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A Vampyre Story Tips & Tricks

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A Vampyre Story

Author: The_Will
Version: 1.0
Date: 21-11-2008

**Some (possibly) helpful tips about this game**

* Right clicking on a moving area (red arrow) will instantly take you there.
* Pressing space skips a multitude of things:
        * Instantly finishes moving when used during movement.
        * Skip to next sequence in dialogue.
        * Skip any cutscene.
* Pressing and holding the Tab key highlights points of interest.
* You can turn into a bat by choosing the fly command. This can get you into
  otherwise inaccessible places.
* Lots of things are able to speak, so feel free to question the interior!
* The interact options are not always the same.  I.e. the 'talk' command is 
  sometimes used for drinking, or simply discussing the object with Froderick.
  Keep this in mind if you're unsure what to do next.

**About this guide**

The current version has been written while playing the game. Therefore not every
action has been done in the right order and some things may seem illogical to
you. There will (probably) be a rewritten walkthrough by me at some point that
does things in the correct order, making it easier to find the solution to your
problem. In the mean time this will have to do.

When I tell you to talk to someone, I suggest you speak about every possible
subject. I've written this guide while playing through the game, so I didn't
check which specific conversation option is required to trigger an event.
That said, most of the conversations are pretty funny anyway, so you might as
well read them. ^^

**The Guide**

*Chapter 1*

Enter the castle through the door on the left. Pick up the rusty sword on the 
right wall next to the staircase. Go upstairs into Mona's bedroom. Pick up the
urn with ashes from the cabinet next to the door. Pick up the flask of Body Oil
and the Bottle of Perfume from the dresser beneath the mirror. Pick up the bags
of Nuts and Fruits from Froderick's cage to the right of the mirror. Walk over
to the left side of the room and pick up the Animal noise Toy from Froderick's
Old Toy Box. Pick up the Perfume Refill Bottle from the left side of the bed.
This one is sometimes hard to spot; it is located near the bed's closest column.

Go back downstairs and enter the torture chamber through the doorway on the
right. Pick up the mace from the back wall. Walk down to the other side of the
chamber and pick up Mona's Coffin.

Walk back to the other side of the room, and go down the short stairs to a pit
area. Take the unlit torch from the wall, then try to open the hatch by pulling
on the ring. It seems to be stuck, a little lubrication should do the trick! Use
the flask of Body Oil on the Hinges. Unfortunately, it only contains enough for
one hinge, we'll have to some more oil somewhere else.

Leave the pit area and walk down to where you found Mona's coffin. Notice that
horrible crushing device there? We should be able to use it to extract some oil
from the Bag of Nuts we found in Froderick's Cage. Use the Fruits and Nuts on
the Crushing Device, afterwards, use the empty Body Oil bottle on the Crushing
Device to collect the dripping oil. Go back to the pit area and use the oil on
the last hinge. You should now be able to open the grate. Use the unlit torch
on the burning torch on the wall to light it, then throw it down the grate. Now
that we can see something, we need to get down there. Mona won't do it herself,
but maybe Froderick can be of assistance. Unfortunately even he declines,
apparently those green looking fumes smell real bad. We'll have to find some way
of getting rid of the stench at some point.

Head back to the coffin area and try to talk to the fountain. It doesn't seem to
be able to talk because of the water running through his mouth. Try to open 
Shrowdy's coffin to find out it's locked. Speak to the rats in the right corner
of the room. (the glowing eyes in the wine rack) Make sure you ask about the
coffin's combination and your plumbing problem. Like proper rats, these rats
don't do anything for free. Give them the Fruits and Nuts and they'll sort out
the fountain for you.

Talk to Ozzy the Fountain and ask him everything to learn part of Shrowdy's
combination. Next have a chat with the Iron Maiden to learn the other part of
Shrowdy's combination, and find out some things about a book. Ask the rats about
the book and they'll tell you you'll have to kill a cat if you want them to give
you more information. We'll get to that later. Unlock Shrowdy's coffin using the
complete combination. Move the pillow and pick up the newspaper.

Now let's see if we can find the gargoyle that holds the key. Make your way over
to the bridge with the gargoyle statues. (exit the main hall to the right) The
gargoyles are not too excited with us unfortunately, and they will proceed to
give you the silent treatment. When politics fail, smack 'em around with 
something big. The Mace from the torture chamber should do the trick. There we
go! Talk to Rufus and ask him everything to find out how to obtain the key.

Look at the tower section above Rufus. Fly up to the Turret Bottom to find the
source of Rufus's troubles: Edgar. Those clothespicks Edgar uses to hang his
clothes seem to be just the thing we need to solve our stench problem! Have a
chat with Edgar. Give him the Newspaper and he'll happily give you a Clothespick
in return.

Go back to the Torture Chamber's pit area. Use the Clothespick on Froderick to
make him immune to the foul odours, then send him down into the pit. He's found
some lovely Corpse Jerky, which might be just the thing we need to cure Edgar's

Head back outside and fly up to Edgar's place. Give the Corpse Jerky to Edgar
and watch him do what birds do best. See that statue over there? If we tip it
over the edge, it would probably land right on top of Rufus! You're not going to
be able to push it over with your bare hands though, you'll need a lever of some
sort. Use the Rusty Sword on the statue to dump the statue on Rufus's head. 
Fly down, pick up the key, and use it on the metal door.

There's not much we can do here while Shrowdy's holding those two oars, so go up
the stairs. Pick up the Sippy Cup from the table to receive a Straw, also pick
up the Knife lying near it.

Go up another set of stairs into the Baroness's chamber. Pick up a Crayon from
the table. Look at the desk at the far end of the room. Examine the Sticky Notes
on the desk. Use the Crayon on the notes to reveal a message. No adventure game
is complete without a puzzle like this. ^^

The note contains the names of four books, which you can find in the right book-
case. We won't need to use these yet, but if you're impatient or too lazy to run
back later on, here's what to do with them. Look up the books in the bookcase,
one can be found on each shelf bar the middle one. Write down the symbols found
on the books written on the note: Top shelf, third book; Second shelf, sixth
book; Fourth shelf, sixth book; Bottom shelf, seventh book.

Go back to the dining room and exit it to the right to enter the kitchen. Take a
can of cat food from the shelf on the left side of the door. Use the can of cat
food with the demonic can opener. Can't blame the cat for not eating that I 
guess. Grab the can of Siamese Cat Food from the shelf and see if she likes that
better. Use the butter knife on Pyewacket to remove her collar. Talk to 
Pyewacket and discuss all subjects.

Exit the kitchen and go back to the torture chamber. Give Pyewacket's collar to
the rats. In return, they'll give you the names of the two books we need to use.

Go back to the Baroness's room and use the Secret Books from your inventory with
the book case on the right. Hrm.. that doesn't seem to do anything, I guess that
is what you get when you trust a rat. Pyewacket mentioned something about the
books as well, maybe she can help us out. Go back to the kitchen and talk to
Pyewacket. Afterwards go back to the Torture Chambers and ask the rats at what
time they're going to raid the kitchen. Armed with this information head back to
the kitchen and inform Pyewacket. In return Pyewacket tells you what you need to
do with books. Go back to the Baroness's room and use the Secret Books from your
inventory on the book case to open up a secret passage.

Enter the secret passage and walk to the centre area. Examine the chalkboard to
discover a formula for creating some sort of acid. Walk along and use the
Demonic Combination Lock. Have you seen those icons before? They look similar to
the ones on the books in the Baroness's chamber. Enter the icons from the books
listed on the Sticky Note. From top to bottom: Spiral, Crescent Moon facing up,
Curly Z, Green Diamond. The flow of snot has subsided and you are now able to
pick up the Book of Shrowds. Open it and play with it until you get an image
with pullout tabs. Read the page to find out how to make this potion, then use
the pullout tabs to find out the potion is used to animate a golem.

An unwritten rule of adventure games is that when you are presented with a 
formula, there's a 99% chance you're going to have to make it at some point, so
let's see what we can do! Open the Refrigerator at the back and pick up every
thing you find inside. (Dry Ice, Fertiliser, and three soft drinks) Go over to
the Potions Table on the left and pick up all three beakers. See the symbols on
the beakers? They are mentioned in the formula: "Purple Hearts, Green Clovers,
Orange Diamonds". The formula also mentioned that each concoction is made up of
three parts: "1/3 Demon Snot, 1/3 Coloured Drink and 1/3 Coloured Drink". Each
symbol colour is a mixture of the basic colours, of which we have softdrinks.
Coincidence? I think not! Do some mixing and matching!

Let's start with the easy one. Fill the Clover Beaker with Demon Snot by using
it (from your inventory) on the Demon Spout at the Potion Table. Next add some
Blueberry Sucker Punch, followed by some Yellow D'Mellow. There we go, that's
Green Clovers done! Now for the other two.

Notice how the red softdrink reacts with the other two when you add it? This is
apparently because it's a diet softdrink... yes, that took me a while too.
Anyway, head over to the dining room and use the Diet Cherries Gone Wild on the
Sugar Bowl. Congrats, you've undieted the drink! Go back to the lab and finish
your mixtures. Add Demon Snot to both the Hearts and the Diamonds Beaker. Next
add Cherries Gone Wild to both beakers, followed by a splash of Yellow D'Mellow
in the Diamonds Beaker and a splash of Blueberry Sucker Punch in the Hearts
Beaker, and that's it.

Let's go mix things up! The formula says: 'Cool first, warm second, cool last'.
Apparently this is the order in which to add the concoctions. Unfortunately, I
have not found any way to find out a mixture's temperature, so I resorted to
trial and error. Move over to the Bunsen Burner, which is placed on top of the
Refrigerator. Add the concoctions in the following order: Green, Orange, Purple.
That solves that, now we just have to heat it up using demonic heat. The Demon
Snot is warm so let's bring some of that with us. Go over to the Potion Table
and fill the Clover Beaker using the Demon Spout.

The best place to heat things up is obviously the kitchen. Make your way back to
the kitchen and place the Cauldron on the Warm Furnace. Now we just need to turn
the fire up a bit. Let's introduce some demonicness to the fire! Throw the Demon
Snot onto the furnace to finish the mixture.

Go back to the room with the laboratory and exit it to the left. Read the plate
on the wall right after entering. It seems those bones belong to a virgin. Just
what we need for our potion! Unfortunately, the causeway seems to be stuck. No
worries though, we made a big batch of acid! Surely those wooden legs won't
survive an attack of acid. Use the acid on the support columns to lower the
walkway. Walk across and try to pick up the bones. Have a chat with Shannon's
ghost. We'll have to find some way to get rid of her before we can take those

Exit to the right and look at the hole in the ceiling. Fly up to it to uncover a
hidden passage leading to the Theatre. You can now use this both ways. Make your
way over to the bridge connection both parts of the castle. Use your Perfume
Bottle on the Lake Monster down below. We can use the empty bottle to create our
potion in.

Go up to your room and exit to the balcony. Look at the Planter Box covered in
snow. Wipe off the snow and inspect the box. There seem to be some plants left
in it, we just need to make them grow... quickly. Sprinkle some Fertiliser on
the Planter Box. It's still not quite enough, but perhaps some ash could help.
Empty the Urn with Ashes on the Planter Box and watch the flowers grow! Pick one
of the flowers and use it on the Empty Perfume Bottle. That's 1/4 done, now let
us see about the virgin bones.

We need to somehow trick Shannon's Ghost into thinking it's morning so she'll go
away. Froderick mentioned that Shrowdy had made a Sunrise decor for the Theatre
for Mona, perhaps we can use that. Make your way over to the Theatre and try to
use the controls. Unfortunately, Froderick has spilt something onto them, and
now they're not working properly. Use the Straw from the Sippy Cup on Froderick
and use the combination on the Messy Area.

Now that the controls are fixed, let's play with the controls a bit. Each lever
operates one of the decor pieces. Moving a lever left or right in a position 
either raises or lowers the decor piece that position corresponds to. To lower
the decor we're looking for, use the levers as follows: Move the first lever to
the bottom right position. Move the second lever to the top right position.
Finally, move the third lever to the middel left position. You should now see a
sunny background. Walk over to the stage and use the Knife on the Background to
cut out the sunrise. Pick up the cut-out pieces, then go down the secret passage
on the right and walk to Shannon's room.

Use the cut-out scenery on Froderick and tell him to use it on the windows to
Shannon's right. Unfortunately, this isn't quite realistic enough for Shannon.
We could simulate some typical morning sounds... like a rooster's call. Maybe we
can use that Animal Sound Toy. Use it and set it to rooster, then use it on
Froderick, and again, use this combination on the window. Shannon will now
believe it's morning and leave the dungeon, allowing you to take the bones.
There's just one thing left to do: grind the bones down and add them to our
potion. Surely there's some grinding utensils in the Torture Chamber. Go down
there and use the Virgin Bones on the Grinder on the right. Use the Ground
Skeleton Bones on the Perfume Bottle.

Halfway there! Next the Eye of Newt. Did you notice the Coloring Book in the
Baroness's Room? Go have a look. On the first page is a nice drawing of a Newt.
It's crazy, but it'll probably work: use the knife on the drawing of the Newt
and place the cut-out Newt's Eye in the Perfume Bottle. That leaves us with just
one thing left to get: Gargoyle's Breath.

We know a gargoyle, don't we? Go to the bridge and talk to Rufus. For some
reason he seems rather reluctant to help us... I wonder why. If you have a kid,
you'll know what to do when someone doesn't want to open his mouth. Yep, you'll
have to pinch his nose shut so he has no choice but to breath through his mouth.
Unfortunately, Rufus is a bit aggressive, so using our fingers is probably not
the best idea. Fortunately, we've still got the Clothespick Edgar gave us.
Use the Clothespick on Rufus, and then use your Perfume Bottle on him. Time it
so you move your bottle up when he exhales. Simply watch his behaviour for a
while if you're having trouble.

Right, that's the potion done. Now we just need a golem. Remember the headless
clay man in the Torture Chamber? We could probably use that if we could find a
head somewhere. Oh right, Rufus, that should do the trick. We just need some way
to pick him up without losing our fingers. Something to wrap him in maybe. Enter
the castle and pick up the banner hanging over the entrance. Use it on Rufus to
carry him to the Headless Clay Man.

Use Rufus's Head on the Headless Clay Man in the bottom left corner of the
Torture Chamber. Then, spray the magic potion on the Clay Man to bring it to


Well that's just great. Now we've got oars but no boat... or do we? Use Mona's
Coffin on the water. Bad Inky! We'll need to figure out some way to get past
him. Remember how he reacted when we emptied our Perfume Bottle? He sure didn't
like that. Refill your Empty Perfume Bottle with the Perfume Refill Bottle.
Unfortunately, Inky is a bit too quick to catch like this, if only we could slow
him down. Blobs slow down when they're cold, right? Let's lob this Dry Ice at
him and see what happens. That did the trick, he's now slow enough to hit with
your Perfume Sprayer, so go ahead and do so!

**Chapter Two**

After the cutscene and the conversation with the Gypsy lady, we find ourselves
at the lakeshore again. Talk to the Constable about all subjects, then exit the
area to the left. After another cutscene, exit the wagon and examine the book
the gypsy lady gave you. Turn over the pages until you get to Chapter Three. 
Examine this page to learn a new ability. Use your Vampire Bite on the 
Constable, then pick up your Coffin.

Exit the Gypsy Camp to the right. Read the address on the house on the right to
find out this is where the lady selling a horse lives. Try knocking on the door.
Mona will not want to enter because of the garlic. Use Froderick on the garlic.
That didn't work, we'll come back later. Exit to the right.

Open the Stable Gate and enter the Stables. Open the Shed Door and pick up the
Saddle Blanket. Afterwards, exit the Stables.

Pick up the Snowman across the road from the Stables. Then go to the area to the
right. Use the Snowball on the Cross above the door to over it up. Unfortunately
though, that doesn't quite do the trick. Look at the Chimney on the right side
of the building and fly up to it. Hmm.. looks like we'll have to kill that fire
first. Fly down and look at the oily vat on the right. Throw Froderick in for
fun, then exit the alley to the right.

Talk to the Lady of Low Moral Fiber standing outside the Nail Salon. Cross the
bridge and talk to the Constable. Afterwards, enter the Stadium and talk to the
guard. Exit the stadium and enter the dark alley on the left of the guard house.
Pick up the boomerang on the right, then try to fly through the barred window in
the door. If only we had some lubrication... Ah well, exit the alley and leave
the city 'centre' through the bottom left corner.

Use the boomerang on the garlic next to the door. Now that that's gone, knock on
the door and speak to the lady. Guess we'll have to find that key first. 
Fly down the well on the left and pick up the bucket. Underneath it you can see
the key embedded in the ice. Without anything to melt the ice, we'll have to
come back later. Fly out of the well.

Walk back to the Gypsy camp and fill the well bucket with the stew that's
hanging over the fire. Walk back to the village and fly down the well. Pour the
hot stew over the key to melt the ice. Hmm.. that didn't work. Maybe we can
insulate the bucket. Wrap the Saddle Blanket around the bucket and get another
batch of stew from the Gypsy Camp. Back to the well! This time the stew stayed
warm and the ice is a problem no more! Pick up the key and exit the well.
Use the key on the front door to finally get your horse.

While we're at the Gypsy Camp, we should probably check out Madame Strigoi's
wagon. Take the Bottle of Ink from the cupboard just next to the entrance.

Go back to the village and use the Bottle of Ink on a Snowball. If you haven't
got one anymore, you can pick up another one from the Snowman opposite the
stables. Make your way to the dress shop and sling the blackened snowball at
the cross. That did the trick!

Open the door and step inside... I said step inside. You can't? That makes
sense. Remember what it said in the Vampire for Dummies book? A Vampire can't
enter a private place unless he or she is invited in. Take a look at the sign
on the door, it says their closed. Let's invite ourselves in shall we? Turn the
sign around. Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to work either. Use the sign on
the dress shop lady to make her read it out loud, thereby granting you entrance.
If you're having trouble targetting her, wait for the fat man to ask for his
beer or porkchops, the lady will stand still near the pillar giving you a few
seconds to click on her.

Now that we're inside, use the baby dress hanging in front of the window. Don't
you think Froderick would like that dress? That'll surely come in handy at some
point. Talk to the fat guy at the table, then talk to the lady in the kitchen.
Looks like we're going to have to put her kids to bed and make sure her husband
is well fed before she can help us out.

After listening to her story, go up to the loft and talk to Siegfried and Roy.
They want to hear a song, but it doesn't look like they appreciate opera. Can't
blame 'em I guess. Apparently they want to hear a song that's sung a lot in the
Stadium. Let's see if we can find out the lyrics there.

The main entrance isn't going to work I'm afraid. Enter the back alley and use
grease covered Froderick on the barred door window. Now that we're inside,
we'll have to find a way to make the band play 'Who Let the Wolves Out?'.
Fortunately, the band's play list is lying right next to the director.
Unfortunately, he doesn't appreciate us tampering with it. Maybe we could just
talk him into playing it. Meh, no luck either.

Head outside and go back to the stadium front entrance. Speak with the Woman of
Low Moral Fiber and ask her to seduce the Band Leader. She'll agree to do this
but only if you convince Constable Crane. Go back into the alley and follow it
all the way down untill you come to an area containing two crates. Move both of
them once so that they're more or less in line with each other, furthest away
from the open window on the right. Use the baby dress on Froderick if you 
hadn't done so already, then use dressed up Froderick on Constable Crane to
get rid of him. 

Go back to the Nail Saloon and talk to the Woman of Low Moral Fiber.
Unfortunately she hasn't got a ticket, so we'll have to sort that out first.
Go back into the alley. Examine the Constable and you'll find a badge. Pick up
the badge and exit the alley. In my game the Constable was standing due to a
bug, if this happens to you as well, the highlight points for the constable and
the badge are in the bottom right corner of the screen. Go back to the Nail
Saloon and offer the Badge to the Lady of Low Moral Fiber.

After listening to the two of them bickering for a while, you'll be back in
control of Mona. Use the 'Who Let the Wolves Out?' song from your inventory on
the Play List. Use Froderick on the lady to stop their bickering. Now that the
Band Leader is done fooling around, he can finally play our song. After Mona
says she has memorised the song, leave the stadium and head over to the Dress
Shop. Go up to the Loft and use the song on Siegfried and Roy.

Now we just have to fix dinner for the fat man. Fortunately though, one stove
has been turned off, this means we can now get into the kitchen using the
chimneys. Go outside and fly up to the Chimney. Fly down into the left smoke
stacks. There's no way we can open the Flue as a tiny bat. Turn into human form
and they open automatically!

After being chased outside, head back inside. Try closing the kitchen door.
Unfortunately Mina doesn't like that, we need to figure out a way to keep that
door closed. Pick up the chair next to the door, then use it on the Kitchen
Door to lock Mina inside. With Mina locked in, bite the fat man. It should be
alright to release Mina now. Remove the chair and Mina rewards you with the
bolts of black cloth.

Now that the crosses are covered up, we can enter the cemetery. Enter the small
building. Pick up the Shovel and Pickax from the barrel next to the furnace.
Examine the Graveyard map on the left wall to find out the location of your
grave. Unfortunately Shrowdy shows up to annoy us once again, persistant little

Pick up the bellows standing on the left of the furnace. Then stick the shovel
into the furnace. Use the red hot shovel on the door. Unfortunately, there's
not enough room for the shovel. Raise the door using the Pickaxe. Throw your
perfume bottle on the furnace to spice things up a little. Look through the
door window, the water we just melted has frozen already. Use the hot shovel on
the window to tip over the water basin, next use the hot shovel on the door to
melt the water again, you have now created a puddle inside! Yay you! Use the
bellows on the puddle, then use the water filled bellows on the furnace. Now
you can escape through the furnace chimney.

Pfft... crosses do not challenge us any more! Use Froderick on the wagon. He
will steer the wagon... hopefuly in the right direction. Now push the wagon and
watch the ending unfold.
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