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XIII Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Mincetro
Update by: avinash bhojwani

While playing, press [F2] to bring up the input box, then type any of the following 
cheat codes: 

Code             Result
maxammo        - Full ammo for current weapon.
healme 100     - Restore health to 100%.
superdeform    - Big feet and head with tiny body.
flowerpower 1  - Changes blood to flowers and blood splatter.
playersonly    - Player only allowed to move; repeat to deactivate, may freeze game 
                 if active during flashback.
suicide        - Kill your character.
quit           - Instantly end game.
ghost          - Flight mode.
walk           - Disable flight mode.
god            - God mode.
allammo        - Get ammunition.

God mode:
Submitted by: conner54

Use a text editor to edit the "user.ini" file in the "\ubi soft\xiii\system" folder. 
Change the "Comma=" entry to "Comma=GOD". Begin game play and press [Comma] to enable 
God mode. 

Submitted by: SoulDestroyer

(retail GOD mode cheat)
Having read every BS posting about entering things into "user.ini" in the retail version 
of XIII, I found this on a German forum (and just about managed to translate it enough 
to get it to work).

This god mode cheat actually works !!

Save a copy of engine.u before starting, just in case you screw it!

You will need to open the file in an editor that allows you to hex edit the file
(look one up on google), so you can edit it without windows buggering it up. I 
used programmer studio and opened it as a binary file.

Search the file for the word "God" and replace it with something like "dog" 
(I 'm an atheist, but if you're not and are easily offended, then change it to
something else, just as long as it is a word that is unique it should be OK), 
then save the file. Now when you want to get into (or out of) god mode, just 
hit F2 and type dog  (or whatever three letter word you used).

It's as simple as that.

PS: the reason I said BS posting, is that there is no "user.ini" file, and it
appears to ignore any you create.

Tip to defeat Mangoose:
Submitted by: ashwini sharma

In the penultimate level when you have to fight Mangoose you are in a hall full
of rockets. Mangoose will always run around the rockets and thus dodge you. It's
difficult to shoot him down with just bullets. Apart from shooting him also try 
to shoot at rocket sheathing as soon as he appears around the corner of the rocket.
A poisonous gas is released when you shoot at the rocket which does more harm 
than mere shooting.

The level is made more difficult since there are no health packs and armour in 
the beginning. But try to continue to hold ur ground till the health bar of 
Mangoose reaches half. Then some of the rockets will start going down and dead
soldiers will fall from above. search their bodies for armour and you will get
plenty of them to last till you finish off with Mangoose.

Kill Mongoose easily in less than a minute:
Submitted by: Bangalore Shrihara

First after cut-scene immediately go behind & take ladder which u came from 
as cover perfectly. So mongoose comes very near to u but not shoot u neither
run.He stands there as if stucked.Now immediately move & give him headshots 
continously with machine gun. This will lead to another cut-scene. Repeat 
this again. This time u must be able to kill him. 

Better sniping accuracy:
When in sniper mode, zoom in. To steady yourself for greater accuracy, sit 
there and do not touch anything to look or move for about five secounds or 
until he stops moving around. You can now look around with perfect dead aim 

Quick gun:
At the start of the game, run though the back door to a gun faster and safer 
than going to the man at the front. Note: Hit him in the head and he will 
die faster.

More ammunition:
Wait until an enemy reloads his weapon before killing him. Kill him before 
he fires his gun and you will get a full magazine for your weapon.

Get the Dual Weapons skill early: 
In the military base level where you have to rescue general Carington, there 
is a door on the left that leads to some kind of bedroom just before the room 
with the shaft leading to Carington's prison cell. Enter the room and take out 
the three SPADS soldiers in the room. At the opposite end of the room to the 
right is a locker standing by itself. Open it to get a 9 mm pistol, and the 
Dual Weapons skill will be enabled. From now on you will be able to use dual 
pistols and miniguns.

Kill man on sub:
When you start the submarine level, go as low as possible to find a man at 
the bottom of a ladder. Fall down the ladder to kill him easily, and get some 
assault rifle ammunition.

Keeping out of sight:
At the start of level 13 "Dr. Freakshow, I Presume", make sure that the 
receptionist does not see you. If she does, the receptionist will send a lot of 
soldiers on you with shotguns, which is bad if you are very low on health.

More blood:
In the level with the lifegaurd that gets shot after you get the throwing knives, 
kill an enemy. Then, start stabbing the dead body. Little drops of blood will 

Strange song:
Somewhere in the mental hospital level, there should be a woman in a white coat 
with red hair behind a desk-like object with metal grating to show that they 
are closed. A few are open, but you cannot get in. Get close but still remain 
hidden. Listen and you should hear her singing a song that has a line like 
"You can close your mind but still be on the run", which the same song the 
"grim reaper" you must chase in hunt mode sings. 

Ubisoft logo:
When you first start the FBI level, immediately after the woman shoots out 
your cuffs, go to the center of the room with the three computers. You will 
find the Ubisoft logo acting as a screensaver.

Item names:
Use one of the following entries with the summon code.

Item            Code	
Miniuzi       - xiii.MiniUziPick
Granate       - xiii.GrenadPick
Magnum        - xiii.MagnumPick
Medi Kit      - xiii.FullMedPick
Light Vest    - xiii.GiletMk1Pick
Heavy Vest    - xiii.GiletMk2Pick
Grenade       - xiii.FGrenadPick
Helmet        - xiii.CasquePick
Hunting Gun   - xiii.FusilChassePick
Microphone    - xiii.MicroPick
M60n          - xiii.m60pick
Kalashikov    - xiii.kalashpick
Sniper Rifle  - xiii.FusilSnipePick
Harpoon Gun   - xiii.LHarponPick
Bazooka       - xiii.BazookPick
Crossbow 3x   - xiii.ArbaleteX3Pick
Crossbow      - xiii.ArbaletePick
Silencer      - xiii.SilencerPick
Knife         - xiii.TKnifePick
Bottle        - xiii.Bottle3DecoPick
Bottle        - xiii.Bottle2DecoPick
Roofridge Aid - xiii.MedPick
Shotgun       - xiii.FusilPompePick
Full Health   - xiii.AutoFullMedPick
Hook          - xiii.HookPick
Beretta       - xiii.BerettaPick

Sixth Sense:
To use the 6th sense, you must either stand still, or walk slowly ( when you 
crouch and walk you automatically walk slow), and when you do this you will 
see some "tck, tck, tck" where the enemy is. This even works when an enemy 
is behind a wall.

Secret areas:
* FBI: 
In the second area [by the hole in the wall], go through the first room and take
a left in the room where the floor just crash open. Go down and you will find a 
bulletproof vest in the trash.

* Roofs:
After the sniper scene go down to the first roof area. on your left you will find
a small upper roof with an emergency staircase. Take it to the upper stage. Enter
the room open the locker to find a full medkit, bulletproof vest, and a gun.

Quicker Health:
I know there is a cheat for health already but i put in (healme 100) but it only 
gets you back to full health if you have more than 50 health I found out that if 
you put in (heal me 1000) and you are below 50 health this cheat will take you 
straight up to 100 health.

Easy generator level:
Ok you may not get this on your first try but u will. The first generator will be 
on the first building on the right kill the guard that guards the building quickly 
or else he will hit the alarm. Pick the lock of the door and take out a shotgun 
kill them then destroy that generator. Then there are 2 other enemy's the one at 
the big gate is the last one you want to kill in that room place take him out and
there is a small hut with the next generator. Then find the next door go to the 
left and shoot the one guy walking back and forth then go into the second hut or 
the hut on the right and there is a generator. Kill all the enemies around that 
whole room then finding the last generator is easy. Then find the latter and go 
up and listen to the girl.

Freeze enemies!:
Submitted by: KW25

Press F2 and write "playersonly". But during when enemies be frozen, you can 
not shoot!

Kill mongoos by only 1 crossbow:
Submitted by: abhishek

In miltry base when you open door which goes to loby in begning you will see mongoos
do not kill him with m16 kill him with cross bow on his head but be hidden so he can't
see you kill do same with mongoos with shot gun.
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