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Virtual Villagers The Lost Children Cheats

Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children

Speed up time:
You can speed up the in-game time by adjusting your the 
system clock while the game is running.

Multiplyed Collectables:
If you see a collectable dont put a kid on it. Instead, pause the game and put 
all your kids on it. At least half of them will pick an item up.
This also works with mushrooms.

Here is how you reach the milestone:
Make your villager gathering firewood in the southwest area, then make 
your villager gathering dry shrubs from northwest near coconut tree.
Next, you drag villager to the firespot. 

-=-The Dam-=-
To build a dam you must advance in engineering first, then you can build 
it in the river. Just drag your villager there.

-=-The Scarecrow-=-
Once you build the dam, you will get a farm right away. Sometimes you cannot 
harvest your crops because it has been eaten by parrot (curse them!). If you 
have a master farm, just drag him/her to twisted pieces of wood and vines on 
northeast near sacred area of the dead. You must drag him/her 2 times to make 
a scarecrow.

-=-The Cutting Tool-=-
You must purchase exploration first, then you drag your master scientist to 
sacred area of the dead, there you'll find 3 sharp stones. Then drag her/him 
again to twisted pieces of wood and vines. 

-=-Herb Mastery-=-
Just drag any of your villager to all strange plant in the island (there are 
six of them) : 
1st near the dry shrubs (i'm not sure what kind of plant is that),
2nd near thorn bushes (rose-like blue flower),
3rd in the sacred of the dead (sun flower-like purple flower),
4th in the sacred of the dead (a group of black flower),
5th near thick vines in the south east (red flower),
6th in the south (big orange flower).

-=-Elder Totem-=-
Just make your villager mastering 3 skill and he/she will become esteemed elder. 
A totem will be made for him/her.

-=-Sustainable Fishing-=-
The ocean is full of algae? yes, that's disgusting. Just fully research of farming, 
and drag many of your master scientist to lagoon, they will catch algae-eating fish 
and release them to the ocean. After a while, the ocean will be cleared and you have 
unlimited fish to catch.

-=-The Vine Wall-=-
You just need to fully researched in culture. 

-=-The Stew-=-
If you have advance in exploring, drag your villager to dry wood, there she/he will 
find a cauldron.
To make a stew:
1. You'll have to drag a villager to fire spot (he/she will prepare a stew), 
2. Then drag him/her again to there (this time he/she will add water to the stew),
3. One more time drag villager to fire spot (this time to add food to the stew),
4. Then drag villager to any strange plant (you need 3 strange plant).

Here is the stew i've discovered (number of strange plant based on herb mastery above)
- 1, 2, 3 ==> clear nose and throat
- 1, 2, 4 ==> Makes thirsty
- 1, 2, 5 ==> Makes nature calling 
- 1, 2, 6 ==> Makes more healhty
- 1, 3, 4 ==> Unedible
- 2, 4, 6 ==> Very spicy
- 6, 6, 4 ==> Make villager feel doesn't need to breathe (really? ^_^)

-=-The Ancient Mosaic-=-
If you have build the dam, you must get this ancient ruin near your farm. Just have 
fully researched science only or science and culture (sorry i'm not sure because i 
have fully research both of it when i reach this milestone), then your villager can 
work on it.

-=-The Hospital-=-
You have to fully researched construction and medicine to reach this milestone.

-=-The Sewing Hut-=-
As far as I know you must build two small hut, then you can build the sewing hut in the south.
And to build the 2nd small hut, you must have at least 15 villagers. 

-=-The Sunken Gong Piece-=- 
Make a stew with 2 orange flower and 1 black flower (6, 6, 4) then eat the stew, and swim 
in the lagoon. 
The villager will retrieving The Sunken Piece Gong of Wonder

-=-The Inlaid Gong Piece-=-

Once one of your villagers has become an Esteemed Elder and been honored with a totem 
and after you've completed the ancient ruins puzzle, drop a totem on the 
mosaic in the center of the ruins to retrieve another piece of the gong.

-=-The Boxed Gong Piece-=-
Open the crate on the beach with 3 master builder.

-=-The Overgrown Gong Piece-=-
Cut the thorn bushes with the knife your master scientist made.

Hope that helps ^_^.
If you want to ask something don't bother to e-mail me at

-Children can start working as soon as they turn 14.
-They can start having babies when they turn 18.
-When they get around 40-50 years old they become elderly. Their hair turns grey 
 and they walk slower.

Just a lil bit to add- always play with your volume on because when you hear a faint jingle- 
very similar to the sound of wind chimes- this means that either a pebble, butterfly, shell, 
beetle or mushroom has magically appeared on the island. You must immediately search round 
the whole island for the item. LOOK HARD! when you have found it, drag a child straight to 
it. Shells are always found on the beach front, beetles are always found in the vine- thorny
area, pebbles are always found at the ruin floor area that was once flooded with water. 
You will only find beetles when you have cleared the thorns and you will only find pebbles 
when you have built the dam. Butterflies appear randomly whereever they wish, sometimes at 
the village centre. They are the hardest to find so keep your eyes open and your ears alert 
for the jingles!

Use the following recipies to create the corresponding stew.

Burst Of Energy Stew - 3 red flowers. These are the flowers just below the dam
Jumpy Stew           - 3 blue roses. These are the flowers behind the research hut
Rainbow Stew         - 3 purple flowers. These are just right of the blue roses

Random shiny coin event:
During a point in the game a random event will tell you that one of your villagers has 
found a shiny coin. You will get two options. You can either put it on your clothes (or
something similar) or give it to scientist to study. If you keep the coin for yourself 
you will level up to Culture level 2 without using any tech points. If you give to the 
scientist to study you will only get a few Tech Points back.

Keeping children: 
During game play, items will appear and you will need a child to collect it for you. One
way to keep track where the children are is by using the spot next to where the Gong Of 
Wonder is located. Place the children in between the large totem's mouth and the thorns.
There is a small opening where you can move children or adults to, and they will stay 
there until you move them. Note: Sometimes they can get out by themselves.

Chose the gender of your next baby:
Submitted by: pwrpffgrl

When I tried a code I found for triplets it didn't work (it was "press the number '3' key 
when you make two villagers mate"), so I thought "maybe it would work if I pressed the '2' 
key for twins", boy was I wrong! Instead when they were two years old the 3 baby was a girl 
and the 2 baby was a boy! I tried it over and over with the same result, but there is one 
little thing: if you want it to work you have to make sure you have the woman selected, 
let them go indoors, and while they're inside press 3 for a girl, or 2 for a boy and TA-DA!!! 
And no I haven't tried it with the other two so if it works do tell.
By the way is it really possible for people in any of the Virtual Villagers games to have 
twins or triplets?

The Sacred Field of The Dead:
This is something every walkthrough and hint I've seen forgets: what about the dead bodies
The Cemetery is the open field north east of the research table. Take all adults there and
allow them to reflect when there is time and they will remember and bury any bones from 
deceased villages [those that die of old age,etc.] automatically. You won't need to complete
a puzzle or any such; they just need to know it's there.

Puzzle 14 :The Pink Diamond:
Submitted by: Gabby

You should have Puzzle 3:The Alchemy Lab done.Have a villager gather the herbs Cactus,Rose,
and Lotus.Then have a villager drink the potion.He or she should feel "light and springy".
Then drag the villager to where the pink diamond is.The villager jump high and grab the key.
He or she will walk to the door and put it in.

Number Keys:
Submitted by: GottaPlayThemAll

Pressing a number key on your keyboard will take you to a certain place in the village. 
Like, pressing [1] will take you to the area where the firewood is. 
Pressing [2] will take you to place where the orange flower is(one of the 'strange plants'). 
All of the number keys work like that apart from 0.

Get unlimited food points:
Submitted by: Anindo Chatterjee A.K.A Crxstmas Cagan

First of all download CheatEngine 6.2. Then start Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children then
go to CheatEngine and click on file->Open process->Virtual Villagers - The Lost Children will
be named as engine.exe select it and open.Again go to Virtual Villagers and see your food 
points suppose it is 120 now pause the game-> go to cheat engine type 120 in value and click
first scan there will be a huge list, but don't freak out-> goto Virtual Villagers play it 
and put 2 villagers to eat->now quickly go to cheatengine and see which value decreases like
from 120 to 110->now double click the value and it will appear it bottom of the screen->
select it, press enter, type the value of food you want like 90000 and ok-> goto Virtual 
Villagers - The Lost Children and BAZINGA unlimited roughage for your villagers.. 
Follow me on twitter @crxstmas,

Stew 3 Number Recipe Combinations:
I numbered all the herbs 1-6- "1" being the herb next to the dry grass in the upper left 
corner, and "2" being the flower next to where the gong hangs, right before the graveyard,
and then continuing in order as I make a half circle around the village. And I came up 
with what I thought was every possible 3 number recipe combination. I am not listing them 
all because you get the same result no matter what order they are in (example 3,3,1 will 
be the same as 1,3,3 or 3,1,3). Also you can have several numbers for the same result.

226 = allergic- villagers starts jumping.
555 = energy- villager runs around for exercise.
466 = feels no need to breathe- villager can go to bottom of pond.
444 = harmful- villager's health goes down, dies if eats too much of it.
336 = heals- completely.
111 = healthy- health goes up some.
345 = nasty- not edible.
656 = nothing- no benefit or loss.
344 = sick- makes villager ill (doctor in training can keep healing).
513 = spicy- clears nose and throat.
214 = thirsty- villager runs to get a drink.
552 = tired- villager works slower? (not sure).
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