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Rising Sun Cheats

Rising Sun

* Think before you shoot. With Rising Sun's dynamic line-of-sight and 
night rules, it's often better to pass up that long-range shot in favor
 of sneaking closer to your prey. 

* Concentrate your firepower. Focus on one key hex and direct all nearby
resources to disrupt/assault that hex. Remember, the frontal assault is 
not always the best method to carry a hex--especially if the enemy's front
is protected by a natural barrier such as water. 

* Shoot smart. Focus your attacks on enemy machine guns first, mortars and
field guns second, and straight-stick infantry platoons last. 

* Never underestimate the value of leaders. They enhance fire from their 
hex and improve the morale of their units, which keeps men from being 
disruptive and/or running away.
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