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Shadow Warrior Cheats

Shadow Warrior

Cheat Codes (1997 game):
Press 'T' and then enter the code.

Code         Effect
SWCHAN       - Toggle God mode
SWGIMME      - Gives you all items
SWGREED      - Enables every cheat
SWSAVE       - Saves the current map on disk as SWSAVE.MAP, 
               Wich you then can edit with BUILD map editor
SWTREKxy     - Warp to level (x=episode, y=level) eg.SWTREK12
SWRES        - Change resolution
SWSTART      - Restart level
SWGHOST      - Toggle clipping mode
SWMAP        - Toggle automap
CONFIG       - Displays "help config"
SWTRIX       - Turn on Bunny Rockets w/ Rocket launcher
WINPACHINKO  - Lets you win the pachinko game and get an item
SWNAME       - In a multiplayer game, it changes your name.
SOUNDx       - Plays Sound file 0-999 (x=Sound File) eg.SOUND 12
SWLOC        - Use once, show framerate. Use again, show location in level.
CDON	       - Play CD music
CDOFF        - Stop CD music
CD PLAY [N]  - Play CD track once
CD LOOP [N]  - Play CD track continuously.

Hidden song:
Insert the disc into an audio CD player. Advance to the last track to hear a song 
sung by Lo Wang.

Squash Enemies:
In the second level, there is a part near the beginning where there is a 360 rotating
gun turret and a forklift, both which you can operate. Using the forklift, find an 
enemy to come out into the "arena". When they come out and start firing at you, don't
shoot your forklift gun. Hold shift and drive right at them. If your fast enough and 
do it right, you'll run right over the enemy, squashing/crushing him! 

Start any game or saved game. During gameplay press [j] and you will see yourself 
levitate up and down. To go higher press [a] to go lower press [Z] to stop levitating 
press [j] again. 
Note: If you stop levitating when you're real high you can die. Also levitating can 
cause a glitch that shuts the game down. If this happens just reset the game and try
it again.

Zilla Construction: Forklift kills:
There is a part near the start of the level with a 360 degree rotating gun turret 
and a forklift. Get in the forklift and find an enemy. When they appear and start 
firing at you, do not shoot the forklift gun. Instead, run the forklift directly 
at them. If done fast enough, you will run over them and crush them to death.

Misleading scenery:
Near the end of the second chapter when you have to get into the car, move past it instead.
You end up on a road that forks left and right. Choose either direction and it will take a
while to reach the end of the road. It has a large sheet with a forest painted on top that
covers the end, but there is a small crack on the right. When you look through it you see 
the robots that are also shown in the game arcade level earlier in the game, but with a 
futuristic background.
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