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Sonny 2 Cheats

Sonny 2

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: RM

Max level and infinite money:
When I did training in the second level the first time it just cycled through
backgrounds so I quit the game. I went back to fight the end boss from level 
1 again (last spot I saved) and when I won I got a second sword. I tried the 
training again and went instantly to level 30 and infinite money. 

The Baron:
I figured out that if your a Bio classed (the one you picked in the beginning)
you can get the skill called "Disrupt" and "Integrity" and continuously burn 
The Baron Focus. Which causes the baron to have 0 Focus and use his skill "Deep
Burning", which causes him to lose Hp for Focus. 
Note: You can put up to 4 Disrupt in you action bar/circle.

Hunt Tip:
* Stun/disrupt the sniper when he buffs his damage and piercing to avoid being
* Focus fire on hunt until his men drop their own shields and cast "desperate 
  shield" on him.
* Take out the men while hunt is stunned and shielded, then finish off hunt 
  when the shield expires.
* Caps lock is cruise control for cool.

Effective build for psychological:
Use all attribute points on instinct. give all your ability points to shock 
therapy, free will, and terror. Then move along the electric tree til you get
to wraith form,then use it at the start of all battles, next use terror, after
that use 3 shock therapies (have them in your bar along with 1 free will, wraith
form, 2 terrors, and 1 electric storm) to begin the battle with the enemy at at
least 3,000 less hp (plus all your partner's damage).

How to kill the Hydra as a Bio:
Heres the way:

* vicious stike at level 4
* savagery level 4
* sharpe sences level 4
* shadow blend level 4
* and with your remaining 4 i recommend either
* subversion
* evolution
* endurance
* or integrity
* ive got them all ..
* ok and now your skill bar
* should go like this
* vicious strike x2
* sharp sences x2
* shadow blend x1
* then you will have 3 spaces left over..
* in my free spaces ive put in subversion, leading strike, and destroy.
* ok now to kill them you put on sharp sences, then shadow blend, then vicious
  strike the fire claws and then vicious strike again then get your focus back.
* take the claws 1 at a time.
* Put veradux on planuex mode he wil keep you alive but if he isnt then put him
  on aggresive and then put suversion on the person that has the lowest health.
* As the claws attack the person with the least ammount of health and then when
  the claws heal your man put veradux on planuex again the next turn.

Tip for beating Captain Hunt:
You will go to the cutscene as long as the Captain's health is low. The other two
don't matter since they just keep casting buffs on themselves. Just let them live.
All you have to do is get the Captain's HP down before he uses Desperate Shield 
on himself.

Mixed classes!!!:
Submitted by: sonny lover

YOU NEED 1 UN-USED FILES!! make whatever class you want level it up to level ten 
then save goto PvP player one is whatever you made any class... then playe 2 is an 
epty slot... click on that slot a few times then make a different class man under 
that file and then you have that man first two attacks and the other classes attacks
and level but not stats... works best with bio and hydro... easy win through the 

Level to 30 and infinite money instantly:
Start a new person, doesn't matter which class or anything else. Beat the prison 
guard (and tutorial guy if u chose it) and click proceed. close the window thing 
that explains sonny 2, and click on the far left spot, or the upper left hand 
corner of the jail cell with the vendor guy. When u scroll over it, it should say
next battle. Click on that, and u'll enter a battle with the platform changing 
rapidly. Press the exclamation point and skip ur turn. u'll see the screen saying 
u've leveled up to level 30 and u aquired NAN money. congrats, u have leveled to 
30 and gotten unlimited money!

Hints on defeating captain hunt (Bio class only):
Submitted by: bobby

1.Direct ur attacks on captain hunt for the first part of the battle. 
  (It is best to set Ronald into tactical mode and Veradux into defensive mode. Also,
  train ur intergrity and endurance to have a higher chance for survival.)

2.Continue the process until cap hunt uses desparate sheild on himself.

3.Watch the sniper.If he boosts himself and gets a 400% dmg chance, use break or 
  anything that stuns on him to prevent Veradux from being hit. Training ur endurance
  and integrity will let u heal urself and thus survive one shot from the sniper. Also
  try to use wound on sniper.

4.Keep doing the process, u may also stun the medic to prevent cap hunt from healing, 
  n e way jus wait 'til the sniper 'n' medic drop their sheilds.

5.After they drop their sheilds, act quickly! First kill the sniper 'cus he deals alot
  of dmg which might cost veradux his life...don't care about ronald, his health is 

6.Finish the medic off 'n' you'll be left with cap hunt...time for the fun bit.

7.Make ronald go into relentless mode so he will always ure his shooting ability 
  against hunt, make veradux stay the same.

Technical Easiest Glitch for Hydraulic:
Suibmitted by: DLneostarG

This will be easy, just slam your enemy, but Roald will launch a stun attack will 
stun enemy 2 turns, while sonny slams the enemy and stun it with 1 turn. after the
enemy's turn it will stand up but it is still stun. Easy isn't it.

Killing the Baron:
Submitted by: James

To kill the Baron you must lower his health down by draining his focus then he will 
put a buff that is called deep burns and hurts himself for focus and it hurts about 
two thousand damage per turn or if you lower it and you get lucky he will put a buff
called holy scars and hurt about four thousand each shot you make.

Make speech play after a battle:
Go to Zone 2 and fight the boss. Set your buddies on Relentless Mode as soon as possible.
Use whatever moves you can to destroy the Captain. If you have Roald (in your battle 
party), he will say you have to go underground to escape. After that, the battle will
end, go into the item pickup and exp. collector screen, and have the Captain saying for
his troops to kill you in the background.

Baron Brixius killing (for hydraulics only):
Submitted by: Veradux

You can easy defeat Baron if you do the following: You put on your action bar max flash 
freeze, max mind freeze and max frost. Just make him stunned with flash freeze and kill 
with frost and mind freeze and that.

P.S.: To not lose too much hp put veradux on phalanx mode so he can heal you.

Super team:
Submitted by: blobie

first make a new person (zombie) kill the first gaurd in THE PRISON and take the items 
(if there are any) press a for add and then p for person and they will be added to your 
team u can use this 5 times for the prisen 3 for the the next place (you can also do this 
on bosses encluding baron bixus) and so on in the pattern 5 3 5 3 but it has to be done on 
heroic as a bio.

Killing Baron With Ease[for hydraulics only]:
Submitted by: Sonny

first you need max mind freeze,max flash freeze and most importantly max REGULATE.first,
stunned baron using flash freeze.then,attack baron using your mind freeze and other ability 
except regulate.when his hp is under 28'000,use only regulate to burn his focus because when 
baron fill up his force,he will damage himself 2 thousand or above.HOPE YOU LIKE USING IT.
P.S.:put veradux in phalanx mode so he can heal you and roald.

How to kill police colonel (Psychological only):
Submitted by: Paolo bauzon

you must have nightmare(maximum lvl)electrical storm(its ok if its lvl is 1)3 shock 
therapy(must be lvl 3)and traumatize(is ok if its lvl 1)first you will put roland in 
restless mode and verdux in phalanx mode the eneme will have 400% more damage in three 
turns you will use traumatize after it.the enemy will be stuned in 2 turns but still there 
is one 400% more damage if he attack verdux will just heal the friend has been attacked then 
1or 2 turns the police will reload you will have a chance to damage him for 400% by using 
nightmare after your atack the police will recover hp because of your nightmare if its your 
turn use shock theraphy to dispel your buff keep using nightmare till he drop if you ever 
loss focus use electrical storm (hope it can help you)

Best build for psychological :
Submitted by: Paolo bauzon

combat action bar only have 8 slots 
3 shock therapy
1 electrical storm
1 ultimatum
1 nightmare
1 traumatize
1 wraith form
i finish the game with this skills
hope this will help

The "Fight Yourself glitch":
Submitted by: Max Ujhazy

Enter the Village Oberusel (area 2) and click on the truck that's at the lower
corner of the screen. Then, shut off your internet connection and fight Captain
Hunt. The game should start flashing randomly and take you to the PvP page. 
Both the characters are labelled as 'unspecified" and level and type will be
"NaN" Click on Fight and 2 naked Sonny guys with your level, health and class
will fight each other. Only thing is, both Sonny's die randomly for no reason.
OK, thats it. PEACE!!

Defeating the Baron:
Note: This trick is for Hydraulics only. You will need maximum "Mind Freeze",
"Flash Freeze", and "Regulat"e. Stun Baron using "Flash Freeze", then attack 
using your" Mind Freeze" and any other ability except for "Regulate". When his
HP is under 28,000, use only "Regulate" to burn his focus. When Baron fills up
his force, he will damage himself for at least 2,000 points of damage. 
Note: Put Veradux in Phalanx mode so he can heal you and Roald.

Psychological build:
Submitted by: wacco

All you really need is 5 skills maxed when playing as a psycho. These skills 
are: Shock Therapy, Electrical Storm, Charged Blood, Wraith Form and Tecanity.
When you start your game as a psycho you should put your ponts to Shock Therapy 
(in beginning you can put only 1 but you can ofcourse add more while you level 
up). (do not! put ability points to anywhere else you will need them later).
After maxing Shock Therapy (lvl 3) you should go for Elecrical storm and Charged 
blood. When you are lvl 9 you should have Electrical Storm, Charged Blood and 
Shock Therapy maxed. After this you should go for Wraith Form and when lvl 10 
you should have it. And last skill you go for is Tecanity.
When you are at lvl 18 you should have these all 5 skills maxed.
Usually everyone uses nightmare in their build but if you have Charged blood 
you will make bigger damage with Shock Therapy.
After these skills I usually go for Destruction and Salvation because of 2 
useless slots in you  action bar...

At lvl 1-4 your action bar should have these skills:
Dark Infusion x1
Corruption x1
Shock Therapy x3

Lvl 5-9 you should have these skills in your action bar:
Dark Infusion x1
Corruption x1
Shock Therapy x3
Electrical storm x2

Lvl 10-18 you should have these skills in your action bar:
Dark Infusion x1
Corruption x1
Shock Therapy x3
Electrical storm x2
Wraith Form x1

And if you decide to try my style you should have these skills in your 
action bar at the end:

Shock Therapy x3
Electrical storm x2
Wraith Form x1
Salvation x1
Destruction x1

The baron:
Submitted by: jm

the baron can be defeated easily if you use disruption you should have 4 
disruptions and then u use em then 3 numbers will apper on the bubble it 
will be 1,2,3 then u will use it every turn then he will burn he might 
lose 2000 or 5000 hp for every disruption u use.

Easiest way to kill Baron Brixius (Glitch):
Submitted by: GlitchFinder

1.You can do that glitch with any class and any lvl!
2.You MUST deactivate Roald and Veradux (it can be done by pressing the Invertory 
button on the game, then hold "Shift" and click the icons of Veradux and Roald).

When you are at Zone 2 and the Next Battle is with Baron Brixius just get survival 
skills (such as healing spells,damage resistance,Passive Combat Effects...) and 
use them in the fight. When you get Baron's Focus to 0 he will cast "Deep Burning" 
on himself. Then he will start using his attacks to himself...
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