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Smacky Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Update by: Atif Hassan
Update by: hypeskull
Submitted by: RM

Press "Space" during game play to display the password menu.
Then, enter one of the following Codes.

Result                 Code
Football helmet      - no_i_in_team
Lucky hat            - catch_me_lucky_charms
Advance to level 4   - bombadier
Advance to level 7   - looking_glass
Sombrero             - saludos_amigos
Facial hair          - mr_croker
Uncle Sam hat        - i_want_you
Champ beanie         - adrian
Pirate hat           - yar_and_avast
Hat                  - pil_seung
Strange hat          - world_domination
Baseball cap         - bad_hair_day
Bunny band           - hail_to_the_queen
Santa hat            - merry_and_bright
Fishing hat          - gone_fishing
Advance to level 10  - carbonation
halloween mask       - trick_or_treat
google               - shock_n_roll
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