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Empire Earth MultiPlayer Strategies Tips & Tricks

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Empire Earth Multi-Player Strategies

                Empire       ======   =    ====  ======= =   =
                e           =       = =  =    =    =    =   =
                e          =      =   = =    =    =    =   =
                ===       ===    ===== =====     =    =====
                e        =      =   = =    =    =    =   =
                e       =      =   = =    =    =    =   =
                Empire ====== =   = =    =    =    =   =
                      Multi-Player Strategies Ver. 1.2
                                                      Released: - MAY 16, 2002
                                                      Updated : - NOV 20, 2003

Table of contents:-
1.0 Version history
2.0 Introduction
3.0 Choosing a civ.
  3.1 Booming
  3.2 Rushing
4.0 General Strategies
5.0 Building a base
  5.1 Booming
  5.2 Rushing
6.0 Defensive Strategies
  6.1 Land
    6.1.1 Booming
    6.1.2 Rushing
  6.2 Sea/Naval
7.0 Offensive Strategies
    7.1.1 Booming
    7.1.2 Rushing
  7.2 Sea/Naval
8.0 Unit Upgrades
  8.1 Booming
  8.2 Rushing
9.0 Wonders
10.0 What do you call them? The people you thank? Credits, you'll find them
11.0 ďMust readĒís (short section, with my email, what you can request, quick
tips, where you can find this guide, little else)

                                               My email is
  1.0 Version History

    Ver 1.0:
  - released: May 16, 2002.

    Ver 1.1: updated:
  - fixed a few spelling mistakes
  - added version history to contents
  - added sites which contain this guide + you can request to receive future
    updates directly to your email.
  - due to a request I have added my email to the top of every section (which
    isnít what was quite requested but I hope it is suffiecient)
  - tried to make it easier to find the sections you look for
  - added booming and rushing strategies (well waiting to get some rushing
  - some naval strategies added.

    Ver 1.2:
  - added more rushing strategies, thanks for sending the emails.
  - Removed my email from the section tops, i thought it was annoying.

    Ver 1.3: (unreleased)
  - Hoping to have a section in each of off/deff/building strats dedicated to
air, land
    and navy. But it looks like I'll have to seal this guide off. I've begun
yet another.
  - Hoping someone will want to continue to update this for me :)


  2.0 Introduction

      This isn't my first time I write a strategy guide, but it is
probably the first one you've seen. Anyways, these are strategies you can
use to screw your friend up in Multiplayer, make him lick your @$$, and
buy you a beer. wait, I'm underage for that, and my beliefs don't
allow it. whatever, the point being I give you the basic principles
to follow if your a fool, or take and improve upon if your a

strategist. If you want me to hold your hand and walk you through all the
single player missions, play your multiplayer games and beat your friends for
you and let you take all the credit. your looking in the wrong place. And if
you got any strategy you think will work and want people to know, you can send
it to me ill post it and add your name letting people know it was you.

Empire Earths an awesome, in-depth, time consuming strategy game.
unlike ALL other strategy games. when they tell you melee doesn't harm
shock, THEY MEAN IT. You can have one unit keep killing hundreds of
units (if you keep heeling it) and not die; on the other hand you can have
100 units and have 20 kill them all without you killing one of them.
You can also upgrade units' armor-type, attack damage, range, health,
speed, area damage, etc. Singularly. How do I mean? Buy the friggin game,
play it and you'll see.
But basically, you can either upgrade snipers to have increased range
and damage, or speed and health, or armor some speed and some health.

      Empire Earth Ups:
  (These are my personal views and the views of some of my friends)
Strategy like never before, you can use unit upgrades, choose
civilization bonuses as you will.
Unit formations look cool

its hard to really abuse any one type of unit. so handicap strategies
don't work here, so anyone who plays with numbers look somewhere
Game play is extremely consuming, you feel like your actually there
AI is excellent
Graphics? Donít know everyone says they kick, I think I've seen better
(Did I miss something? other than some units look cool)

      Empire Earth Downs:
  (These are my personal views and the views of some of my friends)
It can get really confusing, when trying to pick upgrades, how am I
Supposed to know what's melee and what shock is, I'm not going to memorize it
From the learning campaign! They should've added txt messages on mouse
Roll over the unit build icon.
Unit formations are pretty much useless, other than the first 3-4.
The circle and V formations are useless, more or less.
I said it's hard. not impossible.  to abuse units.   (Ill
Explain later)
It can become one long game, as you have to kill every citizen, and on
Giant map. that's mad. it can become so long you'd get bored of
Playing regardless of how consuming it is.
AI can be TOO GOOD at times. like they know where your base is on the
Map without having any units in LOS of your bases.
UMmm? Do we still MINE resources? And why do you need wood in the
Nano age? What happened to oil? One more complication, yes it is, but the
Game would have been much more realistic with it.
Graphics? Well Whit dint they add rotation? Make the building 3D and
Add rotation. that's piss off. and in the nano age one of the
Heroes has guns which look like paper cutouts. that and I think the
Terrain is a pattern repeated over and over. and it looks kind of crappie for
Terrain, maybe on a poster in a shrinkís office. not in a game as
Terrain. (But really is the terrain that important?? no!)

Ok it may seem as though it has more downs then ups. well it doesn't
Itís just that to describe the ups. I CANíT DESCRIBE THEM. but the
Downs. well most games specially strategy are down nowadays. so
Itís easy to describe because you've probably seen all the downs b4.

And one last thing I wanted to add in the intro.
I'm sick of seeing these long walkthroughs and FAQs and crap. so im going to
try to make this simple and short as possible.    and I suggest if
you seriously want to learn, get a bag of chips, or some thing. A coke,
turn your A/C on. Put a sign up at your door telling people to go piss
off for 2 days or some thing. and sit down. play versus a computer. 2
on 2 preferably. and save after building a base. and start trying
out your ideas with several other stuff. itís the only way you can
figure out strategies. or play some other simple game like AOE2 and
figure out strategy basics there b4 shifting to EE. even then there's a
lot more to do in EE than any other strategy game. this is the loner way
of doing it, the better way is get your friends and you to bring your
computers to either of your houses to shack up there for a week or so,
and play against each other.


  3.0 Choosing Civilization bonuses

      Here's another cool thing in EE. you can choose your

Civilization bonuses singularly with a limit of 100 points, different bonuses
Costing different points. You can choose to focus one unit and get as many
Bonuses as you can that unit type (for e.g., Anti-Tank tanks) but points
Needed for a bonus increase as you take bonuses for that same category,
Again, for e.g. AT tank +armor cost 3 points (I don't know hoe much it
Actually cost but I couldn't care, principle is what I'm after here) and
+attack cost 3 points. but after taking +armor for AT-tanks the cost
For +attack will increase for e.g. To 5 points. but taking bonuses
For AT-tanks won't increase the cost of bonuses for Anti-Personnel tanks
Or infantry, as such.

    *** 3.1 Choosing CIV bonuses for Booming Strats ***

When you boom, you need to focus more on a balanced approach for all units, get
resource upgrades for all unitís as you are likely to build an army consistant
of tanks/cavalry perhaps some infantry. Airplanes and heliís. artillery and
even sea in maps with water. So you have to focus on getting a little for each
of them unless you decide to focus on one unit, even then chances are you will
get the bonuses for other units as well.

  Bonuses to take no mater what epochs you play in:
- %15 to pop cap: - pop cap is the maximum number of units possible you
Can build, assuming you choose 300 to be pop cap per player, this will
Give you an extra 45 pop. I'll tell you what this is used for l8r, but
You must remember taking this cost 9 points, and that's not a lot, not
Really at least, not for its purpose it isn't.

- 20% stone mining: - this is also important, as stone is the most used
Resource for defending, walls towers and wonders. and it appears to me
That it is the hardest resource to find (which is weird since id think
Stone is found anywhere) you may not think this bonus is worth it but
Trust me ill let you know l8r why it is worth it.

- 15% gold mining: - donít know really why I suggest taking this, I guess
because Practically through the whole game you'll be using it, no matter what
Epoch you decide to play in. and maybe because gold's supposedly the most
valuable resource we know. seriously, you'll need this for
Much of the units and for practically all the researches you'll be taking

- 15% iron mining: - hell don't take this if you don't want it, but I
Donít recommend dropping it, especially in the atomic epochs and after
Them, earlier you'll need iron. But apparently iron is the most available
Resource on most maps I have played. But if youíre going to play in the later
Epochs, you definitely got to take this, because everything needs it in the
Later epochs.

(*note*:- taking iron, stone and gold bonuses cost you 49 points,
Thatís HALF of the total points available dropping any one can free up to
About 25 points, so it can be smart to give one up, depending)
      For epochs Prehistoric to Imperial:
This will depend on your liking, but generally, try to take build time
Decrease for as many units as you can. Take cost reduction for the most
Expensive units and\or the units you plan on using most. I suggest
Taking range bonuses for ranged units, extra damage for sword units, and
Extra armor for melee. I don't advice taking anything for archers because
They only last for the first 5 epochs or something like that. For any
Epoch if you're a fan of siege weapons, take extra range and damage, area
Damage as well if it's available. As for barracks units, well if your
Going to spend your time building an army of infantry, well take speed, because
Without much cavalry getting around, specially on a giant map, can be
Frustrating. You should also take armor, attack and range according to

What strategy you will use and depending on the person you're playing
Against. but if you got enough points take attack and armor.

      For Epochs Imperial to Nano:-

Ok, again, this is strategy and depending on your strategy you choose
What you want. Generally you should take tank bonuses, because your
Army will probably consist of tanks mostly, unless your and infantry
Lover. In which case take infantry bonuses. You should also consider air

  As for the tanks, I suggest range and damage, this way if its tanks
Vs. Tanks you'll get to hit the enemy earlier or at the same time as
Your enemy with more damage. To counter this strategy, take armor and
Speed. This will mean his hitting you earlier will last for a shorter time

As you'll get to his tanks faster, and their hits won't be as hard as
Without the armor. You can also use this for hit and run strategies with
Small groups, as they'll move faster and die harder :)

  And for infantry, really you should balance between infantry don't
Just focus on one type because this is practically useless. But I suggest
You take armor; build time decrease and speed, armor so that tanks have
An even harder time killing them, build time decrease so that you can
Get reinforcements faster and speed so that they can get to their
Destination faster.

  And finally aircrafts.
    For bombers I suggest taking +area damage and +flight time and
, if you wish, armor. You won't need extra attack for bombers as they
Already got a HUGE payload, you won't need speed as that isn't so important
Really, why would you want bombers to go faster? They'll GET hit and
Shot down no matter how fast? And they'll get to their destination sooner
Or later so just sit tight and wait for them to get there, cost
Reductions fine if you want, build time decrease is retarded but again if you
Want it, fine. (Really I mean, what more can you ask for after a nuke
Which does more area damage? And the flight time, so you can reach a wider
Range of destinations).     And for the aircraft fighters, take flight
Time, wouldn't you hate having to refuel in the middle of a dog fight?
And for aircraft fighters I other than flight time, which you cannot
Give up; I say you should take as many of the bonuses as you can. Speed,
If anyone wants to attack it, hehe well he's going to have to catch it
First. Range; attack an enemy before he can attack you. Hit points, guess!
For you idiots out there, so that your plane lasts longer than the
Enemyís aircraft. Cost reduction; build time decrease, 2 words: 'cheaper
And faster'. Attack, umm well guess again! Again for you imbeciles, so
You do more damage.     Helicopters, well these do have an unlimited
Flight time. Again, like with aircraft fighters, take as much as you

 And for nano age, lets not forget cyborgs, ok, I'd appreciate if
Anyoneís got any idea about cyborgs, how they're used, and strategies that
Include them, because seriously I don't use them, well I do but I've never
Thought of taking any bonuses for them. (I mean they come in the last
Epoch only, so itís not really worth it to me) so in the mean time I guess
Figure out what to take, because no ones going to tell you how to do
Everything in a strategy game.

Now, you should be done choosing a cave. I suggest saving it so that you
Can use the same combination without forgetting anything, and then l8r if
You learn some thing you like and want to change then again, delete your old
civ. And make the new additions and save your new civ.

    *** 3.2 Choosing Civ bonuses for Rushing Strats ***

Rushing bonuses depend on what unit you decide to rush. For example if it is
with the archer, you will pick up faster build speed, cost reduction, attack
and perhaps range and speed. And then take gold and wood gathering bonuses.

(I do not rush, so my rushing civ bonus picking will be incomplete. Iíd
appreciate if anyone has a strategy that works when picking civ bonuses. Iíll
give proper credit as well)

civ bonuses to take in the earlier epochs:
foraging/hunting: as this saves up the usage of wood for building farms. This
should be sufficient to get you enough food for your army and then rushing.

Citizen cost reduction: since again you will need citizens to build and collect
resources for you. By taking this you save food to get either more citizens or
for your army.

Cost reduction of any unit: take this depending on the unit you will use. As it
saves resources so that you can build more of them with the same amount of

Build time decrease of any unit: again, take this for the unit you plan on
rushing with. This will allow you to get a large army faster.

As for gold, wood, iron, food and stone bonuses; choose them according to what
your rushing strategy requires you to take. i.e for archers take wood and gold.
For airplanes/tanks take iron and gold.


  4.0 General Strategies

      What are general strategies you might ask? Well they're strategies
Youíd probably use in all strategy games, not just in EE. To begin with,
I've played Stracraft, warcraft2, age of empires, brood war, and age of
empires2, warzone2100 and now empire earth maybe one or two more that I
cant remember and one thing I seem to realize lots of people forget to do, that
is that they attack with an awesome army but forget but forget defense, so
generally when you attack. At the beginning of your attack your attack army
should be smaller, about 1/2 you defending army!
Why? Simple, because not everyone you play with will spend his time
defending only, some people do attack as well as defend, so the last thing
you want is to have no defending army. Your attacking army will
probably get killed many times over :) but you wont feel at too big a
loss, replacing them will be easy and fast. your enemy may be stupid
enough to think your attacking army is all you had and attack you all
out in which case you'll hurt, but hell hurt more. then after
attacking several times with increasing size of army each time. When you begin
to realize you are weakening you enemy and he is using less and less
units to defend, then you switch strategies. You send in most of your
defending army, and begin to build/train/purchase new units because your
units are more than most likely going to die. now read that carefully, I
said send in MOST not ALL your defending army.

Another thing, you should build more than one base, have 2-3 bases no
more, each with a unit producing building, a conyard/towncentre/etc,
defensive structures and resource collecting. this is imperative.
especially against advanced enemies (this wont be easy if they're advanced
and know what they're doing, they wont give you much chance to build
more than one base)
Also have many units working on resources; you see it works like this
in most strategy games. winner is one who has better strategy. skills.
if competitors have about same level of skill, or their skills pretty
much even themselves out, then winner is one who manages to attack over
and over again and again, without hurting much in economy. This means
that it turns from strategy to who can outlast the other resource wise,
or else it'll never end the game.
Be a good sport and when you lose, just say it, the guy who beat you
thought faster, played harder, smarter, better. don't use those crap
excuses (oh the mouse wasn't working), and don't give any reasons (oh
he got lucky, because his base was surrounded with mountains...) even if
they're true.


  5.0 Building a base

      Really, this is where even I'm at a loss in EE. I can beat all the
people I've played when it comes to player speed. really I can, I can
beat them at the game too, and any other strategy game they name. Really
I can do that too. does that make me unbeatable? No, I've been
beaten, many times, but I've won many more. I can build a base in no time in
AOE2, it can take me time but once it's built it counts in starcraft. I
can have 1/4th the map in warcraft2 in no time. But when it comes to
EE??????? Donít know, I've tried everything, but the damned computer still
does it faster. so Iíll tell you some of the ways I've tried, you can
try them, improve them and lemme know what you come up with, or if you've got
your own way, send it to me. ill add it with your name tagged to
it. anyways here's how I'd do it.

    *** 5.1 Booming; building a base ***

 first, you have to understand the principle of populating. get as
many camps and populate them with 5 people minimum. At least one camp for
every resource patch. No more than one camp per resource patch.
Then use those to put citizens 6 on each resource patch. Keep the first
camp you got to make 5 (or more) extra villagers to build up a base and
making villagers to expand to have at least 2 of each other resource
(*note*:- if you aren't playing with reveal map, before training 5
citizens, train 5 scout dogs and order them to explore so you can find more
resource fields)
Then, you should put 12-24 people on wood (if you think 12-24 is too little
youcould put more, but I donít recommend going abouve 35; waste of pop cap and
citizens), and get 16 people on farms, and populate both farms with 8 people
each as soon as you can. This doubles the amount of food got from each citizen
who's farming. you'll need the food for training the citizens. Get up some
towers and a siege factory as soon as you're done with farms. For now use some
siege weapons to defend your base just in case someone decided to attack early.
in the later epochs build AT-tanks for defense. From here itís pretty
simple, get a tank factory/stable first, then barracks and finally archery
range/airport (if available in the epochs your playing) I've never
liked sea battles in strategy games so I wonít write about, but if someone send
to me how t use the ships and strategies that include ships in EE, ill
gladly add them, with proper credits. You should have at least 3 of
each unit producing building except airports to which the minimum depends
on the area covered by the airfields. And you should have no more than
10-12, more than that and it can get really weird, and complicated.
  The other way would be
Start with letting one citizen build one camp near one of each resource
patch, and let them stat collecting resources (including wood). take all
other citizens and start building a base, start with at least 3 on a
granary, and 3(to 6) siege workshops, one(to 4) barrack. then follow any order
of building buildings you want. Use your first camp to train citizens and
use them to begin populating all your other camps. And use those camps to make
more citizens to work on resources and populate more camps. Then when you
got at least 6 people on each resource 12-24 on wood(like I said before, you
think youíll need more take more. but I donít recommend going above 35). and
always have 2 granaries. more resource patches better no less than 2 stone
patches, 1 iron patch, 2 gold patches and 12-24 people on wood. Once your base
is done you should keep 16 on wood; less is fine not too little though
but more is a waste of pop cap. (note the other 12 or more you have on wood
could be better used on building towers or expanding your base slightly. The 16
you keep are for maintaining wood supply when used for what ever reasons. In
the earlier epochs with archers, since they use up wood perhaps having more on
wood would be helpful, though I myself have rarely gone above 12, more
occasionally and recently 16)

BUILDING 3 WONDERS this is imperative)

    *** 5.2 Rushing; Building a base ***

You must firstly understand and realize that the point of a rush is, actually,
not to kill youíre enemy. Rather, to weaken his base just enough for you to
have a significant advantage. Unfortunately very few people actually accept
this or realize this. And most end up sending a significantly large army to
destroy your base, and this is the strategy you are likely looking for; and the
one I cannot provide you with.
So if anyone can send me a successful rushing strategy used to kill an enemy
early on in the game, I would greatly appreciate it and I will give you proper
Later on I will mention rushing strategy for weakening an enemy, building a
base for this strategy would go as in the booming strategy only you build a
barracks earlier on, or for that matter the first thing you build will be a
barrack. (or stable/tank factory.)

Refer to Rushing offensive/Defensive strategies for building a base. Splitting
the E-mail's would have made them lose some of their meaning.


  6.0 Defending Strategies

    *****6.1.0 LAND*****

      AAAWHHHH my favorite in strategy games, defending. Put simply, in my
opinion, very much your success in a strategy game isn't how well you
attack your enemy; it's how hard it is for your enemy to attack you. This is
also true in EE. You can't really attack your enemy, and succeed if
your base isn't defended properly. Your attacking army is more or less
going to get annihilated. So if your enemies base is well defended, he
shouldn't have lost many units. Assuming he's smart, hell attack you as
soon as you're done attacking, and without proper defenses, and no army,
you'll get beaten. so how is it you defend? Well that probably
depends on how smart you are. Use a mixture of army and building. Generally
in all good strategy games there's always a unit with longer range than
defensive buildings, so you'll also need a defending army. Also you have
to basically balance between the two, how much or what type of
defensive buildings and defending armies to use, and this depends on your
liking.  I got several ways of defending my base, and it varies on who I'm
playing against, but anyways here are the basic strategies I use:

    *** 6.1.1 Booming defensive strategies ***

- As I said earlier, stone is very important. Because all of your
defensive structures cost stone. not that there's a large choice of
defensive buildings. Towers and walls obviously and in the l8r epochs,
AA-guns. And the less obvious, wood costing, fortress.
 So, unlike other strategy games, in EE one tower is useless. Two are
useless, ten are ok, 30 we begin talking. 50 were getting somewhere.
I'm looking for a number more like 100-500 + towers. ;) am I joking?
Hell no! I'm dead serious! Where do you fit them, well simple hereís
where. First around your base, screw walls build a wall of towers, one
next to the other. And make a second layer outwards, and a third
and hell if you want a fourth.  Scatter a few towers around your base.
Between your base and your alliesí base build a tower every few spaces,
not just a line to connect the bases, no fill in the gaps to you can see
the whole map between you and your ally. Leave the space of 3-4 towers
in-between each other tower. then as you use an army to slowly advance,
keep a group of citizens building towers as you go along. and
around each mining camp fill the place with towers.  then keep an army of
like 30-45 units (from the +15% pop cap bonus) and have them at your
base, and when and if someone sends artillery, send them to defend the
towers, and a group of citizens to rebuild any towers taken down in the
 You should also place a few temples around your towers as well,
because a few earthquakes from several prophets can wreak havoc down onto
towers. Also placing hospitals around can be helpful to your defensive
units and houses and camps (populated) to increase morale, and hospitals
to do their job. In the later epochs you should begin adding AA guns
around your towers as well, to keep bombers out. This, I find, is a very
effective way of pissing off anyone who even THINKS of attacking.

-  Then there's the second strategy, not my favorite though. So another
way is to use walls and towers. first, after making a defending army,
mark your province by building walls. Build them as far out as you can
from your base, enough so that anyone trying to get to you, you'll
have time to get your army there before they destroy the wall. Then, a few
spaces in front of the wall have some towers.  or lots of towers.
and then behind the wall put several artilleries. And of course, many
hospitals and a few temples. this also works to piss off, and no one can
call it abuse of towers or anything. Again that 45 pop cap off
the bonus, comes up again, use it to have an army of several horses or tanks,
so that if anyone gets to the walls by the time they there, your army should be
waiting for them. And just for you idiots who have no imagination and
thus shouldn't be playing strategy games, build some towers behind your
walls just in case. And as you progress through the map towards your
enemies base, yours should also build more camps (populated) with towers and a
temple. And keep these newly built bases behind your attacking army so
you have a haven to retreat to during a losing battle. (This comes l8r
in attacking strats) and you should have hospitals in these bases as
well, the more the better, and of course one of each unit producing
(*note*: when I say build walls, there should be two layers. One of the marking
of your territory built far from your base so as to warn of incoming enemies.
And the second closer to your base so that once they break through the outer
scout layer, which they will less your very fast, you can have an army waiting
before they get to the second wall. You can then, after killing the offending
army, send 5-10 citizens to repair the first wall and towers inform and behind

-  Now, there's the strategy that will work ONLY with EE. No other game
has this, and I think they should be considering it. Anyways, around
your base build a line of towers forming a wall then, add temples behind
the wall of towers (one layer thick is enough). Then if your remember
earlier, I said well get to why taking +15% pop cap is so important,
well here it is. Now, build several (2-6 should do) fortresses inside your
base, then outside the wall of towers, not too far away from the
towers, build more fortresses. Not in a line but close.
So your base, would look like this (this is very basic, just to give
you a spark)

          ^   *///^//////^////|   _ and | = map edge
              *///////////////|         * = tower
              *///////^///////|         ^ = fortress
         ^    *///^///////////|         / = your base
         ^              ^     |
             ^    ^   ^     ^ |

then, like in the first defensive strategy mentioned, have your
attacking army slowly move and discover land, fill the map with fortresses
every few areas you discover, with 3-4 hospitals next to each fortress and
10-25 towers around it and of course a temple. You can leave larger
spaces between your towers, and have your hospitals several spaces away
from the fortress so that they cover the whole area around the fortress.
Then produce a defending army of the worth of 40 pop. And populate them
in a fortress, note that they are deducted from the pop cap, so build
another army worth of 40 pop caps. And keep populating the fortresses.
One good strategy is to have 4-10 priests in each fortress or chosen
fortresses, so that you can convert enemy units. When youíre done populating
the fortresses, keep the extra pop cap (from the +15% pop cap bonus)
free, be sure YOU DONT USE THEM UP OR YOUR SCREWED! ! ! Then wait for
someone mad enough to attempt to attack you. And unpopulate the fortress
nearest to his attacking army. If you loose those units wait till he
gets closer to another fortress and unpoplulate that one, and keep
unpopulating fortresses as he nears, if he lasts more than 2-3 fortresses
which I very much doubt anyone can do, unless they're EXTREMELY good.

-  In the later epoch, there is a much better way of defending. or it
depends again on how smart your enemy is. Instead of fortresses, build
several towers, temple and camp. And every few screens have an air
field. Build bombers, not the nuke bombers the other ones, and have like
3-9 of them in each air field, then when someone decides to attack, just
set the way point for bombers to the area of attack.

-  building a small base relatively tight base with 2-4 hexes between
each building allows your army to get from one side to the other of your
base much quicker, and thus in the case of an attack your defense will
be defending much earlier.

-  In most epochs after epoch 3, if not in all the epochs. You can
research a tech at hospitals which adds 5 to pop cap. If you keep these
free in the fortress strategy, this allows you to unpopulate 1 and a
half fortress, at a time, sending more units to defend.

-  In very long games, people tend to see who has a better base. So if a
game appears to be that no one will win. Combine the first 3 strategies.
Except keep the 45 pop cap empty instead of having the army. You should
also then build walls over the whole map splitting it into sections.
And also connecting your base and your alliesí base together.

-  Also, when you build walls, you should place gates as often as you
can. I'm not sure but I think gates have more HP than walls.

- at the back of your base, if you want build fortresses constantly and fill
them up with units to use up the extra resources you collect. once i had nearly
40 fortresses (i have the screen shot of a few) and my enemy say them. he just
quit when i told him that they were all populated and sent him the screen shots
as proof :D
if you do this your base should look like this:-

         ^    *//^//////^^/^^^|
           ^  *//////////^^^^^|   _ and | = map edge
              *//^//^////^/^^/|         * = tower
         ^    *///////////^^/^|         ^ = fortress
          ^   *//^///^//^//^//|         / = your base
         ^    ****************|
           ^    ^^      ^     |
              ^      ^     ^  |

-most people I know who play the game tend to agree to not use the
bombers (nuke payload) as it tend to be too powerful. Having 2 of them can
clear a whole army up. 10-25 of them can seriously damage your base.
25+ might as well surrender. At least that way you wonít feel too bad.  So
anyways, if you and the people you're going to play against are planning
on banning B29/B53/titan bombers build an airfield towards the centre edge of
map. And build 5-10 B29/B53/titan bombers and use it to threaten anybody who
them that as soon as you know an airfield of theirs has B29/B53/titan's in it
youíre going to take out the airfield, and his base. But keep your own
airfield, in a relatively small area. If youíre playing highland I suggest
you find an area surrounded mostly by lowland so that it will be hard
to get to your airfield.

- In epochs which have air blimps (scout units built at town center) build 5-10
of them and have them in front of your walls (in the wall building strategy) so
that the artillery behind the wall have enough LOS to see the enemy as with
proper upgrades and civ bonuses artillery can have longer range than their LOS)

    *** 6.1.2 Rushing defensive strategies ***

Iíve never succeeded in defending against a rush aimed to eliminate me. and the
few times a rush was sent to weaken me, it succeeded in doing so.
For this reason I wonít put up any rushing defensive stats till wither:
1. I get some through email, so if you have a defense technique against rushing
that works and would like to share it, send it to me and I will add it with
proper credits.
2. I play against rushers more often and discover a defensive strategy that
works against early game rushes.

  ---------------- >> From: Rob Worrillow  << ----------------
sinful_666:(This needs some luck with it as well, but I must admit, if only
against the computer, it's EXTREMELY entertaining. I loved it! some parts of
the email were directed at me, removed them, otherwise unedited.)

Defending against a rush begins by thinking about the weakness of rushing.
1..All rush formations (even the most sophisticated) have one thing in common -
a lot of units, all heading in one direction, at one time.
2..The units are not easy to control during the final stages of the rush.  It's
not easy to deploy them to support one another properly.

The best defence again a rush exploits these two weaknesses, while at the same
time countering the rusher's main objective (that of overwhelming the

The trick is to slow down the progress of the rush by placing obstacles in it's
way.  The best way to achieve this is to build on any natural defences that are
around (such as rocky outcrops, edges of water, basically anything that the
units have to go around).  Better still is the creation of 'killing fields' -
where units can become temporarily trapped and are at the mercy of artillery
and other weapons of mass destruction.  The player in charge of a rush cannot
stop his units congregating in a small area.  So if you can create some good
places for this to happen, and funnels to lead them there - then you can
decimate the rush and it will be half dead before it reaches you.  The object
of the defence is not to stop the rush getting to your base, but to delay it
just long enough to kill off most of the weakest units.  Why is that important?
 Because when the remains of the rush reaches your standing defence army (as
outlined to good effect in your strats), your units will have less targets to
engage (some of which will already be damaged).  At which point (if a player
has taken your advice about the relative army sizes for his defence forces and
his attack forces) - he can then release a relatively small attack force to do
massive damage to the opponent's infrastructure (buildings, resource gathering
and so on).  This is where the balance can shift big time.  Because after that
- the opponent has to spend a lot of time thinking about how to get back what
was just lost, and how to defend it better.  I would point out also that any
attack force sent after the successful defence of a rush should seek to harass
and annoy rather than expecting to wipe out.  That way the opponent will have
yet another thing to worry about and the likelihood is that he will be unable
to gain enough breathing space to mount another attack for quite some time.
Using this tactic - you can better monitor the activity in his area.

It's not a good idea to rush a rusher.If you use your forces tactically after
defeating a rush - then you can wear down your opponent (which has a far
greater chance of success than a counter rush).

Back to the subject of creating 'killing fields'.  If you are playing a rusher
then chances are you won't have time to build solid defences before the rush
arrives.  That's fine, you don't need to invest huge sums in solid defences
right away.  You can extend and enhance natural terrain to create a warren of
killing fields where the units can be bottled up for a short while.  You can
place segments of walls that force the units to go around into a confined
space.  If you are fighting on level terrain, you can create V shaped walls
that open at the narrow end into a confined space.  You can use gates to good
effect too (in EE and the like).  Make it look like you're not paying attention
by holding a gate open with an idle citizen.  The rush will get through the
gate thanks to the foolish citizen, only to find that they are in a walled box
with another gate on the other side of the box (which is locked).  This small
box is inside your city walls.  Artillery from around the box can then be
brought to bear.  There is a lot more that I can say about this tactic if

One interesting point to make about the construction of traps as defences is
that if your opponent never does actually rush - you can easily add to them
later to form a more secure defence system.

The rusher may not deploy all his forces in the rush.  He knows it will leave
him almost defenceless.  But he also knows (if he rushes a lot) that a rush is
not effective unless it's a big force.  The rusher will inevitably create a
force that has size but with limited costs and time constraints.  The reason is
that he knows a rush also becomes less effective the later he leaves it.  These
factors almost always mean creating a lot of cheap units that have no defence
against artillery (to make up the 'cannon fodder element of the force). 
Furthermore - if he simply ringed them and then clicked on your base (or where
he thinks your base is) then he relinquishes control of how they get there to
the path finding logic of the units themselves.  This is his big mistake -
because the path finding logic will not calculate that your defence structures
are a trap.  Aside from that, the fastest units may arrive in one of your
killing fields before he knows what is happening.  If you see this happening -
try to hold off your bombardment until his other units arrive.  Otherwise he
may decide to call of the rush if he see you killed all the units he intended
as cannon fodder.  If you can - let him get so far in that once you start
pounding his forces, he has to decide whether to go on or pull back - either
way he'll lose a lot of units, but most importantly - the initiative.

  ---------------- ^^ From: ^^

  ---------------- >> From: tg_thedragonofdeath  << ----------------
sinful_666: He's included upgrades and building a base, it works well, I've
added it here and refrenced to it in the other sections. (fixed some gramer and
made it easier to understand)

okay, so first you would have your cits make some barracks; In any age make
about 5-10 if you're in DM(deathmatch). After you make some barracks produce a
unit that gets produced fast and once it comes out upgrade it's range, speed
and hitpoints. Once you're done with that the enemy should attack already if he
does use your army and kill him (when you make your barracks spread them out
all over your base I personally tryed this and most of my enemies tend to get
nervous and stop attackin for awhile ;) ) so after they attack you and lose
just build up your defense and make a bit more units. If you do it correctly
you should be fine.
  ---------------- ^^ From: ^^ ----------------

    ***** 6.2 SEA/NAVAL *****

My Sea/NAVAL strategies are catastrophic, as Iíve yet to win a match with navy
in it. Hereís a strategy that did help but I guess Iím not a navy guy.

     ---------------- >> from: << ----------------

(note to the author, your email isnít accepting any of my replies. I edited
some of your email to make it easier to read and you had kept mixing between
ďyouĒ and ďIĒ in your email. if you do not like the edits I have done, please
send me an email and I will do what you want me to do)

naval strategy:
 in earlier epochs before subs and gun ships, Battleships about 2 to 1 with
After WW1, again, 2 to 1 battleships over frigates with enough gunships to have
3-4 per 5 hex squares(as opposed to squared) your navy occupies of space to
have enough concentrated firepower to take out air threats or less gunships and
a carrier with a full complement of aircraft (ww2 or later) to provide air
cover for your ships (the cruisers are cheaper though and probably more
effective, but the carrier is a lot harder to take out. cruisers sink if you so
much as look at them the wrong way). To counter subs, keep 5 or so sea-kings
(in modern or later) or frigates (in ww1 and ww2), nearby to quickly take them

(the following being a strat for island games)
In the modern epoch, I generally have a fleet consisting of the following. 10
battleships, 5-8 frigates, 5 sea-kings, a carrier, about 6 or so dardo
cruisers, a nuke sub or two and don't bother with other subs. Use the
battleships to take out any towers your enemy has along the shore while the
frigates and sea-kings keep subs at bay, the frigates are also strong against
opposition battleships. The cruisers take out any defense coming from the air.
At the same time ready your airforce to start flying towards the enemies
island, have them come in so that they get there once the towers on the shore
and any nearby AA emplacements have been destroyed by the battleships from a
distance. while you do that have 5 or so transports with nothing but leopard
tanks with speed and armor bonuses added not far from your main attack fleet
and bring them up and unload them in the gap made by the battleships. send
These tanks out destroying all AA emplacements in sight at which they do a
brilliant job. By which time your air force has arrived (usually coming from 3
airfields; 1 filled with 15 fighters, another with 5 fighters and 10 fighter
bombers and the last with 12 bombers and 3 B52 nukers) send the fighters out
first to arrive first, then the f/bombers and finally the bombers to make mince
meat out of any remaining resistance on the ground targeting resources (if its
an initial raid and not likely to be the final battle) to slow his unit
production and also unit producing buildings. Meanwhile the tanks conveniently
provide line of sight for the nuke subs which also help with taking out AA
emplacements and 1 well placed shot of a trident missile at a citizen on a
resource patch will kill all 6 at that patch i find this very effective at
slowing your oppositions economy down. if you've lost the majority of your air
cover, sea-kings and frigates, recall your fleet to dock, to repair and replace
lost units as the remaining fleet is very vulnerable without cover over and
under the seas. As soon as you can send the task force back to keep the
pressure on.

    ---------------- ^^ from: ^^ ----------------


  7.0 Offensive strategies

    ***** 7.1.0 LAND *****

      Once you've set up a properly well defended base, you should begin to
think of wiping your enemy off the map. In my opinion, again, the
success of your attack depends on how well your base is defended and how
many tasks you can complete at once. Ok your offence in EE will not just
consist of your attacking army solely, but also on the hero you prefer
and on the type of wonders you build. And the type of hero you choose
will depend on the type of defense you have, and on the wonders you build.

    *** 7.1.1 Booming offensive strategies***

should you decide to boom, you are likely to attack rather late into the game.
At first you will use skirmishes consistent of armies of pop value of about 20.
and mostly a defending army to clear up land and hold resource patches while
you fix up your base properly and have an extremely strong and stable economy.
Then your main attack comes into the picture;
To begin your attacking army should consist of no less than 2 groups. One which
should be a group of mixed units (melee, shock, and spear) and the other siege
weapons. I've seen people who use 3 groups one type of unit in each group.
These seams to be common sense, but then you will have to be careful because if
sends several units to the right group he can take them out very fast.
Or you may end up having to mix up the groups if he sends a mixed group
of units at your army. So I suggest having 2-3 groups of mixed units.
And a hero in one of the groups. generally I prefer having a strategist,
but this can change with a wonder. And before you attack your enemies
base, I suggest scouting the map with your own units and destroying all
his resource camps. Then to take those camps and make them yours, put
1-2 citizens on each resource patch so as not to waste the pop cap. And
have 6-12 citizens to build towers, temples, hospitals and of course
unit producing buildings as you conquer the land. This is very much like
divide and conquer. Then when most of the map is covered with your
buildings, the main assault begins.

(*note*:- i will try to have a screen shot of how the map will look soon, and
you can request it by means of e-mail should you wish to see it.)
(**note**:- you don't have to do this, you can just beleaguer your
enemies base with towers several layers and temples, hospitals and unit
producing buildings, this makes the game shorter, but gives your enemy more
chance to pass a few citizens to a part of the map you haven't
discovered and build a base there and begin to attack you while you still focus
on taking his first base out.)


- have 6 groups of units. 3 with mixed unit types, about 35 in each
group. and one of which will be your main and thus will have a hero and
probably an extra few units. And the other 3 groups should be siege
weapons. One of which will also be with your main attacking group and
therefore should have a larger number of units. Take the 3 pairs of groups,
keep your main armies waiting slightly far away from the enemy base, while
you take the two other pairs and attack from two other sides. Then wait

a little, focus with these two separate armies on towers (with you
siege weapons) and units (with your units). Then after about a minute of
attacking with your two smaller armies, youíre left with several choices.
Two of which make most sense to me would be to: 1. move your smaller
armies back to where you should have built towers, hospitals, temples and
Unit producing buildings. And then move in your main army to attack
once, because more likely than not your enemy will follow your two armies
as they retreat. And then when you attack with your main army, he will
either not notice, or work on killing your two smaller armies. Or he
will leave them to follow your smaller armies and have a back up army in
his base which he'll bring to kill your main army. In either case once
your two smaller armies are left alone and healed, brought back to their
numbers you should bring them back. now you should have 3 attacking
forces from three different sides. simply put you have to go CRAZY
and it'll be like. Double tap 1, centre on group 1, move back to cover
siege units (group 2). Then double tap 2, centre on group 2, and order
to attack tower, press shift and click one or two other towers. Then do
that with groups 3&4 and 5&6. itís not easy, but itís effective, and if
you begin to over power your enemy and you see that he has less and less
units coming to fight. bring in you defending army. And if you have
an ally, one work on defending both of you and one work on attacking one
enemy. Let the one defending bring in a few siege units as well and
have them put on aggressive and leave them just to increase the odds of
winning, and if he has units to spare let him. and let the defending
person send citizens to the battle field to build hospitals and towers
everywhere as well. now going back a few lines up that was one way the
first strategy can go right, many ways it can go wrong. Anyways the
second sensible way it seems would be: 2. keep your smaller armies where
they are, and bring in your main army to attack. This way youíre attacking
from all sides or three sides. have your ally bring in 2-3 armies as
well and with his main army and hero help one of the smaller armies and
with his other army or two armies let him use one on another location
and if he has a third army as well let it help your main army. thus
you should have 2 main armies and up to 4 smaller ones. 1 main army with
one smaller army (two of such attacking forces) and 2 smaller armies
each alone. Assuming your enemy is located on the edge of the map your
attacking armies should come in the directions shown below (this is a
very simple drawing again)

                 */////////*  <- small army from here
      small--->  */////////*
      army       ***********   <------main army from here
            >or main army from below<

- have 3 groups the first of which consists of 80-100 units of
different types and a hero. The second should be siege weapons. And the final
5-10 prophets. Have your ally bring his army with yours. unlike the
previous strategy this one doesn't depend on how well you can focus on
more than one area. Nor does it test your enemy on how well he can
counter and attack from more than one area. this attack put simply is like
they say, 'run in through the front doors firing'. Gather both your
army and your alliesí army to one side of your enemiesí base. After of
course surrounding his base with towers, fortresses , hospitals, walls,
whatever. But from the side you've chosen to attack build many fortresses
about 10-20 that will be 400-800 unitsí worth of pop cap. ;) fill the
fortresses up with units. keep your hero ready, and a capitol training a
hero. you should also have 4-8 unit producing buildings. so as you empty your
fortresses you are also building more and more units makeing your fortresses
last longer as you will have to unpopulate less units. then bring your prophets
forward and have 10-30 units around
them just in case. Once the prophets are close enough, let each one cast
earth quake/fire, if you can if you canít, move them as far back as possible
and cast as many volcanoes as you can as close to the enemy base as you
can. Then move your prophets back and signal your siege units to move
close enough to attack, and bring in your units to cover them up. Let
your allies come in with you. Have one of you focus to take out the temple
if there was one. If there wasn't then cast earth quake and move out
your priests and in your units, as he'll likely send some one to take out
your prophets. Kill them then cast quake again and again in the same
order. till you weaken him enough for an all out assault. as you
lose loads of units unpopulate fortresses.. as this will give you access
to masses of units without the wait time during the battle for
producing them. Bring in citizens as soon as you can and build towers. And if
you or your ally can bring in priest to convert hospitals, or just build
them your self. and chaos will become of the battle. or you'll have
a worthy opponent who'll send you back to your base after emptying all
your fortresses, other than 2-4. keep the two fortresses just in case he
decides to attack
so you have something to defend with.

- in the later epochs. Have a 3 group army each group all from one unit type.
One group
land, second helicopters and the third air. First send in bombers and
fighters. Bombers mostly, fighters to take out AA aircrafts. Then move in
the land units followed by the copters. Use the land to take out any AA
that there is , and copters to take out land units. Bombers should be
sent in over and over to take out buildings and masses of units that are
tightly packed. Having a fourth group of land siege weapons can help,
especially if there's a large concentration of AA guns and AA flak
  Or you can split your army into 5 groups. group 1 land. group 2 aircraft.
group 3
helicopters. group 4 a mix of land and air. group 5 another mix of land and
air. And
make groups 4 and 5 small groups to use as a diversion for your main assault.
Have your ally do the same from another direction. With a slight time
difference between each of your attacks.

- have you or your ally concentrate on air and on infantry. While the
other on tanks and land siege. coordinating your attacks with each other
in the order that suits you but its best that it be ground infantry to
increase LOS so that artillery can reach that which it cannot see(it's
possible that your artillery has longer range than LOS) then try to get
AA guns. Move in tanks to guard artillery. Then as soon as you can send
in copters to help tanks. and finally when it seems like everything
is going crazy, send in your bombers on units. and then on buildings
that heal and produces units. And have citizens, you or your ally should
build towers and the other hospitals.

- Sea war is not in my dictionary. I have tried it. its kind of cool,
but seriously if land and air in EE is not enough and you want sea to
be included as well. I recommend you try it, and in the case someone
wants to use sea against you, use sea kings against him!

- this is one of those abusive strategies you can use to play handicap.
Screw land units, screw helicopters screw siege, screw infantry screw
it all except your defending army. Then besiege your enemy base with
towers and temples, forget hospitals. Build a few airfields around your
enemy base from all directions let each airfield build as many B29/B52/titan
(nukes) as you can. Research area damage, attack, speed and if you can
some armor. Screw flight time as your air fields will be right there.
Then when you got several B29/B52/titan's send put the way points for them near
edge of your enemy base, watch his lines of defense get TOTALLY
ANNHILATED! Then slowly move your way points further in to his base, targeting
AA guns, and AA units mostly. forget everything else. Have 3-6 B29/B52/titan's
defending your airfields, they can wipe out whole armies in seconds.
note have your ally bring some Anti-personnel tanks, some infantry can
survive nukes??? So you'll need back up there do different type of bombers.
To seriously make it completely hopeless let your ally join your attack
with several of his airfields. This strategy is next to impossible to
stop. So you got to be careful. have lots of towers and many more AA
guns. Have some populated fortresses just in case some thing goes wrong, but
initially, once you've setup the airfields and have the bombers built,
your enemies screwed. (so I suggest you and your opponents decide to not
allow B29/B52/titan's to begin with.)

Anyone who has any strategy variations, and thinks they rock and want
them to be posted and let everyone know of his ingenuity. Send me your
strategy ill try it and if it works like a charm. ill post it and have
your name next to it.

    ***7.1.2 Rushing offensive strategies***

I have rushed only once, and with the intent of weakening a more powerful
opponent not to eliminate him, and I was successful. If you are looking for a
rushing strategy to kill an opponent you will not find it here. And if you know
of a successful rushing strategy to remove your enemy form the map, feel free
to email it and I'll give you full credits ofcourse.

Anyways to weaken the enemy, do not take any specific civ bonuses for this.
Choose like you would for a booming strategy. Only now build a barrack or two
(stable or tank factory if you wish) and build a well-round unit or an
anti-Infantry unit. (good examples, I used the partisan a group of 30. or
snipers less than that around 10(as they are stealth)) as soon as you can
afford to.
Then send this group of infantry (tanks or horses) and begin to take out
citizens, as this greatly hurts the economy of your enemy. With partisans it is
easy to get across and early walls your enemy builds and easy to get into the
center of your enemies base. Partisans are also exceptionally well against most
enemy units and towers. (most buildings for that matter). So you can use your
partisans to not only kill citizens but also to damage buildings. Do not
attempt to destroy the buildings but attack and weaken as many buildings as you
can, this provides more challenge. If you use snipers, do not keep them in a
group. as soon as they get to the enemies base, split them up, keep them far
enough from the enemy base to be in stealth and close enough to be able to
ďpickĒ off citizens. Snipers can last a long time if you split them enough and
pay some attention to them.

    ---------------- ^^ from: Daniel Brioli ^^ ----------------
Sinful_666: (I've edited very little of this, he's included Building a base and
upgrades so I'll refrence to this from the other sections, splitting the email
will make it harder to understand. It's epoch specific, detailed, and I must
admit, efftective.)

My strategy involves - mostly, but definitely not completely - Sword Cavalry.
They work wonderfully when they have 2 speed upgrades, 2 attack upgrades (or an
attack and a health) and 2 armor upgrades. Here's what I did to take out 2
enemies in a 2v2 Random Map, Plains, Industrial Tournament/Low game. Size was
medium, but that (for the most part) is irrelevant. And realize that through
this whole strategy I mention other units, but when I rushed my sword cav was
in a ratio with my gun cav 3:1, at least!

(im a sword cav man, what can I say)

First, build about 2-4 citz. Get roughly 300 wood, any way you can. I used all
my citz on wood til i hit 300, and i do believe this is most efficient, but
mess around with it - everyone does better with a strategy that they have made

After that is complete, build a settlement next to a food patch - preferrably
near wood. If the food patch is near wood you may want to skip ahead to this
step right away - spend your initial wood on a settlment next to wood and food
and you've saved yourself a bit of time.

Anyway, whether you do that or not, build that settlement near the food and get
6 citz working on it asap. Then, use whatever citz are left to build a
settlement near gold. If the food patch talked about earlier was next to wood,
then the gold can be anywhere - if the food WASNT next to the wood, find some
gold that's next to wood. Let common sense dictate folks - always get as many
resources within one tile away from your settlement. This greatly reduces
travel time for your citz, thereby maximizing your efficiency.

And efficiency is what you want here. We're going to rush.

HOWEVER, we're not going to rush and completely extinguish our enemy. That's
all but impossible at this point in the game. We're going to kill his citz and
ignore his military right at the moment. Anyway, I'm ahead of myself...

Now, after you have built your two settlements, you should have your remaining
citz (not the ones working on food, but the ones near the gold) to work on the
gold. Except for 1-3 of them, of course. Those are our woodsmen. Go get enough
wood to build a stables - hopefully you've gotten the %Less Building Cost
upgrade for your civ, in which case a stables costs 191 wood. Get that amount
of wood, because any more and you aren't being as efficient as you should be.
Now with a stables built, you can build your troops.

Anyway, build yourself 4-6 cavalry, sword cavalry or ranged, whichever is your
favorite. I suggest a mix of this - 2-3 sword cav and 2-3 gun cav, totaling 5
or 6 - so you will be more versatile in combat.

Have at least 6 people on food and 6 on gold now. With that many, start
producing your 4-6 cavalry. I built sword cav only, and while it worked fine, 4
sword cav and 2 gun cav will work much better.

Now, if you have sense, you'll listen to this next bit of advice - at the
beginning of the match, press f11. In the upper-right corner you will see a
Sounds like prophecy, doesn't it? Hehe... Any later than that and you more than
likely will lose the initiative, ESPECIALLY against a good player. Good players
tend to expect rushes and play exactly as I have described above, so watch out
for a counter-rush. Anyway, after you've built these 4-6 troops, don't stop!
Hit the ten mark (excluding your 4-6 rushers) and keep them back for a little
while. In between building these ten troops, you'll want to make more citz. I
usually hit 45-60 citz, then afterwards i only build more of them to populate

Continuing with the rush... At 8:30, move to your enemy. Avoid towers. If
you've collected enough resources, perhaps you could have a balloon built by
8:30 and scout out the land. If you've built a mix of troops - gun and sword
cav - then use the sword cav to attack your enemy's defending troops,
especially infantry of any sort, and use the gun cav to attack the citizens. If
you've only built sword cav, which i usually do, get 2 to attack enemy troops
and four to seek and destroy his citz. Find citizens working on food first, but
if they arent immediately available, try gold, then iron, then wood. If, for
some ODD chance, you can't find any at all, kill his troops. This strategy
should throw him off enough to go either in defense mode or panic mode, and
either one is fine. Defense is better, because it is an easy-to-predict,
turtle-style method, but if he panics you may find yourself wondering what is
going on at times. But always remember - YOU shouldn't panic. Now that you've
thrown him off, build your troops. You should have ten soon, and once you hit
that save them for about one minute f11-time. During this time build up your
economy. Build citz for a farm, for wood, and for gold. And remember - it is
more efficient to populate a farm fully than to build another one - you get the
same amount of food, minus the cost of another farm.

Anyway, once you feel you're in a good situation, start building more troops
and move those ten out to either hit his military or his economy. Keep this
going - when ten are built, move ten out, etc.

If you're worried about a counter-attack, don't panic! You'll have about 5-8
cav around any time he attacks, but for defense i suggest building an awful lot
of infantry. Theyre simply better at defense, and a good mix works every time.
When your economy can support them due to your expansion to an iron mine or two
and when you have about 3 fully populated farms, build two to 3 barracks' and
in each one build 10 grenadiers, 3 partisans, 4 halberdiers, 3 hand cannoneers,
1 medic, one elite guard. Build those in each barracks. That is a good initial
defense, especially when places near a capitol that four houses built in its
perimeter. That gives a 40% bonus to your troops' health - i do believe, if i'm
wrong please correct me - and I have seen that small amount of troops fend off
a surprisingly large amount of enemy troops storming my city.

Anyway, your object of your attacks is to destroy your enemy's economy, and
believe me, ive been on the giving end and the receiving end of an
economy-destroying rush, and I hated receiving! It completely destroyed any
chance i had of winning - which is why I adopted the strategy! I realized what
it did to me - very seldom can you recover!

Well, after you have your defense done and you've messed with your opponents
economy and head a little, wait for two groops of ten. This time, hit your
opponent hard with ten in his economy and ten against his troops. After this,
build 3 groops of ten, and keep the pressure on. Your economy should be working
well enough so that once one group is completely destroyed, another is moving
to the enemy.

Now, you should realize that while you ARE running a risky business throwing
good troops away like that, your enemy just can't build the defense needed to
hold you off. Don't worry - winning is inevitable.

But be careful with those troops! If you know your enemy is building a large
force, you surely don't want to 'get caught with your pants down' so to speak!
Keep those rushers alive as long as possible! If you have an opportunity to
whipe out a mine and renturn home, do it! Then, move your troops around to the
other side of his base - or his ally's base, why not? - and hit em there!
Usually no one will be there to defend, and if they are, put a few sword cav in
the grenadiers, or use your gun cav to take out any enemy halberdiers. If you
play this rush strategy, you'll realize what to do REAL quick.

Just to give you a comparison of what you SHOULD have AT LEAST by the time the
game is over, here's what I usually have: 3 farms fully populated, 1-2 iron
mines with 5 citz populating each of them to make town centers, 2-3 gold mines
with 5 citz populating each to make them town centers, and about ten people
working on wood. I usually have 2-4 barracks and 3-4 stables, more if i can
produce the units faster. Anyway, I wind up destroying both my enemies through
their economies - they almost always quit and say 'gg i dont have ne more citz'
or something along those lines ;)

And remember, houses help! Theyre overlooked often, but I find they increase
defense when defending the homestead. And remember to scout out with balloons
also - the enemy usually ignores them, and if they dont then use one to lure
away the AA and one to find out where the enemy is putting his troops or citz.
Always be doing something.

Help your ally as much as possible. If they ask for food and youre not doing
anything specific for it right at the moment, then give it freely! They NEED
it! It will help you in the long run if everyone has what they need and youre
all working at maximum efficiency.

And last but not least, try and get your player speed past 150. That shows that
you were doing something very often, and that's what you have to do in this
game - to be good, believe me, you can't be lazy. You have to keep doing
something and never rest.

Anyway, that's my basic strategy. Just remember, avoid towers, get good
upgrades for your civ concerning gold, food, build decrease, speed for your
cav, attack for your cav, and anything else you may find helpful, and just try
out new things. Heck, one time I help my allies win a game by only building
halberdiers and sword cav - and mostly halberdiers at that! The sword cav were
merely my quick-strike force when I saw the enemy coming and he was somewhere I
didnt have good defense by. Granted, I didn't have agreat score because i didnt
really do any offense until I knew we were winning, but my guys wouldnt have
won if I rushed also. We would have been crushed! So pay attention to what your
ally is doing - if both of your strategies appear to not work together, figure
out a way to make them mesh together so that you will be more successful on the
battlefield. Good luck! Look for me on the net on the West Coast servers under
the name of thamuz_devil.

Happy Hunting!
    ---------------- ^^ from: ^^ ----------------

If you have any other rush strategies to weaken your enemy that work
(especially if they include siege or tanks) send them to me and Iíll add them
with proper credits.

    ***** 7.2 SEA/NAVAL *****

like I said in defensive sea and naval strategies, this is a copy paste of what
I said, ďMy Sea/NAVAL strategies are catastrophic, as Iíve yet to win a match
with navy in it. Hereís a strategy that did help but I guess Iím not a navy

    ---------------- ^^ from: ^^ ----------------

(in the email this was a continuation of his defensive strategy, so I had to
split them up)
Meanwhile on you own base, I keep artillery on the perimeter of my island as
they have longer range than the towers and can reach battleships that towers
otherwise can' guns to take out any landing force that does get close
enough along with supporting infantry and tanks in case he lands infantry or
siege weapons instead of tanks. Never forget the prophets, which I keep spaced
at regular intervals around my base to foil anyone stupid enough to keep their
naval attack force closely grouped to unleash a storm and sink (hopefully) a
large portion of their navy...its very cost effective to have a prophet, (200
gold and food from memory) that can in mere seconds cause the loss of a navy
that cost several thousand in wood and iron and lots of time to create.

    ---------------- ^^ from: ^^ ----------------


  8.0 Unit Upgrades

      This is almost a part of choosing civ bonuses. Choosing your unit
upgrades can depend of the strategy you plan on using, how long you plan on
playing, the civ bonuses you took, the type of unit, the types of unit
your enemy uses, etc. and some unit upgrades are just plane useless no
matter what the circumstances. For example why would you research extra
health for a siege unit? T shouldn't get in the middle of the battle to
begin with.  So here are the basic upgrades you should choose for some of
the most used and common units.

    ***8.1 Unit upgrades when booming***

>> Ranged infantry units: upgrade range; after all they are ranged units!
And with increased range they can stay out of the battle for s longer
time and at a farther distance. Take extra damage; generally you'll find
that ranged units cause less damage than close quarter units, buying
extra damage can make up for much of the difference. But youíll have some
extra points left, you can take speed or armor. If you plan on having
an army of ranged units and nothing else, take armor, health and one
bonus to damage.

>> Close quarter infantry: it doesn't matter whether its shock or melee. I
suggest you take health, and damage. If your enemy is the type of
person who uses one type of unit, for example melee, then research armor.
But taking speed is useless unless you don't plan on using cavalry or

>> Cavalry ranged: take range upgrades and damage upgrades. Just like
ranged infantry. If you plan on using hit and run strategy, then take speed

as well. And if you plan on using nothing but ranged cavalry. Take

health and armor at the cost of range and speed. and take armor as well if
you can.

>> Cavalry close quarter: take speed, damage and health. Speed, so that if
anyone decides to pull out or if some army of yours needs help, so you
can reach faster. (after all in reality, cavalry was used as a fast
moving unit.) and really whether youíll use cavalry only or in a mix army,
the upgrades you choose shouldn't change.

>> Tanks: doesn't matter how you use them. But this depends more on the
type of enemy you have. If he's hit and run type. Take speed, and attack.
But if he's a one on one type of person. Take attack, armor and health.
Other than that. I suggest you take attack, range and
armor/health(armor is better as it cost 1 point per upgrade)

>> Helicopters: take range and attack. Then the rest of the points however
you wish. For hit and run strategies take speed as well. For face to
face combat, take health or armor. Wither will do. Helicopters don't have
a limited flight time so there's no need to worry about that.

>> Bombers: take extra area damage, flight time and health. Speed doesn't
really matter as they're already the fastest unit in the game. If you
want to use the abusive strategy then take attack bonus as well. But speed
is never really needed.

>> Aircraft-fighters: take attack upgrades, and speed. this way if
dogfights you have faster fighter. And do more damage (or equal depending on
what upgrades your enemy chooses. Then take health or armor, either.
This way your fighter will take longer to die.

As for sea units and cyborgs, like I said, I haven't go a clue. If
anyone sends it in, ill add it with his/her name next to it.

That's about all for unit upgrades, don't think I forgot anything.
Except that towers have upgrades for range, and maybe walls as well or
some thing not sure, I don't build walls.

(*note*: remember all upgrades other than armor and speed I think cost
2 points, armors and speed cost 1 point. You cave a maximum of two
upgrades per upgrade type. I.e. you can upgrade armor two times only. And
you have an upgrade limit of 10 points per unit. And you don't upgrade
units each individually, but you upgrade for example all snipers.)

    ***8.2 unit upgrades when rushing***
(again, the upgrades I chose were for only weakening the enemy not for taking
him out, but perhaps they are the same thing)
>> all-units you rush with: take speed so you can get the units there faster.
Then take damage upgrades so you deal more damage and if the unit is ranged
take range upgrades so you can hit from farther. I assume with non ranged units
you would take health. But Iíve never rushed with ground units either.

You will find Rushing upgrades under the Rushing Defensive strategies, and
under the Offensive strategies as well. It depends on your rushing strategy.

If you have a rush strategy of any kind that works beautifully, do please if
you wish send it to my email and I will put it up and give proper credits.


  9.0 Wonders

      In EE, wonders aren't just buildings. They give your civilization
bonuses, but all players can also build them and get the same bonuses.
here i will mention what wonders do and how you can use them to suite your

Lighthouse: in maps which have seas, you can use this wonder to reveal
an amount of sea around the wonder. And the amount of fog it reveals is
not a little. You should build it near the shore, so as to reveal as
much sea as you can. I don't use this but if you plan on playing with sea
, I'd think that this would be a very useful building.

Library of Alexandria: this wonder reveals all your enemy buildings to
you. It doesn't show you the buildings line of sight. It merely reveals
THE BUILDINGS and no more than just the buildings. Many people I played
with decide to exclude this wonder from the game, so that if anyone has
a base around your base or begins to exclude you from your ally so you
cannot foresee his actions and kill him. Or vice versa. So its
understandable. But try to get the people you play with to agree that once a
person looses his first base, if they want to continue. Then they should
allow this wonder to be built. This guy once kept moving a group of
citizens around the map, building camps and then populating them, had half
the map to him. you can also use this to see when your enemy begins to bring
units through his gates, scince the gates are shown, you see when they open and
when they close.

Gates of Ishtar (or Ishtar Gates something like that): these increase
the HP of your towers and walls. This is a must for anyone, but for some
reason it doesn't always seem to work. Build this no matter what strategy
you use.

Temple of Zeus: this will enable your units to heal themselves if they
are standing still and have no commands. Build this building before
your main attack. Combined with a strategist hero, your units self heal
from the wonder, and get to self heal from your hero. making them heal
remarkably fast. Combined with a warrior hero, your units will self
heal and have increased morale; making them harder to kill, and heal. ;)

Tower of Babylon: This enables your priest to convert a group of units
if theyíre close to each other. A more appropriate way of putting this is to
say that your preists begin to convert with an area affect :D Build this
building and have several
priests in some of your fortresses. when your attacked, unpopulate the
fortress and convert as many enemy units as you can. otherwise donít
build this wonder, because itís useless unless your enemy uses groups of
units and you use priests.

Thatís about it for wonders. when playing I suggest you disable
wonder victory, unless you decide on not attacking each other. Because most
people tend to have a good defense, good not unbeatable, and then build
wonders and win. so it can be a bad thing to enable wonder victory.
If you got any other strats thatíll work with specific wonders, or hints
on how to use wonders, email me. And of course as always ill have your
name put in with appropriate credits.


  10.0 What do you call them? The people you thank? Credits, whatever.
you'll find them here...

      hereíre the credits. being among first version release of this guide the
credits will be short.
thanks go to:

Sierra and Stainless Steel Studios, for making this wonderful game,
Which many people tried to understand and couldnít. ended up mistaking it
for a good game trying to be great, whereas itís a great game.
pringles, once you pop you canít stop.
Mountain Dew, for being a great friend in time of thirst.
Toshiba for making this awesomely fast laptop, on which I play EE and wrote
this guide.
Sierra again.
And my friends GuArDiAn(no one knows what I'm thinking as well), SAL JIN
KHAZMA(some dude who thinks he rocks in tekken.) and not least but last
IMF_Spyder, for giving me the chance to play EE and AOE2 over and over and over
again in multiplayer.
Misr25536 (did I spell it right?),  for telling me to make this guide,
after kicking him several times over.
all those people out there who thought they could beat me and
didnít. I learnt that I'm the best from you guys.
and all those other people who thought they could beat me and did. Made
me think twice about thinking I'm the best.
and of course my big bro. If it wasnít for him playing warcraft2 and
letting me watch. I wouldnít have played Warcraft2 and become in love with
strategy games.

                                               My email is
11.0 ďMust readĒís (short section, with my email, what you can request, quick
tips, where you can find this guide)

firstly, if you sent in a strategy not added, I have probably emailed you the
reason. If I havenít then rest assured it will be added in future updates, I am
just looking for an opportunity to test them out. So please do be patient.

  -This strategy guide can be found at-
   |     | -Probably the worlds largest FAQ/Guide resource
   |    | -Awesome community, not much help but excellent
   |      | -Excellent site for cheats and trainers + more
   |          | -Probably Germanys largest gamers site
   | |
   |                      |

For the tech tree (if you can't find it) feed back, strategies, questions,
comments, anything else you want to say you can send to me at ...

You can also request to receive any and all future updates of this guide
directly to your email should you wish to, just send me an email if you want to
receive future updates to the guide or just notifications that an update has
been released.

For quick queries you can post at in the EE forum and I will
most likely answer that too ...
I am going to begin working soon on an WC3 guide, so maintaining this guide
will be difficult though I wish to continue updating it for at least 2 year
time or until I get Ver 2.0, then I wish to stop updating it. If you would like
to receive the responsibility to continue updating this guide (under your name
ofcourse, and your email) you can request to at my email.

(*note* read the manual, and try to get the tech tree.)

Copyright© 2002. Suehyb Alkhatib©. Use, reuse, abuse,
rape, molesting, selling, copying, posting, duplicating, distributing,
changing, adding, editing, deleting, harassing the material in this guide will
result in your becoming eternally bliss. You will have to add my name and my
email, as well.

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