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Eye of the Beholder II The Legend of Darkmoon Tips & Tricks

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Eye of the Beholder II - The Legend of Darkmoon

+-----+ +------+ +-+ +-----+ +-+  +-+  +-+   +-+ +--+ +------+
+-+ +-+ | ---- | | | | +---+ | | / /    \ \ / /  | /  | +----+
  | |   | +----+ | | | |     | |/ /      \ + /   |/   | +----+
  | |   | |\ \   | | | |     | | /\       \ /         +----+ |
  | |   | | \ \  | | | +---+ | |/\ \      | |         +----+ |     
  +-+   +-+  +-+ +-+ +-----+ +-+  +-+     +-+         +------+


Version 1.0 - By Tricky

| Index:                                                                    |
 Introduction to this FAQ ........................................ IDXA0000
 Playing this game in modern times ............................... IDXA0001
 The rules of AD&D, 2nd Edition in a Nutshell .................... IDXB0000
 NPC Characters .................................................. IDXB0001
 Mage Spells ..................................................... IDXB0002
 Walkthrough ..................................................... IDXC0000
 Forest .......................................................... IDXCA000
 Main Hall (arrival) ............................................. IDXCB100
 Underground section ............................................. IDXCC000
    Level 1 ...................................................... IDXCC001
    Finding Amber ................................................ IDXCCB00
    Level 1 Continued ............................................ IDXCC0A1
    Level 2 (Skeletal warriors) .................................. IDXCC002
    Level 3 (The area's of Doom) ................................. IDXCC003
    Level 4 (Ant's place) ........................................ IDXCC004
    Level 3 Continued ............................................ IDXCC0A3
    Quick way out after you got all the horns .................... IDXCCZZZ
 Main Hall (between underground and first tower) ................. IDXCB200
 Tower 1: The test of Darkmoon ................................... IDXCD000
    Level 1 - The Mantis Corridor ................................ IDXCD001
    Level 2 - The Wasp Nest ...................................... IDXCD002
    Level 3 - The Serpents ....................................... IDXCD003
 Main Hall (Test completed) ...................................... IDXCB300
 Tower 2: The Blue Tower ......................................... IDXCE000
    Level 1 - The Entrance ....................................... IDXCE001
    Level 2 - The Basilisk's Lair ................................ IDXCE002
    Level 3 - The shortcut and the traps and guards .............. IDXCE003
    Level 4 - The Medusa's labyrinth ............................. IDXCE004
    Level 5 - The Frost Giant's Lair ............................. IDXCE005
    Getting the Talon's Tongue ................................... IDXCE006
 Main Hall (Blue tower completed) ................................ IDXCB400
 Tower 3: The Crimson Tower ...................................... IDXCF000
    Prologue ..................................................... IDXCFZZZ
    Level 1 - Mage level ......................................... IDXCF001
    Level 2 - Salamandras ........................................ IDXCF002
    Level 3 - Dran's Lair ........................................ IDXCF003
 Copyrights and permissions ...................................... IDXH0001
 Contacting me ................................................... IDXH0002
| Introduction to this FAQ:                                      | IDXA0000 |
Welcome to my EOB2 walkthrough.

EOB2 is one of my favorite games of old times. What I need to tell you that
this FAQ goes about the version that appeared for MS-DOS. I know there's also
a version for the AMIGA 500 which is identical to this one (better sound and 
GFX only).

I know that EOB1 was re-released for GBA. That version of EOB1 has very little
to do with the original series, and if they did the same for EOB2, then you can
better leave this FAQ for what it is, as I am absolutely sure that EOB2 will
have the same changes.

What you need to know when you wanna find things in this FAQ.
EOB2 starts in the forest but very soon you'll enter the temple of Darkmoon and
the rest of the game takes place there.
Darkmoon is divided in one main part (of two levels in which you will 
contineously return), one underground part and three towers. In this FAQ I'll 
use the same setup. The codes in the index are based on the parts the game is
divided in. When you want to see a certain section, go to the IDX code by using
ctrl-F (or apple-F when you are on Mac).

Normally I give you my levels in FAQs in RPG based FAQs. This time I will not,
as you hardly need levels in this game. The advantages are too little. It is so 
that magic users can do more spells when higher in level, but you can easily
live without those. When you really need a certain level to do something I'll
tell you so.

As goes in all my FAQs, I'll not tell you about treasures you'll find, unless
there's really something noteworthy, or something you need later in the game
(cut short key items).

I'll often tell you things about north, and south and so on. For this I refer
to the compass that is on your screen. Watch that compass well, because there
are certain spots in which you mysteriously change direction. I'll try to note
in in my FAQ every time that that happens.

| Playing this game in modern times                              | IDXA0001 |
It's very unlikely you'll find this game in stores these days. I do know there
are undoubtly sites where you can download it from, but I doubt that's legal, so
I'll not link you to those sites. I got my copy back from the old days, and 
always kept it. If you have any sites or adresses where this game can be 
attained without violating copyrights, please mail me, and I'll name them in
this FAQ.

Playing this game may be impossible in modern OSes,  so you'll need an emulator.
When writing this FAQ I ran the game in DosBox 0.63 (MacOS X version), so I
know it works there. I can confirm it works for the Windows version of DosBox
as well.

There are other emulators out there like Bochs. I never tried out if it works on
those. If you can confirm any other emulators that support this game, please
let me know.

| The Rules of AD&D Second Edition in a Nutshell                 | IDXB0000 |
Large books have been written about AD&D section edtion (AD&D = Advanced
Dungeons & Dragons). The rules are so large and complex that I cannot give
you all of them in this FAQ, or this FAQ would simply become too large.

On GameFAQs is a FAQ that goes more in the deep of AD&D rules, so if you want
any more details that I didn't give in this FAQ I recommend you that one.
The FAQ is written by DSimpson and is available on GameFAQs on the FAQ page of
all Eye of the Beholder games.

What is important to know.

Most of all the party. The only recommendations that I give is to have at least
one Cleric and a Mage in the party. A thief is needed since some doors can only
be opened if you got a thief in your party. If you combine such classes or have
it alone is up to you.

I mostly use: 1 Paladin, 1 Fighter/Thief, 1 Cleric and 1 mage.

Races and genders hardly matters, but know that not all races can have all 
kinds of classes.

The classes is what really matter.

In EOB not all classes AD&D has are there.

The classes EOB has are:
= Fighter
= Ranger
= Paladin
= Mage
= Cleric
= Thief
Some of these classes are combined if you pick any race but human.

Before you decide what kind of character you want, let's take their most 
important characteristics in order.

- Fighter
  Fighters are basically your source of power. Basically all they can do is 
  hit the hell out of monsters. They have overall the most HP, but have no
  magic abilities.
  When it comes to equipment Fighters can wear almost everything.
  Important stats for a fighter are: Strength, Constitution and Dexteritiy.

- Ranger
  In EOB it most of all pointless to have a ranger. Basically they have most
  abilities when it comes to nature. But EOB has very little nature.
- Paladin
  Paladins are knights. They can fight like the fighter and can do (when they
  are level 10 or higher) do a few Cleric spells. 
  Important stats for a paladin are: Strength, Dexterity, Wisdom and apparanlty 
  What is important to know is that only humans can become Paladins, and that
  Paladins always need to have the Lawful Good alignment and may not be teamed
  up with characters with the Evil alignment.
- Mage
  There are many creatures in AD&D games that are vulnerable to magic (and some
  only magic). This makes the need for a mage pretty important. Mages need a 
  spellbook to cast magic spells. They can copy spells by scribing scrolls 
  (which will disappear). Read later in this section for the use of magic.
  For mages it's important to have a high intelligence.
  When it comes to equipment Mages are weak, so they can only wear robes, and
  use staffs or daggers. Anything else is simply too heavy for them.
- Cleric
  For the help of God you need a Cleric. Clerics can heal your party and are
  very important. Resting (which you need to do to recover) takes forever 
  without them, and when trained up well enough they can even revive the dead
  (unless it's an elf). Clerics can acquire new spells by levelling up, but for
  the usage of them the same basic rules apply as for mages. When it comes to
  equipment they can wear anything a fighter can except for the weapons. God is
  supposed to hate bloodshed, and therefore all weapons that can draw blood
  (like swords and knives) are forbidden for a cleric (you can void that rule
  by using a Fighter/Cleric combo). Overall Clerics use maces as weapon.
  When it comes to stats the Wisdom stat is most important to a cleric
- Thief
  When you are used to Japanese RPG games, then sorry, you cannot steal from
  enemies in this game. Still a thief is required. Many bonusses can only be
  found when you have a thief in your party (EOB3 is even impossible to beat
  without a thief). Thiefs can fight but are weaker than fighters and cannot
  wear metal armor (thiefs must be quick and metal armor is too heavy). The most
  important reason to have a thief is since they can pick locks and therefore
  open doors that would otherwise be closed to you. If you wanna find all the 
  game has to offer, then a thief cannot be missed.
After you picked your class you can select your alignment. Alignments are very
important when you play an AD&D session at a table with a Dungeon Master but
in Eye Of The Beholder they got no value at all. The only thing you oughta know
is that Paladins must always be Lawful Good, and that when you want a Paladin
you cannot allow characters with the Evil alignment in your party. For the rest
do what you like.

You may roll for stats (or modify them, which is officially cheating). I'll
hereby make an overview of those.

- Strength (STR) 
  Strength determines the rate of succes in a physical attack. It does not 
  influence the damage. That is determined by the weapon you use. The higher
  your strength the more chance of success...
- Intelligence (INT)
  Intelligence influences various things, but most of all your magic 
  capabilities. The higher your intelligence the more spells you're supposed
  to be able to cast as a mage. 
- Wisdom (WIS)
  Wisdom is important for cleric/paladin spells. There are also other things
  affected by it.
- Dexterity (DEX)
  Your defensive capabilities. If most of all affects your basic Armor Class
  (I'm told that DEX can help you in your accuracy with shooting weapons).
- Constitution (CON)
  Affects your HP. 
- Armor Class (AC)
  Determines the chance that an enemy attack fails. The lower this value the
  safer you are. Having a negative value here is even better. Normally this can
  be a value between 10 and -10. If you manage to get -10 you're pratically 
  (In 3rd edition this value must be higher, but this is 2nd edition remember!)
When it comes to spellcasting you may have seen that there are no MP in this 
game. Reason is easy, AD&D does not deal with MP. Clerics and Paladins can
"pray for spells" and magicians can "memorize spells". You have serveral levels
of spells, and in each level you have a certain number of spells you may take.
You may take the same spell twice or more. How many spells you may pick is
dependant on your experience level. After picking spells you have to rest in 
order to be able to use them, and each spell you picked can be used only once
(unless it's more times in your list) and then you got to rest to get it back.
You can change the spells you want at any time but remember you got to rest
before you can use them. Pick your spells well.

When you want to know how much spells you can use per level, use DSimpson's
FAQ for a more detailed list.

That covers the most important rules. When you think you don't know enough then
I refer to DSimpson's FAQ.

| NPC Characters                                                 | IDXB0001 |
You create your own party, but there are people you may join you in your
quest. Here's a list of the people there are.

- Insal
  Found where: Underground, level 1
  Insal is a thief who was captures by the lords of Darkmoon. When you allow
  him in the party he'll leave soon stealing some items in your inventory.
  He is supposed to help you if you had him in your party later in the game,
  but due to a bug, he'll do so when you reject his services, which I strongly
  recommend to do. (Insal may not leave if you have a party of 4).
- Shorn
  Found where:  Underground, level 2
  Shorn is a dwarf priest. He's a cleric. It's handy to have an extra cleric
  but his wisdom is low and he can carry less spells.
  Class:        Cleric
  Alignment:    Lawful Neutral
  Race:         Dwarf
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     15
  Intelligence: 14
  Wisdom:       13
  Dexterity:    14
  Constitution: 13
  Charisma:     16
  Armor Class   10
  Hitpoints:    40 of 40
  Experience:   Cl: 137008
  Level:        Cl: 8
- San-Raal
  Found where:  Underground, level 2 (Set of Elf bones, you need the
                altar of revival to revive him from the dead).
  San-Raal is a Drow mage. As common for the Drow, San-Raal knows a lot of
  spells that your mage might not, however San-Raal is very extremely weak and
  always the first to die. I'm not fond of him.
  Class:        Mage
  Alignment:    Chaotic Neutral
  Race:         Elf (Drow)
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     11
  Intelligence: 18
  Wisdom:       13
  Dexterity:    14
  Constitution: 16
  Charisma:     9
  Armor Class:  10
  Hitpoints:    28 or 28
  Experience:   Ma: 97008
  Level:        Ma: 8
  Lv1: Burning Hands
       Detect Magic
       Shocking Grasp
  Lv2: Blur
       Improoved Identify
       Melf's Acid Arrow
  Lv3: Hold Person
       Lightning Bolt
       Vampiric Touch
  Lv4: Ice Storm
       Remove Curse
  Lv5: Cone Of Cold
       Wall Of Force
  Lv6: Stone to Flesh     

- Calandra
  Found where:  Underground level 2
  Calandra is the sister of the woman you met at the entrance of Darkmoon.
  She's a strong fighter, and very experienced, so she could do very well in 
  your party, however she's extremely vulnerable to status changes. Especially
  when dealing with medusas and basilisks this can be her downfall.
  Class:        Fighter
  Alignment:    Chaotic Good
  Race:         Human
  Gender:       Female
  Strength:     18/36
  Intelligence: 13
  Wisdom:       8
  Dexterity:    15
  Constitution: 16
  Charisma:     14
  Armor Class:  9
  Hitpoints:    4 of 76
  Experience:   Fi: 253749
  Level:        Lv: 9
- Amber
  Found where:  Main part, upper level (Elf Bones. Altar of revival to revive 
  Amber is Khelben's scout. When you need an extra mage she's a fine choice.
  She's not the best mage, but she can give you the extra hand you need. She's
  also a thief. Can be handy to open locks (however you do need a thief to 
  find here, so trying to get her is no excuse to skip a thief from your party).
  Class:        Thief/Mage
  Alignment:    Neutral Good
  Race:         Elf
  Gender:       Female
  Strength:     14
  Intelligence: 17
  Wisdom:       12
  Dexterity:    18
  Constition:   9
  Charisma:     17
  Armor Class:  6
  Hitpoints:    36
  Experience:   Mg: ?, Th: ?
  Level:        Mg: 7, Th: 7
  Lv 1: Burning hands
        Detect Magic
        Shocking Grasp
  Lv 2: Blur
        Improoved Identify
        Melf's Acid Arrow
  Lv 3: Hold Person
        Lightning Bolt
  Lv 4: Ice Storm
        Remove Curse
- Tanglor
  Found where:  Tower 1, level 1
  Tanglor has nice cleric spells. He can also fight. I personally never take
  him, but I suppose he can be useful.
  Class:        Fighter/Cleric
  Alignment:    Neutral Good
  Race:         Half-Elf
  Gender:       Male
  Strength:     16
  Intelligence: 13
  Wisdom:       16
  Dexterity:    15
  Constitution: 11
  Charisma:     12
  Armor Class:  9 (2 with his default plate mail on)
  Hitpoints:    53 or 53
  Experience:   Fi: 69570, Cl: 69570
  Level:        Fi: 7, Cl: 7
| Mage Spells                                                    | IDXB0002 |
Here's a list of mage spells and where to find their scrolls.
When stated "default" you should have that spell when you start the game
(unless you started a game with a EOB1 savegame).

- Magic Missile
  = Check your inventory when you start the game (unless you transferred a EOB1
  = There's also a scroll in the spider sublevel
- Burning Hands
  = Default
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Detect Magic
  = Default
  = Niche in way out of Doomed area underground
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Shield
- Shocking Grasp
  = Default
  = Niche in way out of Doomed area underground
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Blur
  = In cellar outside Darkmoon
  = San-Raal has it by default

- Detect invisibility

- Improoved Identify
  = Amber has it by default
  = On a shelf in portal room, main section
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Invisibility
  In a small room upper level main section
- Melf's Acid Arrow
  = Default
  = San-Raal has it by default

- Dispell Magic
- Fireball
  = Default
  = Niche in way out of Doomed area underground
- Haste
  In the portral room in level 3 underground.

- Hold Person
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Invisibility 10' radius
  = In the medusas' labyrinth where you find the stone dagger

- Lightning Bolt
  = Amber starts with it
  = Sub-level to level 1 right behind the pit-trap
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Vampiric Touch
  = San-Raal has it by default

- Fear
  = In the Ringmaster section, Tower 3, level 1

- Ice Storm
  = Default
  = San-Raal has it by default
  = Tower 2, level 3
- Improoved invisibility
  = In the fireball maze, tower 2, level 2
- Remove Curse
  = Amber has it by default
  = On level 3 underground
  = San-Raal has it by default

- Cone Of Cold
  = At the start of the Frost Giant Level
  = San-Raal has it by default
- Hold Monster
  Tower 2, level 1. Where you find the first polished shield
- Wall of Force
  = San-Raal has it by default
  = Level 3 Tower 2
- Disintegrate
  On level 3 of tower 1. (sometimes there might be two of them there)
- Flesh to Stone
  = At the end of the Medusas' Labyrinth

- Stone to Flesh
  = San-Raal has it by default
  = Tower 2, level 3. Where you found Starfire
| Walkthrough                                                    | IDXC0000 |
You know the deal. You got to investigate the Temple Of Darkmoon on behalf of
the archmage Khelben. You start the game in a forest close to that temple.

| Forest                                                         | IDXCA000 |
This forest is pretty mazy. There are nice items to take here, though not
extremely valuable. And there's a cellar that contains some stuff.
(You can find rotten food you need later, but you can get that later as well).

Most of all you need to find your way to Darkmoon. If you cannot find it
yourself you may ask an old woman you find on your way to help you get there.

When the game asks if you wanna enter Darkmoon, say Yes.

| Main Level (arrival)                                           | IDXCB100 |
When you step forward you'll meet Joril and Nadia. You can choose to inquire
or to attack. For now it's better to inquire (though you won't kill the game
when you want to kill them).

When you chose to inquire they will not attack (for now). You can walk around
to find a distressed woman. You don't need anything from here, but it's nice
to know that her sister Calandra is lost.

Now it comes if you do anything that angers Joril and Nadia they will attack
you and seal the exit of the temple. Once that happens you can never get out.
If you have anything left to do in the forest then do it now.

Things that will anger Joril and Nadia are
= Attacking them
= Breaking the windows
= Ignoring Joril's warning when you go through the west door.

You got to go through the west door to really start your quest. If you do
Joril and Nadia will come after you. Decide for yourself if you want to kill or
outrun them (the exit will be closed as I said). From there head south and
exit downstairs to start the underground section.

(A secret passage to the west (small button) leads to the revival altar. You
can use it to revive 3 dead party members, but more importantly to get the NPC
characters San-Raal and Amber)

| Underground section                                            | IDXCC000 |
Objective: Find four horns which are the key to the first tower.

IDXCC001: Level 1
NPC:      Insal
Enemies:  Soldiers (in all shapes and sizes)

= Turn to the right (west)
= Go to the door and open it (one of your party members might mention that this
  place was originally build by the Drow).
= Open the door and enter the corridor
= Go around the corner north
= On the way you'll step on a pressure plate that opens a door
= When you get through the door you'll meet some soldiers. Kill them.
= When you killed the guards one of them will drop a grey key. Take it.
= From the spot where the guards where is a door to the north.
  You can open it with the lever beside it to kill a guard and some food.
= In the northwest is a corridor. Enter it.
= At the end is a door. When you stel on the pressure plate it'll open. When
  you get off it, it'll close. Put a stone on it and the door will stay open.
= When you turn right (south) one party member will mention that he/she hears
  somebody humming.
= You also see a niche. Get the key out of there.
= Make one step east and you'll hear somebody cry for help. Use a grey key on
  the lock and go south
Now you'll meet Insal. He'll ask to join your party. Reject his serivce as he'll
leave soon stealing your stuff in the process. (He's supposed to help you later
in the game when you accept him, but due to a bug he'll do so when you rejected
his services).

= Now head north and kill the soldier you find along the way.
= At the end you'll find some barrels. Use a sword or an axe to break them and
  you'll find magic dust. Treasure this dust, as it's one of the few means of
  curing petrification later in the game.
= Now go south and search the east wall. There's a very small button. Press it
  to reveal a secret passage. Behind it is a stairway. Go down there.
--------: Sublevel
Enemies:  Spiders

I didn't put this part under a special code, as there's little to do here.
= Hack the spdier web and go east
= Go around the corner south and keep going south till the end
= Here you'll find serveral cleric scrolls, a mage scroll (magic missile) and
  a copper key.
= Go back to the stairway and go back upstairs

--------: Level 1
Enemies:  Soldiers

= Go south and take the doorway west
= Follow the corridor
= At the end go through the door south
= Follow the corridor

If you wanna have Amber, read on, elseway skip the next section and read on at
Level 1 continued

IDXCCB00: Finding Amber
NPC:      Amber
Enemies:  Joril, Nadia (If you haven't killed them), Cleric (magic form),
          Warrior priests
Requires: 1 Copper key         
= Go North upstairs to the entrance level and go straight upstairs at the
  the stairs directly in front of you.
= One step north and a warrior priest will request you to leave. Refuse to
  do so and kill him.
= Turn to the east
= Use the copper key on the north keyhole to open the door
= Follow the corridor until the road is blocked by a door
= Turn east and open the door
= Enter the little room and search the bed to find a copper key
= Go back to the door and use the copper key to open it and proceed south
= You may be attacked by guards of which one leaves a copper key when killed
= Follow this corridor and go west at the end
= When you see a lock on the south wall use lockpicks to pick it
= Check out the small room behind the door that will open and find a note,
  a complete set of Elf Bones (this is Amber's skeleton) and magic dust.
= Leave the room north
= Turn east
= Pick the lock north
= Pick up the magic dust behind the door that opens and go back to the corridor
= Go east
= Around the corner north
= At the first way east, drop your magic dust here. You won't need that stuff
  until you can enter the place that is behind that door and it'll be a long
  while before you can do so (since it leads to the second tower).
= Go north and follow the corridor
= You'll come pass the stairs to the entrance level. Go downt here.

= One stap forward and check the west wall (small button)
= Press the button to reveal a teleporter. Step in it.
= Walk to the holy symbol (altar of revival) and click on it to revive Amber.
  She'll immediatly join the party. (Not even an introduction or anything).

Problem may be that Amber starts with no equipment or anything. Especially 
without a spellbook she's pretty useless. You can lend her a spellbook from
a mage you have, to make her learn her own spells and give it back. There are
spellbooks to be found soon enough, so you can make use of her pretty soon.

= Go back east and step in the teleporter on the right
= Go south and go downstairs.

From here we can continue the quest.

IDXCC0A1: Level 1 Continued
Enemies:  Soldiers

= Go east and open the door with the silver key
= Kill the soliders and go east
= At the end turn south 
= Walk until you see a pit

ATTENTION! This pit is a double-trap. When you fall into it the game is 
           technically NOT over, but there's no way to move or to get out when
           that happens, so pratically the game IS over then. So do as I say.
= Close the put by using the lever.
= Now continue south and go east. You'll be attacked by soldiers 
= Kill the soldiers. Two of them will drop a key. Take them both
= Continue the road and use the lever to close the pit.
= Follow the corridor (there is a secret passage here that leads to treasure,
  like the scroll for lightning bolt. The copy-protection may pop up if you go
  there though. Lock picks are required to get the treasure)
= When you see a doorway south, open it with a grey key and kill the guards
= Now open the door beside that with a grey key and kill the guards inside
= Examine the room to find the first horn (out of four)
= Go back to the corridor
= Continue west (some guards may wake up and come after you)
= Around the corner north
= Go downstairs (Still on the same level oddly enough)

= There's a secret niche on the east. In there is a Raise Dead Scroll. I 
  recommend you to have some as long as your clerics are not high enough in
  level to cast it.
= Follow the corridor and go downstairs at the end to level 2

IDXCC002: Level 2 (Skeletal Warriors)
NPC:      Shorn, Calandra, San-Raal
Enemies:  Clerics, Skeletal Warriors

One note about the enemies. The Clerics will always paralyse you and the 
skeletal warriors will be hard to hit. This can mean that you have to run away
quite often to rest and recover. Memorize well where that happens, because I
cannot take all needs to run away into account as that can really differ on how
much luck you have and how strong your party is.

Another note. Unless you've been in the secret passage I told you about before,
or unless you have an illegal pirated version of this game the copy protection
will pop up. I can NOT give you any words that will need to be entered in order
to continue. I think I don't need to explain why.
Just check your manual to find the right word so that you can continue.

= Turn right (West)
= Use the keyhole in the northwall to open the west door
= Proceed west
= Go around the corner north
= Flip the switch on the west wall AND STEP BACK AS QUICKLY AS YOU CAN OR ELSE
= Now the niche beside the switch has a skull key. Take it with you.
= Go back to the stairway where you entered this level
= From that stairway make 3 steps south and 3 steps west and you'll see
  a wall with a small button. Press it to open a secret passage
= Enter the passage and go around the corner south 
= In here are some potions to take and the wall south (most east) is an
  illusion so you can walk straight through it.
= After the illusion turn north
= When you get at the third door south, one of your party members may mention
  that somebody is still alive there. Open the door by the button at the north
  wall and enter the cell to meet Shorn. Release him, and when he asks 
  permission to join you may do so if you want. It is also possible that he
  runs off without asking to join. (If you truly want him all you can do is
  load a savegame and try it again when that happens).
= When you leave Shorn's cell, make one step east and press the south button
  to open the north cell
= Enter the cell
= Here you'll find a complete set of Elf Bones. These bones belong to San-Raal,
  you can revive San-Raal on the same way as you did with Amber on the altar
  of revival.
= Leave San-Raal's cell and follow the corridor east (you'll be attacked by
  two clerics)
= Go south
= Open the south door with the skull key
= Enter the corridor behind the door and two clerics will appear to attack you.
  One will drop a Dark Moon Key (which you really need). The other will drop
  a holy symbol (Which is very extremely handy if you recruited Shorn).
= After killing the guards go west
= Here you'll find a spellbook (handy if you got Amber or San-Raal), a skull key
  which you'll need very soon. And some equipment. That's handy if you want 
  Calandra who is in this room. Search this room to find her if you want her
  in your party.
= Leave this room and go back to the corridor
= Go west here, and go as far west as you can
= From here go through the north wall (it's an illusion)
= Keep going north
= At the end east
= When you come in a hall, two steps north and then west
= In this corridor use the skull key to open the door
= Now enter the corridor behid the door that opens, and follow it.
  Along the way you'll be attacked by skeletal warriors who have a pretty
  good armor class and magic resistance. Hitting them won't be easy. Be sure
  you killed them all before continuing. Don't scare them off with Turn Undead.
  If you do they will return sooner or later and you never know when that will
  be. Sometimes they are accompanied by a cleric. This can be dangerous because
  of their Hold Person spell.
= At the end is a door locked with a skull key. A cleric who attacks you along
  the way drops it. Use it to open the door and you'll have to kill more
  skeletal warriors and a cleric.
= At the other side of that room is a door that is stuck. Click on it and you'll
  try to force it open. When succesful the door opens. (When you keep on failing
  your party is propably not strong enough. If that is so recruiting Calandra 
  may be your only hope to get this door open). (There's a skull key here, but
  if you followed my route you won't need it).
= Behind the door is lots of treasure, but don't go out mindlessly to claim it.
  As soon as you set one foot in this room a complete horde of skeletal warriors
  and clerics will attack you. Make sure you remove them all, and to accomplish
  that you may need to run away a few times. Make sure you don't take too long
  to do this, cause enemies here can respawn after awhile. When you got a 
  strong party you should have time enough to do this though.
= Once you killed everybody inside go into the room and claim the treasures.
= After that go east. (You'll find 4 more skeletal warriors. Neutralize them).
= At the end is a niche with a Neutralize poison scroll and a Darkmoon key.
  Make sure you take the key.
= Go back to the door and leave this room (You cannot rest in this room, so you
  need to be outside to rest).
= Make your way back to the entrance of this level (don't leave this level
= From there go east
= When you hit the wall north
= Around the corner east
= At the very end south
= First way east
= You'll get into a hall. To the north is a door. You need a Darkmoon key to
  open it. 
= You'll find another door that requires a Darkmoon key. Open it.
= Now you'll see a vison of Khelben. If you don't you must have tossed the
  coin you got at the start of the game.
= Immediatly after Khelben disappears turn west and open the door
= Go into the room to find find the second horn (out of four)
  (There are also some healing potions here. You may need them badly).
= Go back through the door.
= Head north and as soon as you step on a pressure plate go quickly back to
  outrun a fireball.
= Behind this fireball trap is a wall on the east side you can hack to break
  to reveal a stairway to level 3. Go down.

IDXCC003: Level 3 - Doomed area
Enemies:  Slime, Giant Bats


Then a few notes about the enemies.
Don't pick fights here when you don't need to, and run away from fights when
you have the chance to. The slimes here hardly hurt you but they destroy your
inventory. Items they destroy cannot be recovered. And the giant bats are 
immune to regular weapons, and hurt you bad. Magic and weapons of +1 (or above)
will have to do the trick here. If you can avoid those bats then you're better
off than fighting those.

= You'll see a sign saying everybody who enters is doomed. So that's why we're
  gonna enter (we'll have to when we want those other two horns).
= Go south and the door behind you will close (it cannot be opened from this
  side no matter how hard you try).
= Just go straight on
= When you hit the wall, 1 step west and continue south
= Follow the corridor and kill the slime on the south
= Go south from here
= Open the door and enter to get a scroll "Remove Curse"
= Go back north till you hit the wall
= Go west
= Around the corner north
= 1st way west
= Around the corner north
= First way west (wall is an illusion)
= After the illusion go south
= Kill the slime at the end and it drops a Spider Key. Take it.
  (Ignore the way ahead from here. There's only a trap and a deadly one)
= Go back north and use the spider key on the lock at the end
= Go downstairs to go to level 4

IDXCC004: Level 4 - Ant's lair
Enemies:  Ants

Important to know that this area has the same curse as level 3. In other words
you cannot rest here. The ants who roam this level are poisonous. Since you 
cannot rest it is important to wait as long as you can with curing that, and
to avoid as many fights as possible. You need to go to level 3 after you are
done here anyway, and if you can wait with curing poison until you are there
there's much to win. If you have slow poison it can help to get throught his

= One step west
= Turn south
= At the end west
= Keep going west and take the spider key at the end.
  There are also bones here. Take 3. You need those later (if you missed them
  you can take them elsewere too. As long as you got 3 everything is fine).
= Go east
= First way south
= Keep going south until you see a broken vase
= Go east from there
= Take the first corridor south
= At the end of it is treasure. Take what you want but make sure you get the
  Horn that's lying here (the third out of four).
= Go back east
= At the end north
= Keep going north and make sure you grab the Darkmoon key along the way
  (The other treasure is up to you).
= When you hit the wall make 2 steps west, 1 north and 2 west
= Go north till you hit the wall
= Go one step east then continue north
= Go east and exit this level upstairs

IDXCC0A3: Level 3 - Continued
Enemies: Slime, Giant Bat

Make sure you got the Horn and the Darkmoon key from level 4. When you have
that you don't have to mess around with the ants any more. When you got any
poisoned characters now is the time to cure them from that status as there are
no poisonous creatures on this level.

= Follow the corridor till there is an alcove to the right of you.
= Turn left here and go through the illusion wall.
= First way south
= Around the corner east
= First way south
= Around the corner east
= First way south
= First way west
= Around the corner south
= Keep going south till you hit the wall
= Open the door west with the spider key
= Here's treasure. Take what you want but make sure you take the spider key.
  The strange thing in the wall is a portal. Once you got the stone gem, which
  you'll get soon, you can temporarily get to the main section of Darkmoon so
  you can rest. I suggest you use it if you need once you get that gem.
  For now leave the room. (after taking the spider key).
= Go east and as soon as you see a spider lock use the spider key to open it.
= In the next room are 9 presure plates which need to be weighted with an item.
  Put your items like the eyes of a die at the value 5, so this way
     * . *
     . * .
     * . *
= The door south will open, go in there (WARNING GIANT BATS AHEAD)
= Enter the corridor. Keep going west (first wall = illusion)
= After the illusion 2nd way north keep going north (first wall = illusion)
= Here you are safe for the giant bats. Claim all treasure here especially the
  Darkmoon key and the glass sphere. (Those can be used to summon a fireball
  but you need 3 of those later in the game. If you are forced to use them
  out of emergency you can create those spheres by sacrificing items later, so
  no need to worry if you used them). There's also a spider key you need.
  And here is the stone gem you can use on the portal to rest.
  In a secret passage to the west is the cloak "moonshade". It's the best
  armor for a mage.
  When you got all you need you gotta leave this room the same way you came.
  By the illusion south of here. (Yes, past the giant bats, can't help it).
= At the end turn east and go north till you hit a solid wall (first = illusion)
  Just go north
= Go north till you hit the wall
= Go west and use the stone gem on the portal so you are out. You need
  to kill one priest and then you can rest. When you are fully rested use
  the portal to go back and continue the quest.
  (Also take the copper key from the shelf before you go on).
= From the portal, keep going east until you hit the wall
= Go north
= Take the second door east and kill the bats inside (one of them drops a grey
  key. Take it).
= At the end go north and open the two Darkmoon doors and the spider door
= Directly after the spider door is a niche to the east. In there is the last
  of the four horns. Take it. Take also the Darkmoon key from that niche.
= Go upstairs.

= The lock east only unlocks some treasure. Take what you want and go upstairs

Now you are out of the cursed area. You can rest again.
If you got all the four horns and a Darkmoon key, then be greateful you never 
have to enter that part of the game again.

IDXCCZZZ: Quick way out after you got all the horns.
Enemies:  Spiders, (possibly) soldiers

= Follow the road and go all the stairs up
= When you find weapons leave the be. They are all cursed and will bring  
  nothing but disadvange.
= At the end is a Darkmoon lock. Open it with a Darkmoon key and the wall will
= Go to the spider web and hack it to get passage
= First way west and destroy the spider web (and kill the spider behind it)
= Destroy the next spider web and go north
= Go to the stairs and go upstairs

Now you are back in the place close to where we met Insal before.

= Go to the west wall
= Go south
= First way west
= Follow the corridor
= At the end of the corridor take the south way
= Around the corner east
= First way north and exit upstairs.

That concludes the underground part.

Now you should have: The four horns

| Main Section - Four horns found                                | IDXCB100 |
You are back in the entrance hall. Go back to the room where you met Joril and
Nadia. On the northwall is a carving depicting the four winds. Stand in
front of it and play all the four horns and the wall will disappear.

After that you can drop the four horns as you will not need them any more.

Go into the passage to enter the first tower.

| Tower 1: The test of Darkmoon                                  | IDXCD000 |
Objective: Complete the test of Faith and acquire the mark of Darkmoon and to
           find the crystal hammer.

IDXCD001: Level 1 - The Mantis Corridor
Enemies:  Mantis
Requires: Three bones of any type (except complete set of Elf Bones)

Upon entering here you'll see a ghost introducing you to the Test of Faith.
What the spirit really means is that you may not trust what you see or hear.
You must only trust in yourself. You'll find out soon enough what that means.
After he disappears the new mission has begun. Good luck.

In front of you, you see some lights. They'll hurt you very bad when you stand
in a light which is on. If you recruited San-Raal, he's most likely to get 
himself killed in this area, since you have to go through these spots, whether
you want it or not.

= Go straight forward until you hit the wall and you'll get hurt. If you have
  little HP you gotta use healing spells and potions, cause you'll have to go 
  north and get yourself hurt again.
= Move north till you hit the wall.
= You see two doors, pick the right one
= You'll find a wounder mantis. Kill it. (If you heal it, it'll attack you).
  The mantil will drop a Mantis Key.
= Leave this room.
= The north door leads to Tanglor. He's the last NPC you can recruit. It's up
  to you if you want him or not.
= Go back south into the lightning spots , and go the first way south
  (I suggest to go back to the entrance level to rest before you continue here)
= Now you have to go though the two lightning spots on the south
  (You'll have to kill a mantis)
= Keep going south till you hit the wall.
= Strafe to the right until you see a door
= Force it open
= Go through the door and you'll find a stone mouth begging for bones
= Put 3 bones of any type into them (if you don't have bones, the underground
  section has loads of them, especially the cursed areas).
  You'll receive a Bone Key
= Leave this room
= Open the door to the west
= In the next room open the right door with the mantis key
= Go into the next room and go into the corridor north
= At the end of that corridor you'll find two mantises who throw a fireball at 
  you. (Just go back into the corridor to avoid it). Kill those mantises and 
  head east.
= Around the corner south
= Push the button on the east wall (and a pit will appear)
= Throw something to the button on the south wall (doesn't matter what)
= Now a passage will open. Recover the item you threw and get a mantis key.
= Go back north
= Around the corner west
= When you hit the wall, open the north lock with a mantis key or pick it with
= The east door opens. Enter that room, and you find a bunch of cocoons. Open 
  them all by hitting it, and a mantis will come out. Kill that mantis. If you
  skip this step you'll get the entire horde of mantisses against you very soon.
= Go to the south of this room (If you didn't kill all the mantisses in the 
  cocoons, they'll now all break open and the mantisses inside will all attack
= You see two "eyes" in the south wall. Remove the left and put it back to make
  the wall disappear. In the passage that opens is a glass sphere and a 
  Mantis Idol. There's also a copper key. Take all that stuff and go north and
  leave the room.
= At the end east
= Second way south
= When you hit the wall east
= After passing the door south and open the lock with a copper key
= Go through the door that opens and go upstairs

IDXCD002: Level 2 - The Wasp nest
Enemies:  Wasp
Requires: Nothing here, but you should have the Mantis Idol before passing
          through here,as you need it in level 4.
= Go straight ahead and follow the corridor (kill all the wasps that block your
= When you find a copper key take it and go back the way you came until you
  reach the stairs (don't go downstairs, though)
= South of the stairs is a door locked with a bone lock. Use the bone key to 
  open it.
= Go through the door and follow the corridor.
= You'll get in a room with four switches and a sign saying "FAITH IS THE
  Work this way:                    #######
                                    #1   2#
                                  >       #
                                    #3   4#
                                    ### ###
  I've numbered the switches as in this map where > is the place where you get
  Now set switch 1, 3 and 4 in that order.
  Now go into the south corridor. Along the way you'll find a a brick sticking
  out, when you got a thief in your party he/she might mention it.
  Now go back to the room with the switches and set switch 4 (the pit before it
  has become an illusion. Since you may not trust what you see in this test.
  Got it now?)
  Now you can enter the corridor and follow it.
= At the end of the corridor make your way south and at the end east
= Open the door with a copper key
= Go through the door that opens and enter the corridor
= You'll meet the spirit again who says you've learned well.
  He'll say that the left door leads to the next trial and that the right door
  is certain death. As I said, the object of this test is to only trust yourself
  and not what you see or hear. In other words, this guy is lying and you must
  take the right door.
= Step in the teleporter and go upstairs.

IDXCD003: Level 3 - The Serpents
Enemies:  Serpents and bombers

What I need to say about the enemies. The Serpents are just poisonous serpents
but which can be easily defeated. The bombers might be recognized by experienced
AD&D players as beholders. However they are not. The real deal comes later in 
the game. These ones hardly attack, and die at the slightiest touch, but they 
will explode in the process hurting you. If you encounter those, always attack
them at a distance by throwing things at it. (spells can also help)

= Follow the corridor and go upstairs (you're still on the same level though)

= Go West
= Go around the corner north
= When you reach three doors, take the north door
= You'll find a mouth saying
  Make that you are away from this mouth ASAP, because it spits fireballs.
  Go west
= Follow the corridor.
= Now check your inventory. When you got the rotten food (which you could get
  from the cellar outside Darkmoon), leave the south door closed. When you don't
  have it, open the door and take the rotten food there. One warning, it's 
  a place were serpents keep coming in, so if that door is open, the place will
  soon be swamped with serpents. Fortunately they are easy to beat.
= Go through the west door and follow the corridor
= One of the serpents you'll encounter drops a Darkmoon key. Be sure to take it.
= When you see a way south enter it and you'll see a female spirit who 
  challenges you to pick the correct door. When you choose the wrong door you'll
  be trapped and then the only option is to load a savegame or to start over.
  The door on the right is the door you must have. There you'll find a bone key.
= Go back to the hall (and this area will be sealed behind a wall)
= Go west into the corridor and follow it
= Open the door at the end and you'll see a bomber throw something at it from
  a distance and it will explode. Now kill the serpents and enter the room.
= At the end of this room is a niche with potions
= Check the east wall, which contains a switch to a secret passage. Open it
  to find the Polarm Leech. Take it but DON'T EQUIP IT. It's cursed, and you 
  cannot release it unless you remove the curse, but you need it in cursed
= Now go all the way back and when you reach the mouth breathing fireballs, go
  south until you hi the wall
= Go around the corner east
= Go east till you hit the wall
= From there head north to reach a door. Use the bone key to open it
= In the room behind the door, 1 step west and go north
  (Kill the bombers on your way)
= First way west but only make 4 steps west (Elseway you walk into a trap
  and keeps you trapped forever)
= South is an illusion wall. Go through it.
= Now make sure you got 5 rocks. When you don't have 5 sacrifice an item you
  don't need in the niche and it'll become a rock.
= Go back through the illusion wall and go east till you hit the wall
= Go north
= First way west to find a door with a Darkmoon lock. Open it.

In this room you'll find serveral stone mouths. One is closed, the others are
open and want to be fed. All of them want something else for food. They speak
in riddles when it comes in what they want. Here's the riddle and what they 

  Five rockes
  Rotten food
  A red gem, which you currently do not have. That comes later
  The mantis idol (from tower 1 level 1)
  (This will open the way to the red gem the other mouth wants)
  The polarm leech or the two-handed sword hunger.
  (At this mouth is a wall you can destroy. You can find either a mage scroll
  with "Disintegrate" or a two-handed sword)
  Either a mage/cleric scroll or a piece of parchment
  A potion of any sort
Now all mouth except for one are pleased. Now you can go all the way back to the
place where you found the polarm "leech" before where a door has opened so you 
can find the red gem which pleases the only mouth still left open.

Before you do you might want to search the corridor beside this one to obtain
a scroll for Disintegrate.

Once the door is open go through it and you'll meet Dran Draggorre for the first
time. I can already tell you that he's the guy we'll have to beat, but not yet.
That comes much later in the game. He'll close the door behind you, but that's
not as much of a problem since the area you're in now can be used to rest, and
you'll get out anyway.

Follow the corridor and exit upstairs.

IDXCD005: Level 5 - Beholders
Enemies:  Beholder, Will-O-Wisp

I really need to sort out the enemies here.

The Will-O-Wisp is only annoying. It has a good AC so is hard to hit. But it's
not really dangerous either.

The beholder on the other hand is very extremely dangerous. All AD&D fans know
what beholders can do. The ones in EOB2 can do the next things
- Disintegrate.... kill a character in once
- Death spell.... kill the entire party in once (if you are unlucky)
- Cause serious wounds
To prevent dead party members you'll have to hit them, run away till you can hit
again, go back to them and hit them again. There's also the strafe method. Hit
strafe one step aside, wait for the beholder to come to you hit again, and 
strafe away again. That is the best way to beat beholders.

Oh yeah... Save frequently in this level, because you may die frequently!

And handy to know.... Your mages are worthless in this level. Both the beholders
as the will-o-wisps are completely magic resistant.

= Follow the corridor and go upstairs

Now do the following. The teleporter can warp you to 6 random places. 4 of them
have only a Darkmoon Key (which you need to collect all 4), the place you are 
now and a place with 4 darkmoon locks.

Collect all darkmoon keys open all the locks to open the door so you can 

= Go east into the corridor. When you hear a door open, then a beholder is
  about to attack you. Kill it.
= Continue the way east and when one of your party members claim to have a bad
  feeling about this place, another beholder will come to attack you.
  Kill that one too.
= Now keep going east till you hit the wall
= Around the corner south
= When there's a sideway west, west go in there.
= Firet way south
= When there's an alcove to the west go in it.
= Open a secret passage. Behind is is a small maze. 
  I may come up with a route trough it when I update this FAQ.
  Search until you find a trapped beholder.
= It doesn't matter if you help to kill him. You get into a fight anyway.
  Press the button be sucked int he hole the beholder was trapped in.
= (When you tried to kill the beholder you get to fight him now).

Okay, this area is SWAMPED with beholders, so save a lot, if you don't wanna do
things over and over and over and over and over and over etc.

= Go west, and make sure that you get the crystal hammer. You cannot finish the
  game without it. Now you can search around this area to kill more beholders
  and claim treasures, but the main part is done here.
  Go back to the switch to be sucked down the hole again.
= Now make your way back out of the illusion maze.
  There are two exits. One south, one east.
  With the north one it's easy. Turn left and follow the corridor till Khelben
  appears. When you have the east one, go north till you hit the wall, then
  go into the west corridor and follow it till you meet Khelben.
  Either way is fine, as long as you meet Khelben. (Make sure you got his
  coin or he won't appear).

Khelben will say he will NOT be able to contact you again. That is very 
important to remember! I tell you later why!!!

= When you find a sign saying: A TEST OF VISION, IT MAY CHANGE WITHOUT A
  WARNING! You are in a maze that changes ocasionally. It's irritating, but I've
  just been walking around here, until I got on a spot that one of my party 
  members mentioned that something happened to the compass! That is you cue
  to continue reading this FAQ. (You may be going east and the compass suddenly
  switches to west. Sometimes your party doesn't mention it, so you know what
  to look for)

= Make sure you are facing east, and step south once
= Strafe one step to the left
= Go into the east corridor
= When you hit the wall, strafe one step to the right
= Proceed east and kill the Will-O-Wisp and the beholder who are here.
= Go into the south corridor
= First way east
= The east wall has a secret passage. Open it.
= Go into the secret passage, and the spirit will know you are not children of
  Darkmoon and summon two beholders. They will stay where they are until you 
  come closer. Now it's madness to kill those beholder. Just charge forward
  and touch the peddestal. When the game asks to put your hand on it say "YES".
Now the Mark Of Darkmoon is branded on your hand (if you remove your weapon from
your right hand you'll see it). And be teleported to the entrance of Darkmoon.

Now you've passed the Test of Faith and you are now officially members of 
Darkmoon which means the second tower should be available. 

You must have "The Mark Of Darkmoon" (printed on your right hand, you see it
when you remove your weapons), and the crystal hammer (if you missed it you 
have to go back to the beholder level to claim it).

| Main Section - Test completed                                  | IDXCB200 |
Now you are back in the main section. Now I suppose you already went for Amber.
If you did you can skip all actions I mentioned with a # in stead of a "=".
if you still want Amber, I won't go in detail in this section. Read the section
I wrote on her in stead!

= Go through the west door
= Go north upstairs

# When a priest asks you to leave attack him and kill him
= Go east
# Unlock the door with a copper key when you didn't already do that
= Follow the corridor
# When you didn't go for Amber the way will be blocked by a door. Enter the
  room east and search the bed for a copper key and open the door with it.
= From this door, second way east
= The door will be opened because you have the mark of Darkmoon

= If you left your magic dust here (which I recommended in the "Amber" section.
  Pick them up, as you may beed them in the next tower.
= Continue the way and the way is blocked by a green shield. Equip the crystal
  hammer on somebody (who can use it) and it the shield with the crystal hammer
  and it'll break granting you passage.
= Continue going east till you hit the wall.
= Go south there
= Around the corner east then north and you'll find a niche
= Put an item you don't need in the niche the west wall will disappear.
= Go west till you hit the wall.
= Press the small button to open a secret passage.
= Go into the corridor that opens, kill the priests inside and go upstairs

| Tower 2: The Blue Tower                                        | IDXCE000 |
Obective: You must obtain the next 4 items in this tower!
          = Crimson Key
          = Eye Of Talon
          = Talon's Tongue
          = Hilth of Talon

Please note that you need 6 polished shields to enter the Medusa's labyrinth
in this section. Every time you find one, I'll mention how many you should have
by now.

IDXCE001: Level 1 - Entrance to The Blue Tower
Enemies:  None

= Around the corner east
= Follow the corridor
= At the crossing go straight ahead
= You'll arrive in a hall. In the east wall is an illusion wall.
  Go through it.
= Step in the teleporter
= Open the door and enter the room
= You'll find the first Polished Shield out of 6. Take it and the mage scroll
  for Hold Monster.
= Go through the east door, follow the corridor and enter the teleporter at the
= Go south into the corridor and follow it
= At the crossing go south
= Go upstairs to level 2

IDXCE002: Level 2 - Basilisk's Lair
Enemies:  Bulette, Basilisk

The first enemy you'll find are bulettes. Watch out with those, since they can
sometimes do extremely much damage.

The basilisks you'll meet later, are even more dangerous. They do not do much
damage, but they can petrify you with each attack they do. It's easier to 
revive somebody from the dead then from petrified status. You can use magic
dust to cure petrification, but in the end you can better prevent it, as your
magic dust is rare, and lateron you'll deal with Medusas who are even more
dangerous. But that comes later.

First of all, you'll need the Dispell magic spell. When you don't have it, have
either a cleric or a mage to learn it. (When you have neither a cleric or a mage
then all you can do is start the game all over, as you cannot pass the first 
obstacle without one of those).

= Follow the corridor
= At the end there's a statue at the west wall. Cast Dispell magic on it twice.
  (If you have it once, cast it once, rest and cast it again).
= Now turn around and kill the Bulette that will come.
= Now cast Dispell Magic again on the statue.
= Enter the north corridor and take the first way west. (When it isn't there,
  you didn't cast Dispell Magic the third time).
= Follow the corridor and you'll meet Alain. Have one of your party members to
  touch him and that party member will instantly gain a level (except when that
  character is level 13, which is the maximum level in this game).
= Go back into the corridor until you get in the main corridor again.
= Go north and follow the corridor until you meet the first basilisk
  Your fighters may warn you about their petrifying gaze (which is really a
  problem as I said before).
= After defeating the basilisk, go north till the wall then turn west
= When you hit the wall, strafe 1 step to the right then continue west
= The north wall just before the teleporter is an illusion. Step through it.
= In the room here is a body gem. Take it with you.
= Leave this room south through the illusion wall and go west into the 
= Go into the north teleporter
= Go south the receive the heart gem
= Go back and step in the teleporter
= Step north till the (illusion) wall
= Turn east there
= When you hit the wall go north
= Around the corner east
= At the end go south
= First way east
= Turn South, but wait with walking. Save your game here
  Now wait for the pit to appeared and move forward as the pit moves forward
  and don't fall into it (load the game when that happens. Fastest way to do
= At the end strafe 1 step to the right
= Save the game again, and another pit trick the same as before.
= At the end you'll meet a big horde of basilisks. Kill them all.
= In this room you'll find the soul gem
= Now go back to the corridor, but watch out, the pit now moves in opposite
  direction from your point of view. However when you see it disapepar it'll
  be gone for 2 seconds. Run fast so you can make it to the other side. It is
  only 2 seconds but it is enough to make it through. The other pit is the
  same trick
= At the end turn west into the corridor where you gotta go north
= Around the corner west
= Second door north
= Put the heart gem, the body gem and the soul gem in the strange thing on the
  wall and you'll hear a door opening.
= Go through the south door into the corridor
= Turn east and take the door north
= Turn west
= Aorund the corner north
= At the end west
= When you see pits, press the button on the south wall and a basilisk appears
  on the other side of the pits. Wait until it touches the pressure plate there
  then quickly cross over the place that the pit disppears (only for as long as
  the basilisk is on it), the kill the basilisk and put an item you no longer
  need on the pressure plate.
= Open the wes door
= Follow the corridor until you come in a room with two entrances with pressure
Okay now you've reached a point where speed is vital. If you are not quick 
enough you'll be hit by a fireball which does very much damage.

When you enter the left entrance it'll start and so stand in front of that
plate make 2 steps foward and strafe one right.

Well, that was that....

Now quickly strafe 1 right, go foward towards the pit. Once there strafe 2
left and make one step backwards.

Phew... That is gone through that. Now you can ocasionally get hit by fireballs
created by the bullets who may press some plates, but that is something I cannot
cover in this FAQ, as you never know which way the bulettes will go.

= One step foward, turn right and then move till the wall, and one step right 
  to avoid the fireball.
= You  see three switches. Move the middle and the right one to open the door
= The pit should have disppeared so go all the way south
= Move quickly one step left or else the bulette will trigger the plate and
  you'll be hit by a fireball. Kill the bulette by the way.
= Continue the way to find a shell key and a scroll for "Improoved Invisibility"
= Go back, but when you step on the plate, wait till the fireball has gone, then
  continue. Go west
= First way east (make use of the sideway to avoid the fireball)
= At the end go north
= Around the corner east
= When you hit the wall go north
= When you hit the wall go west
= Around the corner north
= When you hit the wall, strafe 2 steps right
= Move north till you hit the wall
= Turn east and pick up Polished shield #2 out of 6
= Go east till you hit the wall
= Around the corner south
= Around the corner west
= Around the corner south, then east
= First way south
= First way west (you may be hurt by a fireball)
= Around the corner south
= When you hit the wall go west and pick up the crimson key (that makes part 1
  of the the parts of this mission completed).
= Go back east
= First way north
= At the end east
= At the end strafe one step to the right and you WILL be hurt by a fireball.
  Rest to recover
= Two steps forward
= Turn south and open the door with the shell key

= Follow the corridor and examine the mouth to hear about the challenge that
  awaits. As told, place all your spellbooks and holy symbols into the
  south alcove and enter the teleporter (You cannot do magic then. I know.
  But you get those back after the challenge)
  When you did right you get in a rectangle room filled with bulettes
= Don't go killing all the bulettes. You'll simply end up dead.
  The north wall most east is an illusion. Escape through there and the bulettes
  can't follow. Only kill those bulettes that block your way.
  Save before you start that fight, becuase you can easily be a goner here.
= Now rest to recover from your wounds by the bulettes. Because your clerics
  cannot act as healers now, this rest will take very extremely long. Good thing
  that EOB doesn't have the age system, and that there's no time limit to this
  game either.
= Step in the teleporter.
= Now you get the wall of souls. Hit it until it disappears but every hit you do
  will hurt your party. So rest when things get critical and after the wall is
  gone, rest again (this is gonna take time, I tell ya).
= After the wall has gone step through the teleporter.
= Now you'll meet your challenger. Don't know what kind of beast it is, but
  nevertheless just kill it. (It's not that strong).
= Now pick up the Eye of Talon as your prize. The first part of Talon is yours.
  Two more to go.
= To the north is an illusion wall. Go through it.
= Now you can pick up all your stuff again. Do so and re-equip it.
  Here you can also find polished shield 3 of 6
= The wall to the west is now an illusion step through it and you get back at
  the pits you were at before. (No crossing needed this time)

= Go south along the pits
= When you hit the (switch)wall DON'T PRESS THE SWITCH and go east
= 1st way south
= Around the corner east
= Second way south
= Follow the corridor (you'll get past a sign saying: THE SENTRY)
= Continue the way and kill the Bulette
= Pick up the crystal key it drops
= You see 6 plates and a wall that will move according to the plates pressed.
  Stand on the most south-east plate and from there, throw two items you no 
  longer need to the south-west plate
  Now move south till you come at a door
= Use the Eye of Talon in the west slot and remove it and put it back in your
= When you continue south, the door behind you will close and you'll meet 3
  bulletes. Kill them all.
= Go east (You can use the button to re-open the door) and go upstairs to the
  next level.
IDXCE003: Level 3 - Guards and traps
Enemies:  Eh, yeah, what are they? Anyway the same kind as your challlenger.

= Follow the corridor and check the west wall. There's an illusion among them.
  One of your party members might mention it.
= Once through it go to the switch and press it. The left door will open
= Go through the door and step in the teleporter behind it
= Follow the corridor
= Open the door at the end
= Take the shell key and step in the teleporter
= You're back at the two doors and the switch. Press the switch again and now
  the right door will open.
= Enter the corridor and go north, but watch out there's a moving pit trap 
  ahead. Save your game before approaching and load the game if you fall in a
  pit. The "second spot" is always skipped.
= Follow the rest of the corridor and step in the teleporter

= The strange creature will only allow Dran to pass. No matter, just kill them
  all. A lot easier now that you can cast spells again. One of them will drop
  a key. Take it.
= Leave this room through the east door to find polished shield 4 of 6
= Go west and and go to the both west doors to find an empty room
= The north wall is an illusion. Go through there.
= Leave this room through the north door
= Go west and follow the corridor
= At the end you WILL be struck by lightning (you cannot prevent that) and the
  door will open for more strange creatures. Kill them all.
= When you step opff the pressure plate the north door will open. 
  You can get stuff in this room, but beware, there's a trap when you do.
= Go through the north door
= Beside the tapestry on the west wall is a switch. The brick down the
  wall is the switch (it's sticking out). Press it to make the tapestry wall
= Go into the passage that appears.

= Continue the way and press the switch on the north wall and the door opens
= Now watch out or you'll be dead!
  Fire a fireball at the monster and go	quickly 2 steps back and one west.
  A horde of strange creatures will come after you, but be easily hurt by the
  fireballs. Fight all creatures that come until none come and no fireballs
  are shout out of the wall
= Now continue the way (and be quick or you'll be hit by a fireball and turn to
  the left at the end of the corridor
= You'll have to beat more monsters (which can be hard) when they are all dead
  we can talk. In this room is polished shield 5 of 6, one more to go.
= Use the switch at the north wall to make the wall disappear (and more monsters
= Break the glass plate east, take starfire and the scroll here, break the other
  glass plate, go south, and use Starfire to open the door. Remember to take
  starfire with you, as it can come handy later. Only kill the monsters in your
  way as you will end up dead otherwise.
= Follow the corridor, and be sure to check the west wall as there's an illusion
  that leads to the last polished shield. (There's also a map of the medusa's
  labyrinth here).
= When you got that shield continue 
  your way and you get another vision of Khelben.
Now wait just a minute. Didn't Khelben tell you before that he couldn't 
contact you any more? And even more importantly, Khelben even appears if you
don't have his coin. Furthermore I believed Khelben cannot send items to you.
This stinks.
This can not be Khelben.

As a matter of fact this is Dran playing a game on you. Don't trust him. 
Don't believe in his "Amulet of Resurrection" and just kill the monsters.
If you do what "Khelben" (read Dran) says the game will be over.

= Take the "Amulet of Resurrection" (which is just a bauble)
= Press the button to open the door and go through it (it'll close behind you)
= Press the button on the west wall to release the monsters. As I said, DON'T
= One of the monsters will drop a tooth (looking like a key when it's on the
  ground). Pick it up.
= Continue the way and use the tooth on the head in the wall. A wall will
  disappear. (The fake Khelben will appear and show his true face. That of Dran)
= Remove the tooth and put it back in your inventory.
= Continue your way north
= You will get in a room with 5 pressure plates.
  You will need to throw items at this puzzle, but you reclaim them when this
  puzzle is solved.
  = Step on the north and east throw an item throw the north teleporter
  = Step on the center then throw an item to the north teleporter
  = Step on the south and throw an item to the norht teleporter
  = Step on the north and west and throw an item to the south teleporter
  = Step on the center and throw an item to the south teleporter
  = step on the south and throw an item to the south teleporter
  = Recover your items and take the wall of force scroll (VERY IMPORTANT)
    and make sure to scribe it and have at least one mage to memorize one of
    that. You'll need one very very soon.

= Go through the north door and take the stairs down at the end

(This is still the same level)

You will find two rooms with moving pits. Watch the pits well and walk this

Room 1:
# ..#
# . #
# . #
# . #

Room 2:
# ..#
#  .#
#  .#
#  .#

Follow the way and go downstairs

= Follow the corridor and at the end you'll find a niche. There's a ring and
  a crystal key in it. Make sure you got the crystal key.
  After that step in the teleporter

= Walk forward (wall is an illusion) and go south
= Unlock the shell lock and the crystal lock with their respective keys to
  get the glass removed and exit upstairs.

IDXCE004: Level 4 - The Medusa's Labyrinth
Enemies:  Ghost, Medusa

The ghosts do not have anything you need to know. The medusas are poisonous and
they can petrify you. As I said, petrification is hard to cure, so save a lot
to prevent pretrification.

= Follow the corridor and fight the ghost on your way
= Step in the teleporter
= Go east into the corridor
= Open the door at the end and enter the room
= Examine the statue and you'll hear about the medusa's labyrinth.
  It'll say you are not ready. (wonder why), but it will open the gate anyway
  (how nice). Just enter the room to the labyrinth.
= Put all the 6 polished shields in their respective slots and the door
  into the labyrinth will open.
Now I hope that you can find your way in this labyrinth. Since the walls change
it's impossible to give you an exact route. It's not that the walls change so
that the level structure is completely diffrent, there are just a small changes
and it's always the same walls that could appear or disappear, but you never
know which ones they are.

I'll write out the road I took, but it is possible that this road might not
work for you due to the changes the labyrinth could take, so no e-mailing me
when the road didn't work for you!!!

(Very important. The object of this maze is to obtain the stone dagger and the
Hilth Of Talon! Make sure you have those before leaving!!!)

= Enter the maze north and go around the corner east
= Follow the corridor till the T-cross (you might encounter the first medusas
= Take the west way and head north
= Go north till you hit the wall
= Strafe 1 step east and continue north
= When you hit the wall 1 step east and north
= The door will open and kill the medusas who will attack you.
= Turn around
= When you hit the wall, one step west, one south then go west
= Follow the corridor until there's a door. Open it
= Continue following the corridor and open the other door
= Go west and when you hit the wall strafe left once and continue west
= When you hit the wall, go north
= Around the corner east
= Follow the corridor
= At the T-Cross west
= Follow the corridor
= When there's a sideway west go in there
= Around the corner north
= Go all the way north until you hit the wall. Watch your compass. When it
  suddenly turns south (should happen twice) turn quickly north and continue
= At the end kill the medusas who'll attack you.
= Go east and go around the corner south
= Follow the corridor. Once going north, keep going north till you hit a wall
= One step west and north
= At the next wall, go east till you see a door 
= Now act quick. South is a button. Push it and go quickly back to the first 
  door, make one step west and fight the medusas from here.

If the door didn't open (make one step in the right door and quickly go back
now the medusas will surely come after you and open the door.

= Once all medusas are dead, continue east
= When you hit the wall at the end of the room, open the north door and go north
= Around the corner west, first way north
= HERE YOU FIND THE STONE DAGGER and a scroll Invisibility 10' radius.
= Go back into the corridor and go west till you hit the wall
= Go north until you hit the wall
= Go east
= First way south
= Around the corner east
= When you hit the wall go south
= When you hit the wall, strafe right once then keep going south
= Around the corner east
= When you hit the wall south
= Around the corner west
= Open the door and enter the room to leave the maze

You are out of the maze, but you are not rid of the medusas. But do not kill
any medusas here unless they entirely block your movement. Make sure to have
your clerics pray for "Hold person" as much as your level allows it.

Now there are four pressure plates surrounded by doors. Lure a medusa on a 
pressure plate. Cast "Hold Person" on her so she won't move, then close all the
doors around her. Do this until all four plates contain a medusa and the exit
of this puzzle will open.

The exit is east (south of the entrace).

= Go into the exit and follow the corridor.
= Open the door at the end
= Search the bones on the floor to find the Hilt of Talon
= After that check out the north wall for a hidden switch to open the east
= Enter the corridor
= Use the tooth to open the door (don't remove it, this time. The door will


When you got them both step on the presure plate and Dran will send you to the
Frost Giant level.

IDXCE005: Level 5 - The Frost Giant's Lair
Enemies:  Front Giant

The Frost Giants who roam these halls are murder. They are strong and hurt the
entire party. Kill them quickly and set up a wall of force before resting or 
else your rest will be disturbed (making it impossible to survive here).
On good thing is that giants who are dead stay dead. so nobody will be 
respawned. That is good. Very good.

Upon arriving you can get the Cone Of Cold spell. Scribe it but don't memorize
it as you need Wall Of Force bad now and beside the Frost giants are 
invulnerable to it (which is, of course very obvious).

= Follow the corridor (and kill the giants on the way)
= When you see sideways to the left ignore them and go straight ahead until you
  hit the wall
= Around the corner west
= Open the door and continue west
= Around the corner south
= When you hit the wall, wait until a pit appears under your feet so you'll fall
(This is unofficial, but saves you a lot of frustration, trust me)

IDXCE006: Getting Talon's Tongue
Enemies:  Basilisk, Bulette, Priest and (maybe) Frost Giant

This goes over more levels. You are now in the Basilisk level FYI.
Let's go.

= In the west area of this room is a door. Find it and open it and go south
= When you hit the wall (with keyhole) strafe once right and go south
= Around the corner east
= First way south (you may find basilisks. Kill them)
= When you hit the wall strafe once left and go south
= When you hit the wall go west
= First way south
= Follow the corridor
= When you come in a room go into the other corridor until you reach the stairs
Okay, you are back at the entrance level of this tower.

= Go north
= At the crossing east
= Follow the corridor and go downstairs

You are now back in the main level

= Follow the corridor
= At the cross-point go north
= First way west
= You'll get at the main corridor
= Go south and follow the corridor. Pick the locks (except the red one) to
  find the portal. 
= Use the stone dagger on that portal (and you get at the end of the Frost 
  Gaint level)

Frost giant level

Follow the corridor open the door and you'll meet the king of the giants.
He'll leave the Tongue of Talon. Take it go back to the portal and use the
stone dagger to go back to the main level.


You must now have the Crimson key, the Hilt of Talon, The Eye of Talon and
                  Talon's Tongue.

| Main Section - Blue tower completed                            | IDXCB300 |
Alright, that's the underground section and two towers down. Now the final
challenge awaits.

You are in the portal room
= Press the button on the south wall to open the door
= Enter the corridor
= One step south and two steps north
= Open the lock with the Crimson Key
= Enter the room to find a carving north
= Put the parts of talon in it and the wall will melt.
  Also pick up the sword Talon, as it's the only sword strong enough to kill
= The stairs down lead to treausure if you need (Scroll True Seeing)
= The right stairs are the one to take but watch out. YOu can be hit by 
  fireballs and there can be a pitfall trap.
Once you made it you'll get the copy protection. Check your manual for the
word you need to continue.

| Tower 3: The crimson Tower                                     | IDXCB300 |
Objective: Seek out Dran Draggore and kill him to complete this game.

IDXCFZZZ: Prologue
Enemies:  Mage

This level is impossible to write a FAQ on the route. You must do a few things.
= Flip two switches.
= Make sure you have 3 glass spheres. If you don't there's a niche here in which
  you can sacrifice items to make them (If you missed them there are 3 glass
  spheres in the cursed area underground).
= Find a crimson ring

You get teleported everywhere at random here, but if you did these things you 
can go downstairs to the main level.

= In the main level go to the southern passage and weight both plates with an 
  item. Kill the priests and go upstairs to truely begin the Crimson Tower.
IDXCF001: Level 1 - Mages
Enemies:  Mage, Hellhound

= Follow the corridor until you get in a room with teleporters
= Ignore all those teleporters and head west and kill the mages that attack you
= Between the teleporters is sticky paper. Pick it up and put it in your 
= Go to the east room and step in the center teleporter
= 1 step east, 2 north
= From here go east and kill the mages who'll appear
= Check out the east wall and put the crimson ring in the circle and the wall 
  will open. Enter it.

= The crimson ring and the scroll will always be out of your reach. Put the
  sticky paper on the ground and they will get stuk so you can pick thm up.
= Use the ring to open the east wall and continue

ONE RING TO BIND THEM ALL! (How Lord of the Rings)
= Go to the east of this room and take the Mapaj
= West are illusion walls go through them, but before you got upstairs
  be sure to check the illusion sideways which contain The Shall rejoice and
  the best plate mail of the game
= When ready go upstairs (the level is still the same)

This place has two solutions.
For Solution 1 you need disintegrate, if you don't have that spell or are 
unable to find it solution 2 applies.

Solution 1 means that you have to disintegrate a wall of force to find Insal
(if you rejected his services before) he'll give you a coin.
Solution 2 means that you have to search around for a dwarf transforming into
a plant who gives you the coin.
For both solutions count that this place changes contineously without any 
form of logic. When you got the coin take the stairs up.
(You still remain on the same level)

= If you meet hell hounds... Kill them
= Make one step west, then two south
= Two steps east (A party member may mention an illusion)
= Two steps south through the illusion wall
= West till you hit the wall
= South till you hit the wall
= 4 steps east
= 2 steps south (through illusion)
= Go west and upstairs

Okay, now for the final part of level 1
= Open one of the doors with the coin and fight the mages. Continue till you 
  find the stairs up. (Still level 1)
Kill the hell hounds.

Now there are 3 forcefields. You can remove them by settings discs in the wall
but faster is to disintegrate them if you can do that spell. Then place a 
glass sphere in all the holes behind those fields (3 in total) and a wall
in the middle will disappear. Pull the ring that is revealed to go to level 2.

 IDXCF002: Level 2 - Salamandra
 Enemies:  Salamandra, Octopushead
= Go through the east wall (illusion) and fight all monsters.
= Go to the two niches and cast dispell magic on both
= The door will open (You can take the amulets if you want. Never use the
  amulet of Death because you will die. You wear it safely though. The amulet
  of life can be used to revive a dead party member).
= Go through the door to find a dying servant of Dran's.
  You can take the stone holy symbol, but it has actually no more value.
= Go upstairs

IDXCF003: Level 3 - Dran's Lair
Enemies:  Dran

Okay... Now if you continue the way out will be sealed so once you do that
you gotta go for it. Be sure you are ready. If you wanna rest, do it now.
Once you challenged Dran the rest feature will longer work.
When you are ready... Go....

= Open the door and enter the corridor
= Go north and open the door
= Face Dran

| Boss \
| Dran Draggorre (Human Form)                                                 |
| Difficulty: Easy                                                            |
| Dodge his fireballs and lightning bolts. He runs out of those spells very   |
| soon and without those spells he's harmless. Attack him till he's down      |
| Only Talon will hurt him.                                                   |
After this fight Dran will show you his true power and transform into a dragon.
| Boss \
| Dran Draggorre (Dragon Form)                                                |
| Difficulty: Very extremely hard                                             |
| To defeat the undefeatable Dran, you need speed and nerves of steel.        |
| Every time he attacks your entire party is either dead or as good as dead.  |
| So the object is to attack him, but not give him the change to strike back. |
| To do that, strike him with Talon (he's immune to anything else) and strafe |
| aside. When you are lucky Dran will strafe as well. Strike again and strafe |
| Sometimes Dran will act smart and move forward in stead of strafing. Keep   |
| that in mind since that makes you gotta improvise. Turn quickly strike and  |
| Strafe. You need to be fast to do this, and luck must be on your side.      |
| Running to rest won't help and closing doors won't help either (Dran will   |
| burn them). YOu can save during the fight if you find a good safe opening.  |
| If you can keep this up and if you can keep your nerves under control you   |
| can defeat Dran.                                                            |
Once you kille Dran the game is over!


Watch and enjoy the show. The file FINAL will be created. You can load that
file in Eye of the Beholder III to transfer your party there. But only the 
first four heroes will be transferred.

| Copyrights and permissions                                   | IDXH00001 |
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trouble. This also goes for alternate boss techniques.

I get a lot of mails in which I must guess which FAQ it is we're talking 
about, and since I'm very busy as a contributor for GameFAQs, and ocasionally
other sites, I have quite a lot of FAQs here. So it will help me a lot when
I know which FAQ/Game it is you're talking about. :)

And one last thing. Below are remarks I got a lot about my FAQs. Some are
funny, and some are just plainly too stupid for words. I don't want to be
an arrogant bastard or anything, but some of them tire me a lot.
So here are those mails with my standard replies:

  M: Fix your English
  A: Some people say they hardly hear the diffrence between me and an
     English speaking fellow. Others say it sucks. Well, I honestly don't
     care in which category you are. English is NOT my first language. If 
     I spoke my own language you probably couldn't read my FAQs at all.

  M: You suck in levelling up
  A: I know. I'm a real RPG player. I don't waste my time hours of levelling
     up. In my vision that's a sort of cheating. If I wanted to do that,
     I'd buy a gameshark. That works a lot faster.
     No offense to those who do believe in that.

  A: Anyone who sends mail like this won't receive a reply. In fact they
     will be banned from ever mailing me again. I can understand you do not
     agree with my technique. There are as many as there are people. I can
     also agree you detected that I made a mistake. Well, I'm human you know.
     Making mistakes is part of my nature, as much as it's yours. If you 
     detect errors in my FAQ you can tell me about it in a civil way, and 
     I'll fix it if I agree with you.

  M: I took on the bosses you brant HARD on much lower levels with no problem
     at all.
  A: Good for you.

  M: Are you a man? A woman? How old are you? Where do you live?
  A: I really got that kind of mails a lot. I don't mind that you know.
     I was quite amused by such mails actually.
     Well, my name is Jeroen Broks. I'm not going to give my private adres
     in this FAQ or anywhere else on the internet, but you may know that
     I live in the Netherlands, I am a man, and I was born in 1975. So on
     the moment I started on this version of this FAQ I was 31 years old.

  M: Fsdasdadasf afsdfasd afdfsaf
  A: Whatever you say I don't understand it. If you mail me, please only do
     so in either English or Dutch or if you really need in German. 
     (Be perpared that if you speak German to me, you might get an answer in
     English, tough).
     I don't speak any other language.

  M: May I translate your FAQ into another language?
  A: If you ask my permission, mostly no problem

  M: Why is Neoseeker banned from hosting your FAQs?
  A: I have my reasons which I'm not going to tell. 
     That's because I want to handle this type of thing as a profesional should
     I only noted it to make sure this document would not end up there

  M: You know NOTHING about this game or RPG in general?
  A: That I know nothing about RPG in general is something you can't say.
     I spend 80% of my free time in RPG (which is quite a lot, trust me),
     and I even develop them myself for a hobby. And about this game,
     trust me when I say that all games I wrote a FAQ about have been played
     multiple times from start to finish, and after I completed the FAQ
     the game is played over and over again and again, so I can upgrade 
     the FAQ if I find something new, to make sure my FAQs offer the best
     you can get. All games I wrote FAQs about are games I'm very devoted
     to. No exceptions. If I am not sure I know the game, I won't write a
     FAQ on it.

  M: Your FAQs are the greatest!
  A: Thanks I'm honored that you speak of my work this way.

  M: Thank you for writing this great FAQ!
  A: You're welcome ;)

  M: Do you have any GameShark/GameGenie codes for game X?
  A: No. If you want cheats, you're asking the wrong person!
And so far this FAQ. I hope you have good use for it!

(c) Copyright 2007, JBC-Soft, Jeroen Broks (Tricky)
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