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The Chronicles of Riddick Assault on Dark Athena Cheats

The Chronicles of Riddick - Assault on Dark Athena

Cheat Codes:
Press [Ctrl] + [Alt] + Tilde (~) to access the game's console then enter the code
for the desired effect.

Code                Effect
cmd(kill)         - Commit Suicide.
cmd(cyclecamera)  - Cycle between First and Third Person View.
cmd(godmode)      - God Mode.
cmd(noclip)       - No Clipping.
cmd(selfsummon)   - Spawn Another Riddick.
cmd(giveall)      - All Weapons/Items.

Final Battle (Butcher Bay):
To easily take out the robot guards use the minigun, and try to line the bots up. The
force of the gun will push the bots, so if they are in line with one-another they will
both be helpless.

Where's The Snitch List?:
There are two parts to the snitch list. One is hidden in the work pass room where there
are the two guards and the mechanic. Search for a loose panel behind the crates. After 
you give the package to Jagger Valance and you get the mission to get the bomb, head 
back to the second floor (like you're heading back to the upper mines). On you're way
back you're going to see 2 miners standing around. Take them out. One of them has the 
snitch list plus a little axe-like club I think you'll really like.

Riot Guards:
To easily take out the riot guards, simply give the BLACK panel on their backs a couple
of shot-gun blasts.

Bug Eating (Butcher Bay):
This is for when you are low on health, when you see one of the bugs flying around press 
X near it to eat it and it will restore low health meters.

Iron Lord Accolade (Dark Athena):
When hunting down Margo aboard the Dark Athena, Riddick will come across a tattooed 
strongman named Iron Lord. Murder him to get this accolade.

Fair Fight Accolade (Dark Athena):
After Jaylor kills Silverman, he will challenge Riddick to a fair fight. Select the Bare 
Hands weapon and punch out Jaylor for this accolade.

The Missing Blueskin:
If you already talked to the guy about killing all the Blueskins, forget it, it's too late
you won't be able to complete this mission. This mission actually starts before you talk 
to him. After you kill Rust back in the single security level, on your way back to the 
courtyard, there is a Blueskin standing there. If you talk to him, he'll congratulate you
on killing rust. When a guard isn't nearby, kill him. 

The blue skin located in the Single Max section is not on the blueskin kill list, he dies
in the cell block riot. The last blueskin needed to complete the mission is located in the
upper mines. He gives you information about a keycard carrying guard you need to kill, but
you do not need him to say it to do it. So you can just kill him right away or listen to 
his rambling. He attacks you after you kill the guard in the other room anyway. 

Kill Abbot (Butcher Bay):
His attack pattern is as follows: left to right swing, over head smash. After he does this, 
go in and give about two or three strikes with the shiv. Repeat as necessary to kill him.

Drag or Throw Bodies:
While dragging corpses, you can throw them forwards by pressing attack. 

Gas the Guards (Butcher Bay):
Turn on all valves you come across in the game. If a guard stands near a valve that's on,
they will pass out. Even works on the riot guards.

Extra Duster:
In Double Max where you have to fight Bam, fight him and if you time it right, you can pick
up his knuckleduster as soon as he dies. If you come back after you kill Abbott, it won't 
be there.

Signal jammer locations in Dark Athena:
To begin finding the signal jammers, find the building with the video uplink
in New Venice North. Defeat the Drones, Athena mercs, and the Alpha drone. 
Contact Gabril on the console in the building in the center of the area, and
agree to help him destroy the jammers. The jammers can now be found at the 
following locations:

1.Destroy the two wooden doors with the SCAR gun in Gabril's building. Look 
  to the left as you go through the second door to see the jammer up on the 
  cliff. You can destroy it with one canister from the SCAR. 
  Note: You can also find a Bounty Card farther down the walkway.
2.As you leave Gabril's building through the automatic door, look on top of 
  a building to your right to find the second jammer, colored gold by the sun.
  Use the SCAR gun to destroy it.
3.Return to the Village Square where you killed the first Alpha Drone. Just 
  after you duck under the destroyed gate, look up at the cliff in front of 
  you to find the third jammer. It is on the right side of the cliff in front
  of some trees. Destroy it with the SCAR gun.
4.Return to the first area of New Venice where you met Pavlo and retrieved 
  the SCAR gun. Go to the area where the Supply Depot is located. Go down to
  the Supply Depot building. When facing directly at the building, look to 
  the left to find the fourth jammer on the cliff, next to a crane-like device.
5.Go up onto the sandy platform area at the Supply Depot. Stand near the large
  rock in the middle of this area. Look back towards the city, then look higher
  up near the very tops of the buildings. The fifth jammer can be seen in 
  between the side of the cliff and the top of a building.
6.Stand outside the dead old man's house and turn to the right. Walk forward and
  climb up the ladder on the left to access the town's higher level. Walk forward
  to the first intersection. If you are at the correct location, you should be 
  able to see a building with a large red "Akkor" logo painted at the top on your
  left. Turn right at the intersection and walk up the path to the end. Have the 
  stairs leading down to your left, to look slightly to the right to find the 

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding accolade.

Fair Fight - After Jaylor kills Silverman, he will challenge you to a fair fight.
             Use your bare hands to punch out Jaylor. 
Iron Lord  - When hunting down Margo aboard the Dark Athena, kill Iron Lord. 

Blueskin mission (Butcher Bay):
You cannot complete the mission if you already talked to the person about killing
all the Blueskins. This mission actually starts beforehand. After killing Rust 
in the single security level, there is a Blueskin in the courtyard on your way 
back there. Talk to him and he will congratulate you on killing Rust. Kill him 
when a guard is not nearby. This Blueskin cannot be found afterwards. 
Note: The Blueskin in the Single Max section is not on the Blueskin kill list 
because he dies in the cell block riot. The final Blueskin needed to complete 
the mission is in the upper mines. He gives you information about a keycard 
carrying guard you need to kill. Kill him immediately, or afterwards. 

Knuckleduster (Butcher Bay):
Fight Bam in Double Max. If timed correctly, you can get his Knuckleduster as
soon as he dies. Note: It will not be here if you return after you kill Abbott.

Easily detect suspicion:
Instead of listening for subtle audio cues, activate the subtitles to know when
someone is suspicious about Riddick or has seen him.

Quick Reload for Scar:
The Scar gun reloads really slowly after every shot. To cut that time in half, after 
shooting the first mine, perform a melee attack and you'll be able to shoot it again 
quickly after the melee. There will be no sound because it didn't actually reload. So
if your second shot is silent you did it right. Use this to unload all five mines in 
quick succession. This is very useful against Alpha Drones.
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