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Stick Football Cheats

Stick Football

World Domination Cheats:
Submitted by: Linius
Update by: Sidharth Marwah
Update by: Muhammad Yasir Bhatti

Passwords of world dominator of football

Effect             Password
14 GREECE         - SPOOF
13 EGYPT          - UNITY
12 RUSSIA         - SHELL
11 SERBIA         - ROUTE
10 CROATIA        - SENIOR
09 FRANCE         - VITAL
08 ENGLAND        - DARING
05 ITALY          - STRAIN
01 Brazil         - SHARP

Don't miss the penalty-kick ever...: 
Submitted by: Akib Sadmanee

Sometimes you get penalty shot but you miss as sometimes the goal-keeper
catches the ball. BUT if you hold the arrow keys for at least 15 seconds 
and then press [Shift], You will get the goal for sure...........
I mean it......

NEVER miss a penelty kick!!:
Submitted by: Aayush

As soon as the player fouls you, keep pressing shift untill you can shoot-you'll 
never miss!!!!!!!hopefully

Code for the last level on stick football:
Submitted by: Aayush

No. 16(Last level)Sharp (Brazil)
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