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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Cheats

Star Wars - Battlefront 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Haspa

Hero character locations:
The hero characters can be found at the following locations.

Luke         - Jedi temple, Mygeeto, Jabba's Palace, Death Star Interior.
Leia         - Tantive IV, Theed.
Han          - Utapau, Polis Massa, Endor.
Chewie       - Kashyyk, Felucia, Yavin.
Vader        - Tantive IV, Jedi temple, Dagobah, Theed, Endor.
Emporer      - Polis Massa, Theed, Death star interior.
Boba         - Kashyyk, Utapau, Mygeeto, Felucia, Yavin, Jabba's Palace.
Yoda         - Kashyyk, Tantive IV, Polis Massa, Dagobah.
Obi-Wan      - Utapau, Mustafar, Theed.
Mace         - Jedi temple, Yavin, Death Star Interior.
Ki-Adi-Mundi - Mygeeto.
Aayla        - Felucia, Jabba's Palace.
Anakin       - Mustafar.
Grievous     - Tantive IV, Utapau, Polis Massa, Dagobah, Mygeeto.
Maul         - Jedi Temple, Mustafar, Jabba's Palace.
Dooku        - Geonosis.
Jango        - Kashyyk, Felucia, Yavin. 

Unlimited hero or villain:
Start Instant Action mode, choose your levels, but do not launch. Go down to the 
options, then go on "Hero". Change the options here as follows: Best Player, 4 
Points, and the time for the hero to become available to 4 seconds. Your hero or
villain can still die and the meter runs out, but you only need to kill four people
for 4 points to unlock the hero or villain again. Also, if you get the points when 
you are playing as the hero or villain, when you die when playing as the hero or 
villain they still count as the points -- you can pick to play as them immediately.

Go to Instant Action, select your levels, but before you start go to the options 
menu. Select "Hero" then change options to Best Player, Time Limit 1 second, and 
the time for hero to become available to "Always". You can start the game selecting
the hero, and when you die you can pick them again immediately.

All hero battle:
Go to Instant Action mode and pick Mos Eisley as your level and Assault as the game 
type. When you begin the game you should be able to pick between heroes and villains
and fight as any of "Hero" type character classes with no time limit.

Easy space battle kills:
First, ensure that the enemies shields are down, then select a soldier with a 
blaster rifle. Take a fast ship and fly directly into the docks (it has a blue 
film over it), land, and get out. All of the enemies will be lightly armed because
they are pilots. Open fire. Most will not return fire. Also, most enemy ship have 
an objective to destroy inside them.

Lock on to a structure such as the life support system or bridge. Make a preliminary
strafing run straight along the ship. After passing the target, pull up with full 
thrusters. When the targeting arrow goes from the front of the screen to the back 
of the screen, decrease all engine power. Continue pulling back until you see the 
target. Line up with the target and do a half roll. This maneuver will allow you to
make several runs, unloading on the target and avoiding as much enemy fighters as 

While in a space battle, take a transport to the enemy's space cruiser for sabotage.
Land and make sure no one is in it or they will destroy it. When no one is in it, it
will stay there for the rest of the battle. When you die, the transport acts as a 
command post for your team so you can go into the enemy ship much faster than taking
another fighter from your hanger.

This following is a list of the battle ship's weak points.

Auto turrets: Located in the ship's interior Enter the ship's interior and 
you will see a cylinder shaped console with different monitors. Use two 
pilot bombs to destroy it. 

Life support system: Enter the ship's interior and to the left should be a 
door. Enter it and you will see a giant blue screen ahead. Destroy it with 
three bombs. 

Engines: Enter the interior, then turn to the right. Go through the door 
and destroy the four giant glowing tubes with three bombs. 

Shields: Run into the interior and move past the auto turret controls. 
Enter the door, then run down the passage. There should be a giant 
lightning-filled tube. Place six bombs on the glass. To do this, aim up 
and touch the glass. 

Slow enemies from getting to their ships:
Get into a heavy transport (for example, a LAAT Gunship or Droid Gunship). 
Make sure that no one but you is in it, then fly over to the enemy hangar. 
Land and get into one of the scout fighters in that hangar (for example, a 
Jedi Starfighter or Tri-Fighter). Quickly fly back to your capital ship. 
To do this even more quickly, do the boost, and if the enemy frigates are 
not destroyed yet, fly out of the hangar, go down a good ways, then level 
your ship out again. Once you have reached your hangar, land and see if 
your other transport is there. If it is, get in. Make sure no one is in it 
but you. Repeat the process described above. If it is not there, either just 
waste time and wait, or get into a X-Wing or ARC-170. There will now be two 
of your transports in the enemy ship, and they will spawn many of your men. 
By doing this, you have bought yourself lots of time to disable the enemy 
ship. It is important to make sure no one but you is in the ship because if 
someone else is in there they will not get out when you land; and if you get 
out, they will take off and crash.

Repairing shields:
You can always repair your shields. Just use the torch, but do not get too 
close to the glass or it will not work. This will take awhile, but is helpful. 
Also on ground battles you can use the torch to slice (hijack) enemy vehicles.

Regenerate health and ammunition:
If there is an ammunition or medical droid on the other side of a thin wall 
(i.e. in space if you go into another hangar and the main room the thin 
separator walls between the doors and the droids), it can heal you through 
the wall. Nobody on the other side can shoot you unless they use a bomb, 
grenade, rocket, etc., which rarely happens.

Rank list:
Earn the indicated number of medals in combat to advance to the next rank.

Veteran   -  6 medals
Elite     - 30 medals
Legendary - 60 medals 

Legendary rank bonus weapons:
After reaching the Legendary rank in the indicated class, cycle through 
your weapons to access the new weapon.

Frenzy     - Elite Assault Rifle
Regulator  - Flechette Shotgun
Demolition - Guidable Rockets
Marksman   - Particle Beam Rifle
Gunslinger - Precision Blaster
Technician - Vehicle Regen 

Bonus weapons and abilities:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding bonus for that class.

Captain: Control 3 units: Have a total of 100 to 299 medals.
Demolition - Guidable Rockets: Get four critical hits vs. vehicles in one life.
Endurance  - Energy Recuperation: Get 8 points.
Frenzy     - Elite Assault Rifle: Get twelve kills with a blaster rifle in one
General    - Control 4 units: Get over 300 total medals.
Guardian   - Shielding: Get 16 points.
Gunslinger - Precision Pistol: Get 6 kills with a pistol in one life.
Marksman   - Particle Beam Rifle: Get 6 headshots with the sniper rifle in 
             one life.
Private    - Control 1 unit: Have less than 20 total medals.
Regulator  - Flechette Shotgun: Get eight kills with a shotgun in one life.
Sergeant   - Control 2 units: Have between 20 and 99 total medals.
Technician - Vehicle Regen: Slice into a vehicle.
War Hero   - Damage Increase: Get 24 points. 

Jango Fett comment:
Select the Kamino map and set the hero counter however desired, okay as CIS, and 
wait until you can play as Jango Fett. A Clone will exclaim "Its Jango Fett! And 
he's brought his head!", referring to the scene in Star Wars: Episode II, when he
was decapitated during the assault on Geonosis.

Unlimited awards:
When you get a medal, you will get an award. For example, when you get the Guardian
medal, you will get the Damage Reduction bonus award; or when you get the Frenzy 
medal, you will get the Elite Rifle award. When you get enough medals of one kind,
you will become legendary in that medal. When you become legendary in any medal, 
you have unlimited of the award that comes with it every time you play a battle. 
For example, when you become legendary in the Guardian medal, you will have 
unlimited damage reduction every time you play; and when you become legendary in 
the Frenzy medal, every time you play as a Rebel Soldier, Stormtrooper, Clone 
Trooper, Super Battle Droid, or any Marine, you will have the Elite rifle. 
This also works with every other medal. Note: When you get a medal that gives you
a new weapon, like the Elite rifle when you get the Frenzy medal, to get out your
new weapon switch your primary weapon twice.

Earning medals:
After elite status is gained, the amount you have to get the medal decreases 
(except for Technician).

Massive battles:
Go to the options menu on the screen where you select levels. There will be a 
"Conquest" option. Select it and change the "Reinforcements" setting to "500%".
Each side on a conquest battle will start with about 750 soldiers. 
Note: This also works on a CTF battle, but you must change the options for 
that battle. For some reason, command posts are easier to hold with these 
massive battles. You can take over all of the command posts even when the other
side still has about 400 soldiers remaining. 

Glitch: Mos Eisley: Get inside house:
Go to the house behind the cantina in Mos Eisley (with the ammo droid behind 
it; on the front will be stairs). Go up the stairs and walk to your right so 
that you are standing above the door going into the house that is facing the 
cantina. When you are facing the main house and on the door arch, crouch and 
start walking into the house. If done correctly, you will fall through the 
wall and be inside the house. You will be able to shoot the people outside, 
but they will not be able to shoot you. You cannot jump through the ceiling.
If your walk too far towards the wall you will get outside the house again.

Mos Eisley: Get into cantina wall: 
Note: This is easier to do with a Jedi or Sith. Go to the cantina and find 
the chair that is next to the health and ammo droids. Jump into the crack 
between the wall and chair and attack if you are a Jedi. If you are a soldier,
it will be more difficult. Stand in the crack facing the wall between you and 
the health droid and hold the [Up] + [Left]. While doing this, move your Mouse
back and forth until you are in the wall. You can shoot others but they cannot
shoot you. 

Mos Eisley: Invulnerable:
There are two places where you can see everybody but you cannot get hurt. One
is in the cantina. Go to the booth by the med and ammo droids. Get behind the
out turned seat. Crouch and go forward. It may take some time to get in, but 
you cannot get hurt. The second is on a building across from the cantina. Go 
up the stairs and get onto the roof directly to the right. Roll forward toward
the corner and you should go into the building. 
Note: You might get stuck and die.

All guns with a sniper scope:
During game play or at the main menu, go to "Options" and go to "Game Play". 
Once there, switch third person view to first person view. All weapons will 
have a sniper scope. 

Unlimited Jedi:
In instant action there is an option along the side called "hero". Go to it and
set it to points needed 1 and respawn time "always". 

Destroy Droidekas Easily:
Be the Trooper with the shot gun and remote detanators. If there is a destroyer
droid causing your troops trouble, just run up to the sheilded droid and toss 
the detanator under him, then run to a safe location and detonate. 
The Droideka should explode. 

Walk on capital ship:
Land your ship halfway through the hangar shield. Note: This works better if
you just took off. You can get out and run along the side of a clone or Imperial
capital ship. This works over Hoth and Felucia, but cannot be done in the space
battles. The trick also works best with a dog fighter. 

Warp across room:
Start running, press [Esc], then quickly press it again. 
You will warp across the room.

Frigate weak points:
Every frigate in Space Battle mode has small critical hit points. 
They are as follows.

Victory 2 Class Frigate - The two black objects next to the rear standing wing.
Corellian Corvette      - The front tube facing upwards.
Banking Clan Comms Ship - The middle engine visible from above.
Acclamator Assault Ship - The utmost tip on the Command Bridge 
Rebel Transport         - The entire Command Bridge.

Ship list:
Republic - ARC 170
Empire   - TIE Fighter
CIS      - Vulture Droid Star FIGHTER
Rebel    - X-Wing 

Republic - V Wing
Empire   - TIE Bomber
CIS      - Confederacy Strick Bomber
Rebel    - Y-Wing 

Republic - Jedi Interceptor
Empire   - TIE Interceptor
CIS      - Droid Tri- Fighter
Rebel    - A-Wing 

Republic - LAAT Gunship
Empire   - Imperial Shuttle
CIS      - Droid Gunship
Rebel    - Alliance Assault Craft

Climb vertical surfaces:
Use any vehicle and boost towards a vertical surface or any surface that goes up 
(for example, tree, wall, etc.). Your vehicle should hit the wall and just start 

Invisible mines:
This works on any map. Play as a Rebel Vangaurd, Shock Trooper, Assault 
Droid or a Heavy Trooper and place a mine on a CP you control. The mine will 
look visible to you, but to an enemy, almost invisible. After awhile your mines 
may disappear. If you die or change units, they will not remain.

Easy kills:
Select Single Player mode at the main menu. Go to Instant Action and add Hoth 1 
flag CTF. Play on the Rebel side and go into the bunker. When in the bunker, wait
for the Empire to appear with the flag. Kill the flag carrier. Get the flag and 
stand there. Kill Imperial soldiers until asked if you want to be Luke Skywalker.
Select "Yes", then go back to the bunker. Kill the flag carrier no matter which 
team they are on. Enable the "Invincibility" code. Retrieve the flag and run to 
the Empire's bunker on the opposite side of the battlefield. When there, do not 
put the flag into the blue circle. Guard the entrance of the bunker so that nobody
gets through the doorway. Stand there and kill.

All Campaign maps:
Select your profile, then choose the "Instant Action" tab. Note the open area at
the lower left that is below the mode settings tabs and the "Battlefront 2" logo
in the background. Move the pointer above the logo until you can enter text at its
position. Type 456123 then press [Enter]. The message "Play it again, Han" will 
appear to confirm correct code entry. Enter the "Campaign" menu and select the 
new "Campaign List" option to choose any Campaign mode map.

The Code you've all been waiting for has been discovered!
To Access Invincibility go to the Instant Action Menu and above the Battlefront II 
Logo type "mostimpressive" press enter and you will get a confirmation message that 
reads "But you are not a Jedi yet!..." you will have invincibility in any game mode.

Polis Massa: Easy Technician medal:
Play as the CIS (Droids) and walk outside the airlock to where the tanks fight. 
Jump on one of the enemy AATs and slice into it to get the Technician medal. 
Because the droids do not have to breathe, it is easy to jump on to the tanks 
and slice into them.

Disable HUD:
Select your profile, then choose the "Instant Action" tab. Note the open area at the 
lower left that is below the mode settings tabs and the "Battlefront 2" logo in the 
background. Move the pointer above the logo until you can enter text at its position.
Type usetheforceluke then press [Enter]. A message will appear to confirm correct code
entry. This works on all modes of play, including Campaign mode. 

Mos Eisley: Break Lightsaber blocks: 
Play as any character with a lightsaber. If you see an enemy blocking with their saber, 
Force Sprint/Dash at them and press [Attack]. It will knock them over. Disable the block 
and this allows for an easy kill.

Eisley: Funny death:
Play as Boba Fett and equip your Detpacks and your blaster. Lay a Detpack in the middle 
of a street. Walk around it until you see an enemy on either side of the street (they 
need time to get to you). Fire a burst, but intentionally miss by a short distance (zoom 
in for better accuracy). The enemy will start to charge you. Back up quickly to draw them 
towards the Detpack, and to stay out of range of the Jedi lightsabers. When the enemy 
steps on the Detpack, press [Secondary Weapon] to detonate it. There will be an explosion 
and the enemy will disappear. Look a few feet in any direction from where the Detpack was 
located. You will see their body (if the area where you laid the Detpack is wide enough). 
This is funniest with Yoda as the enemy.

Repairing shields:
An easy way to repair shields in Space Battles is with the "Invincibility" code enabled. 
If a message appears stating "Our shields have been disabled!", fly back to your main 
ship. Enter one of the doors up the stairs. Make sure you are a pilot. Go into the door 
directly ahead. If you see the broken shield generator, take out your fusion cutter and 
start fixing it. Make sure to have the health bar of the generator before you start or 
it will not work. About two or three minutes (depending on how much damage your ship is 
taking) are required, but it is a huge advantage.

Hero and villain character locations:
The hero and villain characters can be found at the following locations. 

Location     Clone Wars                      Civil War
Coruscant  - Darth Maul, Mace Windu         - Emperor, Luke Skywalker
Dagobah    - General Grievous, Yoda         - Darth Vader, Yoda
Death Star - Emperor, Obi-Wan Kenobi        - Emperor, Luke
Endor      - none                           - Darth Vader, Han Solo
Felucia    - Jango Fett, Aayla Secura       - Boba Fett, Chewbacca
Geonosis   - Count Dooku, Mace Windu        - none
Hoth       - none                           - Darth Vader, Pilot Luke 
Kamino     - Jango Fett, Obi-Wan            - Boba Fett, Han Solo
Kashyyyk   - Jango Fett, Yoda               - Boba Fett, Chewbacca
Mos Eisley - Darth Maul, Obi-Wan            - Boba Fett, Han Solo
Mustafar   - Darth Maul, Obi-Wan            - Anakin Skywalker, Obi-Wan
Mygeeto    - General Grievous, Ki-Adi Mundi - Boba Fett, Luke
Naboo      - Darth Maul, Obi-Wan            - Emperor, Princess Leia
Tantive IV - General Grievous, Yoda         - Darth Vader, Princess Leia
Utapau     - General Grievous, Obi-Wan      - Boba Fett, Han Solo
Yavin IV   - Darth Maul, Mace Windu         - Boba Fett, Chewbacca

Unlimited blocking:
Force Jump until there is no Force Jump remaining. As soon as you hit the ground, 
press [Block]. You will have an unlimited block. Another way of doing this is to 
keep blocking until there is no more block, then quickly press [Block] again 
before it recharges from the red (low Force power). The blocking technique does 
not work as frequently as jumping,but it is much safer to keep from getting hit.
Note: This does not work as well with Luke Skywalker because he tends to release 
his block quite often.

Transport Ambush:
When fighting in space, select a Bomber. Fly right into the enemy hanger. Shields
up or down doesn't matter. Park directly behind the enemy gunship or transport and
wait. Pilots going to the ships will leave you alone UNLESS you get out of your 
ship. When the transport takes off, you take off. Once you both leave the hangar
bay start bombing. 4 to 5 bombs will take out a transport and everyone on it. 
All you have to do is turn around and head for the hanger and repeat. I have 
gotten up to 50 kills in a normal battle without dying. Of course, the transports
hold different number of AI and players. Enemy players will of course, not be that
stupid, but nothing the marines pack can appreciably damage your occupied bomber 
if your pilot has the regeneration bonus.

Get into restricted part of Mos Eisley:
In Mos Eisley Assault, choose someone with a powerful lightsaber drop attack, 
(when you jump, then attack and come down swinging your lightsaber.) Like Aayla
Secura, so spawn at the arena, (hero CP with the skiff.) And run out of the 
arena through the big door opening and straight ahead should be two houses which
corners overlap, force jump on top of their roofs and stand in the corner where 
the overlap, facing the end of the map, make sure you'restanding on air in the 
corner, and use the lightsaber drop attack until you get down into the end of 
the map.

Zoom zoom zoom:
In SWBII (mostly on a multiplayer game,) other people are really good at the 
game because they have Xfire or Gamespy. But ARE they? This tip will help you
become a little skilled up a bit!

1. Whatever team your in, be a sniper (Scout trooper, assassin droid, rebel 
   marksman, clone sharpshooter.)
2. Find a good spot for sniping. Crouch down by pressing C.
3. Press Z to look through that microscopic thing on top of your sniper. 
   You will see lense with the cursor in the middle. Press Z twice to 
   zoom in even more!

This will make it easier for you to kill and either get a reward, or have the 
chance to be a hero!

Unlimited Ammo:
Submitted by: Corban Hutton

Go to instant action,look in the bottom left corner,and you'll see a battle front
2 logo. there is a box above it, click on the box, and type in 
"agoodblasteratyourside" without spacing, if it says hokey religions and ancient
weapons are no match... than it is correct. 
Note: Works for primary weapons such as rocket launcher and secondary weapons.

Glitch - fly inside CIS ship in space:
Submitted by: Corban Hutton

Get the enemy shields down then destroy the command bridge. get into a bomber or 
something then fly straight up and then turn around and go straight down holding 
down the down arrow key fly into the command bridge then if you go through, then 
you can destroy the engines, the sensor array, and the communications array. you 
CAN fly into the hanger and land. Don't fly in or near the room where the turret 
controls are, you can fly inside but you will get stuck and bounce all over the 
walls. to get out, one word:Respawn. Note:Only works with CIS capital ship.

Walking on fire:
This is a very cool glitch and it's very easy!

1. In the Instant Action Menu above the Star Wars Battlefront II logo type 
   mostimpressive for invincibility.
2. Go to the Heroes section on the left and set the hero respawn time and hero 
   timer to Always OR go to the CTF section also on the left and reduce the CTF
   score to 2.
3. Host a game on Mustafar and select any era you want.
4. When your in the game, score the flag once so you unlock the first special
   trooper then kill an enemy to get a Dark Trooper or a Jet Trooper OR be the
5. Go to the control pannel that controls the bridges. Destroy the panel which
   makes the bridges fall.
6. Then fall into the fire underneath the bridges. Then your walking on fire!

TIP: Make sure you're a hero or a unit with a jetpack otherwise you can't get 
out! Unless you respawn, which will increase the chance of being defeated!

Jedi sprint attack:
If you dont already know when you sprint as a jedi and use the attack button the
jedi does a special attack and you can kill alot of enemies really fast.

How to Lower a Droideka's shield fast as a Jedi:
For this you have to be able to use force push. When you use force push on a 
Droideka's shield it depletes it really fast. It only takes two or three times.

The Yoda I know:
Be invincible without even using the cheat code! Be yoda on Kashyyyk XL. Run 
into the big lake in the middle, unless you use your regular attack or jump, 
you're completely underwater! only some explosions can harm you! sprint around
and attack the droids, if friendly fire is off, they shoot the droids you're 
next to.

Infinte Jetpack:
Submitted by: Brendan

This cheat will give you infinte jetpack you must go into the battle selectcion 
screen afind the star wars logo and type this under it:itsabirditsaplanenoitsaclone. 
no spaces.

How to beat elite soliders:
I you go to instant action and you have elite for how tough you want your opponents
to be. Okay now use your cheat called invincibility and that is how you beat elite 

Easy kills with Time Bombs:
One way to get lots of kills with time bombs is to chase an enemy to their ship/wait
near one, and put one on a ship just as it is boarded or a little while earlier. It 
takes off and voila, you have a kill. Use multiple times if you want.

Hoth: Easy kills:
Select Single Player mode at the main menu. Go to Instant Action and add Hoth 1 flag CTF. Play
on the Rebel side and go into the bunker. When in the bunker, wait for the Empire to appear with
the flag. Kill the flag carrier. Get the flag and stand there. Kill Imperial soldiers until asked
if you want to be Luke Skywalker. Select "Yes", then go back to the bunker. Kill the flag carrier
no matter which team they are on. Enable the "Invincibility" code. Retrieve the flag and run to 
the Empire's bunker on the opposite side of the battlefield. When there, do not put the flag into
the blue circle. Guard the entrance of the bunker so that nobody gets through the doorway. 
Stand there and kill.

Single-Player Codes:
In the Instant action menu, hold your cursor above the Battlefront II logo in the bottom left
 corner and enter one of the following.

Code                     Effect
mostimpressive         - God mode
agoodblasteratyourside - Infinite ammo
usetheforceluke        - Turns off the HUD
456123                 - Access all Campaign maps
Submit your codes!
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