try to break through the door yet. Move to the last
 village to your left, kill the Reaper Guards and the Rippers, destroy the
 Barracks and eat the Smartie to grow for the second time in this mission. You
 are now ready to break through the door and proceed to the next mission.

 E.11.b.The Way Out    [ETWO2]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Eat more of those little bastard EVIL SMARTIES in order to GROW.
             2.Once you've gone through another growth spurt, break through the
               STONE GATE.
             3.Find the magical PORTAL to exit this island.

    The objectives of this mission are much like those of the previous one. In
 this mission, you have the chance to meet Raiks. The first one is right in
 front of your starting position. Chew on it and move towards the first Smartie
 village on the map. You can find that to your right. Either climb the hill or
 move forward and then right and up the hill, once you see a pond. Destroy the
 Reaper Barracks and eat the Smartie. Move back down and go to the starting
 position. You should be able to spot another village. No enemies here (you
 have already killed the Raik). Eat the Smartie and check your map.

    You should see two more marked locations on the map, close to the one you
 just visited. One is located up the hill, right behind the Smartie village you
 just destroyed (or didn't destroy) and is guarded by a Raik. Kill the Raik and
 eat the Smartie. Descend and find the second village, which is right next to
 the other two. Do your thing and check the map again. Six more marks, which
 means five villages and the STONE GATE. Move straight from the starting
 position and past the hills. If you keep straight, you should spot the STONE
 GATE. Be careful around here, because there are two Reaper Barracks, two guard
 towers and two turrets, as well as a dozen or so Reaper Guards. Destroy
 everything and kill anything that moves. It's time to attack the village and
 go for your last Smartie! Destroy the Smartie houses and feed on the tiny
 creature. One more Smartie and you will reach your full size, if you have fed
 on all available Smarties in the previous mission.

    The final Smartie is located close to you. Pick any mark on the map (I'd
 pick the closest) and eat the Smartie. You will grow for the final time in
 this mission. You will notice that the bars on your screen will change: the
 Kabuto-like growth bar is gone and is replaces by two egg-like bars. Don't
 worry about those yet; wait for the next mission. There is one additional bar
 on the lower left side of the screen, which is the Adrenaline bar (also
 explained in the next mission). You might still want to eat the remaining
 Smarties (I wouldn't recommend that, although you can give birth to Offspring
 this way. It's not so crucial at this point in the game). Once you're ready,
 break through the STONE GATE and then move through the portal to finish the

 - E.12.Kabuto's Story 2: Coming of Age                               [ECOA0] -

 E.12.a.A Monster Comes of Age    [EMCA1]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Eat enough EVIL SMARTIES to grow once more and attain your full
               magnificent girth.
             2.Once you're at full size, use your ADRENALINE ATTACKS to break
               through the METAL DOOR.

    By the beginning of this mission, you should already have attained your
 full size, if you have followed the instructions in the above subsections.
 However, the developer didn't want this to happen, so Kabuto will be three
 Smarties away from his full size. That means that you can kiss your adrenaline
 attacks goodbye, because you'll have to feed again to obtain them and be able
 to break through the METAL DOOR. If you had given birth to any offspring in
 the previous mission, you will be able to control it in this one (for more
 information on offspring, check out the walkthrough of the next mission).

    Begin by checking your map. You should see the six marks on it. Begin by
 moving to the lower left one. You will get there by moving along the path you
 are on when you begin the mission. Move there and climb the hill to take out
 the turret. Destroy the Reaper barracks in front of the Smartie houses, but do
 not mind the turrets on the small islands. Don't try to cross the sea and
 destroy them, instead eat the Smartie and move towards the closest mark (that
 is the second from the bottom on the left side of the map). You will know if
 you are heading the right way if you see - and destroy - a Ripper husk. Go
 straight (and destroy the Reaper barracks and the Reaper Guards) and then to
 the right. Destroy the houses and eat the Smartie. Only one little bugger left
 until you can use your adrenaline attacks.

    Check your map again. You should now ignore the top three marks (two on the
 left side of the map and one on the far right) and move towards the one on the
 bottom right. You can either go there by turning all the way back and then
 making your way across the sea (something completely stupid) or you can go
 right from the last Smartie village you just destroyed and move along the path
 that leads through the sea. Be careful of the turrets on either side of the
 path. Destroy the Reaper barracks on the path and the other barracks on the
 shore, then move towards the mark. Destroy the Ripper husk and eat the Smartie
 to reach your full size.

    Only three marks left on the map. The one on the far right is yet another
 heavily guarded village (no need for Smarties now), so you should be heading
 north-west. The lower mark points to another Smartie village and the upper one
 shows the location of the METAL DOOR. Once you're there, you will have to
 destroy the two guard towers, the snipers and the Reaper Guards with the
 missile launchers and then make your way to the final mark and break through

 E.12.b.Monster Motherhood    [EMMO2]

             2.Each EVIL SMARTIE you eat will allow you to create OFFSPRING -
               use these darling little creatures to destroy enemies.
             3.Enter the PORTAL to go to the next island.

    You begin the mission facing an open area with a hill and a Smartie village
 in the middle of it. The hill has two Smarties on it, so eat as many as you
 need to give birth to your offspring. You can have up to two offspring under
 your control at any given time. The controls for the offspring are:

   L Button                 ---> Give birth to Offspring
   Ctrl + Left mouse click  ---> Offspring attack target
   Ctrl + Right mouse click ---> Offspring move to target area
   Button 2 (or Ctrl + 2)   ---> Offspring regroup

 ** NOTE ** : To control an offspring, you must face it and press Control to
              enter the offspring mode. Pressing Ctrl + a mouse button will not
              result to anything, unless you target your offspring first.

    The offspring will be so small when first born, that you will hardly see
 them. Make sure you order them to eat Smarties or Reaper Guards to grow larger
 (just like Kabuto, the offspring have the same bar for measuring the growth).
 Be so patient as to let each offspring feed with three Vimps and see them grow
 and become bigger and stronger.

    There is a metal door here, guarded by five turrets. Take out the turrets
 one by one (you can use your first level adrenaline hand attacks for this) and
 grab one of those Vimps running about if you lost health. Break through the
 door and move to the next area which is filled with Reaper barracks. Use your
 third level foot adrenaline attack to destroy the barracks (there is one on
 the right as soon as you enter the area, another on the hill on the left side
 of the area and another just past the hill) and set your offspring to eat the
 Reaper Guards. Move on to the next area and destroy everything: the barracks,
 the guard towers, the turret and the turret throwing homing missiles. Move on
 to the next area (you will see that you are very close to the final mark if
 you check your map) and destroy the huge barracks with an adrenaline attack.
 Kill any Reaper Guards or Raiks and order your offspring to kill the rest and
 then break through the metal door and enter the PORTAL to finish this mission.

 - E.13.Kabuto's Story 3: Smash and Burn                              [ESAB0] -

 E.13.a.The Kabuto Canyons    [EKCA1]


    I hope you spent some giving birth to and raising your offspring in the
 previous missions, because you are really going to need them in this
 particular one. Check your map. You should see three marks on it. Start moving
 towards the closest one. On your way there, you should pass in front of a
 weird-looking door. This is a crystal gate, but you don't have to worry about
 this one yet, as it is part of the objectives of a future mission. Keep your
 offspring close to you and once you get to a large open area, surrounded by
 hills set them on the Reapers that will attack you. This area has two Reaper
 Barracks and one Ripper Barracks building, as well as four turrets and dozens
 of enemies (Reaper Guards and Rippers). Clear this area with the help of your
 offspring and move towards the marks on your map. If you get close enough, you
 will notice that there are three marks positioned close to each other and one
 further away. The three marks represent three Evil Smarties, which you should
 not need right now, unless you want to give birth to offspring. The other mark
 represents the hidden entrance and that is where you should be heading. Once
 you are there, destroy the stone wall to finish the mission.

 E.13.b.Kabuto Volcano    [EKVO2]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Find the pillar of VOLCANIC ROCK ... and smash it!
             2.Grab a BOULDER from the pillar and throw it at the nearby
               BARRACKS - watch the shrapnel fly!

    This mission involves a lot of stone wall smashing, so be prepared. Stone
 walls look a bit different than their surroundings, but it is not always easy
 to discern them, so keep an eye out and check this walkthrough. Move forward
 and follow the path through the hills. After a while. you should reach an
 area with a Raik, a Guard Tower, a Ripper Barracks building and some Reaper
 Guards. Destroy everything. Check out this Sonak here. It will not attack you
 and you need not harm it. It is amazing how bigger Kabuto is than this thing.
 If you compare the size of a Mecc and that of a Sonak, you will get an idea of
 exactly how bigger Kabuto is in comparison to a Mecc.

    Once you are done, you have the choice of smashing through either one of
 the stone walls. Either one you choose, you will eventually end up following
 the same route. The difference is that breaking through the left one leads to
 an Evil Smartie village, whereas breaking through the right one leads away.
 After you have made your choice, move forward until you reach the next open
 area. Clear it of any Reaper Guards and Raiks and smash through the stone
 walls. Keep moving through the canyons until you reach yet another open area
 with a large Smartie settlement and a Reaper Barracks building on one side.
 Kill any Raiks, Rippers and Reaper Guards you find and check your map. You
 should be next to or on top of three marks. These point the location of Evil
 Smarties. You will also notice two other marks that represent Reaper Barracks
 in the area.

    Your goal is to climb the hill on top of which you will find the pillar of
 VOLCANIC ROCK. You will find this hill relatively easily, if you search for a
 hill with red soil. Climb the hill, smash the pillar and grab a BOULDER using
 the right Mouse Button. Now locate the large BARRACKS building you are here to
 destroy and throw the BOULDER at it. If your aim is really good, you will not
 need to try more than once. For those who have difficulties, the supply of
 BOULDERS is infinite, so you don't need to worry. Once you destroy the Reaper
 Barracks, you will proceed to the next mission.

 E.13.c.Magnifying Glass I    [EMAG3]

 OBJECTIVES: 1.Find the GIANT CRYSTAL ... and smash it! (you may have limited
               faculties, but you 're really good at smashing things).
             2.Pick up the MAGNIFYING GLASS fragment of the shattered CRYSTAL.
             3.Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS to burn through the CRYSTAL GATE.

    You begin this mission positioned close to the Barracks you destroyed in
 the previous mission. Ignore the marks on your map for now and head over to
 the now destroyed Barracks. You will notice the area behind it. Kill the Raiks
 you will find there and continue along the narrow path, killing or eating
 every Reaper Guard you find (and you will find many). Keep following the path
 until you reach an area with five or six Reaper Guards with missile launchers.
 Kill them, but be careful not to fall into the sea and keep following the path
 until you reach a steep downward slope. Descend and destroy the Barracks and
 any other building or enemy you can find. Descend further down until you find
 a GIANT blue CRYSTAL. Smash it and grab the fragment. Now check your map. You
 will notice that the marks are not two, but four. Three of them are in the
 same spot and represent three Evil Smarties. You want to head for the other
 mark, that represents the CRYSTAL GATE. Be careful of the Missile Turrets and
 the log launchers positioned around the gate.

    Once you are close to the CRYSTAL GATE, use your MAGNIFYING GLASS to burn
 through it. To do that, simply press the "Q" button. The camera will change,
 allowing you to see things in first person mode. You will notice the red light
 that you can control. This is the light that is produced when the sunrays hit
 the MAGNIFYING GLASS. To burn things with the glass (including your enemies),
 you must press and hold the Left Mouse Button. You will notice that the red
 light forms a big dot at the point you are targeting. Hold the button pressed
 for a few seconds and the sunrays will burn through anything they hit.

    To finish this mission, simply use the MAGNIFYING GLASS (like described in
 the above paragraph) on the CRYSTAL GATE.

 E.13.d.Exit Portal I    [EEPO4]

 OBJECTIVES: Find the EXIT PORTAL ... and smash it!
             Just kidding. Walk through the EXIT PORTAL to reach the next

    Another straight-forward mission. Walk forward and go past the spot where
 the CRYSTAL GATE used to be. Destroy the two Reaper Barracks and the Ripper
 Barracks, as well as the two guard towers. Kill everything and smash through
 the steel gate. Kill the four Raiks in this next area and climb up the
 mountain. Destroy the steel gate and walk through the EXIT PORTAL that opens.
 Remember to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view of the island before leaving.

 - E.14.Kabuto's Story 4: The Last Reaper Fortress                    [ELRF0] -

 E.14.a.Magnifying Glass II    [EMGL1]

             2.Use the MAGNIFYING GLASS to burn through the CRYSTAL GATE.

    This mission is the sequel of the Magnifying Glass I mission. The mission
 objectives are almost the same. If you check your map, you will see four marks
 on it. None of these marks represents the GIANT CRYSTAL, though. They all mark
 the locations of Evil Smarties apart from the one to the right, which marks
 the location of the CRYSTAL GATE. This stage consists mainly of a large open
 area surrounded by hills. You will have to clear the central area of all the
 Barracks, the turrets the Raiks, the Reaper Guards and the Rippers. You will
 find a pillar that will produce BOULDERS close to the leftmost mark.

    You should be heading towards the GIANT CRYSTAL first. Check your map
 again. You will notice a blue cross on it. This is a large river that runs
 through the area. The GIANT CRYSTAL is located on the left side of the cross.
 To get to it, move forward from your starting position until you reach a guard
 tower. Then turn left and follow the river (don't worry, it is shallow enough
 to allow Kabuto to walk along it) through the mountains and into another large
 open area. Destroy any Reaper Guards and towers you find and move towards the
 volcanic pillar. Kill the two Raiks in the area and follow the road left and
 uphill until you find the GIANT CRYSTAL. Smash it and grab the MAGNIFYING
 GLASS. You must now head to the CRYSTAL GATE and destroy it.

    Go back the way you came, until you reach the large central area. Check
 your map and move towards the leftmost mark. You should find it after a bit of
 rock-climbing. Once you're there, use your MAGNIFYING GLASS (hit the "Q"
 button to enter the first person camera mode) and burn through the gate to get
 to the last Reaper fortress.

 E.14.b.The Last Reaper Base    [ELRB2]

             2.Break through the STEEL GATE to get to the rest of the island.

    Go forward and follow the path through the hills. You will know you are
 heading the right way if you pass over a bridge. When you get close to the
 mark on your map, stop and plan your moves. What you must do is to descend and
 destroy the LAST REAPER FORTRESS, two Reaper Barracks, two guard towers, a
 Ripper Barracks building, a and kill two Raiks, and dozens of Reaper Guards
 and Rippers. Gather your strength and go for it. It sounds more difficult than
 it is. By this point in the game, you should have familiarised yourself with
 Kabuto's attacks (if not, this it the time to read the "Kabuto Attacks" in the
 GAME BASICS section), so use them. Remember to eat enemies in case your health
 is low, and stay as far away as possible from spells. Keep these in mind and
 this mission will be a piece of cake. Once you're done smash the STEEL GATE to
 proceed to the next mission.

 E.14.c.Exit Portal II    [EEXP3]

 OBJECTIVES: Find the EXIT PORTAL and pass through it ... to KABUTO'S ISLAND!

    This is another straight forward mission. Simply move forward and to the
 left from your starting position. Keep following the path until you get closer
 to one of the marks on your map. Your goal is to get to the top of the hill,
 where the portal to Kabuto's island is located. To get there, you can either
 follow the winding path up the hill destroying the Reaper Barracks and killing
 all the Reaper Guards, the Raiks and the Rippers in the process, or you can
 simply run above the hills and get there, ignoring any attacks or enemies. It
 is your choice.

 - E.15.Kabuto's Story 5: Citizen Kabuto                              [ECKA0] -

 E.15.a.Citizen Kabuto    [ECIK1]

 OBJECTIVES: This is Kabuto's island ... and YOU ARE NOT WELCOME HERE!!! Break
             through the STEEL DOOR to reach the island interior.

    You start this mission right in front of the portal. In this mission you
 can either destroy everything that stands in your way or simply run for it and
 reach the steel door. Anyone who isn't a fan of total destruction will prefer
 the second way. Either way, go straight from your starting position and then
 left. You should be on a path that leads through the hills. You will be
 greeted by three Raiks. Eat them (or run past them) and go straight where
 three Rippers are waiting. Kill those as well and proceed to the next area.
 Here you will find two Reaper Barracks, a lot of Reaper Guards (holding either
 rocket launchers or machine guns) and a Raik. Kill and destroy, then break
 through the stone wall. You will find yourself blocked by several stone walls.
 Break through any of them to get to an open area with a volcano in the middle
 of it. Smash the top of the volcano to allow the boulders to reach the surface
 and grab one. This boulder can be thrown by pressing the Right Mouse Button
 and deals quite a lot of damage (for more information on this, check out the
 "Kabuto Attacks" subsection in the GAME BASICS section). You will also need to
 destroy the Reaper Barracks located next to the volcano and the Ripper
 Barracks located in the vicinity. Once you've cleared the area, you should
 head for the hills full of Smartie houses. You will find three or four Evil
 Smarties here and you can devour them if you wish to. Move to the next mark on
 your map. You should be able to spot the Reaper Barracks and the Reapers
 guarding it. Once you're done, turn right and face the group of Reaper Guards
 armed with missile launchers (there are about five of them). Continue along
 the narrow path, until you see three more guards and a really steep slope.
 Descend and go past the four Evil Smarties and their settlement. You will soon
 spot the STEEL DOOR. Kill the three Raiks guarding it and destroy the guard
 launching machine. All you have to do now is to break through the STEEL DOOR
 to finish the mission.

 E.15.b.Kabuto's Sewers    [EKSE2]

 OBJECTIVES: You are getting warmer ... Find your way into Kabuto's SEWERS and
             break through the STEEL DOOR.

    In this mission you can either destroy everything in your path or rush to
 the steel door and break through it. It's your choice. No matter what you
 choose, the way to the steel door is the same. There is really no other way
 you can go, so there is no chance of you getting lost. Move forward and go up
 the mountain slope killing or eating any reaper Guards you can find. There are
 even some flying Reaper Guards, but those should be no problem. Destroy the
 barracks if you want, then head forward until you reach a large open area. You
 want to head left, through the Ripper Barracks and enter the dark area with
 the "ceiling" made of spikes (Remember that pit in one of Delphi's missions?
 That's what this looks like, only it's open on one side so that Kabuto can
 enter.) Keep moving towards the mark on your map (check it every once in a
 while) until you reach the steel door. Destroy it to proceed to the next map.

 E.15.c.Climb to the Big Fight    [ETBF3]

 OBJECTIVES: Escape the swamp of Kabuto's mighty waste products and climb to
             the HEIGHTS above. Break through the FINAL DOOR to reach KABUTO.

    This mission is set in a vast area. You begin in the underground level. The
 "ceiling" is decorated with large spikes. Don't worry, they can't harm you.
 Start moving forward from the starting point. This first area is full of
 Raiks. Kill everything that stand in your way and keep moving forward and to
 the left. You should be in front of a path going up the hill. Follow that path
 and watch out for those flying Reaper Guards. Keep following the path until
 you come across three catapults. Destroy them if you wish and move forward.
 You will find yourself in a new area with three turrets, a tower and barracks.
 Destroy everything and follow the narrow path towards the center of the area.
 Check your map and you will see that you are getting closer to the target
 location. Just follow the path there and destroy the gate to find Kabuto!

 E.15.d.Defeat Kabuto    [EDEK4]

             Kabuto, DEFEAT KABUTO!

    It is finally time for Delphi to defeat Kabuto and free the Smarties! The
 mission begins with the real Kabuto running towards you and, boy, does he look
 pissed! But don't forget that you are as large as he is! Just wait for him to
 approach or charge towards him and attack him. One blow is enough to finish
 the job. Too easy!

 E.15.e.No ... Defeat Kabuto    [ENDK5]


    Told you it was too easy! Kabuto is more pissed than ever and all you have
 is your trusty Handgun, your RPG, a health syringe and some grenades! The aim
 is simple: Kill Kabuto once and for all! This mission is not going to be hard
 at all if you possess a relatively good ability to shoot. You must shoot
 Kabuto on his weak spot, just like you did with the Offspring during the Mecc
 campaign. Your RPG deals more damage than your handgun, but has limited ammo.
 I would suggest shooting the big guy with the RPG first, and in case all the
 ammo is spent, you can use the handgun for the final shots. It will take about
 eight to ten shots from the RPG to kill Kabuto (depending on your accuracy)
 and many, many more from the handgun, if you decide not to use the RPG.
 Grenades can be quite useful here, especially if your RPG has no ammo. You
 begin the mission carrying four of them, but you can find three more in the
 middle of the stage.

    Do not expect Kabuto to sit there and get shot at. He will unleash his fury
 upon you. His first maneuver will be to attack by jumping in the air and
 landing on you. It will take about three attacks like that to kill you. If you
 survive the attacks, he will run towards you and lift you in the air. If that
 happens, start shooting like crazy (preferably using your handgun) to make him
 let go of you. If you get grabbed, you will either end up in Kabuto's stomach
 or you will be thrown away, only to land and end your life some hundreds of
 meters away. After a few shots and attacks by Kabuto, he will jump to the edge
 of the area, where he will pick up rocks from the volcano located there. He
 will hurl these rocks at you, so be extremely careful. If they even touch you,
 you will lose all your health immediately. Your jetpack is an invaluable tool
 for this mission. Use it to avoid all of Kabuto's attacks.

    An easy but not so humble way of getting through this mission is to enter
 one of the underground shelters (there are three on the area) and wait for
 Kabuto to position himself above you. You will not be harmed by his jump
 attacks and you will have an excellent spot from which to strike at his
 stomach. The downside of this is that Kabuto tends to remain positioned above
 you for a few seconds at a time, before he jumps to get close to the volcano
 and start hurling burning rocks at you. Should that happen, get out of your
 hiding place quickly (you are in danger of being hit by a rock) and start
 avoiding rocks until Kabuto comes down again. What is more, Kabuto is still
 able to grab you and eat you for breakfast if you remain below ground for a
 long time.

    After a long and exciting battle, Kabuto will finally be defeated. Baz has
 brought peace to the Island and is now ready to go on a long vacation on
 planet Majorca. Congratulations on beating Giants: Citizen Kabuto.

 --[ F.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS ]------------------------------------[MFAQ0]-

 This section contains detailed answers to questions concerning the game,
 available resources that can be found online as well as answers to other,
 miscellaneous questions . You can contribute to this section by e-mailing me
 with your questions.

 ** NOTE ** : While most of the sites mentioned in the section below were
              online as of early 2008, you might find that they are no longer
              up and running at a later date or that the content has been
              drastically altered. I have tried to include as much critical
              info as possible in this section, so even if the sites do go
              down, you should be able to find everything you need below.

 Q: What are the game's minimum system requirements?

 A: The game's minimum system requirements, taken straight from the game's box,

     o Pentium II 266 MHz/AMD K6-2 or higher
     o Windows 95/98/2000/Me with DirectX 7 (included in the CDs)
     o 8MB D3D compatible video card
     o 64MB RAM
     o 8x CD-ROM
     o 500 MB of free hard drive space
     o DirectX certified sound card
     o 100% Microsoft-compatible mouse and keyboard

 Q: What are the game's recommended system requirements?

 A: The game's recommended system requirements, taken straight from the game's
    box, are:

     o Pentium II 350/Athlon
     o 128 MB RAM
     o 16 MB D3D compatible video card
     o 700 MB of free hard drive space

 Note that the system requirements mentioned above (both the minimum and the
 recommended) were the standards for the year 2000, when the game was released.
 Do NOT expect Giants to run smoothly with all the high quality effects on
 anything less than:

    o 500+ MHz processor (either Pentium or Athlon)
    o 128+ MB of RAM (256+ MB for Windows XP)
    o 32+ MB D3D compatible video card
    o 1GB of hard drive space

 These are requirements that every system meets nowadays, so you should have no
 problem running the game on a relatively new PC.

 Q: Will Giants run on my Windows XP Home/Professional?

 A: Windows XP was not released when the game hit the market, but Giants has no
    known problems on Windows XP Home or Professional. Patches can be applied
    normally and the game has no Windows-related bugs. (I run the game on
    Windows XP Professional and have noticed no problems either in single or in

 Q: What other versions of the game are there, apart from the PC version?
 A: Interplay has released another version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto for Sony
    PlayStation 2. There is also a Mac version of the game.

 Q: How can I see which version of Giants: Citizen Kabuto I have?

 A: Simply press escape while playing to view the in game menu. The version
    number is in the lower right corner of the screen. if your version number
    is other than 1.400 then you haven't installed the latest patch. It is
    recommended that you do that, as it fixes many bugs.

 Q: How many official patches have been released for Giants: Citizen Kabuto?

 A: The following official patches have been released:

    1. Red Blood Converter patch (248 KB) (Changes blood colour from green to
       red. Do not install if you are running version 1.4.)
    2. Lost Worlds patch (44 KB) (adds the official Lost Worlds map)
    3. Version 1.1 patch (1.06 MB) (upgrades the game to version 1.1)
    4. Version 1.4 patch (2 MB) (upgrades the game to version 1.4)
    5. GeForce3 patch (1.8 MB) (graphical updates for newer GPUs)

 Q: What's that about a GeForce 3 version of Giants? Does such a thing exist?

 A: Yes it does. Giants was originally released as a GeForce 2 version. A newer
    version, the "GeForce 3 version" was shipped with some GeForce 3 cards and
    the changes made to that version were later released as a patch by fans
    which is known as "GeForce 3 patch". The patch can be found on
    and on other Giants-related sites. Read the changes below and visit
    NVidia's official page for more information on the changes between the two


    "Giants enhancements for GeForce3:

     - Significant performance improvements: tuned for the GeForce3 and
     - Added higher resolution textures
     - Added increased polygon-count characters
     - Vertex / Pixel shaders
     - Meccs are now bumpy AND shiny
     - Moved terrain bump map calculations from CPU to GPU
     - Added soft edges to character shadow
     - Added sky reflection on water
     - Smoothed transition from water edge to terrain
     - Added weather effects!!"

 Q: Interplay's website [] is down! Where can I find
    the patch?

 A: All patches (official and unofficial) can be found in Giants World
    Domination [] in the downloads section. The patches
    can also be found in various gaming sites such as GameSpy's File Planet
    []. Google search results will most likely help
    you, as well.

 Q: Giants has a very nice soundtrack! Who wrote the music and where can I find

 A: Jeremy Soule [] is the composer of the music. The
    soundtrack was released in the form of 1 CD containing 25 tracks, although
    it can be pretty difficult to obtain now, three years after its original
    release (only through eBay, if at all). There is, however a way to listen
    to the music on your PC, if the game is installed. There is a small
    application called Giants Music Player that plays the music tracks. You can
    find that application on in the "Tools" section of the
    "Downloads" page. There is also another way of obtaining the music. That is
    by downloading a rip of the CD. Don't e-mail me asking for URLs, just think
    of a way to find them yourself (like Google, for example :D). But know that
    if you do download the soundtrack, you will burn in hell for all eternity.
    You have been warned.

 Q: What tracks are contained in the soundtrack?

 A: The following 25 tracks are contained in the CD:


    1. Island Overture               2:14
    2. Majorcan Voyage               1:50
    3. Flight of the Meccs           1:16
    4. Baz's Adagio                  1:42
    5. Meccs at the Ready            2:44


    6.  Delphi's Journey             1:34
    7.  Les Nuages                   1:47
    8.  The Four Elements            1:37
    9.  A Mother's Love Lost         1:43
    10. Yan's Apprentice             1:10
    11. La Mer Agitee                2:40


    12. Kabuto Stone                 1:24
    13. A Creature of Legend         1:19
    14. Kabuto's Awakening           1:14
    15. A More Perfect Daughter      1:01
    16. Kill, Crush, Destroy         2:45


    17. Opening                      0:51
    18. Sappho's Demise              2:40
    19. Torture Square               3:26


    20. Yan's Dojo                   2:38
    21. Dangerous Magic              2:21
    22. Sappho's Scheme              2:12
    23. Inside Whittington Prison    1:54
    24. The Vimp Hunt                3:32
    25. Ripping Ripppers             2:38

 Q: Is there going to be a sequel of Giants: Citizen Kabuto?

 A: I don't think so. Planet Moon has announced that they are not planning to
    release a sequel for this game any time soon. Too bad. If you are looking
    for some Giants-like action, you can always pick up Armed & Dangerous, a
    third person action game by Planet Moon. It is the closest thing to a
    Giants: Citizen Kabuto sequel in matters of gameplay and style.

 Q: Is there really an uncensored version of Delphi?

 A: Yes. Delphi was originally designed without a bathing suit top, but just
    before the game's release, it was decided that she would wear a top. You
    can remove the special "game fix" that adds a top to Delphi's model and
    enable the original, uncensored version of Delphi, although enabling can be
    kind of tricky. Check out the CHEATS section of this guide for more on the

 Q: Which is the URL for Planet Moon's website?

 A: :D

 Q: Does anyone play this game online any more?

 A: Yes! Giants: Citizen Kabuto is supported by GameSpy Arcade. Simply download
    GameSpy Arcade and install it to play online with other fans of the game.
    To play online, you will also need to have version 1.4 installed.

 Q: Are there any other sites about Giants: Citizen Kabuto?

 A: My answer is three words: "Giants World Domination"! || is
    a site all Giants: Citizen Kabuto fans must visit, especially those who
    play Giants online, or are planning to do so. Giants World Domination
    contains many useful files both for single and multiplayer games and is
    home to a unique database of skins, custom maps for the multiplayer and
    modding tools, as well as mapping tutorials.


 Q: I found your guide on a site that isn't in the list of sites with the
    permission to post it. Should I inform you?

 A: No. As of version 3.3, this document is distributed under a by-nc-nd
    Creative Commons license. This means, among other things, that it may be
    freely distributed or copied without alteration for noncommercial use. Read
    more info in the copyright section of this document.

              **  Feel free to e-mail me with your questions.  **

 --[ G.CHEATS ]--------------------------------------------------------[MCHT0]-


            ARE MARKED BY A STAR (*).

 How to use the cheats:

 During the game, hit the T or the Y button, enter one of the following cheats
 and hit enter:

            | CHEAT                    | RESULT                    |
            | Fr *                     | Display frame rate        |
            | Basefillerup             | Full base energy          |
            | Pleasehealme             | Full health               |
            | Gimmegifts               | Instant gift shop         |
            | Itsmyparty               | Instant party house       |
            | Basepopulate             | Instant smarty work force |
            | Mapshowitall             | Reveal the entire map     |
            | Basegoveryfast           | Fast base construction    |
            | Ineedspells              | Unlimited mana            |
            | allmissionsaregoodtogo * | Unlocks all levels        |

 If you want to play with the uncensored version of Delphi, then move the file
 "arpfix.gzp" from the "bin" folder that can be found in the game's main
 directory. To restore the game to normal, move the file back to the "bin"

 --[ H.VERSION HISTORY ]-----------------------------------------------[MVHR0]-

 Version 1.0 / July 23rd, 2004 / 74k

   This is the first version of this guide. Still a lot of things to be done.
   Things done in this version:

   - Finished the first section of the walkthrough, as well as most other
   - Did the ASCII title at the beginning of the document.

   Things to do for the next version:
   - Finish the walkthrough and the Sea Reaper and Kabuto strategies.

 Version 2.0 / August 15th, 2004 / 114k

   I know it took me a long time to update, but I've been busy. The update adds
   many new features to the guide and changes the look. These are the changes:

   - Finished the second section of the walkthrough.
   - Added Sea Reaper strategies.
   - Redesigned the TABLE OF CONTENTS and the Quick Navigation system.
   - Added some Frequently Asked Questions.
   - Gave many parts of the guide (such as headlines) a new look.
   - Also fixed various formatting issues and typos.

   Things to do for the next version:
   - Finish the walkthrough and add some Kabuto strategies.

 Version 2.1 / August 18th, 2004 / 115k

   Just a minor update. The next update might take a while, so I added
   Neoseeker to the list of sites authorised to host this guide, so that I
   don't get any e-mails asking about it until the new version is released.

   Thing to do for the next version:
   - Finish the walkthrough and add some Kabuto strategies.

 Version 3.0 / October 17th, 2004 / 179k

   After two months of doing nothing for this guide (I was taking a loooong
   brake :)) I finally put together the information that make it 100% complete!
   After this version this guide is no longer a work in progress; it is
   finished. The update, the biggest ever, was dozens of KB (60+) and this is
   what I did:

   - Finished the walkthrough!
   - Added some Kabuto strategies.
   - Gave the guide the "Complete" status.
   - Added section C.1 with information on the game's characters and section
     C.4 about Kabuto's attacks. The "GAME BASICS" section is now expanded and
     has evolved into a proper reference tool.
   - Added info to various sections, such as the copyright notice and the
     contact information section.
   - Added more detail to various parts of the guide.
   - Fixed various formatting issues and typos.

   Things to do for the next version:
   Nothing. This is the finished version of the guide and contains everything I
   intended it to contain in the first place. Small updates might be done from
   time to time to add info to the guide. It was fun working on it! Hope I
   helped those who needed info on this game.

 Version 3.1 / December 25th, 2004 / 185k

   First release after the 100% complete one. With this special Christmas
   version I corrected most of (or, hopefully, all) the typos scattered around
   the guide with the help of The Silver Sage. The mistake-correcting session
   was long and boring, but TSS's work helped a great lot. Thanks dude. I also:

   - Added a bit of info regarding the soundtrack in the FAQs section. Do check
     it out, if you like the music.
   - Added some pretty useful (IMHO) info about the GeForce3 patch.
   - Added the URL of my Giants screenshot Gallery.

   Things to do for the next version:
   The guide is 100% done. Merry Christmas everyone!

 Version 3.2 / September 30th, 2007 / 184k

   Wow, I can't believe I'm updating this guide after almost three years.

   - Removed the links to my Giants gallery of screenshots (I never got to
     finish it or even add more than a couple of screenshots. Oh well...)
   - Removed what was probably false info from the "GeForce 3 patch" section of
     the Frequently Asked Questions section.
   - Minor corrections (typos, inconsistencies and so on).

   Things to do for the next version:
   Nothing. For this update I just tied up a few loose ends. Nothing more to
   add or change, so I think this will be my last update.

 Version 3.3 / January 25th, 2008 / 182k

   - This document is now licensed under a Creative Commons license. More info
     about this in the copyright section.
   - I also made a number of mostly cosmetic changes, including some changes
     to the formatting, which I hope helped present the content a little bit
   - Corrected the url for GiantsWD in the FAQs section.
   - Other minor fixes.

   Things to do for the next version:

 --[ I.ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS ]----------------------------------------------[MACK0]-

 The author of this guide would like to thank the following people/groups/sites
 without the contribution of which this guide would never have been written:

 - Darth Zac
   For introducing me to Giants: Citizen Kabuto and for playing some
   multiplayer with me.

 - The Silver Sage
   For pointing out many typos and for providing much-needed assistance and
   useful opinions on the guide.

 - GameFAQs []
   For being the best gaming site out there and for being the initial host of
   this guide.

 - DLH [] and Neoseeker []
   For their interest in my guide and for hosting it.

 - Planet Moon studios []
   For creating such a unique game.

 - Interplay
   For publishing this game. R.I.P., Interplay. We will always remember you.

 - Giants World Domination []
   For continuing to support Giants: Citizen Kabuto multiplayer with their
   custom maps, utilities, file database and community.

 - Rage Against The Machine []
   For writing the music I was listening to while writing this guide.

 - Rammstein []
   For writing the music I was listening to while writing this guide.

 - Fookes Software []
   For creating Note Tab Light [], the program used to write and
   compile this guide.

 - My little sister (who is a big fan of Yuffie)
   For repeatedly disturbing me while I was trying to write the guide.

 And finally...

 - All the contributors at GameFAQs, whose work was inspiration for me, as well
   as the members of the community at

 --[ J.CONTACT INFORMATION ]-------------------------------------------[MCIN0]-

 I would greatly appreciate feedback of any kind on this guide. If you want to
 send me any tips, ideas, questions, point out any mistakes, such as typos,
 obscurities, etc or if you want to otherwise contribute to the guide, you can
 e-mail me at:


 Full credit will be given to the contributors.

 My policy is to answer to all e-mails. Please note that I might not always be
 able to reply to your e-mail immediately (one or two days after you send it).
 Be sure that you will receive an answer as quickly as possible. Please put
 "Giants: Citizen Kabuto or something similar as the subject of your email.

 Before you e-mail me for questions, check the Giants: Citizen
 Kabuto message board and read the latest version of this guide. The answer to
 your question will most likely be there. Thank you for reading this guide.

   Copyright (c) 2004-2008 Astaroth. Licensed under the CC by-nc-nd license.
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