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5 Days a Stranger Tips & Tricks

Tags: 5 Days a Stranger Game Guides, 5 Days a Stranger Hints, 5 Days a Stranger Walkthrough

5 Days a Stranger

Game by: Ben 'Yahtzee' Croshaw
Walkthrough by: Brandon Bush a.k.a. Numhitzu
Game's Website:

| Introduction |

5 Days a Stranger is the first game in the Chzo Mythos, also known as the DeFoe
Quadrilogy. The series includes Trilby's Notes, 7 Days a Stranger, and 6 Days a
Sacrifice. Chronologicaly, this game comes first, followed by Trilby's Notes,
6 Days a Sacrifice, and finally, 7 Days a Skeptic. I recommend that you play
this game first, followed by 7 Days a Skeptic, Trilby's Notes, and finally 6
Days a Sacrifice.

This is a spoiler free walkthrough, and such, I will only include what to do.
You have my personal guarantee that there will be NO plot spoilers in this
guide. If you want to know the plot for this game, view my Plot Analysis that
can be found on ANY of the aforementioned games pages.

There are a few things you should know. 5 Days a Stranger (Hearby refered to
as 5DAS), is a classic point and click adventure game. The keyboard is hardly
used any; the only time you'll need it is for saving, taking screenshots, etc.
You'll notice that during non-cutscene portions, there will be a bar across
the bottom of the screen.
This bar contains four buttons. The first is two footsteps. That's the walk
command, fairly self explanatory. The second is an eyeball. Click on this,
then an object to investigate it more closely. The third icon is a hand. Use
this on an object to to activate it. Examples include using it to open a door.
The fourth is a thought bubble with an exclamation point in it. Use this on a
person to speak with them. Also, whenever you move your cursor over an object,
it's name will be displayed on the status bar.

This walkthrough is presented in a bullet-format. That means I will use a list
to present what to do. Most of the walkthrough will be typed as such. I've
also divided it into days, so it'll be much more easy to find what you need.
With all that said, let the game begin.

| Walkthrough |

Day One

- After the cutscene, try to use the window.
- Now, use the door.

- After the cutscene, head downstairs.
- Go through the eastern door.
- Go through the other door here.
- Go through the other door.

- After the cutscene, head back to the foyer.
- In the foyer, go upstairs.
- Talk to the woman trying to force her way into a door.

- After the conversation, head back downstairs into the foyer.
- This time, take the western exit.
- Take the other door out of here.
- Take the blue door to the outside.
- Out here, use the tree.
- Now talk to the tree.

- After the cutscene, head back to the lounge.
- In case you've forgotten, go through the kitchen to the dining room, through
  the dining room into the foyer, and through the foyer to the eastern exit.

- Now, thoroughly interrogate the guests. You have to ask everyone three
  questions in order to proceed with the game.
- After talking with Phil, he'll give you an article. This is important, so
  don't forget about it.
- After you've completely interrogated everyone, you'll proceed to day 2.

Day Two

- After the cutscene, use the western door in here.
- Now, head through the western door here.
- Talk with Jim on all subjects.
- Now, head to the backyard.
- Here, walk all the way to the right, just past the pipeline.
- Talk with Phil. To advance the story, ask "Was it you who dug up the yard?".
  followed by What are you doing with that metal detector?", followed by "How
  do you know the tomb's there?" followed by "Can I borrow your metal

- Now, head back to the foyer and go upstairs.
- Look for the door with the broken lock. It's the one closest to the stairs.
- In the library, go ahead and talk with Simone about all subjects.
- Now, on the left bookcase, look on the second shelf from the top for two
  yellow books next to each other. Use these to get map of the Defoe Manor.
- Go ahead and take a peak. When satisified, go ahead and go back to the 
  backyard and talk to Phil.
- Use the plan on Phil. He'll give up the metal detector.
- Head back to the pool. Use the metal detector on the pipeline.

- On the pile of dirt you're led to, use it to reveal a panel.
- Use the panel.
- Walk back over to the panel.
- Use the ladder.

Day Three

- To start off, remember the article Phil gave you? Go ahead and give it a
  read. You have to in order to advance the plot.
- Now, head through the western door. Pick up the newspaper by the front door.
  Go ahead and read it as well.
- Make your way through the house to the back yard.
- If you want, talk to Phil in the dining room; he doesn't have much to say.

- Surprise! Go ahead and use your car to obtain the lockpicks.
- Let's put them to use, open up the door to the shed here using the lockpicks.
- Go ahead and take the saw off the wall. Head back out.
- Go back into the house and head upstairs to the library.
- In here, talk to Jim. To advance, ask him "What are you doing?" followed by
  "Do you want to tag along with me?"
- While in here, locate the Defoe Family History book.

- Now, make your way ALL the way back to the backyard. Most specifically, stand
  by the tree.
- With Jim standing near you, use the saw on the tree.
- Now go back upstairs.
- Go to the door to the right, last on the north row. Use your lockpicks to
  open this door.
- Inside, use the wardrobe and take the book inside. Read it.
- Now, head over to the window. Use it once to open it, then again to enter.
- Out here, use your Grolly (Umbrella) and use it on the crack on the roof.
- Use the window.
- In here, use the nightstand to get another diary. Read this one to.

- After reading this, we need to find the "Object" we're looking for.
- First of all, grab the teddy off the bed.
- Head over to the library. find a book about the occult. Read it for info on
  how to find the "Object" we're looking for.
- Head down to the TV Room. If you don't remember, go downstairs to the lounge,
  then head through that back door. In here, grab the cord attached to the TV.
- Now, head to the back yard. Take the twig by the tree stump here.
- While you're out here, go ahead and drop in the shed and take the pickaxe.
- Now, use the cord on the teddy, then use that on the stick.
- Head back into the kitchen and check the cabinets under the sink.
- Use the teddy on the salt.
- Go back up to Matthew's Bedroom. Now, use the teddy on the bed.

- In case you don't feel like following the stick, head back down to the
  kitchen. Use the pickaxe on the wall.
- Down here, you have to use the finder to locate a spot on the floor. It's
  in the southeastern area of the room. After the indicator is pointing 
  straight down, an area of the floor can be used. Use it.

- Head back to the hunting room. If you've forgot, its through the dining
  room, east to the lounge, through the TV room, then voila.
- Go over to the broken jar. Touch the idol.

Day Four

- Seem's like we're locked in.
- Go ahead and talk to the window.
- If you care about plot, talk to Simone about everything. To advance the
  story, talk to Simone about "What makes you think I killed Phillip, Anyway?"
  followed by "I was possessed by the ghost!" followed by "It possessed me just
  like it did when I killed AJ." followed by "I'm delirious with guilt most of
  the time".
- Pick up your tie. Use the lockpick on the door.
- Head to the upstairs hallway.
- Now would be a good time to SAVE.
- When ready, go to the eastern most exit, the bathroom.
- Wait until the welder is on the floor mat, then use the floor mat.

Day Five

- The whole point of the conversation is to make sure you're understanding the
  plot so far.
- First, go into the room behind you. Talk to Jim to retrieve the items from
  the Welder.
- Now, go to the library and search the same row of occult books for another.
  Give it a good look-see.
- Now we need to make another detector. To do this, head downstairs to the
- Take the scissors off the Dresser.
- Now, use the scissors on the Apron. Use the strip on the mask, then use the
  mask on the machete. Head back to the kitchen and dip it in salt. Finally, go
  to the basement and wave it over the manacles.
- It'll lead you to the upstairs bathroom. The area you're looking for is just
  below the sink. Now, use the scissors on the detector, then use the machete
  to pry up the tiles.
- Take the body. Head back downstairs. Go to the hunting room and use the
  body on the floor. Now, use either the apron or the mask on the remains.
  Now, go talk to Simone and Jim. As them both to meet you in the hunting
  room. Jim is upstairs in Matthew's room and Simone is in the lounge.
- Back in the Hunting Room, use the Teddy on Jim. Then grab the rifle off the
  wall and use it on Simone.
- Now, use the Black Magic book on yourself. Kick back and enjoy the ending.

| Books |


It's an article cut out from a magazine
called Treasure Hunting Monthly.


DeFoe Manor, one of the countyr's more
notorious stately homes, is renowned for
being a great source of untold wealth,
but what is the curse that surrounds the
creaking house?

The mansion was built in the early 19th
century by the legendary explorer Roderick
DeFoe, in celebration of his retirement
and marriage.

Sir Roderick disappeared along with his
only son, on the fifteen year anniversary
of his wife's sudden death.

After that, the house fell into the
possession of a succession of heirs, most
of whom died or disappeared in mysterious

The house as left abandoned after the
last heir was thought to have died in
1946, until the recent appearance of
Clarence DeFoe, who managed to prove
his connection to the lineage and inherit
the house.

Family History

A History of the DeFoe Family: Volume VII

Roderick DeFoe, later Sir Roderick DeFoe,
is probably the most famous of the

Using a lot of the inheritance he attained
when his parents died suddenly, he
embarked on a series of adventures
througought the globe, earning quite a
reputation as a colonial explorer.

He retired from adventuring at the age
of 40 when he met his future bride,
Belinda Rothman, and feel instantly in love.
He built a luxury manor in the English
countryside, and the couple moved in as
soon as work was complete.

By all accounts, the couple were deliriously
happy, which is what made Belinda's
sudden death, while giving birth to their
only son, Matthew, all the more tragic.

Sir Roderick was in mourning for a long
time, leaving the upbringin of Matthew in
the hands of numerous nannies and

When he finally did start taking an
interest in his son, he was known to be
bitterly disappointed as his son rejected
the idea of joining the army, preferring
to pursure art and literature.

As Matthew neared the age of 15,
however, he and his father seemed to
grow closer. They didn't alwas see eye
to eye, but they seemed to understand
each other, and offer unconditional love.

An then, on Matthew's 15th birthday, he
and Roderick disappeared. A servant
found bloodstains in one of the rooms,
but no bodies were found.

The fate of Sir Roderick and his wayward
son remains a mystery to this day, the
first of many mysterious disappearances
connected to the DeFoe line and the
family house.


It's a copy of the local paper, dated
last Friday.


Sir Clarence DeFoe, last ot the
long-running DeFoe line, was found dead
yesterday in his home. DeFoe, 24, was
found hanging from a tree in the front
yard of the DeFoe Manor.

His recent bride, Julia Swanson-DeFoe, was
also found dead in the mansion,
apparently stabbed to death.

Inspector Jacob Barnes, the officer in
charge of the investigation, has closed the
case. "There's no mystery here," he said.
"DeFoe killed his wife and then himself.
We have already disproved the possibility
of a third party."

Sir Clarence's solicitor, Michael Cheasham,
however, has gone on record questioning
the Inspector's judgement. "The last I saw
Sir Clarence, he was infinitely content. He
would never have commited such an act.
Plus there was no suicide note."


The diary of Sir Roderick DeFoe.

March 5th, 1805

Work on the house is going well. It should
be completed by the end of July. Belinda
is already excited about the forthcoming
wedding, and spends many hours of the
day going over even the smallest details
over and over again.

Not since our early courtship has she
been so giddy with joy. It softens my
heart to see her smile, and she smiles
often. I am wondering why I didn't retire

August 12th, 1805

I am only now having the opportunity to
write this, as it has been a most hectic
day. The wedding went without a hitch, and
the house was ready for us to move in
as soon as the ceremony was over.

Belinda insisted on consummating our
marriage immediatly. I am sure, dear
diary, this house can expect to hear the
laughter of children before 1806 is out.

February 14th, 1806

A romantic day for our announcement;
the physician has just left, confirming that
Belinda is with child, a child we can expect
to be born in June. We have already
decided to name the child Matthew if a
boy, or Jane if a girl.

June 28th, 1806

Belinda is dead, I will never forget her
face, ash grey, contorted with pain. The
child is healthy, Would that it had never
come about and spared me this fresh hell.

May 24, 1820

Matthew showed me the painting of the
grounds he had created. I worry about
the boy. Why can't he have healthier
interests, like soldiering? The painting
was fair, I suppose, but I would rather my
child be less of a weakling.

June 28th, 1821

It is the anniversary of the night I
unleased a horror. A horror which I
tonight shall remove from this world. May
God forgive me.

That's the last entry.


The secret diary of Matthew DeFoe.

June 28th, 1814

Today is my eigth birthday. Nanny said I
would doon be a big strong man like my
father. I wanted to see him today, but
he wouldn't come out of his study all
day. Nanny says he always get cross on
this day, but it's not because of me.

August 5th, 1817

I found a new friend. He is behind the
door in the kitchen and he doesn't have
a name. He likes me to sit and talk to
him, but father gets very angry when he
finds me doing this.

I asked father who the boy behind the
door was, but he told me there was no
boy behind the door and it was just a 
silly fantasy.

May 24th, 1820

I showed father the painting I just
finished. He said it was quite good, which
is the best thing he has ever said. While
he was in the good mood, I asked if I
could go and look behind the door in the
kitchen. He pretended not to hear me.

June 28th, 1821

My father has done a terrible thing. All
this time he pretended there was no boy
behind the door, and now this. There is
blood all over the kitchen floor. I will do
what I can. Then we can be a family
together and be happy.

That's where it ends, except for a little
ink blot just underneath the text.


It's a book on white magic.


Tie the possession in question to a stick
and dip it in salt. Next, wave it over the
place where the subject sleeps.

When you hold it in front of you, the
object should now indicate in which
direction the owner lies.

| Copyright Notice |

This document is Copyright (C) 2008 Brandon Bush. This guide may be
reproduced and distributed freely under such circumstances that no profit,
monetary or not, is obtained, whether through direct donations nor pricing of
said document. This document may ONLY be viewed on the following sites:

Should this document be found on any other site, please e-mail me the URL of
the website at The author (Brandon Bush) retains
the right to change this guide at any time at the author's discretion. If you
wish to post this as part of your website, please notify me first at the above
e-mail. Chances are I won't turn you down, however I do like to know where it

The author does retain the right to immediatly retract this document from ANY
publication, electronically or physically, for any discretion as determined by
the author.
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