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Road Rash Cheats

Road Rash

Cheat Codes:
Update by: Kushagra Shukla
Update by: Aakash Shah
Update by: ramit_sethi2005
Submitted by: rohit

Type "xyzzy" during game play to enable cheat mode. Then, enter one of the following 
cheats during game play.

Cheat              Result
YES,OCCIFER      - Kill the cop
DRIBE            - Kill the cop (again!?)
xyzzy            - activate cheatcodes
thwack!          - get chain
k'thunk!         - get club
spoon!           - nitro boost
THWACK!          - You get a chain
pioneer          - high speed 
drip!drip!       - Oil
plugh            - Disable cheats
klave            - this code will get a gun
bribe            - Bribe police

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: shashank.N

TYPE xyzzxyspoonshift+1 THE nitroboost appears  

Submitted by: sarath

This is a new cheat i found when i tried to win the game "roadrash". I "changed the folder 
name "cars" to "buses" or any other name. Then no more vehicles except bikes will be in the game.

Submitted by: charit.a.sheth

During play press "CHAIN" and you will see the bike run on top speed.

Getting the club or the chain without a cheatcode:
Submitted by: Pitam

Locate any player with the club (specially the cop). Press on the hit with hand button continuously
till you see the player getting his club. Do not hit him or he will fall wounded. When the player 
tries to hit you just move the bike towards him and hit him. If done carefully you will get the club
and he will lose it. Similarly do this with anyone with the chain. 
NOTE: This will NOT work if you ALREADY HAVE a club or a chain.

Submitted by: Prannoy Ghosh

When you are playing Road Rash In BIG MODE, play Napa Valley for 40 times for $40,000.

Submitted by: karan

Hire a cheat to play the games without the cars which come in between the game play do one thing go
to the folder where u have saved the games in that go to daya folder and in that go to cars folder 
and delete all the cars and then start the game u r there its look like this:
c:\program files\roadrash\data\cars delete all the cars have fun.

Submitted by: by Rahul Pradeep Naik

While driving type xyzyxspoon and then press shift button and 1 at once you will get nitro boost in 
your bike and when you press n your bike will go faster.

Submitted by: gaurav patil

While playing the game,if you click numpad8+numlock+backspace,your bike will accelerate automatically.

Submitted by: Saptarshi

This is actually not a cheat. But u can snatch weapon from other bikers and police if u start punching
them and continue fighting. i found it is easier to snatch weapon from police is easy lot easier than 
other bikers since they are moving very fast it is difficult to continue a fight without u or the other
biker falling. If the biker falls or police falls during the fight don't worry go for the next best 
candidate u think to snatch weapon. Remember one thing only use only punch nothing else in the fight.

Submitted by: Manu Narayanan

I am submitting the same cheat again for those who didn't understand how to use this.

Go to the Location where u installed Roadrash.Find the folder named "DATA". In the Data folder Find the
folder named "CARS" and rename it to anything else like "BUSES".When u start the game after doing this 
there will be no more cars or trucks to strike u down in ur way!!! Enjoy!

Submitted by: Ashish

When you type thwack! or k'thunk!at the time of pressing shift+1 immediately press your hand button. 
Your biker will continuosly spinning tour chain or club or hand.

Submitted by: Preet

Press 'n' to use nitro boosters.By pressing 'n' your bike will speed up while nitro booster will get 

Submitted by: Kurnik

Open with hex "ROADRASH.EXE" find first walue "B10C" cheange it to "FFFF FFFF" and save it as "aa.exe" 
Use aa.exe to run the game. Go to "Big Game Mode" and take Axle charakter. When you take Axle go to 
Shop with motorbikes and go to the "Super Bikes". You will see you have 2147483847$. 
You may have buy "DIABLO". 

Submitted by: Panchal Jugal

If you will type this cheat your bike wil change to bullock cart:- xyzzyzoomroad

Submitted by: R.Vittal Kiran

First, make a backup of files in Roadrash folder.
then Go to: *:\Roadrash\DATA\BIKERS and delete files named 
and then run the Game.Select any track of your choice,you'll see
only buildings(in'The city'track);
only mountains,trees and roads(in 'Peninsula' track);
only grasslands(in Napa Valley);
only mountains and snow(in Sieraa Nevade);
only water and trees(in Pacific Highway)
-By R. Vittal Kiran 

Submitted by: ketan

This is a new cheat I found while playing road rash.When the cop appeared, 
i typed bribe and then pressed the ENTER button.At that movement the cop 

Submitted by: Eagle

Continuing on from my previous message, heres my method for getting through 

*Note, this cheat only works to its full ability on level 5 of Road Rash.

* When you start a race, if you have a Super Bike, I would suggest nitroing
  once as soon as you start, then just racing normally. When a racer starts 
  attacking you, drive into them and kick hard, and they should go skidding 
  away. *Note, they move easier if you are driving towards them at the time.

* When a cop appears, quickly hit bribe and press enter. 

* When you move up to about 6th place, start nitroing. If you drive off the
  road, make sure there is a clear path to the road before you drive back, 
  or you will CRASH and burn.

* Move up to 3rd place, and heres where it gets tough. Keep nitroing and 
  kicking and wacking the players out of your way, until you move to 2nd 
  place. If your getting near the finish line, (look down the bottom at 
  the speedometre, hopefully you remember how long the course is.)just go 
  for it and nitro past him. If your nitros are empty, hit spoon + shift 
  and 1. If you are far away from the finish, keep trailing the first placer.
  As soon as he shows a sign that he is slowing down, nitro past him ASAP. 
  Therefore you will get a better lead on him, and there is less chance that
  if you crash, he will overtake. Take it easy, just keep racing, and nitro
  every once in a while. If a car gets within 80 metres of you, nitro, nitro, 

* If you do it correctly, you should be at the finish in no time.

Good Luck, and happy racing!

This is not really a's more of a "hint".

When you get into level 4 and 5 of the game, it can get pretty frustrating 
trying to get through that urban jungle City, and the cliff hanging Pacific 

Here's a few tips that will help you through the courses.

First, some cheats.

Cheat    Result
Xyzzy    Activates cheats
Thwack!  Armed with Chain
K'thunk! Armed with Club
Spoon!   Full Nitros
Bribe    Kill the Cop

For the bribe cheat, you must type "bribe" then press ENTER, or it wont 
work. The cop must be in your screen when you type bribe or nothing happens. 
As soon as you hit the enter button, "POOF!" the cop dissappears.

Submitted by: Yashaswin Sridhar

Take a SPORTS BIKE DIABLO put the nitro cheat xyzzyspoon shift+1.Then when you see
a BLUE coloured truck dash the truck with the nitro you'll fall,but the truck will
go behind.

Submitted by: Yashaswin Sridhar

When the race starts keep swinging when a biker start hitting him/her then a car will 
appear take the biker behind the car and u go ahead the biker will fall down and he 
will not appear again.This tip works only in NAPAValley.

Over kill mode:
Submitted by: adesh

During the game, press "xyzzy" to get access cheats. Then any time you want type in 
"overkill" and you will have killing mode on.

Submitted by: ashish david rao

if you are playing agame you go near a person who has a club or chain if you punch 
him /her 5 times you will get the chain or club.

Submitted by: R.Vittal Kiran

First, make a backup of files in Roadrash folder. Then Go to: 
*:\Roadrash\DATA\BIKERS and delete files named 
and then run the Game.Select any track of your choice,you'll see
only buildings(in'The city'track);
only mountains,trees and roads(in 'Peninsula' track);
only grasslands(in Napa Valley);
only mountains and snow(in Sieraa Nevade);
only water and trees(in Pacific Highway)

Submitted by: Milan

Press XYZZY during gameplay and type K'THUNK! you have a club.

Submitted by: srihari

In gameplay with superbikes you can press shift at a time you can get a weapon.

Submitted by: shanawaz

When ever you are playing just press button to hit a rider with hand if you once 
press enter rider will kick the other rider in all modes.

Submitted by: john

When you play a game type xyzzy first only or you will be in a problem after typing 
xyzzy type spoon (shift+1)and you will see red circles on your screen type n you will 
run on high speed and if you see a police man on your screen type bribe and then enter.

Submitted by: Arpan Shukla

Panchal Jugal had earlier mentioned that if we press xyzzyzoomroad, the bike will turn 
into a bullock cart. But that is not happening.Why? Instead when I pressed xyzzyzoomroad 
not while driving my biker climbed off the bike and again climbed on it.

To go at very large speed: 
Submitted by: Ne abba

Press speed is "the only way to get first inthe race of road rash the game which have fun
with duplicate bykes" foooolish fellow you will type this much big use less fellow.

Bikes going faster:
Submitted by: hi 5 dbgt dragon

While playing road rash type xyzzyspoon shift+1 red dots will appear on the dashboard press
"n" and your bike will get a boost of 30mph or more.
NOTE: Press [Shift] and 1 together and you cannot get the cheat before your name gets golden
if you dont know how to get your name golden then type this before you type the cheat-xyzzy
if want to know some more cheats then mail it in this emil

Always accelerate without the UP arrow:
Submitted by: money

This is not actually a cheat. I stubled into it by accident. At least it worked on my system.
Always accelerate without the UP arrow, go to Restroom -> Configure input -> Accelerate -> 
press enter key. Instead of the up arrow we get to see the word 'Clear'. Select Done, load 
your game and voila you start running away without doing anything.

Hint for the game - No traffic:
Submitted by: Dikchhant

Hey guys,if you want a hint, here is a cool one for you. Open the folder road rash then 
open data. You see a folder named "cars" which you can rename to "buses" or any other name
you like. Then pay the game. Then you see that there are no cars or trucks to disturb you!

Submitted by: gautham

Hey friends here is a cool hint for u. Press NUM8, NUMLOCK, BACKSPACE. This wont work if u
type commas. Then see what happens.

No cars:
Submitted by: PARAS

CAR(folder) present in the DATA (folder) change its name into some other name for example
buses. The conclusion is that there will be no cars in the game during playing.

1st rank:
Submitted by: swapnil

1.Type xyzzyspoonshift+1 then 10 balls will appear
2.Then continue pressing and leaving it 
3.When you are in first rank then type this cheat again and continue again pressing and 

Submitted by: chirag

Want to jump higher, take a super bike go to the city drive above 180 mph go to a hump 
where the people is standing in the middle of the road dash them you will go very high 
that yo cannot see your bike.

Submitted by: vipin

this cheat should be written between the game play

Cheat   Result
vip   - gives you best bike 
pand  - higher speed 
nuero - gives you nitro boost
beep  - cheat code must be return between the game play it gives you sports bike.

Submitted by: Sooraj

Hei guys,if you press NUMB8,NUM LOCK & BACKSPACE, your bike will accelerate automaticaly 
but if you crash, you cant get back to your bike.

Submitted by: Shashwat

Any cheat in which we have to type "v" like klave & vip , they don't work because when we 
type "v" it opens something ...

Accelerate automatically:
Press [Keypad 8] + [Num Lock] + [Backspace]. 
Note: If you crash you will not be able to get back to your motorcycle.

Nitro Boost Trick:
Submitted by: Doraemon

I found this trick out. It's a bit difficult but try it, it is the best!
When you press xyzzy spoon shift+1 u get the nitrous bar. When u press n (or whatever is 
ur nitrous key) after a ball has dissappeared quickly in the meantime until it get's time 
to reset, press spoon shift+1. Continue Doing this and ur speed will be unimaginable!

To change player's engine sound to opponents engine sound:
Submitted by: Saayuj 

First Step: In the Road Rash directory,there is folder named 'AUDIO' in that folder there is 
one more folder 'EFFECTS',open the folder and cut three audio files named ENGRAT,ENGSPORT, 
ENGSUPER and put in the other folder.

Second Step: In the EFFECTS folder there is one more file named 'ENGOTHER' means opponents 
engine sound,copy that file and put into other folder.

Third Step: Name that ENGOTHER file as ENGRAT and put into the EFFECTS folder and take another
copy of ENGOTHER and name ENGSPORT do the same thing and name ENGSUPER and put into the EFFECTS
folder.Run the Road Rash and have fun!!!

Submitted by: Saayuj 

I'm sorry,I thing i did not type the important sentence of players engine..... when you 
run road rash from desktop ,cheat will not affect.When you run road rash from road rash 
directory,then only this cheat will affect.

Spoon! Effect:
Submitted by: MaheshIndian485

Using doraemons technique (I knew this in 2002) make nitro button to n so that type spoon and
wait for 3-4 seconds and press ! And u will easily pass 200 mph and my max speed was 242 mph! 
Try this!
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