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SIN Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: Digitwizard

All of the following work in both the Full and Demo versions of SiN. 
During gameplay press the tidle then type any of the following "Codes": 

Code                      Effect
/health 999             - Health 999
/wuss                   - All Weapons
/superfuzz              - God Mode
/nocollision            - No Clipping
/wallflower             - No Target
/spawn magnum           - Gives the Magnum
/spawn shotgun          - Gives the Shotgun
/spawn assaultrifle     - Gives the Assaultrifle
/spawn rocklauncher     - Gives the Rocket Launcher
/spawn sniperrifle      - Gives the Sniper Rifle
/spawn heligun          - Gives the Big Gun from the Chopper
/spawn reactiveshields  - Gives the Reactive Shield
/spawn rockets          - Gives Rockets
/spawn coin             - Gives a Coin
/spawn health           - Gives a Health Pack
/spawn cookies          - Gives a Pack of Cookies
/spawn lensflare        - Makes a LightEffect
/spawn silencer         - Gives a Silencer for the Gun and the Machine Gun
/give thrallgun         - Gives a Hidden Weapon
bind "togglezoommode"   - Gives the Sniper Zoom Scope for any weapon pressed 
                          whereas is the level of zoom

Cheat Codes:
Cheats by Radox

First press the ~ key (just like in Quake and Quake 2). 
Then enter the code:

Code           Result
health 200   - Full health
wuss         - All weapons and armor
superfuzz    - God mode
god          - God mode
nocollision  - No clip mode
noclip       - No clip mode
wallflower   - No target
notarget     - No target


Code              Result
magnum          - summons Magnum pistol
shotgun         - summons Shotgun
assaultrifle    - summons Assault rifle (machinegun)
chaingun        - summons Chaingun
rocketlauncher  - summons Rocket launcher
pulserifle      - summons Pulse rifle
quantum         - summons Quantum destabilizer
sniperrifle     - summons Sniper rifle
speargun        - summons Spear gun (for underwater use)
smallhealth     - summons Small health pack +5
health          - summons Health pack +20
largehealth     - summons Large health pack +50
megahealth      - summons Mega health pack +100
apple           - summons Apple +2
banana          - summons Banana +2
sandwich        - summons Sandwich +2
soda            - summons Soda can +2
cookies         - summons Cookie-pack +2
mutagen         - summons Mutagen-vial (powerup,which turns you in a mutant)
adrenaline      - summons Adrenaline-vial (powerup,which makes you faster)
cloak           - summons Cloacking device (powerup,which makes you invisible)
reactiveshields - summons Bioshield (powerup,which makes you invincible)
riothelmet      - summons Riot helmet (armor for the head)
flakjacket      - summons Flak jacket (armor for the body)
flakpants       - summons Flak pants (armor for the legs)
glowstick       - summons Light rod (use it to light dark places)
code            - summons Decoder
comlink         - summons Communications link
scubagear       - summons Scuba gear (allows you to stay underwater longer)
oxygen          - summons Oxygen canister
coin            - summons Quarter
dollar          - summons Money
moneybag        - summons Bag from the bank robbery
blueprints      - summons Blueprints from the Construction zone
chemsuit        - summons Chemical protection suit
u4sample        - summons a sample from U4
passcode        - summons a card with the missil code on it
keyring         - summons Key
idcard          - summons Identification card
orangecard      - summons Orange passcard
bluecard        - summons Blue passcard
yellowcard      - summons Yellow passcard
greencard       - summons Green passcard
pulsepart1      - summons Part #1 from the Pulse rifle
pulsepart2      - summons Part #2 from the Pulse rifle
pulsepart3      - summons Part #3 from the pulse rifle
genericpulsepart- summons a part fom the Pulse rifle that player does not have
envelope        - summons Envelope with documents
evidence        - summons Papers with evidence
silencer        - summons silencer for the Magnum and the Assault rifle
candybar        - summons Candy bar (use it with Eon and Peon to stop 
                  them for a moment)
357             - summons ammo for the Magnum
10mm            - summons ammo for the Assault rifle
50mm            - summons ammo for the Chaingun
buckshot        - summons ammo for the Shotgun
spears          - summons ammo for the Spear gun
rockets         - summons ammo for the Rocket launcher
plasma          - summons ammo for the Pulse rifle and the Quantumdestabilizer
spidermines     - summons a pack of Spider mines
thug            - summons a bank robber
grunt           - summons a SinTek grunt
cworker         - summons a mutated construction worker
bacrodai        - summons a mutant with an oversized hand 
manumit         - summons a mutant
vultorn         - summons a strange red mutant
gruntcapt       - summons a grunt captain
camgun          - summons a security gun
camgun2         - summons a second type of security gun
reconah         - summons a biomech
securton        - summons a spider-drone
pinphat         - summons a big cyborg with an enormous rocket launcher
secrover        - summons an explosive drone
peon            - summons Peon
dark            - summons a huge yellow-dressed cyborg
nautic          - summons an underwater mutant
sea             - summons a seabonite
mancini         - summons Tony Mancini (the mob boss)
pl_elexis       - summons Elexis Sinclaire (!!!!!!!!)
eonandpeon      - summons Eon and Peon (the second boss)
thrall          - summons the Thrall master (the end game boss)

Here are some other console commands and variables:
sv_gravity # - changes the gravity to # (default = 800)
save #       - saves game to specified slot #
load #       - loads game from specified slot #

Level Select: 
To warp to any level of the game , press the ~ key to bring up the console.
The type in "map" and then one of the following levels:

Code       Level
intro    - Air assault on Freeport city bank
bank     - Freeport city bank
abandon  - Abandoned buildings
csite    - Construction zone
subway   - Abandoned subway
chem1    - SinTek Chemical labs
chem2    - SinTek Chemical plant
whouse1  - SinTek Outside warehouse
whouse2  - SinTek Warehouse
biomecha - Biomech security
biomechb - Biomech factory
silo     - Missile silo
sewera   - Freeport sewers
sewerb   - Lower Freeport sewers
aq1      - Freeport aqueducts
dam      - Freeport city dam
wworks1  - Freeport water works
wworks2  - Freeport water works 2
oilrig   - SinTek oilrig
uwpass1  - Underwater pass
uwpass2  - Underwater passage
docks1   - Hidden docks
docks2   - Submarinal cargo station
jungle   - Jungle pass
gorge    - Mountain gorge
area57   - Containment Area 57
xeno1    - Xenomorphic labs
xeno2    - Xenomorphic studies
mansion1 - Estate Sinclaire 
mansion2 - Estate Sinclaire 2
phoenix  - Munt phoenix
thrall   - Thrall's pit
geo1     - Geothermal plant (secret level)
geo2     - Geothermal substation (secret level)
jungle2  - Jungle pass 2 (secret level)
biomass  - Biomass reclaimation center (secret level)

A super-secret weapon (note:the end game boss uses it !!!)
Go to the console (Press ~) and type: "give thrallgun"
Then ,type "bind m use thrallgun". 
After that,press m to enjoy this kick-ass weapon"

Easter Eggs:
Submitted by: kumayl hassan 

* Transfer 900,000 from Elexis' account to Blade's
* Call the cinema line from the payphone using the quarter
* Shoot female in breast (what _was_ on their minds...)
* In the room where the table gets turned, _use_ the painting 
  on the wall to reveal a safe.
* On the computer, go to the command prompt.
  Do a dir.
  Go to that data directory.
  There's five files. Type "type (whatever).ini"
  The file has stuff in it, including
 "wallpaper="c:\something\jlh-is-hot.bmp" -Frags
* during the chopper sequence.....
  shoot the elexis billboard till it falls, it'll fall were the chopper.
  lands, if it falls through the glass, it's makes a ramp for water to
  fill the first room and shorts out the first atm, if it doesn't fall
  through u can look up and see it hanging above also....
  If yer chopper gets shot down but yer character lives(the rockets hit
  the chopper not u, very hard to do on purpose), it sets down in the
  street, and u run till the police barracades outside by the reveolving
  door and start the level from there feal free to use this with no 
  credit (though i'd like some if u don't mind :) and don't quote me 
  cause i wrote it sloppy :)
* Q11
* In the vault right as you come through the door with the hole in the
  floor, on the right the safety deposit box 2nd from the right on the
  very bottom, there should be a black corner, you are able to open 
  this one but it is empty.

* Misc
In deathmatch (haven't tried in in SP, but it prolly
works too), you can bind a key to   "togglezoommode",
and it toggles the sniper scope zoom on and off. It
works with every weapon  too. -tin

Bank Codes:
Name                        Account #     PIN #
-----------------------     ---------     -----
Billge Yeates               303195        6666
Danny O'Brian               845724        9157
(Elexis) Ms. Sinclaire      010333        6969  *
Zak Belica                  060571        8303
Lowry P. Sweeny             601571        6672
(John R.) Mr. Blade         010345        2019  **
Biff Fugate                 002215        2635
Marc Weaver                 873282        2635
Tom Mustaine                112029        2029
David Eddings               042171        5811 
Mr. Logan                   101505        5769
John Doe                    ??????        ????
Harry Miller                443344        4444
Pres. Skroob                123456        1234
Beav Anderson               100372        3625
Ms. Dowling                 070677        5316
Hipnotic Interactive        081296        0000
Don MacAskill               021977        5334
Eliz                        272727        2727
Mark MacAskill              052881        6275
Ben MacAskill               032097        2361
Anne MacAskill              041384        2663
onethumb                    020298        5334
KillCreek                   422907        8252
Scott Alden                 012671        2600        
Christy K.                  642753        9084
Hank TAD Dwarf              050480        1984

* Ms. Sinclaire's account is the only one that you can wire money from
** This is the main character's account =)

(Be sure to enter all the account numbers in the atm's in the first room to 
see some clever quotes...)

FMV sequence commands: 
map csite_cinema
map subway_cinema
map biomech_cinema
map silo_cinema
map gorge_cinema
map intro_start
map ending 

Weird voice:
On the construction zone level, after you see Mancini jump, make the jump 
yourself. When JC congratulates you, his voice will be very weird.

Sexy Easter Eggs:
In the "Sinclaire Residence" level, you can find a locked door with the words
"Janitor Bob" written on it. Now, near the end of the level, next to a funky statue 
there's a secret room (press use on the wall near the window) and you'll find the 
key for the Janitor's closet. What's to find inside? Well let's just say that Bob
has a hefty collection of nudie mags, and isn't afraid to use them. Also in the 
level, in the surveillance room you can take a peek at Elexis in her hot tub while
hmm... "enjoying herself". Of course, if the view isn't too good for you you can 
always use the /noclip cheat to get to see her up close and personal, as she doesn't
react to your presence!
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