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Tibia Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Recommended hunting location:
A great place for Lv 8s in main to hunt are the troll caves in Ab'Dendriel. Find the cave
entrance in the center of town and go down two floors, then proceed north. You will see a
door. If the door is locked, go to the cave to the left and find an elf named Shrith. Say
"Ashari" then "Key" to him. Buy the key from him for 50 gold. Go back to the door and use
the key on it. Go north. Then, use the key on the other door if needed. Proceed up and 
Note: Do not be afraid to go down the ladders in the center; the only thing in this cave 
is trolls, and lots of them.

Level Eight:
Don't train in rook. Come instead to the main area then get the key in the harbor. Then 
train in the troll cave under the graveyard in Carlin. If they touch your monsters, kill

Leveling, and gaining gold and skills (Note: Premium suggested):
Mages: Rune making while leveling at northwest rot worm cave, Hell-Gate using summons, 
party hunt on GS and Draggy's. Note: For mages, train Magic to 50+ and level to 42+ and 
wait until you can go for Armageddon questing (after its update)

Knights: Train until 75/75 skills (Eq: Knight set, Bright Sword/Fire Axe/Skull Staff, 5 
bps of uh). Hunting area: Poh, Mino kingdom, Kaz Dwarf Mines, Edron, Darashia.

Paladins: Train skills up to 78/62+ (Eq: X-bow, 500 Bolts, 2 bp of uh, Crown Set, and 
Boots Of Haste). Most recommended area to level up: Poh (with at least 400 bolts). Party
Hunts: Poh: Knights block, while Paladin and Mages attack, Demon-Knights block, two Mages
stand by to heal, three Mages SD, two paladins SD and shoot Bolts.

Easy experience and GP:
When playing an advanced Knight, in Ab'Dendriel, there is a small castle called Elven Bane.
It is northwest of the Elven Fortress. In ElvenBane's basements, you will find good monsters
to level on and some armor called "Chain Armor", which you can sell to the the NPC in 
Ab'Dendriel for 70 GP. When you level to 20, you should be able to fight most of the monsters
in the entire castle. You should at least be level10 and have the following equipment for 
your character to survive:

Soldier Helmet
Scale Armor
2 Handed sword
Brass Legs 

Free watch:
When in Thais, travel east out of town. Go into to the Orc tunnels on the first underground
floor. There is a room with two beds and a treasure chest. Inside the chest is a watch. When
used, the watch will tell you what time it is in Tibia.

Training in Rookgard:
In Rookgard (must be level 4), go to Seymour. Buy the Adventure Key from him. Then, go 
downstairs. Go straight for two doors and on your first right, make a right. Go all the way 
(go right then up). Use your key on the door, if it is not open. Enter, make a left, and go 
to the blue square. Go straight, then make a right and go straight again. You will see four 
levels to your north, and under you will be an open space. Go down the ladder and look to 
see if there are any monsters. If there are, go up. Then, pull a lever (lever 1 for door 1,
etc.) and go back down. If it is night in EST (Eastern Standard Time), nobody will be there
and you can power train all night.

Skeletons on Rook:
Go north past the academy. Go up stairs at end of road. This should put you on a bridge. 
Go to opposite side of bridge. Get off it then go northeast. You will find three graves. 
There are two stone piles per grave. On the second grave's second stone pile, use your 
shovel. Go down here. You will battle a Poison Spider. Kill the spider and go to your left. 
Follow that path to where you will see another stone pile. Use shovel here. You will find 
skeletons. They carry maces, Viking helmets, and other random items.

Drunken Dwarves:
In Kazadon, go left to the mushroom farm. Go up four times to find the Dwarves. 
You will get 2,000 experience points.

How to get best magic plate armour and crown legs:
Just go to thais buy a parcel and send 20K to machomaniaco in thais. YOu can bbuy parcel 
wherever u wantt i dosent matter but that's the best choice i give you and on aproximatly
2 days you will get them. dont worry about his lvl thats his job.

Hidden Keys:
Black knight key   - Found near Amazon camp north of Venore northwestern entrance
Bh key             - At the bh zone go to the witch wyda go downstairs and look in the 
                     coffin now you can access the room with the cookies and rare books
Desert key         - Open a rock near the temple with fafnar's son in it
Another desert key - Talk to fafnar and say: Hi- hi, Fafnar. He will ask you for 500 
                     gold! Give him the gold then you get a key to a quest in the desert

Free 100 mill EASY:
Go To the place called Ab andariel Find some knight armor. Go to Carlin take the night 
armour to MTC place it on the MTC and!! WOW YOU'VE JUST MADE 100MILLION EASYLY! 
(you can do this more than once you need more than one knight armour though)
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