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Age of Mythology FAQ Tips & Tricks

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Age of Mythology FAQ

| Age of Mythology FAQ Version final                                        |
| Last Modified   : April 2, 2003                                           |
| Created On      : January 5, 2003                                         |
| author          : James Macarthur  |

++	News of the expansion has been made!!!  It is to be called	++
++	Remeber The Titans.  It will deal with a mytological civ	++
++	in itself by presenting the player with the Atlanteans.		++
++	12 new God Powers, new units and myth units as well as a 	++
++	new building set and new tiles.  Should be available Fall	++
++	2003!  Bring it on ES!!!					++


1.0 Introduction
	1.1 Revision History
	1.2 About Me
2.0 Game Overview
	2.1 Game requirements
3.0 Civilization Overview
	3.1 Greeks
	3.2 Egyptian
	3.3 Norse
4.0 Gods
	4.1 Greek Gods
	4.2 Egyptian Gods
	4.3 Norse Gods
5.0 Buildings
	5.1 Greek Builings
	5.2 Egyptian Buildings
	5.3 Norse Buildings
6.0 Units (including unit stats)
	6.1 Greek Units
	6.2 Egyptian Units
	6.3 Norse Units
	6.4 Unit Counters
7.0 Gameplay Tips
8.0 Resources
	8.1 Food
	8.2 Wood
	8.3 Gold
	8.4 Favor
	8.5 Population
9.0 Map Types and Game Styles
10.0 Technology
	10.1 Common Technology
	10.2 Greek Unique Technolgies
	10.3 Egyptian Unique Technology
	10.4 Norse Unique Technology
11.0 Relics
12.0 Frequently Asked Questions
13.0 Default Hot Keys
14.0 Web Links and Cheats
	14.1 Official Sites
	14.2 Community Sites
	14.3 Fan Sites
	14.4 Mythology Websites
	14.5 Suggested Downloads
	14.6 Cheats
	14.7 Abbreviations
15.0 Credits
16.0 Legal

I compiled this reference for myself as a guide, then thought, "Why not share 
this with others"?
So here it is.  Most of the information in this FAQ I gleaned from many places 
including the game, the FAQ that Jonathan Galloway wrote in his FAQ as well as 
newsgroups, forums and ESO chats.

I am always looking for new information and tactics/ hints as I write this, so 
if you see anything that needs feedback (wrong information, right information, 
something I missed, etc., contact me at the e-mail above.

The whole idea of this guide is to give players an all in one place to find 
information that may be handy to them as they crush their enemies, or are in 
turn destroyed. 

So without further ado, the guide.

(well OK, a little more ado.)

1.1 Revision History
08-January, 2003 - started typing the reams of info into this baby!
14-January, 2003 - completed enough to make it worth uploading.
18-January, 2003 - Added Hotkeys, added some new relics, started section on 
resources and added to FAQs.
28-January, 2003 - Started adding Unit stats, question about AI, some minor god 
1- February, 2003 - More unit stats added.
7 - February, 2003 - Added unit gather rates.  Uploaded v1.2.
1 - April, 2003 - Happy April's Fool Day!  Decided I hadn't done enough lately, 
and got some more stuff added.
18 - April, 2003 - Finished off the last few tables I wanted.  Marked FAQ as 
final, although if I get new information that needs to be added, I will.  
I have gone through the tables and adjusted the stats r the patches and play balance 
fixes that ES has made.  Hopefully I got them all.

If you can add any information or supply charts or tables to help out, e-mail me 
and I will add it, giving full credit to you.

1.2 About Me
I have been playing computer games since the dawn of time.  Well Ok, I got my 
first 'computer' in 1981, an Atari VCS, later the 2600 at the ripe old age of 11.  
Since then I have played games on a C-64, TRS-80, Amiga and PCs.  I love RTS games 
and first person shooters.  I also play RPGs when I have the time.  I have
designed 1 mission for 1 game, The Unholy for Freespace2.  I play games an 
average of 2 to 3 hours a day (I know, no life.) and am always looking for the next 
great game.  I occasionally play online, but at the time of this writing, I have only 
played 1 rated game of AoM, which I won using Loki.  My wife plays games with me (she 
started with The Sims 2 years ago) and progressed to 'real' games  last year with 
The Conquerors.
She also lets my 7 year old daughter play AoM with me.  Now if my 2 month old 
son could only sit at the other computer and use the mouse!  (update: I created a mod 
for Morrowind called Daywalker.  It's based on the movie Blade (II) and I may or may not 
upload it!)

2.0 Game Overview
Age of Mythology (AoM) is the latest game designed at Ensemble Studios, the 
creaters of Age Of Empires and Age of Empires 2: The Age of Kings, as well as the 
expansion packs for these amazing games.  AoM is published through
Microsoft Game Studios.

There are 2 versions of the game.  The standard edition contains 2 CDs, a small 
manual and a fold out tech tree detailing the civilizations and their god choices and 
technology trees.  The collecters edition is a limited edition (each numbered) that has 
all of the stuff from the standard, and throws in A DVD, a CD with the music from the game, 
a copy of Bulfinch's Mythology, a poster and a figurine.  Since I was dumb and only bought 
the standard edition, I may have made some mistakes with the collectors edition.

AoM brings some new game play to the RTS (Real-time Strategy) gaming table.  It 
supports a full economic model,
unique civilizations, technology to research and standard units.  However, it 
also adds twists like god powers
(think a one time magic spell), and mythology (duhh!) in the way of powerful 
units like the troll, the Anubite,
and Medusa.  Although the game can be played and won without ever creating a 
mythological unit, they certainly
add a new dynamic to the battles that are fought.  Other cool inovations 
introduced in AoM includesettlements
(you can only build a new town center (TC) on a free settlement) and ESO, an 
online game matching service.  With
ESO you can connect to other players with a similair rating (skill level) and 
play out the battles of myth!  Also
included is a hero system through which some truely powerful humans are brought 
forth.  An interesting new twist
on food gathering in AoM is the concept of fattening, whereby the longer a 
herdable animal lives, the more food
it will provide when it is finally killed.

AoM also contains a great single player experience in the campaign.  There are 
32 missions in the main campaign
and 3 or 4 training missions.  In the story of the main campaign, the player 
puts on the sandels of Arkantos, an
Atlantean hero whom uncovers a terrible plot to restore an ancient evil to the 
world.  Ok so it is a bit cliched,
but still a good story with lots of plot twists.  It does a good job of 
introducing the player to each of the
god choices and powers as well as the three civilizations.

2.1 Game Requirements
Age of Mythology requires at least the following to play:
	450 mhz Processor
	Mouse or pointing device
	56K modem (for online play only)
	Windows (98, Me, 2000, XP)
	128 Meg Memory
	CD-ROM (double speed or better)
	16MB 3D video card, 800x600 resolution
	1.5Gigbyte Hard Drive Space
Highly Recommended
	1Gigahertz or better CPU
	256 Meg RAM or better
	32-64MB 3D video card (or better)

To play online, an internet connection is required.  A 56K modem should be good 
for 1v1 games, while broadband
is recommended for larger or team games.
AoM also plays on a LAN using TCP/IP (or direct connection).

3.0 Civilization Overview
There are 3 distinct civilizations in AoM to choose from, with each offering the 
player the choice of 3 major gods
to choose from at the start of a game.  There are 4 ages in a standard game 
(less if you win or lose early!)
consisting of the Archaic age, the Classical age, the Heroic Age and finally the 
Mythic Age.  Each time the player
begins research for the next age, they will be offered a choice of two minor 
gods to worship and gain benefits from.
Choose carefully though as once the research is completed, you will not be able 
to rescind the choice made.  This
means that for a full game, the player will end up with the major god choosen at 
the start, as well as three minor
gods, each more powerful than the last.

The civilizations which can be choosen are the Greeks, the Egyptians and my 
personal favorite, the Norse.  Each
gains favor (a resource needed to build all mythological units and research) in 
a different way.  Each also plays

3.1 Greeks
The Greeks are possibly the easiest civilization to play in AoM because they 
play almost exactly like any
civilization from earlier Age of games.  Greeks gain favor by worshipping at the 
temple they build in the Archaic
age.  It is important to note that favor is gained by the Greeks in a diminshing 
returns system.  Greek heroes are
all named units from stories everyone knows.  They are very powerful units and 
as a result are capped at a limit of
4 heroes.  They are researched at the toen center and each major god grants 
unique heroes at each age advance.  The
only exception to this rule is Poseidon, who grants an extra hero who is 
researched at the dock.  This unique hero is
The Argo and is a naval only unit.  All other Greek heroes are land only.  
Greeks start each game with a scout unit
called a Kataskopos.  He can not be replaced if killed, although he is fairly 
swift so should be able to scout large
amounts of the map before he is killed.  Once a temple is built, the Greek 
player can also build Pegasus as much as
they like.  Pegasus is an aerial unit and as such can only be killed by ranged 
units or buildings.  Each Greek major
god also grants a unique unit in the Mythic age, built at the fortress.

The following chart shows a suggested god path to follow to gain the maximum 
benefit for each 'Focus' in your game.

FOCUS			Archaic Age	Classical Age	Heroic Age	Mythic Age
Economy			Poseidon	Hermes		Aphrodite	Hephaestus
Infatry			Zeus		Athena		Dionysus	Hephaestus
Archers			Hades		Ares		Apollo		Artemis
Cavalry			Poseidon	Hermes		Dionysus	Hephaestus
Mythological Units	Zeus		Athena		Apollo/Dionysus Hera
Naval Units		Poseidon	Hermes		Dionysus	Artemis
Defense			Hades		Athena		Apollo	

3.2 Egyptians
Egyptians are slightly more difficult to play, mainly because one of their best 
units (the Pharaoh) is a unit unlike
any unit in any other game.  He is given the ability to 'empower' buildings.  
This simply means he is able to speed
up whatever is occuring at that building.  If it is researching, it happens 
faster.  Units are built faster and
all gathering done at that particulair drop site is enhanced.  With one 
exception, only the Pharoah can empower.  The
Pharoah is an Egyptian hero who is also very effective in combat.  Egyptians can 
also build further hero units (the
preist) at their temples.  Preists can not empower buildings (with the exception 
of those who worship Ra), but can
be very effective in combat versus myth units.  Preists also heal nearby allied 
troops and a considered a ranged unit
for purposes of combat.  Egyptian favor is gained through a series of five 
monuments, built by the laborers.  Monuments
start small, but gain considerable size and power as they are built.  By the 
time the fifth monument is built, favor
is generally rolling in quite quickly.  Egyptian players are granted automatic 
tower upgrades when they reach the
Classical age, making them a good choice for a defensive player.  Egyptians are 
also not as reliant upon wood as the
Greeks and Norse.  Egyptian buildings are quite often free, taking only time to 
build.  Egyptians are the slowest
builders in the game, but can be sped up with the use of the Pharoah unit.

The following chart shows a suggested god path to follow to gain the maximum 
benefit for each 'Focus' in your game.

FOCUS			Archaic Age	Classical Age	Heroic Age	Mythic Age
Economy			Ra		Bast		Hathor		Osiris
Infantry		Ra, Set		Ptah		****		Horus
Archers			Set		Ptah		Sekhmet		Thoth
Migdol Stronghold Units	Ra, Set		Anubis, Ptah	Sekhmet	
	Osiris, Thoth
Defense			Isis		Bast		Hathor		Osiris
Pharaoh & Preist	Isis, Set	Anubis		Nephthys	Osiris, Thoth
Mythological Units	Ra, Isis	Bast		****		Osiris
Naval Units		Ra, Isis	Bast		Nephthys, Sekhmet Osiris, Thoth

**** - since no specific bonuses are given, choose whichever god suits you best.

3.3 Norse
The Norse are the vikings of old.  They are perhaps the most difficult to get 
used to because of the way they build
and gain favor.  Whereas the Greeks and Egyptians use their laborers to build 
all their buildings, the Norse use
their infantry.  This makes it very easy to forward build or rip down an enemy 
Town Center and replace it with your
own very quickly.  Norse soldiers revel in combat, and this is reflected in the 
way the Norse gain favor.  For each
violent act, favor somes in.  Even hunting and herding animals gains a small 
amount of favor.  The Norse hero unit is
the Hersir, who also creates a small amount of favor just for existing.  Each 
Hersir is given a name when created,
by using a random name generator.   There exists a great sense of humor in many 
of the Hersir names.  Norse players can
also create dwarves at their town centers.  Dwarves are excellent at mining 
gold, but not so good at food or wood.
Norse are somewhat handicapped in that they do not possess ranged units capable 
of pierce damage.  Their is only one
exception to this, the ballista, built in the mythic age at the Hill Fort.

The following chart shows a suggested god path to follow to gain the maximum 
benefit for each 'Focus' in your game.

FOCUS			Archaic Age	Classical Age	Heroic Age	Mythic Age
Economy			Thor		Forseti, Freyja	Skadi		Tyr
Ulfsarks		Thor		Forseti		Bragi		Tyr
Throwing Axemen		Thor		Forseti, Freyja	Skadi		Baldr, Tyr
Cavalry			Odin		Freyja		Njord		Baldr
Hersir, myth units	Loki		Forseti		Bragi		Hel
Naval Units		Odin		Heimdall	Njord		Baldr, Tyr
Defense			Odin		Heimdall	Njord, Skadi	Baldr, Tyr

4.0 Gods

4.1 Greek Gods

Major Gods

Zeus was born to Kronos and Rhea, both titans.  Because his father was told he 
would be overthrown by a	child of his,
he swallowed each of his children at birth.  Eventually Rhea grew tired of this, 
and substittued a large stone in
place of Zeus.  When he grew, he came to rescue his siblings, and overthrow his 
father.  The titans were then
banished to Tartarus.  Zeus was given the reign of the immortals at Olympus and 
took the mantel of thunder among
others.  He is often pictured holding a Bolt of Lightning, forged by his son 
Hepasteus.  He is married to Hera.

The Zeus player starts with favor (25), gains favor faster than other Greek 
cultures, and has a favor cap of 200,
instead of the 100 imposed on every other major god.
Hoplites move faster.  Hoplites (infantry) move faster (approx. 10%) than other 
Infantry cause extra damage to buildings.  Double damage to buildings hit by 
infantry weapons.
The Myrmidon is a unique unit to Zeus built in the mythic age fortress.  The 
Myrmidon is an infantry
unit with bonus damage versus Egyptian and Norse units.

Bolt.  Bolt is capable of killing any one unit that the player has line of sight 

Olympic Parentage.  Zeus supplies your hero units with extra hit points

Classical Age	Athena, Hermes
Heroic Age	Apollo, Dionysus
Mythic Age	Hephaestus, Hera

The best use of the Bolt power is to hold off and see if a Norse Loki player 
goes Hel in the Mythic or a Ra player
worships Osiris.  Each of these two gods grant a GP that creates a very powerful 
unit hard to kill by other means.
Bolt will do the job easily.  Another decent use of this power is to kill an 
enemy hero unit in a large battle to
turn the tide quickly, or to destroy an enemy scout early, so they are crippled 
in knowledge.
Because Zeus gains favor faster, the player can save population slots by not 
creating as many worshippers.  This
can then be used for extra gatherers or troops.
Hoplites move faster and since they are infantry, they counter cavalary.  They 
are excellent at getting into
formations of enemy cav units and tearing them apart.  They are also good at 
raiding economic drop sites due
to their extra speed and bonus damage to buildings.
Zeus' infantry cause doble damage to all buildings, which makes them excellent 
at seige without the need for large
amounts of siege weaponry.  Because of the damage bonus from infantry, and the 
fact that the Myrmydon does bonus
damage to Norse and Egyptian units, they make an excellent army with little 
support needed.

Poseidon is one of Zeus' older brothers, swallowed at birth by Kronos.  Being 
immortal, he was undigested.
Poseidon is usually closely associated with the sea, but he was also the Lord of 
Horses.  He and Athene were
competing for the favor of the city of Athens.  Poseidon gave the city the horse 
as his attempt, but lost to
Athene who gave the olive tree.

When a dock is built, a free Hippocampus is spawned.  If killed, it respawns at 
the dock.  The hippocampus is
a free naval scout unit with no attack.
Militia appear at destroyed buildings.  The militia do not count against your 
population, nor do they cost you
anything (except the destroyed building!).  They are relatively weak, but can 
help if the enemy forces were
weakened during their assault.  The larger a building destroyed, the more 
militia that appear.
The market is cheaper to use.  All transactions are 10% less then other civs.  I 
am not sure if this also
applies to buying caravans or researching the market techs.
Cavalry is cheaper.  All cavalry units are 10% cheaper.
Stables are cheaper.  Stables cost 50% less than other Greek stables.
Poseidon allows an extra hero unit in the Argo.  This allows him to field five 
hero units at a time.  The Argo
is built at the dock.
Gastraphetes, a powerful archer unit, unique to Hades.

Lure.  Lure causes animals to slowly come towards the stone that is the symbol 
of the power.  It lures a set
amount of food before fading away.  There is a small problem though, in that not 
only does it lure herdables
and huntables, it also lures predators that will attack and eat your gatherers.

Lord of Horses.  Your cavalry units will gain a much larger line of sight, 
making them ideal for scouting or
raiding the enemies economic bases.

Classical Age	Ares, Hermes
Heroic Age	Aphrodite, Dionysus
Mythic Age	Artemis, Hephaestus

Because of the bonuses gained by worshipping Poseidon, his cavalry are very 
strong and make a good back bone
to your army.  It is best to follow the god path through Hermes and Dionysus to 
get all the benefits.
The cheaper market use allows you to build more donkey caravans for the same 
money as another player.  This
can allow you to gain more gold quicker in the late game when gold mines can 
become scarce or dangerous.
The hippocampus allows youto keep an eye on your enemies fishing operations for 
a quick raid, as well as
allow you to see what naval forces are being built.
Since Lure can bring dangerous animals to your gatherers, cast it close to your 
first TC so that it can fire
arrows at wolves and the like.  Cast it early as well so that the animals aren't 
cleared from the map before
you can benefit from its power.

Hades is brother to Zeus and Poseidon.  He was the God of the Dead and ruler of 
the Underworld.  Since all
precious minerals and metals came from the realm of Hades, he is also considered 
lord of Wealth.  This is
reflected in his Vault of Erebus improvement.  Shades were the denezins of the 
Underworld and as such Hades
commands them in battle.  Hades gains excellent archers.

Shades.  20% of all unit loses (only human units!) will return to fight again as 
Shades.  They appear at your
temple and are not as strong as during life, but they are free.  They don't 
count against your population.
Stronger buildings.  Hades buildings have more hit points (25% higher) and are 
therefore harder to destroy.
Stronger archer and building attack.  Buildings gain about 20% extra pierce 
attack and archers gain about 10%.

Sentinel.  Invoking Sentinel creates up to 4 (depends on building placement) 
'living' statues that defend one
toen center.  It can be cast on an allies TC as well.  Any improvement that 
makes a building stronger affects

Vault of Erebus.  Researching the Vault of Erebus gives the benefit of a trickle 
of gold constantly.  It's not
a huge amount at a time (about .3 gold per second or 1 gold every 3 seconds), 
but it is free gold once it is

Classical Age	Ares, Athena
Heroic Age	Aphrodite, Apollo
Mythic Age	Artemis, Hephaestus

Once engaged in battle, periodically check your temple for any Shades that can 
be sent back into battle.
Hades is best played as a defensive civilization due to his many building 
improvements.  Go into battle
only when you have created a large army capable of defeating the enemy easily.
Because Hades gains so many archer bonuses, consider using them as the backbone 
to your army.  Follow Ares
and Apollo to gain more benefits.
Keep the Sentinel GP until you or your ally start expanding.  Drop it on a TC 
you consider important to
your war effort.  If you try to place it, and you are shown one or more red 
statues, consider deleting the
building(s) that are in the way, then casting the GP. That way, all 4 will 
appear.  Remember to upgrade them
by researching any improvements to buildings (sight line, attack, etc.).
Although the Vault of Erebus won't make you rich, it will give you access to 
slightly more gold than a player
with the same amount of gold miners and improvements.  This will allow you to 
build more Toxotes and other
archer units.

Minor Gods

Classical Age

Greek God of battle and slaughter.  He benefits human soldiers attacks.

God Power:
Pestilence.  When cast on an enemy town, prevents the enemy from creating new 
military units.  Any building
under a greenish 'fog' or cloud is affected.  It may or may not stop an enemy 
from building ANY units, depending
on where the troop buildings have been located.

Myth Unit:
Cyclops.  Giants with 1 central eye.  Recharging special attack flings enemy 
units away.  This gives you more time
to deal with them and causes large amounts of damage.  They are slow moving and 
should be supported with human
soldiers to deal with enemy heroes.

Unique Tech:
WILL OF KRONOS.  Cyclops are upgraded to Elder Cyclops which train faster and 
cause more damage.
PHOBOS' SPEAR OF PANIC.  Attack damage of Hoplites improved.
DEIMOS' SWORD OF DREAD.  Hypaspists gain improve attack damage.  Since you can't 
train Hypaspists until the
Heroic age, save your resources and do not research this until you have built 
some of these units.
ENYO'S BOW OF HORROR. Toxotes gain increased attack damage.

Goddess of Wisdom and Warfare.  Infantry defence benefits from her improvements.

God Power.
Restoration.  A short lasting (4-5 seconds) power that heals your units and  
buildings.  It also can affect
allies in it's area.  Monitor your units or buildings carefully so that you can 
cast this when needed most.  It
is best used when you need to boost your army to puch the enemy out of your town 
(you are winning the battle)
and enter their base or to extend the life of your units in the enemy town to 
finish off things like TCs and
fortress type buildings.

Myth Unit:
Minotaur.  This half man, half bull creature gets a recharging gore attack that 
will instantly kill human units.

Unique Tech:
LABYRINTH OF MINOS.  Upgrades Minotaurs to Bull Minotaurs which are cheaper and 
are stronger (more hit points).
SARISSA. Hoplite hack armor increased making them more resistant to infantry and 
AEGIS SHIELD.   All infantry pierce armor increased, improving resistance to 

The God of Messengers whom improves your cavalry.

God Power.
Ceasefire.  All combat all across the map stops for the length of the power.  
Doves circle all the TCs on the
map to show the peace that has erupted.  It can gain the player time to 
reinforce their army or stop an enemy
from finishing off a building, giving you time to repair it.  A side effect of 
this power is that any building
that can attack aside from a TC stops at it's current building level until the 
power is over.  It is humorous
to watch Norse infantry pounding the nails into a Hill Fort in your town to no 

Myth Unit:
Centaur.  A Horses body supporting a human torso.  A very strong archer unit 
whos special attack is a super
accurate shot that always hits its target.  This unit is quick and makes a great 
raider for hit and run
tactics on enemy gathering points.

Unique Tech:
SYLVAN LORE.  Centaurs become Centaur Polemarchs, with improved speed and hit 
points.  An awesome raiding unit.
SPIRITED CHARGE.  Speed and attack damage of Greek Cavalry improved.
WINGED MESSENGER.  Food cost of Pegasus unit reduced to 0 (costing only 2 favor 
now)!  Additionally, they train
faster and have a longer line of sight.

Heroic Age

The God of the Sun and Music.  Archers benefit from Apollos improvements.

God Power:
Underworld Passage.  Two lines of sight must exist.  One where you would like 
the entrance (your base) and the
other at the exit (generally the enemies base, best if just outside of it). This 
allows you to move all you troops
into the one end, and they appear at the other end.  This can create a very 
quick end to the game.  To end this
GP, one end or the other must be destroyed.

Myth Unit:
Manticore.  The body of a lion, human face and scorpions tail create a fearsome 
foe.  Manticore shoot multiple
poisonous barbs from its tail.  Very effective versus human units and gets a 
bonus versus myth units.

Unique Tech:
ORACLE.  All units and buildings gain a larger line of sight.  Your scouts 
become much better and your units and
buildings will see the enemy sooner so you can change their battle lines of prep 
them for battle.
TEMPLE OF HEALING.   The Greek temple becomes a healing point that can also heal 
your allied units.  Stationary
units heal faster than moving units or those involved in combat.  The temple can 
only heal one unit at a time
unlike the Norse Healing Spring.
SUN RAY.  Improves the attack damage of a large number of units. Toxotes, 
Peltasts, Gastrophetes, Manticores and
Cantaurs all gain from this technology.

Goddess of Love & Beauty.  Her improvements benefit villagers.

God POwer:
Curse.  Enemy units will be turned to pigs (which can further be turned into 
food for your forces!).  It affects
a small area, and will not affect all units in the area.

Myth Unit:
Nemean Lion.  The lion slain by Heracles has the ability to roar causing damage 
to all enemy units in the
immediate area.

Unique Tech:
ROAR OF ORTHUS.  Armor of your Nemean Lions is improved (all armor types).
GOLDEN APPLES.  Villagers generate favor faster.  This may allow you to remove 
one worshipper and place them on a
resource you need (food or gold for example).
DIVINE BLOOD.  Villagers gain speed while moving (gather faster), build faster 
and carry more resources.  This allows
you to get an economic boost when needed to create larger armies.

God of Wine and Celebration.  Cavalry and Navy benefit most from his 

God Power:
Bronze.  For a short time, all your units within the area of effect are turned 
to bronze.  This allows them to
continue moving and fighting while gaining all kinds of armor boosts.  It will 
affect allied units if they are in
the area of effect when triggered.  Units become almost impervious to attacks 
while Bronze is on.

Myth Unit:
Hydra.  This beast starts with 1 head, but gains more (up to 5 I believe) with 
success in battle.  Each head
improves the overall attack of the beast.  Also with more heads, it can attack 
adjacent units.
Scylla.  A naval version of the Hydra.  It also gains additional headsd through 

Unique Tech:
BACCHANALIA.  All units (yes all) gain extra hit points with this tech.  When 
your population is maxed out this tech
could provide the small boost you need to defeat the last enemy units on the 
THRACIAN HORSES.  All cavalry benefit from this.  Hit points increase.
ANASTROPHE.  Pentekonter get extra attack damage, speed and also train faster.

Mythic Age

Goddess of Hunt and of Nature.  Her improvements benefit your archers and naval 

God Power:
Earthquake.  When triggered, Earthquake will rumble through an enemy town and 
destroy many buildings and heavily
damage many others.  It also affects enemy units, although it mostly knocks them 
to the ground with only a little

Myth Unit:
Chimera.  One of the offspring of Echinda and Typhon, it was a beast with a 
goats body, lions head and snakes
tail.  It can breathe fire and affects multiple enemy units at once.

Unique Tech:
FLAMES OF TYPHON.  Chimera are upgraded to Tyrants with improved attack (both 
normal and the special flame attack)
as well as more hit points.
SHAFTS OF PLAGUE.  Toxotes, Peltasts and Gastrophetes gain increased attack 
TRIEARCH.  Triremes get more hit points making them more resistant to enemy 
siege ships.

God of the Forge and Labor.  Human soldiers and weapons benefit from his 

God Power:
Plenty.  When cast a large vault appears (make sure to protect it) and provides 
a constant flow of food, wood
and gold.  If an enemy gets more troops near it then you, it goes to his control 
and he gains the resources.  The
resources come in at roughly the rate of 2 gatherers.  I will have to double 
check this rate though...

Myth Unit:
Colossus.  Perhaps the strongest (in terms of hit points) unit in the game, the 
Colossus is a construct resembling
the Colossus of Rhoads.  It is very strong against buildings and can lat for a 
long while against units.  It's
special 'attack' allows it to eat trees and gold mines to regain lost hit 

Unique Tech:
HAND OF TALOS.  Colossi are upgraded to Silver Colossi giving them more hit 
SHOULDER OF TALOS.  Silver Colossi are once again recast into Gold Colossi 
giving them more hit points again.
FORGE OF OLYMPUS.  All armory upgrades cheaper.  Try holding off researching 
armory techs until you have gained
the benefit of this tech to save resources.  Make up for the slightly weaker 
units by building more of them.
WEAPON OF THE TITANS.  All unique Fortress units as well as the Myrmidon, 
Hetairoi and Gastraphetes gain
increased attack damage.

Wife of Zeus, Goddess of the Home.  She benefits buildings and myth units.

God Power:
Lightning Storm.  Similair to Zeus' Bolt, but lasts longer, and affects an area 
as opposed to one unit.  Lightning
strikes will hit randomly in the area it was cast, hitting many enemy units and 
causing them large amounts of
damage or death.  It can be escaped from as the power doesn't move.  It also can 
cause light damage to

Myth Unit:
Medusa.  One of the Gorgon sisters with live snakes for hair, tusks, golden 
hands and bronze wings.  Her gaze will
turn enemy units to stone (recharging). She also carries a bow and arrows and is 
a decent ranged attacker.  This
unit is perhaps the strongest of all units in the game when supported properly.
Carcinos.  A large crab summoned by Hera to kill Heracles while he was battling 
the Hydra.  He defeated both, but
for it's efforts, Hera placed it in the stars.  It is a naval unit decent 
against enemy ships.  When killed the
Carcinos releases large amounts of boiling blood that can damage enemy units.

Unique Tech:
FACE OF THE GORGON.  Medusas upgraded to Matriarchs with increased hit points.
ATHENIAN WALL.  Buildings gain more hit points and can be very useful in late 
game when expanding.
MONSTROUS RAGE.  All your myth units gain increased attack damage for any attack 
type (hack, pierce and crush).

4.2 Egyptian Gods

Major Gods

Ra was the most important of the ancient Egyptian Gods.  He is considered the 
God of the Sun, and is often
portrayed with the Sun.  He has the head of a falcon and the body of a man.

Preists can empower.  All Egyptian Pharaohs can empower (make a building do 
something faster), but priests
can't.  Ra's can.  This allows him to build a very strong economy very quickly.
Pharaoh empowers faster.  Ra's Pharaoh empowers buildings with more speed, 
allowing another boost to the
economic boom possible under Ra.
Monuments are stronger.  The monuments all Egyptian civilizations must build to 
gain favor are stronger under
Ra, with 20% more hit points.  They are also cheaper, costing 25% less to build.
Chariot Archers & Camelry are faster and stronger.  They are built in the Migdol 
Stronghold and can move
faster (10%) and have a lot more hit points (20%).  This makes them very strong 
in the late game.

Rain.  Rain causes all farms near any TC (including your allies and enemies) to 
produce food at a faster rate.
Rain has the side benefit of causing a global ban on all other God Powers while 
in effect.  Rain affects all
civilizations on the map, but is strongest for the caster.  Since Egyptians are 
the only civilization that
can build farms in the first age, this can be a very strong god power.  If 
enough fars are built before the
enemy builds theirs, the caster will reap a large amount of food.

Skin of the Rhino.  Laborers are given better hack and pierce armor, making them 
harder to kill.  This allows
better hunting (elephants and rhinos will fight back!) or survive an earlier 
rush a little easier.

Classical Age	Bast, Ptah
Heroic Age	Hathor, Sekhmet
Mythic Age	Horus, Osiris

Ra has a very strong economic base.  With his Rain power, it is easy to create 
fairly large amounts of
food quickly.
Ra has the ability to empower faster with his Pharaoh and with his priests.  
This allows him an excellent
ability to gain large amounts of resources to mount a strong attack, heavy on 
Migdol units and myth units.
Follow the god path through Osiris to gain a second Pharaoh and perhaps one of 
the strongest ranged units in
the game in the Son of Osiris.
If you are planning a Migdol heavy army, follow Sekhmet (Bone Bow) to gain extra 
bonuses for your Chariot
Archers, and Osiris to gain the Son of Osiris and the speed and attack of 
Camelry (Desert Wind).
Because the priests of Ra can empower, scout with your Pharaoh.  He can pick up 
relics, he has a longer line
of sight and is harder to kill.
When playing a team game, try to coordinate casting Rain with your allies so 
that the maximum benefit is
gained.  Also keep in mind that no other GPs can be cast while Rain is active.  
Use it to boost food
production while attacking.  That way you have food after the attack and your 
enemies can't cast a GP to
counter your attack.
Learn Skin of the Rhino early so that your villagers can hunt larger animals for 
lots of food.  It also makes
them more survivable in a rush.
If you follow Hathor, cast Locust Swarm on an enemy before casting Rain.  That 
way they can't benefit from the
faster food production of rain.

Isis was the wife of Osiris and mother of Horus.  She was considered a 
protective Goddess and as a result
has many defensive abilities in AoM.

Monuments block god powers.  Each Monument built by Isis creates a 'shield' to 
other god powers.
Cheaper technology improvements.  Isis saves 10% off the cost of all 
techonological improvements.  This applies
to food, wood and gold costs.  This save a large amount of resources for 
military units or more improvements.
Priests build obelisks faster.  Obelisks are the chief way Egyptians keep LOS 
into enemy activities.  By
building them faster (60% faster) and cheaper (60% less resources), Isis can 
keep an eye out on enemies easily
and cheaply.
Town Centers add to Population Cap.  Each TC gives the player +3 population.  
This allows more villagers in
the early game to gather, and more military units in the late game.

Prosperity.  Isis speeds up your laborers so that they gather gold at double 
their rate.  This is stackable
with all gold mining technologies.

Flood of the Nile.  When researched at a granary, Isis creates a trickle of free 
food.  This may allow you
to move a gatherer to wood or gold to improve your gather rates.

Classical Age	Anubis, Bast
Heroic Age	Hathor, Nephthys
Mythic Age	Osiris, Thoth

Build your monuments all across your town to provide a shield against enemy god 
powers.  Consider building
one or more in your expansion towns or allies towns to provide protection for 
Because Isis gets cheaper obelisks, and they build faster, build many around the 
map so that you will
always know what your enemy is doing.
The higher population cap of your TCs allow more gatherers in the early game to 
build a stronger economy.
Since each TC gets the +3 pop bonus, use the extra room later in the game to 
create more military.
Before invoking Prosperity, send as many gatherers to mine gold to maximize the 
power.  Also consider
researching most if not all of the mining technologies before casting.
Consider Hathor (Sun Dried Bricks) to reduce the cost of buildings.  This goes 
well with Isis' improvements.
Also think about following Thoth in the late game.  Not only does he supply 
Meteor, he also has the Book
of Thoth to allow faster resource gathering.

Set was the God of Evil an Chaos.  He was the one who tricked Osiris and killed 
him, scattering the
parts so that he couldn't rise again.  He was also considered the God of the 
Desert and Foreign Lands.  He
has an affinty with animals and gains power over them.

Animals at age advancement.  Set starts with a Hyena which can be used to scout 
or attack enemy villagers in
the early game.  At each age advance, he gains a further batch of animals 
spawned at the temple.
Convert wild animals.  Set's priests can convert wild animals (select the 
priest, then right click on the
animal).  This power can create an army of animals to attack and raid enemy 
villagers or resources points.
Pharaohs summon wild animals.  Costing a little favor, Set's Pharaoh can summon 
wild animals which can be
used as food or as an army.  As you advance through the ages, you will be given 
more animal choices.
Slingers & Chariot Archers train faster.  Ranged units of Set train 20% faster.
Slingers have more hit points (+10%) and more hack armor, making them better in 

Vision.  Vision allows the player to temporarily see any part of the map (that 
was targetted).  This can be
used to quickly scout large areas or target a further God Power in the area as 
it counts as LOS.

Ferel.  Causes your converted animals to do more damage in battle.  It also 
restores the food lost to
animals that were converted (they lose some food value when converted), so it 
has an economic value as
well as a military.

Classical Age	Anubis, Ptah
Heroic Age	Nephthys, Sekhmet
Mythic Age	Horus, Thoth

Use the priest units to convert animals and the Pharaoh to summon animals.  
These can be used by you
as food if required or as an early army.  They also absorb arrows your main army 
might otherwise take.
Because Set gains some bonuses to ranged units and Migdol units, consider 
following Ptah, Sekhmet and
Thoth to further these.
Use your converted animals as scouts.  They are cheap and usually fast.
Use your priests to convert animals near your enemies base.  Either take them 
back to your town as
food, or use them to harass the enemy gatherers.  Use the ability of your 
Pharaoh (summon wild animals)
in the same way.
Slingers are stronger and train faster under Set, so they are a good unit to 
build.  Also consider
Chariot Archers as they train quickly as well.
Consider using Vision in combination with an offensive type God Power such as 
Meteor or Tornado.
When summoning or converting animals, select the Pharaoh or priest then use the 
command bar to get the
animal you want.

Minor Gods

Classical Age

Anubis was the Egyptian God of the Dead and Judgement.  His improvements benefit 
Spearmen and myth units.

God Power:
Plague of Sepents.  A bunch of serpents will appear at the targetted area to 
defend the area from enemy
attack.  They can't be controlled and they will not leave the area they were 
summoned in.  They remain
until killed.  They are fairly easily killed by laborer type units, and will not 
attack buildings.  If cast
on water, sea serpents appear, attacking only warships, leaving fishing ships 

Myth Unit:
Anubite.  Fast moving infantry with a leap attack.  When they are near the 
enemy, they leap the last distance
covering it faster than any other unit could.  This attack does some damage.  
They are basically the same as
the dog faced warriors in the movie 'The Mummy Returns.'

Unique Tech:
FEET OF THE JACKAL.  Anubite hit points improved as well as attack damage and 
leaping distance.  Good idea to
research if you plan to make an early army of Anubites to raid the enemy.
SERPENT SPEAR.  Egyptian Spearmen gain more attack damage, making them more 
deadly to enemy cavalry.
NECROPOLIS.  Increases the favor gain rate of your civilization.  Best if used 
while you have all 5 monuments

Bast is the Goddess of Fertility.  This cat faced Goddess benefit farmers and 
wood gatherers.

God Power:
Eclipse.  When triggered, the whole map darkens as the sun is hidden by the moon 
and allows your myth units
a speed bonus as well as attack bonuses.  If affects only your myth units and 
prevents other god powers from
being used while in effect.  Save it until you have a large myth army for best 

Myth Unit:
Sphinx.  A human faced cat like the famous one on the Giza Plateau.  This is a 
fast moving unit that turns
into a dust devil (small tornado) when attacking.  It can be upgraded twice, in 

Unique Tech:
CRIOSPHINX.  The first of 2 improvements for the Sphinx, it turns your Sphinx' 
into Criosphinx', with more
hit points and attack damage.
HIERACOSPHINX.  Can't be researched until Criosphinx is completed.  Your 
Criosphinx will become Hieracosphinx,
with more attack damage and more speed.
SACRED CATS.  Farms produce food faster (while being worked by a farmer) by 
ridding the farm of vermin.  It is
best to use this only when you have many farms and should be stacked with Ra's 
Rain GP for best results.
ADZE OF WEPAWET.  Laborers can knock trees over faster and gather the wood 
quicker.  Since Egyptians are not
as dependent upon wood in the early game, save this one and research it when you 
need extra wood for towers or

God of Creation.  One of the few Egyptian gods to appear human, his benefit is 
farms, axemen, slingers and

God Power:
Shifting Sands.  Used to shift your (or enemy) units around the map.  Both the 
beginning and the end point
must be under line of sight.  It can be used to bypass enemy defences and put 
your army in the enemy base
or to move the enemy army to another point.  A nasty trick is to put them in an 
area surrounded by your

Myth Unit:
Wadjet.  This unit is named for the Serpent Goddess who appears on the crown of 
a Pharaoh.  It is a venom
spitting ranged unit effective against human units and buildings.

Unique Tech:
SHADUF.  An invention of Ptah's, it cuts the cost and build-time of farms.
SCALLOPED AXE.  Axemen gain an attack bonus with this tech.  Best used if your 
enemy goes heavily into
infantry as your axemen are their counter.
ELECTRUM BULLETS.  Attack damage of slingers improved.  This is excellent to use 
if the enemy goes heavily
ranged army.  Combine it with Sekhmet's Slings of the sun and/or Set's stronger 
LEATHER FRAME.  Pierce armor of Spearmen increased making them stand up to 
ranged attacks better.

Heroic Age

Hathor, the bovine faced diety, is Goddess of the Sky.  She benefits Mercenaries 
and buildings.

God POwer:
Locust Swarm.  When invoked, large amounts of locusts swarm across enemy farms 
or fishing ships,
destroying them.  This can set back an enemy dependent upon these forms of food.  
This can be devastating
if followed by a rapid attack.

Myth Unit:
Petsuchos.  A bejeweled crocodile that fires a beam of focused sunlight at 
range.  It is very effective
against human units and can tear buildings apart fairly quickly.  It is not very 
good at close range.
Roc.  A huge eagle like bird that carries a gilded cage in its beak.  It can be 
hit only with ranged
weapons.  The Roc is used to carry units around the battlefield (in the cage) 
and can not attack on its

Unique Tech:
CROCODOPOLIS.   Petsuchos get longer range.  This keeps them a little further 
away from the enemy, but
they still need to be supported.
MEDJAY.  Mercenaries live longer (both mercenaries and Merc cavalry).  This 
improves them a little so that
you could use them as base defence while your army wipes out an enemy town.
SUN DRIED MUD BRICK.  Building hit points improved.  Also lowers cost of 
construction.    Makes things like
Migdol Strongholds more potent and can make towers very tough to destroy.

Goddess of the Night and of the Dead.  She benefits Pharaohs and Priests.

God Power:
Ancestors.  When invoked, a small army of the dead is summoned to fight for you.  
These units CAN be
controlled, but last only a short time.  It can be invoked on water, where it 
will summon ghost ships.

Myth Unit:
Leviathan.  Literally 'twisted animal' in Hebrew, this gigantic fish is a naval 
transport.  Units can
climb into it's mouth (really!) and be transported across water.  It can attack 
although it is a weak
attack considering the size of the beast.
Scorpion Man.  Another unit resembling the Scorpion King himself in 'The Mummy 
Returns.'  This unit
wields a sword for melee as well as a poison attack in its recharging tail 
attack.  The tail attack affects
multiple units at once and the poison lasts for a short time after the attack, 
causing additional damage.

Unique Tech:
SPIRIT OF MA'AT.  Preists are cheaper to build and can heal faster.  An 
excellent tech to have as preists
are the only way of healing for an Egyptian player.  This allows them to heal 
more units faster.
FUNERAL RITES.  Pharaoh and Preists gain extra damage versus myth units.  This 
allows the pharaoh (who gets
better at each age advance) to become a force multiplier.
CITY OF THE DEAD.  Pharaohs gain more hit points and will rise from the dead 
faster.  This is a tech that
becomes mandatory if you plan on moving your Pharaoh from empowering to offense.

Another feline faced diety.  Goddess of the desert and of Warfare.  Her 
improvements benefit Slingers,
Chariot Archers, Catapults, Siege Towers and War Barges.

God POwer:
Citadel.  Transforms 1 (yours or an allied) Town Center to a defensive structure 
with more hit points
and a stronger attack.  Consider holding onto this one until you or an ally have 
expanded and need some
extra defense at your new town.

Myth Unit:
Scarab.  The Egyptians considered the Scarab Beetle sacred.  Here it is a living 
siege weapon.  It's giant
mandibles have incredible damage versus buildings and towers.  It can also 
attack (weakly) enemy units and
should be supported with troops.  If killed, its acidic blood spills on the 
ground damaging enemy units.

Unique Tech:
BONE BOW.  Chariot Archers get a longer range making them a little more deadly 
as infantry would have to close
on them to attack.
SLINGS OF THE SUN.  Slingers are granted a burning sling which gives them extra 
damage to infantry units.
STONES OF RED LINEN.  Catapults and War Barges are given an increased attack 
versus buildings.  Both of these
units already get a bonus against buildings, this goes even further.
RAMS OF THE WEST WIND.  Siege towers get increased attack and hit points.  
Depending upon your strategy, it is
likely you will need to only research Rams of the West Wind OR Stones of Red 

Mythic Age

The Falcon headed diety often portrayed in Egyptian myth benefits Axemen and 

God POwer:
Tornado.  A large funnel shaped cloud appears at the trigger point and randomly 
moves slowly around the
area.  If it hits any buildings, it can cause large amounts of damage, 
potentially destroying them.  It
also affests units, sucking them into the cloud and dropping them when the power 
is finished.  It can affect
allied units and buildings, but the damage is reduced over what enemy units and 
buildings get.

Myth Unit:
Avenger.  A fast moving, falcon headed melee unit that can attack multiple units 
at once using it's recharging
whirlwind attack.  It is best faced from range and with heroes if possible.

Unique Techs:
AXE OF VENGENCE.  Axemen gain increased damage against buildings and walls.  
Best when combined with Ptah's
Scalloped Axe.
GREATEST OF FIFTY.  Pierce armor of Spearmen increased granting them better 
resistance to archer attacks.  Also
adds bonus attack damage versus enemy archers.
SPEAR ON THE HORIZON.  Spearmen hit points and attack are increased.

God of Judgement (yes another!).  His improvements benefit Camelry, Pharaohs and 
archer ships.

God Power:
Son Of Osiris.  When cast upon your Pharaoh, he becomes the living embodiment of 
the God Osiris.  He gains a
better empowerment rate as wells as an all new attack - chain lightning.  It 
will strike 4 units at a time,
causing a little less damage on each in line.  To replace the Pharaoh used as a 
SoO, research New Kingdom.  If
killed, the SoO, is replaced with the original Pharaoh again.

Myth Unit:
Mummy.  A very powerful myth unit who can convert enemy units into minions 
fighting for the mummy.  They can be
controlled like any other unit, although they will perish after a short time on 
their own.  They can turn a
battle when used correctly.  They do require some micromanaging to get the best 

Unique Tech:
ATEF CROWN.  Mummies gain more hit points and minions will last longer before 
dying.  This tech is best used
with a gang of mummies (turning enemy units) supported by a decent army.
DESERT WIND.  Camelry become faster and get more attack damage.  Best used with 
Migdol benefits such as Ra's
increased Camelry hit points.
NEW KINGDOM.  A second Pharaoh is created for the rest of the game.  He is 
exactly the same as the original,
except for name.  He can empower and gains the benefits of all age advances and 
respawns on death.
FUNERAL BARGE.  Kebenit warships gain bonus damage versus other archer ships.

The God of Wisdom has the head of bird (a crane?) and his improvements benefit 
laborers and Migdol
Stronghold units.

God Power:
Meteor.  When targetted, a stream of large space rocks crash into the area 
causing damage to any units or
buildings that are hit.  They come in on a random pattern, so they may or may 
not obliterate the enemy town
or army.

Myth Unit:
Phoenix.   A slow moving air unit excellent against enemy buildings.  It can 
only be hit by enemy ranged
fire.  If killed over passable terrain, an egg is created at the site.  This egg 
costs as much to hatch as
a brand new phoenix, but is already closer to the action, making it worth 
clicking on, as well as keeping
a temple free to build something else.  This unit is also good against human 
Sea Turtle.  Turtles were typically viewed and associated with evil and night.  
The Sea Turtle flings
enemy ships out of the water and bashed about.

Unique Techs:
BOOK OF THOTH.  Researching this tech allows your laborers to gather food, wood 
and gold faster.  This allows
you to create a huge late game economy to fund expensive myth and Migdol units.
TUSKS OF APEDEMAK.  War Elephants gain more hit points and attack damage.  Great 
when combined with Valley of
Kings and/or Set's Migdol bonuses.  UPgraded war elephants can turn a town into 
rubble fairly quickly.
VALLEY OF THE KINGS.  Camelry, Chariot Archers and War Elephants train much 
faster, appearing almost as fast
as Mercenaries.  Allows you to quickly field huge powerful armies (if you have 
the resources).

4.3 Norse Gods

Major Gods

Odin is the father of Thor and God of Warfare and Poetry (boy, do they go 
togethor!).  He is also the God
of Wisdom and Death.  He hung himself upon the World Tree, Yggrdasil to learn 
about death and sacrificed
one of his eyes to get a sip from the waters of wisdom.  He was the first of the 
Norse gods and not usually
worshipped by the common man, instead by the warriors.  He is not a warrior 
himself, but was able to
rally his faithful into a frenzy.

Human Unit regeneration.  All of Odins human units (except gatherers) will 
slowly regenerate after taking
damage.  Idle units will gain faster then ones involved in combat or movement.  
This is the most powerful
healing in the game.
Raven Scouts.  Two respawning raven scouts appear at your temple upon reaching 
the Classical age (2).  These
birds are powerful scouts, with a decent LOS and only ranged attacks can hurt 
them.  They are respawned at the
temple in a short amount of time if killed.
Hill Fort Units get more hitpoints.  Odin grants 20% more hitpoints for units 
built at the Hill Fort.  These
units include the Jarl (it is possible to create Jarls with 378 Hitpoints) and 
Huskarls, as well as the
portable ram and the ballista (the only pierce damage unit available to the 
Norse, other than the Troll).
Hunting bonus.  Odin gives his followers the ability to hunt faster (10%) than 
other civilizations, favor
and food will come in slightly faster.

Great Hunt.  Because Odin is also the hunts master, his God Power that reflects 
this.  When cast upon a group
of animals (herdables as well as huntables), more animals appear in the herd.  
As much as half again the
original number can appear.

Lone Wanderer.  Ulfsarks become faster when Lone Wandered has been researched.  
This allows them to enter
cavalry formations faster and tear them up (Ulfsark is counter-cavalry).  
Because you also start with Ulfsarks,
they become your scout unit and this makes them scout the map for food, gold, 
relics and the enemy faster.

Classical Age	Freyja, Heimdall
Heroic Age	Njord, Skadi
Mythic Age	Baldr, Tyr

When a battle is done, pull your human units back for a quick rest to improve 
their regeneration rate.  In the
long run you can save a pile of resources if you get your units healed instead 
of replacing them.
Consider Freyja for the second age.  Even though her myth unit (Valkyries) heal, 
her bonus technolgy (Thundering
Hooves, researched at the Longhouse) makes your cavalry stronger and faster.  
This allows better Jarls, which
are very difficult to counter, even with counter cavalry units.  Besides, a few 
Valkyries in your army helps
heal troops even faster.
Use your ravens to scout when you get them.  Two scouts can cover a lot of 
ground quickly and when the map is
scouted, consider parking them near an enemy to keep an eye on them.  Make sure 
they stay out of range of TCs,
towers and the like though so they don't get killed.
Becasue Hill Fort units get 20% more hitpoints, consider them as the backbone to 
your forces.  No one alse can
create Jarls with 378 hitpoints, so they are an excellent unit as a main force.  
Huskarls are counter archer,
but can also rip buildings down quickly.
Use hunting as your primary source of food.  You will gain food faster and each 
animal killed gains a little
favor.  Also use your scouts to kill animals near your enemies base.  You will 
deprive them of food, and gain
some favor.
Invoke Great Hunt on the largest herd of animals you can find.  I have not been 
able to get extra elephants, but
zebras and giraffes quite often double.  Another great trick is to save your 
sheep, goats and pigs and place them
in the center of the herd you are going to cast on.  They will also give bonus 
animals.  If possible, do not
kill the herdables until they have 'fattened' (stopped going up inthe food 
When using Great Hunt, cast it on the largest amount of animals possible.  Make 
sure to research Hunting Dogs
at an Ox Cart so that this bonus is stacked with Odin's natural hunting bonus, 
making food flow in very
Consider using Great Hunt on a Set allies animal army.  This will allow them to 
send a larger raiding force into
an enemies town and cause more trouble.
Learn Lone Wanderer soon after starting so that your Ulfsarks can scout better 
and rip cavalry apart with the
increased speed.

Thor was God of Thunder and the son of Odin.

Thor's Armory.  All other civs can not build an armory until the 2nd age.  Thor 
can build it in the first.
This gives him a slight advantage for his troops in survivability.  He can also 
research a full age ahead
of his rivals.  His armory allows cheaper research for all technologies as well.  
Third, his armory is also
cheaper than that of other gods.
Dwarves.  Thor starts with dwarves instead of human gatherers.  Thor's dwarves 
are also cheaper (60 gold
instead of 70).  It is possible to create only dwarven gatherers, saving food 
for units involved in a rush!
Thor's dwarves also gain a boost in gathering rates for food and wood.

Dwarven Gold Mine.  When cast, a gold mine is created.  It can be placed 
anywhere a building can be built.
The later in the game it is cast, the more gold it will provide.  If cast in age 
1, you can mine 250 gold.
1000 gold in the classical age, 3000 in the Heroic and finally 6000 if cast in 
the Mythic Age.

Pig Sticker.  When researched, Thor's dwarves and gatherers gain an improved 
hunting rate, putting them
almost at par with Odin!  The technology not only allows hunted animals to be 
gathered faster, it allows
gatherers to kill animals faster.  This in turn can increase the amount of favor 
gained through hunting.

Classical Age	Forseti, Heimdall
Heroic Age	Bragi, Skadi
Mythic Age	Baldr, Tyr

It is possible to do an all dwarf build.  This saves food for age advancement 
and military units.  Because
Thor's dwarves gather food and wood as well as they do gold, this is a viable 
strategy.  This becomes even
better when Pig Sticker has been researched.
Research Pig Sticker as soon as you can (before hunting is best).  This allows 
you to gather food from hunted
animals almost as quickly as Odin (who gets a hunting bonus)!  Quicker age 
advancement again!
The special armory should be built as soon as possible to gain the largest 
benefit.  By builing early and
researching the armor and weapons within, your troops will survive longer.  It 
is possible to gain a full
age or even two on your enemies survivability in this way.
Hold off on casting Dwarven Gold Mine as long as possible.  The more advanced 
the age, the more gold you
will receive.  Try casting it near a protected area (near your TC or Hill 
fort(s)).  Another good tactic is
to cast it when you need gold quickly and your dwarves are done with a mine.  
Cast it beside them and they
don't have to walk across the map to start again.  Remember that anyone can mine 
from it.  Another good use
is if your ally is under siege, cast it in their town so they can gain the gold 
and remove the siege.

Loki is blood-brother to Odin and the God of Trickery.

Hersir are faster and can summon myth units during combat.  Not only do Loki's 
Hersir move faster (10%), they
have a unique ability to summon myth units in the midst of comabat.  When a 
Hersir is created, a random myth
unit is selected for them.  When the Hersir creates enough favor through combat 
to create that unit, the unit
appears alongside them and starts to fight for Loki's forces.
Mythological Units cost less favor.  Loki requires 10% less favor for any myth 
unit he builds.  Between this
bonus and the summoning bonus, it is possible to create large armies of myth 
Longhouse units train faster.  Any longhouse units built under Loki train 10% 
faster, allowing you to field
many Throwing Axemen quickly.
Ox carts are cheaper and faster (but weaker).  Loki builds Ox carts for 50% 
less, and they move faster, getting
to new locations quickly, but they are also weaker (80 less HPs).  They need 
more protection in forward areas.

Spy.  Loki grants the use of Spy, which can be cast on any unit in the game.  It 
is permanent (until the unit is
killed) and grants slightly better LOS to you then the unit normally has.  To 
show you and your allies (but not
enemies) which unit the power was used on, a white Rune symbol appears over the 
head of the unit.  This power is
perhaps the best of the powers in the game when used right, but is also one of 
the most difficult to use and get
the most benefir from.

Eyes in the Forest.  All infantry units (built and unbuilt) benefit from this 
improvement.  It always a longer
LOS to help you spot trouble faster than the enemy.  It is very useful when 
scouting and also in battle.  If you
can see the enemy force first, you can adjust your tactics or army accordingly.

Classical Age	Forseti, Heimdall
Heroic Age	Bragi, Njord
Mythic Age	Hel, Tyr

Build lots of Hersirs.  Because they move faster they survive better in battle.  
They also gain favor at twice
the rate of other Norse units (but not other Hersirs) so favor can pile up 
quickly.  To improve them further,
follow Forseti in the classical age to gain the Hall of Thanes improvement which 
makes them faster and gives
more hitpoints.  More Hersirs also create more myth units.
Consider Forseti for the classical age also for the Healing Spring.  It can 
provide the needed healing to keep
the Hersirs alive to gain the favor they need to summon powerful myth units.
Loki's myth units cost less favor, so build lots.  10% less favor means 1 more 
myth unit for every 10 you build.
Build lots of longhouses.  A 10% reduction in training time allows lots of 
Throwing Axemen and Hersirs.  Also
from here are built the Raiding cavalry and more Ulfsarks.  Large armies can be 
assembled quickly from the
longhouse.  Use it to your advantage.
Because your ox carts are cheaper, build more and have less gatherers using 
each.  This allows less congestion
so your resources should accumulate faster.
The Spy God Power may be the most useful power in the game.  When cast 
correctly, you will be able to see
whatever the enemy sees (slightly more actually due to the higher LOS).  This 
allows him to scout for you.  It
can be cast on any unit in the game, but due to some bugs, it is best to avoid 
certain units.  Don't cast it
on an Ulfsark (if he builds anything the power disappears), or a priest as an 
obelisk summoning will delete
the power.
Consider casting the spy power on an enemy villager so that you can see where he 
is gathering.  You can then
send your army to that point to kill whatever is there.  Make sure though to 
leave the enspied unit alive so
you can do it again.
Ox carts are a good choice to cast Spy on.  Again make sure when you raid, you 
leave the cart alive so that
you can see when it has to be done again.  It is important to make sure that you 
don't make it too obvious
whcih unit you cast spy on though or the enemy will just delete him, send him 
into your town to die or park
it in a corner where it isn't doing anything useful for either of you.
Consider putting the spy power on an Egyptian Pharaoh so you can see what 
buildings he may be empowering.

Minor Gods

Classical Age

was the goddess of beauty.  Her improvements improve your cavalry (and help 
create very powerful jarls if
following Odin).

God Power:
Forest Fire.  A LOS is required to cast this one.  It quickly torces large 
amounts of forest, preventing your
enemy from gathering wood there.  If an enemy building is close to the forest, 
there exists a strong
possibility that they will catch fire and become heavily damaged or destroyed.  
It also can damage enemy units.

Myth Unit:
Valkyrie.  A warrior maiden that prowled the battlefields to gather the spirits 
of the dead and take them to
Valhalla, where they would remain until Ragnarock to fight on the side of the 
gods.  Good versus myth units, but
her best ability is that of healing your (and allied) units.

Unique Techs:
AURORA BOREALIS.  Increase the valkyries healing rate as well as their 
hitpoints.  Not a good value
unless you are fielding large amounts of Valkyries as it costs almost as much as 
another Val.  It also causes
nicer colors to stream off your Vals as they ride.
THUNDERING HOOVES.  Increases cavalry (Valkyries, Raiding Cavalry, Jarls) 
hitpoints and speed.  With
Odins Hill Fort bonus, it is possible to research this and Baldrs Ring Giver and 
gain Jarls with 378 hit points,
making them a very strong unit (with bonus versus myth units).

the God of Vigilance.  His improvements directly benefit your buildings 

God Power:
Undermine. This God Power will reduce enemy walls and towers to dust.  It can 
also damage town centers and
fortress buildings.  The only towers and walls that will remain in the area of 
effect are those that have
been fully upgraded.

Myth Unit:
Einherjar.  The returned spirits of warriors taken to Valhalla by the Valkyries.  
Their special attack is a blast
on a magical horn that acts like a mini-flaming weapons, in that it boosts all 
friendly attacks for a short
time.  They are good at taking buildings apart but really tear them apart when 
upgraded with the Kettle

Unique Tech:
ELHRIMNIR KETTLE.  Improves the Einherjar by granting increased attack damage 
and hit points.  The
upgraded Einherjar is a classical age siege weapon, and when deployed in small 
numbers (3-4) can rip TCs apart,
as well as increase the abilities of your human troops.
SAFEGUARD.  When researched, makes your walls and towers cheaper and stronger.  
As Norse walls and
towers are generally weaker than those of Egyptian or Greek players, researching 
safeguard can help even them out.
ARCTIC GALE (dock).  Norse longboats become faster and gain more hit points.  
Because longboats gain favor in
combat, this can help them last longer, gaining more favor.

God of Justice.  Generally his improvements benefit your ulfsarks and Hersir 
(good choice when following Loki).

God Power:
Healing Spring.  Creates a fountain at the casting location that is permanent 
and can not be destroyed.  It
will autoatically heal any friendly units in the area.  It effects many units at 
a time.  It is a double edged
sword though in that if cast too far forward, it can be easily taken over by the 
enemy (they need more units in
the vicinity than you), but if cast in your base where is is protected, it is 
too far away to be of use.  It should
be guarded with towers and/or hill forts when possible.

Myth Unit:
Troll.  Dumb, slow, man eating critters that were killed by daylight (turned to 
stone).  They are one of the few
Norse units that can cause pierce damage so can be useful catching an enemy off 
guard as usually people do not
research pierce armors when playing against the Norse.  They heal slightly each 
time they damage an enemy unit.

Unique Tech:
HAMARTROLL.  Makes your trolls stronger with more hit points, longer range and 
more attack damage.  They
also gain a second head (doesn't seem to do anything though).
HALL OF THANES.  Hersir speed and hit points increased.  This improves them 
greatly and makes a Hersir rush a
viable strategy when playing as Loki.
MITHRIL BREASTPLATE.  Ulfsarks become more resistant to hack attack (infantry), 
making them better against enemy
infantry and counter-infantry.

Heroic Age

Goddess of Winter and the Hunt.  Throwing Axemen improved through her benfits.

God Power:
Frost.  An enemy army can be frosted for a short time.  This boosts the enemy 
units armor to 99% for all 3 types,
making them very hard to kill, but it gives you time to reinforce, build more 
buildings or even retreat if needed.

Myth Unit:
Frost Giant.  Also called Thurses or Rime Giants in Norse mythology.  Recharging 
special attack will freeze enemy
units for a short time (similiar to Frost GP).  Best used with micromanaging in 
order to freeze the unit causing
the greatest threat.

Unique tech:
RIME.  Frost Giants gain more hit points and more attack damage.
WINTER HARVEST.  Norse farmers move faster, creating the ability to get food 
into your economy faster.  Best used
only when the hunting near your base is done and you have multiple farms.
HUNTRESS'S AXE.  Throwing Axemen are a strong classical age unit.  Huntress's 
Axe makes them stronger by increasing
their attack damage.  Combine with improvements at the armory and longhouse.

Njord is the god of the Sea and of Storms.  His improvements most benefit your 
ships and hill fort units.  Follow
this path to gain the stronger jarls of Odin.

God Power:
Walking Woods.  Animates a group of up to six trees.  They are stronger against 
buildings than units, although they
seem to prefer attacking units and gatherers over buildings.  The player has no 
direct control over them, but they
do last until killed.

Myth Unit:
Kraken.  A giant squid created at the dock.  They are perhaps the most powerful 
of the naval myth units.  Their
special attack instantly kills 1 enemy ship (or land unit if close to shore).  
While waiting for the attack to
recharge, the Kraken flails at enemy units and causes large amounts of damage.  
It is countered by ramming ships.
Mountain Giant.  Also known as Jotun, they are strong and incredibily stupid.  
Very high hit points make them hard
to kill, and high damage rates make them excellent at killing buildings and all 
human units.  Very slow and needs
to be supported with human units.  Bash attack is used only against buildings.  
Has a special attack versus enemy
dwarves that has to be seen to be appreciated.  Can throw enemy units.

Unique Tech:
WRATH OF THE DEEP.  Improves Krakens to Trench Krakens, improving their hit 
LONG SERPENT.  Upgrades the Norse longboat.  Attack damage improved as well as 
ability to stand up to counter
unit (siege ships).
RING-GIVER.  Imprves jarls by granting them the Lore of the Rings.   Hit points 
increased greatly.  Combine with
Freyja's Thundering Hooves, and Odin's Hill Fort bonus.

The God of Poetry and Skalds (Norse version of bards or minstrels).  Ulfsark 
improvements are his forte.

God Power:
Flaming Weapons.  All the players human soldiers will burst into flame causing 
bonus damage to any enemies hit
during the time the God Power is in effect.  It affects all the players units on 
the map with the exception of
his/her myth units.  It will not affect your allies or enemies.

Myth Unit:
Battle Boar.  In Norse mythology, 2 boars (Gullinbursti & Sildrugtanni) pulled 
the chariot of Freyr (Freyja's
brother).  They were built dwarven heroes Brokk & Eitri.  They are fast moving, 
powerful units with a recharging
buck attack that will fling multiple enemy units away from battle causing large 
amounts of damage.

Unique Tech:
CALL OF VALHALLA.  Ulfsarks gain improved hit points.  To gain maximum benefit, 
combine with Swine Array (Bragi)
and Mithril Breastplate (Forseti).
SWINE ARRAY.  Ulfsarks gain an extra bonus to cavalry.  Since they are alreay 
the Norse counter cavalry unit, they
can be quite deadly to cavalry when this is researched.
THURISAZ RUNE.  Mythological units are 'branded' with this  rune once 
researched.  It increases their speed.

Mythic Age
The God of beauty.  Siege weapons and cavalry gain from his improvements.

God POwer:
Ragnarok.  Perhaps the most misunderstood of all God Powers.  In mythology, 
Ragnarok was the beginning of
the end of the current world, signalled by Baldr's death.  The Giants would rise 
up and fight the Gods with
all dying under the largest fire giants (Surtr) breath of fire.  When triggered, 
all your gatherers will
become 'Heroes of Ragnarok.'  This will kill your economy as it stans and all 
gatherers which took 1 population
slot before will now take 3, potentially putting you over the cap.  However, if 
planned for this can become
the most powerful of all the God POwers.  A sudden influx of 50 or more heroes 
bearing down on an enemy base
can quickly end the game in your favor.  It is important to plan for this power 
though.  Make sure you have
some resources when cast so that you can replace the gatherers lost to the 
power.  Also think about grouping
your gatherers using the control group function so that you can call them to an 
area before casting.  This
allows you to surprise the enemy as much as possible.

Myth Unit:
Fire Giant.  Also known as Muspilli.  True engines of destruction.  Although 
they do not have as many hit
points as mountain giants, they have the potential to quickly turn a game in 
your favor.  Their fireball attack
causes a lot of damage, and their recharging fireball fling does extra damage.  
3 fire giants can quickly
reduce an enemy town to rubble if supported by human troops (to kill enemy 

Unique Tech:
ARCTIC GALE.  Norse Dragon boats become faster and more resistant to their 
counter (hammer ships).
SONS OF SLEIPNIR.  Raiding cavalry get further bonus damage against archers and 
Throwing axemen, making an
excellent raiding unit a great support unit as well.
DWARVEN AUGER.  Training speed and movement speed are both increased for 
portable rams.  Attack damage is also
increased.   These upgraded rams are deadly to any enemy town.

The God of Warfare.  Infantry improvements are his specialty.

God Power.
Fimbulwinter.  When cast, the skies darken and the storms start.  Snow falls 
everywhere and 4 random enemy town
centers are attacked by wolves.  Although weak individually, when they come in 
groups as they do here, they can
casue large amounts of damage.  They will weaken enemy town centers, tear down 
temples and stop the enemy economy
for the time the power is in effect.  When followed with an attack somewhere 
(either in the enemy town or his
forces) many times the enemy can't take the time to micro his villagers into the 
TC, allowing the wolves to kill

Myth Unit:
Fenris Wolf Brood.  Not very strong by themselves, when set into a pack they 
start gaining bonuses.  Each
additional wolf in a pack gives a 20% bonus to attack damage and speed of all 
wolves.  A group of 5 or 6 Fenris
Wolf Broods can create havoc within an enemy base.
Jormund Brood.  A naval myth unit, arguabally not as strong as the earlier 
Kraken.  They spit vast amounts of
steam at enemy units near them and create large amounts of damage

Unique Tech:
BERSERKERGANG.  Ulfsarks gain improved attack damage and hit points.
BRAVERY.  Huskarls gain improved damage versus buildings (100% bonus) as well as 
improved hit points (20%).

Goddess of the Underworld.  Her visage is scarred with the duality of being 
alive and dead.  Her improvements
benefit myth units.

God POwer.
Nidhogg.  Calls forth the Norse dragon Nidhogg.  A slow moving, fire breathing 
behemoth.  Nidhogg can only be
hit by ranged weapons.  Her large amount of hit points keep her going for 
awhile, but enemy preists or
pharoahs can kill her quickly.  Her attack does splash damage to nearby enemy 
units or buildings.  Nidhogg can
not be healed in any way, so guard her closely and keep her supported with 
friendly troops.

Myth Unit:
Hel can build any of the giants at any time.  See above for Fire Giant (Baldr), 
Mountain Giant (Njord) and the
Frost Giant (Skadi).

Unique Tech:
RAMPAGE.  All myth units are created 95% faster, making it possible with a 
hersir heavy player to create large
amounts of myth units quickly.
GRANITE BLOOD.  Frost, Fire and Mountain Giants all gain bonus hit points.

5.0 Buildings

There are some buildings that are common to each civilization within the game, 
albeit perhaps with name changes
and/or cost differences.   There are also buildings that are civ specific.  
Examples of the common variety
include, but aren't limited to Town Centers, Barracks, resource drop points and 
temples.  Civ specific buildings
include the fortress for each civ (Fortress, Migdol Stronghold and Hill Fort) 
where the strongest units are
typically created.

Building	Civilization	Notes
Town Center	all
Drop Point	all		Each civ does this differently.  Egyptians get theirs 
for free and
				need to build seperate ones for food, wood and gold (as 
do the Greeks).
				Norse Ox Carts serve the same purpose and can be moved 
as needed.
House		all		Each house supports 10 population. Only 10 can be built 
at a time.
Dock		all		Naval myth units and techs are completed here.  All 
basic techs are
				the same for all 3 civs.
Wooden Wall	all		It's a wall!  Click on a section when built to upgrade 
to stone (in
				Classical Age) and place gates (15gold).
Farm		all		All civs can build a farm, but only the Egyptians can do 
it from
				the start of the game.  Norse & Greek must wait until 
				This is the slowest way to gain food until all farming 
techs have
				beed researched.
Temple		all		Needed to advance to the Classical Age.  Myth 
units and some myth techs
				are researched here.
Obelisk		Egyptian	Used to scout.  A preist 'summons' one into being.  
They allow the Egyptians
				to keep an eye on the map for the enemies movements.
Monument	Egyptian	Egyptian civs build up to 5 of these (they must be built 
in order) in
				order to gain favor.
Longhouse	Norse		The basic Norse troop production building.  Throwing 
Axemen, Hersir, Raiding
				Cavalry and Ulfsarks are built here.
Sentry Tower	all		Norse and Greek build Sentry Towers until they 
have been upgraded to Watch
				Towers.  Egyptians get the watch tower upgrade for free, 
and as a result
				start with Watch Towers, which can fire arrows.  They 
are used for watching
				enemy movements and defence once upgraded.  Towers can 
garrison units.
Armory		all		This building is the required building to advance 
to the Heroic Age.  Here
				research is done to improve troop armor and attack 
damage.  Followers of
				Thor can build this in the Archaic Age and get a bonus 
round of upgrades,
				while everyone else must wait until the Classical to 
build this.
Barracks	Egyptian	The Egyptian version of the Longhouse, basic troops are 
created here including
				Spearmen, Axemen and SLingers, as well as their 
Military 	Greek		1 of the Greek versions of the Barracks or Longhouse. 
Infantry and their
Academy				upgrades are created here.
Archery Range 	Greek		The second of the the Greek troop production 
buildings where Archers and
				their upgrades are built.
Stables		Greek		The third and final Greek troop building.  This is 
where cavalry and their
				upgrades are done.
Market		all		The building required to advance to the final age, 
the Mythic.  Resources
				can be traded here for others you may need more.  Also 
created here are
				trade caravans which prodruce gold when sent to any Town 
Hill Fort	Norse		The unique Norse troop production building.  The most 
powerful of the Norse
				units are built and upgraded here.  Units include the 
Huskarl, Jarl, Portable
				Ram and in the Mythic Age, the Ballista.  They can shoot 
arrows and garrison
				units inside for defence.
Migdol 		Egyptian	The Egyptian unique troop building.  Like the 
Norse Hill Fort, they can
Stronghold			garrison troops and fire arrows for defence.  Units 
created here are the
				Chariot Archers, Camelry, and War Elephants.
Siege Works	Egyptian	A building unique to the Egyptians as Norse and Greek 
Siege units are built at
				their 'fortress.'  Egyptians build their siege weapons 
here, which include the
				Siege Tower and in the Mythic Age, the catapult.
Fortress	Greek		You guessed it.  The Greek unique troop building where 
unique troops of each
				major god are built as well as the Greek siege engines, 
the Petrobolos and in
				the Mythic Age the Helepolis.  They can garrison troops 
and fire arrows.
Lighthouse	Egyptian	Built in the Mythic Age, these buildings have massive 
line of sight and do
				not need to be built near water.
Wonder		all		Each of the 9 major gods have their own structure 
(see below) and these
				buildings are very expensive.  They take a long time to 
build and as a result
				have massive hit points.  A game can be won by building 
one and defending it
				for the time required (varies with map size and number 
of enemies).

Each Major God grants the ability to build a Wonder when the Mythic Age has been 
reached.  The Wonder
is very expensive to build (1000 each food, wood and gold, 50 favor) and takes a 
very long time to build,
even with many workers toiling away.  When a Wonder's foundation is laid down, 
everyone in the game is
told that a Wonder has been started and a large star is overlayed on the mini-
map at the location.  You
will need to either defend the Wonder (if it's yours) or destroy it.  Once it 
has been completed, a timer
starts to count down (it depends on map size and number of players).  If it 
reaches zero, the player who
built the Wonder gets a win.

God		Wonder
Zeus		Statue of Olympia (located at Olympia, Greece)
Hades		The Mausoleaum at Halicarnassus (located at Bodrum, Turkey)
Poseidon	The Theatre of Dionysus (located at Athens, Greece or Delphi, 

Ra		Pyramid of Kheops (Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt)
Isis		The Sphinx (Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt)
Set		Abu Simbel (Aswan, Egypt)

Odin		Hall of Valhalla, one of Odin's halls (located in Asgard)
Thor		Yggrdasil, the world tree (the tree Odin hung himself from),
Loki		Naglfari, the Ship of Fingernails, (Neiflheim)

I found these explanations at
and hope that no one minds my using them here.  As there are so many people 
involved with these
explanations, I copied the whole link. Since Hel had the best explanation of the 
Wonders, I am in the process
of contacting him for permission to use his research. As of Feb 3, I have not 
heard from him, however I used
Google and searched for ancient wonders and found some of the Wonders explained 

6.0 Units

I took these numbers from directly within the game where possible.  Some numbers 
I have found at AoM Heaven
(see links section) where it is my understanding they were retrieved from within 
the game as well using a
program called AoMed.  This can be found at
They are subject to errors as each patch has changed some units to balance the 
sides.  I will try to correct
any that I find, or are pointed out to me.

There are 3 forms of damage in the game.  They are Hack (swords, etc.), Pierce 
(arrows) and Crush (most siege
weapons).  Where needed I have shortehed them to Hack, Prc and CRSH.  Hit points 
is a measure of how survivable
a unit is (how much damage it can take).  Some units get bonuses against certain 
units.  Under attack damage, I
have indicated which of the attack types that unit does.  Also shown as a 
percentage is the amount of damage
absorbed by each units armor.  Researching at the armory improves armor and 
attack strength.  Researching the
more advanced forms of your troops gives more hit points as well as attack.  
Range is a measure of how far a unit
can fire and line of sight is how far they can see.  Bonuses are multipliers 
(ie, 7 to myth units indicates that
this unit causes 7 times normal damage to myth units, minus the armor).  It 
should also be noted that units
considered Heroes (Hersir, Preists, Pharaohs and Greek hero units) are immune to 
myth unit special attacks.

6.1 Greek Units
				Hit	Attack	Bonus		Hack	Pierce
	Line of
Unit		Cost		Points	Damage	Damage		Armor	Armor
	Armor	Range	Sight	Speed
Hoplite		60 food,	115	8 hack	-		35%	15%	99%	-
	16	4.2
		35 gold
	SPECIAL: Cavalry Counter
Hypaspist	60 food,	85	5 hack	4.25 to inf.,	35%	10%	99%	-
	16	4.3
		25 gold				Hersir & Heroes of Ragnarok
	SPECIAL: Counters infantry
Toxote		55 wood,	60	6.5 prc	.9 Raiding cav.	15%	15%	99%
	15	19	4
		35 gold
	SPECIAL: infantry counter
Peltast		60 wood, 	70	3 prc	4 to archers, 	15%	20%	99%	16
	20	4
		20 gold				3 to throwing axemen,
						1.25 to Hypaspists & Axemen
	SPECIAL: counter to archers
Hippikon	40 food,	150	9 hack	1.25 to archers	10%	25%	99%	-
	8	5.5
		80 gold
	SPECIAL: counters archers
Prodromos	70 food, 	120	6 hack	3 to cavalry	20%	10%	99%	-
	16	6
		40 gold
	SPECIAL: cavalry counter
Myrmidon	70 food, 	110	10 hack	1.5 to Egypt &	45%	20%	99%	-
	16	4
		50 gold				Norse units, 1 to Axemen, Throwing 
	SPECIAL: Zeus only, counters Egyptian and Norse units
Hetairoi	60 food, 	110	8 hack	3.5 to build-	10%	40%	99%	-
	16	4.8
		100 gold			ings
	SPECIAL: Poseidon only, building killer
Gastrophetes	120 wood, 	60	8 prc, 	- 		15%	15%
	99%	24
	16	4.8
		80 gold			6 crush
	SPECIAL: Hades only, bonus versus buildings
Petrobolos	150 wood, 	110	5 prc,	2.5 to ships	30%	90%
	80%	28 
max,	40	2.4
		200 gold		11 pierce					10 min
	SPECIAL: effective versus buildings & ships
Helepolis	300 wood,	650	5 prc,	-		5%	96%	50%	10
		200 gold		17 crush
	SPECIAL: counters buildings, can transport units
Trireme		100 wood,	290	6 prc	3 to transport 	30%	20%
	10%	12
	24	6
		50 gold				ships
	SPECIAL: Counters hammer ships
Pentekonter	100 wood,	240	20 hack	-		30%	20%
	75%	2	16
		50 gold
	SPECIAL: counters siege ships
Juggernaut	100 wood,	480	6 crush	.5 to buildings	10%	50%
	10%	18
	24	4.8
		100 gold
	SPECIAL: counters archer ships
Jason 		100 gold,	250	9 hack	7 to myth units	25%	35%	99%
	-	16	4.3
(hero)		50 gold
	SPECIAL: Counters myth units, Zeus only
Odysseus	200 wood,	320	8 prc	7 to myth units	20%	30%	99%	18
(hero)		2 favor
	SPECIAL: myth unit counter, Zeus only
Heracles	350 food,	400	10 hack	7 to myth units	25%	40%	99%	-
	16	4.3
(hero)		4 favor
	SPECIAL: counter myth units, Zeus only
Bellerophon	400 gold,	400	20 hck,	5 to myth units	20%	40%	99%	14 
max,	16	6
(hero)		6 favor								
min jump range
	SPECIAL: jump attack does 100 bonus hack damage, 7 bonus damage to myth 
units, Zeus only
Theseus		100 food,	240	9 hck	7 to myth units	25%	40%	99%	-
	16	4.3
(hero)		50 gold
	SPECIAL: counters myth units, Poseidon only
Hippolyta	200 wood,	240	9 prc	7 to myth units	20%	30%	99%	18
(hero)		2 favor
	SPECIAL: myth unit counter, Poseidon only
Atalanta	350 wood,	350	8 hck	7 to myth units	35%	40%	99%	-
(hero)		4 favor
	SPECIAL: myth unit counter, Poseidon only
Polyphemus	400 gold,	540	15 hck,	5 to myth units,40%	40%	99%	-
	20	2.9
(hero)		6 favor			5 crush,	7 to myth units with gore 
					60 hack (for gore)
	SPECIAL: myth unit counter, gore attack (bonus damage), Poseidon only
Argo		250 wood,	480	8 prc	5 to buildings	40%	25%
	20%	16	24
(naval hero)	8 favor				and myth units, 3 to transport
	SPECIAL: counters myth units, bonus damage vs buildings, Poseidon only, 
built at dock
Ajax		100 food,	240	9 hck	7 to myth units	30%	35%	99%	-
(hero)		50 gold
	SPECIAL: counters myth units, Hades only
Chiron		200 wood, 	300	7 prc	7 to myth units	20%	20%
	99%	14
	20	5.3
(hero)		2 favor
	SPECIAL: counters myth units, Hades only
Achilles	350 food,	340	9 hck	7 to myth units	40%	45%	99%	-	16
(hero)		4 favor
	SPECIAL: counters myth units, Hades only
Perseus		400 gold,	360	7 hck	10 to myth unit	20%	40%	99%	5 
for	16	4.3
(hero)		6 favor								
	Medusa head
	SPECIAL: counter myth unit, Can stone units with Medusa's Head, Hades only
Kataskopos	-		70	2 hck	-		10%	70%
	99%	-	14	5.5
	SPECIAL: Scout unit.  Costs nothing, but can not be rebuilt if lost.

				Hit	Attack	Bonus		Hack	Pierce
	Line of
Unit		Cost		Points	Damage	Damage		Armor	Armor
	Armor	Range	Sight	Speed
Pegasus		50 food,	140	-	-		50%	50%	99%	-
(Myth unit)	2 favor
	SPECIAL: Can be built by any Greek player, flying scout
Hippocampus	-		70	-	-		10%	70%
	99%	-	16	6.6
(Myth unit)
	SPECIAL: naval scout, Poseidon only, provided free when dock built, 
Shade		-		275	6 hck	-		20%	20%
	99%	-	16	4
(myth unit)
	SPECIAL: Hades only, 20% of slain units return as Shades at temple
Cyclops		250 food,	500	15 hck,	3 to myth units	40%	50%	80%
	-	16	3.2
(myth unit)	22 favor		12 crush, 30 hack for throw attack
	SPECIAL: Ares only, can throw human units, bonus versus myth units
Minotaur	200 food,	300	15 hck,	3 to myth units	60%	50%	80%	-
	20	4
(myth unit)	16 favor		10 crush, 60 hack for gore attack
	SPECIAL: Athena only, Gore attack versus human units, bonus versus myth 
Centaur		150 wood,	220	12 prc, 3 to myth units	25%	35%
	80%	12
	20	5
(myth unit)	12 favor		24 prc for accuracy attack
	SPECIAL: Hermes only, bonus damage vs myth, accuracy attack - double 
damage, 100% accurate, recharges
Manticore	300 wood, 	420	11 prc,	1 to myth units	30%	60%	80%	16
	20	4.3
(myth unit)	28 favor		15 prc for recharging attack
	SPECIAL: Apollo only, bonus vs myth, recharging attack with bonus 
projectiles, damage bonus
Nemean Lion	250 gold,	660	20 hck,	3 to myth unis	30%	60%	80%	-
	16	4.8
(myth unit)	25 favor		10 crush, 12 hack from roar (splash damage)
	SPECIAL: Aphrodite only, bonus vs myth, recharge roar causes splash damage 
to all near it.
Hydra		250 food,	800	20 hck,	2 to myth units	60%	40%	80%	2
	6	4
(myth unit)	28 favor		10 crush
	SPECIAL: Dionysus only, bonus vs myth, grows new heads (increases attack) 
with successful kills
Scylla		200 gold,	1000	25 hck, -		40%	70%	99%	-	16
(naval myth)	15 favor		12 crush
	SPECIAL: Dionysus only, grows heads after kills to increase attack damage
Chimera		200 gold,	600	20 hck,	3 to myth	60%	60%	80%	8 
(fire)16	5.3
(myth unit)	30 favor		15 hack for fire
	SPECIAL: Artemis only, bonus vs myth, fire breath attack (splash damage)
Colossus	300 gold,	1100	20 hck,	3 to myth units	50%	80%	80%	-
	16	2.4
(myth unit)	40 favor		50 crush
	SPECIAL: Hephastus only, bonus vs myth units, can eat trees and gold mines 
to regain health
Medusa		250 gold, 	360	15 prc,	-		60%	70%	80%	10
	18	4.3
(myth unit)	40 favor		12.5 crush
	SPECIAL: Hera only, Special attack turns units to stone.
Carcinos	200 wood,	720	20 hck,	-		70%	60%	80%	-
(myth unit)	20 favor		12 crush
	SPECIAL: Hera only, death releases boiling blood (damages all nearby 

6.2 Egyptian Units
				Hit	Attack	Bonus		Hack	Pierce
	Line of
Unit		Cost		Points	Damage	Damage		Armor	Armor
	Armor	Range	Sight	Speed
Axemen		40 food,	70	5 hack	4 infantry,	40%	5%	99%	-
	16	4.3
		30 gold				Hersir and Heroes of Ragnarok
	SPECIAL: Infantry counter
Slinger		60 wood,	65	3 prc	4 to archers,	15%	20%	99%	16
	20	4
		24 gold				3 to throwing axemen, 1.25 to 
hypaspist & Axemen
	SPECIAL: counters archers
Spearmen	50 food,	70	7 hack	1.2 to cavalry	40%	20%	99%	-
	16	5
		20 gold
	SPECIAL: Cavalry counter
Chariot Archer	100 wood,	90	8.5 prc	-		30%	25%
	99%	20
	24	5.3
		40 gold
	SPECIAL: infantry counter
Camelry		50 food,	125	8 hck	1.75 to cavalry	15%	30%	99%	-
	16	6
		70 gold
	SPECIAL: counters cavalry
War Elephant	180 food,	450	12 hack	3 to buildings	10%	40%	99%
	-	16	2.9
		70 gold
	SPECIAL: excellent against buildings
Pharaoh		-		100	12 prc	5 to myth units	15%	15%
	-	16	4
	SPECIAL: Hero unit (counters myth units), empowers buildings (+20% 
gathering, +200% building,
				+30% training rates), provided free at game start, 
Priest		100 gold	90	3 prc	7 to myth units	10%	0%	99%	-
	8	3.6
	SPECIAL: counters myth units, heals units, Ra's can empower buildings 
(+25% gather)
Mercenary	90 gold		85	8 hck	-		45%	30%
	99%	-	20
	SPECIAL: cavalry counter, fast training time, short life, only have 12
Mercenary	120 gold	190	8 hck	-		60%	70%	99%	-
	22	5.3
	SPECIAL: archer counter, fast training, short life, limit of 8
Siege Tower	200 wood,      	350	50 crsh,	-	5%	96%	90%	12 
rang,20	2.9
		100 gold		3 prc						3 
	SPECIAL: building counter, can transport units
Catapult	200 wood,	115    50 crsh,	2.5 to ships	30%	90%	80%	10 
min	40	2.4
		200 gold		10 prc						28 
	SPECIAL: counters buildings & ships
Kebenit		100 wood,	290	6 prc	3 to transport	30%	20%
	10%	12
	24	6
		50 gold				ships
	SPECIAL: hammer ship counter
Ramming		100 wood,	240	20 hck	-		30%	20%
	10%	-
	16	7
Galley		50 gold
	SPECIAL: siege ship counter
War Barge	100 food,	480	6 crsh	.5 buildings	10%	50%	10%	18
	24	4.8
		100 gold
	SPECIAL: counters archer ships and buildings

				Hit	Attack	Bonus		Hack	Pierce
	Line of
Unit		Cost		Points	Damage	Damage		Armor	Armor
	Armor	Range	Sight	Speed
Anubite		100 food,	200	13 hck,	3 to myth units	60%	65%	80%
	4 min	16	5.3
(myth unit)	15 favor		15 hack for jump attack				8 
max for 
	SPECIAL: Anubis only, bonus versus myth units, jump attack with bonus 
Sphinx		120 food,	300	11.25 hck  3 to myth 	45%	60%	80%	-
	22	5.3
(myth unit)	20 favor		5 crush, 20 hack (whirlwind attack)
	SPECIAL: Bast only, bonus vs myth units,Whirlwind attack (bonus damage)
Wadjet		150 wood,	240	16 prc	-		20%	30%
	80%	18
	20	3.8
(myth unit)	15 favor
	SPECIAL: Ptah only, fights at range by spitting venom
Petsuchos	200 gold,	480	20 crsh,  -		30%	50%	80%	20	24
(myth unit)	20 favor		50 pierce
	SPECIAL: Hathor only
Roc		150 gold,	350	-	-		40%	25%	80%	-
	20	5.3
(myth unit)	15 favor
	SPECIAL: Hathor only, can transport units
Leviathan	200 gold,	1020	25 hck	-		40%	60%	80%	-	22
(myth unit)	20 favor
	SPECIAL: Nephthys only, naval myth unit, can transport units
Scorpion Man	150 wood,	500	25 hck,	2 to myth units	50%	40%
	-	16	5
(myth unit)	25 favor		bonus poison damage
	SPECIAL: Nephthys only, bonus vs myth units, poison damage bonus
Scarab		300 food,	670	12 crsh,  5 to building	30%	75%	80%	-
	16	3.2
(myth unit)	20 favor		6 hack
	SPECIAL: Sekhmet only, bonus versus buildings, when killed releases toxic 
blood (bonus damage)
Avenger		250 food,	600	28 hack,  3 myth unit	60%	40%	80%	-
	18	5.3
(myth unit)	30 favor		25 hack splash with whirlwind
	SPECIAL: Horus only, bonus vs myth, splash damage from Whirlwind attack
Mummy		200 gold,	350	12 prc	-		35%	50%	80%	12
(myth unit)	35 favor
	SPECIAL: Osiris only, converts human units into Minions (fight for mummy)
Phoenix		200 gold,	400	20 hck,	-		15%	55%	80%	4
	20	3.6
(myth unit)	30 favor		30 crush
	SPECIAL: Thoth only, excellent versus buildings.  Turns to egg when 
killed.  Retrain at cost.
Sea Turtle	300 food,	960	25 hck,	-		40%	70%	80%	-
(myth unit)	20 favor		20 cruch; 100 hack, 30 crush with buck attack
	SPECIAL: Thoth only, buck attack with bonus damage
Ancestors	-		140
	SPECIAL: Summoned through the Ancestors GP, or created by Mummies as a 
6.3 Norse Units
				Hit	Attack	Bonus		Hack	Pierce
	Line of
Unit		Cost		Points	Damage	Damage		Armor	Armor
	Armor	Range	Sight	Speed
Ulfsark		50 food,	80	9 hck	3 to obelisks	30%	5%	99%	-
	16	4.8
		30 gold
	SPECIAL: counters cavalry
Throwing Axeman	50 wood,	65	4.5 hck	2.25 infantry	35%	10%	99%
	9	16	4
		40 gold
	SPECIAL: counters infantry
Raiding		40 food,	105	8 hck	1.25 archers,	15%	35%	99%	-
	9	6
Cavalry		50 gold				1.75 Throwing Axemen
	SPECIAL: counters archers
Hersir		80 food,	130	8 hck	6 to myth units	20%	15%	99%	20
	16	4.2
(Hero)		40 gold
	SPECIAL: Norse hero unit.  Can be massed.  Each has a unique (and funny) 
Huskarl		75 wood,	115	8 hck	2 to archers	15%	50%	99%	-
	16	5
		40 gold
	SPECIAL: counters archers
Jarl		50 food,	180	9 hck	4 to myth units	20%	35%	99%	-
		80 gold
	SPECIAL: counters myth units
Portable Ram	125 wood,	250	40 crsh  -		5%	99%	90%	2
		125 gold
	SPECIAL: rips buildings apart
Ballista	150 wood,	85	9 prc,	3 to ships	20%	80%	80%	4 min,
	40	2.4
		150 gold		4 crush						30 
	SPECIAL: infantry & ship counter
Longboat	100 wood,	290	6 prc	3 to trans ship	30%	20%	10%	12
		50 gold
	SPECIAL: counters hammer ships
Drakkar		100 wood,	240	20 hck	-		30%	20%
	75%	-
	16	7
		50 gold
	SPECIAL: siege ship counter
Dragon Ship	100 wood,	480	6 crsh  .5 to buildings	10%	50%
	10%	3 (ram)
	24	4.8
		100 gold								12 
	SPECIAL: counters archer ships, buildings

				Hit	Attack	Bonus		Hack	Pierce
	Line of
Unit		Cost		Points	Damage	Damage		Armor	Armor
	Armor	Range	Sight	Speed
Raven		-		50	-	-		20%	50%
	99%	-	16	4
(myth unit)
	SPECIAL: Odin only, 2 are granted in classical (2nd) age, respawn at 
temple, scouts
Troll		150 wood,	200	12 prc	3 to myth	50%	5%	80%	14
(myth unit)	15 favor
	SPECIAL: Forseti only, bonus vs myth units, heal as they do damage
Valkyrie	200 food,	360	12 hck	3 to myth	55%	70%	80%	10 max
	20	6
(myth unit)	20 favor								for 
	SPECIAL: Freyja only, can heal allied units, bonus vs myth units
Einherjar	150 gold,	250	15 hck,	3 to myth unit	70%	60%	80%	10 
for	16	3.2
(myth unit)	20 favor		10 crush					attack boost
	SPECIAL: Heimdall only, horn blast boosts allied units 50% (attack), good 
versus buildings
Battle Boar	250 gold,	720	20 hck,	2 to myth	60%	60%	80%	-	16
(myth unit)	30 favor		20 crush; 10 hack bonus for buck attack
	SPECIAL: Bragi only, bonus vs myth units, buck attack with bonus damage 
kicks enemy troops away
Kraken		300 food,	900	30 hck, -		50%	70%	80%	-	22
(myth unit)	25 favor		20 crush; 40 hack for throw attack
	SPECIAL: Njord only, naval myth unit, throw attack against ships and 
shoreline troops
Mountain Giant	300 food,	1200	20 hck,	2 to myth unit	45%	30%	80%
	-	16	3.2
(myth unit)	30 favor		25 crush; 30 hack for gore; 120 crush for building 
	SPECIAL: Njord only, bonus vs myth units.  Bonus damage vs units (Gore) 
and buildings (bash)
Frost Giant	200 gold,	600	18 hck,	3 to myth unit	55%	70%	80%	4 
for	16	3.8
(myth unit)	25 favor		12 crush					freezing 
	SPECIAL: Skadi or Hel only,bonus vs myth units, Freezing breath stops 
human units
Fire Giant	300 gold,	600	25 hck,	-		60%	80%	80%	14	18
(myth unit)	35 favor		20 crush; +10 hack, 20 crush with special fireball 
	SPECIAL: Baldr or Hel only, special attack causes extra fire balls, more 
Fenris Wolf 	150 gold,	360	15 hack	3 to myth unit	40%	50%	80%
	25 to	16	4
Brood		15 favor							
	boost range
(myth unit)
	SPECIAL: Tyr only, bonus vs myth units, +20% bonus attack when extra wolf 
in range.
Jormund Brood	200 gold, 	800	40 prc	-		20%	30%	80%	20
	24	6
(myth unit)	15 favor
	SPECIAL: Tyr only, naval myth unit.

6.4 Unit Counters
Because some units are better against other tyoes of units, this list may prove 
helpful when you find your
enemey is creating a large amount of a certian unit.  This list was compiled by 
going through the complete
lists above and finding which units get a bonus against other units and which 
ones are better protected
through armor against a units normal attack.

Unit		Counter		Counter with...
Hoplite	(Greek)	Cavalry		Toxote, Hypaspist, Axemen, Chariot 
Archer, Throwing Axemen
Toxote	(Greek)	Infantry	Peltast, Hippikon, Slinger, Mercenary 
Cavalry, Jarl, Raiding Cavalry, Huskarl
Hypaspist (Grk) Infantry	Toxote, Chariot Archer, Throwing Axemen
Peltast (Greek)	Archer		Hippikon, Mercenary Cavalry, Raiding 
Cavalry, Huskarl, Jarl
Hippikon (Grk)	Archer		Hoplite, Prodromos, Spearmen, Mercenary, 
Camelry, Ulfsark
Prodromos (Grk)	Cavalry		Hoplite, Spearman, Mercenary, Camelry, 
Myrmidon (Grk)	Egyptian/Norse	Toxote, Hypaspist, Cataphract, Axeman, 
Chariot Archer, Throwing Axeman
Hetariroi (Grk)	Building	Hoplite, Prodromos, Spearman, Mercenary, Camelry, 
Gastraphetes	Building	Prodromos, Mercenary, Camelry, Hippikon, Raiding 
Cavalry, Jarl
Greek Hero	Myth units	any human unit
Petrobolos (Grk)Building	Hippikon, Prodromos, Hetairoi, Camelry, Merc 
Cavalry, Raiding Cavalry, Jarl
Helepolis (Grk)	Building	Hippikon, Prodromos, Hetairoi, Camelry, Merc 
Cavalry, Raiding Cavalry, Jarl
Trireme	(Grk)	Hammer Ship	Juggernaut, War Barge, Dragon Ship
Pentekonter (Grk)Siege Ship	Trireme, Kebenit, Longboat
Juggernaut (Grk) Archer Ship	Pentekonter, Ramming Galley, Drakkar
Axeman (Egypt)	Infantry	Toxote, Chariot Archer, Throwing Axeman, Jarl
Slinger (Egypt)	Archer		Hippikon, Myrmidon, Mercenary Cavalry, 
Raiding Cavalry, Huskarl, Jarl
Spearman (Egypt)Cavalry		Toxote, Hypaspist, Myrmidon, Axeman, Chariot 
Archer, Throwing Axeman
Chariot Archer	Infantry	Hippikon, Mercenary Cavalry, Camelry, Raiding 
Cavalry, Jarl, Peltast,
	(Egypt)			Slinger
Camelry (Egypt)	Cavalry		Hoplite, Myrmidon, Spearman, Ulfsark
War Elephant	Building	Hoplite, Prodromos, Myrmidon, Spearman, Camelry, 
Pharaoh (Egypt)	Myth unit	Human unit or hero (Preist, Greek Hero, Hersir)
Mercenary (Egypt)Cavalry	Toxote, Hypaspist, Myrmidon, Axeman, Chariot 
Archer, Throwing Axeman
Mercenary	Archer		Hoplite, Prodromos, Myrmidon, Spearman, Camelry, 
Cavalry   (Egypt)
Catapult (Egypt)Building	Hippikon, Prodromos, Hetairoi, Camelry, Mercenary 
Cavalry, Raiding Cavalry
Siege Tower	Building	Hippikon, Prodromos, Hetairoi, Camelry, Mercenary 
Cavalry, Raiding Cavalry
Kebenit	(Egypt)	Hammer Ship	Juggernaut, War Barge, Dragon Ship
Ramming Galley	Siege Ship	Trireme, Kebenit, Longboat
War Barge 	Archer Ship	Penteknoter, Ramming Galley, Drakkar
Ulfsark	(Norse)	Cavalry		Toxote, Hypaspist, Myrmidon, 
Cataphract, Axeman, Chariot Archer, Throwing Axeman
Throwing Axeman	Infantry	Peltast, Toxote, Chariot Archer, Slinger, Raiding 
Raiding Cavalry	Archer		Hoplite, Prodromos, Myrmidon, Spearman, 
Mercenary, Camelry, Ulfsark
Huskarl (Norse)	Archer		Toxote, Hypaspist, Myrmidon, Cataphract, 
Axeman, Chariot Archer, Throwing Axeman
Jarl (Norse)	Myth unit	Hoplite, Prodromos, Myrmidon, Spearman, Mercenary, 
Camelry, Ulfsark
Hersir (Norse)	Myth unit	any human unit, or hero unit (hersir, Greek hero, 
Portable Ram	Building	Hippikon, Prodromos, Hetairoi, Camelry, Mercenary 
Cavalry, Jarl, Raiding Cavalry
Ballista (Norse)Human unit	Hippikon, Prodromos, Hetairoi, Camelry, Mercenary 
Cavalry, Jarl, Raiding Cavalry
Longboat (Norse)Hammer ship	Juggernaut, War Barge, Dragon Ship
Drakkar (Norse)	Siege Ship	Trireme, Kebenit, Longboat
Dragon Ship	Archer Ship	Pentekonter, Ramming Galley, Drakkar

MYTH UNITS	Human units, 	Hero (Hersir, Priest, Pharaoh, Greek Hero), Jarl, 
Ramming Ship
	(any)	other myth units or buildings


7.0 Gameplay Tips
Following are some game play tips I have discovered.  Also if you have one you 
think should be here, e-mail
me and I will add it and give you full credit.  Each God has some tips that are 
included in their breakdown.
Refer back to them to find good uses for god powers, suggested units and general 
civilization play tips.

Before choosing a major god, learn about all of the strengths and weaknesses of 
each.  Pick one that suits your
style.  Once you have learned the basics, feel free to try other gods.  Remember 
that the Greeks are the easiest
civilization to learn since they are so similiar to other games races.

Learn the hot keys (and reassign them if you find them strange).  Teach yourself 
one or two new keys each game
and get in the habit of using only them to do the associated action.  Keep 
learning them and using them until
you can play the game using the mouse only for moving viewpoints.  (easier said 
then done I know :) ).

8.0 Resources

There are many things to gather and many ways to do it in AoM.  Of the five 
types of resource (yes, five!),
three are easy enough to get and understand.  Food, wood and gold are all 
gathered with your gatherers.  Each
type is also gathered at a different rate.  Favor is a resource, but you don't 
really have a lot of control
over how it is gathered.  Finally there is population.

Food is gathered with your villagers (or dwarves if you want with the Norse).  
There are many forms of food
in Age of Mythology.  There are bushes, each containg 100 units of food.  There 
are herdable animals (goats,
pigs, cows), chickens, and huntable animals (zebras, deer, elephants, etc.).  
Some of the huntable animals
will attack the gatherers you are hunting with so make sure you have enough to 
do the job.
The following tables show how much food each animal will give.  Keep in mind 
that the herdables 'fatten' over
time and will gain more units of food if left alone.

Animal		Starting food	Ending food	Animal			Food
-------------------------------------------	--------------------------------
Goat		50		300		Baboon			100
Pig		50		300		Crowned Crane		100
Cow		75		400		Hyena			100
						Lion			100
						Monkey			100
						Wolf			100
						Caribou			150
						Deer			150
						Elk			150
						Gazelle			150
						Bear	(includes Polar)200
						Crocodile		200
						Zebra			200
						Boar			300
						Giraffe			300
						Aurochs			400
						Hippopotamus		400
						Walrus			400
						Water Buffalo		400
						Rhinoceros		500
						Elephant		750

Hunting is the fastest way to gather food in the early game (esp, with Odin's 
bonus).  Research Hunting
Dogs to improve these even further.  Hunting has another bonus for the Norse.  
They gain favor for each
animal they kill.  Gathering from bushes is usually safe (unless the enemy is 
around), and herdables is
the safest way to gather, with the single drawback that unless you allow the 
animals to fatten, you will
not gain the full benefit from using them.

Farming is a last resort in the early game, with the exception of Ra.  Becaue 
Egyptians are the only ones
who can farm in the first age, and Ra can empower buildings, any farms nearby 
are able to gather faster.
Ra can use his priests for this as well, and finally his God Power, Rain, speeds 
up food gathering for
everyone, but most for the caster.  It is best to use this before your enemy 
gets farms built so he
doesn't benefit form the increased gathering rate as well.  Farms do have the 
bonus of never going fallow,
but can be expensive in the early game when you need to get your other buildings 
up.  Until the late game,
when all of the farming improvements have been researched, it is easily the 
slowest way to gain food.

Fishing is also a good source of food, and is faster than farming, but can be 
expensive in terms of wood
as you need to build both a dock and a series of fishing boats.  If you fish 
make sure to research the
techs at the dock in the second age and beyond to speed it up some.  The two 
largest benefits to fishing
are that a school of fish never runs out (it is infinite) and it basically gives 
you a second economic

Food is required to make all buildings (excpet most 'cheap' Egyptian) and for 
many units.  Because things
like Egyptian houses and drop off points do not require wood, they can chance 
forgoing wood collection for
the first age or so.  However in order to make the stronger units from the 
Migdol Stronghold, they will need
to be a constant flow of wood.  Greeks are very dependent upon wood for all 
buildings and archer units.
Norse can afford a little less wood to start with as once they build an oxcart, 
that can carry them into the
age advance.  They do however need wood for their barracks and Hill Forts and 
most of the strong units.

Perhaps the most important of the gathered resources as no military unit can be 
made without it.  All units
cost wood OR food, but all cost gold (with the excpetion of various Myth units).  
As such, it is important
to protect your gold sources with units or towers.  Scout early and find the 
gold near your outposts so
that you can quickly get your gold income started.  It is also a great way to 
win if you can deny your
opponents any gold.  Without it, they can not create any units other than the 
odd myth unit, so an easy win
can be gained.  If you can't deny the enemy of gold, do NOT allow them to do it 
to you!

Each civilization has a unique method of collecting favor, from the worshiping 
done at Greek temples, to
the Egyptians monuments, and the Norse acts of violence.  Favor allows you to 
research some potentially
very powerful technologies and without it, you cannot create any myth units 
(other than whatever free ones
you may be entitled to for picking a certain major god).  It is possible to win 
without any favor
collected in the game, but with it, your armies can be more varied, preparing 
them for quicker victories.
It should be noted that Norse favor is basically free in that as long as your 
units are fighting (or at
least hunting) there will be favor coming in.  Egyptian favor requires an outlay 
of resources to build the
five monuments.  As each is built, favor comes in faster.  Greeks only need to 
create a temple and assign
some villagers to worship there.  Favor for the Greeks is based on a diminishing 
returns system, so it does
not pay to assign more than about 6 villagers to worship.  Anything after that 
is wasted.  Also because
Zeus assigns favor faster, you may be able to get away with 1 less worshipper.

Population is the most importnat resource in the later stages of the game.  By 
this time you should have a
strong economy and an army prepared to at least defend the economy.  In order to 
expand out though, you will
need to make sure that you have an economy that keeps resources coming in, while 
your army should be
expanding so that you can go on the offensive.  The game will not allow you to 
build more than 10 houses,
each supporting 10 population.  That means with 1 town center and 10 houses, you 
can only have 115 population.
With your economic needs, likely half of that is easily used up to gain 
resources.  Because all military
units take multiple population slots, you will not have a lot of room for your 
army.  For this reason it is
important to build on any free settlement you encounter (easier for the Norse 
with their infantry build).
Also, upon reaching the 4th age, research the Fortified town center technology 
to gain an extra 3 population
for each town center you have.  By worship Isis, you will also gain +5 
population for each TC, and by
using the Citadel (Sekhemet) GP, you also gain +5 (for that TC only).
Also note that no matter how many settlements you have, there is still a 
population cap of 300 for any
player in the game.  However, do not stop building a town center on a free 
settlement (or one you have
destroyed!) so that your enemy(s) can not replace his population cap without 
first taking on a TC!

Unit Gathering Rates

Unit			Gold	Wood	Hunt	Herd	Farm
Greek Villager		0.91	1.08	0.85	0.73	0.69
Egyptian Laborer	0.82	0.98	0.76	0.65	0.63
Empowered Egyptian L	0.98	1.18	0.91	0.78	0.76
Norse Gatherer		0.90	1.08	0.85	0.73	0.69
Thor's Dwarf		1.13	1.35
Dwarf			1.09	0.80	0.68	0.58	0.53

All numbers are units of resource gathered per second.
I used Enhanced Tool Tips (see the download section) to gain the numbers used 
I have not yet worked out the times required to gather fish.

9.0 Map Types and Game Styles

Age of Mythology has some very cool map types and game styles built into it, as 
well as a fairly well done
single player that has the player take on the role of Arkantos to save the 
ancient world (and meeting some
cool heroes from each of the civilizations).

The single player game consists of 32 scenerios starting in the ancient city of 
Atlantis.  Here we meet the
hero Arkantos and start learning the plot in the story.  I do not plan on 
creating a walk through as there
is already an excellent one at GameFAQs, written by Shironinja.  However if you 
are interested, the basic
plot outline follows (don't read it if you don't want to find out what happens).

Single Player Outline
Arkantos sets out to defend Atlantis from some pirates and Krakens and is then 
sent to help fight with
the Greeks at Troy.  He meets some other heroes such as Ajax, Chiron and 
Achilles.  After some excellent
battles defeating the Trojans (including the use of the Trojan Horse), he sets 
off again to defend
Atlantis.  He follows the enemy (Gargaransis) into Erebus and is provided divine 
help from Zeus.  He exits
the Underworld in Egypt where Amanera meets him and pursades him to help reuinte 
the 4 pieces of Osiris.
After some more excellent battles and plot twists (including the introduction of 
the Norse) he sets off to
help the Norse stop Ragnarock (the end of the world) where again he meets some 
Norse heroes.  He helps the
two dwarven brothers Eitri and Brok and enters the Norse version of Erebus where 
he again defeats
Gargaransis.  Eventually he defeats the enemy host and can head back to his home 
of Atlantis.  But when he
reaches the shores, he finds his enemy waiting for him once again.  He again 
gains divine help from Zeus
and defeats the evil once again.  At least until the expected expansion pack (Oh 
Please Ensemble!!!)!!!

Multiplayer (& Single player random maps)

Map Types

RANDOM - Randomly chooses from one of the faster paced aggresive map types 
available.  These include
	Anatolia, Alfheim, Ghost Lake, Mediterranean, Midgard, Oasis, Savannah, 
Watering Hole.

RANDOM ALL - Completely random map from all of the available types.

ACROPOLIS - Defensive style map.  Start on a plateau near a corner with high 
resources.  More resources
	available from map edges and central valleys.

ALFHEIM - Lots of hills and forests.  Towns can be walled off to hold the enemy 
back a little longer.

ANATOLIA - A desert map with a lot of cliffs and gorges.  Wall off as required 
to gain time.

ARCHIPELAGO - Island map.  A strong navy is key here as well as transport ships 
or Rocs to gain more

EREBUS - Shades, snakes and lave cover the map.  The only food source are boars 
(which attack back!).

GHOST LAKE - a central frozen lake that can't be built on.  All resources are 
near the edges of the map.

JOTUNHEIM - Defensive map with sheer cliffs and mountains.  The mountain passes 
are easily walled off to
	allow you (and your team) to build up before the attack.

KING OF THE HILL - There is a Plenty Vault at the maps center.  To win, capture 
the vault and hold on to
	it until the countdown timer reaches zero.

MEDITERRANEAN - A central body of water that can be fished.  There are also alot 
of herdables around the
	water.  It is possible (although expensive) to wall off.

MIDGARD - Little food on land, but the waters contain a bounty.  There are also 
walruses near the shore.

NOMAD - All units start scattered, without a town center.  A settlement must be 
found and built on to start
	the conquest of the world.  There is no fighting for the first two 
minutes.  My personal favorite.

OASIS - There are between 1 and 4 oasis near the map center.  Woods surround 

RIVER NILE - Defensive style map.  A large river seperates the land of the 
different teams.

SAVANNAH - There is little water (fishing) but tons of huntables on the 

SEA OF WORMS - a large ocean covers half of the map.  All players get a fortress 
on the land.

SUDDEN DEATH - All players start with a citadel.  No free settlements exist. If 
you lose your citadel, you are
	out.  Be Careful!

TEAM MIGRATION - Start on an island with your team.  When the resources are 
exhausted, you'll need to migrate
	to the large central island containing the free resources.

THE UNKNOWN - Completely random.

VALLEY OF THE KINGS - Players from the same team share a city with all the gold 
protected by Migdol

VINLANDSAGA - You start on a small island with limited resources.  You will need 
to move to the large central
	island to gain more resources.  Skraelings will attack on sight!

WATERING HOLE - Herds of migrating animals move near the bodies of water, no 
other food is available.

Game Types

SUPREMACY - Win by Conquest, Settlements (2 minute timer starts when you have 
them all) or by building
	a Wonder.  A timer will start when the Wonder is complete, although as 
soon as you start building
	it, everyone can see where.

CONQUEST - Defeat all enemy units to win.  Omniscience (from the temple) helps 

DEATHMATCH - Start with extra resources.

LIGHTNING - The game plays at a high speed.  It can be difficult to keep track 
of everything here.

10.0 Tecnology

Although the game can be won with very basic units, it is much harder.  By 
researching the various upgrades
available to each player, you can maximize things like your economy or to create 
very powerful troops.  It
is also possible to research various defences in order to keep your buildings up 
longer to aid in keeping
the enemy at bay long enough to mount a proper defence.

10.1 Resource Improvements
Improvement			Resource	Effect
Pharaoh Empowering		all		+20% to gathering that resource
Ra's Pharaoh Empowering		all		+25% to gahtering to that resource
Ra's Preist Empowering		all		+25% to gathering that resource
Thoth's Book of Thoth		all		+10% to gathering rates
Aprodite's Divine Blood		all		villagers 20% faster; carry 10 more; 
build 25% faster
Hephaestus's Plenty Vault GP	all		+10 food, wood and gold every 5 
Husbandry			Herding		+20% to gather rate; +30% fattening 
(herdables); +15 food carry
Hunting Dogs			Hunting		+30% hunting rate
Poseidon's Lure God Power	herd/ hunt	Stone created that lures 1000 food 
worth of animals
Worship Odin			Hunting		+20% hunting rate
Odin's Great Hunt God Power	herd/ hunt	can double herdable or huntable 
animals.  Increases animals.
Thor's Pig Sticker		Hunting		Villagers do more damage against 
animals; 20% faster gather.
Plow				Farming		+10% faster farming rate
Irrigation			Farming		+15% faster farming
Flood Control			Farming		+15% faster farming
Ra's Rain God Power		Farming		+300% food gathering, 200% for 
allies and enemies
Bast's Sacred Cats		Farming		+20% gathering rate
Ptah's Shaduf			Farming		-33% to farm cost; doubles build 
Skadi's Winter Harvest		Farming		+20% gather rate
Purse Seine			Fishing		+50% fishing rate
Salt Amphora			Fishing		+25% fishing rate; doubles boats 
carrying capacity
Isis's Flood of the Nile	Food (all)	+0.75 food per second (automatically 
adds to stockpiles)
Hand Axe			Wood		+10% gather rate, +5 carry capacity
Bow Saw				Wood		+10% gather, +5 carry
Carpenters			Wood		+10% gather, +5 carry
Bast's Adze of Wepawet		Wood		+10% gather, +5 carry
Pick Axe			Gold		+10% gather, +5 carry
Shaft Mine			Gold		+10% gather, +5 carry
Quarry				Gold		+10% gahter, +5 carry
Isis's Prosperity God Power	Gold		+80% gather rate
Hade's Vault of Erebus		Gold		+0.75 gold per second (added to 
Norse Dwarven gold miners	Gold		+20% gold gathering (over human 
Pharaoh empowering Monumnet	Favor		+4% favor gain
Ra's Pharaoh Empowering Monu.	Favor		+5% favor gain
Ra's Preist Empower. Monument	Favor		+5% favor gain
Anubis's Necropolis		Favor		+10% favor gain
Worship Zeus			Favor		Start with 15 favor, can reach 200 
favor, +25% favor gain
Aphrodite's Golden Apples	Favor		+15% favor gain
Fortify Town Center		Population	+5 population per Town Center
Worship Isis			Population	+3 population per Town Center
Sekhmet's Citadel God Power	Population	+5 population to the Citadel

10.2 Greek Improvements
Improvement		God	Cost			Effect
Medium Infantry		all	150 food, 150 gold	+10% attack, Hit points; 
+1 LOS
Medium Archers		all	150 wood, 150 gold	+10% attack, Hit points; 
+1 LOS
Medium Cavalry		all	200 food, 100 gold	+10% attack, Hit points; 
+1 LOS
Heavy Infantry		all	300 food, 300 gold	+10% attack, hit points; 
+1 LOS
Heavy Archers		all	300 wood, 300 gold	+10% attack, hit points; 
+1 LOS
Heavy Cavalry		all  	400 food, 200 gold	+10% attack, hit points; 
+1 LOS
Champion Infantry	all	500 food, 400 gold	+10% attack, hit points; +1 LOS
Champion Archers	all	500 wood, 400 gold	+10% attack, hit points; +1 LOS
Champion Cavalry	all	700 food, 200 gold	+10% attack, hit points; +1 LOS
Levy Infantry		all	300 food		-20% infantry training speed
Levy Archers		all	300 food		-20% archer training speed
Levy Cavalry		all 	300 food		-20% cavalry training speed
Conscript Infantry	all	500 food		-20% infantry training speed
Conscript Archers	all	500 food		-20% archer training speed
Conscript Cavalry	all	500 food		-20% cavalry training speed
Conscript Sailors	all	500 food		-20% ship building speed
Draft Horses		all	300 food, 200 gold	+20% to siege weapon speed
Engineers		all	300 food, 500 gold	+10% bonus damage Vs walls by 
siege weapons; +2 range
							of Petroboli & catapult; +50% 
damage to siege
							towers & Port. Rams; +25% pierce 
crush damage to
							ranged siege weapons
Masons			all	200 food, 300 wood	+20% building hit points; 
+5% building crush armor
Architects		all	400 food, 500 wood	+20% building hit points; +5% 
building crush armor
Archer Ship Cladding	all	200 wood, 200 gold	+10% archer ship pierce 
damage; +4 range; +20% HP
Reinforced Ram		all	300 wood, 200 gold	+10% hammer ship HP and 
hack damage
Naval Oxybeles		all	500 wood, 200 gold	+9 siege ship range; +12 
siege ship LOS; +10% siege
							ship Hit points; +2 damage to 
Olympic Parentage	Zeus	200 food, 10 favor	+25% to Hero Hit Points
Lord of Horses		Poseidon150food, 10 favor	+4 cavalry LOS
Vault of Erebus		Hades	200 food, 10 favor	+0.75 gold per second
Will of Kronos		Ares	200 food, 25 favor	+50% Cyclops Hack attack; 
+100% Cyclops Crush
							attack; -25% training speed
Phobo's Spear of Panic	Ares	200 food, 15 favor	+10% Hoplite hack damage
Deimo's Sword of Dread	Ares	200 food, 15 favor	+15% Hypaspist hack damage
Enyo's Bow of Horror	Ares	250 wood, 20 favor	+10% Toxote pierce damage
Labyrinth of Minos	Athena	250 wood, 20 favor	Minotaur cost 25% 
less, gain +40 hit points
Sarissa			Athena	200 wood, 25 favor	Hoplite hack armor 
Aegis Shield		Athena	300 wood, 25 favor	+10% infantry pierce 
Sylvan Lore		Hermes	300 wood, 20 favor	+25% centaur hit points, 
+30% Centaur speed
Spirited Charge		Hermes	250 food, 35 favor	Cavalry +10% hack 
attack, +10% speed
Winged Messenger	Hermes	50 gold, 10 favor	Pegasus costs zero, -50% 
training speed, +6 LOS
Oracle			Apollo	200 wood, 10 favor	+6 line of sight to 
all buildings and units
Temple of Healing	Apollo	150 gold, 20 favor	Greek temple gains ability 
to heal one idle unit at
							a time
Sun Ray			Apollo	200 wood, 40 favor	+10% pierce attack 
for archer, Centaur and Manticore
Roar of Orthus		Aphrodite			+50% Nemean Lion pierce armor; 
+20% Nemean Lion
				300 food, 20 favor	hack attack
Golden Apples		Aphro.	300 food, 200 gold	villagers worship 15% 
faster (+15% favor gain)
Divine Blood		Aphro.	200 food, 35 gold	+20% villager speed; +20% 
villager build speed; +10
							carry capacity
Bacchanalla		Dionysus 300 wood, 20 favor	+5% hit points all units
Thracian Horses		Dionysus 400 food, 30 favor	+20% cavalry hit points
Anastrophe		Dionysus 300 food, 20 favor	Pentekonter +20%hack damage; 
+10% speed; -25% training
Flames of Typhon	Artemis	400 food, 20 favor	+30% Chimera attack (hack 
and flames), +20% HP
Shafts of Plague	Artemis	400 gold, 40 favor	+15% archer pierce damage
Trierarch		Artemis 300 gold, 40 favor	+20% Trireme crush armor
Hand of Talos		Hepha.	300 wood, 20 favor	+100 Colossi hit 
Shoulder of Talos	Hepha.	300 gold, 20 favor	+200 Colossi hit points 
(Hand must be researched 1st)
Forge of Olympus	Hepha.	300 food, 60 favor	Armory improvements 
reduced 25% cost
Weapon of the Titans	Hepha.	400 gold, 20 favor	+10% attack for Greek 
unique units (Myrmidon,
							Gastrophetes, Hetairoi)
Face of the Gorgon	Hera	400 wood, 30 favor	+33% Medusa Hit points
Athenian Wall		Hera	400 wood, 30 favor	+30% building hit points, 
+10% wall hit points
Monstrous Rage		Hera	250 food, 20 favor	+25% myth unit attacks 
(hack, crush & pierce)

10.3 Egyptian Improvements
Improvement		God	Cost			Effect
Medium Axemen		all	100 food, 100 gold	+10% attack, hit points; 
+1 LOS
Medium Slingers		all	100 wood, 100 gold	+10% attack, hit points; 
+1 LOS
Medium Spearman		all	100 food, 100 gold	+10% attack, hit points; 
+1 LOS
Heavy Axemen		All 	300 food, 300 gold	+10% attack, +15% hit 
points; +1 LOS
Heavy Slingers		all	300 wood, 200 gold	+10% attack and hit 
points; +1 LOS
Heavy Spearmen		all	300 food, 200 gold	+10% attack, +15% hit 
points; +1 LOS
Heavy Chariot Archers	all	150 wood, 150 gold	+10% attack and hit 
points; +1 LOS
Heavy Camelry		all	150 food, 150 gold	+20% attack, +15 hit 
points; +1 LOS
Heavy War Elephants	all	200 food,150 gold	+10% attack and hit points;+1 
Champion Axemen		all	400 food, 300 gold	+10% attack; +20% hit 
points; +1LOS
Champion Slingers	all	400 wood, 300 gold	+10% attack and hit points; +1 
Champion Spearmen	all	400 food, 300 gold	+10% attack; +20% hit points; +1 
Champion Chariot Archers all	400 wood, 200 gold	+10% attack & hit points; 
+1 LOS
Champion Camelry	all	400 food, 200 gold	+10% attack, +20% hit points; + 
Champion War Elephants	all	500 food, 400 gold	+10% attack & hit points; 
+1 LOS
Levy Barracks Soldiers	all	600 food		-20% train speed barracks units
Levy Migdol Soldiers	all	600 food		-20% training speed Migdol 
Stronghold Units
Conscript Barracks Sol.	all	800 food		-20% training speed barracks 
Conscript Migdol Sol.	all	800 food		-20% training speed Migdol units
Conscript Sailors	all	500 wood		-20% ship building speed
Draft Horses		all	300 food, 200 gold	+20% siege weapon speed
Engineers		all	300 food, 500 gold	+10% damage vs. walls and siege 
weapons; +2 range;
							+50% crush damage to siege 
towers & 
Rams; +25% pierce
							and crush to ranged siege attacks
Masons			all	200 food, 300 wood	+20% building hit points; 
+5% building crush armor
Architects		all	400 food, 500 wood	+20% building hit points; +5% 
building crush armor
Archer Ship Cladding	all	200 wood, 200 gold	+10% archer ship pierce 
attack; +4 range; +20% HP
Reinforced Ram		all	300 wood, 200 gold	+10% hammership HP and 
hack damage
Naval Oxybeles		all	500 wood, 200 gold	+9 siege ship range; +12 
siege ship LOS; +10% siege
							ship hit points; +2 damage to 
Skin of the Rhino	Ra	50 food, 5 favor	+30% laborer hack & pierce armor; +20% 
hack attack
Flood of the Nile	Isis	200 gold, 9 favor	+0.75 food per second
Ferel			Set	100 gold, 10 favor	+50% converted animal hack 
attack; +10% converted animal
							hack attack; +10% converted 
hack & pierce armor
Feet of the Jackal	Anubis	250 gold, 15 favor	+50 Anubite HP; +6 
jump range; +20% Anubite hack attack
Serpent Spear		Anubis	250 food, 12 favor	+15% Spearmen hack 
Necropolis		Anubis	250 gold, 10 favor	+10% favor income rate
Criosphinx		Bast	250 wood, 15 favor	+50 Sphinx hit points; +20% 
hack/+50% crush damage
Heirocosphinx		Bast	400 food, 20 favor	+20% Sphinx speed; +20% 
hack/+50% crush damage
Sacred Cats		Bast	110 gold, 10 favor	+20% farming rate
Adze of Wepawet		Bast	100 gold, 10 favor	+10% wood gathering; trees 
come down in 1 hit
Shaduf			Ptah	200 wood, 10 favor	Farm cost -33%, build 
speed doubles
Scalloped Axe		Ptah	100 food, 10 favor	+10% Axemen hack attack
Electrum Bullets	Ptah	150 gold, 10 favor	+15% Slinger pierce attack
Leather Frame Shield	Ptah	200 wood, 20 favor	+20% Spearmen pierce armor
Crocodopolis		Hathor	400 wood, 30 favor	Petsuchos +4 
Medjay			Hathor	250 food, 25 favor	+30 seconds lifespan 
for Mercenary & Merc. Cavalry
Sun-dried Mud Brick	Hathor	300 wood, 20 favor	+20% building hit 
points; building cost -15%
Spirit of Ma'at		Nephthys 200 gold, 25 favor	Priest cost -20%; Pharaoh 
and priest healing rate +200%
Funeral Rites		Nephthys 200 gold, 16 favor	+4 damage to myth units by 
Pharaoh and priests
City of the Dead	Nephthys 300 wood, 20 favor	+30% Pharaoh hit points; +20% 
Pharaoh pierce attack
Bone Bow		Sekhmet	250 wood, 10 favor	+4 Chariot archer range
Slings of the Sun	Sekhmet	200 gold, 20 favor	+30% slinger damage vs. 
infantry & Throwing Axemen
Stones of Red Linen	Sekhmet	200 gold, 25 favor	+20% Catapult and War 
Barge crush damage
Rams of the West Wind	Sekhmet	400 gold, 20 favor	+20% siege tower hit 
points and crush damage
10.4 Norse Improvements
Improvement		God	Cost			Effect
Medium Infantry		all	150 food, 150 gold	+10% attack and HP; +1 LOS
Medium Cavalry		all	200 food, 100 gold	+10% attack and HP; +1 LOS
Heavy Infantry		all	300 food, 300 gold	+10% attack, +15% HP, +1 
Heavy Cavalry		all	400 food, 200 gold	+10% attack, 15% HP, +1 
Champion Infantry	all	500 food, 400 gold	+10% attack, +20% HP, +1 LOS
Champion Cavalry	all	700 food, 200 gold	+10% attack, +20% HP, +1 LOS
Levy Longhouse Soldiers	all	600 food		20% reduction in training time
Levy Hill Fort Soldier	all	600 food	`	20% reduction in soldier 
training time
Conscript Longhouse	all	800 food		20% reduction in training time
Conscript Hill Fort 	all	800 food		20% reduction in soldier 
training time
Conscript Sailors	all	500 wood		-20% to ship training (building time)
Draft Horses		all	300 food, 200 gold	Siege weapon speed +20%
Engineers		all	300 food, 500 gold	+10% damage vs. walls and siege 
weapons; +25% pierce
							and crush damage
Masons			all	200 food, 300 wood	+20% building HP, building 
crush armor +5%
Architects		all	400 food, 500 wood	building HP +20%, crush armor 
Archer Ship Cladding	all	200 wood, 200 gold	archer ship pierce damage 
+10%, +4 range, +20% HP
Reinforced Ram		all	300 wood, 200 gold	+10% hammership HP, +10% 
hack damage
Naval Oxybeles		all	500 wood, 200 gold	+9 siege ship range, +12 
LOS, +10% siege ship HP, +2
							damage to buildings
Lone Wanderer		Odin	175 wood, 5 favor	Ulfsark speed +10%
Pig Sticker		Thor	70 gold, 1 favor	gatherers +5 pierce attack, +20% 
hunting rate
Eyes in the Forest	Loki	50 gold, 2 favor	+3 infantry LOS
Hamarrtroll		Forseti	200 wood, 10 favor	Troll +50% HP, +2 range, 
+20% pierce attack
Hall of Thanes		Forseti	300 wood, 10 favor	Hersir +10% HP, +10% 
Mithril Breastplate	Forseti	100 gold, 10 favor	Ulfsark +10% hack 
Aurora Borealis		Freyja	200 gold, 10 favor	+50% Valkryie hack 
attack, +20% crush attack,
							+33% healing speed
Thundering Hooves	Freyja	300 food, 15 favor	+10% jarl and RC speed, 
+20% jarl & RC HP,
							+10% Valkyrie HP, +20% Val 
Elhrimnir Kettle	Heimdall 250 food, 10 favor	+6 Einherjar hack damage, + 10% 
Safeguard		Heimdall 300 wood, 15 favor	+200% tower & wall HP, tower 
cheaper (-25% wood
							and gold)
Arctic Wind		Heimdall 200 wood, 10 favor	Longboat +10% HP & speed
Call of Valhalla	Bragi	200 wood, 20 favor	Ulfsarks gain 25% more hit 
Swine Array		Bragi	200 wood, 20 favor	+1 ulfsark damage versus cavalry
Thurisaz Rune		Bragi	200 wood, 20 favor	+12% myth unit speed
Wrath of the Deep	Njord	200 gold, 15 favor	Kraken gains +200 HP
Long Serpent		Njord	200 gold, 25 favor	Longboat +20% pierce and 
crush attack
Ring Giver		Njord	400 gold, 30 favor	+20% HP for Jarls
Rime			Skadi	200 food, 20 favor	+33% frost giant HP, +20% frost 
giant hack
							attack, freezing breath recharges 
Winter Harvest		Skadi	200 food, 20 favor	farming rate +20%
Huntress' Axe		Skadi	200 gold, 20 favor	Throwing Axemen +20% hack 
Arctic Gale		Baldr	250 wood, 20 favor	Dragon Ship +20% speed, +20% 
hack armor
Sons of Sleipner	Baldr	400 food, 30 favor	Raiding Cavalry +2 damage vs. 
archers and TAs
Dwarven Auger		Baldr	300 gold, 35 favor	Portable Ram +20% speed, -
50% training time
Rampage			Hel	300 gold, 20 favor	-95% myth unit training 
Granite Blood		Hel	600 wood, 30 favor	+100 HP for all ginats
Berserkergang		Tyr	300 wood, 45 favor	Ulfsarks +20% HP, +10% 
hack attack
Bravery			Tyr	400 food, 30 favor	Huskarl +100% damage 
versus buildings

11.0 Relics

Relic				Benefit when garrisoned within a temple
Ankh of Ra			Small, continuous favor (about 0.1 favor per second)
Anvil of Hepaestus		All armory improvements 10% cheaper
Armor of Achilles		5% bonus to all infantry hack armor
Arrows of Alfar			Buildings gain a 20% improvement to attack
Black Lotus			Faster farming (10% faster)
Blanket of Empress Zoe		Building crush armor 5% bonus
Boots of Kick Everything	Heroes move 10% faster
Bow of Artemis			Archers and troll cost -15%, Centaurs -20% cost
Buhen Flagstone			Walls cost 25% less
Canopic Jar of Imsety		Infantry train 15% faster
Catoblepas Scales		20% bonus to myth units crush armor
Dwarven Calipers		Siege weapons cost 20% less
Eye of Horus			Each TC gains +2 population (pop cap will go up)
Eye of Ornlu			5% hack armor  bonus to Throwing Axeman, Axeman 
and Hypaspists
Fetters of Fenrir		Villagers kill animals with 1 shot (adds a LOT of pierce 
Girdle of Hippolyta		+5% to hitpoints of Throwing Axemen, Toxotes and 
Chariot Archers
Golden Bridle of Pegasus	A respawning Pegasus appears at your Temple.
Golden Lions			Two lions (re)spawn at your temple
Harmonia's Necklace		villager gold gathering rate +10%
Harter's Folly			+2 line of sight (LOS) to scout
Head of Orpheus			LOS of buildings +8
Hera's Thundercloud Shawl	+5% human unit pierce armor
Khopesh of Horus		+1 bonus hero damage to myth units
Kithara of Apollo		10% bonus to villagers speed (faster resources)
Mithril Horseshoes		10% bonus cavalry speed (includes myth units)
Monkey Head			Three respawning monkeys appear at your temple
Nose of the Sphinx		Buildings gain +15% hit points
Odin's Spear			5% bonus hack attack for Hoplites, Spearmen and 
Oseberg Wagon			Trade caravans cost 25% less, move 15% faster
Pandora's Box			Myth unit training time reduced 25%
Pelt of Argus			Villagers line of sight (LOS) improved 6
Pygmalion's Statue		40% more villager hitpoints
Reed of Nekhebet		All naval myth units gain 200% attack bonus for primary 
Ring of the Niebelung		Small, continuous gold income
Scarab Pendant			+1 bonus damage to buildings from Prtable Ram, 
Helepolis, Siege Tower & Scarab
Shard of Blue Crystal		villages gather gold and wood faster (5%)
Shingles of Steel		Houses get triple hitpoints
Ship of Fingernails		Provides a small continuous food source
Sistrum of Bast			villagers chaper (10%)
Staff of Dionysus		Villagers carry 20% more food
Tail of Cerebus			Myth units use special attacks more (recharge time 
goes down 25%)
Toothed Arrows			archers and Ballista gain 5% more pierce damage
Tower of Sestus			30% bonus tower pierce attack, 10% bonus tower oil 
Trios Bow			+2 LOS for archers and ballista.  Also +2 range.
Trojan Gate Hinge		+20% wall hit points
Tusk of the Iron Boar		10% bonus hitpoints to all cavalry and Chariot 
Wand of Gambantein		(also shows as Odin's Wand)  Temple improvements 
20% cheaper
Wadjet Eye			Cost of myth units in food, wood and gold reduced by 10%

12.0 Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I download Age of Mythology?
	My favorite place to download software is my local software store.  Go to 
one near you, download the
	box off the shelf and your wallet out of your pocket.  Click forward until 
you are at the counter and
	pay for the software.  If you like Real Time Strategy (RTS) games, AoM is 
one of the best, and will not
2. What are the differences between armor types?
	Hack armor protects against melee weapons (swords, hammers, etc.).  Pierce 
armor protects against arrows
	and Crush armor wards off damage from most siege weapons.  If a unit shows 
50% hack armor, they will
	only take half the damage from a hack attack.

3. My hero picked up Odin's Wand.  Why is it refered to as Gambanteins Wand?
	At some point, the name of this relic was changed and not all references 
were.  It still functions as
	it should.

4. My computer is having trouble keeping up (it is freezing) in larger games.  
What can I do?
	If your machine meets the requirements there are a few things you can try.  
First, make sure that you
	have the latest drivers for your system.  You should have video, sound and 
motherboard drivers.  Also
	make sure to see if your modem or network card has been updated with 
drivers.  Direct X 9 may also
	Something else I have found to work fairly well is to turn off footprints 
in the options screen.  Make
	sure that the box isn't light blue.  This took me from lagging on a 6 
player map, to good performance
	on a 12 player map.  If this doesn't all work, you can try turning off 
hardware sound acceleration, also
	from the options screen.

5. I want to use a 'no-CD' patch or fixed executable.  Where and how do I get/ 
use them?
	I'm sorry, I won't answer that.  Although most people who want to use 
these I think are honest enough
	and bought AoM, there are a few that haven't.  If you really need one for 
your legal copy of the game,
	you can search for them yourself.  If you pirated the game, please buy a 
legal copy.  This will help
	Ensemble cover the costs of creating more great titles (hopefully 
including an expansion!).

6. I am using a fixed executable but can't connect through ESO.  Why?
	See #5 above.

7. The manual in my standard edition is small.  Is there more information 
	Yes.  On CD 1 there is a directory under the one called AOM.  It is the 
DOC directory.  In it is a
	PDF version of the printed manual as well as a PDF version of the 
technology chart that shipped with
	the game.  As well there is another PDF file that is basically the extra 
manual that shipped with the
	collectors edition.  There are also some RTF files to help you script maps 
and stuff like that.  Most
	good word processors can read RTF documents.  If you don't already have 
Adobe Acrobat Reader installed
	to read the PDF files, the installer can be found in the root directory of 
the CD.

8. I'm playing the Norse and can't seem to get any favor.  Why?
	Norse have to fight or hunt to gain favor.  Hersirs gain favor very slowly 
by just being on the
	map.  Also, if you are only using myth units at this point, they gain no 
favor at all for fighting.

9. I rotated the map and now I can't find my way around!  Please help!
	If you look at the minimap carefully, you will see that one corner is a 
different color than the other
	three.  If you rotate again until the odd color is at the top, you will 
end up back at the default
	view and should be able to find your way around again.

10. How can I show the game time/ scores?  Also is there a way to see more of 
the battlefield?
	To show game time, press F11.  Scores are shown with F4.  Sometimes a 
turtle icon appears, showing
	a player with a slow down of some sort.  Red and Gold shields show latency 
(or ping).  A red shield is
	medium ping (bad) while a gold one shows high ping (real bad).
	To see more of the game screen, press ALT+down arrow.  The interface will 
disappear, leaving only
	the minimap and unit display screen (if a unit or group is selected).  To 
get the interface back,
	press ALT+up arrow.

11. I really enjoyed this game.  What else has Ensemble done?
	Ensemble created AoM as the third full title in the Age of line.  This 
started with Age of Empires,
	it's expansion, The Rise of Rome and continued into Age of Empires II: The 
Age of Kings.  It also
	was given an expansion in The COnquerors.  Besides these games, you might 
enjoy Empire Earth (from
	Stainless Steel Studios and Sierra).  It was created by Rick Goodman who 
helped create the original
	Age of Empires.

12. I find the Hard level too easy and Titan whips me is.  Is there anything 
	YES!  I downloaded a few AI enhancements and am still in the process of 
trying them out, but there are
	a couple that stand out in my mind.  The first is Battlemachine (Beta) and 
the other is DomBrain.  They
	make the AI a little harder.  Another one I haven't tried yet is the 
Turtle.  It is supposed to make the
	AI hold off attacking for 30 minutes.  These AIs are all created by others 
and I hope they do not think
	badly of me for putting them in here.

13. I'm not sure I understand how the armor system works.  Can you help me?
	Sure.  Lets take the example of a Throwing Axeman and his enemy Hersir.  
The throwing axemen sees the
	Hersir at a range of 16 (the same point the Hersir sees him).  Becasue the 
TA has a range of 9, they must
	move towards each other.  When the range is 9, the TA will start throwing 
his axes.  They do a base amount
	of damage of 5 points of hack.  The hersir has a 20% hack armor, so each 
attack that the axeman does will
	cause 4 points of damage to the Hersir (5/20%=4).  These will be further 
modified  by any research done at
	the armory or unit production buildings.

14. How does the bonus damage system work?
	It is fairly straight forward.  An example is the Hersirs ability to 
counter myth units.  He will attack
	the myth unit and instead of doing his normal 8 hack damage, he will do 48 
hack damage, minus whatever
	hack armor the myth unit may have.  An example is the Scorpion man with 
50% hack armor.  24 damage would
	be the result of the attack.  Again these are modified slightly by armor 
and weapons research done at the
	armory and unit production buildings.

15. I can't seem to win against certain civilizations.  Is the game balanced?
	LOL! I think it is and have said so many times on the Heaven games forums.  
Ususally people think that
	the game is unbalanced because they are seeing a strategy used for the 
first time and don't know how to
	counter it.  The same can be said of the units.  The best thing to do is 
leanr the counters for units and
	and build what counters your enemies.  Also scout to see what strategy 
they may be using.

13.0 Default Hot Keys

General Commands				Unit Commands
-------------------------------------		--------------------------------
Create Group		CTRL+#	(1-9)		Stop			Q
Goto Group		# (1-9)			Attack Move		ALT+right 
A+left click
Center view on group	ALT+# (1-9)		Create waypoint		SHIFT + 
Clear group		CTRL+0			Garrison selected units	ALT+Right 
(on building)
Zoom in/ out		keypad +/ -		Ungarrison		N
Rotate view		mousewheel, CTRL+	Aggresive Stance	ALT + A
				arrow		Defensive Stance	ALT + D

Take Screenshot		CTRL + F12		Stand Ground		ALT + S
Pause			Pause			Line Formation		ALT + L
Show/ Hide score	F4			Box Formation		ALT + B
Show/ Hide clock	F11			Mixed Formation		ALT + M
Full map screenshot	CTRL+ALT+F12		Scattered Formation	ALT + X
Review announcements	PageUp
Clear announcements	PageDown
Find Idle Villager	. (Period)
Find Idle Military	, (Comma)
Find Hero		/
Center view on selectionSpaceBar
Open Chat Window	Enter
Find Town Center	H
Hide interface		ALT+ down arrow
Show interface		ALT+ up arrow

Buildings		Build		Find
Barracks,		B		CTRL+B

Archery Range		A		CTRL+A
Armory			R		CTRL+R
Dock			D		CTRL+D
Farm			F

Migdol Stronghold,	V		CTRL+V
Hill Fort

Granary			G		CTRL+G
House			E
Lighthouse		L
Market			X		CTRL+X

Mining Camp,		M		CTRL+M
Ox Cart

Monument		U		CTRL+U
Obelisk			O

Lumber Camp,		N		CTRL+N
OX Cart

Siege Works		C		CTRL+C
Stable			S		CTRL+S
Temple			T		CTRL+T
Tower			P		CTRL+P
Town Center		Z		H
Wall			W
Wonder			J

Greek Units		Egyptian Units			Norse Units
Hoplite		P	Priest		P		Ox Cart		N
Hypaspist	Y	Mercenary	I		Dwarf		W
Toxotes		T	Merc. Cavalry	C		Hersir		R
Peltast		P	Axemen		A		Ulfsark		U
Hippikon	C	Spearmen	S		Throwing Axemen	T
Prodromos	P	Slinger		L		Raiding Cavalry	C
Petrebolos	C	Chariot Archer	A		Huskarl		K
Helepolis	R	Camel 		C		Jarl		J
Unique Unit	U	War Elephant	W		Portable Ram	R
Archaic Hero	A	Siege Tower	R		Ballista	B
Classical Hero	S	Catapult	C		Battle Boar	B
Heroic Hero	D	Anubite		A		Einherjar	E
Mythic Hero	F	Avenger		V		Fenris Brood	W
Centaur		C	Mummy		U		Fire Giant	F
Chimera		I	Petsuchos	C		Frost Giant	G
Colossus	O	Phoenix		N		Mountain Giant	M
Hydra		H	Roc		R		Troll		T
Manticore	M	Scarab		S		Valkyrie	V
Medusa		D	Scorpion Man	M		Kraken	(dock)	K
Minotaur	T	Sphinx		X		Jormund Elver 	J
Nemean Lion	N	Wadjet		W			(dock)
Pegasus		P	Leviathan (dock)L
Scylla (dock)	Y	War Turtle	U
Carcinos (dock)	C		(dock)
Argo (dock)	O

14.0 Web Links and Cheats

14.1 Official Sites

Ensemble Studios

14.2 Community Sites

Age of Mythology Heaven
Mr. Fixit Online
Planet Age of Mythology
Age of Mythology Files

14.3 Fan Sites
If you would like your Age of Mythology site listed here, e-mail me.

14.4 Mythology Websites

Norse Mythology
Bulfinch's Mythology
Greek Mythology

14.5 Suggested files for download

Version 1.05 patch.  The game will auto-update when you connect to ESO.  It can 
also be downloaded and installed
	manually from most fan sites.

AoM Enhanced Tooltips.  Replaces the tooltips from the game with ones that are 
more specific.  Instead of something
	improving armor, it will show by how much.  Find it (and the installation 
instructions) here:

DomBrain, Battlemachine and Turtle.  These are enhancement AIs that go into your 
AI directory and are supposed
	to make the game more challenging (or more defensive).

The Golden Gift.  A bonus scenerio for AoM that involves the 2 dwarves Brokk and 
Eitri in a Norse setting.  I
	haven't had time to play it yet, but soon...

There are also tons of user made maps and scenerios available to download as 
well as many utilities that make
either the game better or the editor more powerful.  Try looking around and 
seeing what you find.  And make sure
to keep playing!

14.6 Cheats
Scouring the internet has resulted in finding the following cheats:

Hit ENTER and type the code in.  Then hit ENTER again.

Code:                      Effect:
ATM OF EREBUS              Get 1000 Gold
TROJAN HORSE FOR SALE      Get 1000 Wood
JUNK FOOD NIGHT            Get 1000 Food
MOUNT OLYMPUS              Favor to full (100, 200 for Zeus)
LAY OF THE LAND            Reveal Map
THRILL OF VICTORY          Instant Win
CHANNEL SURFING            Skips to next scenario in campaign
L33T SUPA H4X0R            Fast build
DIVINE INTERVENTION        Gives back a previously used god power
PANDORAS BOX               Several random god powers
WRATH OF THE GODS          Gives you the Destruction (Lightning Storm, 
                           Meteor and Tornado) god powers
GOATUNHEIM                 God Power that turns all units to goats
FEAR THE FORAGE            Walking berry bushes god power
BAWK BAWK BOOM             Chicken-meteor god power
I WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!1!    Bunch of monkeys
WUV WOO                    Flying purple hippo
TINES OF POWER             Collosus-sized boy with fork
O CANADA                   Bear that shoots lazers from eyes
ISIS HEAR MY PLEA          Heroes from the campaign
CONSIDER THE INTERNET      Slow down units
SET ASCENDANT              Reveal all animals on map
IN DARKEST NIGHT           Changes to night
RED TIDE                   Makes water red
MR. MONDAY                 Increases AI strength (handicap to 1000%)
ENGINEERED GRAIN           Fully fattens any herd animals you own
CONSIDER THE INTERNET      Slows the game speed
LETS GO!  NOW!             Speed up the game (two spaces behind the first !)

Please do not use cheats in a multiplayer game as it ruins the fun for all!  If 
you are going to use them,
at least inform players in your game that they are turned on.

14.7 Abbreviations

AI	Artificial Intelligence (the computer opponent)
AoM	Age of Mythology
CA	Chariot Archers
ES	Ensemble Studios
ESO	Ensemble Studios Online
GP	God Power
HP	Hit points
LOS	Line of Sight
MS	Migdol Stronghold or Microsoft (depending on context)
MU	Myth Unit
Rax	The Barracks building for a given civ
RC	Raiding Cavalry
TA	Throwing Axemen
TC	Town Center
vil	(or villy,etc.) Villager

15.0 Credits & Thanks

First and foremost, I must thank my family.  My wife Susan, daughter Shantal 
(they both play as well!) and my new
son Misha.  You guys are the best. Thanks for the help and support.  Shantal can 
rattle off everything about this
game (and has in her sleep I think!).

Second, Ensemble Studios and Microsoft.  Never thought I would thank M$. but 
there you go.  Between the two of them
we have been granted some excellent games in the Age of titles.  But I still 
think this is the best of the three!

I would also like to thank Shironinja - Jonathan Galloway (a fellow Canadian 
maybe?!?).  He wrote the first FAQ
for this game (that I found anyway!) and granted me kind use of much of his 
work.  If something in here is his,
credit goes to him.  But any errors are mine!

To you, the reader of this.  At least I hope someone reads this since I took 
some time to write it!  LOL

16.0 Legal
I'm not a lawyer, but here goes...

This document is mine and I hope you enjoy it and find good information within 

However, since I did the work and research into this thing, please don't change 
it and post it as your own.  If you would like to use sections of it for some 
reason, please credit me somewhere for the information.
If you take something from here that is someone else's, please credit them.

I am not making any money on this, so it is expected that you will not...

I will do my best to make sure the information within is correct, but mistakes 
happen.  Besides, things change at each patch!  
If you see an error please e-mail me and I will correct it.

Age of Mythology is a copyright of Ensemble Studios and Microsoft
Age of Empires, Age Of Empires II: The Age of Kings, The Rise of Rome and The 
Conquerors are all trademarks
of Ensemble Studios and Microsoft.
Empire Earth is a copyright of Stainless Steel Studios and Sierra.

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