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Anvil of the Dawn 2 Tips & Tricks

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Anvil of the Dawn 2

Submitted by: DJ Simo


Quest Items: Spring Equinox Disc

Before you enter this place, turn right  and go into the ruined house. You
will find an old man there who wants to trade with you. Buy everything he has.
You will get some useful items. Now head back to the barrier.

This place is a simple maze. You can cut straight through it once you solve
the place, but first you need to deal with some headaches. The monsters here
are the hilarious Clansmen, who sound like Scotty on Star Trek, and the
Colossal Baboons who are no laughing matter.

You can avoid the baboons by freeing their king. But to do that you have to
fight a bunch of clansman. The main goal here is gather up four ivory lion
keys and place a stone block on each of the four pressure plates found at each
corner of the dungeon.

When you enter the East entrance of the place you find dying warrior who tells
you the tale of the place. Past him to the west is a door opened by a switch
on the wall. This will lead to an area with a spinner. There are four
directions you can go in this spinner area. Go north. It takes some getting
used to but eventually you can do it without a lot of effort.

Due east of the north door in the next room is a Healing and Mana Altar.

Now, you can go north, east, or west when you enter the north door. Unless you
need to use the altars, go north.

The first room you enter has a side passage to the west full of stone blocks.
Destroy the first block and you will see an illusory wall. Enter and follow
the passage around. When you come out the other side, push the block in front
of you north onto a pressure plate. Now destroy the block to the west. You can
then enter a secret area and find members of the resistance. Take four stone
block figurines from the chests in there. They're needed for this level.

Go back past the blocks and head north. West is an area with lots of plates.
Cast a reflections on the lake spell and walk over the plates until the door
to the west opens. Go inside and find the withered hand key and the first
plate you need to weigh down. Put a block on it.

Before you explore anymore of the north section, go back to the spinner and
head through the south door. Either fight or avoid the baboon that you see,
but head due south of the door until you find a Green Baboon behind a force
field. He's their king. Talk to him, then use the withered hand key to free
him. All the baboons will vanish from the game and you will not have to fight
them. If you want to fight them, save the king for last.

Behind the king are some chests. One of them has the Spring Equinox disc. Put
it away with the sun disc and the other quest items.

Go north again and finish off the north area. Heading west of the North door,
you will find more chests. Heading east, past the altars, you will come to a
twisty passage that heads North East. When it dead ends, fine the switch that
opens a wall. Cast a Reflections on the Lake spell and move through the next
area as fast as you can. There are doors that open and shut in the walls. If
you move fast you can catch them all before they close. When you see the
pressure plate, put a block on it.

Now go through the south door again.

Head east. You will come to an area with a row of plates. Walk over the plates
then put a bag of rocks on the first plate. Find the SE corner plate and put a
block on it.

Now head west. The SW plate is in a hidden area. Find an illusory wall on the
south wall. Behind it is a teleporter. It will take you to the area with the
SW plate. Put a block on the SW plate and one rock on the other plate to
activate an escape 'porter. Now head down the south west passage and you will
come to an area where four doors need four ivory lion keys. You should have
three by now. A Clansman will drop the fourth one when you kill him. Open all
four doors and throw all four switches. The blocks you put in the four corners
opened inner doors here. If you failed to place any of the blocks, these doors
will be closed.

Throwing the switches opens the way due west. Go back to the spinner. Head
west. Unlock the first door then throw all the switches you see on the way
out. These turn off spinners.

You are now across the scar and ready for the Temple of the Moon.


Quest Items: Tears of the Weeping Moon, Three Soul Houses

Leaving the Barrier, head due west until you see some strange rock formations,
like dark fingers. Turn north and you will see a white towered city. Head
straight for it. It's the Temple of the Moon.

This place is on three levels. The main level is large. There are two floors
above which are slightly smaller. The South Eastern exit leads to the City of
the Dead where you need to go after finishing this place off.

When you enter the temple, a blank scroll will be on the floor. Pick it up and
click on the floating pen in front of you. It will answer your questions by
writing on the scroll. You need a blank scroll for each question and these you
will find throughout the first floor of this dungeon.

In the next two rooms are chests. One has an iron mark. The other has a blank
scroll. North is a door to a long hallway where a rolling rock moves east and
west. Another hall just like it runs parallel to the north. Destroy the blocks
in-between so you can avoid getting hit.  I'll refer to these halls as the
north and south halls. The south being the one closest to the entrance.

Wait for the rock to roll East then walk West down the South Hall. On the way
you can enter a room to the south by hitting the wall switch. In there you'll
find a gold Ankh key.

Keep on going west. Before the hall ends you'll see an illusory wall to the
north. Inside is a chest and two harpys.

At the west end of the south hall is a door with a switch on the wall and a
plate om front of it. Weigh down the plate with a bag of rocks. Then throw the
switch. The door will open. Now go around the room turning on every wall
switch you see. There will be an area where you will see some pressure plates.
Ignore that for a second. You will see a side room with a Lightning Wild spell
roving the hall. Cast a Reflections on the Lake spell and go into this other
room and search it. After making a circle of the rooms and turning on all the
wall switches, you can take back your rocks bag without exiting the room. Go
to the area with two pressure plates in an alcove. Step on the plates, back
and forth until you see another area next to this one has opened up. Weigh
down that plate with two rocks. A secret passage will open up nearby with a
chest inside.

In the Southwest corner is a room opened by an opal moon key. You should have
got the key off of one of the monsters you killed while combing the area.
Inside there is a side passage with a pressure plate in front. Step on the
plate, wait for the fire spells to wear off, the go inside and get a soul
house. You will need this later. Search the rest of the area, then go out into
the main room and look for the teleporter that came up when you hit a wall
switch. This will take you to the east side of the south hall.

Before you explore this area to much, go into the south hall and raid the room
next door, which is opened by a wall switch. Now return to the South East area
and raid any chests you find. To the south is a teleporter in a hallway. Keep
entering it until you are on the other side and able to enter the room. The
first time another teleporter will block you way. This will be gone the next
time. It is activated by a plate you are standing on.

Once you are in this room you will see an east, west and south door. Ignore
the south door because that leads to the City of the Dead and you aren't going
there yet. Go to the East door. One of the monsters you kill will drop an opal
moon key. Raid the chests then go to the West door and open it with the key.
You will find a second Soul house in a chest in this room. Take it.

Now, go to the North Hall and avoid the rock. Go all the way to the west door
leading north. The East door can only be opened from the inside. Use the Gold
Ankh key to get in.

You will find yourself in a room leading to the tower stairs. In the North of
this area is a Healing Altar. Find the stairs and head up.

The second floor is pretty simple. You come up the stairs and find a
teleporter to either side of you. It doesn't matter which one you take. They
both go to an identical room where two harpies will attack you. Choose which
one you want, kill the harpies and make for the hall directly south. The
teleporter you se in these rooms takes you back to the stairs.

A long hall goes east and west. Go East all the way and enter a southern area.
You will see a room off to the East. It opens by pulling the Cross shaped wall
switch. Inside is a Mana Altar and two chests. Go down the south hall, step on
a pressure plate and it opens a wall to the north hiding a chest with the
third Soul House. You now have all of them.

Continue south down the hall and the last room has something called the Sacred
Sipher in it. You need this bottle so don't forget it. Read the note on the

Go all the way west down the hall, ignoring the center southbound hall for a
moment. You will enter an area were a rolling rock opens and shuts a door. Go
in the door and follow the rolling rock to your right as it enters a
teleporter. You will find yourself in a room with a chest. In the chest is a
powerful weapon.

Now, return to the main hall and go to that center south bound hallway. Wait
for the teleporters to blink off them move down that hall as fast as you can.
At the end is an illusory wall. Enter it and raid the chest. Now go up the
nearby stairs.

He third floor is a series of doors and teleporters leading to the Oracle. You
need eight gold coins and two iron marks to get through them. The first bunch
of doors take one coin each. The last door takes an iron mark on either side.
Take the teleporter and look for an illusory wall. Inside is a room where the
Oracle weeps. Talk to her, holding the sipher in your cursor. When she weeps,
move the sipher to the tears and click. When you see the Sipher become blue
you now have the tears of the Moon. Put it away with the rest of your quest

Now head for the exit to the City of the Dead. It's in that hall in the South
West of the first floor. The south passage.  You will enter into a bend. An
illusory wall will be to your west. Put a block on the plate behind it, then
step into the teleporter.

You should be in a room leading out to the City of the Dead. Near the door, if
you are playing one of the male characters, you will see Foxwen, the blonde
woman, dying from a bunch of arrows. She will tell you to look for Nula in the
City of the Dead. If you are playing one of the women, you won't see anything
in the alcove.


Quest Items: The Soul of the Warrior, The Knight's Armor, Anti-Poison Shield.

This place is on two levels. The ground floor is a necropolis, a city of the
dead. But many tombs have stairs leading to underground areas. The Lurking
Stench monsters are poisonous, but you will find a poison proof shield in this
maze, which will make you invulnerable to poison once you start using it.

If you have any Wyvern Blood flasks left, this is a good place to use them.
The Tormented Souls that hang around this place shoot arrows at you from far
away. It can get real annoying. Lightning Wild spells seem to hurt them badly,
though, so you may want to fire off some now and then.

Go around the path and head south. Explore the three southern tombs first and
the game will be easier. The one closest to the entrance in the south west has
two stairs leading down. You will find yourself in a huge area with a bunch of
Infernal Bones standing over armor and weapons. At the far south of this area
is a throne. In front of the throne is a shield that will make you 100%
invulnerable to poison. Start using this shield. There is also an axe that
casts Raging Hero spells. Take what you want, but most of the armor and
weapons in this dungeon are stuff your probably threw away earlier.

The next tomb to the south of the City is a small one. You will find a
portable chest inside. If  you are playing a woman character, it will have a
Fall Equinox disc inside. If you are playing a man, it will be empty.

The tomb in the South East corner is very important. In the center is the blue
knight. Do not take his soul yet. Talk to him. Do not open the chest south of
him. Leave it for later. You can raid the other two chests if you want. Go
through an illusory wall to the east and down some stairs. You will find the
fourth disc (Moon Disc) in a chest. You now have a complete set.

Now, head north along the easternmost wall of the city from the blue knights
tomb. Throw a switch and open a north wall. Beware of the rolling rock. You
will see a stone block to your left. Destroy it and throw a switch. Keep
moving north. You will see a pressure plate in an alcove to your left. Put a
stone block on it (or a rock bag). Now go around to the west side of this tomb
and enter. You will find an illusory wall on the inner east side in an alcove.
Enter and take the stairs down. You will find the evil spirit the blue knight
talked about. Talk to this clown, then take his soul. Drop the soul house on
the floor, because you won't need it. Enter the room to the north. Talk to the
lady ghost. Do NOT take her soul. Let her go. Now, return to the blue knight's
tomb. Tell him what happened then take his soul. You can get rid of the third
soul house. It's not needed. You know have another quest item. Store it away.
Go ahead and take the armor in the chest now. It was cursed before. Now it is
the best armor you will find in the game. It also looks a lot better than any
other armor (I like the War Armor the best, but it's wimpy). Too bad they
don't have a dry cleaners in this world. The blood stains are annoying.

Anyway, you can now explore the city anyway you like. Here are descriptions of
the more tricky tombs.

NW of the City is a healing altar. A few paces east of there is a Mana Altar.
Both are at the north. A few more paces east of the Mana altar is an exit to
an outside viewing area, where you can look at the scar. You will meet Nula
there if you are playing a male character. She will give you the Fall Equinox
disc. If you are playing a woman character, no one will be there.

South of the healing altar is a tomb. There is a illusory wall on its east
side that leads to a complex area. Take the stairs down, get all the rocks you
can from the chest and surrounding area. A plate in the floor opens a wall. Go
in and ignore the plate near the east wall. Put a bag on rocks on each of the
two plates in the side passage and enter the teleporter. You are now in a room
with four pressure plates. Put one rock on each plate, then step through the
'porter. Take your rock bags off the two plates and you can now enter the
area. Near one of the chests is a spinner. Make sure you are facing the right
way. It has a ruby shard. Now go back to the door with the hold next to it and
load in the ruby shard. You will get a wand of unmaking which is a very
powerful weapon. Save it for the nasty monsters later in the game.

Just south of the NW area is a graveyard. One of the monsters will drop a Onyx
Raven key that'll let you into a tomb nearby.

The rest of this place is pretty simple. Just look for illusory walls and you
won't miss a thing.

When you're done, go back into the Temple and take the 'porter to your left.
You will be taken to the exit of the temple.


Quest Items: The Sacrifice of Clay

After finishing the Temple and Necropolis, you will have four white discs. Go
back to that area where the strange rock formations sprout up and walk around.
It goes in a circle. To the side are four altars with round holes. Put the
discs in the holes until you have filled all four of them.

You will also see a stranger hiding behind a rock. Talk to him and take the
Wreath of Hallowed Leaves. You'll need this at the end of the game.

Keep walking around and you will find a center area. When you walk into it
after putting all the discs in you will be transported to Sanctuary.

This is a weird place but rather simple to explore. On the north walls are six
dragon imprints. To the south is a door that looks like an eye. East and West
are four teleporters.

You need to enter each of the teleporters and get the dragon pieces, then
place them on the dragon imprints to open the doors to the Eye of Clay. Let's
deal with the teleporters one by one.

To the East are two 'porters. One is in a recessed area the other is not. The
same as in the west side.

Eastern Non-Recessed 'porter: This takes you to an area with shifting walls.
Just keep moving ahead into what looks like hallways before you. Eventually
you will come across three chests. The exit is behind a illusory wall with a
plate in front of it. Stepping on the plate causes a 'porter to appear behind
the wall (or disappear).

Eastern Recessed 'Porter: You end up in a big room with a pressure plate at
one side. Step on the plate to open a wall in the north. Beware of fires and
flying fists. Enter the two 'porters behind the wall to get to the two chests.

Western Non-Recessed Porters: This area has a bunch of plates between walls.
Rolling rocks patrol along the far walls. You must weave yourself around the
center walls, walking across the plates as if you were sewing a thread. This
will open two doors on one side and one on the other. Three chests await.

Western Recessed 'Porter: Save this one for last. It takes you to an area
where a Mana and Health Altar are. Stepping on the plate will create a Jester
to fight you. Finish your business then teleport out. Now enter this 'porter
again and you will be in a new area. This place has a plate that requires one
rock. It opens a door to a chest. Teleporting out you will end up back in the
altar room. Using that escape porter takes you to a north/south hall with a
porter at each end. Go into the north porter, but beware of the spinner that
will try to make you head south. You will arrive before the final chest and
get the last dragon piece.

Once all pieces are in place, you can enter a hallway to the north. Open the
door to the west and raid the chests. Now go east and follow the twisty
hallway around. You will see a rolling rock and an illusory wall. Pass through
the wall and keep going. Beware of spinners. Eventually you will come to a
teleporter. Take it and talk to the tree in the north.

Now that you have the sacrifice of clay, teleport out. Nearby is a porter in a
recessed area. Take it to the exit.

You can now cross over to desolation and the last stage of the game. The way
you take is up to you. I list both methods below. If you choose Gorge Keep,
just go back to the Temple of the Moon, but turn north right before you enter
the gates. Follow along the path, enter a waterfall on the way to pick up a
spell, then make your way to the keep. You will see Brice, the big bearded guy
crucified in front of the keep if you are not playing him.

If you choose to go through the Reed Plain, cross back over the scar on either
the Ward Bridge or the Barrier. Go back to the top of the Elder Tree. Move
north and the tree will bend and take you across the Scar. It will only do
this if all the roots were healed earlier.

THE REED PLAIN (optional)

Goal: Cross the place to get to the Iron Titan

This area is optional, but if you cross into desolation from the Elder Tree,
you have to pass through it. There are a lot of Slog Riders and a few Will O'
Wisps here, but you can move in any direction. Beware of hidden spikes in the
reeds. The only things to find here are the spell of unmaking in a chest
surrounded by spikes and Skaracs. Skaracs are scorpion things. You only need
one. When you exit at the north west side you'll come to a bridge guarded by a
two headed giant. Talk to him and you'll eventually find the skarac to be

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