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Small Worlds Cheats

Small Worlds

How to get struggling:
Buy a graffiti board and go on and draw like a stickman or something stay on the graffiti 
wall for about 15 minutes and then press save and exit then u get xp!

You need a npc 2 do it here it goes. You have to slap a blond 3 time then hit her with 
a fish head spell it works great try it!

Free Small-Worlds Tokens and Gold:
Tokens: Make 4 new avatars and sell their clothes, in 3 days delete them. Keep doing this 
and keep getting tokens that you can trade at the trading post for gold.

Gold: Invite your friends to Small-Worlds or make fake emails. Accept and get Citizen 
Points. When you complete Loyalty Challenges you can a salary of gold. You can get a 
paying job and ask to be paid in gold.

This is a very easy way to get loads of tokens But...your acountt has to be played on 
for 6 Hours.Buy things that are very cheap...Like party poppers...then lay them out 
and put them for sale for any amount. Then make a fake acountt and go to the other 
acountts house and buy the party poppers. Then you will have more tokens.
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