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StarCraft Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: Johan
Update by: DJ Simo

Update by: Eric Crone

Submitted by: Danilo Arthur bertelli

Press enter during gameplay to bring up a message prompt. Type in the following codes:

Cheat                         Result
man over game               - Makes you win
noglues                     - Enemy can't use magic 
zerg(mission #)             - Zerg mission select                     
protoss(mission #)          - Protoss mission select
terran(mission #)           - Terran mission select
power overwhelming          - invicibility/god mode
show me the money           - vespene and minerals
black sheep wall            - see all map
game over man               - lose level
there is no cow level       - win level
whats mine is mine          - minerals
breathe deep                - vespene
something for nothing       - all upgrades
operation cwal              - build fast
staying alive               - play after level over
medieval man                - gives free upgrades
modify the phase variance   - build any building
war aint what it used to be - disable fog of war
food for thought            - build more units than posible
the gathering               - no enargy use
ophelia                     - than type terran#,zerg# and 
                              protoss# to skip to that level

Bonus Level Cheat: 
In order to play the bonus level 'Dark Origin', finish the Zerg Brood wars level 
'The Reckoning' (level 8) within 25 minutes. This can easily be accomplished by 
using the invincibility cheat 'power overwhelming'. 

Submitted by: mike

When you type specialfire by first press enter you will get all fly and men by
your commandcentre and their weapons will be increasd in 1000 damage and all the
men and fly units be also in godmode.

Submitted by: Matthew forrester

When playing in campign mode put the cheat operation cwal on then put the cheat
black sheep on. Then go to your barracks and create as many marines as you want.
Before you do this you must set a rally point in the enemys base. Start creating
marines and they will automatically go to the enemys base and destroy it. enjoy!

Stack Hydralisks in regular games: 
Have lots of Hatcheries and the Burrow ability on. Also, make sure you can build the 
Hydralisks. Have one of your Hydralisks hot keyed to [Ctrl] + 1. Burrow the Hydralisk
that has been hot keyed. Click on the other Hydralisks. press U, [Ctrl] + 1, 1 then 
U very fast. This may take some time to do. If you notice you are on your first hot 
keyed Hydralisk and you still have the others burrowed, then it was done correctly. 
Move the burrowed Hydralisks and you will see them stacking on each other. If you want 
to use this move on the other players have lots of them (33 to 55) stacked 

Fast Zerglings:
Have your four starting Drones start harvesting. Build only one more Drone. When it 
hatches, have it harvest. Wait until you get 200 minerals, then build a Spawning Pool. 
When you get 50 minerals, make a Drone, then another. When you get 100 minerals, make 
an Overlord. You should have 6 Drones, about 150 minerals, and 2 Overlords when your 
Pool is done. This takes about two to three minutes and all comps will fall to you, 
even the hardest ones.

Not entirely defeated:
Before you send all of your troops into battle, make two or three SCVs/Drones/Probes and 
send them to a corner of the map with no enemies near by. Then, send your infantry to 
battle. In the event that your whole infantry is defeated and if you possibly lose 
buildings, you can just start a new base and remake an infantry with your 

Multi-player Terran strategy:
Have 8 SCVs mining and 3 gathering gas. Build two Supply Depots and a Barracks, then build 
at least 20 Marines with more Depots. Have an SCV build an Engineering Bay. Build a 
Factory and an Academy. Now add on the Machine Shop and for the Base add a Comsat Station. 
Work on a Starport and keep making men at your Barracks and Factory. Upgrade your Tanks 
to siege mode and build an Armory. Build a Control Tower and Wraiths. Have them learn 
cloaking and build Dropships. You should be building Missile Turrets and Bunkers full 
of Marines. Build a huge force of assorted ground and air units. Attack with full 
force after using your Comsat Station to find the enemy.

Terran defense:
If you chose to be Terran, start by blocking your entrance with Supply Depots. Then build 
Bunkers in front of the Depots and fill them with Marines. Line up some Missile Turrets 
parallel to the Bunkers. As soon as you get Tanks with Siege upgrade, make them use Siege 
mode just in the front of your defense. Upgrade your Marines to have farther attack range.
Now put all your efforts in building some air to air defense such as Wraiths. Place up 
to twelve just in front of your Tanks and make them hold position. 

Easy Terran win:
Set the rally point of your factory in the middle of the enemy base. Keep building Goliaths 
and Siege Tanks. Let them take out the base. The Goliaths will take out most air units. 
Make sure to bring a Science Vessel for Cloaked and Burrowed troops.

Marine gives obvious orders:
In the level "Boot Camp", enable the black sheep wall code. Look around the map. You 
should see small groups of five or six Zerglings scattered throughout the map, including 
a pack dangerously close to your small base. Attack this herd, and one of the attacking 
Marines will give you an obvious hint on how to attack enemies and how to keep your units 
walking, while taking and ignoring enemy attacks.

Zerg rushing:
Use the following trick take your opponent out before he can build his defense. First, 
make seven Drones and get them all mining minerals. Then get three or four Overlords. 
Make a Spawning Pool. Then, have about 30 Zerglings attack all at one time. The only 
drawback to this strategy is if your attack fails you will have no defense.

Extra Broodlings:
When playing as the Zerg, enable the show me the money code, or have a lot of Queens. You 
can keep using spawn Broodlings on other Broodlings. In a short time you can have 50 
Broodlings, and attack. Use this trick when your opponent only has an infantry.

Moving frozen Archon:
Get two Templars or Dark Templars and an Arbiter with Stasis Field. Merge the two Templars 
and wait until they are almost done. Note: It usually works if they have 1 square remaining 
on the bar. When they come out of the field a second one will appear and will imprison it 
again. However, the Archon can still move.

Hear different unit phrases:
Select a unit four times. Select it again to hear a different phrase. This may be done on 
every ground unit, air unit, and heroes. Depending on type, four to seven different phrases 
may be heard. 

Nuke neutral animals:
Keep selecting a neutral animal (Kakaru, Rhyadon, Scantid, Ursadon, Bangalass, Or Ragnasaur) 
repeatedly until a nuke falls on them. They should make up to fifteen sounds before they die.

Clone Broodlings:
If you are Zerg and you have a Queen and you're able to use the abilaty "Spawn Broodlings",
than use it on an enemy non-mechanical ground unit and when the two broodlings come out of 
that unit, hit one of the broodlings with "Spawn Broodlings", and two Broodlings will come 
out of that Broodling. If you do this reapeatedly than you can have an army of them.

Extra supplies:
Instead of playing a custom scenario, go to multiplayer and do direct connect. create a 
game on team melle and put all the same races in your team. for each time you put your 
race in, it's an extra 200 supplies! his means you can have 100 carriers if you play 2 
teams and all protoss! 

Shakespearean Idiocy:
If you click on a Protoss or Terran unit repeatedly (alternately, assign it a grouping
and hold the key for that grouping), it will say acknowledge your command, then proceed
to other-worldy humour. Some remarks are wry Blizzard commentary on Warcraft and their 
other past projects (like Diablo).

Skip Levels:
Enter this code to enable level skipping cheat.First push enter,then Type Ophelia and 
Push enter Agian.(on the screen It should say code enabled).The Type where ever you want
to go.


Their are three types Of aleins Type whatever aleins then press any # 1-10
Starcraft Cheat Code Usage Instructions:The following codes only function in single player 
custom games & campaign games. To utilize them once in a game, press the 'Enter' key. An 
on-screen prompt appears which reads 'Message:' in colored letters. Type in the code you 
have selected and press the 'Enter' key again. The message 'Cheat Enabled' should then 
appear above where the message prompt used to be to confirm the code was activated. 
Repeat the process with the same code to disable it.

Locate Burrowed Zergs:
To locate burrowed Zergs,click on any of your units and move the green arrow cursor around
the place you think is not safe. If your cursor turns red there are burrowed Zergs there.

Place Command Center Near Resources:
First, Lift up your command center by pressing "L" after clicking it or by clicking the 
arrow pointing up. Then make it land by pressing "L" again but before it lands, press 
"SHIFT + S". Hold it until the terran command center lands. After it reach the ground,
press Right Click near the Resources. You will notice that the command center flies and
lands automatically near the resources.

Play as the zerg and get 9 drones. Tell 1 of them to build an extractor, then build another
drone. Cancel the extractor and you have 11 drones and 1 overlord.

Zerg Music:
If you are playing as zerg, enter "radio free zerg" and zerg music will play. 
(This only works for zerg).

Marine gives obvious orders:
In the level "Boot Camp", enable the "black sheep wall" code. Look around the map. You 
should see small groups of five or six Zerglings scattered throughout the map, including
a pack dangerously close to your small base. Attack this herd, and one of the attacking 
Marines will give you an obvious hint on how to attack enemies and how to keep your units
walking, while taking and ignoring enemy attacks.

Complete missions without codes:
Ok, so dont use this for evey singe mission, but if a certain one really gets you pissed
off, or if youre hero got killed to much (like in my case), and you got tired of the same
mission, then you can use this to skip a one and move on. I was able to find this one out
quite accidently. So as you are doing a mission, if youre hero gets killed, or you die 
you go to the end screen, with the statistics. Do NOT press ok, as it will restart you're
mission, instead exit the game with ALT+F4. The next time you start Starcraft or Broodwar
the mission will be completed and you will be on the next one in the progress bar.
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