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Escape From Kilmainham Gaol Part 1 The Cell Tips & Tricks

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Escape From Kilmainham Gaol - Part 1 - The Cell

The combination itself is simply your cell number.

The fusebox has one fuse that you can switch around to alarm, which 
doesnít do anything useful, light, self-explanatory, and door, which
will power the combination lock and actually open your door once you
get the right code.

The alarm does do something useful. Look out the peephole; you can 
swing right or left, and if you move your mouse up or down you can 
focus the view somewhat. For some reason, in normal light, the right
set of numbers is 9-3, and the left set is 4-7. 
In ďalarmĒ mode, when you look out, you can see the right set of 
number is 9-3-4Ö hmmm, so the number for the cell must be something
like 9347. Youíre right next to that cell, so youíre either 9346 
or 9348, got it?

Okay, the lock had to be hidden from the prison guards, so itís behind
the panel bolted to the wall next to the door. Trial and error will 
get you the sequence you need to remove the panel, but if youíre in 
a hurry, itís right-middle, bottom-middle, and right-middle.

The good news is, the panel is off, the bad news is, you have a number
grid in front of you. Hmmm, a grid, maybe like a tic-tac-toe board?

Looking at the bench, you can see your friends have given you several
pieces of grid. Theyíre not math problems, theyíre simply segments to
attach to one another. The gray area on the door, (where youíd receive
food if you were here that long), has a number 8 in the top right corner.

So we have
x x 8
2 x x
x x x

We know that 1 and 5 are in the top row, so itís a question of whether
the top row reads 518, or 158.

We know that 6 has to be on the left edge of the grid, because it shows
up in two sections. If you put them together you get

x 3 4
6 x x

That number 6 obviously isnít in the top row because itís UNDER a row, 
and it canít be the second row since we know that the 2 is in that spot,
so the 6 is in the third row. So now we have

x x 8
2 3 4
6 x x

Those are either going to be 518 or 158, and 697 or 679. Test them out 
and seeÖ or if youíre in a hurry, itís 158, 234, 679.

Progress, the panel comes off! Only now thereís something else here. We 
have metal rods that slide left and righ, and wood blocks that move up 
and down. Poking around shows us little number wheel hiding under the 
bottom row, and when we work to move the rest of the pieces out of the
way, we get a partial view of four little wheels.

At first the symbols on here look like gibberish, but after a moment you
realize that the letters are simply upside down, and the numbers are 
reversed ó mirror images.

We already looked out the window and figured out that our room has to be
either 9346 or 9348; since the numbers are backwards, letís enter those 
numbers from right to left, and see what happens.

If youíre in a hurry, itís 9348; enter it 8439.

Hey, a lever pops up - thatís cool. We pull on it and 

Oh, right, the door needs power to operate the lock. Okay, we go switch
the fuse from Light to Door, and weíve made our escape.
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