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Warlords Battlecry 2 Cheats

Warlords - Battlecry 2

Submitted by: conner54

Cheat Codes:
Type these codes while playing the game. The codes will not work if the game has 
been patched to v1.03.

Result           Code
God mode       - iamatank
Full map       - iamaseer
Lose scenario  - iamaloser
Win scenario   - iamawinner
All spells     - iamanarchmage

Submitted by: maaz sultan

To expose the map,and get 10000 of each in gold,metal,stone and crystal.

Easy experience:
Play the Eyries map and put the enemies at Emperor. At the end of the battle, you 
should get about 47 experience.

Quick and cheap army:
Play as the Dark Elves on a random map with lots of animals. Create a Spider Queen, 
and attack the animals. The result is four spiders.

Easy experiences:
Create a new hero and select Ironman mode. Go to the map editor and create a new map. 
Build up a massive base for yourself. Surround your base with walls, then create a 
massive army of dragons. You do not need to put any resources for your base; just a 
handful of dragons. Next, work on your enemies' bases. Put in as many enemy bases as
desired, and have the CPU have a massive weak army. Use Pikeman or any of the building
characters. During game play, send your dragons out. Make sure that they are rampant. 
They will easily destroy all enemies, and you will get over 200 experience points for 
the battle. Make sure you make the battle at least three minutes. If you end the battle
quickly, you will only get 20 to 40 experience points.

Foolproof Cheat:
Ok, this is kinda hard to follow but it does not require any third party software 
or editing tools. The way it works is the following: Once you have a few armies in
your retinue (preferably low level), you can modify them to make them invincible. 
What you whould do is edit an easy to beat scenario. Once you have loaded it into 
the editor (it's the anvil icon in the game), you can modify the attributes of the
armies used in that scenario. So if you have a retinue full of barbarians 
(barbarians) o Imps (daemons) for example, you can edit those armies in the scenario
you have chosen to make them invincible (armor = 10 for all kinds of attacks, 
resistance = 100) and have them perform ultra damage (999) and extra high hit points
(999, do it you'll need it). Then, just play the scenario making sure you USE THOSE 
ARMIES FROM YOUR RETINUE. Remember, these armies are those you have "won" from other
battles. Once the battle is over, you'll be able to use them as invincible in your 
next battle. Beware: after you use these invincible armies in a regular battle, 
they'll go back to their regular status, so you'll have to repeat the procedure to
use them again. But don't worry, you can beat any battle with just 2 invincible 
armies (a defender and an attacker. One more thing. As they level up, or if the 
battle has gone on long enough, the armor levels will go down (to 80%) which means
this army will suffer damage. Try not to loose them. A good idea is to have ranged
armies in your retinue, as they can avoid hand to hand combat. Also, try and get 
low level armies in  your retinue, like barbarians, firebats, pikemen, wisps, etc.
as they will cost much fewer army points when setting up before a battle.
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