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Star Wars Battlefront Cheats

Star Wars - Battlefront

Submitted by: Joe-Shmo:

Select a soldir with a "missle launcher". Find a vehiclc and pilot it to a place where 
nobody except you can get it so when you put the mines on it it doesn't take off or run
away. [The best vehicles for this include: speeder 74-Z bike, STAP, Rebel combat speeder,
Gian speeder, TX-130S fighter tank, AAt, hailfire tank/droid, jedi starfighter, droid 
starfighter, X-wing, Y-wing, Tie-bomber, and Geonosian starfighter.] 
Select the "mines", then put them on the most forward and sometimes lowest part of the 
vehicle. Like on the TX-130S you'd put it on the 2 tips of it's front 'wings' in front 
of it's guns. On the hailfire tank/droid put it on the laser cannon; it looks like 2 
spears. To get the mines on the cannon jump on the top of it's cannon; but be careful:
if you do it at a certain angle you'll die. but when you're on it go to the front and 
lay 1-4 mines. On the AAT you'd put the mines on the flat part of the tank with black 
dots on it. [The very front.] On most starfighters put it on the nose of it. ON the 
droid starfighter put it on the 2 parallel verticle wings where the laser cannons come
out. and on the 74-Z speeder bike; put the mine(s) on the nose/tip of it where the laser
cannon is. When the mine laying is done pilot the vehicle into an enemy! This is an 
instant kill for scout vehicle and infantry!

NOTE #1: Turn the "FRIENDLY FIRE" of or this is suicide. To do this go to 

NOTE #2: The hailfire tank can't charge vehicles; only infantry. 
         Unless you put the mines on the wheels.

NOTE #3: The mines will only use as many mines as needed to kill the enemy. 
         for example if you run into 1 soldir only 1 mine out of the 4, 3, or 2 
         will explode. But if you ram an AT-AT OR AT-TE all 4 will explode.

NOTE #4: You don't have to have the freindly fire off to not kill your self. 
         Just get out of the vehicle before you run into something.
NOTE #5: If you do this with a starfighter slow down before impact on the enemy to 
         avoid a crash. To slow down pull back on R3.

NOTE #6: You cant put mines on tauntauns et cetera...


Unlimited health or ammunition:
Submitted by: conner54

Stand, crouch, or lay near any one of the replenishment depots. 
Camp there with a sniper rifle and keep firing.

Battle Of Hoth (Galactic Civil War): Destroying AT-Ats:
Another way to defeat the walkers is to take control of the Snowspeeder as the 
pilot. When you get near the walkers, switch places so that you are in control 
of firing the tow cable. When the cable is attached, the CPU pilot in the speeder
with you will complete the final wrap around.
Killing Jedis:
Killing a Jedi is difficult. Get a vehicle that is able to fly. Go to the enemy
Jedi and wait until he stands still. Then, land on top of him. He will respawn.
Do this as many times as desired. 

Submitted by: CrazzyDJ

If you enter your profile name "Jub Jub"(without") all tr00ps(your AND enemy) will
be Ewok sized... Cool?!

Baby Wars mode:
Enter Jub Jub as a case-sensitive profile name. All the models in the game will use 
the Ewok skeleton and turn the game into "Baby Wars". All infantry units will be half 
their normal size, and their head seems to be much closer to their shoulders. 
Note: First person view remains the same height. 

Instant action missions:
Successfully complete a mission in historical campaign mode to unlock the same 
mission in instant action mode. 

Art and photo gallery:
Win the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding entry in the gallery. 
Bespin Concept Art: Bespin - The Liberation of Cloud City
Endor Stills: Bespin - Battle in the Clouds (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War) 
Geonosis Stills: Geonosis - Battle Of Geonosis (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Hoth Concept Art: Hoth - Battle of Hoth (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Kamino Storyboards: Kamino - Assault On Kamino (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Naboo Stills: Naboo - Rebellion On Theed (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Star Wars Battlefront Art: Kashyyyk - Aggressive Negotiations (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Tatooine Concept Art: Tatooine - Siege Of Mos Eisley (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War)
Weapons and Units Stills: Rhen Var - Mountaintop Defenses (Historical Campaigns: Clone Wars)
Yavin Concept Art: Yavin 4 - The Fall of Yavin 4 (Historical Campaigns: Galactic Civil War) 

Unlimited health or ammunition:
Stand, crouch, or lay near any one of the replenishment depots. Camp there with a sniper 
rifle and keep firing.

Battle Of Hoth (Galactic Civil War): Destroying AT-Ats:
Another way to defeat the walkers is to take control of the Snowspeeder as the pilot. 
When you get near the walkers, switch places so that you are in control of firing the
tow cable. When the cable is attached, the CPU pilot in the speeder with you will 
complete the final wrap around.

Battle Of Hoth (Galactic Civil War): Defend against Snowspeeders:
To defend your AT-ATs against Snowspeeders, simply move them close together. To wrap around
the AT-AT's legs, a Snowspeeder must get close. The second AT-AT next to you will keep them
farther away. Also, two AT-ATs can rip apart enemy lines better the one. 

Bespin Platforms: Good setup:
When playing as the Empire, take a Scout Trooper. Where there is the long hallway where 
Rebels are likely to use grenades, stay at the top with a pilot. Snipe people out on the
other side until you need health or ammunition. Then, the pilot will give it to you. 
However, do not stand there if the Rebels advance too far.

Tattoine Dune Sea (Instant Action): Killing Jedi:
Start at an area with a Speederbike or STAP. Go to the Sarcaas and fend off Tusken Raiders 
until a Jedi appears. When near, shoot at the Jedi with the Speederbike or STAP, and do not
let the deflected shots hit you. The Jedi will come close. When the Jedi is in range of 
the Sarcass, speed away. It will not be your kill, but the Jedi will die, then respawn. 
You can then kill them the same way again. Note: Do not do this immediately -- wait until
the Tusken Raiders are almost all gone or away from the Sarcaas.

Tattoine Dune Sea: Take a command post and destroy enemies faster:
Capture all the command posts around the Sarlaac Pit then take one of the Rebel Speeders. 
Land it next to the pit. All of the enemy troopers should come close or next to you, and
be dragged into the Sarlaac Pit.

Naboo Bacta Tanks:
In Galactic Conquest, the Naboo Bacta Tanks are very effective when used by the CIS. The 
Droidekas will regain most of their health while their shields are up, making them even 
more difficult for opponents to destroy. 

Killing Droidekas:
A Driodeka is usually difficult to defeat with its shields up. If one is rolling, run 
directly next to it. When it puts its shields up, stand in front of it, almost in the 
shield. The way the blasters are set up, the game glitches and will not let it shoot 
you because you are between them. This also works with the shields off.

Killing Jedis:
Killing a Jedi is difficult. Get a vehicle that is able to fly. Go to the enemy Jedi and 
wait until he stands still. Then, land on top of him. He will respawn. Do this as many 
times as desired. Play a map with places where you can fall and die (for example, Cloud 
City). You will need something like the mortar, rocket launcher, or another weapon that 
will make them fly up or to the side. Keep hitting them with it until they fall or fly 
off the side. However, you will not get credit for the kill. 
Note: A good method with a rocket launcher is to aim at the ground very near them, opposite
of the side where you want them to fly. Go to a level that has Speeder Bikes and ram the 
Jedi while traveling at top speed. It will kill them, and you will get the kill.

Killing Tusken Raiders:
Steal Rebel tank and go to a Tusken camp. Sit there with the turret gun and kill them. 
Do not use the cannon or they will know that you are there.

Bomb run:
Select any level as either the Empire or the Republic. They both have a person with a 
jetpack. Spawn anywhere with a jetpack character. Wait for your jetpack to fully charge.
When you are ready, jump into the air and start throwing grenades wherever a big cluster 
of enemies are found. This trick works better for the Republic Jet Trooper, because he 
can hover instead of jumping high and he has more grenades. For example, if you are a 
Republic Jet Trooper, jump in the air, then go forward while throwing grenades repeatedly;
or hover in one location and focus a few or all your grenades in one location. 
Also, if a grenade hits an enemy, it will hurt their health.

Ordering an advance:
First, get the biggest group possible to follow you. Lead them into where you want them 
to advance from. Then, order them to hold position. Next, get rid of all your explosives
by firing them at the enemy. When the enemy pulls back, order your troops to follow you,
and lead them head onto the enemy. Note: This cannot be done with droids.

Sniping location:
When playing as the Rebel side in Galactic Conquest, start as a Rebel Marksman and get 
a X-Wing fighter. Fly to where the Imperials have the open TIE fighters and get one. 
Fly to any tall stone pillar and land on it. Hop out and start taking people out with
your sniper rifle. This works best as a Rebel marksman because you can zoom in twice.

Alternate costumes for the Rebels and Imperials:
In some maps, the characters use different clothing to match their environment. 
The following a list of alternate costumes that can be seen.

Imperial Pilot: Hoth pilot suit (Hoth map), Imperial Commando uniform (both Yavin and 
Kashyyyk maps, 
Tatooine: Mos Eisley map, and Endor map) 
Rebel Marksman: Hoth camo (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps) 
Rebel Pilot: none 
Rebel Trooper: Hoth uniform (Hoth map), urban camo (both Bespin maps). 
Rebel Vanguard: Hoth uniform (Hoth map) 
Stormtrooper, Shocktrooper, and Scoutrooper: Snowtrooper armor (Hoth map) 
Wookie Smuggler: Snow covered fur (Hoth map)

Easy vehicle kills:
Choose any level with vehicles. Choose the Galactic Civil War era. Spawn anywhere, but 
make sure you are a Rebel Marksman. Use your Recon Driod and float under any vehicle. 
Use the recon droid's seconday weapon, which is an airstrike attack. It will start to 
beep a countdown. After it explodes, a hail of plasma bolts will fall from the sky and
strike the vehicle causing major damage. Note: This only works with the Rebels even 
though the Republic has a recon droid. It will also kill anything instantly except a
command vehicle.

Climb vertical surfaces:
Use any vehicle and boost towards a vertical surface or any surface that goes up (for
example, tree, wall, etc.). Your vehicle should hit the wall and just start rising.

Geonosis: The Spire: Sniping location: 
Spawn as Republic Jet Trooper. and choose your spawn point as one of the rear gunships 
in the very back of the map. Get in one and fly all the way towards the back. Land 
directly next to the spire. Run up the hill and capture the spire. It does not matter
if it is taken, as your teammates will recapture it soon enough. After capturing the 
spire, run into the hanger bay. Stand on the very edge and rotate the view to where 
you face a rock formation with a small ledge. It will appear that you cannot stand 
on that ledge. However, you can. Make sure you EMP Launcher is equipped and your J
etpack is charged. Jump off towards the ledge, firing off your Jetpack. You will 
hopefully land on the ledge. When the Trade Federation Ships spawn more CIS droids,
you can use all weapons available to stop them. Note: They cannot hit you. If you run
out of ammunition, use your Jetpack to fly back to the spire and reload. 
Repeat as many times as desired.

Bespin Platforms: Bridge battles: 
Conflicts in the small bridges between the two large command posts in the middle of 
the map are often impossible to avoid, especially if you are playing as the Republic.
Also the fights often lead to a stalemate. If this happens, your best bet is to man 
one of the heavy anti aircraft turrets and point it at the bridge. Even if it does 
not strike a lot of enemy units, its constant barrage of fire will create an offset
for the enemy units and should give your faction enough room to push forward. If this
fails, you should spawn as a Arc Trooper (or whichever unit carries a rocket launcher).
Fire it directly towards a pack of enemy units. It should take out enough of the 
enemies to give your troops a small advantage. Another option is to simply pilot a 
star fighter by the bridge and fire down upon it at the enemy.

Tatooine: Dune Sea: Capturing command posts:
Early in the battle, if you are playing as the Empire (or the Republic), spawn as a 
Darktrooper at the command post that spawns the TIE fighters. Get in one of them. 
Find a command post that is badly defended. Fly as high as possible. When you get 
above the post, press [Land]. While your ship is descending, press [Exit]. Your ship
will continue to land. You will hit the ground but will take no damage. Note: Only 
the Darktrooper and the Jettrooper can take long falls without taking damage. Start
converting the command post. If enemy units spawn around you and you are overwhelmed,
your craft will soon land beside you. Het in it, fly off, get ammo, heal, and repeat 
the process. It may require several attempts, but most of the time you will be able 
to take the command post with little resistance. If things heat up, you will have a 
means of escape. Be wary of landing on enemy mines; your ship will explode up as 
soon as you enter it.

Shorter people:
When the title screen comes up and you get to pick you name, make a new on. Enter 
Jub Jub (with the caps) as a name. When you play instant action the guys will be 
missing part of their torso and be smaller. I am not sure it it works for campaigns.

Super Exposion:
Get a person with a rocket launcher and throw a thermal detonater or another bomb and
shoot at it when it hits the ground.(Just don't throw it to far and use it around a 
lot of enemies for mega-kills)

Clone Wars:
Hint- when your choose clone wars be CIS and they will always win if your on it and 
be the droid that has a shield and rolls up and it can beat any clone before it kills
you first!

Hoth Level Hint:
On the level Hoth, take out the enemies only command post, they won't be able to spawn
and it will give your guys time to slow down the AT-AT's.

Kill Jedi easily:
If there is an enemy jedi giving you trouble, use one of these two tactics.

1.If the jedi is nearby a ledge, throw a grenade at his feet. When it explodes, he will
  be rocketed into the air, and if you aimed right, over the edge. 
2.If there are any speeder bikes in the level, drive it toward the jedi at high speed.
  If you are going fast enough, he will be killed instantly.

Baby Wars:
On the profile select screen create a new profile named Jub Jub, now enter a game and your
troops will be Ewok sized. All NPC's will be ewok sized as well.

Final Survivors:
On geonosis, get five clones into the gunship. take off and go to the to of a canyon or 
rock near the spire. get close to the top and make everyone get out. they will stay there
and no droids can find them. Best to be a sniper if you go up too.

Jedi car crash:
Submitted by: joe nicholas

When you play as the clones on dune sea the easiest way to kill a jedi is to run him over 
with a speeder bike.get on the bike and wait for count dookoo to stay still, then charge 
right at him, he'll eventually die and it'll be counted as your kill, it takes a while but 
you cant die and its way to easy.

Become a Jet Trooper on the game and get into a LAAT Gunship. Take out the anti-aircraft
guns at the droid base then land in the alcove where the turret was. There's an area near
the stairs that looks like a door, walk into it and you will be able to safely capture 
the command post.

Water shield:
In any place with water like kashiekk crounch down so that you army crawl just barley in
the water but stay far enough in it so that you are not sticking out of water. When you 
do this the water will createa sheild that blasters and rockets will not go through the 
water either and you can shoot at them but they can't shoot at you. 
You wont be able to shoot at them if you are too far in the water for your gun.

Chibi Wars:
On the profile select screen create a new profile named Jub Jub, now enter a game and your
troops will be Ewok sized. All NPC's will be ewok sized as well.

Rhen Var Hidden Gitch:
At Rhen Var when you start the level with a Stormtrooper (Only the Stormtrooper or Clone Trooper or 
this glitch won't work) then go to the Ruin right after you. If you look closely there will be a small
hole. Jump in it to land in the little Hole.(If you land at the wrong place there is a 99% that you 
will be killed with a 1 hit KO so be careful!) Now you are in 'Little Heaven'. When you are the Jetpack
trooper and you have the Infinity Jetpack Cheat you can fly trough little heaven. There will also be 
a Rainbow colored wall so be careful.When you fly under the cave you can fly up to walk on the surface
but when you go up form under you will be back in the game.
-=2ND glitch Trapped Staircase=-
At the Snowy Courtyard there is a Glitched Staircase. When you go a little up form it you will fall a 
little down.Now you will see the structures form the 'Underground Heaven'.This is not possible to enter
but if there was a trainer with the Invincibility cheat it was easy to get there.Because when you are 
stepping one step you will be 1 hit KO-ed.
Note:The first Glitch is a good place to hide at Multiplayer Matches!
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