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Ely Tips & Tricks

Tags: Ely Game Guides, Ely Hints, Ely Walkthrough


-Turn left or right two times 
 (jump over two screens by pressing triangle arrow).
-On the right side of the door You can see a blinking point. 
 This is a light switch. Click on it. 
 It will be easier to find some items.
-Turn around to start position.
-Click on the poster in front of you.
-Some scrap fall with the poster. Take it.
-Click on the laptop.
-On the left side of the computer you can find a paper. 
 Take it.
-Now combine two scraps.
-OK, you have a password (aarah). 
 Write it on the computer and press ENTER.
-Take a white key.
-Come back to view from center of the room and look on the wall 
 with cardboard box, wooden box and "Crying boy" poster.
-Click on the left corner of the room.
-There is a blue hiding place. Take a blue key.
-Move back and click on the cardboard box. 
 Here is another key, red one.
-Approach to the wooden box.
-Take a key and click on the tie. 
 There are four locks.
-Put keys in sequence (from top to bottom) white, blue, green, red.
-Take green diary and key. Come back to cardboard box.
-There is a box inside. You can open it using a key you found.
-Take the scrap.
-Go to the blue hiding place, enter rhe code: 12011994 and click "OK".
-Take the key and use it on the padlock in the door.
-In the new room you can find a hatch with padlock. 
 Click on the padlock.
-You need a code again. 
 This is the code: 23146.
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