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Alien Odyssey Tips & Tricks

Tags: Alien Odyssey Game Guides, Alien Odyssey Hints, Alien Odyssey Walkthrough

Alien Odyssey

Submitted by: Dj Simo

1. Comms Bunker.

A, drop down. 

Shoot the fan. A.

Shoot the creature on the other side. Jump over the another fan. 
Beware of the acid slime on the floor. 

Kill lizard behind the bars. Use console. Click on the red line near 
your position, then click on >< sign. The bars move away. Crouch under. 

Shoot the machine console until it goes critical and explodes. Down. 

Shoot the creature, A. 

Kill droid guard. If you didn't lose too much health until now, you 
may ignore the elevator. 

A, kill flying incapacitator drone. Jump over the acid, A. 

When you have a choice of 2 doors, select the left one. Kill droid, 
take his hand. 

Return to that elevator 3 screens back. Use it. 

Shoot barrels. Use terminal. Click on lower option, then on >< - your 
laser is now more powerful. If you need to refresh your health visit the 
room behind barrels. 

Return to the place with 2 doors, take right door now. Kill droid, use 
terminal - you should see a small slot opening in the rock. 

Exit and to the left door again. Shoot the device. Go to the opened door 
ahead. Use elevator. 

In big hall slash 2 droids. Use terminal. First click on the red blinking 
spanner sign, then on lightbridge sign. As usual, confirm your selections 
with a press of a >< button. 

Go over the lightbridge. Go to yellow door. 

Run thru the beams and pick up the musical key and cartridge. Run back. 

Use musical key on door. Now you have only one cartridge so the code is 
simple. (You can hear the codes as you activate the key; use cartridges 
to repeat them.) 

Use terminal. Enter middle menu and click the big button under it. The 
light in the room on the screen goes up. 

Exit to the hall. Go to the 2nd elevator. Use it. 

A, use musical key on nearest door. Kill droid, take 2nd cartridge. 
Exit and use elevator. 

Go to the broken bridge. Slide down. A, kill flying drones, use elevator. 
Use musical key. 

Run A. Use elevator. A, until you get to the huge room with a laser 
beam machine. 

A, enter the door on the other side of this room. 

A, A, R, kill droids on your way. Collect a hand and another cartridge. 
Use terminal on the right side of the corridor to make your gun more 
powerful. There is a tram room farther, but it's unaccessible now because 
of a forcefield. 

1 screen back, use musical key on door. There are three consoles - 
you must switch all 3 on simultaneously. The trick is that they switch 
themselves off after a short time and they are pretty far away from 
each other. 

When you are successful, go A to the tram. Prepare to kill a droid inside. 

When you arrive to the control room, shoot droid and use terminal. 
Switch everything on. You should see that 1) the laser goes off, 2) the 
lens cover opens, and 3) the stream of energy starts flowing from one 
terminal to some other. Use tram again. 

Return to the room with the laser. Use elevator, kill droid. A, crouch 
and shoot the lens. Get down and go to the other door (where you came 

In the corridor with 3 turrets use terminal (near the door). Close the 
lens cover and activate the laser - it goes critical. Now run outta 
here and fast! 

Return to the big hall, climb up the broken bridge. Use 2nd elevator. 
Go to the nearest door and use terminal to open the yellow door on the 
left. Proceed to this door. 

Shoot this huge sentry droid. Now run all the way A thru the big doors. 
Shoot the car coming at you - it breaks the door to freedom! 


2. The Armoury. 

A, thru the door. Kill droid in the distance, visit the door where he 
was hanging out. 

In the room with 4 doors and a blue column in the center kill droid, 
take the left bridge. Shoot 2 droids in the round hall, go thru the 
right door. 

Slain the droid in the pit room. He loses his hand and it falls down 
the pit. Exit to the round hall and take the left door. 

Kill droid and incapacitator drone. Don't try to kill the second drone 
that flies around, I think it's impossible, just jump over into the 
entry while he's out. 

Use console in the center of the room. Mix the chemicals from the 
lowest left and middle right pipes. The mixture brings up the droid's 
hand. Visit the pit again and pick it up. 

In the round hall use elevator. Kill droid, proceed to the left door. 
Kill droid and 2 drones (or you may leave the drones). Use terminal, 
click on bridge, click on >< to move it. 

Walk over. Use lift, quickly jump over the mine on it. A, shoot the 
senrty, enter the door. Slash another droid and 2 flying bastards. 
To the door. 

Quickly run from the turret fire and enter the first door on the right. 
Slash droid, use terminal to make your laser more powerful. Ignore the 
elevator for now. Exit the same door and shoot the turret (it won't 
fire now). Proceed A. 

Kill droid, proceed A. Kill droid, take his cartridge. A, to the corridor, 
L to the room with the elevator. Use it. Exit the door. Use elevator 
A to get to the round hall. 

Make your way back to the huge machine room (second on this level). 
Run to the opposite side and enter the second door. Kill droid. 
After the stones fall shoot them. Enter. 

In the mine kill 2 droids, use large elevator. 

A, all the way, recharge if you need. 

Ignore the door now. Approach the transporter tape and step onto 
the elevator on the right. Step onto the transporter. Run A, kill 
or ignore the droid. You should run under the 2 presses - the first 
one is simple, but the second one requires a little timing. 

After you've passed the 2nd press drop left *immediately*. A, shoot 
droid. Use terminal - hmmmmm... Exit A. 

In the slime hall step onto the central pad and grab some blue stuff 
from it. Walk A to the top-end of the hall. Beware of the mine! 

Shoot droid. Use elevator. A. Shoot droid on the bridge. You can also 
kill the one on the opposite side to save your time. 

A, kill 2 droids and an incapacitator. Use terminal - the reactor 
status is "normal". Not for long, hehehehe. Exit, A. 

Battle the evil base master (sodding huge motherfucker that fires 
blue lasers and rockets at you). But if you use the big red podium 
in the center of the room as a cover it is possible to finish him 
without a single healh point lost. Also take out the turret. 
Recharge if you need. 

Exit the second door. On the bridge kill the sentry droid and pick 
up another cartridge. 

Return all the way back to the room with 4 doors and a column. 
Use musical key on the central door (opposite the entry). (BTW, 
left door is pretty useless, it has only a recharger in it.) 

Shoot droid. Be careful and do not damage the walls (you'll know 
why when you damage them!). A, thru the corridors and rooms shooting 
droids. Use elevator in the last room. 

Jump over the mines. Recharge if you need to. A to the door. 

This is a bunch of interconnected rooms, some of which have 
reactor temperature regulators in them - the big multicolored cubic 
devices with a sort of control panel in front. Shoot all of them 
you encounter. When the reactor goes critical find a closed door 
in one of the rooms (there's a terminal near it, but it's useless). 

In the room shoot droid, carefully avoiding the mines pick up 
cartridge. Exit all the way back to the elevator and use it. 

Return to the big round hall with the elevator - the one that leads 
you to 3 different doors. Use musical key to open the 3rd door 
(right one). 

Shoot everyone you meet in here. Take the farest door. Run and 
shoot the huge blue guard droid, pick up his hand. Ignore the 
elevator in the same room - it's just a fake. 

Run ahead past 3 mines. Kill 2 droids in next room (hard). Use 
elevator A. 

Shoot or ignore (or hack :)) 2 incapacitator drones. Look at all 
4 doors. There are codes written above them. Remember these codes 
and enter them into the terminal (middle menu). After the prison 
doors deactivated visit the door next to the terminal (on the left). 
Kill the big blue one, pick up his hand. Exit and use terminal again. 
Select middle menu - you see a lift open up. 

Enter the door opposite to the one you've visited. Step into the 
center and use lift. 

Recharge if needed. Use terminal to power up your gun first, than 
to release Gaan and other prisoners. 

Now it's time for a showdown. Here's a Dak leader - a big droid 
in a sort of flying cart. He fires deadly pink laser, lays powerful 
mines and sometimes crushes you with his vehicle. The strategy is 
to avoid his shots and wait until he loses power and returns into 
the center of the hall to recharge. When this happens blast the 
sucker with your finest laser!

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