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Star Wars The Old Republic Cheats

Star Wars - The Old Republic

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

Easy Credits:
To get infinite credits you must first have at least 1 or 2 companions with you. Fight a
lot of Seperatists, gangsters and other baddies and take the amount of credits, weapons,
weak armours and items you can find. If you do not have any medical supplies, go to your
Crew Skill list and if you look at the skill you're gonna choose and if it says 1 or 2 
medical supplies; select that and then sell them and some other stuff that you don't need
to get more credits even if you're on Ord Mantell or Coruscant.
Choose the items in one of the 2 options in the Reward after you complete each mission 
(some you can do again once every 24 hours) and sell them as well. Keep doing this in the
same areas all over again and you will have enough credits to spend such as buying armours
over 165 points and training your normal class skills and advance class skills.
This should help those who want millions of credits and if you have any questions just ask.

The Empire Strikes Back Reference:
When you play as a Smuggler, upon getting your Starship you will see a familiar sight in
your Cargohold: Han Solo frozen in a block of Carbonite!

Millenium Falcon:
When your coming down the path from the Nebray Garrison, you will come across the crashed
Millennium Falcon or Millennium Falcon look-alike.

Chewbacca Playing Chess With C3P0:
When in Nemro's Palace on the planet Hutta. In the Cantina you can see a wookie playing 
a gold plated robot in chess. The wookie has also proceeded to tear off the robots arms 
most likely because he was losing.

THX-1138 Reference:
While questing on Coruscant as a Jedi Consular, there is a scene reference to George 
Lucas's first movie, THX-1138. The Jedi Consular enters a dream state from a Datacron 
during one of his/her class quests entering an area surrounded by hooded men with robot
faces wielding vibroblades. The area is completely white with no boundaries, much like 
the prison in the movie where Robert Duvall's character was sent to.

EVE Online Reference:
When running the Republic Flashpoint: The Esseles, if you hover your cursor over the 
First Officer, you will see that his name is Plex. Which is the name of the EVE Online
game time that you can purchase.
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