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Earth 2150 Lost Souls Tips & Tricks

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Earth 2150 - Lost Souls
     _  _   _  ___
    |_ /_\ |_|  |  |_|
    |_ | | | \  |  | |
    2     1    5     0
    _   __  ___
|  | | |__   |
|_ |_|  __|  |
     __   _          __
    |__  | | | | |  |__
     __| |_| |_| |_  __|

Earth 2150: Lost Souls
FAQ and Walktrough

Version 0.75      31/07/2004

             [Copyright Laws]
This FAQ is Copyright 2003/2004 Predator2150. You are not authorized in any
circunstances to modify the contents of this FAQ. Use of the FAQ for
personal profit is strictly prohibited.

If you wish to post my FAQ in your website you must mail me before posting
it. I will then give you permission and add your website to the Credits
section. You'll also get updates via e-mail. If for some reason you fail to
get the update, go to where the latest version of this FAQ
is always avaliable. As mentioned above, you must leave the FAQ completely


1.  Introduction/Patch Info
2.  Version History
3.  Story
4.  Controls
5.  The Races
  5.A  Eurasian Dinasty
  5.B  Lunar Corporation
  5.C  United Civilized States
6.  Singleplayer Tips
7.  Walktroughs
  7.A  ED Walktrough
   7.A0  ED Main Base
   7.A1  Mission 1: Finland
   7.A2  Mission 2: Korea
   7.A3  Mission 3: Iran
   7.A4  Mission 4: Bulgaria
   7.A5  Mission 5: Russia
   7.A6  Mission 6: Dam, Part I
   7.A7  Mission 7: Dam, Part II
   7.A8  Mission 8: China
   7.A9  Mission 9: France
   7.A10  Mission 10: Czechoslovakia
  7.B  LC Walktrough
   7.B0  LC Main Base, Scandinavia
   7.B1  Mission 1: Research Base ESCAPE, Poland
   7.B2  Mission 2: Research Base ESCAPE, Poland (2)
   7.B3  Mission 3: Mission "Strike Back", Ukraine
   7.B4  Mission 4: Operation "Hello America", Spain
   7.B5  Mission 5: Operation "Hello America", USA
   7.B6  Mission 6: Operation "Hello America", USA (2)
   7.B7  Mission 7: Operation "ION", China
   7.B8  Mission 8: Operation "ION", USA
   7.B9  Mission 9: Operation "ION", USA (2)
   7.B10  Mission 10: "PROTECT ESCAPE", Germany
  7.C  UCS Walktrough [UC]
8.  Multiplayer [I]
  8.A  Multiplayer Tips/Strategies [UC]
  8.B  IPX
  8.C  EarthNet
9.  Editor [UC] [NC]
10.  Frequently Asked Questions
11.  Bugs/Secrets
12.  Credits

[UC] - Under Construction
[I] - Incomplete
[NC] - Need Contributors

          1.   [Introduction/Patch Info]
I made this Earth 2150: Lost Souls FAQ as a hobbie to spend some of my free
time. After requesting for a FAQ for this game and waiting for about a
month, i decided to make one myself, since nobody else seemed to want to.
I might make some occasional grammar misktakes, since my mother language is
not English, but Portuguese.
So, please mail mail me if you find a spelling mistake, have any questions,
requests, tips or strategies. My e-mail is right at the top of the FAQ, you
can't miss it. When you mail me, please put the topic as something like
"Lost Souls FAQ" so i can easily recognize it from the rest of the mails.

I got this game in a unusual way. My favorite PC games magazine (MegaScore)
offers a complete game every month, very old games like Grand Theft Auto,
but in June i noticed that they were offering Lost Souls. Being fammiliar
to the Earth 2150 series, i immediately bought the magazine. (only cost
me 5€!)

***Patch Info***
The v2.0 patch is avaliable at some game sites and can be  found at:

Be advised that this FAQ was entirely written using the 2.0 version (for
the exception of the ED campaigns) so it's absolutely recommended that you
download the patch if you haven't started the game yet or are planning
to follow this FAQ to the letter. I also tell you that it is highly
advised to restart a campaign after installing the patch, so if you are in
the middle of a campaign, finish it first.

Here's what the patch does:

After the installation of the patch, old accounts (local) and savegames
can not be used anymore!


- Multiplayer games between The Moon Project and Lost Souls are possible


- Laser is stronger vs. buildings
- Stealth-research takes longer to complete
- Heavy Rockets do more damage and have more ammo (Aircrafts+Surface)
- Heavy Rocket research time lowered
- Minelayer can only carry shield 1
- Mines do more damage
- Rocket Control Center (MDW) recharges itself like Plasma MDW
- Rocket Control Center (MDW) is more expensive
- Rocket Control Center and it's silos have more armor and hitpoints
- Bomber research takes longer
- Pamir 3 can carry shieldgenerator 100
- Scout added (is not able to reveal shadowed units!)
- Stationary Artillery is more expensive and weaker
- Stationary Artillery research placed behind defensive buildings
- SDI building added, can defend against Plasma MDW
- Research building is a bit cheaper
- Gruz digs slower
- Research of light air units takes longer
- Research of light Ion takes longer
- Wolga got more hitpoints, but is now also more expensive
- Mobile Artillery's fire speed lowered and is more expensive
- Mobile Artillery's research time increased
- Hitpoints of small towers increased
- Buildings have less ammo
- Weapon facilities have 25 Prozent armor
- Repairer research time lowered (Building capture unit remains the same)
- Earthquake generator building time lowered
- Shield 1&2 costs adjusted


- Heavy Rockets do more damage and have more ammo (Aircrafts+Surface)
- Heavy Rocket research time lowered
- Mining Upgrade added (earns 10 Prozent more)
- Xylit is a single research
- Xylit costs around 2500 CR lowered
- Batteries cost 1000 CR
- Weather Control Centre has armor and is cheaper
- Solar drops 100 Prozent faster
- Electrocannon UPG does more damage
- Nests can use Detector and Regenerators
- Only Lunar 3 can use Shieldgenerator
- Lunar 3 can use Shieldgenerator 500
- Lunar is a bit slower
- Lunar, Moon and FG cost around 100 CR more
- Plasma Projector as a research added
- Crater has more hitpoints
- Crusher has longer build time and costs more
- Heavy Sonic has lower build time and costs more
- Light Sonic has lower build time
- New Hope as a new research behind Moon 3 added
- FatGirl has a bit longer research time
- Stationary Artillery is more expensive and weaker
- Stationary Artillery reasearch placed behind defensive buildings
- Guardian now costs 1000 CR
- Defender has now 800 hitpoints and 75 Prozent armor
- SDI is faster and can defend against Plasma MDW
- SDI costs more
- SDI has 25 Prozent armor
- Phobos has more hitpoints
- Phobos with uncover shadow feature must be researched
- Solar and Xylit have limited Power range
- Research of light air units takes longer
- Mobile Artillery is now a single research
- Bomber research take longer
- Hitpoints of Nests increased
- Buildings have less ammo
- Weaponfacilities have 25 Prozent armor
- Regenerator research time lowered (Building capture unit remains the
- Shield UPG: Regenerator II is added in research-three
- Earthquake generator building time lowered
- Shield 1&2 costs adjusted


- Radar Tower added (is included in the first Shadow research)
- Research of Radar is faster (Shadow research time remains the same)
- Towers and Buildings can use light cannon
- Heavy Cannon do more damage
- Light Cannon has less ammo
- Tiger 3 can use Shieldgenerator 100
- Scout added (is not able to reveal shadowed units!)
- Heavy Grenade shoots slower, has less range and costs more
- Light Grenade shoots slower, does more damage and hits better
- Light Grenade Cannon has more ammo
- Minelayer can use only Shield 1
- Mines do more damage
- Heavy Rockets do more damage and have more ammo (Aircrafts+Surface)
- Heavy Rocket research time lowered
- Light Rockets of Panther/Jaguar are better
- Research Centers are cheaper
- Plasma Control Center is more expensive and takes longer to research
- Aircraft plasma takes longer to research and got a bit weaker
- SDI is faster and can defend against Plasma MDW
- SDI costs more
- SDI has 25 Prozent armor
- Stationary Artillery is more expensive and weaker
- Stationary Artillery reasearch placed behind defensive buildings
- Salamander has less hitpoints, costs more and can use Shield 1
- AA Plasma has less research time
- Harvester II costs more
- Air Harvester III research behind behind Harvester II
- Bomber research takes longer
- Hitpoints of small towers increased
- Buildings have less ammo
- Weaponfacilities have 25 Prozent armor
- Repairer research time lowered (Building capture unit remains the same)
- Earthquake generator building time lowered
- Shield 1&2 costs adjusted

Admitted Bugs

- The silo gate of ED MDW don't open
- The Rocket silos named with Plasmacannon
- You can't select a shortcut for the Harvester Upgrade
- The Scout must be added manually

          2.   [Version History]
0.25 - 16/07/2003

 Singleplayer Tips
 ED Walktrough
  Missions 0-2
 Frequently Asked Questions


0.30 - 17/07/2003


 Singleplayer Tips
 ED Mission 2
 Frequently Asked Questions

 Minor spellcheck


0.35 - 21/07/2003

 ED Missions 3-6




0.60 - 24/07/2003

 ED Mission 7
 LC Walktrough
  Missions 0-5



0.65 - 29/07/2003

 LC Missions 6-7

 Part of ED Walktrough

 ED Mission 7
 Singleplayer Tips


0.68 - 07/08/2003

 ED Missions 8-9
 Dificulty Levels for all missions


 Minor spellcheck


0.70 - 18/08/2003

 ED Mission 10

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Minor spellcheck


0.75 - 31/07/2004

 LC Missions 8-10

 Introduction/Patch Info
 Singleplayer Tips
 LC Missions 1-7

 Major spellcheck

          3.   [Story]
Years of wars between the United Civilized States and the Eurasian Dinasty
had led to disastrous consequences troughout the planet Earth.
Like this was not enough, when the ED used nuclear warheads to destroy a
UCS base in the North Pole, the effect of the nuclear explosions caused the
Earth to change orbit right towards the Sun. Glaciers melt, the sea rose
to a threatening level, and meteors buried entire parts of the Earth.
Scientists in the Lunar Corporation soon realized the catastrophic events
that were about to happen. Since the Moon follows the Earth's orbit they
would also be pushed towards the Sun.
Soon, UCS and ED scientists realized this too. The only hope left for
these races was to escape the doomed planet.
All races started to work on projects that would able them to escape
Earth. However, even in times like this they refused to ally and make a
single project for all of the world's population. Perhaps that project
would be too big to function properly. So they started fighting for the
Earth's resources to finance their own projects.
All races succeded in completing their projects and the majority of the
world's population was able to escape the dommed planet. The people left
behind were to become known as the LOST SOULS.
However, they would not give up so easily. They tried to scrape the last
of the Earth's resources in a desperate attempt to escape the pending

          4.   [Controls]
You can bind your controls by starting a game, selecting "Options" from the
menu, and then selecting "Keyboard". Although i recommend the default
configuration, you are free to change it to your liking.

You should play the tutorial to learn the basics of the game. However, the
tutorial doesn't teach you some keys you should also know, so that's why
i'm here to explain them.

F3 - I don't know if the tutorial talks about this key, but it enables you
to install weapons and shields in the buildings you own. It also has a
button on the Upper-right corner that when clicked, gives Large Shields to
all of your buildings.

F9 - Shows the range of your power plants. (This does not work for the LC,
but they have a far bigger range)

Num Lock - Pauses the game. Looks like it's impossible to bind it to the
Pause key so the developers decided to put it in this key. Pausing is
incredible useful as you can still give orders when paused and will give
you the ability to issue orders as fast as the computer. Imagine that a
Plasma Bomber from the UCS comes and tries to drop a plasma bomb on your
only power plant. Your defenses aren't fast enough to wipe him out, so
what you do is pause the game, calmly go to the F3 menu and buy a shield
for the power plant. The bomb will fall and the shield will absorb the
damage, and your defenses will eliminate that pesky bomber without having
to loose power to your whole base, which could have cost you the base. As
a final note, you should be always paused while doing something that
doesn't require time advancing, like giving orders to build the base. In
multiplayer, only the host has authority to use this command.

Numpad +/-/* - You can control time by using these keys. Numpad + will
accelerate time, so each time you press it, time will go faster. Numpad -
functions the same way, but instead of accelerating time, it slows it
down. Numpad * resets the time to it's original speed. You can use these
controls to speed up time when you're not doing anything or to slow down
when you want to give multiple orders in a short time when fighting an
enemy. In multiplayer, only the host has authority to use these commands.

Caps Lock - By holding this key down the selected unit will enter Quick
Recording Mode. This is another very useful key especially for ED and UCS.
You will notice that when you give 2 building orders to a construction unit
it will erase the older one. To avoid this you can hold Caps Lock so you
can give a list of things to do to a Gruz or Mammoth (something like
building a power plant, 2 weapon prod. centers and a supply depot) and the
unit will build all the building one by one without having to wait for it
to finish one so you can order it to build another. This also works for
giving a platoon a list of targets and to give a recon unit waipoints to

Num Enter - When having a building project selected, pressing this key will
turn the project 90ş degrees right so the building can be positioned in a 
different direction.

Space Bar - Takes your camera to the last event. What this means is, if you
hear a platoon saying "We're under attack!" press space bar and the camera
will instantly move to the platoon that is under attack. This also works
for most voice messages you can hear like "Construction complete." or "The
Transporter has arrived.".

Control - You can select multiple units or platoons by clicking them with
the Control key held.

Assigning Groups - You can assign groups to have a better coordination of
your military forces. WARNING: Don't confuse groups with platoons, they are
different things. A platoon changes behaviour of units, a group doesn't.
To assign a group, press Control + 1-9 keys at the same time. Then, to
select the group, just press the number key you used to make the group. You
can also assign a group to a platoon.

          5.   [The Races]
As you may already know there are 3 races in this game, the ED (Eurasian
Dinasty), the UCS (United Civilized States) and the LC (Lunar Corporation).
They are very different from each other, but the ED and UCS have some
similarities, like needing a builder unit, having minelayers and other
The 3 sections below will discuss the 3 races and the most effective
configurations for them.
Feel free to mail me with your opinions. My e-mail is at the top of this

          5.A  [Eurasian Dinasty]
These are considered the bad guys of the story. They are responsible for
the pending destruction of the planet Earth.
The ED is the most primitive of the races. Most of it's technology is
based in 20th century and their armies are made of tanks with with cannons
and rocket launchers. However don't underestimate this race since it
still has some surprises at hand.
The units aren't the most effective of the game and the defense building
aren't that effective too, but nuclear missiles and bombs are still in use
on the ED and can be devastating. They also have the strongest navy of all
races. The resource excraction method isn't the most easy to set up but
extracts rather quickly if the mine and the refinery are very close to each
other. Their power plants are nothing special, they deliver power to a
small area and you can channel power if you put them close enough to each
other. Those power plants are nuclear but they don't trigger any nuclear
explosion when are destroyed. Why? Looks like the ED invented an automatic
defense system. Wonder why the UCS didn't found out this...

Good unit configurations:
- Ural with 2 120mm cannons + Rocket Launchers (Main Battle Platoon)

- Ural with 2 Nuclear Rocket Lauchers (Long range artillery)

- Ural with 2 Artillery Cannons (Medium range artillery)

- Han with Bomb Bay (Air Support)

Good defensive structure configurations:
- Heavy tower with 120mm Cannon + AA gun + 105mm Cannon

- Heavy tower with Heavy Rocket Launcher + 2 105mm Cannons

NOTE: I don't use laser cannons because although they are pretty useful in
the beginning of the campaign, as soon as enemies start getting shields and
heavy weaponry not even the heavy laser cannon stands a chance. Cannons are
also much more useful because they don't have to rip trough shields and
they are much more useful to destroy defensive buildings since they have a
very large range.

The ED is a good race for an experienced player, who can hold off his
enemies until he gets his nuclear silos up, then all hell breaks loose!
Heheh, buildings flying trough the air in pieces! :P

          5.B  [Lunar Corporation]
The LC would be considered the good guys of the story. They had nothing to
do with the disaster and they fight only to escape death.
I will risk saying the LC are the most technologically advanced. They had
not any army at the start of the war, but were able to invent some new
weapons that would make them stand a chance against the well-trained armies
of the UCS and ED.
The LC has some powerful units like the Thunderer with sonic cannons and
the Crusher is not bad either, but they also have a unit called the Crion
which seems to be a little hidden.(not avaliable on Research Tree, only on
Research Center menu) The Crion plasma artillery launcher is the most
powerful energy weapon in the game, burning down shields in seconds and
ripping trough the toughest armor like it was butter. (hum... i didn't
exagerate a little in there, did i? :)
Their defense buildings aren't that great and that laser wall just sucks.
Just blow up a transmitter and a huge hole opens up!
They don't have a navy, and wouldn't make sense either since the vehicles
float both on land and water.
The easiest resource extraction method belongs to the LC, consisting only
of installing the mine and leave it there, so easy because the energy of
the LC distributes itself trough most of the map.
Since we are talking about power, I HATE LC POWER MANAGEMENT! :\ Why?
Because just to get the damn power working, you need to get a solar power
plant, then put a bunch of solar panels around it, then you need to get
some batteries to store energy to the night. And it's so easy to tear it
all apart! Why the hell do they care so much about the environment? The
planet is gonna blow up, damnit!
Oh, just to finish, a great aspect of the LC is that all buildings
regenerate health if they are not doing anything.

Good unit configurations:
- Crusher With 2 Heavy Electro-CannonS + 2 Plasma Projectors (Main Battle

- Super Fighter with 2 AA Rocket Launchers (Aircraft Anti-air support)

- Thunderer with Heavy Rocket Launchers (Aircraft Support)

- Crion with Plasma Artillery (Artillery support)

- 3 Phobos with regen for HP and shield, and detector (Extra Support group)

Good defensive structure configurations:
- Guardian with 2 Heavy Electro-Cannons + 2 AA Rocket Launchers

- Main Base with 2 Heavy Electro-Cannons + 2 Plasma Projectors + 2 AA
Rocket Launchers

The LC is great for a newbie, since everything regenerates quickly and 
don't have to worry with minelayers and stuff like that. Plus, building
is very simplified since you don't need builders around. However, i'm not
saying that a good player would be bad with it.

          5.C  [United Civilized States]
Although not the bad guys, if it weren't for them fighting the ED, this
catastrophe would never have happened.
The UCS army is based mostly in 2-legged robots with a few exceptions.
They have the toughest vehicles in the game and their weapons also dish
out ALOT of damage, thanks to the plasma cannon, which is a great weapon
both for units and buildings, even with shields.
The UCS also have the toughest defense buildings.(seems they are toughest
in everything, doesn't it?) The fortress can hold 4 weapon placements
much like the Main Base of the LC, but is much more effective due to the
heavy plasma cannons it can support. They also have anti-tank barriers
that are much like the ED's walls, although i think the tank barriers are
weaker. Now for the bad aspects, the UCS navy is much weaker than the ED
navy. (The ED navy can have long-range rocket launchers, 120mm cannons and
artillery on their Leviathans) They also have a crappy resource extraction
method which consists of a refinery and a bunch of harvesters. This doesn't
seem bad, but if you have lots of harversters, they'll crowd the resource
area and they won't have space to move from the resources to the refinery,
thus making the resources come VERY slowly. The UCS have those huge power
plants that give 400 power and also have transmitters to channel the power
to another areas. While it seems useful, losing a transmitter might cost
you one of your bases, so just in case, i make a power plant in every base,
THEN i connect them to other bases if i need more power. The UCS also have
shadow technology which can make all units in range invisible to the enemy.
Very good for ambushes and surprise attacks.

Good unit configurations:
- Jaguar with Heavy Plasma Cannon + Plasma Cannon + Shadow Gen. (Main
Battle Platoon)

- Cargo Salamander with AA Plasma (Anti-air Support)

- Dragon with Plasma Bomb Bay (Air Support)

Jaguar with Heavy Grenade Launcher + Shadow Gen. (Artillery Support)

Good defensive structure configurations:
Fortress with 2 Heavy Plasma Cannons + 2 AA Plasma Cannons

The UCS should be a good race to any player since it's very balanced,
combining good defense with good attack units.

          6.   [Singleplayer Tips]

- In some missions, the enemy has limited resources. Defend your base until
their resources get depleted and only attack at that time. Destroying the
base will be much easier. BUT, in other missions, the enemy has unit
injections that keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger... you get the
point. With these kind of missions, destroy the base as quickly as you can
or you'll have a horde of pissed off enemies crushing your base! :P

- Never leave units or buildings in the mission area. There's no time limit
for Earth's destruction, unlike the original Earth 2150, so take your time
to evacuate everything.

- Building a complete base in a mission area is a waste of your precious
resources. A mission base only needs a Landing Base, a Power Plant, a
Supply Depot and defense. Sometimes an HQ is nice too.

- It's possible to sell buildings both in the main base and the mission
base. When a mission is complete, sell all buildings on the mission base
except the landing zone to get some of your resources back. (You get 50%
of the resources back when you sell.)

- Only have 3 Research Centers. More than that is a waste of resources.

- The Earthquake Generator is a very good weapon to attack an enemy
computer since the AI doesn't build tunnel entrances.

- Every time you finish a mission, build up some platoons if you haven't
any from the last mission. Who knows if you'll need an army on the
battlefield as soon as you start.

- When you finish a mission and still have resources on the mission, you
can just end it and the resources will be transfered automatically.
(Thanks to Mark Thompson for this tip.)

- The "Defense" function in the Headquarters increases your defense by
maximizing range of weapons. This is the only useful function for the HQ in
the campaign. (Thanks to Michael Lo for this tip.)

- When entering tunnels, only take units that fire energy-type weapons.
Conventional weapons can't receive ammo loads since the supplier can't get
down there. All energy weapons regenerate ammo automatically.

          7.   [Walktroughs]
The following walktroughs offer strategies, tips and hints for the campaign
mode. It will obviously contain major spoilers and campaign events. Reading
them could ruin your fun of playing the campaigns, so, if you don't want
that to happen, don't read ahead. The walktroughs are all based on Easy
dificulty. Even in this difficulty, the AI is pretty tough, with the unit
injections and all. In the campaign on Normal mode, the computer also gets
a Main Base, thus making the missions very harder.
You should play the game in the following order: ED-LC-UCS. Unlike the
original Earth 2150, Lost Souls has its campaigns connected to each other,
so to better understand the story, you should play the game in the above
When i talk about building a platoon, it generally means about 10-15 units,
unless otherwise especified.
You are more than welcome to tell me about good strategies you found for
the missions. Just be as specific as possible.

          7.A  [ED Walktrough]
In the ED campaign you play the role of General Federov, receiving your
orders directly from Czar Vladimir II. Don't follow his orders blindly,
trust me :) You'll understand what i just said later on the campaign.

MB - Main Base
MA - Mission Area
PP - Power Plant
WPC - Weapons Production Center
VPC - Vehicle Production Center
SD - Supply Depot
HT - Heavy Tower
LZ - Landing Zone
20mm - 20mm Machine Gun
105mm - 105mm Cannon
R - Rocket Launcher 
L - Laser Cannon
I - Ion Cannon
AA - AA gun
120mm - 120mm cannon
hR - Heavy Rocket Launcher
hL - Heavy Laser Cannon
hI - Heavy Ion Cannon
B - Bomb Bay
ART - Artillery
NG - Noise Generator

Curiosity: If you ever played F-22 Lightning 3, you'll notice that there's
a ED night music very similar to one from that game. (Ednight_3.mp2)

NOTE: I had some problems with the ED campaign. In Mission 6, apparentely
the video was corrupted making my computer crash while in the middle of the
video. Strangely enough, i found no way of stopping the video before it
crashed. If you have the same problem,  go to your game folder and look for
a folder named "Video". Now make a backup of the files ED_M05.wd1 and
ED_M06.wd1. Now rename ED_M06.wd1 to ED_M05.wd1 and vice-versa. Now you
will have Mission 5 playing Video 6 and Mission 6 player Video 5. Enter the
game and start mission 6. You will see the video from the last mission and
when its over save the game and return to your files folder. Overwrite the
videos with the backups you made earlier. Now the game should be just like
before and you will be able to play Mission 6.
**********MAJOR SPOILER**********
I found out that you can play the videos by running them with Windows Media
Player. This can be used to see the end of Video 6, but if the player reads
the damaged part it will crash the player.

NOTE: Mission 1 and 2 have been done with the 1.0 version of the game. The
rest of the missions have been done with the 1.1 version.

          7.A0 [ED Main Base]
Alright General Fedorov, from now on, i will be your personal military
tactical advisor, by order of the General Command.
Let's take a look at your MB... Jesus Christ, that place is a dump! Begin
by building 5 L Siberias and 5 20mm Siberias. While you wait for them to
complete, build another mine and start extracting ore. Use the HTs to
destroy as many wreckage as you can. (press "A" and then target the
wreckage) We're gonna need that space. After finishing that task, sell all
the HTs. Some of your units should now be complete. Use them to destroy
the rest of the wreckage. Now, order the Gruz to make 3 additional WPCs.
(South of the sold HTs is just fine) We're done with the MB.
You can now procced to the first mission.

          7.A1 [Mission 1: Finland]
Dificulty Level: Easy

Procced to the northeast corner of the map. Eventually, you'll end up at
the LC base. Rip a hole trough the base always heading west. At the
northwestern corner of the map there are Repair and Ammo artifacts that
constantly respawn. Destroy the whole base, and consider destroying the
guardians from a safe distance. When you have done, build up a base with
a WPC, VPC and a SD. Get 2 Boyars. Now, let's get that ore. There are 2
deposits, one on the LC base  location, and other directly east. Extract
them both. If you haven't lost too many units you will be able to hold off
the LC with the units you already have. Just put them in a line in front of
your base. When your quota reaches 50000, you complete the mission.

          7.A2 [Mission 2: Korea]
Dificulty Level: Average

So you start with a Gruz. First thing to do, connect your MB to your
MA by building a LZ. Now go to your MB and you should notice a large 
helicopter above another LZ. This is the Ukraine, your transporter of units
and resources between your bases. Get those Siberias you made at the start
of the campaign inside the Ukraine and send it to the MA. Now get some PPs
up, and start a mining operation with that ton of resources. Now make a SD
and get some boyars from your MB and put them to work. You'll notice that
most of your bases will be a LZ, PPs and a SD, plus defense, from now on.
It will be necessary to equip your  buildings with hRs. To improve even
more your defense, consider building small towers. Go to your MB and make
some STEALTHs L. You also have a research for Helicopter Rocket Launcher if
you're interested. If you find yourself not doing anything use the Ukraine
to transport ore from the MA to the MB, to avoid doing that at the end of
the missions, which can be really boring. You can also use the minelayer to
put mines at west and south of your MB. --WARNING: You can't produce
minelayers yet, and that's the only one you have, so don't let it get
destroyed. You'll need him further in this mission.-- --NOTE: Rearming a
minelayer costs money.-- When your STEALTHs L are ready send them to the
MA. --NOTE: At night, a STEALTH with lights on will be unable to cloak.
Turn his lights off to enable cloaking. Having lights turned off at night
results in a decrease in speed and enemy detection.-- Now it's time to
grill those pesky robots! And they won't even see who's grilling them!!
Now we need a support platoon to the STEALTHs L. Build a bunch of
STEALTHs R. (10 is fine) You should now hold position until the enemies
attack decrease dramatically. That's because the enemy's resources are
depleted. (You can skip this part but it will be much harder to take out
the bases.) Southwest of your base is a UCS outpost. The Boyar is a good
recon unit so use it if necessary. Now have the STEALTHs L enter the
outpost and heat up the power plant until it explodes. Destroy all small
towers as well since they don't need power. Now you can have your
STEALTHs R to destroy the rest as they are much faster. Why didn't you
use STEALTHs R right at the start? Well, because the laser cannon is a
energy weapon, so it regenerates ammo by it self. If you were attacking
with STEALTHs R then they got out of ammo, the Boyar would come just to
be shot down by air defenses. When you get rid of the outpost, go South of
it and cross the bridge. After crossing that bridge, keep getting South
until you see another bridge. (it's west of the UCS base) There's a tiny
outpost here. Wipe it out. After that bridge, keep going east towards the
UCS base. You should see another outpost just before it. Have the
STEALTHs L take out the transmitter and the STEALTHs R to do the rest.
Now comes the hard part. The UCS base is filled with mines all over the
place! Go get the minelayer wherever it is. Now you'll have to make
hit 'n' run tactics. The minelayer has a detector in front of it that
detects enemy mines and detonates them. Use the minelayer very carefully
and if it gets destroyed load the game. You can also use Fake TTs to
detonate the mines but they cost 50 and 50/per mine is a little expensive.
--NOTE: The Minelayer can only detonate mines in front of him but
his radar detects mines at much bigger distances, so you can use this to
make a safe way to your STEALTHs-- I came to the point where i had to
sacrifice some STEALTHs to open up a way to the power plant. Once you
destroy that one things get alot easier. Beware, there's a spider radar
north of that power plant, close to another power plant, which you also
have to destroy. To destroy the spider radar, only use one STEALTH L,
because if you take them all your whole platoon will be massacrated. The
spider radar has no shields, so will be quick to eliminate. Your STEALTH
is doomed tough, even without radars it can't cloak on the aim of various
UCS guns. After destroying that 2 power plants, there should be even other
one at east. When all power plants and small towers are destroyed,
detonating mines and destroying the base should be piece of cake. When
all buildings on the _MAP_ are destroyed, you pass the mission. Don't
forget to evacuate all units before you finish the mission. You should now
have about 250000 resources in your base.

          7.A3 [Mission 3: Iran]
Dificulty Level: Easy

After receiving the briefing, quickly destroy the LC threat. Now you should
receive some repairers and a Gruz. Build an LZ and repair all the buildings
in the base. You can now make Kruszchevs. They are very good with 120mm and
Rs. Make a platoon of them in your MB or MA as you also have alot of WPCs
in the MA. (A platoon should be always bwteen 10 and 15 units for better
coordination.) There will be aircraft attacking from the Northwest, and
ground units from South and East. Be sure to cover those sectors with
pillboxes and consider putting some defense around the orange buildings
too. Get the mines to work and some Boyars on the SD. Also, bring all
military units from your MB to help protect the area. If you still have
some STEALTHs from the last mission, you can use them to explore the area.
Defend the MA until the time expires. Now you must deliver those trucks to
the Southwest corner of the map. If you had unit transporters, this would
be piece of cake, but since you haven't let's get to work. Those Kruszchevs
you made at the start, get them to the south of the base with the other
platoon of Kruszchevs you had right at the start. There's a valley here
which is where you need to go. It goes right to the LC base, but just
before it, there should be a way south, which is where you need to go. It
should look like this:

        LC Base
        / \
        \  \
      _  \  \    MA
   __/ \  \  \    |
  |     \  \  \   |
  |      \_/   \_/

Go trough the valley with your Kruszchevs and the trucks behind them until
you reach your objective with the trucks. Get the Kruszchevs back to the LZ
and send all of your units to the MB. Sell the base and evacuate the
resources. You can also evacuate the trucks as they'll make good recon
units in the next missions. You should now have about 400000 resources in
your base.

          7.A4 [Mission 4: Bulgaria]
Dificulty Level: Hard

Alright, be very quick establishing your defense, send ALL units on the MB
and build alot of pillboxes, heavy towers and a SD, because the UCS are
coming, and they'll come hard. Building some Caspians AA isn't a bad ideia
too. Once you have a platoon on the MA, quickly procced South of the base
and look for a bridge. Destroy it so the UCS ground tanks won't devastate
your base. There's another bridge that also needs to be taken out. It's
Southwest of the bridge you just destroyed. (Just follow the river) You
can also choose to mine the bridge areas but that won't stop the UCS for
much time. There's ALOT of resources right East of your base, so be sure
to extract them. Consider producing Urals and Hans HR aren't bad either.
All your buildings should be armed with 120mm and HR, and some AA too.
Since you destroyed the bridges, the UCS can't come with Jaguars and
they'll acumulate at the shore of the river. If you go too much South, you
might catch with grenade, so stay as far as possible from the river. You
should now hold position until you made yourself an army. Be sure to build
STEALTHs I, as they will also prove very useful for a boost to your
credits. If you survive enough time, you'll notice the UCS attacks stop.
The UCS base just went bankrupt :) But you have a huge problem now, you
can't attack the enemy becaust there's this massive army that acumulated
on the other side of the river. Yes, if you haven't destroyed the bridges,
you would have to defend yourself against that! You can't take out the
units with 120mm because they have grenades, and can't take them out with
STEALTHs either because they have radars. You could always get a squad of
Hans and try to destroy the radars, but this is rather dificult to 
accomplish. You could also do Hit 'n' Run, but i came up with a better,
although expensive ideia. Get some minelayers and a Gruz the the little
bridge that hasn't any enemies near. The goal here is to rebuild the bridge
and lure the enemies to your base causing them to fall on a trap. To do
this, put mines from the bridge to your base where you think the UCS will
go trough. Now with the Gruz, build some HTs near the bridge to destroy
any weak enemies that aren't worth going trough the mines. Now you should
also have a platoon of Urals or Hans to intercept any enemies that get
lucky with the mines. Now, to make this even more effective, put a platoon
of STEALTHs I near the bridge with the HTs. They will disable any
unshielded units while the HTs finish them off. If you manage to capture
some units in the proccess, even better. Now you should have a very
effective deathtrap. Rebuild the bridge with the Gruz and and get it to
a safe place. The enemy might have to be lured. To do this, get a Boyar,
and approach the UCS units, then run away. This must be done slowly enough
for the units to lock on the Boyar, and fast enough not to loose it. If
you do it right the UCS will start following the Boyar, so put it in your
base. The AI will soon notice that there's a way to reach the base (the
bridge you just rebuilt) and go right into the trap. Now the massacre
begins!!! The HTs probably won't last long against the grenade launchers
but use the STEALTHs I to increase their survival time. Eventually you'll
loose the towers and when a radars comes in, your STEALTHs will be spotted.
You can now retreat to the base, further luring the enemy into the trap,
or you can disable as much units as you can so you can then capture them.
The choice is yours. Most of the army will be massacrated, and if a robot
manages to get halfway done, wipe him out with your Urals/Hans. You might
also see harvesters which when captured, will make good money recycled.
After this, taking out the base will be piece of cake. Note that the UCS
will still receive Plasma Panthers from time to time. You can now choose
to wipe out the base or capture it and sell it. There won't be much, if any
radars on the base so feel free to use your STEALTHs I but leave some of
them in the bridge in case some Panthers manage to get there. When you
destroy all UCS structures, you pass the mission. You should now have about
300000 resources in your base.

          7.A5 [Mission 5: Russia]
Dificulty Level: Average

Ok, let's get that platoon moving towards the rebel base. You won't find
any enemies along the way, so don't need to worry. When you arrive, watch
the small cutscene. It seems the General Command is betraying us! Help
defend the base against enemy troops. Now with the Gruz, build both
resource locations and and the right one, build a PP, a LZ and a SD. Leave
your platoon helping your new ally. You don't need absolutely any defense
on your bases since the enemy concentrates on your ally. Build some defense
around his base to help protect him and bring units from the MB. Wait for
the enemy base to stop sending units and then attack him with your platoons
of Urals. Remember that 120mm have alot of range and can shoot down
defenses without getting shot at. You can also use the usual STEALTHs I to
capture enemies if you want, but destroying the enemy base is much quicker.
When all enemy building are down, you pass the mission. You should now
have about 450000 resources in your base.

          7.A6 [Mission 6: Dam, Part I]
Dificulty Level: Average

In this mission you must escort at least 2 trucks to the dam so they can
blow it up. You start with a base already extracting resources. Build a LZ
and a SD. Then build build many HTs covering the West and South sides of
your base. Also arm the WPCs. The enemy will be coming by air on the West,
and tanks from the little entrance in the South. Sometimes, tanks also come
from West. Bring units from the MB and build some if necessary. All you
have to do is hold the base with minimal casualties until the mines finish
extracting resources. Getting your minelayers to work on South of the base
will further improve your defense.  About 20 minutes after the mission
start, you'll finish extracting resources. Meanwhile, use a recon unit to
explore West of your base. You'll eventualy find a resource deposit. Start
a mining operation there. Your base should be getting alot of punishment
and about to be overrun. If you can't hold them off, sell all non-military
buildings and leave only PPs and armed buildings. Now construct a base on
the new ore deposit and evacuate all troops there. The enemy will waste
many minutes trying to take out the remaining defense, giving you time to
build up. Build lots of HTs to defend the new base. When they finish and
find out your new base, you'll be ready for them. The AI has a tendency to
go around walls so you could use them too. Defend the base until the units
stop coming and head South with 1 or more platoons. Take out the base from
a safe range. Now there's another base on the other side of the dam. This
one is harder, since it's filled with mines. Bring your minelayers and
destroy the mines as you advance. When you are done with the bases, bring
the TNTs to the dam. You'll notice that there are 2 places where the dam
is larger. That's where you'll put the TNTs. Before you do this, evacuate
everything, just leaving 2 TNTs, because you are forced to leave the
mission as soon as you put the trucks in place. When 2 trucks are
positioned at the larger spots on the dam, you pass the mission. You should
now have about 550000 resources in your base.

          7.A7 [Mission 7: Dam, Part II]
Dificulty Level: Hard

In this mission you must defend your bases for a period of time. You can't
access your MB, but there are plenty of resources all over the map. You
have a main base at the Northeast, a secondary base at Southeast and 2
production complexes on the left side of the map. The Southwest Production
complex will be the first to be attacked. In this mission all you have to
do is concentrate your forces where are resources. The Northeast base
should be very well defended, as it will take lots of damage from ED units.
The Southeast base will be swarmed by UCS at 25:00. Be sure to collect all
resources and sell non-military buildings by that time. Also, before the
UCS attack, build up a base on the Southwest of the map, where are the
resources. That will be your new main base, since it's in a very easy place
to defend. Put radars on the Southeast base since UCS will use Shadow.
As the other bases finish with resources, sell them and bring the units to
your new base but leave military buildings active to keep enemies
distracted while you develop the new base defenses. Now all you have to do
is hold on in that spot until the timer reaches 0. Build a recylcer and
recylce any units you don't need anymore. (ZK Taigas for example) It 
shouldn't be very hard to hold off the base. There's a strategy to help you
wwwwwwwwwww|wwww   w = Wall
P P P P P P|P P    P = Pillbox
 __________|w      HT = Heavy Tower
 |HTwHTwHTwHT      |_ = Enemies Route

With this, enemy units will have to pass trough to get to your base getting
caught in a deadly crossfire. The AI just puts a waypoint in the center of
your base so the enemies will fall on the trap. The pillboxes should be
armed with hRs to damage the enemy at long range and the HTs with 120mm to
finish them off if they enter the trap. Now just hold the base for a while.
When the timer reaches 0, enemy attacks will stop, but the mission won't
end. I didn't understood this for a while, until i was told that all
enemies on map had to be eliminated.

Mark Thompson wrote:

After the clock has run down and the last attack has happened on your base,
send a couple of STEALTH Radar's to the far south east corner and to the
middle of the west side of the map. You will find a couple of groups of
stealth enemy mechs and 'copters. Use stealth vehicles to destroy these and
the mission will end. However, you need to sell your base and recycle all
your own troops before completing the mission as your funds are transfered
to your main base when you end the mission.

Hope this helps. I look forward to the updated walkthrough!
Some of this information is incorrect. The helicopters are found at the
west center border togheter with some Urals. The Jaguars are very expensive
to build, so they give lots of money when recycled. You can capture them as
i did, with STEALTHs I, or just destroy them all. It's your call. When
you're done with the Jaguars, procced to the Urals. If you captured a
Jaguar with a Shadow Generator this will be extremely easy. Capture or
destroy, you decide again. Now you should have the End Mission icon active.
Recycle every unit and sell all buildings as the resources  will end up in
your base.

          7.A8 [Mission 8: China]
Dificulty Level: Very Hard

Before starting the mission, have 1 platoon of Urals and 1 of Hans hR ready
to go to the battlefield.

This mission is so hard that it is dificult to explain it, but i'll try.
The timer is fake so don't worry about it. It really makes you fail an
objective, but it's not necessary to complete the mission. The reason for
this to happen is because the  launching pads are a decoy, and don't
contain space shuttles, so it would be ridiculous to loose a mission for
not capturing shuttles that aren't even there! Having a fake timer doesn't
mean you are free to do things slowly. The faster this mission is done,
better. There are tons of resources, but they won't even compensate to
what you are about to spend! First of all, go to the Southeast corner of
map and build a LZ, 4 PPs, a SD and a wall of HTs. Yes, a wall, and don't
leave a single hole. These HTs should be as armed as possible. I upgraded
them with lasers and AA, since lasers are better than 120mm when there are
lots of them. Bring your Hans and get them to the edge of the map. Order
them to attack when a helicopter comes and is out of your AA's range. Have
the Urals get there too just in case. Now you have to hold off the enemy
until the timer reaches 2 days, which won't be easy. If anything gets
destroyed, quickly replace it. Have several repairers working on the HTs
if they take damage. You might also want to know a tactic to have a very
powerful shield. This only works on buildings. To do it, buy a small shield
and when it gets used up, buy a medium one, and when that one goes off too,
buy a large one. It costs you the same amount of buying the large one right
away and gives your buildings much more shield capacity. If you survive,
you'll notice enemies will come much less times. You can choose to extract
resources right away or leave that to the end of the mission, which will be
easier. Build 5 STEALTHs I and research Artillery if you haven't already.
Advance with your Urals if they are equiped with 120mm or hR. If they are,
your targets are the enemy buildings North of your base, on the bridge.
Slowly destroy the buildings from range. (This is much easier with
artillery, so you might wait until you have the tech) When the research
ends, build a platoon of 10 Urals ART and get them to join the other Urals
if they haven't been massacrated yet. If you haven't sent them, send them
now with your new Urals. When everything on the bridge is destroyed, you
will have a problem supplying your tanks with ammo once you go ahead. 
There's a large AA column  at the North center of the map. You can either
try to take them out with Hans hR from a range, or you can send the
STEALTHs I. If you choose the second, your Urals will have to advance and
clear a path to the STEALTHs since there's a Radar in the vicinity. The
target AA's your Hans/STEALTH's must destroy are spread on the big
mountain on the North of the map. Make sure they are all destroyed before
advancing with the Urals. Doing this while defending from waves of enemy
attacks will almost be impossible to accomplish. Make sure your defense
stays up. If you succed in destroying/disabling all the AA's, your Urals
got green signal to advance. Destroy the base at the Northeast corner and
procced West. There are mines there so you might want to take a minelayer
with you. You'll eventually come across another base. There's a
Headquarters in that one and it should be one of your primary targets,
since it is in the "Defense" function, giving the enemy weapons more range.
Destroy the base and procced further West. If you got this far without
losing your platoons, congratulations! If it's destroyed or badly damaged,
build other 2, one with hL or 120mm and other with artillery. When they are
built, procced further West and you'll eventually spot the Launching pads.
Leave them for now, but destroy the Small tower behind them, and watch your
fire if you use artillery. None of the pink buildings may be lost. Keep
pushing further West to the final enemy base. Since you coming from the
back, it won't be much hard, unless you have enemy units to engage. If you
get overwelmed with enemy Urals, don't be afraid to give them some of your
artillery firepower! Continue West and then South to a last outpost that
you also have to take out. Beware, the enemy units respawn nearby. Once
you destroyed all buildings in your way, go look for the ones that weren't
in your way. This mission needs all buildings destroyed and it might be
very hard to find them all. Just use a large amount of suppliers and 
hopefully you'll find them. Next, you need to convert all the pink
buildings to your side with grabbers or ionization and capture. After this,
this hard mission is complete. Don't forget to sell the Launching Pads,
they are worth a fortune.

          7.A9 [Mission 9: France]
Dificulty Level: Hard

Before starting the mission, have 1 platoon of Urals 120mm and 2 of Hans hR
ready to go to the battlefield.

The first objective is to get the Radars to the plateau. Seems easy to
accomplish, but there's a bunch of Defenders in your way. Send out the
Urals first until almost every Defender has locked on them. Now send your
Radars to the plateau. They should make it in one piece. If nothing
happens, move your Radars around in the plateau, the trigger only seems to
activate in a certain location. Now you should have a Gruz. Build up some
defense a little Northwest of the upper mine deposit, so if a enemy unit
comes to attack your lower mines, it has to come trough the defenses. Begin
extraction. (you should have tons of ZK taiga Transporters unless you
recycled them) Your Urals hL and Radars are condemned to die if they stay
there, so use them to destroy the Defenders. If they succed, return them to
the base under construction. Build a LZ, a SD, a VPC and a Radar near the
defense. You should have 4 repairers near the defense, so build them in the
VPC if you haven't any on the MB. If you didn't clear the Defenders with
the hL, bring your Urals 120mm and destroy them. Return them to base to
help the defense. When the LC syops attacking with aircraft, they are out
of resources. From now on, all defense should be based on 120mm. Now, bring
your 2 platoons of Hans and position them to the left side of the plateau,
where there's water. Unit injections will always pass this way, unless they
are attracted by something. They don't have ANY anti-aircraft equipment, not
even 20mm! That's why it's good to attack them with the choppers. You won't
be able to destroy them all, so it's not a bad idea to build a artillery in
base to repel concentrated groups. Build some STEALTHs NG and put them on
the way to your base so you can bombard incoming enemies from long range.
Just remember that the artillery shells take their time to reach the
destination so fire ahead of the units so the shell falls when they are
passing trough it. After some tries, you'll sure get the hang of it. Now
that your defense is up, it's time to get agressive! Wait for a unit
injection to come and get destroyed and rush with your Gruz to the plateau.
Build up some PPs, and build a wall of HT's and other of pillboxes
covering the plateau's entrance. (You can use the same scheme used in
"Dam, Part II") Now you own the plateau. Why is it so important? Because
with artillery, you have artillery range to the majority of the enemy base.
The artillery should be built as North on the plateau as possible, but
don't exaggerate or the Crions will be able to shoot at it. Now use 
STEALTHs NG to reveal enemy buildings and destroy them. In a small amount
of time the base will half the size. It's also a good idea to use the
artillery to fire at the water left of the plateau when the units are
passing trough. You may have to build an additional SD on the plateau to
resupply your artillery and defense in the plateau. When your artillery
targets are all out of range, use the Hans to destroy all power plants you
encounter. (There are lots of Xyrex Power Plants on the Northeast part of
the map) If you do it right, all those buildings around the target HQ
should be offline. Use your Hans to take out any units nearby and wait for
the next unit injection. While you wait, build a ZK Taiga Grabber and send
it to the plateau. Destroy the unit injection and rush your Grabber to the
HQ. (Go trough the left side, it's safer) Capture the HQ and your mission
is accomplished. Sell all buildings and evacuate all units.

          7.A10[Mission 10: Czechoslovakia]
Dificulty Level: Hard

Before starting the mission, have several platoons of Hans hR ready to go
to the battlefield. The more you have, the easier the mission is.

As one should expect, this mission is pretty hard, but if you made it
trough to China, you'll probably pass it. Unit injections will be HUGE and
the enemy will have enough resources to build 1000+ units. 2 deposits are
badly protected and could be captured to reduce the incoming units. You
see that hill right of your base near the SDs? Get your Gruz there and
from that hill to West, build up a line of HTs and other of pillboxes.
Leave some holes to ensure your repairers can get trough and that the LC
will attack by that side. Each of the HTs should be armed with a 120mm and
2 AA guns. Pillboxes should be armed with Large Shields and hRs. Make sure
to supply enough power to your defense. Start mining on your base and bring
every military unit you have on your MB to the MA. You should also bring
many suppliers and repairers. Your base defense should also have 2
artillery launchers to destroy incoming concentrated platoons. Now, you
could build up a dozen of Nuclear Silos and destroy the enemy that way, but
most of the LC base is covered with SDI Defense Centers, which shoot down
incoming missiles. You could also use massive bombing runs, but the LC
defenses mostly consist of AARs and anti-missiles. It might seem that it is
wise to use ground units, but the unit injections will crush you very
quickly if you don't see them coming. So you got Hans hR, for the simple
reason that when the LC runs out of resources, all units won't have
anti-air equipment, and you can outrange AARs from stationary defenses. So
you have to wait until the LC runs out of resources. This process can be
accelerated by taking over the ore outposts outside the LC main base. The
upper one will be the first one to be extracted, but the unit injection
will probably head that way first. This doesn't happen with the Southeast
outpost, so you are strongly advised to capture it and extract as soon as
possible to ensure the LC won't get it. To know when the LC runs out of
resources take a look at one of the 2 outposts if the LC has one, and check
if there are still resources in that area, or just wait until the LC units
come in waves of Thunderers hS, Crushers hE and Crions. Now the only thing
you have to do is to use your Hans to destroy the base. Order them to Hold
position so they won't run into the AAR's range. Recommended you start from
below so your units won't go trough active defenses when returning to base
for ammo. To improve your defense, have some helicopters or STEALTHs ahead
of your base and launch artillery shells from a longer distance. You can
also use the Hans to soften up the LC attacks. Keep destroying the base as
you go North (it's advised to leave nothing standing) and you will
eventually find a hill surrounded by water and with some wierd Control
Centers on it. The unit injection will respawn East of that hill. You can
build some Hans B and order them to stay in that area so when the unit
injection respaws, they will have raining nuclear bombs falling on them.
As you destroy power plants, you deactivate more defensive buildings,
making it possible to attack with Hans B, concentrate on shutting the power
down. The rest of the mission will be pretty easy. You must destroy all
buildings AND units in order to complete the mission. And that's it, ED
campaign complete! Good job, General!

          7.B  [LC Walktrough]
On the LC campaign, you play the role of a new recruit. Let's show them
what a recruit is capable of!

MB - Main Base
MA - Mission Area
SPP - Solar Power Plant
SB - Solar Battery
XPP - Xyrex Power Plant
MBB - Main Base (Building)
ASD - Aerial Supply Depot
LZ - Landing Zone
20mm - 20mm Machine Gun
R - Rocket Launcher 
E - Electro Cannon
S - Sonic Cannon
AAR - AA Rocket
P - Plasma Projector
hR - Heavy Rocket Launcher
hE - Heavy Electro Cannon
hS - Heavy Sonic Cannon

Curiosity: If you ever played Mankind, a massive multiplayer game, you'll
notice that there's a LC night music very similar to one from that game.

NOTE: All of the missions of the LC campaign have been done with the 2.0
version of the game.

          7.B0 [LC Main Base, Scandinavia]
Start up by selling all NESTs, Defenders and Guardians. Build a mine or
two on the ore deposit. Sell the laser walls near the LZ too. Now build 2
MBBs somewhere on the map, it really doesn't matter where. That should be

          7.B1 [Mission 1: Research Base ESCAPE, Poland]
Dificulty Level: Very Easy

- Repel enemy attack
- Defend Base

This mission is very easy. You don't even need the MB. Build some Moons R
and arm your MBBs. Uprading your platoons to Fat Girls is also a good
thing to do. You should also build Defenders R around the Research
Centers, about 3, and other 3 defending the power. Now just kill every
ED unit that approaches your base. Don't worry with the advanced outposts,
they'll destroy most of the units without any assistance. When enemies
attack your base, bear in mind that they prioritize units, so run with
your units around to lure them into your defenses. If the ED manages to
take out the guardians in a sector, you can destroy the bridge so they
are forced to come from a protected side. If after the attack nothing
happens from a long time, look for units, you must destroy them all
before procceding to the second objective. Successfully repel 6 ED
attacks and the mission is complete.

Resources on Base: 75950
Time Taken: 48:02

          7.B2 [Mission 2: Research Base ESCAPE, Poland (2)]
Before starting the mission, research Fat Girls, guided rockets, rocket
launcher upgrade 2, upgrade shields, and get Plasma projectors if you have
version 2.0.

Dificulty Level: Average

- Destroy ED Base

Begin by building 2 detectors and putting them on both sides of the base.
With version 2.0 you can also put detectors on NESTs, which are harder to
take down. Get Defenders to protect the right side of the base, too.
Upgrade all of your Defenders to Rockets, and use the ones just Northwest
of your base to destroy the bridge. You should also destroy the bridges
where your 2 advanced outposts are. (to the North of your base) Research
the new Fat Girls. Get some units to the MA to help defend it. When the
researches are complete, start producing Fat Girls R. You should know that
the enemy has TONS of resources on his side and already starts with his
defense up so this map isn't gonna be easy, especially with your limited
technology. Helicopters will be coming from the North and tanks from West
and East of your base. STEALTHs will also come, so that's why you made
those detectors. If one of them is destroyed, immediately replace it. Way
up North of your base and both outposts, there's a large resource deposit. 
This will be your first objective. Have 15 Fat Girls R. (if you have other
military units, the unit limit won't let you get 15, so just link up with
the rest of your forces) Now build 1 Phobos of each class (research
upgrades recommended) and have them escort the platoon. This will be your
main, and only attack force. bIt's important to have the most units as
possible in this platoon, so Defenders should be the only thing keeping
ED units out of your base. Now move the platoon to the farthest outpost.
As enemies approach the platoon, you'll notice how quickly they get
decimated with the massive amount of rockets your units launch. They will
eat a lot of ammo so it's wise to have 2 ASDs with 4 Mercuries in each.
One important thing to learn when you only have one platoon is to be
careful. Although it can inflict massive amounts of damage they are far
from being invulnerable. When you get near the resource deposit try to
lure as less units as you can at a time. You could easily get outnumbered
if you just send your units in there. One effective way to lure some units
is to attack the outpost South of the deposit. When you see units coming,
gain enough distance with the outpost so it won't fire on you, and engage
the ED units. Repeat the process until there are only a few enemies left.
Now mop up the rest of the forces, and don't forget to raze the outpost.
Set up Defenders R around the deposit (3 at West, 1 at South, 1 at North)
and build some mines to begin extraction. You'll need a SPP and a SB if
you have version 2.0. Now you should have an easier time. ED forces will
split, attacking both your base and the mining operation. The second one
will get attacked more frequently so you should leave the platoon there.
Be sure to put it behind the defenses, since the AI just loves to go for
your units. Now, explore the map. Detectors do a good job on this,
specially if you upgrade them. You should notice that almost every bridge
has an ED outpost. The destruction of these are vital to the completion of
the mission. Plus, if you were to attack the ED base first, these
scattered outposts would sure shoot down your suppliers. When you finish
destroying the outposts, most of your units will probably have high
experience. This will make the Fat Girls much more effective, and prove
to be valuable when taking down the ED base defenses. Anyway, when you
are sure that there isn't a single outpost standing, procced to the main
base. A good idea would be to come from the East, and slowly rip your way
the the enemy suppy depots, causing rockets to be completey useless when
they run out of ammo. Be sure to use the Fat Girls range. Get the frontal
ones in range of a target, and let them fire on the enemy structures,
attracting enemy units. When these come, they'll be destroyed by the rear
Fat Girls that had been conserving ammo. While you are destroying the ED
base, try not to loose any unit, always retreat the entire platoon if one
of your units is at 25% health. Pillboxes will take much of your time if
they still have ammo, so try to hit 'n' run the nearby power. When the
you raze the ED base, look for any outpost you may have missed. When you
destroy all buildings in the map, the mission is complete.

Resources on Base: 266750
Time Taken: 2:43:47

          7.B3 [Mission 3: Mission "Strike Back", Ukraine]
Dificulty Level: Average

- Destroy artillery positions
- Destroy 3 ED Bases

In this mission, you'll have to be extremely fast destroying the artillery
positions, as the ED won't give you much time before starting the attacks.
Also remember that there are artifacts at the Northwest corner of the map
for ammo. Start out by getting your New Hopes and Moon E to go South until
they find a forest just North of an artillery position. Now, rip a hole
trough the forest with your plasma cannons until you get to the artillery.
Destroy them but be sure to stay away from the small towers range. If a
unit or two appears, destroy them too. Now you should have something like

            A1        U = Units
      U               A = Artillery
            A2        DA = Destroyed artillery

   A4  DA3

Now get your units back to the forest they opened up and procced to
Artillery position 2. There is a small patch of trees just West of the
southern artillery. This avoids having to pass trough the ED defenses.
Shoot them all trough the wall. Now only Artillery position 1 and 4 should
be active. It's time to get suicidal!! There's an active artillery on
position 1 that fires at everything that approaches. If you try to use
your New Hopes, they'll end buried in an artillery shell crater. So let's
get creative! If the artillery fires back, why don't make it fire against
it self? Get all shielded units you can, since they'll have to pass trough
a laser tower. Now get them running to the artillery like crazy. You'll
probably loose all of your shielded units with the blasts, but if
you get there with at least one unit, just park it right next to the
artillery and it will fire causing 3 artilleries to go down. If some units
survive, then use them to destroy the remaining ones and escape by opening
a hole in the wall. If no shielded unit survives, you'll have to use your
New Hopes, come from up avoiding the laser towers and finish off that last
artillery. Now the only artillery position remaing is 4. If you wasted all
shielded units you should still have 3 Fat Girls and 3 Moons. Get them to
a platoon and enter the forest you used to clean up position 3. Destroy
everything in your way to get there. Your New Hopes have gained experience
and will have safe range against the small towers. Now open fire at the
artillery. After all of it is destroyed, you can build a base. If you were
too slow, you're probably being swarmed with units by now. If you were
fast, then you'll have a much easier time. The layout of your base is very
important in this mission, since you can't build defending structures.
Build an LZ and power up. Now build an ASD South of the other buildings,
and equip it with Rockets.  Research AA rockets and building grabber.
Those units from the last attack, they'll defend the base.  Bring a platoon
to to the MA (those highly experienced Fat Girls from the previous mission)
which will be your attack platoon. Also bring that Phobos support group.
(regen, detector) Be sure to get some Mercuries working at the ASD and
advance with your platoon to the Northeast. There is 1 of 3 ED bases in
there. It's important to leave the Phobos group just a little behind
beacause the ED aquired AA guns and 1 shot will kill a Phobos. Do the same
as usual, using the rockets range to slowly destroy the the base defenses,
while you get constantly attacked by units. Not much else i can say here.
When you're done, go to the Southwestern corner of the map, where you will
find another base. This one is hard to access by land since it has a
mountain covering it, but there are at least 2 entrances. I recommend you
use the one on the North mountains. If you can't find the entrances, just
order your units to go to the other side and they will eventually find a
way in. When you find the base, do the same you have done with the first
one. Remember not to leave a single structure standing. Now the third and
final base is on the Southeastern corner of the map. It's as east as the
others to take out, so i guess you won't have problems, with the
expections of walls and trenches that the ED built, that can be a little
annoying. Once you are done with all 3 bases, the mission should be
complete. If not, you either let an ED structure alive or the enemy
rebuilt his base somewhere. Look for these bases where the previous ones
were (southeast, southwest and northeast corners) and also on the
artillery positions. When you finish your building hunting, you complete
the mission.

Resources on Base: 236625
Time Taken: 2:00:13

          7.B4 [Mission 4: Operation "Hello America", Spain]

Dificulty Level: Easy

- Destroy the ED Base
- Destroy the UCS Base
- Capture the HQ of the UCS in their base

Weeee!!! The ED base is down!! Ohhh!!! Our base is down!! Look, there's a
laser wall still standing! Now seriously, Rebuild quickly and bring the
Fat Girl platoon to the MA. The buildings you should build are a SPP, a
SB, and an ASD all near the resources. Now build 2 or 3 mines to extract
the resources nearby. Also notice that the ED base was full of resources
too. Get them and send the platoon to cover the area. Research the Crater,
Heavy-Electro and the Guardian. You'll want to build some Guardians as
soon as the research completes since plasma bombers will try to attack
your base, so arm those guardians with AA, and don't forget the shields!
Those bombers will always appear from the South to your mines, so that's
where you should put the Guardians. Also put some Guardians hE to the
west of your base, since that is where the ground units will be coming
from. Now that your base is capable of defending itself you should arm
the advanced mining operation. Build 3 guardians in there and your
platoon is free to attack. Be warned though, the UCS are a far more
deadly threat than the ED units you have been facing so far. In this
mission you'll get a unit limit boost, so i suggest you use it. So instead
of sending just the Fat Girl platoon and the support Phobos, build another
platoon of Craters hE R. With 2 platoons, you can add some more strategy
to your attacks. The range of the rockets from the Fat Girls will destroy
all buildings with ease from a safe distance, while your Craters can kill
any unit. By the time the Craters are ready, you should start thinking
about attacking the UCS base. Aside from the 2 platoons and support group,
you will also need a Moon Grabber and a Unit Transporter for this mission.
Send your Craters and Fat Girls to the North of the UCS base, and raze all
towers in range. The UCS will order every unit to attack you so use both
platoons to destroy incoming units. Now remember something, LC units are
hovercrafts, so they can float on water. Since the UCS base is mostly
covered by water, you can use this to your advantage. In this mission the
UCS won't have any method to attack you on water so it will be like a safe
haven for your units to heal. Also, most power plants are near the shore,
so you can destroy them to shut down the defenses. However, there is a
problem with using water. If you put your units Southwest of the UCS base,
the suppliers will have to cross the defenses. The best place i found to
initiate the attack is at the Southeastern corner of the base. Your
suppliers won't die, there is only a couple fortresses defending, and the
only annoying thing are the tank barriers. Slowly advance to the beach
with your Fat Girls, while your Craters make sure there are no units to
threaten them. Once your units are back on land, the UCS won't show much
more resistance. Don't destroy all yet, you must leave the HQ intact. You
can order your units to Hold Fire when you get near the HQ, but you have
to disperse and regroup your platoons. When you finish destroying the base
and there is only the HQ standing, use your unit transporter to carry the
Moon Grabber to the HQ. Be sure to retreat all units from the base and
leave only the grabber there. Now capture the building and watch the
cutscene. I discovered that the developers missed something here. If you
defend the HQ with 6 Guardian AA before you capture it, the bombers will
be destroyed and you'll be stuck on the cutscene. Guess the developers
forgot about this. When the HQ is destroyed, sell all buildings and
evacuate units. Let's go to America!

Resources on Base: 303300
Time Taken: 2:22:41

          7.B5 [Mission 5: Operation "Hello America", USA]
Before starting the mission, research all Heavy Rocket upgrades if you
haven't already.

Dificulty Level: Hard

- Spy the UCS bases
- Construct a base
- Defend Allies and destroy enemy UCS base

Start the mission by researching all Crusher upgrades. Take your Craters
Northeast and find a yellow UCS base. Don't worry, it's on your side.
However, it's being attacked by the red UCS (your enemy) and it would be
good for you to help. While you do this, begin building your base. Build
it Northeast of the friendly base so you won't have to worry about
defending it. Build a LZ, 2 SPPs, 2 SBs, a ASD, and a HQ on Defense mode. 
Get your mines extracting very quickly before the allied harvesters start
digging them. Get all of your platoons to the MA, and look west of your
base for a valley in the mountains. Have your platoons defend that area
at all costs. Now you'll need guardians to help defend the allied base.
Build many of them (more than 10) on the Southwest side of the UCS base,
since there will be an injection at the South of the map. Have them built
on the UCS defense grid so they can maximize damage while destroying
enemy units. Arm them with hE and AAR, and build more Guardians (8 or
more, depending on how are they doing) on the valley. mentioned before,
with the same armament. At this time, all of the Crusher research should
be complete, so build a platoon of 10 Crushers hR and start researching
the Heavy Sonic cannon. Now just keep defending with your platoons until
your Crushers are built. When they are, send them over the valley into
the UCS base and start wrecking havoc. By now, the enemy won't have more
resources, so your only problem will be the continuous unit injections.
When attacking with the Crushers, save very frequently. There is a 50%
probability that the injection will be on the enemy base, so if you have
your Crushers there, they will suffer heavy casualties, no matter how
many platoons are covering them. The only effective way to avoid this
is to load the game about a minute before the injection, retreat behind 
your defenses and let them be destroyed by them. After that, resume
attack ASAP. After you destroyed some of the UCS base, the heavy sonic
research should be complete, allowing the research of much deadlier
weapon, the plasma artillery. Forget this for now, and research Super
Fighters and arm them with AAR to easily stop those UCS bombers. After
you finish researching Super Fighters, procced to plasma artillery.
Continue your attacks while you wait for the research to complete.
When it's done, build a platoon of Crions, the only chassis that can
carry the artillery. Send them over to the MA and help your Crusher
platoon finishing off the UCS base. Be careful not to stray too far
South of the base or you'll encounter enemy stationary artillery. Use
some Thunderers to take care of those. After that, you pretty much
completed the mission. Sell your buildings and evac.

Resources on Base: 264977
Time Taken: 1:17:31

          7.B6 [Mission 6: Operation "Hello America", USA (2)]
Before starting this mission, make sure you have a platoon of 10 Crions, a
platoon of 10 Crushers hR, and a platoon of 10 Thunderers hR. Also have 1
HP regenerator, 1 shield regenerator, 1 Detector and 1 Unit Transporter.

Dificulty Level: Easy

- Capture teleportation technology from UCS
- Bring Salamander to your HQ
- HQ must survive

This mission is one of the easiest of the campaign. Build a XPP, a ASD, and
some Guardians at the South. Build 4 mines on the resource deposit to your
West. Note that you won't be attacked by aircraft, so maximize the
Guardian's damage to ground. While you do this, bring the 10 Crushers
platoon with 5 suppliers and some resources since that stuff i told you to
build takes a lot of money. Now make a second trip with your Jupiter but
this time bring your Thunderers and all those Phobos. Now you should have
your defense ready. Note that your base already had a Phobos Detector, and
that one should be left there with the HP and shield gens. Now bring your
Crions and and the Unit Transporter to the MA. Have one of your 2 detectors
to escort the Crion platoon. Send the Crions West to the water. Water is a
safe place in this mission. Your Crions should come all the way to the
Southwestern edge of the map with the detector following them. Now disperse
the platoon and change their script to advanced battle unit. With your
extra button, program them to fire at will and hold position. The reason
why you're doing this is because the Crions have a very little firing
angle. Now group the Crions back in a platoon and approach the enemy base
in the direction of the salamander. The best firing distance is zooming out
the camera and having the Crions on one side of the screen and the enemies
on the other. Each time you have targets, disperse the platoon so your
units can rotate. Since they are in hold position, they won't move,
behaving much like a platoon. When all shore targets are destroyed, remake
the platoon to advance. And doing this, slowly reach the salamander.
When you are near it (remember to always stay on water) destroy all
salamander AA and any turrets that can fire to air on the area. When you
are doing this bring your Unit Transporter trough the same route as the
Crions. If the Crions get UCS units attacking them, retreat to the
water and use a ground unit to attack the North defenses of the UCS base,
luring the UCS units away from the salamander. When every anti-air near
the salamander is clear, get the Unit Transporter to pick it up and send
it to the HQ trough the same route as it came. If you done this fast, the
mines will still be extracting resources. Evacuate the Crions and hold the
base until the resource extraction is complete. You will still have units
coming at you. When there are no more resources in the MA, evacuate and
sell everything quickly before the next attack.

Resources on Base: 328456
Time Taken: 54:57

          7.B7 [Mission 7: Operation "ION", China]
Dificulty Level: Very Hard

- Destroy ED base protecting the Research Centers
- Steal Ion Technology from Research Centers
- Research Centers must remain intact until data is transfered

This is one of those missions that makes me want to break the damn
keyboard!! I never thought that ED with high-tech would be this annoying!
And to make it even worse you can't make an LZ!!! And to make this mission
pretty stupid if you capture the technology you still have to destroy the
base! The enemy receives so many unit injections that i think i discovered
the only way to pass this mission. I don't believe there's someone that
was able to hold off that army. The only convinients of this mission are
that you receive the Earthquake Generator and Artillery researches. Start
by research Earthquake tech and Artillery from your Research Centers back
in the MB. Build a XPP, 2 MMBs, and extract resources near your starting
point and at the Southwest and Northwest edges of the map. While you wait
for the researches to complete, build a Tunnel Gouger, about 3-5 Super
Fighter AAR, a Phobos Detector and a Tunnel Entrance. About 5 minutes later
after mission start, a Gronzy will fly trough your base and alert the ED.
You can shoot him down if you want but he still alerts the ED so it's
wasted rockets. Build at least 3 Crushers Earthquake Generators, more if
possible, and send them down to the tunnels with the tunnel gouger. As for
your Super Fighters and detector, send them to the Southwest corner, then
to the Southeast corner and then to the East center border of the map.
There should be some mountains there. Stay in there to be safe from the ED
ground units and if some helicopters show up, your Super Fighters should
make  short work of it, so your detecter is safe. Now for your base, sell
everything before the ED destroys it. You need to have at least 15000-20000
resources to ensure you will succed in completing the mission. From now
on, your attacks will be based in destroying the ED base trough
earthquakes. Welcome to the Underworld! Down here, the ED can't reach you
so your Crushers are safe from any attack, since the AI doesn't build a
tunnel entrance to flush you out of your hiding place. Now the tactic is
to search for ED buildings with your Detector, and take them out with
the Earthquake Generators. I can't really explain exactly how to do it so
dig a tunnel until you reach the site where the detector is. Even before
that, you should see some tunnel rooms. This means that there is a
building on the surface of that position. Now slowly advance with your
Phobos to West, where the base is and with the Earthquake generators attack
the buildings. To attack them, don't click on them, that will make them
look for an exit to the surface. Instead, manually order them to attack
the tunnel position directly under the building. As the Phobos advances,
helicopters will try to attack it. You can use your Super Fighters OR use
your memory skills. To do this,save the game, throw all your air units to
the base and choose a target. Now, see where's the tunnel location under
it and memorize it. Now load the game. After loading, send the Crushers to
the place you memorized and order them to attack. Wait a while and save
again. Send the air units again to scout and see if the building has been
destroyed. If not, load the game and wait more than the last time. If yes,
choose another target, memorize its underground location and load the game,
doing this process repeatedly. If the building has repairers all around it,
choose a different location, although if you have many earthquake
generators i think the repairers aren't fast enough. (i had 3 and the
repairers were faster than me) Destroy as many buildings as you can in the
base, and dig a tunnel to the Northeast corner of the map. Look for another
ED tunnel room. When you find it, you are under the Research Centers and
the artifact you need to steal. If you can't find it, use the Detector to
locate it from above. Now the problem here is that the buildings are
protected by small towers and the earthquakes can damage or even destroy
the Research Centers. So dig a tunnel around the Research Centers 6 squares
away from them. (the earthquake range is 5) Since the Small towers are
nearer your tunnels they will be caught by the earthquake's range but not
the Research Centers. Another problem you will have is that the ED units
on the surface follow the Crushers everywhere. This is problematic for
your Detector, since it can't see which buildings have been destroyed yet,
so you will have to use the same Scout and Load strategy explained above.
When you clear all towers, take the Crushers as far away as possible from
that zone and build a Tunnel Entrance right next to the Research Centers.
Get your Tunnel Gouger to the surface and capture the artifact quickly,
returning to the tunnels and selling your tunnel entrance. Now 
everything left to do is to destroy any remaining ED buildings, including
the yellow Research Centers. There is a Small Tower column West of the
Research Centers that must also be taken out. After that leave the Crushers
where the artifacts were to get units away from their base. Now explore the
ED base area and find the repairers group. It's very big as you can
see. All those repairers must go down if you have less than 4 Crushers and
maybe even with more you can't destroy the buildings. So it means that the
repairers must disappear. How do you do it? Simple. At this time, you
should have received a message ages ago saying that your artillery was
ready. Let's put it to good use! Wait until 6:00 AM and accelerate time
if needed. (if you don't know how, consult Controls Section) Pause the game
and build a SPP on the Southwest corner of the map. Now build a Artillery
North of the repairers position, on the mountains. (Doesn't really matter
where, as long as you have range and there isn't a mountain on the way) Now
unpause the game and wait for the SPP to land. Build 3 solar cells on it.
Now you have power to the artillery until the sun sets down. Get one of
your suppliers to spy the repairers group. It's possible to take it down
with 3 shots, the exact ammo your artillery has. Try to fire this way:

RTR   R = Repairers
RRR   T = Target

If you fire to the the target, you destroy 9 repairers in 1 shot. There are
22 repairers in total. Wait for them to repair themselves and pack again.
Repeat the same strategy and take out another 9 repairers. There should
only be 4 repairers left and 1 shot on your artillery. Wait for them to
pack again and fire your last shot killing the last of the repairers. You
can sell the buildings if you want. Now using the Crushers and the Scout
and Load strategy, destroy the last buildings. Since you don't have LZ, you
have to leave all units on site. I hope there are no more missions like
this one.

Resources on Base: 267303
Time Taken: 5:22:20

An alternative strategy sent by 0815

Hello Predator2150 (or whoever you are), I used your FAQ and Walktrough
- it helped me a lot. Thank you for it.

You described 'Mission 7: Operation "ION", China' as "Very Hard" - you can
do this mission also "easy".

You described so many unit injections - this need not to be:




-------4              --------6--
   3                          8

1: Start Point
2: Ressources
3: Ressources
---- River
7: Enemy Base

Research Earthquake Generator (+update) and Artillery.
You have not much time to waste at the beginning, build an XPP, a MBB and
four Mines at Point 1, then build a Phobos Detector (I only call it 
Detector now), send it immediately to Point 2.
Build some other Detectors or other Air-units (which you send to Point 8).
The MBB has to be armed with one AAR.

If the Detector reaches Point 2, send it to Point 3 and build four Mines
at Point 2. The Gronzy comes ...   ... and is destroyed (important!!!).
The  Gronzy wants to look at the Points 1,2 and 3.

If the Detector reaches Point 3, build there an XPP (or more). If the 
Ressources at Point 1 are about 6000, begin sell MBB and XPP there, begin
to sell  the Mines but let one there (for the enemy - I don't know if this
really must be  but it seemed to help).
The enemy comes there when Ressources are almost zero - do nothing - no 
attack!!! No units there!
Sell the Mines at point 2 if "empty" and build some MBBs, four Mines and 
a Tunnel Entrance at Point 3. This will be your "Base".
Build a Crion and destroy with it the bridges at Point 5 and 6!!!.
Build a Moon E (enemy - follow! because of screamer) and send it to Point
4 on the river.
After a while, a Screamer-Don comes on the river - destroy it with the
Moon! Otherwise this unit goes around over the Map and looks for your
Base + units!

Now you have time to build Tunnel Gougers, Crushers with  Earthquake-Gen.,
Super Fighters AA, Detectors, Meteors MG (a fast "Detector" which has the 
chance to flee from the rockets (I only tested it at the end of this
mission but it is well).

Ever keep in Mind not to attack military units (except the Air-units). 
If you would do, more and more "Injections" will you get (and then you
have no chance). I got no one.
You don't need to protect your Base for attacks, only a Thunder SR  should
stay there for the next Don which comes some time (destroy it).

Build a Tunnel to the East-End of the Map, then to the North End. Send the
Crushers EQG, Tunnel Diggers and some Crushers (for capturing the Artifact)
in the Tunnel and switch off the power of the  Tunnel  Entrance. Better you
should not send any units later in the tunnel. (I had 30 Crushers EQG and
seven Diggers)

In my Mission it came also some units who attacked little my Base (after 
I had all credits and units) - started sell Buildings and they did nothing.
At this point you would not need your base there.
You can build a ASD and MBB south at Point 9.

Start exploring the enemy base from east in save distance and make the 
base down with the Crushers EQG, then slightly "go west" with this tactic.
This is much more comfortable as your "save - memory - load - tactic". I 
had really not wanted to do this.

All Units have to be in "fire paused mode" (exept air) and only have to 
fire when you tell it them. (attacking tunnel ground as you described it)

There will be build new buildings - let a crusher attack this zone and 
the Gruz builds a while on the same place.            ;-)

Concentrate your doing on getting the artifact. After the base is in 
general down, destroy the small towers around the yellow Research centers
and "make place" there for and Tunnel Entrance. If this one is there, Some
Crushers have to run to the Artifact (target destination of Tunnel
Entrance on the Artifact). If this went well, destroy all buildings. The
Gruz may build new on the Artifact-place - put an Crusher EQG under it and
it is fixed little.

Build an Artillery (I did in the small valley right south of the base) 
and make down the Gruz and some Repairers.
Make all buildings down.

Recycle all Units and sell all.

I had all ressources, some losses and at the end about 80000 credits 
"win" from this mission. The Artillery was not attacked but if you fire
on military units

Some general tips

Use Macro-Recorder for:
Tunnel building - make a big hall.
Use Macro-Recorder for units, which come near to a sceamer. If they are 
screamed you lose control. If they have a "way back or away" by macro,
you have a chance to get them back.
You can also do exploring the base with this - a Meteor in and out - 
often faster than the rockets and less losses as on Detectors.

If Repairers repair a building, you cannot destroy it (easy). Put a group
of Crushers EQG under it, let repair the building to 100% (there must not 
be any little Earthquake-damage which would hold them on it). Then the 
repairers go away
- attack with your group and the building is down!

And a few things in addition:
- I used the German Version with Patch 1.1 (from the beginning)
- I played "easy" (but nevertheless this is enough for me)

See this as an addition to your writing, some things you told yet.
You may change this and add it to your Walkthough if you want.

I hope you did not know this yet, but I think.

Greetings from Germany


Using this strategy is much easier than the one i wrote, since you are 
always able to have a base. Additionally, 0815 described a small attack on
the base at point 3, although i was never attacked in that area on my try.
Also, don't forget to recycle your units before finishing, since your money
gets transported, your units don't.

Using the strategy explained above, the mission ratings are very different:

Dificulty Level: Easy
Resources on Base: 410419
Time Taken: 3:06:31

          7.B8 [Mission 8: Operation "ION", USA]
Before starting this mission, make sure you have a platoon of 10 Super
Fighters AAR.

Dificulty Level: Average

- Defend your Base for 5 days and 12 hours
- Destroy the remaining UCS units

This mission mostly consists of holding your base and destroying attackers
much like Mission 1 for LC, although it's not as easy. This time it will
be the UCS you're fighting and they will get a small base, although they
can't develop it. Unit injections will come hard almost from any side and
will include Grizzlies! Exactly, they will come from all the sides where
you have MBBs and also from South. But one good thing about them is that
they only attack with aircraft about 3 or 4 times, and you have a platoon
of Super Fighters waiting for them, so you can concentrate on ground
weapons. Get all your platoons to the battlefield as they will certainly
be needed. Arm your MBBs with hE and P and build up your Southern flank
with Guardians. You'll need Phobos Detectors, since there will be Shadows.
Build up a tunnel entrance and send several units (Crions are the best) to
underground. They will engage various platoons of EQGs. About the UCS base,
it is only an outpost with ASDs to supply UCS units, and is very easy to
destroy, but use EQGs or Thunderers hR to maximum effectiveness. However,
BE SURE TO LEAVE SOME CONDORS ALIVE. I'll explain why later. Unit
injections will start having shields after a while but concentrate hE fire
or use Crions and you'll have no problems. Your MBBs will get slowly
destroyed by the UCS but try to loose as less as possible. Always cover
them with units! It's also good to use aircraft since the UCS tends to
pursuit them, so when those Grenadiers with Rockets arrive, lure them to
your defenses instead of letting them fire from a safe distance. As your
defenses get destroyed, you may want to re-build them, but do it only if
you are poor on units, to save resources. Just keep waiting until you are
given the order to destroy the remaining UCS. Actually, you don't need to
destroy all the remaining UCS units, just one. So go to where the UCS
outpost was and destroy a Condor. The end mission icon should now appear.
Don't have to worry with fast evacs since there won't be anymore UCS units,
and be sure to sell the entire base as it is worth a fortune.

Resources on Base: 449468
Time Taken: 1:34:39

          7.B9 [Mission 9: Operation "ION", USA (2)]
Before starting this mission, make sure you have 2 platoons of Crions and
1 platoon of Crushers EQG.

Dificulty Level: Very Hard

- The technician must survive
- 1 Ion vehicle must survive
- Do not damage Golan's HQ
- Deactivate Golan's shield with an Ion vehicle
- Take the technician to Golan

Speed will be an important factor to complete this mission, as the sooner
you start taking out the base, the less threats you will have to deal
with. I recommend you do most of your actions paused, to save time. The
UCS seems to have a huge resource supply and unit injections will be
coming fast and hard. First things first, build an LZ, a tunnel entrance
and an HQ as soon as you start. Send those Crions in while you arm all
of your MBBs with hE and P. Protect you XPPs with Large shields, as they
will be the Plasma MDW's main target, and get some Regenerators and
shield Regenerators near them. Sell all of your Laser Walls if you start
getting low on cash. As soon as the tunnel is open, send down your Ions
and the technician down. Build or bring some Tunnel Gougers and start
digging a large tunnel to the Southwest corner of the map. When the
Crions arrive, send 1 platoon South and destroy the mining outpost.
There is a similar one to the North, so send the other platoon there.
Once these positions are clear, begin mining extraction. You'll
probably start getting attacked by now. Don't forget that the UCS will
use Shadow technology heavily so keep Detectors everywhere. Put your HQ
on Defense mode if you haven't already. Just a few squares Southwest of
your southern mining position there should be a choke point heading
West. Follow it to find a bridge, and raze it. By doing this, you will
only be attacked from West and North of your base. Be sure to keep your
Mercury busy carring every military unit to the MA, and replace XPPs
should they get destroyed by the long range plasma. By this time you
should have many mines and are receiving resources very fast. Build a
Guardian wall West of your base where the Defenders are, and arm it with
hE P, since you won't get attacked by aircraft. Build 2 NESTs behind the
wall, with regenerators for HP and shield. If you don't feel safe enough,
build another wall of Guardians, you won't regret it. Also build even some
more Guardians on the North choke point of your base, not many are needed
but you will be attacked trough there some times. Now you should have all
of your base entrances covered and many platoons defending inside. Take
note that the Northern mining outpost does not need to be defended. You
will soon see that your Guardians are starting to get hurt by increasing
Grenade Launcher attacks. Use an aircraft squad to attack it. Since it
has a Rocket Launcher it will follow your units and be lured to your
defenses once you tell them to retreat. To help your Guardians, also use
the Crions from earlier and even throw in some stationary artillery for
good measure. Soon you'll start getting your own injections too! They
always consist of 16 Jaguars P, and they are not bad at all. Have the
first 2 injections protect your base and use the others to constantly
attack the enemy. By now your tunnel gougers should be finished with
their tasks. Bring those EQGs into the UCS underground complex and order
a Phobos Detector to go to your North mining position, keep going West
until you reach the end of the map and slowly go South until you start
seeing UCS buildings. Now use your EQGs while you defend your base from
increasing attacks. As you destroy strcutures, procced South until you
reach the HQ. That might take some time, so be patient. Once you see it,
you'll notice that it is heavily guarded by defense towers. Destroy any
remaining Power Plants and call in the nearest battle unit. (Probably a
Jaguar from an attack injection) Tell him to Hold Fire and use him to
destroy the wall around Golan. Now call in a tunnel entrance and attack
Golan with your Ion cannons, while you dig a ramp with a Tunnel Gouger.
Now just tell the technician to approach the HQ. If you are having
difficulties with the ramp just use a Unit Transporter. The End Mission
icon will appear as soon as the technician is near the HQ. Since the next
mission won't allow you to build and LZ, you can end the mission as soon
as you see the icon and leave everything on site.

Resources on Base: 804317
Time Taken: 3:46:47

          7.B10[Mission 10: "PROTECT ESCAPE", Germany]
Dificulty Level: Hard

- Hold at least 1 base until the ED army arrives

I expected something harder for the last mission of LC, especially after
missions 7 and 9. Guess that's why they didn't allow the LZ, to make it
harder. Actually, the only problem on this mission are the resources. You
will have to fight for them harder than you ever did. Ok, let's get on
with it. First of, the northen base can't be saved. Just sell as many
buildings as you can, you'll need all the cash you can get. Start mining
operations in your other 3 bases. The middle one has less resources and
more chances of being attacked, so don't bother with defense on that one.
The left one is never attacked. (Strange, i was probably lucky.) The
right one, your main base, should have as many defenses as you can afford.
Get those MBBs full of hE and P, and start building a small army of
Crushers hE. No enemy aircraft one this one, so focus on anti-ground
power. Get an HQ up, and when all your MBBs are fully armed, you will have
a decent defense. Decent, not perfect, so keep pumping Crushers and build
some Guardians for good measure. There's a bridge just North fo your base,
don't know if it affects anything by destroying it, but do. Be advised
that the UCS will have plasma MDWs and will constantly bomb out your power
plants. Taking into account that your main defense are MBBs, it's
absolutely imperative that you keep your power up at all times. Shielding
the power plants will protect it for 1-2 more shots, but be sure to have
regenerators nearby and replace any destroyed power plants. You will
receive injections from the ED. They are good to attack the large nearby
resource field, but they serve for a far better purpose. Their damage
isn't very effective against the Jaguars, so get a small group of them in
your base, and everytime you see an army approaching, (have detectors
around your base) you'll notice that it stop just out of range of your
turrets to re-group. Attack and retreat quickly with your ED units and the
UCS will follow, still not re-grouped, and be slaghtered much more easily.
I did not succed in re-capturing the resource field, but it cost me in the
last day of the mission, where my resources almost ran out. However, if
you use the above Hit 'n' run strategy with the ED units you should
defeat wave after wave of UCS troops without too much effort. The only
problem will be to keep the power up, especially if you are running out of
money. One good tactic to conserve power is to shut down all buildings you
don't currently need. For example, if you are not under attack why do you
need Guardians consuming power? The last wave will be massive, but you
should hold on just enough so the ED main army enters the area.
And that's it! Another campaign complete! Two down, one to go! :)

Resources on Mission: 20499
Time Taken: 1:15:00

          7.C  [UCS Walktrough]

          8.   [Multiplayer]
E2150: LS Multiplayer isn't very different from other RTS games. Basically,
it consists in crushing your opponents, although there are other game

Game Types:

Unlce Sam - Destroy opponents, get resource injections, no resource mining.

Arena - Get a small group of units, frag enemies to win. Every time your
group is killed, it respawns somewhere else.

Capture the Flag - Build up your base, protect your flag, capture enemy

Destroy Structures with Weather - Similar to Destroy Structures, but
sometimes natural disasters happen ramdomly on the map.

Destroy Structures - Destroy enemy structures to win, while preventing the
enemy from destroying yours. May or may not get resource injections.

Tech War - Destroy opponents, start with all techs researched, resource

Earn Money - Mine resources to reach a defined quota. The first player to
reach it wins.

Kill 'em All - Destroy opponents, be the last player/team standing.

NOTE: With the most recent patch (v2.0), it's possible to have Lost Souls
and Moon Project owners playing on the same game.


          8.A  [Multiplayer Tips/Strategies]

          8.B  [IPX]
IPX is a connection that allows you to play with other players through
LAN. (Local Area Network) You must have 2 or more pc's connected. It gives
extremely low ping and is excelent to play if have various computers
connected and someone to play with.
To host a IPX session, go to "Multiplayer", select "IPX Connection for
Directplay", write the session name and create the session. Pretty easy.
To join the session, go to the same menu as to create, and select a session
from the list and join it.

          8.C  [EarthNet]
I remember having a though time trying to play Lost Souls over EarthNet.
There were much more people playing Moon Project than Lost Souls. With the
patch, it might be easier to play a game, but i tried to access EarthNet
with no success.

          9.   [Editor]

          10.  [Frequently Asked Questinos]
Q: What are the system requirements for Earth 2150: Lost Souls?

A: The following information is from the Lost Souls Manual.
Minimum Requirements:
IBM compatible Pentium™ Processor with 300 MHz
at least 64 MB RAM
350 MB free HDD space
DirectX™ compatible graphics board
Directx™ compatible sound card
8X CD-ROM drive
Windows™ 95/98/Me or Windows™ NT/2000/XP

Recommended Requirements:
IBM compatible Pentium™ Processor with 500 MHz
at least 128 MB RAM
900 MB free HDD space
DirectX™ compatible graphics board with 16 MB
Directx™ compatible sound card
12X CD-ROM drive
Windows™ 95/98/Me or Windows™ NT/2000/XP


Q: What games came before Earth 2150: Lost Souls?

A: The complete list is:
Earth 2140
Earth 2150: Escape from the Blue Planet
Earth 2150: Moon Project


Q: What are the Radars/Spider Radars/Detectors for?

A: They allow you to detect cloaked units (STEALTH for ED,SHADOW for UCS)
and can also be used around your base to detect incoming attacks.


Q: Why can't my units cloak?

A: At night, your units must turn their lights off or they won't be able to


Q: What is the ED Noise Generator for?

A: The noise generator disables the communication between the affected unit
and player that owns it, effectively forcing the player loose control on
it. The units will still fire and respond to threats by themselves, though.
Another big use on it is the ability to act as a radar, detecting all
cloaked units.


Q: What is the Banner for?

A: The Banner increases experience by 2 points to all nearby units and
buildings. It's sort of like morale.


Q: The enemy is on a hill and i can't reach him. How do i kill him?

A: There are many ways of destroying an enemy which you don't have access
to by ground. You can use massive destruction weapons, artillery,
aircraft, units transporters, or you can dig a tunnel to its base. Just
make sure you don't build the tunnel entrance right next to a defense
emplacement! :)


Q: Are there any cheats for this game?

A: I know, i know. The game is kinda hard, but cheating only ruins your
fun of playing the game. For example, when i bought the original Earth 2150
i was a newbie at RTS games, and at the 4th ED mission, i was already
looking for cheats, and i made the whole ED campaign blowing up enemy bases
with tons of meteors. I got so bored i stopped playing. Some months later,
i spent some time in Skirmish mode and after many training i was able to
win a game vs. 4 cpu's in average mode. After that i made all the campaigns
using only the infinite unit limit cheat. (the unit limits were too short
for me :) On Lost Souls, i was disapointed to see that the unit limits were
very short too, but  it's only at the first 2 missions. I am now playing
the ED and LC campaigns without any type of cheat and i'm doing just fine.
What i want to say with all this is that cheating spoils the fun to any
game, and this game isn't that hard if coordinate your forces stratigecaly.
Afterall, that's why they call it a strategy game, you're not supposed to
throw all of your units into the enemy base and excpect them to survive.
But if for some reason you still want some cheats, you can find them at the
GameFAQs website.

          11.  [Bugs/Secrets]

- Between the movie and the cutscene there's a time where you can control
your interface. There is, but the developers didn't thought of this. So if
you succed in pausing you will want to start giving out orders, so while
you watch the cutscene, your base will be built. The problem is that each
time you give out an order, the time advances a bit. (half second, from
what i was told) If you give multiple orders the time you have to control
the interface will run out, activating the cutscene. Since you are paused,
the cutscene would start paused too, but it wasn't designed to activate
paused, and you don't even have control while watching. What happens now is
that Lost Souls crashes, not knowing what to do. There's no way to avoid
this crash. Thankfully, if you don't pause between the movie and the
cutscene, you won't ever get it. Thanks to medial for telling me this.

- In maps with many units moving, your game may crash to the desktop when
you attempt to load a game. This happens even to computers that are way
beyond recommended requirements. It happens when you try to load a game
when your screen is full of moving units. To avoid this, get your camera to
a empty zone or get it to underground. This probably has something to do
with RAM overload, since you need it to load maps.


- The LC Crion research doesn't show up in the Research Tree. It only
appears on the Research Center menu. Although not really a secret, some
people miss it.

          12.  [Credits]
I wish to thank to:

Zuxxez Entertainment AG and Reality Pump - For developing this great game.

MegaScore - For distributing this game with its magazine.

All Sites where this FAQ is found at - For posting my FAQ.

0185 - For providing a strategy for LC Mission 7.

Mark Thompson - For helping me pass the 7th ED mission and for stating that
resources left on mission are automatically transfered to the Main Base.

Michael Lo - For giving me information on the Headquarters building.

medial - For giving me information about a bug that makes the game crash.


This FAQ is posted at:

If you see this FAQ at any other website, please let me know.

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