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1942 The Pacific Air War Tips & Tricks

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1942 - The Pacific Air War

   1942: The Pacific Air War Gold for Windows
   FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
   Last revised: March 19, 1997

System Requirements
IBM PC 33Mhz 80386 compatible or faster
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher
Windows 3.1 or higher
Super VGA graphics for 320 x 200 x 256 colors
Double-speed CD-ROM drive (MSCDEX version 2.1 or later)
Hard drive (10MB free)

IBM PC 80486, Pentium compatible or faster

Ad Lib
Covox Sound Master II
General MIDI
ProAudio Spectrum
Roland MT-32/CM-32/LAPC-1
Sound Blaster
Sound Blaster Pro

Q:  I've heard that the game is a DOS game. Can I install it
    from Windows?

A:  1942: The Pacific Air War Gold can only be installed
    through Windows. The installer program is named SETUP.EXE
    and will be found on your CD-ROM. Just double-click on
    the SETUP.EXE to install both the game and the Windows
    multimedia supplement.

Q:  I can't seem to run the game when I double-click on the
    game icon in Windows. How can I get into the game?

A:  1942: The Pacific Air War is a DOS-based game. You should
    run the game in MS-DOS mode. Even though the game installs
    through Windows, only the multimedia supplements are
    designed to work through Windows. To get into MS-DOS mode
    using Windows 95, go to the Start menu. Then click on Shut
    Down and choose "Restart computer in MS-DOS mode."

Q:  Whenever I try to run the game from DOS, I get an error that
    says, "This game requires 150k of free disk space."

A:  There could be a number of causes for this error.

    1)  You may be trying to run the game from the CD-ROM drive.
        You cannot do this. You must run the game from your
        hard drive.

    2)  If you are running the game from the hard drive and are
        still getting this error, you may have installed the game
        with the Install program from the GAME directory. You
        should only use the Setup program from the root directory
        on the hard drive.

    3)  There is a chance that your hard drive is actually full.
        You may need to delete some files from your hard drive.

Q:  When attempting to start the game, I receive an error message
    about low conventional memory, or the game just quits.

A:  This means that you do not have sufficient free conventional
    memory to run the game. The game requires about 580K of free
    conventional memory to run. To check how much free conventional
    memory you have on your computer, type "MEM" at the DOS prompt.
    Look at the third line from the bottom of the report which reads
    "largest executable program size." This is your free conventional
    memory, and it must be at 580K or higher for the game to run

Memory and Boot Disks
Q:  How can I free up more conventional memory on my computer?

A:  There are numerous ways to do this. If you are using MS-DOS 6.0
    or higher, try running the MEMMAKER utility to optimize memory.
    (Be sure to answer "Yes" when asked if you use programs that
    require expanded memory.)

    If you are familiar with editing your CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT
    files, check them to make sure that all of your necessary device
    drivers and TSRs are loading into upper memory. Also, make sure
    to eliminate any unnecessary memory-resident programs.

    We recommend that you make a boot disk and not make any changes
    to your system files on your hard drive. In the event that the
    changes made to your system files cause a problem with your
    computer starting up normally, you can just remove the boot
    disk from the floppy drive and restart your computer to return
    to the original system configuration.

Q:  I don't know how to make a boot disk. Is there any way for me
    to get a boot disk?

A:  There is a boot disk maker that the game installs on to your
    hard drive in the MPS\PAWGOLD directory. To use it to make
    a boot disk, change to the MPS\PAWGOLD directory and type
    "BOOTDISK" at the DOS prompt.

    If you are using Windows 95, we do have a boot disk maker that
    works for multiple titles from Spectrum HoloByte and MicroProse.
    It includes the option to make a boot disk for 1942: The Pacific
    Air War. You can find the boot disk maker on our Web site at, on our BBS at 510-522-8909, or we can mail
    it to you on a floppy disk if you fax us a request for the
    "Boot Disk Maker" with your name, address and phone number.

Exit Error Messages
Q:  I'm getting an "Exit Error" when I try to play the game. What
    does it mean?

A:  Below are a list of Exit Errors, what they refer to and how
    to fix the problem:

    Exit error 20 - This may occur during installation.

    1)  This is caused when trying to install the game twice. Don't
        install it twice.

    2)  The disk may be out of alignment or it may be a bad disk.
        To check the alignment, copy the disk to your hard drive
        and run the install.

    3)  You may be trying to run the Install program from the game
        directory. This isn't the correct installation program.
        You should run the Setup program in the root directory on
        the CD-ROM.

    Exit error 108 - This error may occur when you try to save a
    custom mission. This is caused by the absence of a mission
    directory in the PAWGOLD directory. At the C:\MPS\PAWGOLD>
    prompt, type "MD MISSIONS" and then press [ENTER].

    Exit error 604 - Not enough conventional memory to run the
    .FLIC files. You should boot with a boot disk to free up more
    conventional memory.

    Exit error 803 -This error message is caused by some mouse
    drivers. You should get the latest mouse driver from Microsoft
    (version 9.01 or higher).

    Exit error 999 or higher - This problem is similar to the
    previous exit error. The game is not compatible with the Genius
    mouse driver. It is recommended that you use a Microsoft mouse

    Exit error 1,350 - This is generally a sound problem. Here are
    a couple of fixes:

    1)  If you are using a Sound Blaster AWE 32 sound card, make
        sure you have all your DOS drivers installed. Also, check
        your AUTOEXEC.BAT file to make sure that the AWEUTIL line
        contains the "/EM" switch.

    2)  Try copying the INSTALL.EXE and INSTALL.INF files from the
        CD-ROM to the PAWGOLD directory on your hard drive. Then
        run the install from the hard drive. This will allow you to
        reconfigure your sound card.

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