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GH Prison Escape Tips & Tricks

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GH Prison Escape

1. On the first screen click the sleeping guy's left hand and he will
   eventually drop a key. You have to find the exact place to click.
2. On the guy that's walking back and forth, wait until he's walking 
   to your right and click the saw blade in his pocket to get it.
3. Go right to the scene with three prisoners.
4. use the key to unlock the chap's cufflinks.
5. On the heel of the guy's shoe (the one sitting on the ground) click
   it repeatedly to reveal another key.
6. Go right and right again.
7. Zoom in on the computer and screen number two will show a clue.
8. Type this number backwards into the phone. You should get another key.
9. Use the two keys you've got to open the drawers on the wall. Get a 
   black disc and a pair of pliers.
10. Go to the scene with two guys speaking on the phone. Use the pliers 
    to open the briefcase and examine the contents.
11. Go to the first scene and place the black disc on the camera in the 
    room with the walking chap.
12. Go back to the scene with the guard in front of the computer.
13. use the hacksaw blade to cut the legs off his chair (drag it to the 
    rear right hand leg) and he'll fall to the ground and the door should 
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