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Space Quest 6 Cheats

Space Quest 6

Easter egg:
There's an imperial shuttle from Star Wars in the DeepShip's shuttle bay (along 
with the message: "Remember your parking space, Luke!").

The alien from Scott Ripley's "Alien" pops up after Wriggley (pun intended) helps 
you restarting the stolen ship's engines.

Laurel and Hardy are disguised as guard nanites near the entrance to Stellar's brain.

A graffitti in the DeepShip 86's brig reads "Sarek lies!". Sarek is a character from 
Star Trek.

Unlimited Points:
When inside Stellar's stomach, retrieve the secretion from the Isles of Langerhans, 
return to the stomach to pour the contents over the pill, then collect more. Each time
you gain 3 points, and you can continue doing this for ever.

Halloween easter egg:
Set your computer date to October 31 and start the game. Go to 8-rear on the deep ship 86 
(by using the transporter) and Sydney's head will loosen from his body and float around in
thin air following you around (as a "scary" Halloween joke).
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