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Sonic Adventure 2 HD Cheats

Sonic Adventure 2 HD

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: David K.

First, have two controllers plugged in. In Sonic's second stage (Metal Harbour), press Y in
the second controller at any time. Sonic'll get a board under his shoes and will be able to
street board the level with it! However, you can't complete the stage with this board.

Reuse an Animal Multiple Tines in a Chao Garden:
While holding your animal, go as close to your chao as possible without giving it to the 
chao. Then simply drop the animal in front of your Chao. If done correctly the chao will 
give the same animation as if you handed the animal to the chao, only you can pick the 
animal up again. This can also be done with chaos drives.

Main Theme:
To unlock the "Main Theme" (Live and Learn) in Sound Test, you must 
have the three stories finished (Hero, Dark and Last). Select 1P mode, Last story,
and fight the Final Hazard again. After the Credits, go to Stage Select mode, 
choose any stage and mission and finish it. Finally, go to Sound Test and select
"Character Main Theme" is above "Theme of Sonic".

Unlock Playable Characters:
Follow the guidelines below to be able to play as those characters in versus mode:

Unlockable            How to Unlock
Play as a Chao      - Beat all of Tails' levels with an A rank.
Play as Amy         - Beat all of Sonic's levels with an A rank.
Play as Big         - Get A ranks on all of Eggman's Stage.
Play as Chaos 0     - Beat all of Rouge's levels with an A rank.
Play as Mecha Sonic - Beat all of Shadow's levels with an A rank.
Play as Tikal       - Beat all of Knuckles' levels with an A rank.


1P Kart Race:
Beat Route 101 or Route 280 to open 1 Player Kart Race.

2P Kart Race:
Beat either Kart Race Action Stage (Route 101 or Route 280), then beat the other to 
open 2 Player Kart Race.

All Boss Attack:
To unlock the All Boss Attack, you must of completed the Hero Story, Dark Story and 
the Last Story, it will appear in the 1 player menu, The All Boss attack is a time 
attack where you face all the bosses from the Hero Story, then Dark Story then finally
the Last Story in succession with no breaks. 

Alternate way for an 'A' Ranking:
Complete a level with every ring collected. If you do this, you should get a 'Perfect'
stamp on the Ring Count when you complete the level and a guaranteed 'A' rank.

Chao Hat:
To get a hat for your chao go into a garden as Knuckles or Rouge and dig around untill
you find one.

Clean Pause:
Pause the game and hold X + Y to clear the game of the pause screen. 
This only works on controller A.

Clone a Chao:
You will need 2 memory cards with at least 128 blocks on each. First take the chao you
want to clone out on one of the VMUs. The either e-mail yourself a copy (or to a friend)
or just copy in the file manager of the dreamcast. The File is Sonic2____VM. 
Now you have two of the same chao.

Dark Boss Attack:
Beat the game with the Dark Side to unlock Boss Attack in 1P Play. Boss Attack is 
basically a Time Attack to see how quickly you can beat all bosses on the Dark Side.

Free Chao:
To get more Chao in your gardens, just do this: Take an Egg or Chao from Sonic Adventure 1, 
put in in a VMU, and then go into any Chao Garden in Sonic Adventure 2, and take the Chao 
out there. You'll get a Sonic Adventure 2 Chao egg! 
WARNING: You can only go forwards, not back. Chao taken out in SA2 become eggs, regardless
of whatever they were before, and can NEVER be returned to SA1.

Hero and Dark Races:
Unlock the Hero Garden, the Dark Garden, and beat the all Beginner's Races to unlock 
two special race modes, Hero Race and Dark Race.

Hero Boss Attack:
Beat the game with the Hero Side to unlock Boss Attack in 1P Play. Boss Attack is 
basically a Time Attack to see how quickly you can beat all bosses on the Hero Side.

Hidden Artwork:
Insert the Sonic Adventure 2 GD-ROM into any PC CD-ROM drive. In the root directory 
there is hidden artwork to put on your desktop.

Keep Upgrades without Finishing Levels:
After getting your upgrade exit the level. After leaving the level go to stage select 
and go to any level that is easy and quick for you complete. After completing the level
the game saves your upgrade.

More Chao Gardens:
Raise a Hero Chao to unlock the Hero Garden. Raise a Dark Chao to unlock the Dark Garden.

New Chao Races:
Beat all 3 levels of the 4 Beginner Races (Crab Pool, Stump Valley, Mushroom Forest, 
and Block Canyon) to open Jewel Race and Challenge Race.

New Looks:
Beat ALL of a character's missions to get a new look in 2 Player VS Mode.

New Toys for Chaos:
1.Beat the 3 Crab Pool Races to win a shovel.
2.Beat the 3 Stump Valley Races to win an elephant watering can.
3.Beat the 3 Mushroom Forest Races to win a rattle.
4.Beat the 3 Block Canyon Races to win a toy car.

Phantasy Star Online Costumes:
For Sonic, successfully complete all of his missions (not including "Cannon's Core"). 
You will receice a message saying that you have completed all of Sonic's missions and 
that you have also unlocked a secret costume. Go to versus mode, select your stage or 
versus type, but before that press right and you will see a diffrent picture of Sonic.
Once the versus mode begins sonic's costume will look like the red HUmar from Phantasy
Star Online. The code is the same for Shadow, except his costume is a red HUcast.

Unlock Boss Mode:
Beat the Hero Side or Dark Side to access Boss Mode as the the side you beat. It will 
appear under 1-Player Mode and allows you to fight all the bosses from that side in order.

Unlock Diamond & Onyx Chao Races:
Win at least one race from each of the Aquamarine, Garnet, Peridot, and Topaz Chao Races
to unlock the Onyx & Diamond Chao Races.

Unlock Final Stage:
To unlock the Final Stage, Cannon's Core, first beat the Hero and Dark Sides in 1-Player 
Story Mode. Then the Last Side option will be available in Story Mode.

Unlock Green Hill:
To unlock a 3D version of Green Hill, you must collect all 180 emblems in the game. 

Win a Chao Radio:
To get a raido for your Chao, complete the 4th Dark Race, the 'Angel vs. Devil' race. 
Once you do this, you should find a radio for your Chao in the Dark Garden.

Win a Chao TV:
To get the Chao TV, win the 12th race in the Challange Races. You will find a little TV 
for your Chao in the Chao Garden.

Win a jack-in-the-box:
To get this toy for your Chao, win the 'Pumpkin Group' race. (Challenge Race No.8) After 
you do this, you'll find a jack-in-the-box in the Chao Garden.

Win a Rocking Horse:
To get a rocking horse for your Chao, you must win Hero Race No.4, the 'Devil vs. Angel' 
race. Once you do this, you'll get a rocking horse for your Chao in the Hero Garden.

Win Chao Ball:
To win the Chao ball, you must beat Challange Race #4 in the Chao Races, the "Small Animal"
race. If you come in first place, you will win a ball for your Chao, and an emblem. You 
will find the ball in the Chao Garden.

Win Chao Ball for Dark Garden:
To win the Chao Ball for the Dark Garden, come in first place in the second Dark Race. 
You will find a new, creepy looking Chao Ball in the Dark Garden.

Win Chao Ball for Hero Garden:
In the Hero Race, win the 2nd race to win a Chao Ball for your Hero Garden.
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