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Sanity Aikens Artifact Cheats

Sanity - Aiken's Artifact

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

During gameplay, press Enter, type any of the following "Codes", and press Enter again:

Result                       Code           
All essential items        - mpjuiceme  
Single player level select - mpshipit  
All talents                - mpalltalents  
God mode                   - mptedthehead  

Submitted by:Trader

Press enter during the game and enter cheat then press ENTER again! MPTHEGOD-You have
all talents,a god mode and suprise in this game (a gun with bazzoka)!!

* Before going into any combat, throw up a shield of some type to cut down on the 
  amount of damage you receive. Sanity is much more plentiful than health. 

* Area-based attacks like Binary Grid and Star Shower can be used to attack around 

* Pushing enemies off ledges with Psionic Push is often smarter than fighting them head 

* Your Sanity will always regenerate up to a certain point, so if you get too close to 
  zero, wait and let it rejuvenate.

100% Santity and Health and All Essential Items:
Enter mpjuiceme into the chat window box and press the ENTER key. Back in the game you'll 
notice that your Sanity and Health meters are at 100% and you will also find all the items
you need in the game.

All Single Player Levels:
Enter mpshipit into the chat window box and press the ENTER key to make all
single player levels available to play. After you enter the cheat code press
the [ESC] key or click Menu on the Active Talent Bar to bring up the Game 
Menu. From here select Main Menu and then select Single Player. Now select 
Chapters and then choose the chapter you want to play (chapters 1 to 6). 
Finally select the name of the level you want to play and get right into the 
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