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RIP Trilogy Cheats

RIP Trilogy

Cheat Codes for R.I.P.:
Submitted by: RM

Press [Esc] key during game play and type in the cheats
as they are shown.

Code                Effect
iliketomoveit     - Move's the gun turret using the arrow keys.
ineedamedic       - Press F7 for full health.
experiencedworker - Press F8 to gain 1000 experince.
iamgunfighter     - Pressing F1-F6 allows weapon choice.

Game Cheats:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the the corresponding powerful weapon.

Old Gun (aka Canon Gun)                   - Beat the final boss.
Dragon Flamer (Upgraded Version of Flamer)- Complete the game on any difficulty setting.
Spell Gun (aka 'Sheep Mutating' Gun)      - Complete the game.
+20% EXP Multiplier                       - Purchase RIP 2 game on their developer website.
Double Barreled Pistols                   - Complete the game, go to mission 2 and destroy some computer.

Cheat Codes for R.I.P. 2 - Strike Back:
Press Esc during game play to activate cheats.

Code     Effect
13579  - Press F1-F6 for weapon choice.
10203  - Press F11 for 1000 experience.
19283  - Press F9 for full health.

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