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Total Extreme Wrestling 2013 Cheats

Total Extreme Wrestling 2013

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K

Remote Assistant cheats:
From within a game, click on the "Options" button then the "Remote Assistant" button.
Enter the code and then press "Continue".

Effect                                                 Password
All AI owner and booker positions become vacant      - vivalarevolution
All bad habits are removed from workers              - cleanslate
All companies are set to have $25,000,000            - evenplayingfield
All companies yet to open become active              - themorethemerrier
All in-debt companies are given a rescue package     - companiesinneed
All relationships are forgotten                      - foggynoggin
All user talents are set to maximum                  - sophie
All worker personalities are randomly shuffled       - unpredictable
All worker personalities are set to very good        - imagine
All workers become available in all areas            - passport
Display all Remote Assistant codes                   - empleh
The current user gains the maximum reputation        - iamkindofabigdeal
The user's image is changed to unlock motivational
speeches                                             - uwillrespectme
The user's image is changed to unlock psycho sermons - uwillfearme
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