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Rising Sun Imperial Strike Cheats

Rising Sun - Imperial Strike

Cheat Codes:
Submitted by: rickHH

* It does not necessarily take a whole lot of people to wrest a hex from the 
enemy. At least it doesn't take a lot of folks in the final Close Assault stage.
A couple of well-led platoons usually do the trick. The key is to first pump a 
whole lot of firepower into the hex. Once you disrupt the enemy, your Close 
Assault will succeed. 

* Leave some Action Points for opportunity fire, especially on the defense. It
makes no sense to pour your lead into a patch of woods that harbors an enemy 
platoon when you know that the said platoon will cross the open ground in front
of you on the following turn. Save some Action Points and your soldiers will 
blast the bad guys when they leave the cover of the woods. 

* Surround the troops that you want to destroy in close combat. Unsurrounded 
troops normally retreat. Unfortunately, retreated troops have the unpleasant 
tendency to rally and return sometimes at the worst possible moment. Surround 
the enemy with zones of control, and he will pay dearly to retreat through them.
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