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Ripper Cheats


Cheat Codes:
Type one of these codes during a combat or a puzzle and the puzzle you're
in will be completed (or the combat you're in will be won). 
Note: All these codes have been tested with difficulty setting "medium", 
but I'm sure they will also work with the other difficulty settings.

Effect                                  Code
Puzzle in Catherine's Appartment      - PISCES
Catherine's Well                      - ARCADE
Falcon Eddie's Well                   - PARADISE
Catherine's Brain                     - CAFFEINE
Web Runners' Well                     - ZZTOP
Dr. Burton's Secret Lab               - SPARKY
Falcon Eddie's Secret Well (Puzzle)   - HEADACHE
Falcon Eddie's Secret Well (Book)     - SPONGE
Weapon 1 Well                         - ASPIRIN
Anti-Viral Well                       - RETZEL
Anti-Rival Well puzzle                - exterminator
Warp Space puzzle                     - warp
Wofforod's Well puzzle                - vulcan

Some other codes:

You'll have to find for yourself which puzzle/combat these codes are for 
(sorry, I don't remember). I think there are other codes, but I haven't found 
them yet. / Uploaded by Kaizer Suza.

Director's Menu:
Head to the options menu, hold both [SHIFT9 keys and clock the power button to
open the Director's Menu.
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