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Trickstyle Cheats


Cheat Codes:
In options Screen, select "CHEATS" and enter:

Code           Effect
INFLATEDEGO  - Big heads
CITYBEACONS  - Win everything
TRAVOLTA     - Power up moves
IWISH        - Infinite Time
TEAROUND     - Always win

Hidden Shortcut on Japan Race 1: 
Submitted by: Dj Simo

The shortcut is where a section of the railing is out. Go straight through it & land straight.
This shortcut could show the word "Wrong Way" but you have taken a jump from the broken rail.

Shortcut in Usa Race 1: 
Submitted by: Dj Simo

Ride around the track & when you see the corner that has a broken rail, Ride straight through 
the open shortcut & you won't need to go around the corner again.

Cheats 2:  
* To gain access to the Speed Board, beat the boss on the U.S. track.
* To gain access to the Trick Board, beat the boss on the Japan track.
* To gain access to the Combat Board, beat the boss on the U.K. track.

Defeating the UK StuntBowl Boss: 
Just stay there when the starting countdown ends, then jump and do a 360 in the air. Repeat that.
Make sure you do the move while in the air. You will receive 500 points each time. Repeat this 
until reaching 1500 points. You can also take your time to finish with about 30 seconds.

Hint: Quick start:
For a turbo start, hold R when the word "Go" appears in the beginning countdown.

Access Japan early:
Enter the U.K. area that features a hill right before a wall that locks you from the area where 
Japan is located. In order to do this trick, you must hit the hill fast, jump from it, then do 
a spin. If done correctly you will end up jumping over the wall and into the Japan area before 
it is normally available. 

Location of globe: 
There is a globe fairly close to the beginning of the Japan 1 race. Once you go through the figure 
eight track in the beginning, there is a section that goes up a wall and down the other side. If 
you keep to the right and do not go up the wall, you can see a loop-the-loop. Go straight and do 
not try and turn while in the loop to avoid falling. The globe is right at the top. Be careful, 
as other trickers can take your globe by touching you. 

Break the glass: 
You will see a big clock In UK races 1 and 2. Towards the end of the course in race 1, go up the 
ramp and use a boogie drill or hammer drill to break the glass and save some time. At the start of
race 2, go on the right side and get the speed boost. Break the glass by using boogie drill or 
hammer drill to cut off a sharp turn.

Return to UK:
The following trick can be used to return to the U.K. area from the Japan area when the all the 
doors are locked (such as when the "Access Japan early" trick is used). Get a good start and get 
some speed. Board down to the ramp used on the time you jumped over and did a spin. If you get 
high enough, you can go over the fence back to the U.K. area.
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