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Escape from the TV Room Tips & Tricks

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Escape from the TV Room


First TV code:
Months for each birthstone.

april = diamond = 4th month
july = ruby = 7th month
sept = sapphire = 9th month
may = emerald = 5th month

Code to insert in the TV: 4795

Math problem solution:
It's about hours and minutes:

15:00 + 45 minutes= 15:45
11:58 + 86 minutes= 13:24
18:18 + 120 minutes= 20:18
23:59 + 4= 0.03
10:10 + 74 minutes = 11.24

Insert code 1124 on the TV.

Planets Problem solution:
There are 8 planets:
mercury venus earth mars jupiter saturn uranus neptune, so:

venus= 2
jupiter= 5
neptune= 8
earth= 3

Insert code 2583 on the TV

ALL PLUS clue:
You add all 3 codes and you can open doors under TV: 8502

For the color code:
Use the clues you have when you push the right button on each screen.

yellow= 4  
(If you add military time and the equation is 23:59 + X = 003, you would need 
to add 4 minutes to get military time 003; therefore, the yellow number is 4
(4 minutes)).
green= 3
red= 7

Color code= 1437
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