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Ecstatica II Tips & Tricks

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Ecstatica II


Written by: Paul Hamilton and Rahul Powar

Table of Contents

1.  Introduction
2.  Locations of the Eldersign Pieces
3.  Locations of the Important Items
4.  Frequently Asked Questions
5.  The Walk-Through


Ecstatica is an extremely large game.  This walk-through is very cut and
If you follow it to the letter you will miss out on a lot of the game.  We 
suggest using it only if you get stuck.  Also we wrote this walk-through
finishing the game and while we think we remember everything we might have
made a few
mistakes. you should however get the general idea of what to do.  We also do
not give exact directions, use the map that came with the game because we
often refer to the names written on it.  Ecstatica II is a great game and
trust us we know the feeling of wanting to finish a game and how frustrating
it can get!  But you will kick yourself afterwards if you follow this
walk-through completely.. anyway we hope this helps..

Locations of the Eldersign Pieces

1.  On the stairs of the main hall after you kill the two shadow warriors.
2.  Next to the skeleton on the throne after you get the flashing skulls from
    the catacombs.
3.  Next to the clearing after you kill the amazon people.
4.  On the level below the warlock in his tower.
5.  In the Necromancer's lair.
6.  Behind the strange colored flower at the beginning of the garden (after
the church in
    the graveyard)
7.  In the dark tower (2nd to last level)

Locations of the Important Objects

Medallion:  In the chamber opened after the catacombs, on the skeleton's
1st Armor:  In a tomb in the graveyard
Ring:  In the Sorceress's lair
1st Strange Item:  In the Wizard's tower 
2nd Armor:  In the Wizard's tower
2nd Strange Item:  Below the well in the village
Lantern:  In the Hunter's Lodge
Scroll:  In the dark tower (2nd to last level)


Q.  Why can't I open the blue or red doors?
A.  Because you haven't got far enough in the game.  Certain doors are
    unopenable until you collect certain items or kill certain creatures.

Q.  I have done all you told me to do. so why is my explored % so low?
A.  Well, most of this game is strictly un-necessary to completing it. it is
    however a lot of fun. you will miss out on a lot if you just follow this
    walk through.

Q.  Whats the best way to kill the main monsters?
A.  Usually when the main monsters appear there is a couple of seconds break
    before they actually begin to attack you.  Use this time to get close to
    them and hack them with your weapon.  If they manage to knock you back or
    you can't get close enough to hit them with your weapon, magic does an
    equally impressive job.

Q.  I found a book. what do i do with it?
A.  On the ground floor of the main hall, look for a red locked door that is
    not easily visible. Go though it when you are allowed to and go to the
    glowing place on the shelf. Part of the bookcase will open up and you
    will be able to get to the lower levels. There is however a locked blue
    door in the way. When you can open it, explore!

The Complete Walk Through

You start off at the stocks, go to the Craftsmans Guild bottom floor (go
downwards from the stocks) Get the sword that is leaning against some of the
blacksmiths tools. Goto the Guards Tower (refer to the map), go straight to
the top (there are some interesting things along the way most of which you
can't get at YET!), watch for the trap near the top of the tower to get past
it stand next to the head which the key is leaning on and hit it, get the
key, open the door, you will see two sets of stairs (use the stairs that lead
to the next tower), you will see an inactive teleportation plate, go down the
stairs which leads to the bottom of the prison tower (the tallest tower), go
past the tower until you reach a closed portcullis and get the armor which is
floating there. Go back to the prison tower and make your way up the stairs.
Skip the first locked door and make your way to the second door, break it
down and get the key from the chest.  Go back down to the locked door and set
the priestess free (she will assist you throughout the game, often making
annoying and obscure comments :) go back up to the very top of the tower and
pick up the staff which is lying there (you don't have to use it but you need
to pick it up at least for some strange reason).. go back down the tower..
hit the two gargoyles heads and make your way to the previously closed
portcullis (which should now open).. you might want to (not completely
necessary) walk down the stairs opposite the closed portcullis and hit the
gargoyles head there).. now you make your way to the area known as the
"attic".. (there is a door which is hard to see on the top left corner of the
screen to the left of the closed portcullis.  Walk in find and hit the blue
switch, then hit the blue lever elsewhere.. this will open a portcullis in
the attic somewhere where you will find a blue key (which opens the blue
door).. hit one of the gargoyles heads in the room past the blue door then
hit the green lever (next to the blue lever).. this opens up another
portcullis where you will find the purple key (which opens the purple door)..
hit the gargoyles head in the purple room.. then go back and hit the red
lever.. go back to the blue door room and hit the second gargoyles head..
which opens up two portcullises also in that room.  Find the silver sword
behind one of these opened portcullises. Leave the attic and go down to the
main courtyard (next to the well) hit the big door behind the well (this
leads into the main hall).. if you search around the bottom floor of the main
hall you will find a three diamond weapon.. next head upstairs part of the
way up the stairs a shadow warrior will appear kill him go back downstairs
and head up the other staircase and kill the second shadow warrior who will
drop the first fragment of the eldersign (only 10 more to go!).. go up the
right staircase.. at the top of the stairs walk straight ahead.. go through
the left doorway and then walk into the next room.. where you will find the
warlock.. kill him and beware of the human enemies who flock into the room..
go back the way you came and use the crystal ball.. leave the main hall..

Head towards the right handside of the courtyard.. you will see a building
there (near the bottom of the guard tower) it is the stables.. find the horse
and then you will see a doorway in the upper left area of the room.. go
through this doorway.. and head down the ladder..hit the gargoyles head go
through the portcullis and turn right downwards.. walk through the tunnels
(beware of the big vicious well guys) until you find the drunk well guy..
pick up the pink bottle.. and go back to the well (in the courtyard).. walk
towards the guy on the well from the bottom of the screen.. until he grabs
the bottle out of your hand.. wait for a second or two.. and the guy will
vanish.. head down the well.. find the three switchs .. hit them.. and go
through the big door.. where you will find some treasure and magic weapons
etc.. get out of the well (the way you came for now..) .. walk downwards from
the well and go through the door left of the horse.. head up the stairs and
into the 2nd level of the craftsmens guild.. find the ladder leading upwards
and climb it.. find a 2nd ladder and climb it (this leads to the roof) go up
the stairs to the top of the chimney.. fall into the chimney and you will get
teleported.. find the catacombs.. find two flashing skulls (you can only take
one at a time).. when you find one go out of the catacombs and up the stairs
until you find a big locked door with skulls on pedestals.. walk up to one of
the empty pedestals and the prince will place the skull on it.. go back for
the 2nd one.. then go back down.. and go through the left entrance to the
catacombs.. and continue to go leftwards whenever possible.. until you find
stairs going downwards.. these lead you into another room with a large pond
in the middle.. walk to the edge of the pond until you find the flashing
dots.. they form stepping stones as you walk across them (go slowly because
its easy to fall in!).. when you get to the other side there is a magic sword
to the right and a doorway underneath a skull.. go through the door.. and get
the third and final flashing skull.. go back to the room with the pedestals
and place the skull on the final one.. the door will open.. go through and
get the ring from the skeleton sitting on the throne and get the small
cross.. and get the 2nd piece of the eldersign.. You can now open the doors
with the red dots on them.. 

Head back to the room you first teleported to.. use the crystal ball.. and
then open the red dot door.. this will lead you back to the well.. climb out
of the well.. either get some boots (try above the stables) or just try and
jump over the yellow glowing stuff which is blocking an entrance downwards
from the well.. hit the gargoyles head in that room.. and then return to the
courtyard.. head up the stairs to the left of the hospital tower and open the
red door to get a 4 diamond axe.. then head towards the big portcullis (which
will now open) just to the right of the well.. this leads to the drawbridge
of the castle.. hit the lever in there.. which will open the drawbridge.. go
out of the castle.. go down once and go left through some bushes.. then go
straight.. and find the graveyard.. you will automatically open the gate
using the little cross.. go to the back of the graveyard and find the
entrance to an underground tomb.. here you will find permanent armor.. next
head to the church in the graveyard.. and hit the candle at the left end.. go
down the stairs into an underground passage which takes you into part of the
garden.. you will see a piece of the eldersign at the beginning of the garden
which you can't reach YET.. explore the garden until you find the clearing
with the amazon people (DO NOT go the the village yet unless you have a
deathwish).. kill the amazon people and head to the top left.. this will
bring you into a cave.. head to the top exit.. and kill the Sorceress.. get
the ring then go back out into the clearing and collect the nearby eldersign
piece (top right of the screen).. go back into the cave and teleport back
out.. you can now open the blue doors.

Now you can go and get the best weapon in the game! (well the best that we
found anyway).. it is located on the 2nd to top level.. break down the blue
door and hey presto a 5 diamond golden sword.. Go to screen on the right of
the well screen and climb the steps on the side of the guard tower.. Go past
the swinging axe and into the room and out onto the ledge.. Go to the door to
the max left and into the room with the bombs. Go through it and up the steps
on the side of the tower. Watch out for the bombs! Go through the blue door
and pass through the passage right next to the blue door.. Climb the steps
until you reach the top of the tower. You will see an item protected by
spinning globes.. you need to kill the wizard before you can get to it.. go
through the door in the upper left and you will reach the top of the tower.. 
walk around the top until the wizard appears and kill him.. go back and get
the item.. go out the 
door on this level (to the top right of the screen) and find the 2nd set of
armor.. go down
one flight of stairs and find the exit to the side of the tower. it is on the
right of the screen. go through the blue door and get the next piece of the
eldersign.. go down to the second last level of the tower and walk outside
through the doorway with the skull.. find the crystal ball and use it.. take
the teleport and go to the village (turn right and take the high road)..
find the well and locate
the house with the open ledge facing it. Go up and take a running jump into
the well. Go through the door and find an important item. now that the people
have been restored go to the church and use the crystal ball. follow the
directions the people of the town give you to reach the hunter's lodge. find
the room with the stuffed bear. Hit it and go the other room. Go to the fire
place and get the lantern. go back to the plant you could not kill before and 
get the piece of the eldersign go back to the village and find the pond. go
it and into the forest. find the old ruin and go through the teleport. jump
up to the doorway visible in the top left. go through to the teleport. you
are now in the necromancer's domain. go up and up again past the inactive
crystal ball. follow the path to the necromancer's room. kill him and get the
sixth piece (it is up and to the left). you now have all the items you need
to go the final part of the game, the dark tower. find the teleport that has
a checkered feel to it. save it here. go through the teleport. You are now in
the dark tower and need to move it because the clock is ticking! Can't help
you any more. however, you don't need to open every chest to make it to the
next level. play it once, exploring and reload and do it again effectively.
the final piece and the code scroll are in the first normal level you come
across. find them fast before you move on. the next level has the Archmage.
kill him and you are done!

Ecstatica II is a trademark of Andrew Spencer. Copyright 1997 Andrew Spencer.
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